Sunday, March 29, 2015


B-Mets Bash Suns in 12-4 Spring Victory

 Five different Binghamton Mets homered in a 12-4 win over the Jacksonville Suns in a spring training game on Wednesday afternoon at the New York Mets facility. Amed Rosario, Michael Conforto, LJ Mazzilli, Dominic Smith and Victor Cruzado all went deep for the B-Mets in their second win of the spring.
Conforto, a 22-year-old outfielder out of Oregon State University, was selected by the Mets in the first round of last year’s draft. The Washington native drove in three runs against the Suns. Conforto made his pro debut with the Brooklyn Cyclones (SS-A), hitting .331 over 42 games in 2014.
Smith, a first-round pick in 2013, compiled a multiple-hit game while Rosario tripled in addition to his home run.
On the mound, 2014 B-Met Gabriel Ynoa allowed two runs over four innings. Domingo Tapia added two scoreless innings of relief.
The B-Mets venture to Jupiter, Florida on Thursday afternoon to take on the Springfield Cardinals.
The Binghamton Mets are set to open their 24th season on April 9 in Akron against the RubberDucks. The B-Mets home opener on April 16, highlighted by a championship DVD giveaway, is just 21 days away. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased by visiting BMETS.COM, going to the NYSEG Stadium box office or by calling 723-METS.
Be sure to follow the B-Mets on their official website ( or on Facebook, Twitter (@bmets) and SnapChat (binghamtonmets). Fans can also stay up to date with all the action on the field by visiting “B-Mets Buzz” at or following Tim Heiman (@TimHeiman) on Twitter.



New Raffle to Benefit Ronald McDonald House
50/50 to Split Proceeds with Local Charity

Moosic, Pa. – The Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders (Triple-A/New York Yankees) have been a win-win proposition for years. The partnership of the world’s most famous and successful baseball team’s top-tier farm club with outstanding, affordable, family-friendly entertainment has meant victory for all of NEPA. In 2015, add another possible triumph to the list. The team has added a 50/50 raffle with half of the proceeds going to a lucky winner and the other half heading to the Ronald McDonald House of Scranton.

“The people of Northeastern Pennsylvania are so generous and eager to help others,” said Patricia Stella, president of the McDonald’s Association of Northeastern PA and a local owner/operator.  “This season, in partnership with the RailRiders, we encourage fans who attend the games to participate in the 50/50 raffle. The money that is raised will help our Ronald McDonald Houses in Scranton and Danville continue to reach out to the local community and help families with seriously ill children.”

Raffle tickets will be available for purchase during every home game throughout the 2015 season from a roaming seller or at a kiosk located behind home plate on the main concourse. Ticket sales will begin when gates open and close at the end of the seventh inning.

“We appreciate this valuable opportunity to share the mission of the Ronald McDonald House with our community,” said Rich Bradshaw, executive director of Ronald McDonald House Scranton. “Truly it is only through the support of our local community that we are able to help so many families all year round. We are pleased to count the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders as one of our mission supporters and proud to have them as our friends.”

The gross prize amount will be displayed on the main scoreboard throughout the game. The winning number will be posted on the main scoreboard at the conclusion of the eighth inning. To claim the prize, the winning fan will visit University of Scranton Guest Services in the entrance plaza or call 570-969-BALL (2255) for more information.

“We are delighted to partner with the good folks at McDonald’s and the Ronald McDonald House,” said RailRiders interim GM Jeremy Ruby. “We view ourselves as NEPA’s team and hope this effort with half the money helping the local community and the other half creating a very happy and lucky fan in the stands demonstrates our continued efforts in that regard.”

The RailRiders’ 2015 season begins on Thursday, April 9 when the club hosts the Syracuse Chiefs (Washington Nationals). For season ticket information or to book a ballpark group outing, call (570) 969-BALL (2255) or visit

- SWB RailRiders – All Aboard! -



   PBA League Bowling Returns

  A four-week series of Professional Bowling Association (PBA) League competition returns to ESPN Sunday, March 29 at 5 p.m.
  The PBA league consists of eight all-star teams who will battle it out for the Elias Cup Finals that will air on ESPN April 19 at 1 p.m.
  All PBA league competition will take place at Bayside Bowl in Portland, Maine.
  The PBA's first national tour visit to Maine will be an extended fan-oriented weekend hosted by an upscale bowling facility, beginning with an opportunity  for grassroots bowlers to bowl alongside the world's greatest bowlers in a special pro-am event.
  The weekend is also dominated by practice sessions for individuals and teams, giving fans and the new media a chance to meet players for autographs, photos and interviews.
  Competition officially gets underway Saturday with two PBA League quarterfinal round elimination matches.
  PBA League elimination matches will be the best-of-two-game  Baker format matches.
  The Elias Cup is named in honor of PBA founder Eddie Elias.
  The Maine Shootout will also be a part of action available exclusively to Xtra Frame subscribers.
  For those who may not be familiary with the "Baker format" used in PBA League competition, here's some basic information.
  The Baker format was created by American Bowling Congress Secretary-Treasurer  Frank Baker in the 1950's to provide a fast-paced, exciting way to present team bowling on television, rather than traditional team competition which took an hour to bowl one game.
  The Baker fomat requires each member of a five-man team to bowl two frames.....the leadoff bowler bowls the first and sixth frames, the No. 2 player in the lineup bowls the second and seventh frames and the anchor bowler is responsible for the fifth and 10th frames.
  This format has proven to be much faster and requires exceptional team work.
  In the PBA League's "best of two games" matches, if the teams each win one game, the match is settled by a dramatic one-ball sudden-death roll-off.

