Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bethel Woods Receives Grant

Bethel Woods Center for the Arts


Grant Awarded to Support Bethel Woods' Efforts to
Offer Affordable Access to Programs

BETHEL, NY (OCTOBER 30, 2013) -  The TD Charitable Foundation, the charitable giving arm of TD Bank, America’s Most Convenient Bank®, recently donated a total of $15,000 to the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts as part of the bank’s commitment to giving back to the community for the fourth year in a row.
The 2013 grant will enable Bethel Woods to consistently offer free transportation and admission to Museum field trips, World Stage Series concerts, Saturdays at the Woods, and Summer Stages programs for Sullivan County public school students, as well as Title 1 schools in the surrounding counties, including Orange, Ulster, and Delaware.

A not-for-profit cultural organization in Sullivan County, N.Y. located at the site of the 1969 Woodstock festival, Bethel Woods Center for the Arts is committed to inspiring expression, creativity and innovation through the arts.

Darlene Fedun, Chief Executive Officer for Bethel Woods Center for the Arts adds, “We are so grateful to the TD Charitable Foundation for its support of our efforts to provide affordable access to programs. TD Bank and the TD Charitable Foundation have stellar reputations for service to the public and are strong supporters of the region’s communities.  We are delighted to have them as partners.”

Funding from TD Bank Charitable Foundation will help make Bethel Woods’ culturally dynamic programming accessible to low-income families, providing a rich, educational resource for students in and outside of the classroom.  In 2013 alone, free transportation and scholarships funded by donations and grants provided 1,200 children, families and educators access to arts programs at Bethel Woods including cultural performances and educational field trips to The Museum at Bethel Woods. The museum, a unique, interactive educational resource for the exploration the history of America in the 1960s and decade’s iconic Woodstock festival, welcomed 430 students from southern New York and the tri-state area.

 “We recognize the impact TD's donations can have, and our goal is to build successful partnerships that benefit our customers and their communities,” said Ed Blaskey, Market President for TD Bank. “Bethel Woods plays a significant role in introducing area youth to the positive influences of music and the arts, and we are proud to support these initiatives.”

For more information about Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, please visit

Yankee RailRiders Promotions

T-Shirt Tuesday Highlights Daily Promotions in 2014
Season-Long Promotions for Everyone

Moosic, Pa. – The folks of NEPA said they wanted them back in 2013, and the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders (Triple-A/New York Yankees) delivered. The gifts that were sought?  Giveaways. Come the 2014 season, the RailRiders plan on kicking it up a notch. The biggest change in the team’s wildly successful daily promotions will be the move to free T-shirts before every Tuesday home game.

“Everyone loves giveaways,” said RailRiders president/GM Rob Crain. “And there are not many giveaways that everyone can enjoy more than a T-shirt. We feel like we have assembled an exciting set of daily promotions and can’t wait for the season to get here.”

In 2014, PNC Field will keep the family full with one of the easiest and most affordable dinners around on “$1 Hot Dog Mondays” when hot dogs are just a buck for every Monday night game.

Then comes the welcome new addition, “T-Shirt Tuesdays”. Each Tuesday throughout the campaign will see 1,500 T-shirts given out at the gates with a different shirt each time.

The family dining deal that trumps ‘em all comes on “Kids Eat Free Wednesdays”. Children 12 & under will be given a coupon at the gate for a free kids' meal at Wednesday night games. The meal will consist of a Berks hot dog, a bag of Utz potato chips and a small Pepsi product.

Gather your friends for the “Thirsty Thursday” promotion of $1 Bud Lights and $1 Pepsi products. In addition to the price-reduced beverages, let loose and rock out with a live pre-game band.

Come to the ballpark early on Fridays to join in on the pre-game block party festivities and live music. But that is just the opening act, for following a “Friday Fireworks” game, you are encouraged to stay for some of the most incredible professional firework displays Northeast Pennsylvania has to offer.

For those asking about the buzz word we got started on, giveaways, look no further than the next day of the week. Each “Giveaway Saturday”, the RailRiders will have both a special giveaway and a live pre-game band.

The “NEPA Honda Dealers Sunday Family FUNday” experience puts a bow on it all as players sign autographs and carnival acts dazzle before the game, while after it your kids can get down on the field and run the bases of PNC Field just like the players.

A more detailed promotion and giveaway schedule will be released at a later date. Daily promotions will not be valid on school day games and weekday day games. Below is a summary of the daily promotions and a list of the dates excluded:


MONDAY: $1 Hot Dogs
TUESDAY: Free T-Shirt (1,500 each game; different shirt each game)
WEDNESDAY: Kids Eat Free (12 & under; Berks hot dog, Utz chips, small Pepsi product)
THURSDAY: Thirsty Thursday ($1 Bud Lights & Pepsi products; Pregame band)
FRIDAY: Postgame Fireworks (Pregame block party/band)
SATURDAY: Giveaways (Pregame band)
SUNDAY: Family FunDay (Player autographs, carnival entertainers before the game; Postgame kids run the bases)

DAY GAMES NOT INCLUDED: Wednesday, April 23; Wednesday, May 7; Monday, May 12; Wednesday, July 9; Wednesday, July 30; Monday, September 1

The RailRiders’ 2014 season begins on Thursday, April 3 when the club kicks off a seven-game road trip at Syracuse against the Chiefs (Washington Nationals).The home slate commences a week later on Thursday, April 10 when the Chiefs visit PNC Field for a four-game series and homestand. For season ticket information, call (570) 969-BALL (2255) or visit

