Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Martin-Jester Lead Tri-Valley Wins

MARTIN-JESTER LEAD TRI-VALLEY WINS                                                           

  Two quarterfinal sectional basketball wins by the Tri-Valley boys and girls teams Monday night at Grahamsville were fueled by steals and the scoring talents by sophomore Caroline Martin and the outstanding three-point scoring accuracy of senior small-forward Rodney T. Jester.
  Martin put her best foot forward in the girls game against Rhinebeck scoring 15 points to lead the Lady Bears to a 44-37 win.
  The  low-scoring contest is attributed to sectional play when defense overshadows offense as was very clear in the first quarter of play with Chester outscoring the Bears 7-5 as Tri-Valley got scores of two-points by Mareena DiMilia  and three by Nicole Bradley. 
  Martin took control in the second quarter scoring nine points as Tri-Valley outscored Rhinebeck 17-9 to take a 22-16 halftime lead. 
  Defense again played a leading role in the third quarter of play with Rhinebeck outscoring Tri-Valley 10-8 cutting the Bears lead at the end of the third quarter down to 30-26. Tri-Valley scoring was evenly divided with two points each scored by Katlynn Greffrath, Sabrina Smith, DiMilia and Martin. 
  Defense and almost even scoring by both squads in the fourth quarter gave the Lady Bears the edge outscoring Rhinebeck by three-points, 14-11 with Martin adding four, Bradley two, Smith two, Greffrath five and DiMilia one.
  Both teams committed 11 turnovers. 
  Tri-Valley entered this game as the fourth seed while Rhinebeck was the fifth seed. 
  Martin led Tri-Valley with 15 points and five steals, DiMilia hit for seven points and had 16 rebounds, Greffrath had 10 points and Bradley scored seven points and contributed withe 14 rebounds. 
  Samantha Cassata led Rhinebeck with 15 points. 
  Tri-Valley coach John Tenbus gave high praise for Martin's play and for his team doing a good job of setting an on the ball screen and setting up better screens. 
  Rhinebeck finishes the season at 8-9 while Tri-Valley advances with a 14-5 record. 
  Tri-Valley girls were scheduled to play Wednesday night at top-seeded Chester.
  Tri-Valley fans were awarded the second win of the night in the boys contest against Chester
thanks to the fourth quarter scoring talents of Jester who entered the game late in the third quarter with a severe head and chest cold that he went home with immediately after school to get some bed rest and arrived back at the gym just in time for his teams warm-ups.
  During warm-ups it was apparent Jester's three-pointers were finding the mark and with Chester leading by two points at the 5:39 mark in the fourth quarter Jester scored his first of three trays, added a deuce and a foul shot for his 12-point fourth quarter total.  His third tray came at the 3:18 mark to push the Bears lead to 49-44.
  Defense was again very evident in this game also as Chester outscored Tri-Valley 11-10 in the first quarter and 18-10 in the second quarter to take a halftime lead of 29-20.
  Cody Exner scored six points for the Bears in the first quarter and Jesus Lozada led Tri-Valley scoring efforts in the second quarter with seven points. 
  Tri-Valley coach Brian Tingley changed his man to man defense  to a zone starting the second half and it paid off with Chester only scoring eight points in the third quarter and 14 points in the fourth quarter while the Bears scored 12 in the third and 29 in the final eight minutes of play.
  Chester took a 37-32 lead going into the fourth quarter .
  Shatic Smith got into the scoring column in the third quarter with nine points in the third quarter and added nine more in the fourth. 
  Adding to the Bears fourth quarter scoring besides Jester and Smith were two by Lazada and six by James Pugh.
  Smith led Tri-Valley's scoring attack with 18 and Pugh and Lazada each had 11 points.
  Chester's scoring was led by Brandon Sadlier with 22, Lawrence Young with 11 and Nick Seabrook with with 10. 
  Tri-Valley entered this game as the third seed and Chester was the sixth seed. 
  Coach Tingley said a key to the win was "changing to the zone defense and adding Jester's fresh legs in the late third quarter."
  Chester coach John Marsilio credited Tri-Valley for "battling and having great resolve and the zone in the second half made us take some bad shots."
  Chester finishes the season at 9-9 while Tri-Valley continues at 12-7 when they play Pine Plains, the state's top-ranked Class C team at 6 p.m. at Pine Plains Wednesday night. 
  Pine Plains has not lost a home game in three years and will features a college Division 1 pick in Tyler Lydon.                                                                


Tri-Valley's small-forward senior Rodney T. Jester shows his three-point shooting form in an earlier game this season and which earned his three trays and 12-points in the fourth quarter of the Bears quarterfinal sectional 61-51 win Monday against Chester.
Tri-Valley's small-forward senior Rodney T. Jester gets an individual press interview by SportsinsightsNY reporter Richard Ross following Jester's 12-point fourth quarter scoring off three trays, a deuce and one foul shot which proved to be a deciding factor in the Bears win over Chester 61-51 in the quarterfinal sectional game Monday night. 
Tri-Valley sophomore guard Caroline Martin scores two of her team leading 15-points in the Bears quarterfinal 44-37 sectional win over Rhinebeck Monday night at Grahamsville. 


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tri-Valley JV Posts 16-0 Season

