Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bowling Highlights Column 4-26-13

  PBA Summer Swing Series

  The GEICO Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) Summer Swing Series will be held at three different Milwaukee area bowling centers from May 20-June 2. 
  The hosting centers include AMF Waukesha, AMF West and AMF Bowlero.
  The tour will feature five two-hour telecasts on CBS Sports Network---the Badger, Wolf and Bear Opens, the Milwaukee Open and the GEICO Summer King of the Swing. 
  They will air on consecutive Tuesdays at 7 p.m. ET beginning June 11.
  PBA's online channel, Xtra Frame, will provide wall-to-wall coverage of all preliminary rounds of the Summer Swing.  Xtra Frame subscription information can be obtained at and click on the Xtra Frame logo. 
  Veteran PBA announcer Dave Ryan returns as the play-by-play announcer for this summer series and will be joined by color analyst Randy Peterson.
  Ryan served as the voice of the PBA for five years and joined CBS Sports Network in 2009 and has spent the past four years covering college football, baseball and basketball along with college and professional lacrosse and professional tennis. 
  Ryan is a graduate of Syracuse University with a degree in broadcast journalism.
  Peterson, a 13-time PBA tour champion and 2011 PBA Hall of Fame inductee, is currently in his 12th season as a color analyst for PBA Tour telecasts. 

 Ed's Outlook

  An interesting 2012-2013 bowling season is coming to a close and this will be our wrap-up column for this season.
  As always a good number of 300 single games and 800 plus series were recorded at Kiamesha Lanes. Congratulations to all for this achievement.
  Liberty sadly lost a bowling establishment in the closing of the long owned Fix family Liberty Lanes but Kiamesha Lanes owner A. C. Patel replaced the void with the conversion of the former Eckert Drug Store into the 12-lane Liberty Bowl.
  The economy still is having a big effect on league bowling.
  The Professional Bowling Association introduced their new team competition which was well received but East coast bowling fans still have only one PBA event they can go to at North Brunswick, New Jersey......sad because several years ago the PBA came to Latham, NY, Cheektowaga, NY, Norwich, Conn., Long Island and North Brunswick. 
  Contact your local bowling establishment for information on summer league bowling.
  See ya in the fall, have a healthy fun-filled summer.......our Golfing Highlights column will start next week. 

  Ed Townsend is a PR Consultant to the sport of bowling. Ed can be contacted at 845-439-8177, by email at View this column and our Golf column and all our pictures at We are also on Facebook.

 The Bowling Tip  
 By Mike Luongo

  Bowlers: This weeks tip will help you execute and repeat good shots by having your body set properly so that you can use the laws of physics to roll the ball and eliminate tension in your swing.
  As I've mentioned in previous columns, too much upper body and head movement make it very difficult to repeat shots.
  The purpose of the stance is to place the body in an athletic position, eliminate all unnecessary movements during the approach and reduce tension.
  Resting forearms against the body, in the stance, will help reduce tension in the upper body.
  How do we do this?
  Here are the four steps in the proper order for setting posture.
  1. Set the feet (toward your breakpoint).
  2. Set your head (tilted over the ball).
  3. Set your posterior (this is your balance point as you are swinging a heavy object).
  4. Set the ball position close as noted above.
  You are now in position to start a smooth approach. Maintain your body position and let the ball swing under your shoulder. You will find this easy to repeat shot after shot.
  Mike Luongo is a certified IBPSIA Pro Shop Operator, Master Instructor, USBC Silver Level Coach and an Advisor-Special Events assistant with the Storm and Roto Grip Bowling Ball Company. Have a question, call him at 435-720-7939 or email at      

Local Scores
(compiled by Ed Townsend)

Kiamesha Lanes

Monday Men's

  Roy Sweeney 232, Eddie Lake 237, 235, 688, Rick Lake 255, 225, 651, Dan Ricco 234, 651, Michael Weiner 226, 607, Paul Durland 278, 679, Vinnie Collura 237, 225, 633, Don Durland 259, 275, 713, Walt Edwards 608, Larry Berens 248, 654, Tom Belgiovene 225, 618, Rudy Belanchia 258, 655, Jon Wilhelm 238, 279, 720, Ronnie Totten 238, 633, Kevin Stackhouse 269, 231, 702, Charlie Tuttle 227, 241, 672, Corey VanKeuren 630, Jesse Lopez 227, Juan Lopez 235, John Lopez 228, 636, Justin Lopez 235, 655, Billy Curry 232, Keith Smith 632, Kenny Atkins 269, 258, 746, Pedro Agapito 636, Dan Van Aken 225, Jim Piontex 299, 698, Matt Fallon 225, 279, 725, Gregory Fallon 269, John Fischer 238, 299, 760, Dave Graham 225, 621, Armen Murad 600, Bobby Cooper 247, Jody Farquhar 634, Al Caycho 236, 232, 657, Jason Budd 238, 641, Bret Budd a nice 300 game and 726 series, Jim Van Aken 259, 650, Tim McIntyre 230, 253, 692, Josh Strang 266, 676.

Wednesday Men's

  Kyle Stevens 238, 245, 697, Frank Scuderi 234, 629, Rudy Belanchia 226, 235, 648, James Van Aken 240, 228, 667, Tim McIntyre 245, 665, Josh Strang 226, Chris Gibson 244, 640, Keith Smith 234, 672, Pedro Agapito 249, 684, Jon Wilhelm 257, 230, 709, Larry Whipple 256, 604, Chris Parken 233, Kyle Matthews 608, Kevin Stackhouse 228, 225, 667, Will Bruce 228, Ronnie Totten 641, David Sawall 225, 611, Jason Rogers 619, Mikey Travis 279, 608, Jo Jo Van Keuren a nice 300 game followed by a 229, 252 for a 781 series, Pete Mitro 235, 605, Serafin Rodriguez 226, Serafin Rodriguez III a 237, 609, Donald Durland 613, Al Frangipone 620, Paul  Durland 602, Eddie Walsh 258, 652, Pete Meachum 636, Paul Minton 232, 256, 699, Jason Jones 235, 641, Dwayne Cabrera 257, 673, Tom Mitchell 248, 651, Shane Conner 228, 238, 664, David Garlinghouse 228, 246, 673.

 Thursday Ladies

  C. Lennix 183, A. Woolard 204, 189, C. Nicholson 180, V. Bernhardt 205, L. Stubits 188, C. Brown 195, L. Cartwright 187, M. Hopper 182, F. Good 189, S. Schmahl 192, K. Borowski 187, P. Gibson 183, D. Durland 211, 183, 193, 587, T. Barres 190, J. Lake 224, T. Smith 182, D. Collins 182.

 Friday Mixed

  Larry Berens 266, 665, David Graham 238, 624, Eddie Lake 245, 661, Ryan Lepke 231, 247, 694, Tom Palmer 232, 649, Frank Scuderi 244, 667, Kevin Stackhouse 629, Jon Wilhelm 247, 248, 242, 737, Tracey Barres 180, 185, 189, 554, Sillporah Boldiis 208, 501, Cathy Carpenter 183, 517, Meagan Courtney 209, 540, Mary Ann Drobysh-Berens 180, 230, 572, Debbie Durland 209, 192, 184, 585, Sara Durland 206, Nancy Green 186, 180, Joan Lake 184, Antionette Rau 204, 186, 534, Linda Schaefer 202, 510, Karen Scuderi 181, Carolyn Williams 184, 194, 512. 

 Callicoon Kristal Bowl

 Hortonville Ladies

  Sue Naughton 173, Kelly Gombita 164, Lillian Zieres 190, 179, 181, 550, Opal Hocker 183, Joyce Brooks 187, 175, 157, 519, Chris Burr 160, Debbie Loughrey 166, 151, 151, Deedee Schrader 185, 173, Barbara Pingel 175, 155, Judy Mohn 160, Mardette Wilcox 188, 213, 159, 560, Nicole Rossomando 157, 155, Darlene Mantzourate 150, Sandy Cassevah 154.