Baldo Bags Trophy Goat

  TERRACE, BRITISH COLUMBIA--Retired Roscoe educator Dan Baldo has a hunting passion passed down from his grandfather who he is named after and that passion paid off recently when he shot a mountain goat in Terrance, British Columbia that will make the Boone & Crocket (B & C) record book. 
  Dan described his grandfather as an Italian immigrant who worked for the D & H Railroad and had a sports shop in Oneonta and gave him his first shotgun (a Browning 16 gauge auto-5) at  the age of 12. "We spent my hours afield together and later in life I learned even more from Ken Cole who is retired from IBM and lives in Binghamton. 
  Baldo noted that he was hunting with Milligan Outfitting (Bob & Michelle) in Terrace, British Columbia and "on September 22 Scott Miller (guide) and I flew into Fuch Lake that has an elevation of 1,700 feet and the lakes are glacier fed and this location is on top of the Pacific Range mountains and on the shoulders......just beautiful."
  Dan pointed out that "after spending 40 hours in the tent (reading a book) due to the really poor weather conditions we waited for the weather to clear and started out to hunt."
  During the process of setting up the tent in driving rain the tent was very wet inside, "but thanks to proper equipment we and our gear kept dry," Baldo said.
  Dan described an experience he had during the night when "I thought I heard thunder which turned out to be a rock slide and that is why the outfitter told me there were only two options for a safe campsite."
  "Never saw a slide but heard three during our stay and one was such that a slight vibration could be felt," Baldo said.
  On September 24 Dan said it was still raining but that since it was beginning to clear "we decided to put on our rain-gear and hunt."
  The first mountain goat they saw was over a mile away which required the use of a row boat to cross the lake. Baldo stressed the fact that the terrain was very steep and wet and that it was almost impossible to keeps ones footing.
  "I fell uphill and downhill and was feeling bad until I realized that my guide, 24 years old, a six footer and rugged as an ox is falling as well and I wish I had counted the number of times I fell," Dan said.
  It took Baldo and the guide several hours to realize that the "Billy" (the mountain goat they were stalking) was only about five years of age and too small and that they could do better finding an eight year old.
  From their new vantage point they could see six goats about three miles away on the other side of the lake above their tent which they could not have seen from the campsite because of the lay of the land.
  While ascending downhill to the lake he heard Scott the guide yell as he apparently slipped and rolled and slid some 100 feet suffering a scraped right hand and bleeding and at that point in time they had to perform some first aid.
They saw many blueberry bushes during this hunt and often helped themselves to the ripe fruit.
  "Once across the lake we started another ascent and after two more hours we were within 800 yards and saw three billy's, one nanny and one kid but were a little nervous because we did not know where the other goat was and did not want to spook them," Baldo noted. 
  From their vantage point in a boulder field they used large rocks for cover and the two moved slowly and quietly to within 200 yards but they encountered two very large rocks in front of them and knew it was impossible to go around them or over them without being seen.
  A major decision had to made at this point of the hunt as the two decided to squeeze between them but had to walk through two and a half feet of water. 
  "We knew water would would be in our boots and that is this stalk was not successful we would not be able to hunt the next day until all was again dry," Dan said.
  Baldo was reaching the important critical point of this hunt as guide Scott glassed (looking through binoculars) and quietly told Dan is was 165 yards and that the lower billy was the one and was still 165 yards.
  Baldo described the hunt at this point saying, "my 300 WSM Browning was on at 100 yards and two inches low at 200 yards and so I knew the shot was mine. When I looked through the scope the cross-hairs were all over the place. Excited...I stopped, took a deep breath and started over again. By now the billy had turned to give me a perfect quartering shot and the hunter/experience in me took over. The cross-hairs were dead behind the shoulder when I felt the kick and the goat immediately went down....I worked the bolt but felt a hand on my shoulder and Scott with a big grin said it is all over."
  Scott asked Dan what he had been thinking just before the shot and his response was "after all the falls I was just hoping the gun would still be on and I asked Scott what he was thinking and he said I was praying that the Lord had given me a client who could shoot straight because you just harvested a B & C mountain goat."
  As they approached the downed goat Baldo said, "I knew he looked big but had not idea."
  For a goat to make the record book is must score 50 or higher and this is determined when they measure the length of the horn and circumference at four different points. 
  Baldo's goat green score (score right after the kill) was in the mid 50's and they then waitr six months and measure again after the horns have dried and shrunk and they then must still measure 50 plus. 
  Dan's mountain goat is such that it will still be well above 50 after the drying period. The world record for horn length is 11 inches and Baldo's is 10.25  some 0.75 inches shorter but as Baldo noted, "sound close but that other 0.75 inches is very hard to come by."
   When asked about the overall hunt Dan said, "I must say that his hunt was the most difficult I have ever been on....even more strenuous than by Dall Sheep hunt and I am blessed to be able to have done this at my age and with two artificial knees."
  Baldo started teaching science in Roscoe in 1962, was associate Dean of Students at Hofstra University in 1969-70, came to Sullivan County Community College and spent most of his time as Athletic Director and Admissions and retired in 2002 as Director of Admissions. 
  Dan and wife Gwen celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on June 22 of this year. Their two sons, Anthony is an engineer at Hersey Corporation in Pennsylvania and Jay is a counselor at New Hartford Central School in upstate New York. They enjoy many good times with four grandchildren. Both Dan and Gwen are avid golfers with Dan serving on the Twin Village Golf Club Board of Directors and is in charge of upkeep and maintenance of the greens and fairways.

Photo Information

Roscoe big game hunter Dan Baldo with his B & C record book mountain goat shot in Terrace, British Columbia.


Here & There Column 10-29-13

Exner Leaves Great Memories                              

  He wasn't a big time politician or a famous entertainer but the love shown for Francis "Frank" Paul Exner when he was called home to the Lord on October 7 will be fixed in everyone's mind forever.
  Hundreds lined the funeral home parking lot during visitation and the funeral service at the Ulster Heights United Methodist Church saw the main sanctuary and the video equipped basement filled to capacity.
  So who was this man that so many paid their respects to?
  Frank loved the world but not some of the politics that are going on today. He always said hello to folks, loved to have conversations, was always known as a kind, hardworking family man who loved his children and took great joy in watching his grandchildren as they grew up and participated in school athletic and various elementary and high school activities.
  Grandchildren and family activities were a big part of Frank's adult life and he enjoyed so much sharing his time with them in hunting, fishing, boating and snowmobiling.
  The computer was another activity Frank enjoyed and we and many others will miss the great words of wisdom he shared with us.
  Born in Ellenville he made his home on Thunder Hill Road, Woodbourne where he  enjoyed raising and being close to his family. He was a retired Corrections Officer from the Eastern Correctional Facility in Napanoch, was a past president of the Woodbourne Fire Department and was a lifetime member of the Woodbourne Ambulance Corps. 
  Frank and his wife Helen (Sis) owned and operated the
Rainbow's End Daycare for the past 35 years and to the kids he was their beloved "Frankie".
  God played an important part in Frank's life as he was a devout and active member of the Ulster Heights United Methodist Church where he served as a Sunday School teacher, lay speaker, member of the choir and many various positions through the years.
  He was always in the audience in support of many athletic events and activities his grandchildren participated in. 
  Memories will never be forgotten and those of Frank will be cherished forever by the many lives he touched. 
  Fond memories of a great man will always keep Frank in our hearts and minds. 



Bowling Highlights Column 10-25-13

Conner Scores First 300  

  Forty-five year-old Ellenvillle Central School Coach Merrill Conner knows what the sporting terminology
 "substitute" means and he responded the best way he could by producing his first career 300 October 9 in the Wednesday Men's league at Kiamesha Lanes. 
  Conner,  who resides in Napanoch bowls on the All County Insulation team which uses a rotating roster and he was not scheduled to bowl October 9.
  Members of the team include William Mitchell, Tom Mitchell, Dave Garlinghouse and  Shane Conner.
  Merrill's nephew Shane was unable to bowl that night and so Merrill was called in as a substitute and delivered big time blasting the maples for a 209, 228, 300, 737 series and at one point between the end of the second game and during the third game rolled 18 strikes out of 19 frames.
  Coach isn't a nick name for Conner who is employed full time as a NYS corrections office at Eastern Correctional Facility in Napanoch and also is the assistant varsity football coach at Ellenville Central and additionally is the varsity wrestling and baseball coach at Ellenville. 
  Merrill noted that he has yet to score an 800 series and his average in the only one league he bowls in is presently 222. 
  Bowling since the age of 11 his first years of bowling were in the Ellenville Bantam league and he has leaglue bowled at Ellenville Lanes, Liberty Lanes and Kiamesha Lanes for the past 27 years,
  "I've always been just a one night a week bowler mainly to get together with friends," Conner said. 
  All strikes were in the pocket on lanes 13 and 14.
  Merrill is married to his wife, Gwen. 