  In quest for perfection and a undefeated season there was never any doubt in last Thursday nights JV contest at Florida  that Tri-Valley wanted to seal the victory early. 
  In search for a 16-0 record Tri-Valley came out of the box fast outscoring S. S. Seward 18-6 in the first quarter off six points by Justin Swarthout, four by Zach Nilsen, four by Thomas Mungeer two by Jarred James and two by Dion Lynch.
  Tri-Valley's scoring surge continued in the second quarter as they outscored Seward 19-10 to take a half time lead of 31-16. Nilsen added eight for the Bears followed by six by Shane Rennison and five by Swarthout.
  The third quarter followed the same format for Tri-Valley as they outscored Seward 18-8 with Swarthout swishing the nets for nine points. Midway in this quarter the Bears pushed their lead to 30 points 50-20.
  Coach Jason Closs then started to freely substitute as Seward outscored Tri-Valley 15-6 in the final eight minutes of play but the victory and a perfect 16-0 undefeated was already in the books with a 61-39 Tri-Valley win. 
  Seward committed 21 turnovers to Tri-Valley's 13. 
  Swarthout lead the Bears scoring with 20 and Nilsen added 16.  
  Sophomores on the team included Jared James, Joe Krum, Dion Lynch, Zach Nilsen and Justin Swarthout. Freshmen included Thomas Decker, Nicholas Grossman, Chris Mosher, Thomas Mungeer, Jordan Prince, Shane Rennison, Brandon Worden and Robert Worden. 
  Coach Closs in commenting on the outstanding 16-0 undefeated season noted that "this season we were a team in every aspect, we focused on being unselfish, doing the right things and putting the team above ourselves."
  He pointed out that "the team was committed to getting better everyday ," and "the work ethic in practice and the willingness to do the little things well allowed us to improve each game and we finished the season a considerably better team as a whole."
  "The sophomores on the team really did a tremendous job setting the tone in practice and games, they were competitive, but yet unselfish," and "they took the time to mentor the younger players and the younger players listened which helped them to improve throughout the season," Closs said.
  The coach emphasized that "the intensity and competitiveness in practice were at a very high level," and "we talked repeatedly about how JV basketball is not all about winning but rather about getting better and being able to contribute when we move up  to the varsity level."
  In talking about the undefeated season Closs pointed out that "having an undefeated season was not an emphasized team goal but a result of doing the right things everyday." 
  "It was a great season that will produce a lot of memories for the team and as a coach it was a privilege to be part of these  memories," Coach Closs said.  
  Closs in addition to coaching the JV basketball team is a full-time physical education teacher and is the boys varsity soccer and boys varsity golf coach. 
  Additional coverage and photos are available at http://bght.blogspot.com 



Tri-Valley's Zach Nilsen (No. 23) goes up for two of his 16 points in the Bears 61-39 victory over S. S. Seward helping the Junior Varsity Bears record a perfect 16-0 undefeated season.                                                              

Tri-Valley Junior Varsity coach Jason Closs flashes a relaxed happy smile in the final minutes of his teams victory and a perfect 16-0 undefeated season. 

The undefeated 16-0 Tri-Valley Junior Varsity basketball team shown here with Coach Jason Closs include (in no specific order) Thomas Decker, Nicholas Grossman, Jarred James, Joe Krum, Dion Lynch, Chris Mosher, Thomas Mungeer, Zach Nilsen, Jordan Prince, Shane Rennison, Justin Swarthout, Brandon Worden and Robert Worden. 


Bowling Highlights Column 2-22-13

 Niifa Scores 2ed Career 300


    Sixty-eight year-old Hankins bowler Laresko Niifa celebrated his birthday on February 12 by scoring his second career 300 game in the Tuesday Mixed Firefighters league at Kiamesha Lanes. 
    He admitted that his actual birthday was on February 11. 
    The perfect score came in the second game of the night while bowling with  the Van Keuren Landscaping team and members Ed Guthrie, Sandy Lazarowics and Cecil Walters.
    Niifa admitted that "all 12 strikes were in the pocket on lanes 3 and 4 while using my Motiv TR 2 bowling ball."
    Bowling for some 40 plus years Laresko presently bowls in this league and the Monday Men's league, both at Kiamesha Lanes and maintains a 206 average. 
    Laresko scored his first career 300 April 13, 2011 in the Wednesday Men's league at Kiamesha Lanes..
    Described by many as one of the nicest gentlemen to strap on a pair of bowling shoes,  Laresko scored his first career 300 also using his Motiv-TR-2 bowling ball.
    In the April 13 perfect game his total score included a 225 single for a 710 series. 
    His previous high single game and series was a 279 and 711. 
    Laresko is married with six children,  is retired but works as a tractor-trailer driver in the tri-state area for Webster Transportation.

PBA News

  In PBA action last week Motown Muscle defeated the New York City WTT KingPins 195-193 in the Professional Bowlers Association League's Mark Roth round at Thunderbowl Lanes in Allen Park, Mich. 
  In the single's Mark Roth Classic championship Michael Haugen Jr. defeated Scot Norton 215-194.
  PBA league coverage continues March 3 at 3 p.m. on ESPN with the Don Carter Classic. This Sunday ESPN will air the two-hour live finals of the United States Bowling Congress Masters from Brunswick Zone Carolier in North Brunswick, NJ starting at 3 p.m.

 Ed Townsend is a PR consultant to the sport of bowling. If you have league scores, tournament information, scores a 300 game or 800 series or bowl your age, let Ed know at 845-439-8177, email at edwardctownsend@hotmail.com, or fax at 845-205-4474. View this column at http://bght.blogspot.com  We are also on Facebook. 

Bowling Tip
By Mike Luongo 

  Bowlers: Bowling Tournaments are an exciting and interesting part of the bowling season and this tip will be helpful to bowlers who will be traveling to different centers.
  The tip: Make sure you have everything you need in your bowling bag since accessories may not alwalys be available.
  What should you carry?
  1. Bowlers tape in important to most bowlers, unless you are one of the few lucky bowlers whose thumb size never changes.
  2. Some type of thin patch so that you can take care of a blister or abrasion before it gets unpleasant.
  3. A wire brush for the bottom of your sliding shoe to keep it free of debris.
  4. Hand conditioner--the type depends on whether you hand is dry or moist when you bowl.
  5. Something to keep your bowling balls clean--what you need is determined by the type of ball and the surface preparations (many products available now are approved for use during competition).
  6. A scuff pad is also recommended for those of you who use sanded equipment , or in case of heavy oil (however, this must be done before competition starts).
  7. If you use finger grips, some crazy glue and possibly an extra set of grips.
  8. Finally, do not forget your towels and some alcohol wipes. Get in the habit of wiping the oil off the ball and if you get oil in the gripping hooles, the alcohol wipes will bail you out.
  Mike Luongo is a certified IBPSIA Pro Shop Operator, Master Instructor, USBC Silver Level Coach and an Advisor-Special Events assistant with the Storm and Roto Grip Bowling Ball Company. Have a question, call him at 435-720-7939 or email at mikel@stormbowling.com   