 Del. Valley Men

  League champions this year is the BCDJR team with members Jim Stone, Chris Berner, Roy Holmquist, Bob Cady and Dean Shattuck. Individual scores include Mark Yewchuck 189, 190, Joe Gager 203, Russell Lyons 234, Bob Head 183, 180, Dean  Shattuck 234, 201, Bob Cady 222, Jim Stone 181, Bill Meyer 183, 192, Mark Hawley 180, 194, Samii Markoa 191, 190, Kory Keesler 186, 201, Bruce Rutledge 196, Jamie Greir 195, Rob Bivins 209, Mark Goda 186, 181, Ed Leroy 188, Brian Starr 202, 194, 191, Eugene Fulton 189, Matt  Fulton 235, 189, 180, 604, Jim Kautz 199, Mike Sorge 202, Mike Gieger 194, 180, Albert Tyles 183, Eric Kubenik 194.


Chester Sweeps Tri-Valley

 Dominant pitching and an explosive offense were the true trademarks of the Chester Hambletonians varsity baseball team last week as they swept the Tri-Valley Bears in three games played at both Chester and Grahamsville.
  Chester coach Mike Doucette at the conclusion of the three-game series said, "our goal was to go 3-0 this week because S.S. Seward (Florida) has not lost and we go 2-1 next week with Tuxedo  and 2-1 the following week with Seward then we can win the division outright."
  In discussing the Hambletonians pitching Doucette noted, "when you have a guy  that throws a perfect game and another guy that almost throws a perfect game my initial thinking before the start of the season was that Michael Coffey was my number one pitcher but Ryan Cabrera (had the no hitter against Eldred) has really stepped up and now it's like like having a one and a one-A."
  In last Thursday's game at Tri-Valley Chester senior Zack Krawczyk struck out 10 Bears batters in seven innings of pitching. In his assessment of Krawczyk coach Doucette said, "he has good control, spots the ball, is a smart pitcher and has good location where Matt and Ryan have good velocity and good curves."
  The offensive punch by Chester throughout the three game series showed a display of strong line driving hitting which Doucette said came after their first scrimmage "and then we saw Goshen twice and Middletown which are double 
AA and single A schools and in these games we were popping up a lot but the adjustments we made after that resulted in line drives." 
  "We don't strike out a lot, we are a good contact team and we're tough 1-9," Doucette added.
  In absorbing the three-game losing streak Tri-Valley coach John Rusin had high praise for Chester saying, "they put the ball in play, they don't give up on the bats, they play great defense , their pitchers keep them in the game, they don't walk many batters and they are a very well rounded baseball team."
  Rusin pointed out "that is seems like every game in this series one inning is where things got bad for us." "We played five out of seven or six out of seven good innings but unfortunately you need to play solid for seven innings to make a good baseball game, Chester did that and we did not" he added.
  In putting a positive approach to his team coach Russin said, "I believe in my guys, they have the goods to be great, they are a great bunch of kids and they work very hard but we have to move forward as we have six league games left, 12 games left overall and  our goal is to get into the sectionals and we don't care how we get in and we hope to get enought league wins to do that."
  The one bad inning in Thursday's game for the Bears was the top of the second when Chester scored five runs off four singles, two doubles and an error. Chester scratched out one run in the top of the first inning and took an early 6-0 lead after two innings.
  Winning Chester pitcher Krawczyk also had two hits, Cabrera added three hits including a double and drove in three runs and Giovanni Alfonso doubled and singles twice to boost Chesters record to 9-2 and 6-0 in OCIAA Division V league play.
  Scoring honors for Tri-Valley went to Rodney T. Jester who doubled twice, drove in a run and scored a run. Mike Foster had two hits and Justin Swarthout added two RBI's. The Bears overall record is 2-6 and 2-4 in OCIAA league games. 
  In the first game last week at Grahamsville Chester won easily with a 15-3 score where Coffee allowed only five hits and struck out 12 over six innings.
Alfonso went 4 for 4; and Colin Marco had three hits and three RBI's. Chris Wittekind also added three hits for Chester.
  Tri-Valley's Jester and Foster each had two hits.
  The second game last week at Chester saw Cabrera getting the win for Chester as he also went 2 for 4 with an RBI. He struck out nine in six innings.
Colon Marco drove in two runs for the Hambletonians.
  Jester had a two-run double and Josh Borozny went 2 for 3 for the Bears.
  Chester this week moves on to play Tuxedo and Tri-Valley plays S.S. Seward.




Tri-Valley shortstop/pitcher Rodney T. Jester led the Bears scoring attack in the three games last week against Chester with two hits Monday, a two-run double in Tuesday's game and doubled twice, drove in a run and scored a run in Thursday's game.                                                     

Chester senior pitcher Zach Krawczyk struck out 10 Thursday in the Hambletonians 12-6 win over Tri-Valley. 


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Chester 15-Tri-Valley 3

  Chester ace pitcher Matt Coffee struck out 12 and allowed only five Tri-Valley hits in a 15-3 win over the Bears Monday at Grahamsville.
  Coffee mixed in a nice fastball with a good curve and changeup to keep Tri-Valley batters unsettled at the plate.
  The Bears pitching failed to stop Chester's offensive attack. Several errors in the field also did not help Tri-Valley.
  Rodney Jester and Mike Foster led Tri-Valley each getting two hits.


Monday, April 22, 2013

Here & There Column 4-23-13

Lottery Money And Consolidation 

   Whatever happened to the state lottery money that was designated to go to education?
   Proponents of the lottery system gave us all kinds of indications that the funding of education would no longer be a problem.
   Now with school officials in Sullivan County and throughout New York State having to make difficult decisions with their 2013 school budgets......we question the State of New York to give everyone answers as to where the lottery money is going and why must our educational systems be facing a crisis. 
   Statewide our school districts are anticipating cuts which include  elimination of jobs, closing some of their schools, trimming back athletic programs and slashing  art and music programs.
   School districts also have to consider the state-imposed tax cap
  The dismal economic news just is not improving and school boards find it difficult to cut teaching positions and programs but everyone is faced with unprecedented financial challenges.
  Consolidation is often talked about but never seems to get out of the starting gate.
  Those advocating school consolidation say we must cut costs and that the present economic picture demands districts to share and consolidate.
  The need to restructure school districts can start first with regionalizing both teaching and non-teaching services.......a good example recently noted was Sullivan County BOCES sharing electrical work within county schools.
  This is not a favorite subject for school districts but everyone must begin looking for regional savings that will cut costs and help school districts balance their budgets.  
  We continue to remind everyone that New Yorkers have the distinct honor of having the highest tax burden in the country and some of these unpopular subjects like consolidation can help to solve many problems facing us.
  We must not forget that state lottery money topic as it's time all of us demand answers as to where that lottery money is going.               