  Ed's Outlook

    The Bowling Proprietors' Association of America (BPAA)  is looking for a new executive director.
    Steve Johnson announced his resignation recently stating "after my years of service and undergoing the challenge of leading and implementing a number of initiatives for the association, it is time for new leadership........ and I'm proud of the progress and accomplishments we've made at the BPAA.
  Johnson will pursue another opportunity outside of bowling but there were no statements as to what that new position would be. .
  BPAA President Calthy DeSocio thanked Steve "for his leadership, marketing acumen and his dedicated years of service and we greatly appreciate all that he has brought to BPAA."
  The BPAA board of directors will begin a national search for a successor.
  The BPAA is headquartered in Arlington, Texas at the International Bowling Campus and provides its members with group purchasing programs, business and educational seminars, legislative representation and proactively promotes the association and the bowling industry.

  Ed Townsend, a PR Consultant to the sport of bowling, writes and compiles the information for this column. If you have league scores, tournament information, score a 300 or 800 series or even bowl your age, call Ed at 845-439-8177, email at or fax at 845-205-4474. View this column and all of Ed's pictures at We are also on Facebook and Twitter.

  The Bowling Tip
  By Mike Luongo

  Bowlers: This weeks tip will help you execute and repeat good shots by having your body set properly so that you can use the laws of physics to roll the ball and eliminate tension in your swing.
  As I've mentioned in previous columns, too much upper body and head movement make it very difficult to repeat shots.
  The purpose of the stance is to place the body in an athletic position, eliminate all unnecessary movements during the approach and reduce tension. 
  Resting forearms against the body, in the stance, will help reduce tension in the upper body.
  How do we do this?
  Here are the four steps in the proper order for setting posture.
  1. Set the feet (toward your break point).
  2. Set your head (tilted over the ball).
  3. Set your posterior (this is your balance point as you are swinging a heavy object).
  4. Set the ball position close as noted above.
  You are now in position to start a smooth approach. Maintain you body position and let the ball swing under your shoulder. You will find this easy to repeat shot after shot.
  Note: Watch the PBA and note the body positions but keep in mind that your exact body position may vary to accommodate different physiology. Also, if your ball does not fit, it will be difficult to eliminate tension from your swing.
  Mike Luongo is a certified IBPSIA Pro-Shop Operator, Master instructor, USBC Silver Level Coach and an Advisor-Special Events assistant with the Storm and Roto Grip Bowling Ball Company. Have a question, call him at 435-720-7939 or email at 

 Local Scores
 compiled by Ed Townsend)

 Callicoon Kristal Bowl

 Monday Hortonville Ladies

  Sue Naughton 166, 178, Lillian Zieres 153, 167, Pat Peters 154, Maureen Schlott 163, Joyce Brooks 160, Debbie Loughrey 151, Deedee Schrader 194, Barbara Pingel 155, Judy Mohn 179, Mardette Wilcox 174.

Tues. Delaware Valley Men

  Kory Keesler 220, Bruce Rutledge 203, Joe Meyer 212, Rob Bivins 182, Troy Parucki 182, 209, Mike Gieger 188, Albert Tyles 186, Steve Ross 223, Tom Bisig 198, John Kline 194, 196, Eugene Fulton 197, Gary Erlwein 206, 180, Bob Cady 185, 182, Dean Shattuck 195, Joe Gager 189.

Wednesday Mens

  Brian Brustman 198, Robert Glassel Sr. 182, John Diehl 190, Jack Diehl 189Craig Stewart 211, Roger Widmann 192.

Beechwood Lanes

Monday Ladies

  Janet Bertholf 167, Pam Wayne 181, Diane Conroy 157, Lori Kimmes 156, Lois Erdman 152, 158, Barbara Cady 153, Tracy Puerscher 159. 

Fox Bowling Center

Tues. Girls Nite Out

  Linda Ferris 182, Bonnie Laduke 183, 504.

 Wed. Men's Independent

  Tom Anderson 238, Zach Benson 606, Andrew Bullis 243, 632, Dale Conklin 605, Shane Ding 235, 606, Brandon Drumm 237, 247, 238, 722, Dylan Green 225, Martin Haeussler 233, Jack Hazen 245, 670, Steve Jacobi 237, Rob Johnson a nice 300 game and a 725 series, Scott Lacy 226, 632, Josh Milucky 248, Cory Newman 267, 696, Mitch Persbacker 610, Dick Price 616, Brian Tiffany 235, Jonathon Wayne 243, 251, 244, 738, Zuke Wormuth 227, 289, 716, Tony Wright 228, 658.

Thurs. Men's Deposit Ntl. 

  Bucky Buchanan 244, 615, Craig Conklin 239, 227, 636, Ray Cornwell 226, 664, Mike Costello 245, 620, Frank Couse Sr. 239, 639, Scott Ellis 604, Matt Johnson 258, 267, 710, Greg Keesler 237, 634, Rick Mills 621, Willy Muller 234, Dan Wormuth 246, 674.

Friday Couples

  Andy Bullis 236, 612, Frank Couse Sr. 245, 606, Norman Ellis 226, 236, 663, Dana McGraw 187, 204, 224, 615, Walt Oralls 227, 277, 697, Tia Robinson 180, Tim Smith 630, Sandy Wagner 181, 180, Dan Wormuth 237, 276, 717, Jeremy Wormuth 233. 

Saturday Youth

  Junior league Trisha McElroy 181, Kristy Capel 172, Bantam Girls Sierra Francisco 112, Bantam Boys Nathaniel Hendrickson 105, 107. 

Sunday Mixed Fun

  Reva Jones 190, 235, 588, Donnie Marino 245, 235, 670, Savanna Mills (youth girls) 136, 139, 131, 406.

Kiamesha Lanes

Monday Men's

  Eddie Lake 236, 266, 702, Rick Lane 247, 259, 717, Shane Connor 258, 254, 736, Billy Curry 261, 621, Greg Fallon 235, 615, Vinnie Collura 238, 257, 246, 741, Donnie Durland 233, 237, 667, Justin Lopez 246, 656, Rudy Belanchia 225, 656, John Fischer 247, 237, 686, Jon Wilhelm 290, 289, 783, Laresko Niifa 257, 613, Ronnie Totten 246, 621, Eddie Walsh 256, 232, 701, Pedro Agapito 254, 233, 703, Walt Edwards 236, Frank Scuderi 227, Larry Whipple 245, 648, Dan VanAken 230, 228, 675, Merrill Steinhilbergo 244, Matt Fallon 234, 254, 701, Larry Berens 613, Keith Smith 236, 668, Dave Graham 246, 661, Armen Murad 236, 644, Bobby Cooper 630, Jody Farquhar 617, Jason Budd 235, 266, 722, Diego Caba 608, George Budd 256, Jim VanAken 227, 227, 636, Tim McIntyre 235, 277, 226, 738.

Tues. Mixed Firefighters 

  Debra Blackford 193, 190, 551, Mary Lee Williams 199, 182, 547, Vera Bernhardt 186, 535, Trasey Barres 198, 183, 517, Andrea Grossman 189, Laura Palmer 191, Kyle Stevens 236, 279, 247, 762, Paul Minton 289, 235, 717, Jack Rustic 245, 247, 687, Chris Stevens 239, 236, 681, Russ Keesler 243, 232, 669, Kevin Stackhouse 256, 663, Peter Nastasi 229, 662, Laresko Niifa 256, 627, Kris Gwiozdowski 621, Eddie Walsh 225, 621, Tom Palmer 621, Shane Cunningham 615.