Local Scores
(compiled by Ed Townsend)
Kiamesha Lanes

Monday Men's

  Roy Sweeney 225, 637, Eddie Lake 229, 245, 689, Rick Lake 259, 236, 708, Dan Ricco 235, 229, 680, Jaryl Scott 269, 679, Paul Durland 235, 235, 630, Donald Durland 244, 236, 680, Walt Edwards 225, Larry Berens 227, 641, Paul Berens 244, 651, Rudy Belanchia 257, 269, 226, 752, Jon Wilhelm 227, 624, Charlie Tuttle 234, 640, Corey VanKeuren 235, 616, Justin Lopez 600, Keith Smith 235, 653, Mike Travis 250, 688, Kyle Stevens 234, 646, Ryan Lepke 251, 647, Matt Fallon 268, 256, 725, Tom Palmer 235, 631, Josh Strang 233, Tim McIntyre 228, 258, 702, Jim Van Aken 631, Al Caycho 225, 605, Jody Farquhar 608, Armen Murad 247, 604, Michael Amore 226, 626, John Fischer 239, David Graham 244, 241, 692, Pedro Agapito 258, 233, 708, Eddie Walsh 254, 660.

Tues. Mixed Firefighters

  Mary Lee Williams 184, 527, Andrea Grossman 181, Trasey Barres 187, Cara Nicholson 185, Rick Lake 269, 255, 718, Jason Jones Jr. 247, 672, Russ Keesler 233, 238, 664, Ed Guthrie 242, 659, Shane Cunningham 225, 642, Andy Richardson 226, 234, 641, Paul Minton 279, 639, Peter Nastasi 639, Walt Edwards Jr.  278, 638, Kyle Stevens 626, Ryan Lepke 225.

Wednesday Men's

  Tim Totten 600, Gregory Fallon 234, 647, Tim McIntyre 249, 237, 643, Jaryl Scott 225, 227, 637, Gene Smith 234, Keith Smith 237, Pedro Agapito 267, 247, 710, Jon Wilhelm 268, 677, Roy Sweeney 255, Timmy Minton 235, Charlie Tuttle 608, Kevin Stackhouse 238, Shane Cunningham 239, 620, Frank Muller Jr. 233, Jason Rogers 236, 245, 699, Mikey Travis 257, 264, 691, Jason Jones 233, 650, Jo Jo Van Keuren 267, 633, Serafin Rodriguez III a 227, Tim Bilyeu 225, Alpesh C. Patel 235, 620, Rick Lara 258, 623, Donald Durland 241, 227, 692, Al Frangipone 257, 235, 704, Frank DiCostanzo 234, 601, Paul Durland 266, Eddie Walsh 617, Pete Meachum 236, 656, Steve Rivera 238, 616, Carlos Torres 257, 635, Paul Minton 257, 679, Ed Blume 620, Dwayne Cabrera 232, 246, 661, Shane Conner 243, 248, 695, David Garlinghouse 279, 677.

Thursday Ladies

  An outstanding 708 series was bowled by Debbie Durland off single games of 235, 257, 216, Crista Sweeney 180, 181, Lisa Cartwright 203, Karen Martin 226, 189, M. Smith 200, Audrey Woolard 189, Mary Jane Conklin 189, Joan Fredenburgh 187, Liz Stubits 184. 

Fox Bowling Center

Wed. Men's Independent

  Audy Boice 246, 601, Andrew Bullis 235, 233, 671, Frank Couse Sr. 245, 622, Jim Dibble 602, Brian Drumm 226, Art Gately 225, Dylan Green 268, 666, Martin Haeussler 244, 625, Rob Johnson 257, 269, 746, Donnie Marino 246, 638, Ed Milk Jr. 226, 612, Mitch Persbacker 258, 600, Dick Price 235, 635, Tim Smith 606, Brian Tiffany 233, 652, Zuke Wormuth 611, Jay Wormuth 602.

Thurs. Men's Deposit Natl. 

  Al Bullis Jr. 226, Jeff Curtis 227, 607, Bill Gleim 269, 652, Matt Johnson 235, 610, Robert Johnson 226, 227, 611, Dave Lester 246, 649, Jim Valentine 242, 614.

Sat. Morning Youth

  Junior league Rachel Hanstine 184, Bantam league Nathaniel Hendrickson 103, 121, Anton Leonard 101, 132, Bethany Brown 110, Sierra Francisco 100, Brenna Gleim 110, 139. 

Sunday Mixed Fun

  Marty Haeussler 601, Reva Jones 201, 539, Dave Mills 610, Rick Mills 609, Samantha Mills (youth girls) 118, 119, 182, 419, Savanna Mills (youth girls) 173, 151, 448, Shawna Mills (youth girls) 164, 131, Shelly Mills 207, 501.

Callicoon Kristal Bowl

Mon. Hortonville Ladies

  Sue Naughton 181, 169, Kelly Gombita 179, 151, 154, Lillian Zieres 165, 184, 180, 529, Pat Peters 158, Rebecca Rhodes 215, 159, 508, Maureen Schlott 153, Joyce Brooks 161, Judy Mohn 172, 196, 509, Mardette Wilcox 189, 156, 167, 512, Kim Niemann 150, 171, Chrissy Schiff 198, Joann Bowers 170, 158.

Tues. Delaware Valley Men's

  Mark Yewchuck 191, Albert Tyles 208, Tom Bisig 191, Rob Bivins 191, 191, Bill Meyer 187, Eugene Fulton 200, 182, 190, Mike Sorge 192, Ed Leroy 186, 195, Kris Rasmussen 189, Jim Stone 202, Bob Cady 207, 204, Dean Shattuck 200, 198, 224, 622, Dick Pomes 193, Gary Maas 213, Jeff Nober 191, 182, Brian Starr 210, 246, 630, Mark Hawley 189, Kory Keesler 214, 220, Bruce Rutledge 207, Bob Head 182, Rick Weigelt 209, Joe Gager 244. 




Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Big Win For Tri-Valley Girls



  The Class C Tri-Valley Lady Bears celebrated seniors night Monday by displaying a tenacious defense and offense that resulted in a big win over Class B division champions Burke Catholic 56-42.
  Burke entered this game as Class B division champions the past three years and the Lady Eagles handed Tri-Valley a 56-42 loss at Burke on December 11. In that game at Burke Tri-Valley actually took a halftime lead but in the second half several Bears players fouled out as Burke showed championship form in the win. 
  Prior to the start of the varsity game five seniors on the Tri-Valley team were honored including Amanda TerBush a three-year varsity player who presented flowers to her mother, sister and grandfather, Maria TerBush a two-year varsity player who presented flowers to her mother, father, sister and grandmother, Nicole Bradley a three-year varsity player (one-year as a starter) presented flower to her parents, boyfriend, sister and grandparents, Keira McHugh a two-year varsity player (one-year as a starter) flowers to her parents, sister, brother and grandmother and Mareena DiMilia a three-year starter and team captain three years giving flowers to her parents and grandfather. 
  Tri-Valley Coach John Tenbus prior to the start of the re-match said he told his squad to go out and have fun, work hard and enjoy themselves.
  The first quarter of play didn't fair well for Tri-Valley as lay-ups didn't find their mark and several foul shots were missed and the Lady Eagles eked out a 14-13 lead off the scoring of Annie Walker with five, Lucia Presutti with three, Meghan Kerr with three and Nicole Lyding with two. 
  The Bears Nicole Bradley scored six during the first eight minutes of play, Sabrina Smith had three, Mareena DiMilia with three and Caroline Martin with two. 
  Defense and a couple of turnovers  by both teams in the second quarter produced only eight points for Tri-Valley and five for Burke as the Bears took a 22-18 halftime lead. Martin had six of the eight Tri-Valley points.
  Both teams got back into an offensive mode during the third-quarter each scoring 14-points  and at one point Burke tied the score at 30 each but scores by Bradley and Katlynn Greffrath put the Bears up by four, 36-32 at the buzzer. Greffrath led the Bears scoring with six. 
  Defense and scoring took its toll on Burke in the fourth quarter as Tri-Valley outscored the Lady Eagles 20-10 off five foul shots by Smith, seven foul shots by Greffrath, six points by DiMilia and two by Martin. 
  The 12-foul shots made by Tri-Valley came as a result of Burke having to foul in an attempt to get back into the game. 
  Contributing to the win were only eight turnovers by Tri-Valley. Burke committed 12 turnovers. 
  The large Tri-Valley crowd gave a standing ovation as the final buzzer sounded giving the Bears added momentum as they enter sectional play.
  "A very physical game with good tempo," was the way Coach Tenbus described the win." He added "I'm proud of the hard work our girls put into this game and they refused to lose."
  Burke coach Matt McGinnis comments following the game were, "we just could not run with Tri-Valley and they played their tempo and hurt us on the boards."
  Scoring honors for Tri-Valley go to Bradley and Greffrath with 13, Smith 11, Martin 10 and  DiMilia  nine. Bradley also had 12 rebounds and DiMilia 16 rebounds. Tri-Valley's record is now 12-5.
  Annie Walker led Burke with 16 points and Dominique Nutt added 12. Burke's record falls to 10-7. 
  The sectional schedule was to be announced last night. 
  Additional details and photos available at http://bght.blogspot.com 





Tri-Valley's Katlynn Greffrath attempts a three-pointer in Monday's big win over Class B Burke Catholic 56-42. She finished the night with 13 points. 

Five Tri-Valley Lady Bears seniors were honored prior to the start of the Burke Catholic game Monday. They are, from the left, Maria TerBush, Keira McHugh, Mareena DiMilia, Coach John Tenbus, Amanda TerBush and Nicole Bradley.
Part of the Tri-Valley Lady Bears flower ceremonies prior to the Burke Catholic game Monday honoring the seniors included three-year varsity player and team captain Mareena DiMilia shown here with her mom Michelle, dad Peter and grandfather John. 


Monday, February 18, 2013

Bethel Woods Concert

Bethel Woods Center for the Arts

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Tuesday • July 2 • 7:00 PM


Ticket prices: $47.00 Lawn; $87.00 Reserved
Ticket prices, dates, times and acts subject to change without notice.
Ticket prices include ALL FEES.
No added charge for GA parking upon arrival. .

The Bethel Woods Member presale begins March 12. Become a Member today and enjoy many benefits, including presale access. Join online or call 845-295-2501.


Ticketmaster, charge-by-phone at 1-800-745-3000
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For complete concert information go to BethelWoodsCenter.org

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bowling Highlights Column 2-15-13


  A new format with new divisions and a shift to four-player teams will become part of the United States Bowling Congress Women's Championships in 2014.
  In addition to the change to four-player teams, from the traditional five, the USBC Women's Championships will return to an all-scratch format.
  Teams will be divided into four divisions based on their combined averages, and there will be six average-based divisions for doubles, singles and all-events.
  The 2014 event will be held on 44 specially-constructed lanes inside the Reno-Sparks Convention Center in Reno, Nev.
  "Bowlers have told us they want four-woman teams," said Brian Lewis, USBC's Managing Director of Tournaments. "Four-player teams will make it easier for teams to travel as a group and set up pairings for doubles. While this is a change from tradition, it clearly is something our bowlers want, and we hope the new format will help lead to a new generation trying the event."
  In the team divisions there will be Diamond (725 and above), Rudy (650-724), Emerald (575-649) and Sapphire (574 and below).
  Along with the format changes, the Women's Championships also will have a new price structure in 2014. The entry fee for a bowler to compete in team, doubles, singles and all-events will be $140 ($44 per event and an optional $8 for all-events).
  The total for a four-player team will be $560. There no longer will be a processing fee for teams entering online. Entering by mail, fax or phone will require an additional $10 processing fee per team and $10 for each doubles/singles set.
  Registration for the 2014 Women's Championships will begin April 1, 2013. Spots are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, and dates and times can be locked in as soon as a full payment is made.

Ed's Outlook

  February is Bowl for the Cure Month and the United States Bowling Congress (USBC) is continuing its partnership with Susan G. Komen for the Cure to raise funds for ground breaking research and awareness.
  Bowlers are being asked to purchase official 2013 Bowl for the Cure Month Merchandise and donations are easily made at the USBC platform which is quick, secure and simple.
  Bowl for the Cure is also giving away its signature custom pink bowling ball exclusively on Facebook. Entering for the ball is easy by following the link and enter to win at http://t.bowl.com/VJ121Q 
  To learn more about the Bowl for the Cure go to www.bowl.com 

PBA News

  Andres Gomez defended his Carmen Salvino Classic title last Sunday on ESPN by defeating D. J. Archer 246-197.
  The Classic is conducted annually during the PBA Detroit Winter Swing.
  This Sunday at 3 p.m. on ESPN the Mark Roth Classic title match will feature Michael Haugen Jr. and Scott Norton.
  In the PBA team competition last Sunday the Billie Jean King's New York City WTT KingPins defeated Kevin Hart's Philadelphia Hitmen 222-198. KingPins members include John Szczerbinski, Jack Jurek, Tommy Jones, Pete Weber and Scott Norton. 
  The team competition continues Sunday at 3 p.m. on ESPN.