Bowling Highlights Column 4-19-13

 Wilhelm Jr. Qualifies For Championship


  Eleven-year-old Jonathan Wilhelm Jr. will be bowling in the New York State Pepsi United States Bowling Congress (USBC) Youth championships May 18 at King Pin Lanes in Rome, NY.
  Wilhelm Jr. qualified by finishing second in the regional qualifying round March 24 at Mardi-Bob Lanes in Poughkeepsie. 
  The top two qualifiers in regional rounds automatically move on to the state championships.
  He qualified by shooting a 532 series off single games of 187, 174, 171 with his favorite ball, a 13-pound Storm Tropical Breeze. 
  Last year Johathan finished third in the qualifying round and earned a partial scholarship but this year he is guaranteed an even bigger scholarship award. 
  Jonathan is a sixth-grade student at Tri-Valley Central School, also loves baseball and is a pitcher and catcher for the Reds in his local Little League. His favorite teams are the New York Yankees, New York Giants, New York Rangers, Miami Heat and Manchester United Soccer.               
  Wilhelm Jr., like his father, Jon Wilhelm, only bowls with Storm manufactured bowling products.
  Jonathan, a left-handed bowler,  presently maintains a 160 average in the Kiamesha Lanes Saturday Youth League. He has been coached by his father who is a certified bowling instructor but his father noted, "he usually figures things out with his own natural ability." He also gets bowling tips from many of the bowlers that bowl in the adult leagues.
  His favorite professional bowlers are Jason Belmonte and Norm Duke.
  Jonathan Jr. is following closely in the footsteps of his father, Jon Wilhelm, who is considered an excellent high average bowler at Kiamesha Lanes. He is also the grandson of Craig and Mary Wilhelm who also bowl in leagues at Kiamesha Lanes. 
  Good luck Jonathan.....bring home a state championship. 

Ed's Outlook

  Strike Ten Entertainment (STE) together with the Bowling Proprietors Association of America (BPAA) and the United States Bowling Congress (USBC) have rolled out a new introductory league program designed exclusively for first-time adult bowlers.
  The Adult 8 for 8 league program is similar to the successful Youth 8 for 8 league that recently ended and has been successfully used in a number of BPAA member centers.
  The new program reaches out to first-time adult bowlers and allows them to experience the fun of league bowling. The program included a special $8 a week fee and at the end of the league each bowler receives a new polyester bowling ball thanks to industry partners Brunswick, Columbia 300 and Ebonite.
  New adult bowlers also receive a free USBC "Club Membership" which provided benefits including a certified USBC average, a printable USBC membership card and access to the USBC Member Rewards program. 
  We salute this great effort to introduce new bowlers to the fun of league bowling.

  Ed Townsend is a PR Consultant to the sport of bowling. If you have league scores, tournament information, bowl a 300 game or 800 series or even bowl your age, let Ed know at 845-439-8177, by email at or fax at 845-205-4474. View this column and all of Ed's pictures at We are also on Facebook. 

Bowling Tip
By Mike Luongo

  Bowlers: This week the tip is for all bowlers to truly assist you on how to best use the dots and arrows on the approach as target aids.
  When preparing to execute a bowling shot, whether it is a strike or spare, you must b e prepared to understand the path down the lane you intend your bowling ball to take. 
  With this in mind, when stepping on the approach you should have a focal point from which the ball will roll off your hand in the direction you intend it to go, picked out.
  If you throw a hook ball, you will be rolling the ball toward the intended break point--the spot on the lane you expect your ball to change direction.
  If you are rolling the ball straight, the pocket or the pin/pins will be your intended target.
  The tip: Look at your intended target and bring your eyes back to the spot on the lane that you are most comfortable looking at, whether it be the dots or an arrow.
  To play the modern game, the sooner the ball comes off your hand the better. If you are looking at an arrow and tend to throw or hit up on the ball instead of rolling it off your hand, bring your eyes more toward the dots.
  If you are a bowler that tends to play more across the boards with a lot of rotation, your focal point should be as far right (or left) as in between the lanes to get the ball to the correct break point.
  If you play a straighter game with a small hook, your correct focal point may be toward the 3-pin.
  Remember, there is no substitute for making a good shot. If you combine good shots with good thinking, your scores will increase.
  Mike Luongo is a certified IBPSIA Pro Shop Operator, Master Instructor, USBC Silver Level Coach and an Advisor-Special Events assistant with the Storm and Roto Grip Bowling Ball Company. Have a question, call him at 435-720-7939 or email at

Local Scores
(compiled by Ed Townsend)

Kiamesha Lanes

Monday Men's

  Roy Sweeney 243, 641, Eddie Lake 258, 645, Rick Lake 266, 693, Shane Conner 244, 662, Dan Ricco 247, 655, Mike Weiner 245, 257, 692, Vinnie Collura 245, 628, Donald Durland 225, 621, Walt Edwards 227, 626, Larry Berens 232, 630, Rudy Belanchia 279, 696, Jon Wilhelm 247, 613, Cecil Walters 609, Laresko Niffa 233, 624, Ronnie Totten 605, Kevin Stackhouse 235, Art Stevens 256, 629, John Freeman 258, Frank Scuderi 237, 621, Michael Scuderi 243, 649, John Lopez 236, Gene Smith 248, 606, Keith Smith 289, 234, 725, Eddie Walsh 244, 689, Larry Whipple 236, 225, 685, Kyle Stevens 245, 236, 705, Davie Graham 612, Armen Murad 226, 258, 676, Jody Farquhar 602, Al Caycho 608, Jason Budd 254, 689, Bret Budd 248, 228, 636, Jim VanAken 231, 605, Tim McIntyre 267, 611, Josh Strang 228, 647.

Tues. Mixed Firefighters

  Kyle Stevens 226, 235, 655, Eddie Blume 247, 227, 654, Shane Cunningham 268, 648, Ed Guthrie 244, 635, George Kelley 246, 633, Ryan Lepke 626, Peter Nastasi 232, 624, Eddie Walsh 240, 622, Jack Rustic 246, 621, Kris Gwiozdowski 612, Paul Minton 230, 611, Laresko Niifa 247, Scott Squires 243, Trasey Barres 184, 502, Debra Blackford 213, Andrea Grossman 189, Vera Bernhardt 187.

Wednesday Men's

  Dan VanAken 225, Kyle Stevens 267, 645, Frank Scuderi 255, 654, Rudy Belanchia 259, 253, 726, James VanAken 229, 659, Tim McIntyre 278, 229, 688, Josh Strang 229, 266, 686, Billy Curry 600, Keith Smith 257, 651, Tom Belgiovene 267, 665, Pedro Agapito 279, 641, Jon Wilhelm 238, 268, 708, Timmy Minton 236, 239, 680, Kyle Matthews 269, 248, 739, Kevin Stackhouse 236, 653, Will Bruce 614, Shane Cunningham 225, 269, 680, David Sawall 602, Jason  Rogers 233, 634, Robert Beach 228, Vinnie DeGraw 239, 607, Jason Jones 233, 648, Jo Jo VanKeuren 238, 665, Pete Mitro 235, Serafin Rodriguez 247, 620, Serafin Rodriguez III a 227, 600, Tim Bilyeu 243, 644, Donald Durland 245, 678, Al Frangipone 234, 626, Frank DiCostanzo 266, 617, Paul Durland 227, 621, Eddie Walsh 229, 258, 230, 717, Larry Hicks 233, 645, Paul Minton 257, 679, Eddie Blume 234, 269, 664, Jason Jones 615, Shane Conner 238, David Garlinghouse 634. 

Thursday Ladies

  C. Sklar 181, 194, T. Smith 208, L. Stubits 184, P. Shuart 180, B. Merton 199, C. McKenley 202, M. Conklin 197, L. Cartwright 205, T. Barres 235, 181,  C. Carpinone 195, B. Geraine 194, V. Mott 185, D. Sklar 191, 182, K. Martin 181, D. Collins 180, K. Borowski 180, D. Durland 182.

Callicoon Kristal Bowl  

Mon. Hortonville Ladies

  Sue Naughton 214, Kelly Gombita 175, 165, Lillian Zieres 159, 163, Pat Peters 176, 168, 150, Maureen Schlott 180, 154, Joyce Brooks 175, 150, Eleanor Glassel 164, Deedee Schrader 159, Barbara Pingel 151, 161, Judy Mohn 225, Dawn Roemer 153, Mardette Wilcox 206, 172, 181, 559, Katie Fenshaw 158, Nicole Rossomando 179, 150, 177, 506, Sandy Cassevah 161, 168. 