Wednesday Men's

  Jon Wilhelm 639, Kyle VanWolde 239, 626, Jason Jones 226, 248, 697, Dan VanAken 229, Tim McIntyre279, 706, James VanAken 245, 692, Robert Sze 615, Keith Smith 265, 246, 691, Tom Belgiovene 295, 668, John Fischer 226, 624, Pedro Agapito 264, 247, 704, Larry Whipple 235, 605, Chris Parken 230, Charlie Tuttle 634, Kyle Matthews 226, 279, 708, Shane Cunningham 274, 676, David Sawall 225, 245, 677, Jason Rogers 246, 629, Mikey Travis 226, 625, Nick Price 243, 623, Edwin Rodriguez 227, 627, Joe Brown 267, 686, John Hoffmann 225, 618, James Durland 236, 676, Russell Bivins 232, Larry Hicks 248, Carlos Torres 271, 634, Paul Minton 268, 238, 729, Dwayne Cabrera 236, 628, Eddie Blume 229, Tom Mitchell 279, 700, David Garlinghouse 235, 243, 647.

Thursday Ladies

  Ann Sawyer 213, Mary Jane Conklin 185, Joan Lake 181, Marie Frunzi 197, M. Smith 200, Cindy Short 184, Cara Nicholson 190, Valerie Fersch 201, Lisa Cartwright 196, 192, Shirley Bowens 206, Karen Gabriel 189, Pat Gibson 182, Mary Morris 182, Mary Lee Williams 189, 252, 225, 666.




Here & There Column 10-22-13

Flu Shots May Not Be The Answer

  Today we find a lot of hard sell from doctors, government agencies, medical facilities and even drug stores telling us to line up for our flu shots.
  "Nothing could be further from the truth," says Dr. Julian Whitaker, MD, founder and director of The Whitaker Wellness Institute, the largest alternative medicine clinic in the United States located in Newport Beach, California. 
  Dr. Whitaker reports "that you may think immunization is your only hope against a bad case of the flu and while immunization may reduce your risk, it's far from a sure thing."
  Flu s shots, according to Dr. Whitaker, "certainly don't protect the numerous other bugs that cause the majority of respiratory infections and a study in "The Lancet" found that flue shots do not reduce risk of pneumonia in people over 65, in fact during peak flu season pneumonia rates were actually higher in vaccinated individuals."
  Researchers concluded that the lack of benefit means one of two things.......either influenza is not a primary case of pneumonia or the vaccine is ineffective.
  The study involved people over 65 living on their own and previous research suggests that flu shots may be advisable for frail older people in assisted living facilities.
  As a world renowned doctor in the nutritional field Dr. Whitaker pointed out that "for the most of us..and that includes children--the current scientific research doesn't even come close to supporting the wildly overblown claims about the value of flu shots."
  In support of his nutritional values and research Julian offers his opinion "that this doesn't mean you should go through flue season unarmed and that the most important step you can take is to increase your daily dose of vitamin D3 as this has a profound effect on the immune system.
  After reading and hearing interesting alternatives offered by medical experts the best advise we offer is to discuss this information with your physician and decide for yourself whether or not you're an appropriate candidate for vaccination. 


Friday, October 18, 2013

TC3 BASEBALL 10-13-13

  CANANDAIGUA--Former Tri-Valley Central School 2013 MVP Rodney Taylor "RJ" Jester completed an outstanding Fall baseball schedule at TC3 this past Sunday at the Finger Lakes Community College by going 3 for 6 in a doubleheader to achieve a 500 batting average.
  All three hits were singles. He also stole second base twice and scored two runs for the day. He posted one RBI.
  Jester played short stop and occasionally second base in his college debut season.
  TC3 is formally known as Tompkins-Cortland Community College and is located in Dryden near Cortland NY.  
  Jester has been listed as one of the top players on the team. 
  During the fall and winter months Jester will be working out in the weight room and the team has weekly practice sessions in the college field house.
  He noted "can't wait for the regular league spring play in March and April."




Bowling Highlights Column 10-18-13

King Of The Hill Tourney

  The once popular King of the Hill Tournament has returned to Sullivan County.
  This weekly tournament is now being held Wednesday evenings at 9:45 at Kiamesha Lanes.
  Tournament director is Josh Strang.
  The rules of the tournament are as follows:
  1. Qualifying will occur during your league play.
  2. Each entry will cost $10. Bowlers will use their league scores and handicap and entry must be paid for prior to the start of the first game.  
  3. One in four will qualify in each league. The cut score will be posted at the end of the of your league play.
  4. In the Tournament finals Wednesday night bowlers will use 90% of 230 for their handicap. 
  5. The average used will be the 2013-14 highest league average based on at least nine games.
  6. The finals will consist of head to head brackets and bowlers will draw for placement in the Bracket.
  7. The winner will be crowned King of the Hill and will come back and defend their title each week until they lose at no additional cost for entry.
  8. All leagues are eligible to compete.
  9. Diablo squad will be held at 9:30 Wednesday's and this is open to any bowler with an average from any league in any house. Fee is $12 to bowl one game and one out of four will qualify to bowl in this tournament.
  10. Winner gets 75% of the prize fund ($150 based on 24 entries) and second place gets 25% of the prize fund ($50 based on 24 entries).
  King of the Hill winners the past two weeks have included Paul Minton and James Durland. 
  If you have a question call Josh at 845-741-6849.

Ed's Outlook

  The United States Bowling Congress (USBC) and the Bowling Proprietors Association of America (BPAA) are making an investment of $5 million in support of a new youth membership and activation program.
  The new program significantly lowers cost for families and establishes a bowling industry field staff dedicated to youth intiatives.
  The new USBC Youth membership is $4 and includes a membership card, a certified average and the eligibility to participate in USBC certified events. All current based USBC Youth memberrship products will be discontinued. 
  Simple upgrade options for Bowlopolis and Junior Gold programs will remaIn the same. 
  Bowling centers, rather than USBC local associations, will have processing responsibility under the new program.
  The new youth membership structure and investment from BPAA and USBC changes the model to enhance affordability and ease of participation. 
  We salute these two organizations for moving forward and embracing a vision that includes a tangible commitment that hopefully will protect bowling's future as these changes gives everyone the opportunity to attract new youth bowlers. 

  Ed Townsend, a PR Consultant to the sport of bowling, writes and compiles the information for this column. If you have league scores, tournament information, score a 300 game or 800 series or even bowl your age, call Ed at 845-439-8177, email at or fax at 845-205-4474. View this column and all of Ed's pictures at We are also on Facebook and Twitter. 