  Ed Townsend is a consultant to the sport of bowling. If you have scores, tournament information, score a 300 game or 800 series or even bowl your age, let Ed know at 845-439-8177, email at edwardctownsend@hotmail.com or by fax at 845-205-4474. View this column at http://bght.blogspot.com  We are also on Facebook. 

The Bowling Tip
By Mike Luongo

  This weeks tip is for all bowlers.
  Understanding the correct body position needed to execute and duplicate a bowling shot.
  The tip is to get your head as far to the right (or left if left handed) and tilt your bowling shoulder slightly downward. You must drop your shoulder toward the floor in order to avoid the "roundhouse swing."
  At the same time, slightly open your hits and shoulder and you will be able to swing your arm straight toward the target time and time again.
  Due to different physiologist, the exact position may vary slightly from person to person, but that correctly positioned, you can use gravity to control the tempo of your swing.
  If you shoot a game of pool, or go to a range to shoot a bow or rifle, note the position your head would have to be in to be effective in these activities.
  When watching bowling on TV make note of the bowler's body positions. 
  Mike Luongo is a certified IBPSIA Pro Shop Operator, Master Instructor, USBC Silver Level Coach and an Advisor-Special Events assistant with the Storm and Roto Grip Bowling Ball Company. Have a question, call him at 435-720-7939 or email at mikel@stormbowling.com  

Local Scores
(compiled by Ed Townsend)

Callicoon Kristal Bowl

Monday Hortonville Ladies

  Lillian Zieres 153, 169, Jane Benson 150, Rebecca Rhodes 153, 158, 157, Maureen Schlott 155, 165, Debbie Loughrey 182, Mardette Wilcox 179, 157, 167, 503, Phyliss Grillo 158, Darlene Mantzourate 154, Charlene Meola 152, Sandy Cassevah 158.

Tues. Delaware Valley Men's

  Mark Yewchuck 200, 216, 189, 604, Bob Cady 193, 210, Dean Shattuck 182, 183, Bob Head 191, Russell Lyons 190, Rick Weigelt 185, 205, Joe Gager 181, 213, 205, Damien VanLeuven 180, 186, Mark Hawley 223, Kory Keesler 214, Bruce Rutledge 190, 189, 186, Rob Bivins 181, Mark Goda 188, Ed Leroy 199, Kris Rasmussen 210, Brian Marino 245, Jeff Nober 192, Brian Starr 184, 221, Eugene Fulton 194, Albert Tyles 189, 200, Steve Ross 202, Wally Warren 184, Tom Bisig 187, John Armbrust 183.

Fox Bowling Center

Tues. Ladies Early Birds

  Shella Wormuth 180, 501. 

Wed. Men's Independent

  Zach Benson 245, 649, Al Bullis Sr. 244, 642, Andrew Bullis 226, 620, Frank Couse Sr. 237, 600, Jim Dibble 613, Brandon Drumm 253, 677, Bill Gleim 239, 686, Dylan Green 238, 226, 686, Jeremy Gulley 252, John Gurnick 225, Jack Hazen 616, Paul Ignatovich 241, Larry Jenson 620, Rob Johnson 231, Gregory Keesler 226, 654, Donnie Marino 234, 640, Josh Milucky 244, 628, Cory Newman 232, Mitch Persbacker 225, 640, Tim Smith 258, 647, Brian Tiffany 259, 226, 693, Hank Whitmore 228, 257, 691, Zuke Wormuth 235, 633, Jay Wormuth 631.

Thurs. Men's Deposit National

  Rob Bolster 242, 611, Ray Cornwell 609, Shane Dirig 638, Norm Ellis Jr. 234, 644, Paul Ignatovich 235, 245, 673, Larry Jensen 226, Matt Johnson 238, 641, Robert Johnson 257, 634, Greg Keesler 226, 660, Dave Lester 234, 239, 679, Rick Mills 622, Dick Price 234, 652, Tim Smith 255, 236, 683.

Friday Mixed Couples

  Stacy Briggs 192, Andy Bullis 235, 247, 688, Jessica Bush 185, Linda Ferris 193, 526, Greg Keesler 226, 632, Johni Keesler 189, 190, 534, Dan Koch 247, 614, Bonnie LaDuke 188, Dana McGraw 215, 565, Mark McGraw 237, 662, Rick Mills 245, Walt Oralls 636, Jen Smith 181, Dan Wormuth 247.

Sat. Morning Youth

  Junior league, Katrina Lester 185, Brooke Rosengrant 167, 192, Bantam league, Jacob Berry 109, 124, Nathaniel Hendrickson 115, Nicholas Locke 109, Richard Berry 109, Brenna Gleim 139, 159. 

Sunday Mixed Fun

  Marty Haeussler 639, Roger Mills 634, Samantha Mills (youth girls) 141, 161, Savanna Mills (youth girls) 145, 173, 143, 461, Shawna Mills (youth girls) 140, 139, 402, Tyler Wahl (Bantam boys) 109. 

Kiamesha Lanes

Monday Men's

  Roy Sweeney 608, Eddie Lake 232, 234, 690, Rick Lake 236, 248, 248, 732, Shane Conner 611, Dan Ricco 235, 618, Jaryl Scott 225, Paul Durland 232, 631, Kyle Stevens 646, Donald Durland 267, 280, 749, Tom Belgiovene 607, Jon Wilhelm 254, 236, 237, 727, Cecil Walters 227, Ronnie Totten 230, 245, 642, Kevin Stackhouse 234, 639, Charlie Tuttle247, 634, Corey Van Keuren 603, Michael Scuderi 236, Gene Smith 257, 653, Keith Smith 257, 682, Ryan Lepke 265, 638, Gregory Fallon 656, Kenny Atkins 226, 632, Larry Whipple 623, Pedro Agapito 254, 248, 241, 743, David Graham 245, 257, 714, Armen Murad 226, 623, Jody Farquhar 269. 664, Al Caycho 238, 660, Jason Budd 256, 680, Bret Budd 236, 674, Keith Baudens 231, Jim Van Aken 236, 637, Tim McIntyre 231, 607, Josh Strang 258, 648, Tom Palmer 604. 