Tues. Del. Valley Men's

  Bob Cady 188, Dean Shattuck 209, 268, 637, Joe Gager 206, 199, Mark Hawley 207, 235, Alan Rutledge 183, 187, Kory Keesler 185, 257, 197, 639, Bruce Rutledge 202, 211, Jamie Greir 193, Rob Bivins 199, Ed Leroy 193, Brian Marino 181, Mark Scriber 199, Gary Maas 213, Jeff Nober 201, Brian Starr 194, Eugene Fulton 199, Mike Sorge 187, 240, Mike Gieger 182, Jackie Brockner 180, 199, Tom Hubert 187, Bill Meyer 198, Cricket Hubert 190.




Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Brown Pitches Tri-Valley To Win

TRI-VALLEY'S BROWN THROWS TWO-HITTER                                             


  Outstanding two-hit pitching by Tri-Valley Junior  Alex Brown proved to be the medicine the  Bears needed Tuesday as they recorded their first season and league win, 7-3 over Tuxedo.
  Entering this game Tri-Valley had lost non-league games to Sullivan West, Monticello and their first league game Monday at Tuxedo.
  In Monday's loss the Bears entered the top half of the seventh inning leading 8-7 but Tuxedo loaded the bases with the aid of two walks and scored two runs on an infield single. Leading Tri-Valley was Rodney Jester with a double, two singles and two walks. Mike Foster scored three runs for the Bears.
  Tuesday's match-up with Tuxedo proved to be an entirely different scenario as Brown shutdown Tuxedo's scoring attack by mixing a good fastball with a curve that kept the visitors batters off guard.  
  Throwing a total of 112 pitches Brown struck out 10 and only gave up one earned run.
  Tri-Valley scored one run in the bottom of the second as Brown doubled to deep center, John Anzano flied out to center as Brown tagged up and took third. Donavan Flores flied out to center with Brown scoring.
  Tuxedo responded with a run in the top of the third as Tom Key walked, stole second and took third on a passed ball. He scored on a fly ball hit by Matt De La Rosa.
  Tri-Valley's broke the game open in the bottom of the fourth scoring four runs off a walk to Brown, a long double to center by John Anzano, a balk by Tuxedo pitcher Ian Wheat, a single by Flores, a hit batter, a passed ball and two Tuxedo errors including a bad throw to first and a dropped fly ball. 
  Tuxedo tried to get back in the game in the top of the fifth scoring two runs as Imanol Logza walked, a Bears pickoff throw went into right field, a passed ball scored Logza, Tom Key walked, stole second and scored on a throw to first that pulled Flores off the bag.  
  The Bears tacked on two more runs in the bottom of the sixth assisted by two Tuxedo errors and clutch hitting by Swarthout and Boyes taking a 7-3 lead into the seventh inning.
  It was lights out for Tuxedo in the top of the seventh as Brown struck out the side.
  For Tri-Valley Justin Swarthout had two hits, an RBI and three stolen bases, Anzano doubled twice and drove in a run. Matt De La Rosa had an RBI for Tuxedo. Tri-Valley is now 1-3 overall and 1-1 in OCIAA Division V play while Tuxedo is 2-2 overall and 1-1 in OCIAA league play. 
  Tuxedo coach Tom Margoth gave high praise to Brown saying, "he pitched well, kept us off balance and we just couldn't get the big hit when we needed it."  
  Tri-Valley Coach John Rusin pointed out that "this is a big win for us and it's good for the seniors and our younger players." 
  "It's a good start for us and a premium pitching job by Alex that kept us in the game and now our senior pitcher", (Rodney Jester) "will take the mound Thursday" Rusin added. 


Here & There Column 4-16-13

A Future Star Is Born

  We love music, concerts and school plays that are meaningful.
  Shirley and I were invited to the Minisink Valley Central High School Drama Club's presentation recently of "No, No, Nanette", a musical depicting the  elegance and carefree attitude of the 1920's.
  The melding of song and dance to make a fluffy light as air story came to life that night and it was refreshing to just see the talent of this cast entertain.
  And with it all emerged what we believe is a future stage, TV and movie star in the making. We say that because of the vast knowledge we have acquired over the many years while judging, photographing and writing along with my vast musical background that I have have been exposed to.  
  The lead actress/singer in this play, 16-year-old sophomore Amanda Scialabba, is the daughter of John and Joanne Scialabba of Westtown. Mom Joanne teaches secondary self-contained special education at the main campus of Sullivan County BOCES.
  Amanda, as Nanette,  stole the show with her outstanding acting ability and beautiful voice.....there is no doubt in my mind we will being seeing and hearing this talented young lady sometime in the future. 
  Amanda moved to Orange County with her family from Staten Island in August 2009. She was lucky that her new school had a drama program as her previous school did not.
  She always loved singing but realized a love of the stage when she landed the role of Willy Wonka in her seventh grade play at Minisink Valley Middle School. Guitar and drum lessons have also been a major part of her musical background.
  A member of the High Honor Roll Amanda is also taking advanced classes so that she can eventually get college credits while in high school. Last summer she was accepted into the Open Jar Institute in New York City for a week of workshops with professionals in the field and attended a broadway show each night. 
  Previous to playing Nanette in this play she has helped with the house crew for "The Curious Savage" and she played the role of Smitty in last year's spring musical "How to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying". This year she student directed the fall production of "Lend Me A Tenor". Amanda and other students directed the Intermediate School's production of "Annie" this year.
  Watch for this talented young lady's name......she is a winner.                                                     

Sixteen-year-old Amanda Scialabba performing the role of "Nanette" in the musical No, No, Nanette.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sullivan West Defeats Tri-Valley

SULLIVAN WEST DEFEATS TRI-VALLEY 8-2                                       

   Two Northeast Pride Showcase team players took opposite roles Tuesday at Grahamsville as both Sullivan West's Patrick Pierce and Tri-Valley's Rodney T. Jester led their respective teams in hits but the honors this day went to Pierce as he went 3 for 4 with two doubles and five RBI's to lead the Bulldogs to an 8-2 win. 
  Both Jester, at short stop, third base and pitching and Pierce, at first base and pitching played together last September and October with the Pennsylvania based Northeast Pride team which competed in college Showcase tournaments in both New York and Pennsylvania. Although Jester is a senior this year and Pierce a junior the two have formed a lasting friendship and both love the game of baseball.
  Brad Hemmer doubles, singled and drove in one run for Sullivan West. Jester had three hits for the Bears, Mike Foster added a run-run double and John Anzano had two hits.
  Tuesday's game for defending Section Nine Class C Champion Tri-Valley was the Bears first of the season as the two teams played each other in a scrimmage April 4 in weather suited more for eskimos and ended up in a 4-4 tie. 
  Pitching, error-free fielding and timely hitting are the major keys to winning baseball and the new and younger Bears this year are only returning six players from last years team which dominated league play with outstanding pitching from George Baggatta and Joe Mickelson.
  Part of the new Tri-Valley pitching staff this year includes Tuesday's starter sophomore Justin Swarthout who was later relieved by sophomore Jared Nash. Other Bears pitchers include Jester and junior Alex Brown. 
  Both squads recorded no runs the first two innings with Swarthout getting three strikeouts in the first inning and retiring the Bulldogs in order in the second inning.
  Sullivan West got on the board in the third inning with Cody Franskevicz getting a walk, Brad Hemmer smacked a double and Pierce with two in scoring position singled in both runs for a 2-0 lead.
  The Bulldogs fourth inning proved to be the death blow for the Bears as with one out Owen Andres recorded a single and consecutive walks to Blain Reddish and Sullivan West starting pitcher Karl Knecht loaded the bases. Sawyer Erlwein's infield grounder scored a run, Brad Hemmer hit another slow ground ball for the second run and Pierce capped the four run inning with a bases clearing double.
  The Bears brought in Jared Nash to pitch the remaining innings. The Bulldogs sent Pierce to the mound in the fifth inning. 
  Piece proved to be not only the hitting star in this game but recorded five strike outs on the mound.
  Tri-Valley broke into the scoring column in the seventh inning with two runs  off a double by Michael Foster. 
  In interviews with both coaches following the game Tri-Valley's John Rusin noted that "Sullivan West took advantage of the breaks and we didn't get our leadoff runners on." He acknowledged that "we have a lot of young guys (Swarthout, Nash and Donovan Flores) and so there are those opening game jitters, but, I saw a lot of good things and a team that most definitely backed their pitchers up and there was no quit in these guys."
  Rusin added, "Sullivan West made all the routine plays and they had timely hitting and took advantage of our mistakes."
  He gave a big compliment to catcher John Anzano saying, "he had a big game behind the plate and he called a great game as I gave him the reins early and he was able to call the pitches."
  Sullivan West coach Jim O'Connor had high praise for his team's timely hitting noting, "we were such a young team last year and this is a great bunch of kids and they're very talented but you have to do the little things and the biggest thing I'm trying to help my kids with is to get them to play a full game whether you're up or down."
  O'Connor added, "John Rusin is an outstanding coach and he's been around long enough and he teaches his kids that it's never over to the last pitch."



