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Bowling Highlights Column 4-30-10

New York Teams Sets Team Records

Bowlers Choice Pro Shop of Tonawanda, N.Y., had the highest team total in the 91-year history of the United States Bowling Congress Women's Championships on April 21, coming out on top after a three-team shootout for the record.
The team, which featured defending USBC Queens champion Liz Johnson, fired games of 1,160, 1,085 and 1,179 to finish with a 3,424 series.
Bowlers Choice Pro Shop received an additional 12 pins of handicap to finish with a 3,436 total, which also leads the Diamond Division.
Nikki Lunsford led the record performance with a 717 series, and was joined by Michelle Sterner (702), three-time Women's Championships titlist Johnson (690), 2007 Classic Division doubles champion Sue Jeziorski (665) and Sue Nawojski (650).
The strikes continued to fill the scoreboards at the El Paso Convention and Performing Arts Center, Bowlers Choice Pro Shop's crossing team, Great Balls of Fire of Peekskill, N.Y., kept pace to finish with the second highest team score in the event's history with 3,351. Kay Roush led the effort with a 730 series, and was joined by Aumi Guerra (728), Helen Waite (655), Shiela Allen (646) and Sandra Maresca (592).
After four second places at the Women's Championships over the years, the members of Bowlers Choice Pro Shop saw all of their hard work on and off the lanes result in a record-breaking performance.
"I'm still in disbelief," said Jeziorski, who bowls regularly at AMF Thruway Lanes in Cheektowaga, N.Y. "We've been working for this for 15 years, so to post the highest score in tournament history is pretty exciting."
Bowlers Choice Pro Shop and Great Balls of Fire nearly found themselves deadlocked after the second game, but the teams appreciated the competition for the top spot and applauded each others efforts as they made their way toward history.
Jeziorski credited their familiarity as the key asset to their success. Four of the five members of Bowlers Choice Pro Shop, along with Waite and Allen, had just finished bowling their state tournament a week prior to competing at the Women's Championships.
With their name in the record books, the members of Bowlers Choice Pro Shop can only wait and hope their score holds on until the tournament concludes on July 4.
"All we can do now is hope that no one beats us," Jeziorski said. "It's an honor to put our names alongside some of the greatest women bowlers in the history of the sport."
Teams in the Diamond Division have combined averages of 900 and above, with handicap based off of 100 percent of 1,100.

The Bowling Tip
By Mike Luongo

This week's tip is for parents with children who either bowl in a youth league or bowl regularly with their own equipment.
The first question for parents is....when was the last time you had your child's fit checked on their bowling ball at your local pro shop?
Children tend to grow quickly and the gripping holes in their bowling balls must be adjusted to accommodate this growth.
Bowling with poor- fitting equipment can become frustrating and uncomfortable. In most cases, it will only take a minute or two for adjustments to be made.
Also, if your child has his or her own bowling shoes, you can check the size yourself to see if the fit is acceptable. Do not wait for blisters to form on the toes.
Remember, the game is meant to be enjoyed, not to be a form of torture.
Mike Luongo is technically certified through IBPSIA as a Pro Shop Operator and Master Instructor. He is also a Silver Level Coach with the USBC and is an Advisor along with being involved with Special Events with the Storm and Roto Grip Bowling Ball Company. If you have a question or subject you would like covered, he can be reached at 435-720-7939 or via
e-mail at

Wrap Up Column For
2009-10 Season

This will be the wrap up bowling column for the 2009-10 league bowling season.
Congratulations to all the league champions.
Perfect 300 games this 2009-10 bowling year were rolled by Donald Durland with 2, Jaryl Scott, Dean Shattuck, Eddie Lake, Alan Jones, John Fischer, Rich Winters, Rick Lake and Little Lefty John Hoffmann with 4.
Just a reminder that many local bowling establishments offer summer leagues . Call and check them out.
We will continue to add bowling news to our Web Page,
See ya in the fall.......have a safe and fun-filled summer. Join us next week in our Golfing Highlights Column.

Local Scores

Kiamesha Lanes

Recent highlight scores in the Monday Men's league includes a 254 by Gil Suarez, Dan Ricco 238, 631, Jaryl Scott 243, 237, 238, 718, Vinnie Collura 237, 626, Donald Durland 277, 235, 711, James VanAken 258, Josh Strang 237, 258, 667, Tom Belgiovene 635, John Hoffmann 237, 653, Nate Sanders 232, 270, 697, John Fischer 237, 253, 682, Dave Graham 268, 236, 226, 730, Jo Jo VanKeuren 237, 671, Serafin Rodriguez Jr. 226, Al Caycho 265, 674, Jon Wilhelm 241, 635, Miekey Lake 231, Eddie Lake 267, 679, Lloyd Bridges 237, 612, Kevin Stackhouse 235, 236, 693, Jack Moylan 258, 279, 749, Robert Sze 279, 665, James Ratner 225, 236, 624, Kort Wheeler 258, 226, 695, Daniel J. VanAken 247, Paul Curry 258, 227, 649, Ronnie Totten 237, 246, 686, Mal Press 257, 226, 697. Al's Auto Repar are the league champions with team members Frank Martinez, Craig Wilhelm, Al Caycho and Jon Wilhelm.
In the Tuesday Mixed Firefighters league champions once again is the IAPOTH team consisting of team members Kevin Stackhouse, Roberta Yakin, Robert Yakin Sr., John Hoffmann and subs David Graham and Eddie Lake. Individual scoring the last night of league bowling included a 192, 514 by Debra Blackford, Carena Collura 233, 504, Carol MacAdam 225, 197, 554, Andrea Grossman 182, 500, Neil Bell Jr. 600, Ed Guthrie 627, Mary Lee Williams 237, 187, 180, 604, Joan Lake 216, 192, 568, Dorian Jennings 180, 220, 579, Peter Scannell256, 604, Jack Rustic 243, 631, George Kelley 226, 621, Russ Keesler 236, 225, 669, Jason Jones 619, Fran Kaiser 191, 198, 551, Daniel VanAken 227, Debbie Durland 191, 197, 194, 582, Mal Press 609, Jon Wilhelm 241, 625, John Hoffmann 258, 669, Kris Gwiozdowski 244, 601, Linda Schaefer 188, Larry Berens 225.
In the Thursday Women's League Connie McKenley 180, Margaret Quick 185, Susan Gabriel 180, Mardette Wilcox 195, 214, 577, Lisa Cartwright 191, Debbie Durland 181, 215, 532, Joan Lake 236, 198, 613, Pat Shuart 180, 180, 185, 545, Liz Stubits 182, Barbara Durbak 183, 207, 558, Carmella Carpinone 180. Scores from April 15 include a 224, 182, 552 by Clorisa Hopkins, Lisa Cartwright 182, 501, Kim Peck 185, Mardette Wilcox 232, 198, 180, 610, Joan Lake 200, 203, 209, 612, Liz Burgio 185, Connie McKenley 191, Valerie Fersch 189, Liz Stubits 222, Camille Carpinone 205, Bonnie Geraine 199, Debra Castillo 201, Rudy Hoke 186, 505, Rita Burdick 195, Mary Lee Williams 203, 193, 560, Debbie Durland 194, 184, 556, Barbara Durbak 196.

This column is written by Ed Townsend, a public relations consultant to the amateur and professional sport of bowling and to several bowling writers associations. If you have a topic that would make good reading , or have league and tournament scores, Ed can be reached by phone at 845-439-8177, via e-mail at and by fax at 845-230-8674. For a more expanded version of the bowling column, please visit our Web Page at
Wayne Webb Winner Of
Columbus Senior Open

In a championship match that featured two Professional Bowlers Association Hall of Famers, Wayne Webb defeated Mark Williams 264-253 last week to win the PBA Senior Columbus Open at HP Lanes.
Striking in the first four frames, Webb held a commanding lead in the fourth frame but let Williams back in the match after throwing a 3-6-7-10 split in the fifth frame which he failed to convert. Williams, of Beaumont, Texas, went on to throw eight consecutive strikes to finish the match but Webb was able to get back on track and finished with seven consecutive strikes to pull out the win.> > The win gave Webb his third career Senior Tour title to go along with his 2008 and 2009 Senior U.S. Open titles, and came after finishing second in last week’s season-opening Senior Dayton Classic.> > “I had him by 25 or 30 pins early in the match and I was disappointed I gave him an opportunity to get back into it,” said the 52-year-old Webb. “Fortunately I was able to answer Mark’s strikes. If you give someone like Mark an opening like that chances are it’s not going to turn out the way you want it to.”> > In the semifinals, Webb defeated Hall of Famer Dave Soutar of Bradenton, Fla., 258-212, and Williams defeated Tom Carter of Rockford, Ill., 245-206, to advance to the championship match. Soutar has now competed in a record 233 career Senior Tour events.> > Webb, also a 20-time Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour titlist, recently moved to Columbus to open Wayne Webb’s Columbus Bowl. Because of his commitments to the center he does not plan to bowl again until the PBA Senior U.S. Open and United States Bowling Congress Senior Masters tournaments in Las Vegas in June.> > “I’d love nothing better than to keep bowling out here especially with how well I’m bowling right now,” but my immediate priority is the bowling center,” Webb said.> > Several Senior Tour scoring records were broken in the tournament.> > Reigning PBA Senior Player of the Year Ron Mohr Mohr of Eagle River, Alaska set new marks for 16-game qualifying pinfall with 4,243, eight-game qualifying pinfall with 2,160, and most 300 games in a tournament by an individual with three. Nineteen 300 games were bowled in the tournament breaking the previous record of 17.> > Tom Baker and Larry Graybeal, who tied for the final match play qualifying spot, set the 32nd place cut score record of 3,717 for 16 games.> > Final-day coverage of the Senior Columbus Open was streamed live on’s Xtra Frame video service.> > > PBA SENIOR COLUMBUS OPEN> HP Lanes, Columbus, Ohio, Tuesday> > Championship match> Wayne Webb, Columbus, Ohio ($8,000) def. Mark Williams, Beaumont, Texas ($4,500), 264-253> > Semifinal Round (losers earn $3,000)> Wayne Webb def. Dave Soutar, Bradenton, Fla., 258-212> Mark Williams def. Tom Carter, Rockford, Ill., 245-206> > Round of 8 (best-of-three games, losers eliminated, $1,700 each)> Soutar def. Robert Harvey, Boise, Idaho, 2-1> Webb def. Russ Freeman, Antioch, Ill., 2-1> Williams def. Keith Sharp, Orlando, Fla., 2-0> Carter def. Brian Brazeau, Ocala, Fla., 2-0> > Round of 16 (best-of-five games, losers eliminated, $1,300 each) Harvey def. Ron Mohr, Eagle, River, Alaska, 3-2> Soutar def. Bobby Johnson, Chillicothe, Ohio, 3-0> Freeman def. David Kneas, Annapolis, Md., 3-0> Webb def. Dale Csuhta, Wadsworth, Ohio, 3-1> Williams def. Bill Neumann, Rensselaer, N.Y., 3-1> Sharp def. Steve Ferraro, Kingston, N.Y.,3-0> Carter def. Dale Traber, Cedarburg, Wis., 3-2> Brazeau def. Kenny Parks, Hammond, Ind., 3-1> Round of 24 (best-of-five games, losers eliminated, $1,150 each)> Harvey def. Curtis Aemisegger, Wauconda, Ill., 3-0.> Soutar def. Mike Hastings, Georgetown, Del., 3-2.> Freeman def. Roy Buckley, New Albany, Ohio, 3-1.> Csuhta def. Bob Chamberlain, Chesterfield Twp., Mich., 3-0.> Neumann def. Frank Gallo, Jr., Newport News, Va., 3-0.> Ferraro def. Michael Truitt, Orland Park, Ill., 3-2.> Carter def. Mike Swackhamer, Parkersburg, W.Va., 3-2.> Brazeau def. Kerry Painter, Henderson, Nev., 3-1.> > Round of 32 (best-of-five games, losers eliminated, $1,050 each)> Harvey def. Tom Baker, King, N.C., 3-2.> Soutar def. Brian Miller, Springfield, Ohio, 3-0.> Buckley def. Charlie Tapp, Kalamazoo, Mich., 3-0.> Chamberlain def. James Souder, Greenville, Tenn., 3-2.> Gallo def. Larry Graybeal, Elizabethton, Tenn., 3-1.> Truitt def. Bob Kelly, Dayton, Ohio, 3-1.> Carter def. Gary Hiday, Indianapolis, 3-0.> Painter def. Dale Eagle, Tavares, Fla., 3-2.