  Ed's Outlook

*  A quick reminder that Callicoon Kristal Bowl will be hosting the Steve Lagoda Scholarship Fund Tournament this Saturday and Sunday.
  Bowlers are urged to come out and support a great cause in memory of a great guy.
  The event is a scratch-no-tap four person team competition. Entry fee is $100 per team with cash prizes for the top three teams.
*  A number of Brunswick's top professional bowlers will be conducting a "Mini Camp" from 2-9 p.m. April 2 at Pat Tasio Lanes in Newburgh.
    The "Mini Camp" program will include instruction programs on lane play and ball layout involving Brunswick/DV8 staff members.
  PBA professionals on hand include Parker Bohn III, Sean Rash, Tom Smallwood, Jason Sterner, Ryan Ciminelli and ball rep Chuck Gardner.
  The basic tuition fee is $ additional upgrade fee includes a Brunswick/DV8 ball.
  To reserve a spot contact Sean Rash at 316-250-2980 or call the pro shop at 845-554-9709.

Ed Townsend, a PR Consultant to the sport of bowling, writes and compiles the information for this column. If you have league scores, tournament information, score a 300 game or 800 series or even bowl your age, call Ed at 845-439-8177, 845-866-0333, email at or fax at 845-205, 4474. View this column at We are also on Facebook and Twitter.

  Bowling Tip
  By Mike Luongo

  The tip this week is for right handed bowlers.
  One of bowling's great sources of frustration is leaving the 10 pin.
  It's typically the hardest single-pin spare to pick up, and often remains standing after what seemed to be a perfect strike ball.
  Fortunately, the fix is not overly complicated.
  It's easy to attribute a standing 10 pin to bad luck, and from time to time, it may be true.
  If you're consistently leaving the 10 pin, something is obviously off. Most likely its your entry angle.
  When you're knocking down every pin but the a 10, your either coming in light (the 3 pin hit the back of the 6, pushing it in front of the 10), or you are hitting it heavy (the 3 pin hits the front of the 6, sending it to the back of the 10).
  While bowling, take note of what the 3 and 6 pins are doing, if you see the 6 missing in front of the 10, you're coming in light, and if you see it hitting behind , you're coming in heavy.
  If you are coming in light you need to get your ball our of the oil sooner, which will let it come into the pocket stronger and with a better angle.
  If you are coming in heavy move one-half to 2 boards right on the approach but keep your same target.
  Mike Luongo is a certified IBPSIA Pro Shop Operator, Master Instructor, USBC Silver Level Coach and an Advisor-Speical Events assistant with the Storm and Roto Grip Bowling Ball Company. Have a question, call him at 435-720-7939 or email at

Local Scores
(compiled by Ed Townsend)

Beechwood Lanes
Monday Ladies

  Diane Conroy 150, Lois Erdman 172, 161, Beth Schumacher 186, Dot McCormack 189, Janet Bertholf 170, 171, Julie Yewchuck 150, 155, Jodi Gulli 178, 154.

Kiamesha Lanes

Monday Men's

  Pedro Agapito III a 629, Frank Amore 600, Kenny Atkins 255, 658, George Baggatta 267, 653, Lloyd Bridges 258, 225, 697, Vinnie Collura 237, 236, 669, Shane Conner 619, Paul Durland 247, 234, 235, 716, Walt Edwards 256, 644, Matt Fallon 256, 628, John Fischer 225, 621, Dave Graham 227, 236, 667, John Hoffmann 230, 229, 675, Todd Houghtaling 237, 630, Eddie Lake 258, 279, 739, Rick Lake 268, 665, Kyle Matthews 237, 655, Michael Mulligan 258, 653, Gary North 275, 670, Jim Piontek 634, Jaryl Scott 252, 289, 759, Michael Scuderi 245, 259, 728, Vincent Scuderi 621, Keith Smith 234, 664, Kevin Stackhouse 233, 664, Ronald Totten 647, Timothy Totten 255, 225, 695, Michael Travis 247, 226, 696, Charlie Tuttle 236, 612, James VanAken 234, 661, Mike Weiner 225, Larry Whipple a nice 200 triplicate for a 600 series.

Tues. Mixed Firefighters

  Kevin Stackhouse 237, 247, 242, 726, Larry Whipple 259, 256, 718, Neil Bell Jr. 256, 240, 700, Peter Scannell 246, 654, John Hoffmann 256, 648, Jason Jones Jr. 233, 648, Pedro Agapito III a 245, 648, Shane Cunningham 230, 645, Eddie Walsh 226, 643, Jaryl Scott 622, Stan Gilmore 227, Trasey Barres 194, 208, 206, 608, Joann Ruggiero 182, 202, 554, Joan Lake 200, 190, 547, Linda Schaefer 523, Carena Collura 515, Mary Lee Williams 514, Andrea Grossman 201, 504, Karen Martin 182, Wendy Swan 205, Elizabeth Wayman 197.

 Thursday Ladies

  Liz Burgio 205, Connie McKenley 181, Franny Kaiser 188, Mary Lee Williams 183, Pat Gibson 194, Debbie Polin 213, 190, Lisa Cartwright 182, Lynn Winters 191, Liz Stubits 198, Monica Lane 223, Shirley Bowens 182, Dottie Collins 212, Cara Nicholson 207, Trasey Barres 194, Joan Lake 191, Kelly Shattuck 192, 216.