Tri-Valley Sophomore pitcher Justin Swarthout got his first taste of varsity baseball Tuesday but the Bears lost to Sullivan West 8-2.                                                 

Sullivan West first baseman/pitcher Patrick Pierce takes a look at an outside pitch hauled in by Tri-Valley catcher John Anzano. Pierce went on a tear in the Bulldogs 8-2 victory going 3 for 4 with two doubles and five RBI's.                                                    

Tri-Valley short stop/pitcher Rodney T. Jester slams a deep single to right center field.

Bowling Highlights Column 4-12-13

KingPins Win League Title

  It's been a successful year for the new historic Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) team event.
  Last Sunday on ESPN the New York City WTT KingPins finished the inaugural PBA league championship match with a string of seven consecutive strikes to defeat the Motown Muscle 440-407 (in a two-game match), and claim the Elias Cup at Woodland Bowl in Indianapolis. 
  Going into this championship match the KingPins were the top qualifiers among eight teams that competed in five preliminary rounds earlier in the season in Detroit.
  In the first of the two-game match the KingPins put together a string of five strikes to take a 202-181 lead going into the second game.
  The league used the Baker format where each of the five team members bowls two frames to complete a game.
  The turning point in the championship match was when the two teams switched lanes after five frames. After struggling to strike on the right lane, the KingPins didn't miss in their final five frames on the left side. Consecutive strikes by Tommy Jones, Jack Jurek, John Szczerbinski, Scott Norton and Pete Weber, locked up the title for Billie Jean King's KingPins.
  Team owner Billy Jean King sat on the KingPins bench and cheered every shot.
  After throwing the decisive strike in the 10th frame, Weber benched himself and brought in  KingPins' supplemental draft pick Kelly Kullick to finish the match. The only woman in the PBA league field threw two more strikes to conclude the contest.
  The winning team shared a $75,000 team prize. 
  Team captain Pete Weber noted, "it's an honor and a privilege to have Billie Jean King as our team owner and it an honor and privilege to give her the first Elias Cup trophy."
  Weber is the newly-crowned Barbasol PBA Tournament of Champions winner.
  King, who admitted she doesn't know a great deal about bowling, was an avid cheerleader for her team. 
  The Elias Cup was named in honor of the PBA's founder and long-time leader, Eddie Elias.
  PBA league competition will resume during the 2013 PBA World Series of Bowling V at South Point Bowling Center in Las Vegas October 25-Nov. 3.
  The PBA tour will return to action in the GEICO PBA Summer Swing May 20-June 2 in a four-tournament event hosted by three Milwaukee area bowling centers with the finals being televised by the CBS Sports Network. 

Ed's Outlook

  A BBQ Chicken dinner take-out or eat-in and a bowling fundraiser for Morgan Rae Wilcox will be held April 20 from 2-6 p.m. at Callicoon Kristal Bowl.
  Morgan Rae is a local three-year-old battling kidney cancer and the funds will go to help Morgan and her family.
  The fundraiser will feature unlimited bowling with shoes for $20 (kids 12 and  under $12), chicken BBQ dinner $9 and Rolling Rock Pitchers $8 all day.
  The event will also feature raffles.
   Information is available at 845-887-6887.

   Ed Townsend is a PR Consultant to the sport of bowling. If you have league scores, tournament information, bowl a 300 game or 800 series or even bowl your age, let Ed know at 845-439-8177, by email at View this column and all of Ed's pictures at We are also on Facebook.

Bowling Tip
By Mike Luongo

  Bowlers: This weeks tip is for parents with children who either bowl in a youth league or bowl regularly with their own equipment.
  The first question for parents is.......when was the last time you had your child's fit checked on their bowling ball at your local pro-shop?
  Children tend to grow quickly and the gripping holes in their bowling balls must be adjusted to accommodate this growth.
  Bowling with poor-fitting equipment can become frustrating and uncomfortable. In most cases, it will only take a minute or two for adjustments to be made.
  Also, if your child has his or her own bowling shoes, you can check the size yourself to see if the fit is acceptable. Do not wait for blisters to form on the toes.
  Remember, the game is meant to be enjoyed, not to be a form of torture.
  Mike Luongo is a certified IBPSIA Pro Shop Operator, Master Instructor, USBC Silver Level Coach and an Advisor-Special Events assistant with the Storm and Roto Grip Bowling Ball Company. Have a question, call him at 435-720-7939 or email at 

Local Scores
(compiled by Ed Townsend)

Beechwood Lanes

Monday Ladies

  Jeff Hardware are the 2013 champions of the Monday Ladies league at Beechwood Lanes. Second place went to Hotel Clair.
  Members of the championship team include Jackie Gieger, Julie Yewchuck, Jodi Gulley, Nicole Hubert, Pam Wayne and Brittney Gieger.
  Scratch game awards went to Lois Erdman, Tracy Puerschner and Barbara Cady. Scratch series awards went to Tracy Puerschner, Barbara Cady and Janet Bertholf. 
  Individual scores the last night of bowling included Jackie Gieger 156, Julie Yewchuck 154, Jody Gulley 155, Diane Conroy 191, Lori Kimmes 155, Lois Erdman 163, Barbara Cady 154, Tracy Puerschner 156, Janet Bertholf 159. 

Callicoon Kristal Bowl

Monday Hortonville Ladies

  Sue  Naughton 174, Kelly Gombita 189, 173, 155, 517, Lillian Zieres 242, 166, 550, Opal Hocker 189, JoAnn Wright 154, 162, Virginia Connel 157, Jane Benson 169, Pat Peters 166, Marty Bogdanowitz 154, Joyce Brooks 156, Eleanor Glassel 158, Debbie Loughrey 159, Deedee Schrader 187, 154, 166, 507, Barbara Pingel 161, 151, Judy Mohn 190, 169, Mardette Wilcox 204, 177, 181, 562, Nicole Rossomando 166, 167, 169, 502, Joann Bowers 152, 158, Charlene Meola 167, 158, 161.

Tues. Delaware Valley Mens

  Ryan Kelly 180, 180, Rich Winters 222, 211, Roy Holmquist 180, Bob Cady 243, 202, 608, Dean Shattuck 194, 198, Bob Head 218, 184, Joe Gager 191, 200, Damien Vanleuven 191, Mark Hawley 212, Alan Rutledge 187, Kory Keesler 227, 184, Bruce Rudledge 202, 218, 599, Kurt Buddenhagen 195, Rob Bivins 203, 221, Ed Leroy 190, Kris Rasmussen 182, Brian Marino 191, 184, 199, Mark Scriber 208, 220, Dick Pomes 190, Brian Starr 183, Eugene Fulton 181, Mike Sorge 200, Mike Gieger 203, Dale Steffens 200, Steve Ross 186, Wally Warren 197, Tom Bisig 197, Dan Brown 204, Bill Meyer 181, Cricket Hubert 193.