Jim Mailhot of Fairfield, Conn., has had his fair share of high scoring nights of league bowling, but not many started the way it did recently in the Ron Makszin Hook & Ladder League at Rip Van Winkle Lanes.

Mailhot, throwing his newly drilled Ebonite Magic Action, started the night with 23 consecutive strikes, as he bowled games of 300 and 298 on his way to an 810 series, the 8th 800 of his career.

This magical evening came a mere three days after Tim Gillick of Buddy’s Pro Shop picked out and drilled the new Magic Action for the Fairfield County Hall of Fame member.

Chris Forry, owner and operator of the aforementioned Buddy’s Pro Shop called the Ebonite ball the “perfect ball” for the left-handed Mailhot.

“We are thrilled to hear about the success bowlers are having with our latest equipment,” said Ed Gallagher, Ebonite Brand Manager. “It is obvious that Mr. Mailhot, being an association Hall of Fame member, is a talented player and we are honored to play a part in his most recent honor scores.”

Webber International University women’s team has done the unheard of this year in El Paso, Tex., by winning the college bowling National Championship in their inaugural season. And the story does not end there.

Tournament MVP and Webber State anchor bowler Hayley Beavis suffered a sprained ankle during conditioning drills just days before team made their fateful trip to El Paso. Beavis wasn’t sure she would even be able to participate once they arrived.

“I will admit I am a little surprised because after I sprained my ankle I wasn't sure I would bowl," said Beavis. “My teammates are so supportive, and this is just a dream come true."

“We went through some really tough matches with Robert Morris (University), so that mentally prepared us for the finals,” explained Beavis. “Coach Randy (Stoughton) was really awesome as well; he made us feel pretty calm as he huddled everyone up after every shot and helped us remain focused. Also we have a couple of girls on the team that have been on TV before, so that gave us some confidence. We just took one shot at a time though, and did the best we could. Everything just seemed to fall into place. It was an amazing experience.”

Webber took on McKendree University in the best two out of three Championship match in which the Warriors won the first game 203-189 and then secured the title with a 163-158 victory in Game 2.

“To be mentioned along with Wichita State is great because they are the program to model after with all the success they've had," coach Stoughton said. “This is absolutely phenomenal and it means everything to us. It's hard to believe this just happened."

“We would all like to thank Ebonite as we could not have done this without their support all year,” Beavis told us. “Personally I threw the Mission 99% of the time! It is the best ball I have ever thrown - such a great reaction! I believe this ball helped the whole team accomplish the goal of winning the National Championship.”
Tommy Jones Wins Bittersweet
Third DyDo Japan Cup

Tommy Jones of Simpsonville, S.C., won his third DyDo Japan Cup title Sunday April 25 at Tokyo Port Bowl, Toyko, Japan, but it was a bittersweet 223-192 victory over his best friend because it denied Dino Castillo of Carrollton, Texas, his first Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour title. “This is very special to me,” Jones said of his 13th career title and first since the 2007-08 season. “It’s my sixth time here and the third time I’ve won. It’s a great honor to come here every year and it’s something that I look forward to every season.”> > It was a nerve-racking victory on several fronts. After starting with a spare and three strikes, Jones missed a 10 pin for an open frame in the fifth frame to give Castillo some hope. But Castillo failed to capitalize, leaving a 4-6-7 split in his fifth frame. When Jones threw a key strike in the eighth frame to cap another string of three strikes and virtually lock up the victory, he let out a scream of relief.> > “I was excited for that shot because it meant that I only needed to stay clean to shut Dino out,” Jones said. “That’s the position you want to be in and hitting the pocket was becoming more of a challenge. That’s why that shot was so important.”> > On his fifth-frame split, Castillo said, “I made sure I stayed aggressive with the shot but I got faked out. I wasn’t as far left as I should have been which caused a bad angle when the ball hit the pocket.”> > “Bowling at Tokyo Port Bowl is tough because the lanes transition faster because it’s an older surface,” he added. “I got a couple breaks earlier. Both (Brad) Angelo and (Mike) Fagan threw good shots in their 10th frames that didn’t carry, or I would have lost. And then I had to bowl my best friend.”> > Jones slipped past Brad Angelo of Lockport, N.Y., 252-247, in his first championship round match when Angelo failed to strike on his second shot in the 10th frame. He then eliminated Mike Fagan of Patchogue, N.Y., in the semifinal round, 223-213, when Fagan failed to strike on his first shot in the 10th.> > Castillo, in the meantime, defeated fellow non-titlist Chris Loschetter of Avon, Ohio, 255-225, in the Round of 8, and Norm Duke of Clermont, Fla., 277-244, in his semifinal round match.> > “It was overwhelming but humbling,” Castillo said of his first television experience. “I still had to concentrate on bowling and not let the TV show atmosphere, fans and just the experience of it all affect me.”> > The 25th Japan Cup, televised nationally in Japan, was the final event of the 2009-10 Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour season.> > DYDO JAPAN CUP> Tokyo Port Bowl, Tokyo, Japan, April 25> > CHAMPIONSHIP> Tommy Jones, Simpsonville, S.C. ($40,000) def. Dino Castillo, Carrollton, Texas ($20,000), 223-192.> > SEMIFINAL ROUND (losers earned $10,000)> Castillo def. Norm Duke, Clermont, Fla., 277-244.> Jones def. Mike Fagan, Patchogue, N.Y., 223-213.> > ROUND OF 8 (losers earned $6,000)> Duke def. Park Jeon-Soo, Korea, 279-243.> Castillo def. Chris Loschetter, Avon, Ohio, 255-225.> Jones def. Brad Angelo, Lockport, NY, 252-247.> Fagan def. Choi Won Yong, Korea 257-203.

Jim Mailhot of Fairfield, Conn., has had his fair share of high scoring nights of league bowling, but not many started the way it did recently in the Ron Makszin Hook & Ladder League at Rip Van Winkle Lanes.

Mailhot, throwing his newly drilled Ebonite Magic Action, started the night with 23 consecutive strikes, as he bowled games of 300 and 298 on his way to an 810 series, the 8th 800 of his career.

This magical evening came a mere three days after Tim Gillick of Buddy’s Pro Shop picked out and drilled the new Magic Action for the Fairfield County Hall of Fame member.

Chris Forry, owner and operator of the aforementioned Buddy’s Pro Shop called the Ebonite ball the “perfect ball” for the left-handed Mailhot.

“We are thrilled to hear about the success bowlers are having with our latest equipment,” said Ed Gallagher, Ebonite Brand Manager. “It is obvious that Mr. Mailhot, being an association Hall of Fame member, is a talented player and we are honored to play a part in his most recent honor scores.”

Here & There Column 4-27-10

Amused By The Tea Party?

At first we had second thoughts about the ever growing Tea Party movement but from what I have seen, heard and read about the Tea Party its very clear that all incumbent politicians should not be endorsing statements that they are amused with the Tea Party.
It's certainly clear that the Tea Party is not amused with current incumbent politicians of either party.
What we see coming down the road are major changes in who sits and governs us and the November mid-term elections will prove that the incumbent politicians are completely out of touch with reality.
Some Sullivan County residents have formed the Liberty Tea Party and climbed aboard the Tea Party express. At an organized rally April 17 on Darbee Lane in Liberty, Richard "Rick" Yaun, one of the Liberty Tea Party organizers made it very clear that "the Tea Party is not a political party and is not partisan in the fights between the national parties," and the fact that "it has no candidates."
What appears to be the major theme for the Tea Party is that ordinary folks fear big government and out-of-control government spending.
It might be easy to label the Tea Party as conservative but many we have talked with say they are just fed up with regulations, a steady increase in taxes, added government fees, federal government spending and that they are organizing to register their dissent at the ballot box in November.
Tea Party supporters say:
1. The federal government is spending, regulating and intruding too much.
2. They have strong opposition to health-care reform, the stimulus package, proposed limits on greenhouse-gas emissions and extended unemployment benefits.
3. They were ignored on health care and their voice was mocked.
4. They favor tax cuts over budget deficit reduction.
At many Tea Party functions signs reading, "don't tread on me" and "follow the constitution" are very prominent.
Political opponents to the Tea Party movement have now started to call Tea Partyers racists and uneducated whites.....statements that are not true and will come home to haunt those saying this.
Some Tea Party movements have already started holding candidate forums to review the field of potential office holders.
The Tea Party movement is definitely showing a lot of energy and high motivation and most likely will have a major influence on the November elections.
For those who think of Tea Party members as a bunch of country bumpkins they will have to think again as released statistics show that Tea Partyers are better educated and wealthier then their brethren citizens and there is no doubt they are all angry with Washington and incumbent politicians everywhere.
This new movement will be interesting to watch and politicians who are "amused" by the Tea Party are indeed completely out of touch with reality.

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Bowling Highlights Column 4-23-10

USBC Live Web Streaming Schedule

The United States Bowling Congress has released an extensive list of free live streaming events that will be broadcast on over the next three months.
Bowling fans around the world will be able to tune in and watch events they have never been able to see before or enhanced coverage of events that have only had TV finals coverage in the past.
“USBC is committed to bringing bowling fans live streaming coverage of its events,” USBC Managing Director of Media Pete Tredwell said. “In all, there’s nearly 30 days over the next few months of live streaming, and we hope this is just the beginning of much more to come.”
Among the events that will be featured over the next few months are the USBC Queens, U.S. Women’s Open, USBC Intercollegiate Team Championships, USBC Intercollegiate Singles Championships, USBC Open Championships, USBC Women’s Championships and the USBC Convention. Events are subject to change.
The live streaming schedule is as follows with all times being Eastern time.
April 23 TBD – USBC Women’s Championships coverage, El Paso Convention Center, El Paso, Texas.
April 24 11 a.m. – USBC Queens qualifying, El Paso Convention Center, El Paso, Texas.
April 25 11 a.m. – USBC Queens qualifying, El Paso Convention Center, El Paso, Texas.
April 26 11 a.m. – USBC Queens qualifying, El Paso Convention Center, El Paso, Texas
3 p.m. – USBC Queens match play, El Paso Convention Center, El Paso, Texas.
April 27 9 a.m. – USBC Queens match play, El Paso Convention Center, El Paso, Texas.
April 28 Noon – USBC Senior Queens championship, El Paso Convention Center, El Paso, Texas.
April 30 5 p.m. – Annual Meeting from USBC Convention, Reno, Nev.
May 1 Noon – Annual Meeting from USBC Convention, Reno, Nev.
May 6 8:30 p.m. – Defending singles champion Bo Goergen at USBC Open Championships, National Bowling Stadium, Reno, Nev.
May 7 8:45 a.m. - U.S. Women's Open qualifying, Cityview Lanes, Fort Worth, Texas.
May 8 8:45 a.m. - U.S. Women's Open qualifying, Cityview Lanes, Fort Worth, Texas.
May 9 8:45 a.m. - U.S. Women's Open qualifying, Cityview Lanes, Fort Worth, Texas.
May 10 9:45 a.m. - U.S. Women's Open match play, Cityview Lanes, Fort Worth, Texas.
May 11 9:45 a.m. - U.S. Women's Open match play, Cityview Lanes, Fort Worth, Texas.
May 12 2:30 p.m. – USBC Hall of Fame induction ceremonies, International Bowling Campus, Arlington, Texas.
May 13 11:30 p.m. – Nelson Silverstrim (60 years) and Theodore Haefner (50 years) honored for participation at USBC Open Championships, National Bowling Stadium, Reno, Nev.
May 17 10:30 a.m. – USBC Intercollegiate Singles Championships qualifying, AMF Euless Lanes, Euless, Texas.
May 18 8:30 a.m. – USBC Intercollegiate Singles Championships match play, AMF Euless Lanes, Euless, Texas.
May 29 12:20 p.m. – Clara Guerrero at USBC Open Championships, National Bowling Stadium, Reno, Nev.
June 13 8:30 p.m. – Kelly Kulick at USBC Open Championships, National Bowling Stadium, Reno, Nev.
June 27 2:40 p.m. – Defending doubles champions Brenda Edwards and Stephen Padilla at USBC Open Championships, National Bowling Stadium, Reno, Nev.