Tues. Mixed Firefighters

  Mary Lee Williams 257, 193, 590, Trasey Barres 181, 188, 538, Christie Graham 191, 187, 519, Debra Blackford 202, 181, 518, Cara Nicholson 183, Joan Lake 202, Joann Ruggiero 185, Peter Nastasi 255, 225, 718, Ed Guthrie 269, 231, 717, Shane Cunningham 236, 231, 248, 715, Kyle Stevens 264, 688, Paul Minton 232, 649, Jack Rustic scored a 215 triplicate for a 645 series, Stan Gilmore 242, 230, 632, George Kelley 245, 628, Walt Edwards Jr. 237, 626, Eddie Blume 611, Rick Blackford 602, Robert Yakin Jr. 249.

Wednesday Men's

  Tim Totten 627, Kyle Stevens 235, 234, 685, Keith Raymond 245, Jaryl Scott 279, 236, 708, Gene Smith 228, 652, Keith Smith 225, 267, 708, Tom Belgiovene 238, 602, Frank Eichenlaub III a 269, 629, Pedro Agapito 255, 644, Jon Wilhelm 237, 247, 654, Larry Whipple 232, 662, Timmy Minton 225, 235, 675, Chris Parken 225, Kyle Matthews 234, 237, 683, Charlie Tuttle 246, 653, Kevin Stackhouse 246, 663, Shane Cunningham 246, 249, 674, Jason Rogers 226, 257, 693, Mikey Travis 234, 663, Vinnie Degraw 257, Serafin Rodriguez 625, Serafin Rodriguez III a 238, Alpesh Patel 232, Rick Lara 245, 252, 684, Tim Bilyeu 246, 238, 692, Paul Durland 237, 257, 709, Eddie Walsh 236, 642, Ray Stanishia 230, Larry Hicks 244, 608, Carlos Torres 600, Paul Minton 236, 278, 683, Dwayne Cabrera 227, 225, 235, 687. 

Thursday Ladies

  Debbie Durland 197, Valerie Mott 226, Maureen Hopper 202, 201, Karen Martin 189, Joan Lake 212, Mary Chicko 190, Connie McKenley 209, Tina Tuttle 180, 180, Cara Nicholson 191, Vera Bernhardt 181, 180, B. J. Bound 192, Tabatha Smith 191, 181, Lisa Cartwright 190, 184, 235, 609, Sherry Laird 186, Trasey Barres 207, Monica Lane 189, Crista Sweeney 211, 228. 



Roscoe Fails In Upset Bid

  An upset minded Roscoe Blue Devils team put a scare into Tri-Valley last Friday night before the Bears turned the game around during the second half of play to record a 63-54 non-league win.
  Coach Fred Ahart's seven-member team came out firing on all cylinders and took a 22-18 lead in the first quarter and a half-time lead of 33-31. 
  The opening minutes of the first quarter saw the Bears go up 6-0 and it wasn't until 5:23 of the quarter when Roscoe's Brad Dreher scored to make it a 6-2 game. Dreher added a trey at 3:31 but Tri-Valley's Rodney T. Jester also popped a three-pointer followed by Roscoe's Rob Taurino's three-pointer to knot the score at 11-11.
  Taurino provided Roscoe's scoring punch the remainder of the quarter to put the Blue Devils up 22-18 at the buzzer. He had three treys and a two pointer for 11 of Roscoe's 22 points. 
  Tri-Valley's Shatik Smith scored six points, Jester 5 and Alex Brown four in the first eight minutes of play.
  A lower scoring second quarter saw Roscoe outscore Tri-Valley 13-11 with Taurino scoring six points.
  Spectator buzz heard at halftime gave indications that Roscoe was looking for a win after losing a close game by two points the previous night to Eldred which also eliminated the Blue Devils from sectional play. 
  An inspired Tri-Valley team came out a lot stronger in the third quarter outscoring the Blue Devils 19-12 with Smith leading the scoring with six points , four by Cody Exner, four by Jesus Lozada, three by Jester and two by Brown. Taurino continued the hot hand for Roscoe with seven points and Marc Rosario added four points for a 50-45 Tri-Valley lead. 
  Scoring for both teams slowed down in the fourth quarter with the Bears outscoring Roscoe 13-9 off four points by Jester, five for Smith and two each for Brown and Lazada. Rosario added four for Roscoe, three by Dreher and two for Taurino. 
  Tri-Valley Coach Brian Tingley at the end of close game expressed the fact that "we expected a tough game and with 20 turnovers and missing a lot of free throws that's what we got."
  Coach Ahart said, "we played tough and stayed in the game and I wish good luck to Tri-Valley in the sectional playoffs." Ahart is also Section IX Boys Baseketball Co-chairperson. 
  Roscoe committed 29 turnovers.
  Leading scorer for Tri-Valley was  Smith with 23 points and Jester added 14 for a victory which pushed the Bears overall record to 10-3.
  Roscoe's Taurino led both teams in scoring 27 points and had four assists. Rosario and Dreher each had 11 points for the Blue Devils who's record fell to 5-12.
  Additional story details and photos are available at http://bght.blogspot.com 


Roscoe's Rob Taurino ( No. 21) goes up for three of his 27 points in the Blue Devils 63-54 loss to Tri-Valley Friday night at Roscoe. Guarding him is the Bears Cody Exner (No. 5).

Tri-Valley's Shatik Smith scores two of his 23 points.