 Friday Mixed

  Trasey Barres 257, 213, 195, 665, Jessica Behnke 194, Larry Berens 225, 237, 655, Paul Berens 231, Vera Bernhardt 208, 507, Orshii Boldiis 246, 653,  Christopher Castro 237, Doris Castro 185, MaryAnn Drobysh-Berens 191, 534, Nancy Fraser 189, David Graham 249, 660, John Hoffmann 236, 248, 236, 720, Greg Kuchar 235, Joan Lake 195, 512, Ryan Lepke 255, 664, Laura Palmer 199, 181, 521, Tom Palmer 228, 255, 653, Linda Schaefer 181, 506, Kevin Stackhouse 235, 225, 655, Robert Sze 245, 264, 236, 746, Tammy Sze 194, 523, Charlie Tuttle 234, 243, 246, 723, Larry Whipple 237, 259, 675, Mary Lee Williams 222, 193, 573.

Callicoon Kristal Bowl

 Mon. Hortonville Ladies

  Jane Benson 169, Pat Peters 168, Opal Hocker 182, Barbara Pingel 169, Judy Mohn 179, 169, Marty Bogdanowitz 162, Joyce Brooks 177, 150, Charlene Meola 157, Lillian Zieres 201, 165, 186, 552, Debbie Loughrey 155, 179, 165.

Tues. Del. Valley Men's

  Samii Markao 216, 185, Bob Head 183, 189, 184, Rick Weigelt 214, Hopper Hubert 267, Roger Widmann 202, 190, 193, Dan Brown 200, Mark Yewchuck 213, 205, Jonathan Heinle 208, Gary Maas 183, 192, Chris Marston 199, Kurt Buddenhagen 191, Joe Meyer 202, 209, Mike Sorge 198, 181, Jim Kautz 198, 204, Eugene Fulton 221, Mike Gieger 201, 202, 220, 623, Dave Graham 220, 226, 235, 681, Chris Berner 210, Bob Cady 215, 222, 612, Dean Shattuck 187, 223, 204, 614, Ed Leroy 191, Mark Schriber 193, Kory Keesler 201, 203, 219, 623, Wally Warren 211, Albert Tyles 226, 211, Jackie Brockner 222.

 Wednesday Men's

  John Diehl 18, 192, Hopper Hubert 180, 213, 183, Jack Diehl 202, 212, 213, 627, Alby Thony 194, 199, Mark Yewchuck 205, 198, 194, Ben Highhouse 209, 184, Bob Fix Jr. 212, 201, Steve Mutter 269, 181, 603, Randy Fischer 202, 255, 218, 675, Brian Brustman 182, John Kline 197, 201, 202, 600, Rich Thony 204, Tim Sykes 182, 224, Rick Franke 214, Johnny Glassel 180, 189, 190, Robert Glassel 180, 191, 212.

Adopt-a-Field Program Returns in 2015
Submissions Due March 29, Voting Begins March 30

Moosic, Pa. – There’s something special about a pristine baseball field. Add kids to the scene and you have the storybook home run. The Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders (Triple-A/New York Yankees) hope to help area youth enjoy America’s pastime by renovating three fields as part of their Adopt-a-Field Program in 2015.

Two youth softball or baseball fields and one high school field will receive a renovation. Fans can send photos of their field to the RailRiders and write as to why they should be selected. Field nominations should be sent to the RailRiders’ community relations director Rachel Mark ( Submitted fields must be within 30 miles of PNC Field.

This year the RailRiders are proud to partner with Pro’s Choice and Fisher and Son who will graciously donate the materials needed for the renovation of the three fields.

Submissions are due by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, March 29. Fans will be able to vote on the fields on the RailRiders’ website starting at noon on Monday, March 30. Links to the voting page will be available through social media and the RailRiders’ website. Website voting will end at 9 p.m. on Sunday, April 5, and the winners will be announced on Monday, April 6. The first renovation is planned for April 16.

The program affords an individualized evaluation and athletic field maintenance clinic to the chosen sites. The teams will be taught how to keep up that same professional-level look for years to come.

“This is a great opportunity to provide those maintaining local fields with the knowledge needed to maintain a safe and beautiful playing surface,” said the team’s director of field operations, Steve Horne. “Many leagues don't have the tools, manpower or guidance needed to keep their fields in good shape. Hopefully, after our crew comes in to help get them started, we can develop a plan that will benefit the leagues and their players for years to come.”

Media members and fans will be invited to document and watch the progress throughout the day at each site. Other dates and all sites will be announced at a later date once voting concludes.

The RailRiders’ 2015 season begins on Thursday, April 9 when the club hosts the Syracuse Chiefs (Washington Nationals). For season ticket information or to book a ballpark group outing, call (570) 969-BALL (2255) or visit

- SWB RailRiders – All Aboard! -

Sunday, March 22, 2015


 Bears Have New Softball Coach                                               

   GRAHAMSVILLE--Twenty-three year-old SUNY Cortland graduate Claire Moore is the new varsity girls softball coach at Tri-Valley Central School.