Bowling Tip
By Mike Luongo

This week's tip is for all bowlers, however, youth, new bowlers and bowlers who have not had a correctly fit ball will benefit the most.
Choosing the correct weight for a bowling ball is not rocket science although it is made out to be at times. A poorly fit ball (lane ball or hack job) will take excessive grip pressure to hold onto. This makes the ball seem too heavy. A good rule of thumb, when getting a custom fit ball, is to go up two pounds over what a poorly fit ball weighs. You will be surprised at how much lighter a properly fit ball will feel. When a ball is fit properly, minimal grip pressure is needed to hold the ball, allowing you to swing the ball without putting a death grip on it. This applies to both finger tip and conventional grips. Understand that gravity, not upper body muscles should control the swing.
For youth bowlers, always err on the heavier side for several reasons. First, it is instinct to grab a ball and throw it, not roll it. If the ball is too light, it is hard to teach a youth bowler to use gravity as their friend and roll the ball.
Second, children are still growing and you may get an extra year out of the ball before the youth bowler outgrows the weight.
If a youth bowler is switching from conventional to finger tip, in this one case I would not recommend going too heavy as you do not want to make it an unpleasant experience.
The best recommendation would be to re grip the old ball and get used to the grip before drilling a new ball.
Note: If a bowler, youth or adult, is bowling to enjoy themselves, a conventional grip is best. If a bowler is interested in some form of competitive bowling in the future, the finger tip grip is the way to go.
Remember, there is no substitute for a properly fit ball. Parents of youth bowlers, please have the fit checked every six months.
Mike Luongo is technically certified through IBPSIA as Pro Shop Operator and Master Instructor. He is also a Silver Level Coach with the USBC and is a Sales Advisor and Special Events Coordinator with the Storm and Roto Grip Bowling Ball Company. If you have a question or subject you would like covered, he can be reached by phone at 341-1694 or via e-mail at


Auburn New York's Michelle Feldman concluded a personally disappointing season last Sunday afternoon with a resounding victory in the PBA Women's Series Showdown presented by BOWL.COM at the International Training and Research Center in Arlington, Texas. (See complete details of this event on our Web Page.)

Local Scores

Kiamesha Lanes

Recent highlight scores in the Monday Men's league include a 243, 615 by Mike Weiner, Jaryl Scott 243, 601, Vinnie Collura 246, 658, Josh Strang 234, 634, John Hoffmann 227, Nate Sanders 601, John Fischer 279, 663, David Graham 235, 620, Keith Raymond 233, 660, Jo Jo VanKeuren 236, 656, Serafin Rodriguez Jr. 603, Jon Wilhelm 245, 689, Eddie Lake 225, 634, Rick Lake 225, 265, 687, Lloyd Bridges 621, Niifa Laresko 232, 612, James Frost 244, 620, Matt Fallon 234, 612, Corey VanKeuren 626, Jack Moylan 234, 244, 683, James Ratner 239, 641, Kort Wheeler 640, Allan Jones 237, 248, 687, Daniel VanAken 257, Paul Curry 615, Ronnie Totten 605.
In the Tuesday Mixed Firefighters league Carena Collura 184, 180, 201, 565, Carol MacAdam 211, 543, Neil Bell Jr. 235, 644, Russ Keesler 247, 265, 703, Fran Kaiser 198, 509, Daniel VanAken 236, Tom Cooney 243, 625, Debbie Durland 232, 276, 695, Mal Press 238m 639, Jon Wilhelm 286, 279, 776, Ed Guthrie 236, Mary Lee Williams 227, 216, 200, 643, Joan Lake 197, 505, Shane Cunningham 602, Kevin Stackhouse 226, Roberta Yakin 211, 535, Robert Yakin Sr. 236, 637, John Hoffmann 268, 697, Linda Schaefer 192, 180, 508, Larry Berens 600.
In the Wednesday Men's league the league champions are the Goin Postal team with team members Gregory Fallon, Matt Fallon, Jon Wilhelm, Richard Bradford and Donald Durland. Individual scores the last night of bowling included a 601 by Kenny Atkins, Craig Wilhelm 226, 612, Kevin Stackhouse 234, 624, Mike Weiner 235, 677, Juan Lopez 245, 612, Robert Yakin Jr. 228, 652, George Battle Jr. 615, Allan Jones 243, 245, 688, Larry Berens 237, 643, Dean Shattuck 616, Josh Strang 237, 234, 681, John Hoffmann 227, 657, Jody Farquhar 247, 646, Tim McIntyre 247, 640, Rick Lara 246, 616, Shawn Lyons 229, 623, Wayne Atkins 610, Eddie Lake 234, 661, Gregory Fallon 231, 225, 234, 690, Matt Fallon 227, 225, 289, 741, Jon Wilhelm 648, Donald Durland 266, 660.
In the Thursday Ladies league Liz Stubits 180, Joan Lake 195, 222, 574, Barbara Durbak 224, 204, 239, 667, Clorisa Hopkins 202, Bonnie Geraine 181, Barb Merton 210, 199, 552, Connie McKenley 214, 551, Debbie Durland 223, 224, 217, 664, Mary Lee Williams 182, 183, 544, valerie Fersch 180, 191, 519, Kim Peck 180.

Fox Bowling Center

Recent highlight scores in the Wednesday Men's Independent league include a 226, 600 by Al Bullis Andrew Bullis 247, 244, 692, Frank Couse Sr. 244, 619, Frank Couse Jr. 235, 639, Jim Dibble 234, 629, Art Gately 229, 614, Jack Hazen 246, 675, Paul Ignatovich 247, 683, Rob Johnson 257, 662, Pat Kille 225, Jerry Kulakosky 247, 659, Donnie Marino 276, 225, 693, Mark McGraw 269, 649, Neil Mosher 234, 623, Dick Price 257, Zuke Wormuth 288, 701, Tony Wright 257, 634.
In the Thursday Men's Deposit National league Al Bullis Jr. 238, 625, Al Bullis Sr. 637, Andy Bullis 267, 693, Jeff Curtis 237, 661, Carl Davis 644, Chuck Dunlap 240, 602, Norm Ellis Jr. 600, Paul Fritz 605, John Gurnick 236, 613, Paul Ignatovich 268, 632, Robert Johnson 228, Gino Jones 246, 227, 258, 731, Greg Keesler 231, 623, Rick Mills 237, 237, 666, Jay Wormuth 225.
In the Friday Mixed Doubles Couples league Frank Couse Sr. 226, Ane Couse 192, 532, a real nice 759 series off single games of 236 and a perfect 300 game by Howey Couse, Crystal Ellis 189, 525, Norman Ellis 243, Mike Horton 231, Hope Jones 181, 208, 547, Mark McGraw 256, 603, Rick Mills 227, Randy Mower 236, 645, Brian Robinson 254, 237, 684, Dan Wormuth 276, 659, Jay Wormuth 243, Michelle Wormuth 208.

This column is written by Ed Townsend, a public relations consultant to the amateur and professional sport of bowling and to several bowling writers associations. If you have a topic that would make good reading, or have league and tournament information, Ed can be reached at 845-439-8177, vie e-mail at and by fax at 845-230-8674. For a more expanded version of the bowling column, please visit our Web Page at

Feldman Saves Best for Last
In PBA Women’s Series Showdown

Michelle Feldman of Auburn, N.Y., concluded a personally disappointing season with a resounding victory in the PBA Women’s Series Showdown presented April 18 by BOWL.COM at the International Training and Research Center in Arlington, Texas.

Feldman, who got into the PBA Tour special event by a sequence of fortunate breaks, was nearly perfect in the competition that aired on ESPN Sunday, defeating Shannon Pluhowsky of Kettering, Ohio, and Stefanie Nation of Grand Prairie, Texas, for a $25,000 first prize.

Feldman, an 11-time Professional Women’s Bowlers Association champion before the women’s tour ceased operations in 2003, survived a tense opening round in the “Petraglia Scoring System” event, but was a pair of 10 pins away from throwing a perfect game in the title match to defeat Pluhowsky and Nation.

It was a rewarding conclusion to a season in which Feldman’s two previous television appearances – in the Bayer Don and Paula Carter Mixed Doubles Championship and the United States Bowling Congress Queens – came up short of a title. This time, even the opportunity to participate came her way only because the qualifying rules lined up in her favor.

“I didn’t bowl very good in the PBA Women’s Series this year,” she confessed. “I just didn’t click. When you bowl in the same place the whole time and don’t get comfortable, it kinda puts a damper on how you think you’re going to bowl. I didn’t make a show or win a title, but I guess I picked the right week to bowl well, and that was the one that got me into this tournament.”

In the Showdown, the Petraglia Scoring System also worked for Feldman. The Petraglia system awards one point for each ball throw to complete a frame, with the lowest score winning. A perfect game is a 10 – 10 strikes in 10 frames. By converting 10-pin spares in the fifth and sixth frames, and striking on her other eight shots, Feldman posted a score of 12 compared to Pluhowsky’s 16 and Nation’s 20.

Feldman got into the title match by winning a one-ball roll-off against Nation in the first round, after they tied at 14-14. Feldman, who converted the 2-4-6-7 split in the 10th frame to earn the tie, struck to win the roll-off while Nation knocked down only six pins. Kelly Kulick of Union, N.J., finished third with 16 points and joined Nation in the Wild Card round.

“In the 10th frame of the first round, I told myself not to throw it bad,” she said, “and I then threw it worse – as usual. I always have to make things difficult on myself. But I made a really good shot to make the spare.”

In the other first-round matchup, Pluhowsky started with nine strikes before leaving a 7 pin, which she converted for a nearly-perfect 11. Liz Johnson of Cheektowaga, N.Y., wasn’t far behind, posting a 13 to advance to the Wild Card round, but defending Women’s Showdown champion Carolyn Dorin-Ballard of Keller, Texas, was eliminated because she had the highest score in the opening round – a 17.

Feldman and Pluhowsky, as winners of their groups, automatically advanced to the championship match. In the Wild Card contest between the next three lowest scorers, Nation’s 13 earned her a berth in the showdown match. Kulick had a 15 and Johnson an 18.

“In the title match, I knew Stefanie had an okay shot and I knew Shannon really had a good look. She almost had a perfect game in the first round. I figured Shannon would be the harder person to beat,” Feldman continued. “We were pretty close the whole game, until she split in the 10th. That kinda made it so all I had to do was get a spare to win.”

Ironically, the stars aligned perfectly for Feldman to get into the season-ending special event, which was designed for the champions of the six PBA Women’s Series presented by BOWL.COM singles events (the Mixed Doubles was excluded). In cases of multiple champions, the next highest finisher got a spot in the Showdown. Kulick was a double-winner (PBA Women’s World Championship and Shark Championship) as was Pluhowsky (Chameleon and Scorpion Championships). Johnson won the Viper title and Nation claimed the Earl Anthony Memorial women’s event. Dorin-Ballard qualified as runner-up to Kulick in the Shark, and Feldman qualified as the fourth-place finisher in the Scorpion because Pluhowsky, Johnson and Kulick had previously qualified.

“It was more fun than most days this year,” Feldman said. “It’ll definitely make it a nicer summer for me.”

Walter Ray Williams Jr. Scheduled
To Make PBA Senior Tour Debut

Professional Bowlers Association Hall of Famer and reigning Player of the Year Walter Ray Williams Jr. is scheduled to make his PBA Senior Tour debut in the Senior Miller High Life Classic May 2-5 at George Pappas Victory Lanes in Mooresville, N.C.
Williams, who is currently competing in the Japan Cup, will be among more than 130 of the world’s top Senior Tour players (age 50 and over) who will compete in the third stop of the 30th Senior Tour season.

Williams earned a record seventh Player of the Year honor at the conclusion of the Lumber Liquidators Marathon Open in Baltimore April 4, after going into the event tied in the points race with Bill O’Neill. Williams’ seventh Player of the Year honor broke a tie with the late Earl Anthony and at age 50, he also became the oldest to win the crown, breaking the previous record of 45 also held by Anthony.

During the 2009-10 PBA Tour season Williams won two titles – the season-opening Motor City Open and the United States Bowling Congress Masters for his eighth major – to improve his all-time career titles record to 47. He had five championship round appearances and his titles in 2009-10 extended his record run of consecutive seasons with at least one title to 17.