Roscoe's Brad Dreher scores past Tri-Valley's Alex Brown.                                                              


Thursday, February 14, 2013

New Liberty Lanes Opens Friday

New Bowling Center Opens Friday  
Grand Opening Ceremonies At 3

 The new Liberty Lanes will officially open for business Friday afternoon following several months of renovations which turned the former Eckert Drug Store at 187 Mill Street into Sullivan County's newest 12 lane bowling center.
  Interviewed at the new center Monday afternoon owner A. C. Patel noted that the local Chamber of Commerce organizations will officially hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony Friday afternoon at 3. 
  In mid-October of last year, two months following the announcement that the 16-lane AMF Liberty Lanes owned and operated by the Fix family would have no fall or winter leagues the Liberty Bowling Corporation headed up by Patel indicated their plans for remodeling the former drug store into a 12-lane bowling center. 
  Under the guidance and supervision of Patel and Manager Francine L. Kaiser the former drug store now contains 12 Brunswick lanes and approaches, 12 AMF 8270 (XLI Updated) automatic pin setters, 12 AMF Quibica automatic scoring monitors, two new bathrooms, a new Bar area, a reception desk, food (lite food-hotdogs etc.) and beverage area, new lockers and an arcade area.  New carpeting adds to the attractiveness of the new center.
  The renovations and the adding of the bowling equipment is all part of a roughly $300,000 makeover.
  The Gold Crown Bowling Service company, headquartered in Marlborough, Ma. performed the major part of the bowling equipment installation, also adding the synthetic lanes, approaches, the machine pin setters, the bowling seating area and the automatic scoring system. 
  Gold Crown is highly recognized in the bowling industry as professional, experienced bowling service contractors who specialize in new lane construction, resurfacing, synthetic lane installation, computer scoring, new and used machine (pinsetters) installation and center modernization and upgrades.
  Several of Gold Crown recent major projects include the Bowl-Mor Times Square (Bowlmor Lanes) in New York City and the High Rollers at the Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut.
   Callicoon civil engineer John Fink prepared the detailed plans for the remodeling of the former drug store into this new 12,000 square feet bowling center.
   Patel, also the owner and operator of the  Kiamesha Lanes bowling center said Monday that Liberty Lanes this weekend will be open 4-midnight on Friday, 12 to 12 on Saturday and 12-7 on Sunday.
  "Next week we will start a new mixed short season league on Tuesday and we already have 10 teams signed up," Patel said.
  He added, " a sign up sheet for additional leagues is available at the front desk and we are also accepting  teams for next fall's winter leagues.
  Patel also owns the mall with his partner that the new bowling center is located in. He lives with his wife and two children in Rock Hill.  
  Bowlers interested in joining leagues or requesting open bowling hours can call 845-292-5263.


Attached photos include



Bowling ballS waiting to find their way onto the ball racks above including some of the bowling furniture and lockers in the background.

Manager Francine L. Kaiser


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Here & There Column 2-12-13

 Bears JV Team Looking Good

  The media covering sports never pays much attention to what the players and coaches are doing on the Junior Varsity level.
  But most Varsity coaches are keeping a close look to see what future players will be moving up to enhance the school's varsity level of play next season. 
  We enjoy watching Freshman and Sophomores mature and especially like seeing experienced and talented coaches teach what it takes to win and move on to Varsity competition.
  Of all the Junior Varsity boys basketball teams we have seen playing this 2012-2013 season one team and one coach has demonstrated excellence in doing the right things to climb to the top of the ladder of success.
  The Tri-Valley Junior Varsity boys basketball team as of this writing has produced 12 straight victories and so far an undefeated season with wins and many of them decisive wins  over Unatego and O'Neill in the Walton and O'Neill tournaments and league and non-league victories over Chester, Fallsburg, S.S. Seward, Sullivan West and Livingston Manor. 
  We've witnessed a lot of coaching in our many years of covering sports and the Bears boys JV coach Jason Closs ranks high on our list as one of the best with knowledge of the sport and the ability to teach young ballplayers how to excel on the court. Coach Closs is also a PE teacher at the school and coaches the boys varsity soccer team and the varsity golf team
  Members of the present Tri-Valley Junior Varsity team include Thomas Decker, Nicholas Grossman, Jarred James, Joe Krum, Dion Lynch, Chris Mosher, Thomas Mungeer, Zach Nilsen, Jordan Prince, Shane Rennison, Justin Swarthout, Brandon Worden and Robert Worden. 
  We tip our hat to both the team and coach Closs for producing the great season they are having.                                            


Coach Closs and the Tri-Valley Junior Varsity boys basketball team.


Tri-Valley Defeats Tuxedo 73-62

  Driving layups by Tri-Valley's Shatik Smith and the three-point shooting accuracy of Jesus Lozada proved to be the deciding factors Wednesday night at Grahamsville as the Bears defeated Tuxedo 73-62.
  For Tri-Valley the win was especially sweet as they also celebrated Senior's night introducing seniors Rodney T. Jester, Cody Exner, Shatik Smith, James Pugh and Gavin DuBois. The five presented roses to their parents in ceremonies at mid-court. 
  Scoring for both teams was fairly even in the first quarter of play with Tuxedo going up by two points 6-4 with 4:40 left on the clock but sharp three-point shooting by Cody Exner put the Bears up in this quarter 22-16.
  Three point scoring for the Bears in the first quarter included one by Jester, two by Exner, one by Lozada, two two pointers by Smith and two points by DuBois. 
  Exner continued his three point accuracy in the second quarter adding two more treys while Smith added three points and Devin Donnelly two points as Tri-Valley outscored Tuxedo 12-11. Jack Espel added seven points to the board for Tuxedo as the Bears took a slim 34-30 leads at half time. 
  Tri-Valley outscored Tuxedo 13-12 in the third quarter off individual scoring efforts by Lozada with nine points including one three-pointer and Smith with four points to take a 47-42 lead entering the final eight minutes of play.
  The fourth quarter then turned into the Smith and Lazada show with Smith scoring six points on driving layups, Lazada pumping in two three-pointers and a field goal for eight points and the Bears outscoring Tuxedo 26-20.
  Tuxedo's Blake Tisdale kept the game from being a run away by scoring eight points in the fourth quarter. 
  Tri-Valley Coach Brian Tingley following the game said, "we got key buckets at key moments and our speed won for us tonight."
  Tuxedo Coach Marco Margotta in commenting on the smaller size court at Tuxedo said, "I don't make any changes when we play on a regulation size court like this but their speed proved to be too much for us tonight."
  Smith with 21 points led the Bears scoring with Lozada adding 20 and Exner 14. The win gives Tri-Valley an overall record of 9-3 and a 5-2 record in OCIAA Division V play.
  Tisdale scored 22 points to lead Tuxedo with Espel adding 20 points. Tuxedo drops to 5-12 overall and 0-7 in league play. 