     Moore takes over leadership of the softball program which for the first time since 2007 last year made it into sectional play and in doing so produced their first winning record since 2005.
  The team last year finished the season with a 11-8 record.
  OCIAA league opposing team coaches last year noted the improved Tri-Valley team and during sectional play Tuxedo coach Michelle Hines said, "they are going to be very good contenders in the next couple of years."
  Moore replaces Coach Mary Feusner who is considered by many to be an icon in softball circles and coached Tri-Valley since 1980 and retired from teaching last year ending her 37 years of coaching.
  Feusner during her coaching career coached a total of 624 games and prior to being named the head coach was the assistant coach under Fred Booker in 1978 and 1979.
  During a recent interview  Coach Moore acknowledged the fact that she was replacing an icon in the sport of softball and noted that she "appreciated all the positivity that this program presently has and where it has come to at the present time."
  "The collaboration of all the  coaches in the past are certainly going to help all the coaches in the  future continue with a successful program," Moore added.
  Coach Moore is a graduate of Saugerties Central High School in Ulster County and completed her undergraduate degree as well as he masters degree at SUNY Cortland. Her bachlors degree is in Physical Education and her masters degree in Health Education.
  Graduating from SUNY Cortland in May of 2014 she assumed her first year of teaching in September of last year and teaches Physical Education for grades 4-6 and 9-12.
  Her athletic experience comes from competing in high school softball and volleyball and although she did not compete on Cortland's Division III highly competitive women's softball team she  was involved in softball and volleyball athletics at Cortland.
  When asked about her new job as coach Moore said, "I'm very excited to begin coaching varsity softball as Tri-Valley and eager for the season to begin."
  "Our goal is to work hard and be better student athletes and softball players everyday." and "I am honored to be the Varsity coach and am prepared to continue a successful softball program," Coach Moore said.
  Gary Clearwater continues as assistant coach. Kristin Jung is the JV coach and Scott Mickelson is coach of the modified team.
  Weather permitting Tri-Valley opens their league season against Chester at home on April 8 at 4:15.

The 2015 Tri-Valley Central School varsity softball team include, front row l to r, Katelyn Jester, Ashley Johnson, Danielle Shafarsky, Robyn Diamond and Ashton Krummack. Back row, l to r, Assistant coach Gary Clearwater, Mikayla Clearwater, Morgan Shamro, Brianna Terbush, Angie DiToro, Elizabeth Hannold, Brianna Mandes and Coach Claire Moore.



  13 Yr. Old Scores 680 Series 

   Thirteen-year-old Tri-Valley Central School eighth grader Jonathan Wilhelm Jr. could very well be looking at a future career in the sport of bowling.   On March 7 while  bowling in the Saturday morning Kiamesha Lanes Youth League Jonathan posted this years highest game and series when he pounded the maples for a 267, 189, 224, 680 series while using a 14-pound Roto Grip Totally Defiant bowling  ball.
  Bowling since the age of 5 his current average is 186 and he has qualified for the third year in a row to compete in the NYS Youth USBC Pepsi Tournament where last year he was a state finalist.
  This year's State Youth Pepsi tournament is March 29 in Fishkill.
  This crafty young lefty bowler has previously earned scholarships as well as a bronze and silver medal for qualifying second and third in the NYS Pepsi tournament qualifier.
  In the March 7th 267 game the first nine frames were strikes.
  His bowling equipment only includes the brand names of Storm and Roto Grip.
  Jonathan will also be bowling with his father, Storm/Roto Grip Bowling Ball Company Representative Jonathan Wilhelm, in the NYS USBC Adult/Junior Doubles Championship Tournament May 3 in Syracuse.
  A resident of Grahamsville, Jonathan also has participated in Modified Football and Basketball for Tri-Valley is a former multiple time all-star in  Tri-Valley Little League baseball.
  Alternative Rock and Hip-Hop is his favorite music while his favorite sports teams include the Yankees, Rangers, Giants and the Miami Heat.

 Ed's Outlook

  The bowling industry is uniting  and will launch a new nationwide all-level youth league program on April 6.
  The Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) and the Professional Women's Bowling Association (PWBA) have teamed with the International Bowling Campus Youth Development and Strike Ten Entertainment to launch a new league program that encourages kids nationwide to Bowl Like a Girl or Bowl Like a Boy.
  The new program will be open to youth bowlers up to age 20.
  Title ambassadors for the youth program include elite professional athletes from the PBA and PWBA including PBA's Mike Fagan, Sean Rash and the PWBA's Missy Parkin, Lynda Barnes and Danielle McEwan.
  Offered for any league season to participating bowling centers across the country, the "Bowl Like" program includes 8-12 week leagues that will provide instructional curriculums  for beginner and advanced youth bowlers plus weeks of bowling fun for all.
  Rewards for youth bowlers participating and who completes the league include a complimentary bowling ball (plastic or introductory reactive performance ball....depending on skill level) a USBC Youth Membership, a USBC certified average, a USBC Membership card and access to participate in USBC certified competitions including leagues and tournaments. They also will received a PBA/PWBA Certificate of Merit.
  Kelly Kulick, a six-time major champion who serves as PWBA spokeswoman noted, "this program offers kids a great chance to not only learn the sports of bowling, but to stay active, build teamwork skills, and have fun with other kids."
  We solidly endorse this turn-key youth bowling development initiative aimed at driving youth participation in this great game of bowling.

  Ed Townsend, a PR Consultant to the sport of bowling, writes and compiles the information for this column. If you have league scores, tournament information, score a 300 game or 800 series or even bowl your age, call Ed at 845-439-8177, 845-866-0333, email at or fax at 845-205, 4474. View this column at We are also on Facebook and Twitter.