Also in the field will be Dale Eagle who earned his 11th career Senior Tour title by defeating Hall of Famer Mark Williams, 247-224, in the championship match of last year’s Miller High Life Classic.
Prior to visiting Mooresville, the Senior Tour will be in Columbus, Ohio, for the Senior Columbus Open April 24-27 at HPL Lanes.
Steve Ferraro, who defeated Hall of Famer Wayne Webb 213-210 in the title match of the season-opening Dayton Senior Classic earlier this week, will be trying for his third Senior Tour title in Columbus.
Webb, who recently moved to Columbus to become a bowling center proprietor, will also try for his third Senior Tour title. The 20-time Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour titlist won the 2008 and 2009 Senior U.S. Opens and will be trying to become the first three-time winner of that event in June.
Competition in Columbus begins with eight-game qualifying blocks April 25-26 at 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. Eastern. The field will then be cut to the top 32 players who will advance to best-of-five match play beginning April 27 at 9 a.m. Match play continues all day on April 27 with the Round of 8 and championship rounds scheduled for 6 p.m. Practice and pro-ams will take place on April 24.’s Xtra Frame video service will have final-day coverage of the Senior Columbus Open on April 27 and the Senior Miller High Life Classic on May 5.

HPL Lanes, Columbus, Ohio, April 24-27

Saturday, April 24
8 a.m. - A squad practice
10:30 a.m. - B squad practice
Pro-Am squads to follow

Sunday, April 25
8 a.m. - A squad qualifying (8 games)
3 p.m. – B squad qualifying (8 games)

Monday, April 26
8 a.m. - B squad qualifying (8 games)
3 p.m. – A squad qualifying (8 games)
Tuesday, April 27
9 a.m. - Players qualifying 17-32 bowl (best of 5 games)
11 a.m. - Winners and players qualifying 9-16 (best of 5 games)
2 p.m. - Winners and players qualifying 1-8 bowl (best of 5 games)
6 p.m. - Round of 8 (best of 3 games)
Semifinal match (1 game) immediately following
Championship match (1 game) immediately following

George Pappas Victory Lanes, Mooresville, N.C., May 2-5

Sunday, May 2
9 a.m. - A squad practice
Noon - B squad practice
Pro am squads at 1:30, 3:30, 5:30 and 7:30 p.m.

Monday, May 3
11 a.m. - A squad bowls qualifying (8 games)
5 p.m. - B squad qualifying (8 games)

Tuesday, May 4
11 a.m. - B squad qualifying (8 games)
5 p.m. - A squad qualifying (8 games)

Wednesday, May 5
11 a.m. - Players qualifying 17-32 bowl (best of 5 games match play)
1 p.m. - Winners and players qualifying 9-16 bowl (best of 5 games match play)
5 p.m. - Winners and players qualifying 1-8 bowl (best of 5 games match play)
7:30 p.m. Round of 8 (best of 3 games match play)
Semifinal match (1 game) immediately following
Championship match (1 game) immediately following
LADEWIG (1914-2010)

Reflections from around the bowling community on the passing of Hall of Fame bowler Marion Ladewig on April 16, 2010.

PBA legendsDon CarterPBA & USBC Hall of Famer. She was a good friend of mine, one of the nicest people I ever met, and one of most accurate bowlers I ever met. With her accuracy, she rarely ever missed the pocket.
Hall of Fame bowling writersChuck PezzanoPBA & USBC Hall of FamerDomination to me is the key thing, and she was completely dominant, a nine-time bowler of the year. You can say ‘Well she didn’t have as much competition.’ Well, whatever competition she had, she beat. You can’t ask anymore of a bowler than to beat who is put against you.Marion would win the tournament and her averages most times would have been good enough to put her in the finals against the men. She was just fantastic.She probably was one of the first real women pros who took it seriously. As a pro, she trained for the tournaments and had the latest equipment. That cut down competition quite a bit. For many of them in those days bowling was a weekend thing; they didn’t have the time or the finances to put in the effort. But Marion was a fulltime bowler doing exhibitions and doing matches, so she was always in top shape.Dick EvansPBA & USBC Hall of FamerShe was all business, no emotion. She was like a robot, just hit the pocket almost every time. Don Carter was like that too; she and Don came along about the same time and neither of them ever let emotion get into their games.She was always a professional bowler and a professional woman. She was just straight laced and all business, and I admired her for that.Hall of Fame women bowlersSylvia Wene-MartinTwo-time winner, BPAA All-Star (1955, 1960); USBC Hall of FamerNote: Wene-Martin finished runner-up to Ladewig at the All-Star in each of the three years preceding her win in 1955.I had the greatest admiration for Marion. Winning over her at the All-Star was like the greatest thing that could happen to anybody at that time. I just admired her so much.Joy Abel1966 Bowler of the Year; USBC Hall of FamerShe could close herself away and not even know who was around her when she bowled. She had the ability to focus, and you can’t be a champion without that.I met Marion when I was about 18; she was about 42. I was very impressed with her, not only bowling-wise but as a person. I thought she was just a remarkable individual. She was always a very tremendous competitor.Dottie FothergillTwo-time winner, BPAA All-Star (1968, 1969); USBC Hall of FamerShe was the one who put women’s bowling on the map. She was the best, and that took a lot of work and practice.Historical quotesHenry Martin, Chicago Tribune, Jan. 9, 1955Back in 1937, a sturdy Dutch American girl in Grand Rapids, Mich. faced a momentous decision — whether to spend her last 20 cents for an ice cream soda or to bowl a game. She flipped a coin, it came up heads, which meant bowling, and the start of a spectacular career on the hardwood.Doc Hattstrom, Bowlers Journal, January 1953What can we do with ‘Mechanical’ Marion? For fear that the interest and luster of the women’s event might go a-glimmering because of the frustrations of her rivals in attempting to remove an immoveable object, it has been suggested that Marion be declared unconquerable and therefore be retired with pension with the title of Unbeaten Champion.Byron Schoeman, Bowlers Journal, January 1952Yessiree, dem frails are getting rougher each year. Better look to your laurels, men. Marion Ladewig proved herself to be one of the outstanding woman bowlers of all time by winning her third consecutive All-Star title, a feat that will stand for a long time. She averaged 211.15 for the 32 games in the finals as against 199.28 last year, truly a remarkable improvement and performance. The women’s scores were about 5% better than last year while the men deteriorated around 2 to 3%.Marion Ladewig“I thought if I couldn’t win the tournament it would kill me. I couldn’t take the strain. Well, I finally learned how to lose, but I never learned how to beat the strain.”“My rhythm was fairly good, I thought, but there was nothing outstanding about my style. More or less, I threw an angle ball with a slight hook. My biggest asset was my accuracy. If there was any other reason for the success I had, it was simply the fact that the game never became easy for me, and I always had to keep working at it.”“I made sure that I bowled every day from 1940 through 1962.
Six PBA Players, Two Koreans
Advance to DyDo Japan Cup Finals

Six Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour competitors will join two Korean players in the eight-man championship round of the 25th DyDo Japan Cup Sunday at Tokyo Port Bowl in Tokyo, Japan.

In addition to PBA Tour champions Norm Duke of Clermont, Fla.; Brad Angelo of Lockport, N.Y.; Tommy Jones of Simpsonville, S.C., and Mike Fagan of Patchogue, N.Y., non-winners Dino Castillo of Carrollton, Texas, and Chris Loschetter of Avon, Ohio, will compete for a first PBA Tour title. Also in the field, trying to become Korea’s first Japan Cup titlist, will be Park Jeon-Soo and Choi Won Young.

Sunday’s finals will begin with one-game, single-elimination matches pitting Park against Duke, Castillo against Loschetter, Angelo against Jones and Choi against Fagan. The Park-Duke winner will then bowl the Castillo-Loschetter winner and the Angelo-Jones winner will meet the Choi-Fagan winner to determine the two finalists who will bowl a single game for a $40,000 prize.

One of Saturday’s most impressive performances was put on by Duke, a 33-time PBA Tour champion who has never won in Japan. After qualifying 25th for the best-of-seven-game, single-elimination match play portion of the tournament, he rallied from a 3-2 deficit in the Round of 48 to eliminate Japan’s Satoshi Tsushima. He then eliminated four-time Japan Cup champion Parker Bohn III of Jackson, N.J., 4-1, in the Round of 32 and then averaged 259 in a four-game sweep over defending Japan Cup champion Patrick Allen of Wesley Chapel, Fla., to reach the championship round.

“Because of the injuries I’ve had this year, I fell out of the Japan Cup points list for next season,” Duke said. “Given that I’ve never won in this country after as many opportunities as I’ve had before, it seems like it’s something that has been out of reach. A victory in this country is something I’ve often dreamed about, but also it would tie me with one of the greatest of all-time, Mark Roth, in titles. So in both cases, I have plenty to be nervous about going into tomorrow.

“Typically the left-handers have had an advantage at Tokyo Port Bowl and to see my bracket this morning it seemed impossible to beat Patrick or Parker,” Duke continued. “To win back-to-back against those two players, when they were so comfortable? There might some fate going on here.”

Castillo, on the other hand, hopes to become the third PBA player to win his first title in the Japan Cup. Jones won his first title in Japan in 2004 and Amleto Monacelli converted his first triumph in the 1987 Oronamin C Japan Cup into a PBA Hall of Fame career. He also has a chance to Steve Wilson (1996), Doug Kent (1997) and Robert Smith (2002-03) as the fourth player to win the Cup in his first appearance.

“Winning the Japan Cup and my first title would cap off the great season I had in 2008-09 (when he qualified for this year’s Japan Cup.) Winning my first title would cap off my career to this point and winning in Japan would mean that I represent the elite from PBA, Japan PBA and Korean PBA.

“It wouldn’t validate my PBA career, but it would validate my ability to succeed,” Castillo continued. “Obviously, as a kid, I always thought about winning my title. PBA bowlers have always set goals to win player of the year, majors, etc. My goals have always been to do the best I can and let the pieces fall where they may.”

Either Castillo or Loschetter will see his title hopes end early Sunday because they will bowl each other in the Round of 8. Loschetter earned his shot by eliminating Mike Scroggins of Amarillo, Texas, 4-2, in Saturday’s final elimination round.
Korea’s Park ended 2009-10 PBA Player of the Year Walter Ray Williams Jr.’s hopes for a third Japan Cup title, 4-2, but countryman Choi put on the day’s top performance, firing consecutive games of 278, 300 and 298 – an 876 total - in his last three games of a 4-1 victory over Japan’s Minoru Sendan.

Tokyo Port Bowl, Tokyo, Japan, April 24

ROUND OF 16 (best of seven games, losers eliminated and earned $3,000, top eight advance to championship round)
Park Jeon-Soo, Korea, def. Walter Ray Williams Jr., Ocala, Fla., 4-2.
Norm Duke, Clermont, Fla., def. Patrick Allen, Wesley Chapel, Fla., 4-0.
Dino Castillo, Carrollton, Texas, def. Hiroshi Nagatani, Japan, 4-1.
Chris Loschetter, Avon, Ohio, def. Mike Scroggins, Amarillo, Texas, 4-2.
Brad Angelo, Lockport, N.Y., def. Hideyuki Okano, Japan, 4-0.
Tommy Jones, Simpsonville, S.C., def. Eugene McCune, Munster, Ind., 4-1.
Choi Won Young, Korea, def. Minoru Sendan, Japan, 4-1.
Mike Fagan, Patchogue, N.Y., def. Wes Malott, Pflugerville, Texas, 4-2.

ROUND OF 32 (best of seven games, losers eliminated and earned $2,000)
Park def. Hideaki Aizawa, Japan, 4-2.
Williams def. Shota Kawazoe, Japan, 4-2.
Allen def. Rhino Page, Dade City, Fla., 4-2.
Duke def. Parker Bohn III, Jackson, N.J., 4-1.
Castillo def. Takashi Madusa, Japan, 4-0.
Nagatani def. Kim Young-Phil, Korea, 4-1.
Scroggins def. Pete Weber, St. Ann, Mo., 4-2.
Loschetter def. Bill O’Neill, Southampton, Pa., 4-2.
Okano def. Isao Yamamoto, Japan, 4-3.
Angelo def. Takaski Kudo, Japan, 4-1.
McCune def. Sigeyuki Mizuno, Japan, 4-3.
Jones def. Akio Harada, Japan, 4-2.
Choi def. Ryan Shafer, Horseheads, N.Y., 4-0.
Sendan def. Akio Ishihara, Japan, 4-1.
Fagan def. Ronnie Russell, Indianapolis, 4-2.
Malott def. Mika Koivuniemi, Hartland, Mich., 4-1.