Fox Bowling Center

Wed. Men's Independent

  Tom Anderson 236, 233, 670, Zach Benson 614, Andrew Bullis 258, 667, Dale Conklin 246, 665, Jim Dibble 238, 226, 657, Brian Drumm 229, 256, 663, Craig Gehrig 235, 619, Bill Gleim 258, 673, Dylan Green 244, 621, Marty Haeussler 226, 632, Steve Jacobi 230, 662, Larry Jenson 279, 665, Rob Johnson 248, 633, Gregory Keelser 618, Robert MacNaught 233, 659, Donnie Marino 244, 623, Wayne McClenon 279, 631, Josh Milucky 268, 651, Mitch Persbacker 228, 245, 656, Dick Price 246, 620, Anthony Seely 613, Tim Smith 259, 233, 677, Brian Tiffany 236, 660, Zuke Wormuth 255, 233, 699, Jay Wormuth 226, 630. 

Thurs. Men's Deposit Natl.

  Ray Cornwell 235, 629, Howard Couse Sr. 243, Jeff Curtis 244, 672, Larry Jenson 226, 628, Matt Johnson 232, 667, Robert Johnson 289, 237, 731, Rick Mills 265, 640, Nick Possemato 246, Dick Price 246, 637, Paul Siegler 610, Jim Valentine 232, 625. 

Friday Mixed Couples

  Andy Bullis 246, 664, Jessica Bush 192, Frank Couse Sr. 278, 665, Fiona Lovely 187, Dana McGraw 198, 191, 550, Sheri Oralls 182, 202, 224, 608, Walt Oralls 611, Tia Robinson 187, Sandy Wagner 189, Dan Wormuth 609, Michelle Wormuth 234, 504. 

Kiamesha Lanes

Monday Men's

  Ryan Lepke 244, 659, Jim Piontex 256, 618, Kyle Stevens 237, 279, 246, 762, Willie Bartley 256, 675, Nate Sanders 244, 603, Dave Graham 225, 258, 687, Francisco Martinez 235, 613, Jody Fraquhar 257, 227, 707, Al Caycho 249, 625, Jim Van Aken 228, 609, Tim McIntyre 234, 225, 646, Josh Strang 630, Eddie Lake 232, 257, 262, 751, Rick Lake 259, 248, 278, 785, Mike Mulligan 603, Shane Conner 266, 225, 226, 717, Michael Weiner 233, 660, Jaryl Scott 256, 661, Paul Durland 232, 627, Vinnie Collura 248, 257, 721, Don Durland 269, 279, 269, 817, Lloyd Bridges 614, Larry Berens 247, 251, 720, Tom Belgiovene 227, 624, Rudy Belanchia 232, 278, 692, Frank Eichenlaub 257, 675, Laresko Niifa 225, Cecil Walters 248, 629, Ronnie Totten 226, 611, Kevin Stackhouse 238, 679, Charlie Tuttle 259, 228, 679, Vinnie Scuderi 611, Corey VanKeuren 236, 235, 655, Michael Scuderi 246, 622, Juan Lopez 243, 622, Keith Smith 244, 654, Craig Wilhelm 243, Kenny Atkins 249, Pedro Agapito 258, 269, 710, Eddie Walsh 239, 236, 641.

Tues. Mixed Firefighters

  Carena Collura 194, 226, 191, 611, Trasey Barres 190, 209, 192, 591, Mary Lee Williams 182, 193, 182, 557, Andrea Grossman 194, 180, 547, Karen Martin 202, 507, Cara Nicholson 504, Joan Lake 188, 503, Paul Minton 232, 246, 227, 705, Kyle Stevens 234, 256, 704, Laresko Niifa 232, 231, 235, 698, Ed Guthrie 269, 686, Shane Cunningham 255, 667, Russ Keesler 242, 666, Jack Rustic 236, 645, Peter Scannell 618, Kyle Van Wolde 236, 608, Peter Nastasi 255, Eddie Blume 236, Kris Gwiozdowski 228, Cecil Walters 229.

Wednesday Men's

  Rudy Belanchia 625, Bobby Cooper 234, 653, Kyle Stevens 257, 279, 227, 763, Dan Van Aken 614, James Van Aken 225, 236, 656, Tim McIntyre 228, 236, 656, Josh Strang 236, Billy Curry 627, Keith Smith 235, 276, 699, Tom Belgiovene 635, Pedro Agapito 226, 236, 236, 698, Jon Wilhelm 247, 237, 686, Pete Nastasi 607, Timmy Minton 260, 698, Kevin Stackhouse 621, Charlie Tuttle 265, 279, 766, Ronnie Totten 239, 649, Shane Cunningham 612, Jason Rogers 257, 236, 702, Mikey Travis 600, Jo Jo Van Keuren 237, 228, 646, Serafin Rodriguez 233, 612, Serafin Rodriguez III a 246, 234, 666, Tim Bilyeu 231, 661, Rick Lara 269, 687, Donald Durland 278, 240, 708, Paul Durland 269, 246, 711, Eddie Walsh 226, 647, Carlos Torres 238, 630, Robert Stewart 237, 614, Paul Minton 279, 248, 737, Dwayne Cabrera 603, Tom Mitchell 241, 637, Shane Conner 245, 637.

Friday Mixed Doubles

  Trasey Barres 216, 550, Silporah Boldiis 182, Cathy Carpenter 198, 223, 577, Mary Ann Drobysh-Berens 182, 191, 545, Debbie Durland 227, 558, Jillian Kuchar 220, Laura Palmer 200, Antionette Rau 185, 210, 537, Christina Seidler 187, Larry Berens 228, 225, 667, Paul Berens 245, 630, Frank Emmens 225, 231, 614, Glenn Fraser 225, 625, David Graham 225, 622, Donald Kuchar 236, 603, Eddie Lake a nice 815 series off single games of 259, 290, 266, Tom Palmer 225, 233, 649, James Paterson 227, 648, Frank Scuderi 257, 256, 694, Kevin Stackhouse 266, 663, Robert Sze 235, 626, Lawrence Whipple 264, 659, Jon Wilhelm 241, 258, 711.



Cancer Society Benefits From Show


  GRAHAMSVILLE--A talent show staged Friday night April 5 at the Tri-Valley Central School produced more than talented participants but clearly showed the strong love a granddaughter has for her grandfather and the need to support the American Cancer Society.
  Fifteen-year-old Lauren Carlsen, a sophomore at Tri-Valley, wrote on the inside show program cover that "about two years ago my grandfather Paul Gizinski"  who made his home in Bridgeport, Conn. and in the states of Virginia and New York, "was diagnosed with leukemia which is a type of cancer which most of the time requires chemotherapy."
  Lauren added, "as many of you know cancer is not only hard to go through, but as a family member or a close friend, it is just as hard to go through."
  "My grandfather, my life and inspiration to this all, recently died on February 27, he had finally lost his battle to leukemia and now is not in pain and is happier," Lauren said.
  As a result of her grandfather's death and the love she had for him Lauden saw a need to be fulfilled and she commented that "this event means the world to me and I hope this year is greater than last and I hope that one day this world will be cancer and pain free."
  Lauren is the daughter of Dale and Tammy Carlsen of Hurleyville. At Tri-Valley Central High School she is an active cheerleader,  is on the yearbook committee and is involved in the Sullivan County American Cancer Society Relay For Life.  
  What proved to be a great inspiration to everyone was when Lauren sang a song while a slide show of pictures of her grandfather was shown on the stage screen. 
  Participants in the show included Kayla Ward, Marissa Gennaro, Kimberly Doyle, Fiona Luiso, Brandon Jersey, Heidi Snyder, Maria TerBush, Megan Comfort, Heather Failla, Ashley Exner, Michael Beiling, Anna Dexheimer and KeyAlease Sherwood. 
  Judges included Robert Peters, Chris McAssey, Rebekka Doolittle and Renee Simerson. 
  Capturing the winning votes of the judges were 1st place to guitar player singer Anna Dexheimer, 2ed place to piano player singer Maria TerBush who sang "My Heart Will Go On" and 3ed place to singer Megan Comfort who sang "Titanium."
  Ticket admission  proceeds and funds from the selling of food, beverages and raffles will go to the American Cancer Society in the amount of $1,155. This show was the second annual event and last year the show raised $1,000.
  First, second and third place winners received $100, $50 and $25.                                                      