 Bowling Tip
 By Mike Luongo

  The tip this week is for right handed bowlers.
  One of bowling's great sources of frustration is leaving the the 10 pin.
  It's typically the hardest single-pin spare to pick up, and often remains standing after what seemed to be a perfect strike ball.
  Fortunately, the fix is not overly complicated.
  It's easy to attribute a standing 10 pin to bad luck, and from time to time, it may be true.
  If you're consistently leaving the 10 pin, something is obviously off. Most likely its your entry angle.
  When you're knocking down every pin but the a 10, your either coming in light (the 3 pin hit the back of the 6, pushing it in front of the 10), or you are hitting it heavy (the 3 pin hits the front of the 6, sending it to the back of the 10).
  While bowling, take note of what the 3 and 6 pins are doing, if you see the 6 missing in front of the 10, you're coming in light, and if you see it hitting behind , you're coming in heavy.
  If you are coming in light you need to get your ball our of the oil sooner, which will let it come into the pocket stronger and with a better angle.
  If you are coming in heavy move one-half to 2 boards right on the approach but keep your same target.
  Mike Luongo is a certified IBPSIA Pro Shop Operator, Master Instructor, USBC Silver Level Coach and an Advisor-Speical Events assistant with the Storm and Roto Grip Bowling Ball Company. Have a question, call him at 435-720-7939 or email at

  Local Scores
 (compiled by Ed Townsend)

Beechwood Lanes
Monday Ladies

  Janet Bertholf 184, 188, 515, Pam Wayne 160, Diane Staves 156, 153, Diane Conroy 166, 172, Barbara Cady 152.

 Kiamesha Lanes

 Monday Men's

  Pedro Agapito III a 238, 231, 277, 746, Michael Amore 248, 232, 618, Kenny Atkins 255, 675, George Baggatta 234, Lloyd Bridges 236, 641, Vinnie Collura 276, 673, Shane Conner 234, 226, 672, Bobby Cooper 235, 613, Vincent DeGraw 232, 625, Donnie Durland 258, 660, Paul Durland 246, 630, Jody Farquhar 257, 609, John Fischer 258, 232, 705, Dave Graham 237, 662, John Hoffmann 229, 644, Jason Jones Jr. 230, Jason Jones Sr. 243, 234, 691, Eddie Lake 250, 265, 709, Rick Lake 268, 256, 735, Tim Minton 299, 723, Laresko Niifa 243, 658, Jim Piontek 242, 227, 658, Dan Ricco 227, 654, Jaryl Scott 602, Frank Scuderi 243, 678, Keith Smith 225, 629, Josh Strang 227, 235, 652, Ronald Totten 652, Timothy Totten 236, 631, Michael Travis 611, Charles Tuttle 235, 639, James VanAken 245, 609, Jon Wilhelm 225, 234, 656, Larry Whipple 225, 279, 698.

 Tues. Mixed Firefighters

  Trasey Barres 199, 241, 618, Mary Lee Williams 200, 209, 571, Joan Lake 185, 184, 540, Kat Cronk 230, 517, Linda Schaefer 202, Wendy Swan 180, Regina Minena 188, Pedro Agapito III a 269, 235, 256, 760, Neil Bell Jr. 232, 299, 722, Larry Whipple 236, 230, 237, 703, Bob Yakin Jr. 255, 236, 693, Edward Walsh 267, 677, John Hoffmann 247, 623, George Kelley 259, 611, Ed Guthrie 242, 607, Jaryl Scott 606.

Wednesday Men's

  James Piontek 237, Pedro Agapito III a 278, 231, 718, Mike Weiner 235, 600, Steve Belgiovene 258, John Fischer 623, John Hoffmann 225, 235, 665, Keith Smith 269, 225, 694, Kevin Stackhouse 225, 616, Paul Durland 236, Donald Durland 248, 268, 237, 753, Chris Parken 230, Charlie Tuttle 238, 269, 695, Kyle Matthews 227, 247, 681, George Baggatta 245, 632, Tim Minton 228, 631, Dave Graham, 228, 225, 643, Bradley Cottam 230, Russell Bivins 226, Tom Mitchell 225, 602, Rich Bradford 245, 248, 704, Dave Garlinghouse 243, 277, 723.

Thursday Ladies

  Franny Kaiser 202, Tabatha Smith 181, Sherry Laird 190, Pat Shuart 201, 203, Cara Nicholson 211, 187, Mary Jane Conklin 195, Bonnie Geraine 181, Kelly Shattuck 187, Pat Gibson 219, Debbie Polin 206, 188, Mary Lee Williams 182, 200, May Smith 180, Audrey Woolard 216.

Friday Mixed

  Trasey Barres 204, 207, 580, Lauren Blume 183, Cathy Carpenter 212, 190, 571, Christopher Castro 225, 232, 672, MaryAnn Drobysh-Berens 213, 202, 593, Nancy Fraser 180, Dave Graham 257, 232, 264, 753, Katherine Hacker 205, 520, John Hoffmann 225, Matthew Jahn 227, 626, Donald Kuchar 255, Eddie Lake 226, 268, 715, Ryan Lepke 246, 276, 243, 765, Laresko Niifa 228, Tom Palmer 269, 688, Debbie Polin 214, 215, 607, Dan Ricco 236, 627, Linda Schaefer 180, 186, 513, Christina Seidler 190, 517, Kevin Stackhouse 248, Robert Sze 250, 656, Tammy Sze 182, 206, 204, 592, Charlie Tuttle 235, 666, Larry Whipple 235, 652, Mary Lee Williams 222, 221, 610.