ROUND OF 64 (best of seven games, losers eliminated and earned $1,250)
Park def. Kenji Tsushima, Japan, 4-0.
Kawazoe def. Yuji Toyoda, Japan, 4-0.
Page def. Takaski Ishibashi, Japan, 4-2.
Duke def. Satoshi Tsushima, Japan, 4-3.
Masuda def. Jeong Tae-Hwa, Korea, 4-0.
Nagatani def. Kang Seong-Yu, Korea, 4-3.
Scroggins def. Takeo Sakai, Japan, 4-2.
Loschetter def. Shunsuke Kouchi, Japan, 4-0.
Yamamoto def. Subaru Nagano, Japan, 4-3.
Angelo def. Yoshiki Ohsawa, Japan, 4-1.
Mizuno def. Tamiki Miike, Japan, 4-3.
Harada def. Masaaki Takemoto, Japan, 4-0.
Choi def. Kazuaki Watanabe, Japan, 4-0.
Sendan def. Naoharu Okabe, Japan, 4-3.
Fagan def. Kenji Ito, Japan, 4-2.
Koivuniemi def. Teruyuki Obara, Japan, 4-1.

United States Bowling Congress Hall of Famer Carolyn Dorin-Ballard of Keller, Texas, rolled 1,224 for five games to take the lead in the opening round of the 2010 USBC Queens.

The 2001 Queens champion shot games of 213, 277, 245, 230 and 259 to pace the field. Debbie Ayers of El Cajon, Calif., who led after the first round of qualifying, is currently sitting in second with 1,219, while Jessica Baker of Wichita, Kan., rolled one of the two 300 games on the day to end up in third with 1,215.

USBC Hall of Famer and 1999 Queens champion Leanne Hulsenberg of Roseville, Calif., and 2007 Queens champion Kelly Kulick of Union, N.J., round of the top five with matching totals of 1,204.

Dorin-Ballard, who was recently named Bowler of the Decade by Bowlers Journal International, knew she had to take advantage of what the lanes were offering after watching the first squad earlier Saturday afternoon at the El Paso Convention and Performing Arts Center.

"From the first squad, I saw that the lanes were very scoreable," said Dorin-Ballard, who was a 20-time titlist on the PWBA tour. "I wanted to make sure I executed and had the right ball in my hands. I knew I had to keep up with the field."

Dorin-Ballard knows the challenges that lie ahead as a past champion. She looks to put herself in the same place during Sunday's second qualifying round.

"I was working on my game coming in, and just have to keep at it," she said. "I want to develop the same feel, the same timing on every shot. I need to go out there tomorrow and get as many pins as I can."

Although the coveted tiara and $25,000 first-place check is the main reason the top professional and amateur female competitors made their way to El Paso, Dorin-Ballard also looks forward to this event for a chance to see many familiar faces.

"I love coming to this tournament," she said. "We always bowl in the Women's Championships right before, so I get to bowl with some of my friends and my sister, who I don't get too see very often. So it really sets the tone for a good week. It almost feels like the old days seeing so many people I know. I just hope my ball keeps striking more than everyone else."

Shayna Ng of Singapore joined Baker by rolling the tournament's first 300 in her first game of qualifying. She ended the day with an 1,190 total, putting her in seventh place.

Sunday's second round will consist of another five games, with the field being cut to the top 79. Monday will feature an additional five games of qualifying before the field is cut to the top 63, as defending champion Liz Johnson of Cheektowaga, N.Y., will join the field as they head into the double-elimination match play bracket. The championship round will be televised live on ESPN2 on Wednesday, April 28 at 8 p.m. EDT.


Patti Schultz of Braidwood, Ill., had the highest five-game block in USBC Senior Queens history as she took the first-round qualifying lead Saturday.

Schultz shot 1,171, an average of 234.2, at the El Paso Convention and Performing Arts Center to top the old record of 1,117 set by Lucy Sandelin in 2009.

Schultz, a 52-year-old special needs teacher, had games of 226, 222, 212, 236 and 275, including a string of 10 consecutive strikes the last game.

"I got into a good rhythm and stayed with my game plan," said Schultz, who finished fourth at the 2007 Senior Queens in her only other appearance in the event. "I wouldn't say that I bowled great today. I gave up 55 pins on five missed easy spares."

Pamela Lawrence of Pflugerville, Texas, is second just 16 pins behind Schultz with 1,155, while Sharon Powers of Lakewood, Colo., is third at 1,135. Last year's runner-up, Dana Miller-Mackie of Albuquerque, N.M., is fourth with 1,129.

All 101 players in the field will complete their 10-game qualifying Sunday before the field is cut to the top 39 for Monday's final five-game qualifying round. The top 31 players then join defending champion Janine Primrose of Gardernville, Nev., in the double-elimination match-play bracket starting Monday afternoon.

United States Bowling Congress
The United States Bowling Congress, as the national governing body, ensures the integrity and protects the future of the sport, provides programs and services to more than two million adult and youth members and enhances the bowling experience.

The interactive home of USBC is Go to for the fastest USBC headlines.

Bowl with US

(At the El Paso Convention and Performing Arts Center)
Saturday's results

(Top 80; Five games)

1, Carolyn Dorin-Ballard, Keller, Texas, 1224.
2, Debbie Ayers, El Cajon, Calif., 1219.
3, Jessica Baker, Wichita, Kan., 1215.
4, Leanne Hulsenberg, Roseville, Calif., 1204.
4, Kelly Kulick, Union, N.J., 1204.
6, Michelle Feldman, Auburn, N.Y., 1193.
7, Shayna Ng, Singapore, 1190.
8, Jacqui Reese, Bangor, Pa., 1187.
9, Ashly Galante, Palm Harbor, Fla., 1184.
10, Emily Maier, Wichita, Kan., 1174.
11, Anne Marie Duggan, Edmond, Okla., 1168.
12, Robin Romeo, Newhall, Calif., 1167.
13, Lesia Herider, Palmdale, Calif., 1166.
14, Kim Terrell-Kearney, Grand Prairie, Texas, 1160.
15, Camille Sykos, El Paso, Texas, 1154.
16, Mihoko Matsuoka-Ishikawa, Japan, 1146.
17, Geraldine Ng, Singapore, 1145.
18, Cathy Dorin-Lizzi, Sandusky, Ohio, 1143.
19, Brenda Edwards, Mansfield, Texas, 1142.
20, Shannon Pluhowsky, Kettering, Ohio, 1139.
21, Genie Franklin, Frisco, Texas, 1138.
22, Tish Johnson, Colo Spgs, Colo., 1135.
23, Missy Bellinder, Fullerton, Calif., 1133.
24, Shauna Shannon, Albuquerque, N.M., 1125.
25, Tina Peak-Balser, Shelbyville, Mo., 1124.
26, Elysia Current, Wichita, Kan., 1123.
26, Adriana Perez, El Paso, Texas, 1123.
28, Jasmine Yeong-Nathan, Singapore, 1120.
28, Bernice Lim, Singapore, 1120.
30, Christine Bator, Warren, Mich., 1119.
30, Kathy Tribbey, Dundee, Ore., 1119.
32, Jamie Martin, Omaha, Neb., 1117.
33, Takiko Naganawa, Japan, 1111.
34, Stefanie Nation, Grand Prairie, Texas, 1107.
35, Ginna Baray, El Paso, Texas, 1105.
36, Shannon O'Keefe, Arlington, Texas, 1104.
37, Aesha Turner, Montgomery, Ala., 1103.
38, Kayla Bandy, Danviell, Va., 1100.
39, Lisa Noor, Mound, Minn., 1098.
40, Clara Guerrero, Pflugerville, Texas, 1094.
41, Stacey Fehr, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1093.
42, Jazreel Tan, Singapore, 1092.
43, Tennelle Milligan, Arlington, Texas, 1091.
44, Bryanna Caldwell, Tucson, Ariz., 1090.
44, Jodi Woessner, Oregon, Ohio, 1090.
44, Alisia Kellow, Louisville, Ky., 1090.
44, Melissa Klug, Macomb, Mich., 1090.
48, Lindsay Baker, Amherst, N.Y., 1089.
49, Jennifer Hernandez, Land O Lakes, Fla., 1088.
49, Gina Ford, Yukon, Okla., 1088.
51, Jennifer Petrick, Canton, Ohio, 1082.
51, Wendy Macpherson, Henderson, Nev., 1082.
51, Nicole Ellison, Chatsworth, Calif., 1082.
54, Lynda Barnes, Double Oak, Texas, 1073.
54, Megan Kelly, Kettering, Ohio, 1073.
56, Rachel Perez, Maumelle, Ark., 1072.
57, Mindee Kunkel, Sandy, Utah, 1070.
58, Cathrine Jensen, Fort Worth, Texas, 1068.
59, Anita Manns, Austin, Texas, 1067.
59, Stephanie Beck, Dubuque, Iowa, 1067.
59, Nikki Lunsford, Plainfield, Ill., 1067.
62, Olivia Sandham, Wichita, Kan., 1066.
63, Christina Kinney, Las Vegas, 1063.
64, Hollie Brannen, Marshfield, Mo., 1062.
65, Patricia Riddle, Palatine, Ill., 1060.
66, Marcia Kloempken, Mansfield, Texas, 1056.
67, Beth Kirkpatrick, Harrisburg, Pa., 1054.
68, Bonnie Paugh, Glen Burnie, Md., 1051.
69, Jessica Lowery, Baltimore, Md., 1047.
70, Samantha Williams, Hunt Valley, Md., 1046.
70, Lisa Graham, Centerville, Ohio, 1046.
70, Ricki Ellison, Dover, Del., 1046.
73, Nichole Spratford, Flanders, N.J., 1043.
73, Susan Jeziorski, Tonawanda, N.Y., 1043.
75, Lisa Beeksma, Pensacola, Fla., 1042.
76, Kerry Smith, New Holland, Pa., 1041.
77, Shana Ray, Corpus Christi, Texas, 1039.
78, Jonquay Armon, Roselle, Ill., 1038.
79, Dede Davidson, Buellton, Calif., 1036.
79, Rejeania Schenck, Irvington, N.J., 1036.

(At the El Paso Convention and Performing Arts Center)
Saturday's results

(Top 40; Five games)

1, Patti Schultz, Braidwood, Ill., 1171.
2, Pamela Lawrence, Pflugerville, Texas, 1155.
3, Sharon Powers, Lakewood, Colo., 1135.
4, Dana Miller-Mackie, Albuquerque, N.M., 1129.
5, Char Hammel, Las Vegas, 1123.
6, Paula Vidad, Crestline, Calif., 1110.
7, Rose Hare, Santa Fe, N.M., 1086.
8, Lisa Wasson, Murphy, Texas, 1084.
9, Becky Clark, Des Moines, Iowa, 1056.
10, Carole Jones, Englewood, Colo., 1043.
11, Melody Felton, Colfax, Iowa, 1042.
12, Terri Cooley, Danville, Ky., 1026.
13, Barbara Batt, Jacksonville, Fla., 1025.
14, Heidi Pagenkopf, Lynnwood, Wash., 1021.
15, Jeanette Porter, Omaha, Neb., 1014.
16, Debbie Wade, West Jordan, Utah, 1005.
17, Cynthia Kesterson, Council Bluffs, Iowa, 1002.
18, Elizabeth Dawson, Sunnyvale, Calif., 1000.
19, Alice Hale, Austin, Texas, 991.
20, Cathy Smith, Richmond, Va., 985.
21, Karen Miller, Las Vegas, Nev., 977.
22, Denise Myers, Pensacola, Fla., 976.
23, Karen Bockemuehl, Bozeman, Mont., 971.
24, Nancy Fehr, Cincinnati, Ohio, 966.
25, Pam Buckner, Reno, Nev., 961.
26, Andi Whitlock, Middletown, Del., 960.
27, Virginia Norton, Cypress, Calif., 959.
28, Anita Pope, Silsbee, Texas, 953.
29, Susan Turchen, Wilmington, Del., 951.
30, Diane Stokes, Jackson Heights, N.Y., 949.
31, Karen Smith, San Marcos, Calif., 948.
32, Ann Kordenbrock, Cincinnati, Ohio, 945.
33, Marci Williams, Wichita, Kan., 943.
34, Anita Boroff, Mansfield, Texas, 942.
35, Constance Palmer, El Cajon, Calif., 941.
36, Rosanne Allen, El Paso, Texas, 940.
37, Lucy Sandelin, Tampa, Fla., 937.
38, Michele Atria, Louisville, Ky., 935.
39, Donna Donohue, La Mesa, Calif., 933.
39, Cindy Darling, Lake Placid, Fla, 933.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Here & There Column 4-20-10

These Crane School of Music students performed a Chopin Piano Recital April; 9 at the Tri-Valley Central School. Students are Erika Tazawa, Dai Yi, Rhimmon Simchy-Gross and Tri-Valley's Sean Carmichael (standing far right).