Talent show producer 15-year-old Lauren Carlsen singing a tribute to her grandfather.                                                      

Talent show producer Lauren Carlsen, left,  with the winners of the April 5 talent show, Anna Dexheimer, Maria TerBush and Megan Comfort.                                                       

Judging the April 5 talent show were, from the left, Robert Peters, Chris McAssey, Rebekka Doolittle and Renee Simerson.                                                                   

The winner of the April 5 talent show Anna Dexheimer playing her guitar and singing.                                                          

Second place in the April 5 talent show went to Maria TerBush shown here playing the piano and singing "My Heart Will Go On."


Here & There Column 4-9-13

Welfare Fraud Gets Attention It Needs

  Busting welfare fraud is a top priority for Sullivan County Legislator Cindy Kurpil Gieger.
  We have mentioned Cindy in several of our recent columns as having true feelings that the county is moving towards new goals of fiscal accountability and oversight of residents tax dollars and that she wants to turn away from the present status quo of the good old boy form of government that's been around far too long. 
  Spearheading efforts by this legislator has resulted in the county hiring retired Monticello Police Detective Gerald Dietz as the county's first chief welfare inspector.
  Heard some rumblings about this new hire from folks who complained that the county is posting the highest unemployment rate in the seven-county Hudson Valley region, that the county can't afford hiring new personnel and that hiring additional personnel does not fit in with the recent increase in county taxes.
  Having been very vocal in the past about the continued increase in taxes I have to firmly support this effort by the county to recoup hundreds of thousands of dollars by catching welfare cheats.
  It's been stated by some that Sullivan County has become a destination to receive welfare benefits and that the county needs to fight welfare fraud.
  Busting welfare fraud should be a top priority and welfare services should be available for those who truly need them.
  Cheating the system cost taxpayers and the county a lot of money and this issue has  become everyone's responsibility to report welfare fraud committed in Sullivan County and New York State.
  Potentially fraudulent welfare situations everyone should be on the guard against include unreported income, hidden assets, unreported changes in household composition, unreported changes in shelter costs, false parental custody and SNAP trafficking (selling EBT cards for money, drugs, etc.).
  County residents are encouraged to report welfare cheats anonymously by calling the new fraud hotline at 845-513-2392 or at 


Bowling Highlights Column 4-5-13

Weber Wins-Kent Inducted

                                                   Weber Wins-Kent Inducted

  Indianapolis hosted two major sporting events this past weekend with the crowning of Pete Weber as the 2013 Barbasol Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) Tournament of Champions winner and the induction into the PBA Hall of Fame of Doug Kent and Danny Wiseman.
  With Weber's 224-179 win over Australian two-handed star Jason Belmonte, the victory made Weber the first player to complete the PBA Triple Crown for a second time and tied bowling legend Earl Anthony for most major PBA titles with 10. The win was worth $50,000.
  Pete is well known for his unique high back swing and he won his first PBA Tournament of Champions (TOC) title in 1978.
  Now called "Gramps" by his younger opponents, Weber is 50 and is the oldest player to win this TOC event.
  In winning "PD" as he is often called, noted that he gets up for the majors, "but there's one eluding me and the Weber family--the USBC Master, I really want that one, and I'm not done yet, I'm not slowing down and I have no plans to retire."
  His victory last Sunday on ESPN was achieved with three doubles, four spares and help from Belmonte who left the 4-10 split three times and failing to convert it twice. 
  In losing Belmonte called Weber, "the most talented bowler the world has ever seen and may ever see.
  On Saturday night prior to Sunday's TOC event the PBA inducted Doug Kent of Newark, NY (near Rochester) and Danny Wiseman of Baltimore into the PNA Hall of Fame.
  Bowling fans will always remember Wiseman for the colorful outfits he wore. He is a 12-time tour winner with one major title. 
  Over the years we have had the opportunity to personally get involved in Doug Kent's outstanding career. At tournament events we have become friends with Doug, his wife Chrissie and Doug's mom and dad. 
  We've carried that friendship over into meeting yearly at the New York State Elks tournament and with communications via email and the telephone. 
  Ken's major titles are the 1991 USBC Masters, the 2002 PBA World Champion ship and the 2006 USBC Masters and Denny's PBA World Championship. The winning of two majors in 2006 led to the Chris Schenkel PBA Player of the Year award. He is one of only nine players ever to win two major titles in the same season.
  Doug  joins his brother-in-law, Parker Bohn III, in the PBA Hall of Fame. Ken's wife is the former Chrissie Beamish--Bohn's wife is the former Leslie Beamish...and Doug and Parker are the second set of brothers-in-law in the PBA Hall. 
  We share the honor of meeting and sharing quality time with Parker's dad and with Chrissie and Leslie's  father and mother in Parker's travel home at Cheektowaga, NY several years ago. 
  The PBA Tour's winter season ends this Sunday (April 7) with the finals of the Elias Cup, the concluding event of the inaugural PBA league season. The finals can be seen live on ESPN at 1 p.m.

  Ed Townsend is a PR consultant to the sport of bowling. If you have league scores, tournament information, score a 300 or 800 series, or even score your age, let Ed know at 845-439-8177, by email at or fax at 845-205-4474. View this column at  We are also on Facebook. 

Bowling Tip
By Mike Luongo

  Bowlers: One of the previous tips was designed to help you achieve the correct body position to properly execute a bowling shot and be able to repeat it.
  This week, we will cover the release, information that will help bowlers of all levels.
  A properly executed release is possibly one of the most misunderstood parts of as bowling shot. Mos bowlers tend to muscle the ball through the release zone, either accelerating or decelerating on the downswing. The proper release for all bowlers, (whether you are a six-year-old with a conventional grip or an accomplished bowler with many years experience, can be executed by letting gravity bring the ball from the top of the swing through the release zone with no interference from your arm or shoulder muscles. 
  If the ball fits properly, the gravity will take it off your hand at the right time providing your body is in the proper position. Any rotation on the ball should come from your hand only, not your arm.  Using the proper technique wil allow you to get as much rotation on the ball as desired.
  Note, however, if your ball does not fit properly, it will require excessive grip pressure to hold on to which will make the release harder to execute.
  Aside from bowling, for those of you that have played golf,you can strike the ball much better and with more accuracy if you do not pull the club down from the top of the swing with your shoulder muscles. Gravity can be your best friend or worst enemy depending on how you use it. 
  Mike Luongo is a certified IBPSIA Pro Shop Operator, Maser Instructor, USBC Silver Level Coach and an Advisor-Special Events assistant with the Storm and Roto Grip Bowling Ball Company. Have a question, call him at 435-720-7939 or email at

Local Scores
(compiled by Ed Townsend)

Callicoon Kristal Bowl

Monday Hortonville Ladies

  Sue Naughton 183, 161, Lillian Zieres 176, 163, 199, 538, Mary Fitzgerald 171, 163, Opal Hocker 160, Pat Peters 173, 169, Maureen Schlott 172, Betty Baker 156, Eleanor Glassel 152, Debbie Loughrey 177, 152, Deedee Schrader 157, Barbara Pingel 173, 181, 160, 514, Judy Mohn 166, Kim Doty 173, Mardette Wilcox 190, 206, 196, 591, Kim Niemann 163, 185, Phyllis Grillo 165, Ingred Ott 154, Cindy Ott 151, Katie Bernhardt 153, Nicole Rossomando 153, Sandy Cassevah 169, Charlene Meola 154. 