  Callicoon Kristal Lanes

  Mon. Hortonville Ladies

  Jane Benson 170, 155, 168, Pat Peters 175, 166, Rebecca Rhodes 200, 183, 523, Opal Hocker 159, 160, Barbara Pingel 168, Judy Mohn 170, 151, Maureen Schlott 205, 166, 501, Joann Bowers 167, Linda Millis 169, Kelly Gombita 166, 170, Lillian Zieres 185, 170, Debbie Loughrey 170.

 Tues. Del. Valley Men's

  Buddy Romney 180, Mike Aumick 193, Mark Yewchucck 183, 224, 185, Jonathan Heinle 209, Gary Maas 194, 215, Chris Marston 181, Kurt Buddenhagen 183, Joe Meyer 181, 218, Troy Paruki 183, 198, Mike Sorge 190, 217, Jim Kautz 188, 215, Eugene Fulton 194, Roy Holmquist 191, Bob Cady 194, Dean Shattuck 237, 286, 700, Chris Berner 187, Dave Graham 193, 217, 235, 645, Mark Schriber 191, Kory Keesler 186, 187, Brian Marino 190, Wally Warren 188, Tom Bisig 204.

Wednesday Men's

  John Diehl 191, 191, Jack Diehl 209, Mark Yewchuck 218, Joel Turner 211, 182, Ben Highhouse 212, Brian Kitson 187, Bob Fix Jr. 191, 184, Mike Aumick 189, John Obremski 184, Steve Mutter 198, Ralph Fischer 205, 233, 615, Brian Brustman 199, 188, 197, Rich Thony 190, 234, Tim Sykes 181, 181, Tom Gain 191, 182, Robert Glassel 235, 192.






Saturday, March 14, 2015


  KINGSTON--Three Sullivan County school districts competed in  the OCIAA Cheerleading competition held last Saturday at Kingston High School.
  Of the three local competing schools, Tri-Valley, Fallsburg and Monticello the Panthers of Monticello High placed third in the Mixed Competition Coed division.
  Cheerleading in New York State was approved last year by the New York State Education Department as a competitive sports for the winter 2014-15 season and an official NYSPHSAA Cheerleading Committee was organized with sectional championships leading to New York State championships.
  Guidelines for cheerleading competition were established as follows:
 1. or more persons supporting  one of more two persons off the ground.
 2. Tumbling....gymnastic skills that begin and end on the performing surface, including rolls, inverted extended skills (cartwheels, handstands, walkovers, handsprings, etc.) aerials, twists and flips.....Note.......jumps, leeps and side rolls on the performing surface are not considered to be tumbling.
  3. Teams must have 10 team practices prior  to their first event (competition or game) and an individual must be in attendance at a minimum of 8 of those 10 team practices or they cannot participate in any events until the 8 practice minimum is met.
  This new sports also requires specific courses that cheer coaches must take in order to coach cheerleading in NYS.
  The courses that cheerleading coaches must take and complete prior to coaching a competitive team include AACCA Safety Certification, Child Abuse and Violence Prevention, Coaching Courses (Philosophies and Principles of Coaching/Athletics), Concussion Course, Dignity for all Students Act course, First Aid (CPR/AED) and all coaches must be fingerprinted.
  The new state sport also requires judges certification  and training for anyone interested in being considered for a judge. Only judges who have completed the training are considered for selection.
  School competed in divisions with Division 1 (600 and up) and Division 2 (up to 599).
  At Kingston last week Division 1 small squad consisted of Cornwall, Goshen, Kingston, Minisink Valley, Newburgh, Pine Bush and Washingtonville.
  Division 1 large squads included Highland and  Monroe-Woodbury.
  Division II small squads consisted of Chester, Fallsburg, James I. O'Neill, S.S. Seward and Tri-Valley.
  Mixed competition Coed squads included Middletown, Millbrook, Monticello, Valley Central and Warwick.
  In Division 1 Small Squad Pine Bush took first place, Minisink second place and Kingston third place.
  In Division 1 Large Squad Monroe-Woodburg took first and Highland second.
  Division II small squad S.S. Seward took first, Chester second and James I O'Neill third.
  Mixed Competition Co-ed saw Valley Central taking first place, Middletown second and Monticello third.
  Judges using score sheets had to consider the difficulty and execution of stunts, pyramids and or tosses, jumps, tumbling and motions and dance.
  With choreography judges looked at transitions and formations and spacing then judged voice and leading, appeal and showmanship within the category of crowd interaction.
  The 2015 OCIAA Cheerleading  Competition score sheet for third place Monticello had 52.3 from judge 1, a score of 32.6 from judge 1, judge 3 scored 33.3 and judge for 52.6 for a subtotal of 170.8 which is then divided by 4 for 42.70 and 2.0 for deductions for a total scored of 40.70.
  For Fallsburg the score sheet had 44.7 from judge 1, a total of 44.2 from judge 2, judge 3 had 29.8 and judge 4 scored 30.3 divided by 4 with no deductions for a total of 37.25.
  Tri-Valley received 42.3 from judge 1, a score of 42.2 from judge 2, judge 3 had 30.7 and judge 4 scored 30.9 for a total of 146.1 divided by 4 for a total with no deductions of 36.53.


Monticello Central School cheerleaders captured third place in the Mixed Competition Co-Ed category during the OCIAA 2015 Cheerleading Chmpionship at Kingston March 7. Top Flyers are Erica Jahn and Adrianna Bracey. The remainder of the sqaud includes Natasiana Small. Xavier King, Mikayla DeGraw, Sierra Wayman, Allison Stein, Kathleen Lasher, Krista Novello, Julianna Kane, Kara Fredell and Leslie Fernandez. Not pictured but members of the sqaud are Courtney Swensen, Hailee Quiles and Maria Astras. Thier coach is Kelly Keesler.