Welcome Home Event For Sean Carmichael

Talent personified is the only way to describe the Chopin Piano Recital staged April 9 at the Tri-Valley Central School by students from The Crane School of Music at SUNY Potsdam.
Piano techniques like Arpeggios, Legato playing with arpeggios, Scales, arpeggios with syncopation , Staccato-macchiato alternations along with various other piano techniques were played to perfection in the presentation of the complete Preludes and Etudes of Chopin by Rhimmon Simchy-Gross, Erika Tazawa, Dai Yi and Tri-Valley's own Sean Carmichael.
In a concert that could easily have been presented at Carnegie Hall or Bethel Woods these four Crane School of Music students honored the 200th anniversary of Chopin's birth.
2004 Tri-Valley Central School graduate Sean Carmichael along with the three other Crane students captured the Tri-Valley audience with one of the most outstanding piano recitals this writer has ever seen.
Sean is also a graduate student at the Crane School of Music and is working towards his Masters degree while studying piano under the direction of Paul Wyse. As a winner of the Crane Concerto Competition, Sean performed Rachmanioff's 1st Concerto with the Crane Symphony Orchestra in 2007. He has also performed solo recitals at the Old Forge Arts Center, the Shandalee Music Festival here in Sullivan County and has been working as a collaborative pianist with the Crane Opera Ensemble since 2006.
A recipient of numerous awards and scholarships, Sean is also employed as an accompanying assistant at the Crane School.
Kudos to the Tri-Valley Central School and their outstanding music department and Kevin Giroux for bringing these very talented piano students to Sullivan County.
Bravo to these four students for a professional-style concert well done.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bowling Highlights Column 4-16-10

Kelly Shattuck All-Events Champion

Forty one year-old Monticello resident and Walden Hoe Bowl Lanes bowler Kelly Shattuck had a very successful Tri-County NY USBC Association tournament this year.
Kelly, wife of well known Sullivan County bowler and a director on the Association board , Dean Shattuck, won the All-Events championship in the Women's division with a 2166 score, came in second place with single game scores of 148, 179, 185, 511 scratch score and a 694 handicap score in the singles division, won the doubles championship with her partner Juanita VanGelder with a 1409 score and individual scratch scores of 243, 149, 190, 582 and was a member of the championship women's team, "Friends" that posted a 2543 winning score.
Members of the winning team with Kelly were Lucy Santana, Joyce Haener and Kelly's mother Nancy Krom.
Kelly and Dean have one daughter, Kayla.
Singles champion in the women's division was Dee Dee Batzel with a 697.
The "See Ya" men's team consisting of Tammy Barton, Soly Zimmerman, Eric Zimmerman and Jerry Jackson won the Open Team championship with a 2744 score.
Mike Muller and Steve Hess are the men's doubles champion with a 1513 score.
Men's scratch team champions with a 2376 score are Monticello Kiamesha Lanes bowlers Gregory Fallon, Matthew Fallon, Jon Wilhelm and Donald Durland.
Doubles scratch team champions with a 1216 score are Liberty Lanes bowlers Paul Minton and Ed Blume.
Mike Muller won the men's singles event with a 795 and the all-events championship.

The Bowling Tip
By Mike Luongo

Bowlers: One of our previous tips was designed to help you achieve the correct body position to properly execute a bowling shot and to be able to repeat it.
This week, we will cover the release....information that will help bowlers on all levels.
A properly executed release is possibly one of the most misunderstood parts of a bowling shot. Most bowlers tend to muscle the ball through the release zone, either accelerating or decelerating on the downswing.
The proper release for all bowlers, (whether you are a six-year-old with a conventional grip or an accomplished bowler with many years experience), can be executed by letting gravity bring the ball from the top of your swing through the release zone with no interference from your arm or shoulder muscles.
If you ball fits properly, the gravity will take it off your hand at the right time providing your body is in the proper position.
Any rotation on the ball should come from your hand only, not your arm. Using the proper technique will allow you to get as much rotation on the ball as desired.
Note, however, if your ball does not fit properly, it will require excessive grip pressure to hold on to which will make the release harder to execute.
Gravity can be your best friend or worst enemy depending on how you use it.
Mike Luongo is technically certified through IBPSIA as a Pro Shop Operator and Master Instructor. He is also a Silver Level Coach with the USBC and is a Sales Advisor and Special Events Coordinator with the Storm and Roto Grip Bowling Ball Company. If you have a question or subject you would like covered, he can be reached at 341-1694 or via e-mail at

Lazy Beagle Win
League Championship

First place champions in the Monday Ladies league at the Villa Roma Resort Beechwood Lanes is the Lazy Beagle team consisting of members Diane Staves, Diane Conroy, Lori Kimmes, Lois Erdman and Barbara Cady.
Second place went to Stone Arch, third place PMSers, four place Friskey Foxes, fifth placeShear Pleasure and sixth place DJ Jim.
Awards presented the last night of bowling included a 175 game and 500 series to Jackie Mootz, Deb Murphy 175 game, Nicole Hubert 175 game, Jamie Colton 125 and 150 games, Wendy Adams 200 game, Amanda Irwin 150 game, Janet Bertholf 175 game, Dawn Hauschild 150 game, Jackie Mootz 175 game, Amy Hellerer 175 game and Diane Staves 500 series.
Individual highlight scores the last night of bowling included a 172, 164 by Wendy Adams, Diane Staves 177, Diane Conroy 164, Lois Erdman 166, Barbara Cady 166, 163, Jackie Gieger 161, 170, Karen Barowski 165, Wendy Finn 199, 170, 152, 521, Beth Schumacher 169, 160, Debbie Murphy 166, Tracy Puerschner 165.


Rhino Page made critical shots where he needed them most to nip Bill O'Neill and win the PBA Experience Showdown held last Sunday afternoon at the International Training and Research Center at Arlington, Texas.
The PBA's 2009-10 schedule of telecasts on ESPN concludes Sunday at 1 p.m. on ESPN with the PBA Women's Series Showdown.

Local Scores

Kiamesha Lanes

Recent highlight scores in the Monday Men's league include a 235, 646 by Dan Ricco, Mike Weiner 249, 232, 241, 722, Jaryl Scott 226, 640, Vinnie Collura 247, 673, Donald Durland 247, 653, James VanAken 246, 226, 673, Josh Strang 258, 649, John Hoffmann 226, 249, 688, John Fischer 246, 680, Jo Jo VanKeuren 268, 692, Peter Mitro 226, Serafin Rodriguez Jr. 254, 638, Frank Martinez 232, Al Caycho 225, 607, Jon Wilhelm 633, Roy Sweeney 248, 617, Eddie Lake 263, 227, 699, Rick Lake 267, 655, Lloyd Bridges 254, 620, Niifa Laresko 601, James Ratner 257, 235, 233, 725, Kort Wheeler 236, 670, Allan Jones 647, Daniel VanAken 229, 656, Paul Curry 625, William Helms 235, 631, Ronnie Totten 274, 689.
In the Tuesday Mixed Firefighters league Carena Collura 288, 622, Carol MacAdam 196, 538, Vinnie Collura 623, Heather Dobell 200, Matt Cooper 267, 608, Andrea Grossman 204, 196, 184, 584, Robert Yakin Jr, 244, 641, Fran Kaiser 220, 202, 579, Daniel VanAken 245, Tom Cooney 239, Debbie Durland 233, 184, 550, Mal Press 259, 634, Jon Wilhelm 227, 234, 678, Ed Guthrie 233, 234, 660, John Cascone 243, 228, 641, Cecil Walters 647, Mary Lee Williams 203, 531, Joan Lake 204, 182, 554, Roberta Yakin 181, 528, John Hoffmann 237, 663, Linda Schaefer 199, 527.
In the Wednesday Men's league George VanAken Jr. 245, 651, Kenny Atkins 267, 626, Kenneth Hopkins Jr. 233, Vincent Scuderi 234, Kevin Stackhouse 267, 619, Al Caycho 245, 637, Mike Weiner 233, 635, Tim Hussner 233, Frank DiConstanzo 604, Frank Muller Jr. 232, 600, Larry Berens 245, 236, 681, Dean Shattuck 236, 248, 667, Dale Sonnenschein 257, 232, 667, Tom Belgiovene 238, 602, John Hoffmann 247, 630, Jody Farquhar 236, 616, Rick Lara 601, Tim McIntyre 279, 647, Wayne Atkins 254, 228, 659, Eddie Lake 245, 235, 638Gregory Fallon 242, 675, Jon Wilhelm 234, 245, 691, Richard Bradford 230, 623, Donald Durland 235, 659.

Fox Bowling Center

Recent highlight scores in the April 1 Thursday Men's Deposit National league include a 233 by Al Bullis Jr., Al Bullis Sr. 225, 624, Andy Bullis 227, 670, Craig Conklin 245, 638, Dale Conklin 234, 630, Ray Cornwell 236, 641, Howard Couse Sr. 232, Frank Couse Sr. 236, 633, Jeff Curtis 236, 631, Carl Davis 233, Norm Ellis Jr. 638, Adam Forrester 603, Paul Fritz 225, Bill Gifford 617, John Gurnick 236, 651, Paul Ignatovich 226, 617, Robert Johnson 244, 235, 668, Greg Keesler 225, 620, John Lanner 225, 606, Dave Lester 247, 647, Rick Mills 623, Jim Valentine 234, 244, 682, Skip Wilson 227, 620, Dan Wormuth 248, 637.
In the April 8 Thursday Men's Deposit National league Al Bullis Jr. 602, Al Bullis Sr. 611, Ray Cornwell 627, Frank Couse Sr. 612, Frank Couse 232, 232, 676, Jeff Curtis 256, 245, 703, Carl Davis 245, 618, Norm Ellis Jr. 600, Paul Fritz 233, 638, Bill Gleim 235, 665, Paul Ignatovich 246, 227, 640, Robert Johnson 245, 646, Rick Mills 245, 664, Neil Mosher 229, Sonny Triebe Sr. 227, Jim Valentine 225, 624, Dan Wormuth 235, 673.

This column is written by Ed Townsend, a public relations consultant to the amateur and professional sport of bowling and to several bowling writers asociations. If you have a topic that would make good reading, or have league and tournament scores and information, Ed can be reached at 845-439-8177, vie e-mail at and my fax at 845-230-8674. For a more expanded version of the bowling column, please visit our Web page at

Rhino Page Makes Big Shots to
Win PBA Experience Showdown

Rhino Page of Dade City, Fla., made critical shots when he had needed them most to nip Bill O’Neill of Southampton, Pa., in the PBA Experience Showdown presented by BOWL.COM at the International Training and Research Center last Sunday afternoon.

Page, the Viper Champion in a field of five Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour stars and a lone United States Bowling Congress Sport Bowling league member, won an abbreviated five-frame 108-104 decision over O’Neill in a PBA Tour special event that aired on ESPN Sunday. It took clutch conversions of a 1-3-9 spare in the first frame and a 2-4-7 in the third to edge O’Neill, whose failure to convert the 1-2-4-10 “washout” proved to be his Achilles’ heel.

The Showdown was a first-of-its-kind contest featuring five PBA Experience lane condition champions (Norm Duke, Cheetah pattern; Mike DeVaney, Scorpion; Jack Jurek, Shark; O’Neill, Chameleon, and Page) along with Kevin Reuer, a USBC Sport Bowling league member from Hoffman Estates, Ill. Reuer, who bowls in the Beverly Lanes Sport League in Arlington Heights, Ill., won a national competition among thousands of USBC PBA Experience League bowlers for the right to bowl against the PBA stars.

The made-for-television event required all six players to bowl a single frame on each of the five “animal patterns” and then repeat that process to complete a 10-frame game. After one full round, the field was trimmed to the two highest scores for a five-frame championship game, also across all five patterns. In sequence, players bowled one frame each on the Shark, Chameleon, Viper, Scorpion and Cheetah patterns.

