Tuesday, June 6, 2017


   Beauty Of The Finger Lakes

  It's difficult to match the beauty of New York State's Finger Lakes region.
  Interesting to note that this region of New York was created by the retreat of massive glaciers that covered the Northeast.
  Several years ago Shirley and visited and vacationed in the Ithaca Senaca Lake area of the Finger Lakes, took an evening dinner cruise and of course ate in Ithaca's finest lakeside entertainment centers. 
  Our personal trips to several wineries also proved entertaining and enjoyable.
  There is something in the magical draw that the lakes have and tourism offers visitors boating, fishing, swimming, paddle boarding and jet skiing..
  Well this time we left the car home, got on a comfortable bus and enjoyed the beauty of Senaca Lake and witnessed one of the major industries this lake offers.....a wine tour.
  Grapes for the wines are all grown in fields surrounding the lake and you can clearly see Senaca Lake from many of the area's wineries.
  Surrounding the sapphire waters of Senaca Lake the 35 member wineries invite you to experience a destination rich in history, beauty, and the production of world-class wines. Located in the heart of New York's Finger Lakes Region, their climte  supports not only the growth of hardy native grapes and premium hybrids, but also delicate varieties such as Riseling, Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc and Pinot Noir. 
  Grown here and Made Here is more than just a slogan...it's an accurate portryal of Seneca Lake wines. 
  Making a trip to Senaca Lake is much more enjoyable when you place the planning and busing in the professional and capable hands of Gary and Judy Siegel at CD Trips.......they do it all folks.
  Be sure when you do go to Seneca Lake you make a stop in the Seneca Harbor Station, a restored train station and eat in the elevated dining room with a beautiful view of Senaca Lake harbor.
  We visited the Castel Grisch Winery, the Lakewood Vineyards, the Pompous Ass Winery and the Wagnus Ridge Winery, all with courteous service and informative talks about their wines. 
  A wonderful fun filled Saturday to one of New York's most beautiful and scenic areas.
  I love New York. 






















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