Tri-Valley's Shatik Smith scores two of his team leading 21 points in the Bears 73-62 win over Tuxedo Wednesday night in Grahamsville. 


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Comets Defense Is Factor


  A tight rivalry between the Fallsburg Comets and the Tri-Valley Bears varsity boys basketball teams  has made for some intense games the past four to five years and the game Thursday (February 7) at Fallsburg definitely fell into that category.
  Fallsburg remembered well the December 21 game this season at Grahamsville when with some 11 seconds left on the fourth quarter clock and the Comets leading by four points Tri-Valley small forward senior Rodney T. Jester drained a three-pointer from the right corner and a Fallsburg turnover resulted in a two-point putback at the buzzer by Alex Brown for a 73-72 Tri-Valley victory. 
  The first two quarters of last Thursday's game saw the Comets take a 14-12 lead in the first quarter with Tri-Valley rallying in the second quarter to take a 28-21 lead.
  In the first quarter of play Fallsburg's Nick Pirder and Jarrett Madison scored three pointers with Madison adding two two-point field goals and Rakkir Watson two points. Tri-Valley's scoring came from Alex Brown with three, Jesus Lozada with five and James Pugh with four.
  Tri-Valley outscored Fallsburg 17-7 in the second quarter off the scoring of Lozada with seven points, a trey by Cody Exner, Pugh with three and Donntae Brock two. 
  Defense and fast breaks helped the Bears in the second quarter of play.
  Fallsburg produced a much stronger defense in the second half of play and along with the outstanding scoring of Rakkir Watson who hit for 26 of his 30 points in this half the Comets put the game easily in their win column 59-48.
  The Comets outscored Tri-Valley 13-11 in the third quarter but the Bears still led 39-34
  Outscored 25-9 in the fourth quarter Tri-Valley's only scoring came from Pugh with two, Shatik Smith with five and Brock two.
  Watson for Fallsburg scored four points in the third quarter and 11 points in the fourth to seal the Comets victory.
  Fallsburg coach Pete Dworetsky credited the second half of play and the victory to "strong aggressive defense."
  Tri-Valley coach Brian Tingley noted, "you don't  win games with 29 turnovers." Fallsburg only committed 11 turnovers. 
  Fallsburg was led in scoring by Watson with 30 points , 10 rebounds, four assists and four steals.
  Pugh and Lozada led Tri-Valley with 12 point each.
  Fallsburg pushed their record to 9-4 overall and 4-3 in OCIAA Division V. The win guarantees the team competition in sectional play. 
  Tri-Valley is 8-5 overall and 4-2 in league play. 


Identification of photos


Fallsburg's Rakkir Watson (No. 11) goes up to try to block a three point attempt by Tri-Valley's Rodney T. Jester (No. 2) in the Comets 59-48 win Thursday night at Fallsburg. Rakkir led both teams in scoring with 30 points.


Fallsburg's Jarrett Madison drives to the basket for two points in the Comets 59-48 win over Tri-Valley Thursday night at Fallsburg.


Lady Bears Get Back On Track

LADY BEARS STOP 2 GAME SKID                                                 

  The Tri-Valley Lady Bears aren't use to taking the court with a two-game losing streak hanging over their heads and this was quite evident Wednesday night February 6  when they played host to the Fallsburg Comets.
  Following back to back losses to Tuxedo and Chester the lady Bears in the first quarter of play produced strong defensive efforts from Sabrena Smith and Caroline Martin and good offensive scoring by Nicole Bradley  with six,  Katlynn Greffrath with five including her first of five three-pointers, Martin with two, Smith with four and Mareena DiMilia with two.
  Fallsburg senior Nyasia Blakney kept the Comets in the game during the first quarter by scoring all 10 Fallsburg points as Tri-Valley took a first quarter lead of 19-10.
  The Comets came back in the second quarter outscoring Tri-Valley 14-11 off 10 points by Blakney and four by Kelsey Moody. Smith scored seven, Greffrath two and Bradley two for the Bears. The halftime lead for Tri-Valley was 30-24.
  The third quarter of play saw Fallsburg up the tempo and at one point during the eight-minutes of play the Comets closed the gap to 30-28 but that would be the closest they would come during the four quarters of play. 
  Outscoring Fallsburg 17-14 in the third quarter the Bears were led by Greffrath with seven, Bradley six and Martin four. Blakney had 10 points and Moody four for the Comets. At the end of the third quarter Tri-Valley led 47-38. 
  As if they just ran out of gas Fallsburg in the fourth quarter was outscored 27-8 by three points by Smith, 10 by Greffrath, four by DiMilia, two by Castro. four by Martin and two by Ashley Exner. Blakney again led Fallsburg's scoring with six. Final score was 74-46.
  Tri-Valley coach John Tenbus made it very clear at the end of the game that "we had to stay aggressive particularly with our two recent losses. " He credited Fallsburg's Blakney with "being a great player as it's difficult to stop her."
  Fallsburg coach Daniel Redmond pointed out that he had a good feeling entering this game "especially with Tri-Valley's two recent losses but it's hard to stop their two guards."
  Greffrath led Tri-Valley's scoring with 24 points and nine rebounds and four steals. Bradley and Smith each had 14 points with Smith adding 10 steals and Bradley grabbing nine rebounds. Martin had 10 points and 10 steals. 
  Fallsburg's Blakney led all scoring with 32 of the Comets 46 points.
  Tri-Valley is now 10-5 overall and 4-3 in OCIAA league play. Fallsburg is 9-6 overall and 1-6 in OCIAA league play. 


Identification of photos


Tri-Valley's Katlynn Greffath (No. 11) goes up for three of her 24 points in the Bears 74-46 win over Fallsburg Feb. 6 at Grahamsville. Fallsburg's Brithny Spirelli (No. 5) attempts to block her shot.



Fallsburg's Nyasia Blakney (No. 21) goes up for two of her 32 points as Tri-Valley's Mareena DiMilia attempts to block the shot. The Bears won 74-46 February 6 at Grahamsville.