Bowling Tip
By Mike Luongo

  The tip this week is for all bowlers but will be especially beneficial to youth and beginning bowlers.
  Many bowlers worry too much about their steps and footwork, giving very little thought to their upper body position. In the past, most new bowlers were told that you must use a four step approach and push the ball away on the first step.
  This advise was generally imparted lby someone with the word "Coach" lettered on their shirt. Unfortunately, this advise is pure rubbish.
  First of all, all bowlers have different body types, different flexibility and different lengths to their arms and legs. So how is it possible that everyone can effectively use the exact same four step approach? They can't.
  If you look back at the legends of the game, did any two bowlers have exactly the same style? No.
  The most important thing is to get the bowler's body in the correct position....head over the ball with the bowling shoulder titled to the ball side. In this way, the feet will go where they must so that you do not fall down.
  The bottom line is if you are someone that works with new or youth bowlers, you must understand that everyone has different physiology so need to help them get their body into the correct position and not focus on how many steps they take (or how these steps are taken) to get to the foul line.
  Mike Luongo is a certified IBPSIA Pro Shop Operator, Master Instructor, USBC Silver Level Coach and an Advisor-Special Events assistant with the Storm and  Roto Grip Bowling Ball Company. Have a question, call him at 435-720-7939 or email at 

Local Scores

(Compiled by Ed Townsend)

Kiamesha Lanes

Monday Men's

  Eddie Lake 247, a nice 299, 228, 774, Rick Lake 279, Mike Weiner 254, 247, 654, Greg Fallon 237, 674, Paul Durland 600, Vinnie Collura 229, 623, Donnie Durland 258, 268, 727, Juan Lopez 242, 628, Rudy Belanchia 237, 646, John Fischer 226, 604, Jon Wilhelm 290, 256, 769, Kevin Stackhouse 236, John Hoffmann 248, 649, Eddie Walsh 232, 238, 649, Pedro Agapito 232, 235, 666, Frank Scuderi 228, 621, Todd Houghtaling 245, 631, Craig Wilhelm 607, Larry Whipple 248, 636, Jim Piontec 259, 237, 653, Kyle Giordano 618, Josh Strang 233, 620, Tim McIntyre 227, Jim VanAken 254, 649, Charlie Tuttle 275, Brett Budd 256, 226, 704, George Budd 254, 600, Jody Farquhar 226, 616, Bobby Cooper 612, Frank Amore 230, Armen Murad 247, 670, Mike Amore 227, 621, Dave Graham 248, 680, Keith Smith 226, 654.

Tues. Mixed Firefighters

  Mary Lee Williams 189, 236, 593, Vera Bernhardt 205, 192, 534, Trasey Barres 205, 521, Carena Collura 196, 520, Debra Blackford 222, 516, Wendy Swan 192, 503, Chris Stevens 259, 233, 244, 736, Paul Minton 232, 258, 713, Eddie Walsh 241, 279, 702, Kyle Stevens 259, 699, Russ Keesler 237, 245, 696, Tom Palmer 226, 239, 676, Ed Guthrie 259, 669, Kris Gwiozowski 244, 225, 659, Peter Nastasi 237, 654, Kevin Stackhouse 649, George Kelley 244, 617, Jack Rustic 266.

Wednesday Men's
  Tim McIntyre 245, 673, Josh Strang 277, 227, 722, James VanAken 259, 226, 698, Robert Sze 248, Keith Smith 248, 638, Steve Belgiovene 247, 681, John Fischer 225, 637, Larry Whipple 246, 619, Timmy Minton 244, 631, Chris Parken 244, 231, 685, Charlie Tuttle 246, 638, Kyle Matthews 235, 619, Shane Cunningham 234, 243, 692, Jason Rogers 226, 631, Mikey Travis 255, 669, Nick Price 248, 625, Jo Jo Van Keuren 276, 241, 740, Rick Lara 256, 604, John Hoffmann 632, Jason Jones Jr. 257, 672, James Durland 279, 279, 238, 796, Larry Hicks 240, 258, 273, 771, Carlos Torres 254, 236, 710, Paul Minton 247, 644, Eddie Blume 604, Jason Jones 234, 239, 664, Dwayne Cabrera 259, 634, Merrill Conner 254, 645.

Thursday Ladies

  Tina Tuttle 187, Valerie Fersch 190, Audrey Woolard 193, Karen Gabriel 181, Ann Sawyer 193, Joan Lake 264, Denise Collins 182, 226, Shirley Bowens 197, 199, Mary Lee Williams 180, 226, Trasey Barres 187, Vera Bernhardt 183.   

Beechwood Lanes

Monday Ladies

  J. McCormack 160, Tracy Puerschner 169, Janet Bertholf 196, Diane Staves 155, 170, 186, 511, Jackie Gieger 174, 170, 154.

Liberty Bowl

Thursday Ladies

  Debbie Sklar 150, Maureen Hopper 226, Connie Beach 162, Billie Jo Bound 165, Carly Sklar 164, Tabatha Smith 153, 173, Flo Good 179, Joan Fredenburg 175, 190, 501, Stella Schmahl 173, Maureen Barber 153, Sue Jones 160, 156, Diane Edwards 154.
  Liberty Bowl is forming a Monday Men's league (2 on a team) and a Sunday Mixed league with 2 on a team (any mix). 
  A Saturday Morning Youth league  will run fro 25 weeks. 
  Francine Kaiser and Tabitha Smith are the  Youth Program Directors.
  Information on any of these Liberty Bowl leagues can be obtained from            Franny at 845-794-5561 or Carmine at 845-794-6328.
  Liberty Bowl open hours include Wednesday from 3-9, Thursday 6-9, Friday 4-11, Saturday 12-11 and Sunday 12-5. 

Callicoon Kristal Bowl

Mon. Hortonville Ladies

  Sue Naughton 189, 170, Lillian Zieres 167, 199, 167, 533, Rebecca Rhodes 192, Marty Bogdanowitz 160, Barbara Pingel 154, Judy Mohn 159, Mardette Wilcox 158, 185, Kelly Ellsworth 155, Pat Hocker 157. 

Tues. Del. Valley Men's

  Mark Yewchuck 242, Joe Gager 220, Bob Head 197, 180, Dean Shattuck 196, Bruce Rutledge 199, Chris Marston 186, Rob Bivins 199, Kris Rasmussen 186, Mike Gieger 181, 180, Jackie Brockner 180, Cricket Hubert 193, Matt Hubert 201.

Wednesday Men's

  John Kline 190, 193, 195, Dennis Brockner 195, Rich Thony 222, 201, Brian Brustman 188, 182, Alby Thony 195.




Here & There Column 10-15-13

Thank God For Volunteers

    In taking a few hours out of our recent Tennessee-Virginia vacation to ride along with my brother-in law on his weekly mission to deliver food to the needy it became so evident to me that I began asking where is this great country of ours when it comes to helping those in need.
    Dave and Barbara Cross of Spring Hill, Tenn., former Sullivan County residents of both Liberty and Monticello where Dave was employed by New York State Electric & Gas Corporation , are active members of the Spring Hill, Tenn. United Methodist Church. Through an agreement with local grocery stores and pizza restaurants members of the church pickup day old bread and pastry and pizza pies that customers did not come and pickup.
    My brother and sister-in-law then travel several miles outside the city to a small trailer (mobile home) park to distribute the bread and pizza that was picked up earlier that day.
    It was quite evident by the overall condition of most of the homes that whatever help could be given to these folks is greatly needed and very much appreciated.
    It was good to hear the recipients of this food say "thank you and God bless" to us. I had a brief opportunity to talk with several residents there and as I got back in the truck my thoughts were why is this happening in this great country of ours.
    We spend millions and million to help feed the needy in other parts of the world but we fail sometimes in seeing poverty and need that is staring us right in the face.  If it wasn't for volunteers, church programs and food pantry's set up to help the poor I dread to think what the end result for many of those in need would be.
    In delivering food items volunteers often offer words of encouragement, advise and prayer.
    These few hours spending time seeing folks reaching out to help the poor nurtured something in me and made me more aware of the spiritual side of life in that we will feed each other in many ways every day.
  Wake up America....we have needs right here in our country that should be taken care of first and thank God for volunteers who are trying to meet some of these needs.         