Tues. Del. Valley Men's

  Ryan Kelly 204, 180, Bob Cady 232, 235, 634, Dean Shattuck 204, 188, 202, Bob Head 185, Russell Lyons 192, 192, 234, 618, Rick Weigelt 180, Joe Gager 193, 186, Damien Vanleuven  191, 191, Mark Hawley 184, 193, Samii Markoa 182, Alan Rutledge 184, Kory Keesler 185, Bruce Rutledge 189, 202, Jamie Greir 218, Kris Rasmussen 214, 181, Brian Marino196, 193, Mark Scriber 190, 192, Gary Maas 184, Jeff Nober 182, 182, 193, Brian Starr 233, Eugene Fulton 182, Matt Fulton 211, Jim Kautz 188, Mike Gieger 210, Wally Warren 196, Tom Bisig 192, Eric Kubenik 208, Dan Brown 183, Cricket Hubert 197.

Fox Bowling Center

Tues. Ladies Early Birds

  Jessica Bush 184, 180, 186, 550, Linda Ferris 180, 212, 559. 

 Wed. Men's Independent

  Tom Anderson 227, 604, Zach Benson 248, 609, Andy Boice 256, 639, Al Bullis Sr. 226, Andrew Bullis 257, 235, 695, Bucky Bullis 287, 602, Frank Couse Sr, 619, Jim Dibble 234, 247, 692, Norm Ellis 228, 226, 248, 702, Bill Gleim 257, 258, 717, Jeremy Gulley 245, 660, Marty Haeussler 244, 619, Jack Hazen 243, 254, 708, Paul Ignatovich 248, 601, Rob Johnson 254, 244, 671, B. J. Johnson 609, Jerry Kulakosky 626, Robert McNaught 628, Donnie Marino 227, 641, Ed Milk Jr. 234, Dick Price 241, 244, 675, Tony Russo 234, Tim Smith 227, 641, Jonathon Wayne 228, Zuke Wormuth 628, Jeremy Wormuth 255, 664, Jay Wormuth 233, 623.

Thurs. Men's Deposit Ntl.

  Duane Bolster 233, 653, Dale Conklin 248, 646, Ray Cornwell 255, 620, Paul Ignatovich 227, Scott Jenson 602, Matt Johnson 640, Robert Johnson 233, 660, Greg Keesler 243, 623, Rick Mills 225, 659, Dick Price 233, Jim Valentine 228, Scott Wahl 226. 

Friday Mixed Couples

  Andy Bullis 232, 614, Howard Couse Sr. 279, 231, 676, Frank Couse Sr. 247, 636, Carl Davis 235, 651, Judy Ellis 181, Linda Ferris 187, 504, Fiona Lovely 187, Rick Mills 64, Sheri Oralls 228, 554, Walt Oralls 229, Jen Smith 216, a real nice series of 803 by Tim Smith off a perfect 300 game followed by a 256, 247, Jonney Stanton 244, 616, Dan Wormuth 245, 255, 716, Jay Wormuth 244, 617, Jeremy Wormuth 233, 233, 614, Mitzi Wright 519. 

Kiamesha Lanes

Monday Men's

  Ryan Lepke 244, 659, Jim Piontex 256, 618, Kyle Stevens 237, 279, 246, 762,  Willie Bartley 256, 675, Nate Sanders 244, 603, Dave Graham 225, 258, 687, Francisco Martinez 235, 613, Jody Farquhar 257, 227, 707, Al Caycho 249, 625, Jim VanAken 228, 609, Tim McIntyre 234, 225, 646, Josh Strang 630, Ed Lake 232, 257, 262, 751, Rick Lake 259, 248, 278, 785, Mike Mulligan 603, Shane Conner 266, 225, 226, 717, Michael Weiner 233, 660, Jaryl Scott 256, 661, Paul Durland 232, 627, Vinnie Collura 248, 257, 721, Donald  Durland 269, 279, 269, 817, Lloyd Bridges 614, Larry Berens 247, 251, 720, Tom Belgiovene 227, 624, Rudy Belanchia 232, 278, 692, Frank Eichenlaub III a 257, 675, Laresko Niifa 225, Cecil Walters 248, 629, Ronnie Totten 226, 611, Kevin Stackhouse 238, 679, Charlie Tuttle 259, 228, 679, Vinnie Scuderi 611, Corey VanKeuren 236, 235, 655, Michael Scuderi 246, 622, Juan Lopez 243, 622, Keith Smith 244, 654, Craig Wilhelm 243, Kenny Atkins 249, Pedro Agapito 258, 269, 710, Eddie Walsh 239, 236, 641.

Tues. Mixed Firefighters

  Mary Lee Williams 216, 216, 610, Vera Bernhardt 198, 182, 549, Carena Collura 200, 546, Joan Lake 194, 183, 543, Trasey Barres 208, 192, 533, Karen Martin 196, 519, Leanne Mangabang 184, 516, Andrea Grossman 191, 510, Eddie Blume 256, 689, Ed Guthrie 225, 660, Eddie Walsh 236, 234, 656, Walt Edwards Jr. 253, 654, Shane Cunningham 641, Russ Keesler 244, 635, Laresko Niifa 225, 632, Paul Minton 227, 632, Chet Smith 228.

Wed. Men's 

  Kyle Stevens 289, 248, 742, Vinnie Collura 280, 247, 708, Rudy Belanchia 246, James VanAken 243, 648, Tim McIntyre 290, 724, Josh Strang 246, 653, Chris Gibson 226, 616, Keith Smith 235, 278, 733, Pedro Agapito 244, 236, 258, 738, Jon Wilhelm 267, 692, Chris Parken 233, 641, Dennis Matthews 227, 603, Kyle Matthews 230, 629, Kevin Stackhouse 247, 630, Ronnie Totten 235, 668, Shane Cunningham 233, 603, Frank Muller Jr. 236, 627, David Sawall 254, 670, Mikey Travis 241, Robert Beach 242, 628, Serafin Rodriguez III a 236, 605, Tim Bilyeu 600, Donald Durland 256, 225, 247, 728, Al Frangipone 267, 235, 694, Frank DiCostanzo 236, 620, Eddie Walsh 225, 605, Pete Meachum 245, 631, Larry Hicks 232, Paul Minton 260, 667, Eddie Blume 227, 600, Jason Jones 225, 226, 653, Dwayne Cabrera 226, 258, 237, 721, Merrill Conner 249, 258, 720, David Garlinghouse 608.

Friday Mixed

  Larry Berens 238, 245, 696, Paul Berens 269, 290, 716, Glenn Fraser 232, 605, David Graham 245, 267, 258, 770, Eddie Lake 269, 233, 716, Robert Linzer 258, Frank Scuderi 256, 236, 227, 719, Kevin Stackhouse 278, 226, 720, Lawrence Whipple 224, 613, Jon Wilhelm 234, 265, 705, Leroy Williams 246, Trasey Barres 187, Sillporah Boldiis 190, Cathy Carpenter 193, 506, Meagan Courtney 191, 233, 555, Mary Ann Drobysh-Berens 206, 189, 553, Sara Durland 188, 519, Nancy Greene 192, Ann Kaplan 502, Joan Lake 187, 500, Laura Palmer 183, 196, 526, Antionette Rau 211, 184, 570, Christa Sweeney 223, 207, 601, Tammy Sze 184, 235, 227, 646, Mary Wilhelm 207.