Fallsburg Central School cheerleaders competing with this pyramid March 7 at Kingston include Mickenna Meryer on top, bottom left Liliana Moody, center Ciana Patterson DaCosta and bottom right Naomi Moody. The teams coaches are Kiffaine Pregers and Francis Garcia.




The Tri-Valley Central School cheerleading squad in competition March 7 at Kingston and coached by April Trojahn included flying in the air Captain Cheyenne LaPolt, Freshman Mercedes Hayden and Junior Key'Aleace Sherwood, supported by the rest of the team, Captain Dorothy Monforte, Mariah Hopkins, Angie Ulaj, Michelle Bilancione, Janine Bellacicco, Taylor Corbett, Amy Hubbert, Courtney Goldsmith, Xelina Encarnacion and Lindsey McCoy.




  GRAHAMSVILLE--The Tri-Valley  Senior Class of 2015 are this years champions of the 39th Annual Tri-Valley Competition Night held Thursday, March 12 in the high school gym.

    The annual event filled the gym with a standing-room only crowd and featured all four high school grades 9-12 along with Bill O'Morrissey as Master of Ceremonies and Maribel TerBush, Brenda Sloan and Leslye Stryker  as score keepers.
    Referees and judges included Derek Adams, Christine Bellaccico, Tina Connolly, Michelle Decker, Keicha Kempsey, Eric Marburger, Nancy Peters, Cory Turner and Kristen VanVarick.

    Events consisted of the Obstacle Course, Crab Soccer, Cage Ball, Relay, Tug of War and Lip Sync(skits).

    The Class of 2018  has 100 members, Class of 2017 has 88 members, Class of 2016 has 78 members and the Class of 2015 has 74 members.

    Points for each class was awarded for spirit week and participation, decoration and lip sync (skits), point for all events, sportsmanship points and the canned food drive challenge.
   In the Obstacle Course event the Seniors won 7 points, Juniors 5, Sophomores 4 and Freshman 3. The Crab Soccer event saw 3 points go to the Sophomore class, 5 points to the Seniors, 6 to the Junior class and 3 points to the Freshman class. The Senior Class won 3 points in the Cage Ball event, 7 points to the Junior class, 3 points to the Sophomore class and 5 points to the Freshman class.

   In the Relay Race  the Junior Class won with 5 points followed by the Senior Class with 6, Sophomore Class 4 points and the Freshman 3 points. The Tug of War scores saw the Senior class with 3 points, the Junior Cass had 5 points, the Sophomore class with 6 points and 3 points went to the Freshman.

   In the Decoration category the Senior class prevailed with 10 points, Juniors 5, Sophomores 3 and Freshman 1.
  The Senior Class stole the show in the Lip-Sync (skits) category with 10 points, Juniors 3, Sophomores 1 and Freshman 5.
  The Freshman received 2 points in  the Spirit Week competition, the Seniors 4 points, Sophomores 1 point and the Freshman 2 points.
  In the Participation event  the Sophomores received 1 point, Freshmen 2 points, Juniors 3 points and Seniors 4 points.
  In the  Canned Food event the Seniors collected a total of 1,074 cans and received 4 points, the Juniors collected 472 cans for 3 points, the Sophomores collected 78 cans for 1 point and the Freshmen collected 151 cans and received 2 points.
  The committee heading up the Canned Food drive said this was the largest amount of canned food ever collected. 
  The Senior Class total winning points was 56 followed by the Juniors with 45 the Sophomores with 27 and the Freshman  with 29 points.         


Junior Katelin Jester in the rope climb Obstacle Course event where the contestant must climb the rope and touch above a given point.

The 2015 senior class are this year's champions of the 39th Annual Tri-Valley Competition Night.



Senior Caroline Martin shows good athletic form while competing in the hurdles obstacle course event which required the contestant to go over 4 hurdles.

Senior Jarred James seems to be enjoying himself in the scooter on stomach event which was part of the Relay Races.

In the Lip-Sync (skits) the Senior Class walked away with 10 big points. The four students participaing in this part of their skit are, from the left, Dean MacGhee, Caroline Martin, Lane Mitchell and Cortney Conklin.


