Former Liberty/Monticello resident Dave Cross, left, sorts various food items he delivers each week to needy folks living outside the city of Springs Hills, Tennessee. 


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Bowling Highlights Column 10-11-13

 World Series Of Bowling

  The fifth edition of the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) World Series of Bowling (WSOB V) is shaping up to provide the most drama and excitement of all of them.
  The WSOB V will include new events, a sold-out field of the world's most talented players representing a record 22 countries and an end-of-season battle for the PBA's most prestigious honors
  These honors include Player of the Year, eligibility for the 2014 PBA League Draft and much more.
  Created in 2009 the PBA WSOB provided the sport with it's greatest international showcase and countless memorable moments hasve been recorded for the history books.
  The fifth edition of the multi-event championships is scheduled for October 25-November 3 at South Point Bowling Center in Las Vegas and bowling fans around the world will be able to follow  the action by watching more than 60 hours of live online coverage on Xtra Frame, liver scoring on and 14 hours of nationally-televised coverage on ESPN over seven consecutive
Sunday's starting December 1. 
  The fifth edition of the World Series will retain its traditional roots. It will feature four animal pattern championships (the Cheetah, Viper, Chameleon and Scorpion Championships, conducted on the unique lane conditioning patterns that bear those animal names), and the qualifying rounds for the four animal events will determine the 24 finalists who will compete for the 2013 PBA World Championship. 
  All five of the championship tournaments will be televised by ESPN. First prize in each animal pattern event is $20,000, first prize in the PBA World Championship is $50,000.
  Also returning to the World Series schedule will be the World Tenpin Bowling Association's World Bowling Tour Men's and Women's Finals, presented by the PBA.
  New to the World Series program will be a PBA50 Finals, a PBA Regional Players Invitational Finals and a special High 5 Gear PBA League Challenge Match USA vs. The World.
  If all these activities aren't enough, there also will be optional PBA All-Regions Singles and PBA West Region Member/Non-member Doubles tournaments over the Nov. 1-3 weekend. 

Agapito, Budd
Score 300 Games

  The road to a successful bowling career and important steps to becoming a member of the Professional Bowlers Association continued last week when 18-year-old Rock Hill bowling phenom Pedro Agapito lll bowled his third career 300 game in a two-week span.
  This 300 came in the Kiamesha Lanes Wednesday Men's league October 2 on lanes 7 and 8 using his Brunswick Aura bowling ball. Pedro's series for the night included a 300, 253, 221, 774.
  His Wednesday team is Dutch's with team mates John Fischer, Tom Belgiovene and Steven Belgiovene.
  A week previous to this score in the Monday (Sept. 23) Men's league, also at Kiamesha Lanes Pedro  smashed the maples for a 259, 300, 245 and his first 800 series (804).
  His first 300 game was bowled on March 13, 2012 in the Tuesday Mixed Firefighters league at Kiamesha Lanes.
  He maintains a 245 average in the Monday league and a 214 average in the Wednesday league. 
  Pedro graduated from the Monticello Central School in June and is looking to attend Sullivan County Community College in January. He is employed by McDonald's and is the son of Kim Gallagher and Pedro Agapito. 
  In the Monday Men's league Jacon Budd scored a 234, 300, 236, 770. He bowls with the Quality Sealcoat team consisting of team mates Deigo Caba, George Budd and Brett Budd.   
  League secretary Josh Strang noted that Budd refuses to give out any personal information. We also emailed Budd asking for information but never received a returned answer.

Ed's Outlook  

  Three New York schools are among six schools nationwide that have been awarded grants in the form of mobile bowling equipment as part of The Bowling Foundation's continuing effort to help enhance lives through the sport of bowling.
  The kids, valued at $1200, include six carpet bowling l anes, rubberized bowling balls and pins, plus instructional DVD's to assist coaches and teachers in introducing and instructing students in the game of bowling.
  The three New York schools include Shedridan Academy for Young Leaders PS 457 in the Bronx, Wildwood Programs Inc./Wildwood School, Schenectady and Mary White Ovington in Brooklyn. 
  With so many schools facing financial difficulties the Mobile Bowling Equipment program annually helps schools. disabled and disadvantaged service groups and youth groups purchase equipment to teach and enjoy bowling.
  A great program that reaches out toward youth,  those less fortunate, giving them increased chance for success, health, fitness and the joy of sport while fostering bowling across all sectors of society. 

  Ed Townsend is a PR Consultant to the sport of bowling. He writes and compiles information for this column. If you have league scores, tournament information, score a 300 game or 800 series or even bowl your age, call Ed at 845-439-8177, email at or fax at 845-205-4474. View this column and all of Ed's pictures at We are also on Facebook and Twitter. 

Bowling Tip
By Mike Luongo

  This week I would like to let you know about the RG (which stands for radius of gyration and core torque) in bowling balls.
  First to help you understand the RG, a modern weight block in a professional bowling ball is composed of several parts of different densities.
  Each of these dessities has two characteristics. It is a certain volume and it occupies a certain location. When fused together, all of the different densities (all the weight in the ball) act as if they are a single unit of a single density that is rotating at a single distance from the center of the ball.
  This is all the RG is. It is a measurement that tells you how far from the center of the ball the weight acts like it is rotating.
  As far as core torque, it is a phase we use in the industry to measure the "flip" in the ball. The higher the number, the harder the ball will turn the corner. As with anything else, it is a guide for estimating potential. How flippy a ball really will be is determined by the shape of the core, the bowlers style, the surface of the ball and the lane condition it is thrown on.
  A tall skinny core will generally flip harder than a short fat core. Even with all of this, it is important that there is no substitute for a good shot.
  Mike Luongo is a cerified IBPSIA Pro-Shop Operator, Master Instructor, USBC Silver Level Coach and an Advisor Special Events assistant with the Storm and Roto Grip Bowling Ball Company. Have a question, call him at 435-720-7939 or email at 

Local Scores

Compiled by Ed Townsend)

Kiamesha Lanes

Monday Men's

  Eddie Lake 245, 245, 277, 767, Rick Lake 614, Shane Connor 255, 618, Mike Weiner 262, 634, Greg Fallon 256, 244, 684, Vinnie Collura 257, 245, 247, 749, Donnie Durland 248, 250, 711, Justin Lopez 248, 644, John Fischer 267, 659, Jon Wilhelm 237, 633, Tim Totten 233, Ronnie Totten 259, 257, 725, Kevin Stackhouse 280, 686, John Hoffmann 268, 693, Nick Price 603, Eddie Walsh 229, 620, Pedro Agapito 242, 258, 662, Mike Scuderi 254, 635, Todd Houghtaling 233, Lloyd Bridges 651, Larry Whipple 225, Keith Smith 658, Dave Graham 256, 248, 684, Merrill Steinhilbergo 232, 612, Jim VanAken 248, 680, Charlie Tuttle 233, 230, 669, Brett Budd 267, 664, Jody Farquhar 258, 659, Armen Murad 226, 617, Mike Amore 636.