Reuer started the qualifying round with a 173. Duke followed with a 213. Page, bowling third, looked like he was in immediate trouble, leaving the 3-6-7-10 on his first shot on the Shark lane. He converted that spare, but he missed a 2-7 left-side “baby split” in the second frame on the Chameleon lane. Page then rallied to salvage a 223, putting together a string of four strikes in his second five-frame round.

O’Neill followed Page and he was untouchable. After a spare in his opening frame, O’Neill threw six consecutive strikes and then struck out in the 10th frame on the Cheetah pattern for a 258 game.

That meant Jurek or DeVaney needed to top Page’s 223 to remain in title contention. Jurek finished with a 197 and DeVaney, who started with four strikes, left a “big four” split on his second trip to the Chameleon lane to stall his bid. Needing a strike on his first shot in the 10th frame to knock out Page, DeVaney left a 6 pin and finished with a 217.

In the finale, O’Neill again jumped into the lead with a double, but the “washout” in the fourth frame proved to be the difference as Page alternated spares and strikes for his four-pin victory.

“I got pretty fortunate that Bill made a bad shot and I was able to capitalize. It was kind of a lucky draw the way the lanes were set up because I struggled the whole show with the Shark,” Page said. “If you’re going to miss, the first frame is the time to do it. Bill was so locked in…

“It was really a challenge changing angles on every lane,” he added. “I was lucky to throw that four-bagger in the first round just to give myself a chance, and even then I was able to dodge a couple of bullets from Duke and DeVaney. For both of them to miss strikes in the 10th on the Cheetah? That’s a lot of good things going my way.”

For his victory, Page collected a $25,000 first prize.

“That was great and the timing was perfect,” he grinned. “I can put a little money into my new home and also have some money to pay my taxes.”
The Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour completes its 2009-10 season with another special event, the 25th anniversary DYDO Japan Cup, April 23-25, in Tokyo. Defending champion Patrick Allen of Wesley Chapel, Fla., will lead a contingent of 20 PBA Tour stars into that event.

And the PBA’s 2009-10 schedule of telecasts on ESPN concludes next Sunday when the PBA Women’s Series Showdown presented by BOWL.COM airs at 1 p.m. Eastern. The Women’s Series Showdown will include Kelly Kulick, Liz Johnson, Shannon Pluhowsky, Stefanie Nation, defending champion Carolyn Dorin-Ballard and Michelle Feldman in a unique “Petraglia Scoring System” competition where the lower the score, the better.

LIVINGSTON MANOR--A new boys 15 years of age and under traveling baseball team is being organized for summer play in the ECTB Elite Championship Tournament Baseball League.
Tryouts will be held in the middle of May and home double-header games will be played Sunday's on the Livingston Manor Central School baseball field.
Team organizers stress that baseball players and parents must make a full commitment for team play and practice starting in early June through the middle of August.
The Sullivan County Thunderheads team will be managed and coached by Ed Townsend, Frank Exner and Paul Exner.
Boys interested in trying out for the team can contact Townsend at 439-8177, Frank Exner at 434-0424 and Paul Exner at 436-8407.

Phil Mickelson is no stranger to Sunday drama in a major championship. Nor is the No. 2-ranked golfer in the world a stranger to donning a green jacket, which he did last Sunday, winning the Masters and earning the first berth in the most difficult tournament in the world to qualify for – the PGA Grand Slam of Golf.

Mickelson’s third Masters title in six years and fourth major championship overall punched his ticket to Port Royal Golf Course in Southampton, Bermuda, where the major champions will return Oct. 18-20 to decide the title of “Champion of Champions.”

The 2004 PGA Grand Slam of Golf champion and owner of an event-record 59, Mickelson earned the elusive berth at Port Royal with a final-round 5-under-par 67 and a three-shot victory over Lee Westwood, who secured his third consecutive top-three finish in a major championship.

The PGA Grand Slam of Golf will once again air on TNT, where it is broadcast in prime time to more than 89 million U.S. homes and an international audience of more than 100 countries. Comprised of the four major championship winners, the 36-hole PGA Grand Slam of Golf provides the best players in the world the opportunity to earn a spot in the most elusive and difficult foursome in all of golf.

Joining Mickelson in that foursome will be the winners of the U.S. Open, June 17-20 at Pebble Beach Golf Links in Pebble Beach, Calif.; the British Open, July 15-18 at the Old Course at St. Andrews in Scotland; and the 92nd PGA Championship, Aug. 12-15 at Whistling Straits in Kohler, Wis.

Should a player win more than one major Championship this season, the foursome will be completed through the Major Champions Points List, composed of past major Champions who compete in the current year’s majors.

In addition to Mickelson, past PGA Grand Slam of Golf Champions include: Tiger Woods, Ernie Els, Jim Furyk, Lucas Glover, Angel Cabrera, Greg Norman, Nick Price and Ben Crenshaw.

For 64 years, the Storm Bowlers Journal Championships, presented by USBC, has complimented the United States Bowling Congress Open Championships as the ultimate warm-up for bowlers before they compete under the bright lights and custom scoreboards of the main event.

Bryan O'Keefe of Arlington, Texas, stopped at the Bowlers Journal Championships for a tune-up this week and rolled the highest individual set on the tournament lanes since the event changed to a four-game format in 2006.

O'Keefe posted games of 275, 286, 258 and 235 for a 1,054 total and teamed up with Chris Viale of Westfield, Mass., to move into second place in Open Doubles with a 1,932 total. Viale contributed 213, 289, 189 and 187 for an 878 set. Erik Vermilyea of Mansfield, Texas, and Anthony LaCaze of Melrose Park, Ill., lead with 1,972.

Chad Maas of Brookfield, Wis., previously held the four-game record with 1,045, which he shot on the way to the Classic Singles title in 2008. Unfortunately for O'Keefe, he will not be celebrating singles glory of his own after neglecting to take advantage of the tournament's Dual Entry feature, which allows bowlers to count their four-game totals for doubles and singles at the same time.

"I honestly just forgot about it," said O'Keefe, who shared the 1996 Classic Singles title with Lumber Liquidators Professional Bowlers Association champion Robert Smith. "After I got done bowling my first doubles set, I just paid my entry for the next set and didn't think about it. I have won the event before, and to win it twice would have been awesome. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do about it now."

In their second game, O'Keefe and Viale both tossed 10 consecutive strikes and combined to shoot 575. Not to be outdone, O'Keefe's wife, Team USA member Shannon O'Keefe, struck 11 times on the way to a 295 game.

"Chris and I both started with a spare in the first frame," said O'Keefe, who made his first Bowlers Journal Championships appearance in 1994. "We got to the last ball of the 10th frame and I left a 2-4-8-10, while Chris left a 10 pin. My wife, Shannon, started with the first 11 strikes, but the last ball was a little wide, and she left a washout for 295."

O'Keefe's experience and knowledge as a USBC Coaching Specialist helped him realize what was happening on the lanes and what he needed to do to succeed.

"During practice, I saw there was a little more hook, so I made a move left," said O'Keefe, who finished third in Regular Doubles at the 2009 USBC Open Championships. "During the second game, we went back to the pair that I started on in my previous set, and I knew that one lane was tighter. Then, I shot 286, and it just went on from there. The lanes were playable, and it helped that the three other people on my pair were playing in the same area. It is cool to know that is the highest four-game set ever."

O'Keefe, who entered the 2010 Open Championships with a career average of 213 through 16 years, shot 638 in singles, 600 in team and 547 in doubles for a 1,785 all-events total. Shannon O'Keefe rounded out her second tournament appearance with 710 in team, 623 in doubles and 604 in singles for 1,937. Their team, Cambridge 1 of Feeding Hills, Mass., is seventh in Regular Team with 3,217. Bowlers Edge Pro Shop of Neenah, Wis., leads with 3,408.

Mike Tryniski of Fulton, N.Y., also found success at the Bowlers Journal this weekend as he posted the second perfect game of this year's event. LaCaze rolled the other.

The accomplished right-hander already owns a 300 game and 800 series at the Bowlers Journal, and his efforts this weekend helped him into eighth place in Classic Singles with 890 (194, 300, 214, 183). Jeffrey Mersch of Orlando, Fla., leads with 970.

"It felt good," Tryniski said. "After the first game, I moved a little left and was able to roll the ball a little bit more. I also was able to hook the ball a little more, and I ended up shooting 300."

Each year, Tryniski, 49, looks at the Bowlers Journal Championships as an opportunity.

"It's another opportunity to compete," said Tryniski, who owns Lakeview Lanes in Fulton, N.Y. "Usually, the shot is different, and it's a way for bowlers to get loose. Our group has had some past winners, and we look forward to bowling with each other with another chance to make money."

Two of those past winners are Joe Petrowski of East Syracuse, N.Y., and Art Alexander III of Baldwinsville, N.Y., who won Open Doubles in 2006. Petrowski also looks forward to the Bowlers Journal every year.

"I like how all 10 guys can be involved," Petrowski said. "We all bowl with each other for doubles, and it gives everyone an opportunity to compete and cash with each other."

Tryniski also has a track record of success at the Open Championships with a 300 game at the 1993 event in Tulsa, Okla., and Regular Doubles and Team All-Events titles a year later in Mobile, Ala. He and his Lakeview Lanes teammates made a run at the Regular Team lead at the National Bowling Stadium on Sunday night.

The group put together games of 1,024, 1,213 and 1,076, but fell short and settled into second place with 3,313.

Petrowski led the way with a 726 series and was followed by Alexander (690), Tryniski (657), Dean Distin (626) and Ray Cyr Jr. (614).

Their companion team, Ray Cyr's Pro Shop of Baldwinsville, N.Y., also bowled well and moved into fifth place in Regular Team with 3,248.

Joe Conti Jr. of Liverpool, N.Y., the Open Singles champion at last year's Bowlers Journal event, led the way for Ray Cyr's Pro Shop on Sunday with a 697 series and was followed by Larry Porter (660), Matt Chetney (639), Michael Carno (633) and Joseph Losurdo (619).

This year's Storm Bowlers Journal Championships, presented by USBC is being held at the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino and runs daily from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. daily.

Presenting sponsors for the 2010 USBC Open Championships are Circus Circus, Eldorado Hotel Casino and Silver Legacy Resort Casino in Reno, Nevada. Other sponsors include Sands Regency Casino Hotel, official brackets sponsor, Kegel, official lane maintenance provider, US Steltronic, official scoring system, and supporting sponsors Storm Bowling Products, UPS, Nationwide Insurance, Atlantis Casino Resort and Spa, Harrah's Reno Casino and Hotel and Peppermill Hotel Casino.

For more information on the USBC Open Championships, visit

United States Bowling Congress
The United States Bowling Congress, as the national governing body, ensures the integrity and protects the future of the sport, provides programs and services to more than two million adult and youth members and enhances the bowling experience.

At National Bowling Stadium, Reno, Nev.
(Top 10 division leaders with hometowns and pinfalls)



1, Bowlers Edge Pro Shop (Brad Kuhr, Timothy Rice, Dan Paul, Kenny Kempf, Jason Wendt), Neenah, Wis., 3,408. 2, Lakeview Lanes, Baldwinsville, N.Y., 3,313. 3, Turbo 2-N-1 Grips 1, Madison, Wis., 3,298. 4, Red Carpet Lanes, Greenfield, Wis., 3,250. 5, Ray Cyr's Pro Shop, Baldwinsville, N.Y., 3,248. 6, Up An Adam, Coral Springs, Fla., 3,247. 7, Cambridge 1, Feeding Hills, Mass., 3,217. 8, Rob Bailey's Pro Shop 1, Sun Prairie, Wis., 3,202. 9, Larry's Precision Pro Shop, Cape Coral, Fla., 3,190. 10, Living Water Pools 2, Piedmont, Okla., 3,176.


1, Jeffrey Mersch, Orlando, Fla./Erik Vermilyea, Mansfield, Texas, 1,507. 2, Tom Milton, St. Petersburg, Fla./David Taylor, Seminole, Fla., 1,498. 3, Jeff Nimke, Oshkosh, Wis./Chad Maas, Brookfield, Wis., 1,480. 4, Kenneth Stephens, Frankfort, Ky./Randall Montoya, Albuquerque, N.M., 1,434. 5 (tie), Terry Hall, Rocklin, Calif./Andrew Udahl, Elk Grove, Calif., and Scott Helm, Hartford, Wis./Dave Beres, Greenfield, Wis., 1,421. 7, Mandy Wilson, Dayton, Ohio/Douglas Stone, Troy, Ohio, 1,419. 8, Art Alexander III/Matt Chetney, Baldwinsville, N.Y., 1,416. 9 (tie), Jason Hale, Des Moines, Iowa/Matt Smith, Altoona, Iowa, and Lana Schwab, Lake Villa, Ill./Davey Rosen, Northbrook, Ill., 1,411.