Thursday, March 5, 2015



  GRAHAMSVILLE--Pine Plains pressure aggressiveness in the passing lanes created crucial Tri-Valley turnovers which led to a three-point 59-56 Section IX Class C victory for the visiting Bombers Wednesday at Grahamsville.
  Tri-Valley had their pressure full-court press working to perfection in the first quarter as the Lady Bears took a 7-1 lead at the 4:53 mark and closed the quarter leading 21-13 off the 10-point scoring effort of senior point guard Caroline Martin.
  Pine Plains chipped away at the Bears lead in the second quarter behind three trays by senior forward Brooke Hapeman and four two-pointers by 6'2 sophomore center Ashley Starzyk that saw  the Bombers outscore Tri-Valley 20-11 to take a one-point 33-32 halftime lead.
  Tri-Valley outscored Pine Plains in tbe third quarter 13-10 behind Martin's five and Sandra Alemany's six points to lead the Bombers by two, 45-43, entering the final eight minutes of play.
  Pine Plains behind the nine point scoring of sophomore guard  Tia Fumasoli and a three-pointer by Bombers co-captain Hapeman outscored the Bears 16-11 in the fourth quarter.
  Martin led Tri-Valley in the fourth quarter with 5 points followed by Alemany with a tray.
  Pine Plains Starzyk presented a big mis-match for the Bears Sara Dertinger who was giving up 10 inches in height and 10 inches in reach but Sara scrapped her way through and pulled down a number of rebounds and steals from Starzyk.
  Leading the Bears in scoring with Martin with 23 points off of three trays followed by Alemany with nine and Danielle Shafarsky with seven.
  Starzyk led Pine Plains with 18 points followed by Hapeman with 15 and Fumasoli with 12.
 Tri-Valley committed 36 turnovers to Pine Plains's 30.
  Following an emotional closed door meeting between coach Jason Closs and his players Closs noted in post-game remarks that "at times we were playing very well  but we had issues with turnovers."
  Closs noted Pine Plains "agressiveness in the passing lanes which put prsssure on us creating turnovers and this gave us some trouble."
  "I like the way our team battled through even with the foul trouble we had in the first half and at the end the ball just didn't bounce for us," Closs concluded.
  Pine Plains coach Les Funk noted,"Tri-Valley has a great basketball program tradition for a lot of years and you know they are going to bring the game to you."
  Funk said his team "had to come in here and play with a lot of intensity especially playing in this gym where they have an awesome basketball atmosphere.
  The Pine Plains coach acknowledged that his team is very young with three sophomores and an eighth grader "and we are looking forward to good things in the future."
  Tri-Valley finishes their season with an overall record of 10-8 while Pine Plains moves up their overall record a 12-7. They were 7-3 in MHAL league play and Tri-Valley was 6-2 in OCIAA Division V.

Tri-Valley's Sandra Alemany (25) pressures Pine Plains Frances Snyder in the Bears 59-56 sectional league loss Wednesday night.

Tri-Valleys senior point guard and leading scorer Caroline Martin, (32) shoots over Pine Plains Brooke Hapeman (22) in the Bears 59-56 sectional loss Wednesday night.


Sunday, March 1, 2015



CHESTER--The friendly confines of The Stable (Chester's home gymnasium) was not hospitable to Tri-Valley last week where the girls lost the league championship to the Hambletonians by two points (48-46) and on Saturday the Tri-Valley boys varsity lost a 56-55 heart-breaker to Chester in the quarterfinals of the Section IX Class C championship.    
  Five slim points (three for the Lady Bears and two for the boys) ended the season for the boys varsity and pushed the girls varsity team in the quarterfinals of sectional play tonight at home against Pine Plains.
  Saturday evenings game didn't start well for Tri-Valley as some misunderstood communication between and school and their bus carrier delayed the arrival of the Bears at Chester forcing the originally schedule 6:00 game to start shortly after 6:15.
  Once the game started the Bears took a 12-4 lead at the 4:25 mark forcing Chester to take a time-out.
  Chester got their act together and closed out the quarter on the short-end of the scoreboard 18-11.
  Tri-Valley's Kainan Justiniano led the Bears scoring with two three-pointers.
  The Hambletonians, who had defeated Tri-Valley twice in regualar season play, finally got their offensive game rolling in the second quarter outscoring the Bears 17-8 to take a nine-point half-time lead of 26-17.
  Chester co-captain Brandon Sadlier led his teams second quarter scoring with 6 points off three two-pointers.
  Tri-Valley was outscored in the third quarter by six points, 18-12 to enter the final eight minutes of play trailing by eight,  46-38 with Zack Nilsen scoring seven points and Jordan Prince adding five points.
  Nilsen put the Bears right back into the game in the opening minutes of the fourth quarter scoring a two pointer and shortly after that a tray to cut Chester's lead to 47-43. Dion Lynch added a foul shot at 6:54 to put the Bears down by three 47-44.
  At the 4:15 mark Nilsen hit on a two-pointer to tie the score at 50-50.
  In the final minutes  and seconds each teams scored and at the 57.3 second mark Chester's Wilson Jimenez scored one foul shot putting the score at 55-54 with the Bears clinking on to a one-point lead.
  The clincher for the Hamiltonians came at the 18 second mark as Ryan Perez scored on a two pointer.
  Tri-Valley with seconds remaining missed a layup attempt and threw an errant pass that sealed the win for Chester who goes on to play top-seeded Coleman Catholic tonight.
  For Chester Daniel Witteking led the scoring with 16 points and 20 rebounds. Wilson Sadlier added 10 points and 10 rebounds and five assists.
  Tri-Valley's  Zack Nilsen had 19 points, Dion Lynch 12 and Jordan Prince 10.
  The Bears finish the season 11-8 and Chester continues sectional play with a 13-6 record.
  Winning coach Jon Marsilio in post game remarks said, "it was a great game to play by both teams and with playing each other three times this year we know each other and  we had a lot of match up issues to deal with.
  Marsilio added, "we really had to work to win this as Tri-Valley has been battling all season and Tri-Valley will be tough next year and in the future."
  Tri-Valley coach Kyle Humphrey noted that he's "very proud of my guys and it was an excellent performance that they put on the court."
  "This was a heart-breaker for things to not bounce our way and I have no regrets and love what I saw on the court as they put their heart out there for me and that's really all you want from as a coach."



Tri-Valley's Zack Nilsen (11) attempts a shot over Chester's Ryan Perez (3) in the Bears 56-55 sectional loss at Chester Saturday. Zack led the scoring with 19 points.                                            



 Tri-Valley's Justin Swarthout (12) drives to the hoop as Chester's Justin Feldman (14) attempts a block in the Hambletonians 56-55 sectional win.