Tues. Mixed Firefighters

  Chris Stevens 248, 244, 705, Ed Guthrie 267, 690, Kyle Stevens 245, 246, 686, Shane Cunningham 253, 677, James Fiore 236, 247, 666, Laresko Niifa 255, 644, Paul Minton 244, 643, Kevin Stackhouse 241, 631, Eddie Blume 233, 625, Jack Rustic 226, Carena Collura 203, 202, 575, Wendy Swan 211, 555, Leanne Mangabang 205, 183, 543, Laura Palmer 226, 182, 541, Mary Lee Williams 180, 511, Vera Bernhardt 186, 508.

Wed. Men's

  Jon Wilhelm 274, 668, Chris Stevens 247, 631, AJ Atkins 243, 618, Larry  Whipple 234, 626, Pedro Agapito 249, 663, John Fischer 235, 637, Keith  Smith 234, 247, 705, Robert Sze 618, James VanAken 230, 637, Josh Strang 615, Tim McIntyre 233, 628, Dan VanAken 227, 267, 234, 728, Frank DiCostanzo 245, 605, James Durland 256, 236, 693, Russell Bivins 229, Larry Hicks 247, Carlos Torres 234, 245, 683, Paul Minton 258, 237, 225, 720, David Garlinghouse 246, 628, Merrill Conner 245, 624, Charlie Tuttle 234, 613, Kyle Matthews 245, 661, Shane Cunningham 233, 622, Jason Rogers 247, 278, 747, Nick Price 232, 236, 623, Pete Mitro 230, Serafin Rodriguez lll a 233, 232, 625, Rick Lara 234, 654, Joe Brown 269, 666, John Hoffmann 618. 

Thurs. Ladies

   Monica Lane 193, Denise Collins 224, Sherry Laird 188, Kelly Shattuck 214, Trasey Barres 217, Franny Kaiser 183, Karen Gabriel 193, 180, 223, 596, Debbie Polin 238, 190, 183, 611, Pat Shuart 181, Ann Sawyer 207, Mary Lee Williams 191, 194. 

Fox Bowling Center

Wed. Men's Independent

  Andrew Bullis 237, 244, 663, Dale Conklin 601, Frank Couse Sr. 234, 236, 687, Brandon Drumm 613, Mark Hawley 601, Jack Hazen 256, 653, Paul Ignatovich 236, 226, 655, Rob Johnson 225, 639, Jerry Kulakosky 247, 656, Donnie Marino 246, 240, 702, Wilbur McAdams 245, 679, Josh Milucky 235, 653, Paul Siegler 619, Jonathon Wayne 248, 611, Jim Winans 254, Zuke Wormuth 249, 246, 227, 722, Tony Wright 235, 609. 

Thurs. Men's Deposit Ntl.

  Ray Cornwell 236, 609, Mike Costello 227, Bill Gleim 248, 676, Scott Jenson 256, 629, Greg Keesler 237, 617, Ed Milk 237, Dick Price 226, 616, Jim Valentine 229, 607.

Friday Couples

  Frank Couse Sr. 242, 232, 682, Melinda Francisco 180, Rick Mills 231, 621, Sheri Oralls 192, Walt Oralls 225, 603, Tim Smith 256, 684, Sandy Wagner 191, Dan Wormuth 236, 616, Jeremy Wormuth 641, Michelle Wormuth 191, 507.

Callicoon Kristal Lanes

Mon. Hortonville Ladies

  Lillian Zieres 164, 175, Rebecca Rhodes 151, Maureen Schlott 165, 163, Chris Burr 152, Debbie Loughrey 171, Heidi Schick 159, Mardette Wilcox 160, Katie Fenshaw 157.

Tues. Del. Valley Men's

  Mark Yewchuck 191, 187, Joe Gager 236, Dean Shattuck 191, Bob Cady 181, Mark Hawley 180, Rob Bivins 191, Ed LeRoy 198, Kris Rasmussen 200, Brian Marino 194, Mark Scriber 180, Gary Maas 185, Brian Starr 226, 230, 601, Mike Sorge 197, Troy Parucki 186, Eric Kubenik 192, Bill Meyer 196.

Wednesday Men's

  Dennis Brockner 189, Rich Thony 193, 232, Robert Glassel Sr. 196, Robert Glassel Jr. 199, Joel Turner 182, John Diehl 188, Hopper Hubert 190, Jack Diehl 182, Mark Yewchuk 191.


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Here & There Column 10-8-13

Broad Based Tax Cuts For All

  New Yorkers pay  more per capita in taxes than taxpayers in any other state in the nation.
  Certainly not something we enjoy swallowing or should be proud of and it's time New York's tax and regulatory policies are reformed to reduce the state's overall tax burden.
  It's no secret that New York's tax code is cluttered with credits, deductions and other loopholes driven by short term policy goals and political considerations than by the basic principles of tax fairness, efficiency, simplicity, visibility and competitiveness.
  We here in upstate New York tend to see more of the slow economic growth that is due to the tax burden and over the past 15-years, the state's property tax burden has increased more than 73 percent......two times as much as the rate of inflation and well beyond the national average.
  It's time for New York State to focus more on broad-based tax cuts for all and a better, more balanced mix of targeted and broad-based tax relief is overdue.
  It not a surprising fact that a recent Siena College survey found that consumer confidence in New York is at a 20-month low.
  Bipartisan action in Albany has produced the 2% property tax cap  and the next step must be mandate relief that local leaders are crying for. 
  A comprehensive tax reform agenda for 2014 hopefully should gain bipartisan support and action in our state Legislature.
  New York government has a long and sometimes not so proud track record of talking a good game but not delivering. Many folks just become sick and tired or being taxed to death and pick up and move out to other tax-friendly states.
  We must demand mandate relief and regulatory reform because we have no future as the tax capital of the nation.


Bowling Highlights Column 10-4-13

                       Agapito Scores Second Career 300 


     Eighteen-year-old Rock Hill bowler Pedro Agapito III has recorded his second career 300 game and his first career 800 series.
  Pedro's scores of 259, 300, 245, 804 were recorded on September 23 in the Kiamesha Lanes Monday Men's league.
   He bowled these games on lanes 11 and 12 using a Brunswick Aura 1 bowling ball.
   His team mates on the Who's That team include NIck Price, Eddie Walsh and John Hoffmann. 
    Agapito's first career 300 was bowled on March 13, 2012 in the Tuesday Mixed Firefighters league at Kiamesha Lanes. 
   Pedro at that time was in his Junior year at Monticello Central High School. He graduated in June and has been bowling for some eight years both in the Saturday Morning Youth leagues at Kiamesha and last year in the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday adult leagues also at Kiamesha Lanes.   
  He has scored a number of 299 and 279 single games and his highest series before the 804 was a 796.
  Pedro presently maintains a 253 average in the Monday league.
  Agapito two years ago indicated he is pointing his bowling career and his major goal of becoming a member of the Professional Bowlers Association and competing on the PBA tour.
  He presently is employed by McDonald's and is looking to start college at Sullivan County Community College in January. 
  He is the son of Kim Gallagher and Pedro Agapito.                                    
                                       Ed's Outlook

  Poughkeepsie New York will host the 78th Annual New York State Women's Championships in April and May 2014 at the Hoe Bowl Mardi-Bob Lanes.
  Tournament dates include April 5-6, 11-13, 26-27, May 2-4, 17-18.
  The 2014 Queens Tournament will be held Saturday, April 12 at Hoe Bowl Holiday Bowl in Wappingers Falls.
  Entry blanks for this these tournaments hosted by the Hudson Valley USBC are available online at 
  The 90th Annual New York State Open (Men's) Championships will be held in April and May 2014 at the AMF Empire Lanes in Webster, NY.
  Tournament dates include April 12-13, 26-27, May 3-4, 16-18.
  Entry blank for this tournament hosted by the Rochester USDBC Bowling Association are available online at 

  Ed Townsend, a PR consultant to the sport of bowling, writes and compiles the information for this column. If you have league scores,  tournament information, score a 300 game or 800 series or even bowl your age, call Ed at 845-439-8177, email at or fax at 845-205-4474. View this column and all of Ed's pictures at We are also on Facebook and Twitter.