1, Terrence Syring, Bay City, Mich., 833. 2, Jimmy Johnson, Pataskala, Ohio, 804. 3, Dan Gould, East Hampton, Mass., 783. 4, Richard Brooks, Versailles, Conn., 767. 5, Barry Zimmerman, Grand Forks, N.D., 766. 6, George Kontos, Joliet, Ill., 760. 7, Christopher Webb, Racine, Wis., 755. 8. Jimmy Hilligas, Kettering, Ohio, 749. 9, Brian Himmler, Cincinnati, 748. 10, Larry Thompson Jr., Spring, Texas, 742.


1, Terrence Syring, Bay City, Mich., 2,155. 2, Chad Maas, Brookfield, Wis., 2,141. 3, Jeffrey Mersch, Orlando, Fla., 2,112. 4, Jimmy Johnson, Pataskala, Ohio, 2,108. 5, Erik Vermilyea, Mansfield, Texas, 2,104. 6, Robert Gotchall, Lincoln, Neb., 2,096. 7, Shannon Pluhowsky, Phoenix, 2,083. 8 (tie), Matt Smith, Altoona, Iowa, George Kontos Joliet, Ill., and Andy Blasdell, Jamestown, N.Y., 2,073.

Team All-Events

1, Red Carpet Lanes (Jeff Nimke, Scott Helm, Steve Brinkman, Chad Maas, Dave Beres), Greenfield, Wis, 10,131. 2, Junior Team USA Support, Orlando, Fla., 9,893. 3, Don Johnson Memorial, Shepherdsville, Ky., 9,813. 4, Turbo 2-N-1 Grips 1, Madison, Wis., 9,609. 5, Bluebird Lanes, Orland Park, Ill., 9,602. 6, Professional Image Center 1, Coffeyville, Kan., 9,599. 7, Linds Limited, Milwaukee, 9,598. 8, Design Wizards, Mandan, N.D., 9,578. 9, Janzs H I, Beaver Dam, Wis., 9,506. 10, Plaza Lanes, Washington, Ill., 9,468.


1, Huikko's Bowling Center 3 (Pam Strong, Ronda Bauman, Jeanne Schmid, Jeffrey Schmid, Dale Bauman), Buffalo, Minn., 2,730. 2, EWI/NPS/Denny's, Mentor, Ohio, 2,699. 3, Wothe Bait 1, Perham, Minn., 2,684. 4, Garden Center Lanes 2, Alexandria, Minn., 2,683. 5, Garden Center Lanes 3, Alexandria, Minn., 2,663. 6, Sportsman Bowling Club 5, Moreno Valley, Calif., 2,662. 7, Paradise Lanes, Walden, Colo., 2,648. 8, Red Carpet, West Union, Minn., 2,627. 9, Roadrunners, Las Cruces, N.M., 2,604. 10, Whitlow Furnace, Scobey, Mont., 2,602.


1, Tyson Sims/Scott Wilcox, Georgetown, Idaho, 1,182. 2, John Bishop/Dan Mosteller, Tooele, Utah, 1,175. 3, Wayne Doney, Lamar, Colo./Jim Matusek, Hartland, Wis., 1,174. 4, Pat Fitzgibbons, Colorado Springs, Colo./Pete Fitzgibbons, Goodland, Kan., 1,173. 5, Chris Nugent, Mays Landing, N.J./Jason Campbell, Galloway, N.J., 1,171. 6, Greg Allen/Stacey Bauer, Ogallala, Neb., 1,166. 7, Joe McKee/Mark Nalan, Sheffield, Iowa, 1,155. 8, Walter Cook, Inverness, Fla./Stephen Liik, Homosassa, Fla., 1,153. 9, Holly Ventura, Harwood Heights, Ill./Bob Zurek, River Grove, Ill., 1,149. 10, Delmar Brownell/Dale Brownell, Spearfish, S.D., 1,148.


1, David Garcez, Merced, Calif., 669. 2, Blake Sandidge, Lead, S.D., 653. 3, Mark Plute, Montrose, Colo., 644. 4, Curt VanLaningham, Ogallala, Neb., 624. 5, Dan Dahlquist, Wheaton, Ill., 622. 6, Terrance Hall, Spanish Fork, Utah, 620. 7, Ryan Goettsch, Galva, Iowa, 618. 8, Ryan Burmester, Chandler, Ariz., 615. 9, Flor Crowley, Oxnard, Calif., 611. 10, Preston Cheeks, Brooklyn, N.Y., 609.


1, Steve Miller, Roanoke, Ill., 1,775. 2, Richard Eisenhut, Downers Grove, Ill., 1,766. 3, Harry Berg, Eau Claire, Wis., 1,743. 4, Paul Daniels, Bonner, Mont., 1,739. 5, Jake Acuna, Pocatello, Idaho, 1,736. 6, John Stolarski, Waterford, Mich., 1,733. 7 (tie), Tom Sellers, Barstow, Calif., and Douglas Drake, Princeton, Ill., 1,732. 9, Thomas Robinett, Mishawaka, Ind., 1,727. 10, Preston Cheeks, Brooklyn, N.Y., 1,721.

At Grand Sierra Resort and Casino.
(Top 10 division leaders with hometowns and pinfalls)

Open Singles

1, Pat McGainey Jr., Baltimore, 976. 2, Matthew DeLong, Frewsburg, N.Y., 946. 3, Art Alexander III, Baldwinsville, N.Y., 943. 4, Steve Novak, Bay City, Mich., 940. 5, Matt Smallin, Minot, N.D., 937. 6 (tie), Jeff Wadsworth, Lakewood, N.Y., and Corey Slater, Syracuse, N.Y., 929. 8, Derek Magno, Liverpool, N.Y., 920. 9, Doug McHugh, Huron, S.D., 917. 10, Greg Derrick, Keller, Texas, 908.

205 & Under Singles

1, Brian Egan, Stoughton, Mass., 841. 2, Anthony Crews, Sebring, Fla., 821. 3, James Pavek, Fort Collins, Colo., 813. 4, Tom Prisco, Levittown, N.Y., 801. 5, Paul Morano, Iowa City, Iowa, 799. 6, Randy Shierling, Rochester, N.Y., 791. 7, Daryl Wasmund, Huron, S.D., 786. 8, Francis Allard, Grand Forks, Md., 783. 9, Michael McCordic, Sugar Land, Texas, 778. 10, Jason Locken, Bismarck, N.D., 775.

Senior Singles

1, Pete McCordic, Katy, Texas, 927. 2, Bob Hanson, Spokane, Wash., 923. 3 (tie), Harry Mickelson, Yakima, Wash., and Jim Kutter, Lidgermood, N.D., 903. 5, Steve Wright, Cypres, Texas, 884. 6 (tie), Steve Ferraro, Kingston, N.Y., and Phil Mann, Hazen, N.D., 874. 8, Gerald Numes, Davis, Calif., 869. 9, James Kent, Yakima, Wash., 858. 10, Dan Stricker, San Diego, 856.

Classic Singles

1, Jeffrey Mersch, Orlando, Fla., 970. 2, Michael Remaklus, Florissant, Mo., 962. 3, Erik Vermilyea, Mansfield, Texas, 952. 4, John Losito, Lincoln, Neb., 943. 5, Anthony LaCaze, Melrose Park, Ill., 941. 6, Brian Himmler, Cincinnati, 931. 7, Randy Wilson Jr., Lincoln, Neb., 898. 8, Mike Tryniski, Fulton, N.Y., 890. 9, Steve Ferraro, Kingston, N.Y., 889. 10, Shannon O'Keefe, Arlington, Texas, 887.

180 & Under "Pins Over Average" Singles

1, Danne Showers, Scobey, Mont., +130. 2, Gerald Belle, Cink, Ohio, +103. 3, Steven Sprague Sr., Scobey, Mont., +98. 4, Rebecca Clarkson, Farr West, Utah, +92. 5, LaVonne Frampton, Soaplake, Wash., +77. 6, Bruce Reece, Osceola, Iowa, +72. 7, John Dorseth, Scobey, Mont., +49. 8, Roger Munson, Belmond, Iowa, +46. 9, Jay Clarkson, Farr West, Utah, +33. 10, James Lindenfelser, Erhand, Minn., +29.

Open Doubles

1, Anthony LaCaze, Melrose Park, Ill./Erik Vermilyea, Mansfield, Texas, 1,972. 2, Bryan O'Keefe, Arlington, Texas/Chris Viale, Westfield, Mass., 1,932. 3, Jim Mee, Jamestown, N.Y./Matt White, Warren, Pa., 1,832. 4, Joe Petrowski, East Syracuse, N.Y./Mike Tryniski, Fulton, N.Y., 1,829. 5, Travis Hersrud, Glyndon, Minn./Randy Peterson, Carrington, N.D., 1,814. 6, Rob Gotchall, Lincoln, Neb./Erik Vermilyea, Mansfield, Texas, 1,813. 7, T.J. Mento/Derek Magno, Liverpool, N.Y., 1,807. 8, Pete McCordic, Katy, Texas/Paul McCordic, Sugar Land, Texas, 1,796. 9, Steve Novak, Bay City, Mich./Anthony LaCaze, Melrose Park, Ill., 1,790. 10, Derek Magno, Liverpool, N.Y./Pete McCordic, Katy, Texas, 1,785.

Senior Doubles

1, Pete McCordic, Katy, Texas/Paul McCordic, Sugar Land, Texas, 1,790. 2, Dan Kukuk/Bob Hanson, Spokane, Wash., 1,764. 3, Bob Hanson, Spokane, Wash./Mike McPherson, Colfax, Wash., 1,714. 4, Gerald Numes, Davis, Calif./Bill Nichols, Roseville, Calif., 1,710. 5, Harry Mickelson/James Kent, Yakima, Wash., 1,704. 6, Steve Wright, Cypress, Texas/Pete McCordic, Katy, Texas, 1,699. 7, Steve Slifka, Phoenix/Cliff Connors, Tempe, Ariz., 1,691. 8, Randy Peterson, Carrington, N.D./Phil Mann, Hazen, N.D., 1,653. 9, Steve Wright, Cypres, Texas/Paul McCordic, Sugar Land, Texas, 1,645. 10, Phil Mann, Hazen, N.D./Gary Bryant, Regan, N.D., 1,621.

Mixed Doubles

1, Bryan O'Keefe/Shannon O'Keefe, Arlington, Texas, 1,645. 2, Janette Nevels, Universal City, Texas/Paul Smith, Universal City, Texas, 1,636. 3, Samantha Williams, Hunt Valley, Md./Dan Schaden Jr., Essex, Md., 1,630. 4, Shannon O'Keefe, Arlington, Texas/Jim Emens Jr., Rochester, N.Y., 1,610. 5, Chris Viale, Westfield, Mass./Shannon O'Keefe, Arlington, Texas, 1,554. 6, Patti Tenyenhuis, Saugerties, N.Y./Tim Beaver, Kingston, N.Y., 1,551. 7, Terry Zarcone/Mike Zarcone, Tonawanda, N.Y., 1,504. 8, Herb Van Gundy, San Antonio/Janette Nevels, Universal City, Texas, 1,477. 9, Joshua Kierpiec/Brianna Brockway, Aurora, Colo., 1,453. 10, Jill Croucher, Grants Pass, Ore./Mark Scime, Winter Garden, Fla., 1,407.

Dual Entry

1, Jeffrey Mersch, Orlando, Fla., 970. 2, Erik Vermilyea, Mansfield, Texas, 952. 3, John Losito, Lincoln, Neb., 943. 4, Anthony LaCaze, Melrose Park, Ill., 941. 5, Steve Novak, Bay City, Mich., 940. 6, Brian Himmler, Cincinnati, 931. 7, Corey Slater, Syracuse, N.Y., 929. 8, Pete McCordic, Katy, Texas, 927. 9, Bob Hanson, Spokane, Wash., 923. 10, Derek Magno, Liverpool, N.Y., 920.