                                    Bowling Tip
                                By Mike Luongo 

    Bowlers: This week's tip is for any bowler who ends up out of balance at the foul line when delivering a bowling ball.
  If you find your self unable to finish your delivery in a strong balanced position, it may be a result of your follow through.
  It is important that when you follow through on your delivery, you do not reach OUT with your arm. but UP with your follow through.  The reason?
  If you reach out, the weight of the ball will pull your upper body forward and may cause you to lose your balance. If you reach up, you can stay planted in a strong, solid position to deliver your bowling ball with accuracy and leverage.
  Mike Luongo is a certified IBPSIA Pro Shop Operator, Master Instructor, USBC Silver Level Coach and an Advisor-Special Events assistant with the Storm and Roto Grip Bowling Ball Company. Have a question, call him at 434-720-7939 or vie email at

                                                             Local Scores
                        (compiled by Ed Townsend)

                                 Beechwood Lanes

                                  Monday Ladies

  Diane Staves 150, 169, Diane Conroy 159, Lori Kimmes 164, Barbara Cady 159, Jackie Gieger 157, 152.

                        Callicoon Kristal Bowl

                             Hortonville Ladies

  Linda Millis 157, Kelly Gombita 166, Lillian Zieres 189, 212, 533, Jane Benson 176, Maureen Schlott 152, Debbie Loughrey 164, Judy Mohn 168, Mardette Wilcox 183, 151.

                                Tues. Del. Valley Men

  Samii Markoa 201, Bruce Rutledge 184, 201, 183, Ed LeRoy 193, Brian Marino 203, Mike Sorge 191, Troy Parucki 191, Chris Berner 181, Joe Gager 202, Damien VanLeuven 214, 182.

                                Fox Bowling Center

                               Wed. Men's Independent

  Andy Boice 238, 232, 647, Andrew Bullis 266, 667, Frank Couse Sr. 236, 626, Shane Dirig 232, 628, Brian Drumm 615, Bill Gleim 245, 628, Jack Hazen 234, 235, 231, 700, Larry Jenson 233, 622, Rob Johnson 237, 280, 740, Gregory Keesler 226, 626, Jerry Kulakosky 246, 636, Donnie Marino 225, 612, Jonathon Wayne 231, 646, Jeremy Wormuth 247, 611.

                                 Thurs. Men's Deposit Natl.

  Craig Conklin 235, 621, Frank Couse Sr. 242, 621, Bill Gleim 230, 279, 733, Paul Ignatovich 236, 600, Larry Jenson 232, 625, Matt Johnson 247, 675, Pat Kille 620.

                              Friday Couples

  Stacy Briggs 204, Andy Bullis 234, 626, Frank Couse Sr. 267, 685, Lenn Davis 230, Crystal Ellis 181, 500, Dan Koch 254, 625, Dana McGraw 197, 215, 578, Sheri Oralls 202, 530, Walt Oralls 269, 636, Tim Smith 246, 647, Sandy Wagner 233, 523, Dan Wormuth 235, 269, 716.

                               Kiamesha Lanes

                                     Monday Men's

  Eddie Lake 239, 640, Rick Lake 623, Mike Mulligan 236, Shane Connor 248, 610, Dan Ricco 242, 645, Mike Weiner 610, Vinnie Collura 227, 257, 708, Donnie Durland 279, 665, Rudy Belanchia 236, 641, John Fischer 246, 673, Jon Wilhelm 238, 672, Ronnie Totten 242, 233, 687, Kevin Stackhouse 606, Eddie Walsh 243, 270, 705, John Hoffmann 624, Frank Scuderi 268, 626, Craig Wilhelm 610, Jim Piontec 266, 609, Dave Graham 626, Mike Amore 230, 624, Armen Murad 259, 257, 708, Jason Budd 626, George Budd 225, 608, Brett Budd 632, Charlie Tuttle 277, 624, Jim VanAken 237, 246, 674, Tim McIntyre 607.

                               Tues. Mixed Firefighters

  Mary Lee Williams 203, 189, 547, Trasey Barres 180, 533, Andrea Grossman 201, 526, Debra Blackford 201, 517, Shane Cunningham 240, 255, 256, 751, Russ Keesler 236, 257, 683, Kevin Stackhouse 233, 665, Eddie Walsh 232, 253, 661, Laresko Niifa 249, 660, Kyle Stevens 226, 651, Peter Scannell 246, 644, Paul Minton 253, 641, Larry Whipple 635, Bret Budd 629, Jack Rustic 242, 628, Ed Guthrie 228, 608, Chris Stevens 607, Jim Gerrard 233.

                                Wednesday Men's

  Chris Parken 600, Charlie Tuttle 600, David Sawall 232, 272, 712, Jason Rogers 290, 233, 269, 792, Vinnie DeGraw 228, Jo Jo VanKeuren 227, 228, 674, Rick Lara 258, 618, John Hoffmann 231, 267, 710, Paul Durland 232, James Durland 278, 233, 709, Russell Bivins 258, 682, Paul Minton 257, 246, 244, 747, Jason Jones 237, Dwayne Cabrera 621, Shane Connedr 278, 658, David Garlinghouse 227, 627, Merrill Conner 232, 244, 673, Steve Rivera 236, Tim McIntyre 627, James VanAken 259, 235, 256, 750, Billy Curry 225, 234, 630, Keith Smith 227, 245, 650, John Fischer 232, 242, 685, Pedro Agapito 246, 640, Larry Whipple 603, A. J. Atkins 234, Timmy Minton 278, 667. 

                                   Thursday Ladies

  Joan Lake 187, 206, Pat Shuart 184, Denise Collins 188, Trasey Barres 201, Audrey Woolard 195, Mary Lee Williams 182, Debbie Polin 208, 231, Liz Stubits 200, Lisa Cartwright 194. 

                                   Friday Mixed

  Joan Lake 185, Kevin Stackhouse 235, 637, Debbie Polin 191, 209, 550, Jon Wilhelm 263, 654, Greg Kuchar 605, John Hoffmann 226, 643, Trasey Barres 187, 520, Larry Whipple 624, Antionette Rau 214, 199, 193, 606, Ryan Lepke 258, 642, Justina Eichenlaub 202, Frank Eichenlaub lll a 260, 230, 683, Dave Graham 226, 627, Mary Ann Drobysh Berens 197, 527, Tim McIntyre 617, James VanAken 246, 671, Frank Scuderi 245, 667.