Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Scranton Yankees Blog

Adopt-a-Field Program Back in 2014
Nominations Accepted Through April 4, Voting Begins April 6

Moosic, Pa. – There’s something special about a baseball diamond. Add kids to the scene and you have the storybook home run. The Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders (Triple-A/New York Yankees) hope to help area youth enjoy America’s pastime all the more with the 2014 edition of the team’s Adopt-a-Field Program.

What began a few years ago with two teams getting the annual makeover, one each from Lackawanna County and Luzerne County, has blossomed into a four-field program. In 2014, that will consist of one high school field, one softball field, and two youth fields. Field nominations should be sent to the RailRiders’ community relations manager Rachel Mark (rmark@swbrailriders.com). Entries from both Lackawanna and Luzerne counties will be accepted and they should include both photos of the fields in need of renovation and related contact information.

The RailRiders will select the top five fields in each category. From there, online voting will determine the winners. The voting will run from April 6-13 with the victors announced on April 14.

“We want every kid in our community to play at their own version of PNC Field,” said RailRiders team president/GM Rob Crain. “That means a high-quality field that can be properly maintained for years to come. I love this program. We as a franchise are committed to doing what we can for our neighbors and this is one of the most fun and directly impactful efforts we can provide. We owe a lot of thanks to Bob Seltzer at Fisher & Son, Company and Pro’s Choice for their generous donations of materials to make this all possible.”

The program affords an individualized evaluation and athletic field maintenance clinic to the chosen sites. More than the initial facelift care of the RailRiders’ raw manpower and expertise, the teams will be taught how to keep up that same professional-level look for years to come.

“This is a great opportunity to provide those maintaining local fields with the knowledge needed to maintain a safe and beautiful playing surface,” said the team’s director of field operations, Steve Horne. “Many leagues don't have the tools, manpower or guidance needed to keep their fields in good shape. Hopefully, after our crew comes in to help get them started, we can develop a plan that will benefit the leagues and their players for years to come.”

Media members and fans will be invited to document and watch the progress throughout the day at each site. The first makeover will take place on April 29. Other dates and all sites will be announced at a later date once voting concludes.

The RailRiders’ 2014 season begins on Thursday, April 3 when the club kicks off a seven-game road trip at Syracuse against the Chiefs (Washington Nationals).The home slate commences a week later on Thursday, April 10 when the Chiefs visit PNC Field for a four-game series and homestand. For season ticket information or to book a ballpark group outing, call (570) 969-BALL (2255) or visit swbrailriders.com.

- SWB RailRiders – All Aboard! -

Binghamton Mets Blog

51’s Beat B-Mets in Intrasquad Tilt, 9-5

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL – The Binghamton Mets fell to the Las Vegas 51’s, the New York Mets’ Triple-A affiliate, 9-5, today at the Mets’ Spring Training facility. Due to impending rain, the B-Mets opted to battle their Mets brethren instead of hosting the Springfield Cardinals, their originally-scheduled opponent.
B-Mets infielder Aderlin Rodriguez went 2-for-4 with a double and a two-run homer. Signed as non-drafted free agent in 2008, Rodriguez hit .260 with nine home runs and 41 RBI while splitting time between third base and first base for the St. Lucie Mets (High-A) in 2013.
Following a camp day on Tuesday, the B-Mets return to action on Wednesday against the Jacksonville Suns (Miami Marlins) at 1:00 PM.
The Binghamton Mets spring training schedule consists of twelve games stretching from March 14 to March 28. Players that see action in these spring games are not guaranteed to be on the Binghamton Mets Opening Day roster on April 3.
The B-Mets kick off their 23rd season on Thursday, April 3 against the Akron RubberDucks at NYSEG Stadium at 6:35 PM. Tickets for the 2014 season are on sale now. Visit the B-Mets Box Office during regular business hours or call (607)723-METS to order yours today.


Here & There Column 4-1-14

  UPS Switching To Natural Gas 

    Mail and package carrier services use a substantial amount of gasoline so it comes as no surprise that UPS recently started substituting diesel fuel with lower-emission liquified natural gas.
    The reason being that natural gas prices are much more economical.
    Transportation managers are indicating that switching to liquified natural gas could reduce our oil imports by more than a million barrels a day.
    With UPS and other major transportation companies now looking to switch to liquified natural gas the question some are asking is where is the the State of New York heading in regards to the natural gas industry as not much information has come forth from Albany as to where they are at in regards to studying the question that Marcellus shale could be naturally high in radioactivity.

  If this is a proven fact making the disposal of waste water from the drilling could become a severe problem for any drilling within the state.

   A story released almost two years ago by Abraham Lustgarten in ProPublica, the nonprofit online investigative news producer, said that the DEC has analyzed 13 samples of waste water brought up from the drilling's and found that the samples contain radium 226 in much higher levels than are considered safe....and in some cases 267 times the level safe for discharge into the environment.

  This might be a severe problem and if continued testing proves that initial finding, gas companies could be saddled with increased regulations and expenses for treating the waste water.

  The waste water is considered the most troublesome issue attached to drilling in the Northeast.
  The question here is will the DEC find it difficult to establish safe levels of exposure, since ordinary exposure from the sun, soil and bricks in homes can be 400 milligrams a year.

  The ProPublica article notes that naturally occurring radioactive materials called NORM, are common in gas and oil drilling water, particularly in brine, the water that lies in the shale and is brought to the surface with recovered drill water.

   Radium gives off radon gas, which can cause cancer to people in an enclosed space.

  In gas drilling operations in other parts of the country operators inject the waste water back into played out wells for storage but that is unlikely to happen in the Northeast.
  Communications and getting results of tests conducted by the DEC in regards to this subject at times are difficult to obtain.
   An open line of communications would be helpful to all interested parties.


Bowling Highlights Column 3-28-13

Working Together For Bowling

   For the first time in the 5,000-year history of the sport, the bowling industry is united under one roof at the International Bowling Campus (IBC) in Arlington, Texas.
   The IBC, located at 621 Six Flags Drive, is in close proximity to the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium, the Rangers Ballpark and the Six Flags Over Texas theme park. The 100,000-plus square foot IBC complex  houses more than 200 employees.

The campus serves as home to the expanded International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame.  The state-of-the-art museum features interactive displays and exhibits along with rare, one-of-a-kind items from the various eras dating back to 3,200 B.C.  The IBC also houses the International Training and Research Center (ITRC) and an expansive pro shop making it the premier pro shop of the bowling industry.  Additionally, the IBC acts as the central operating facility for the Bowling Proprietors’ Association of America (BPAA) and the United States Bowling Congress (USBC).

“The International Bowling Campus marks a first in sports and its impact on the bowling industry simply cannot be understated. Bringing together all of the leading entities in bowling under a single roof is a tremendous step forward in uniting and strengthening our industry,” said Steve Johnson, executive director of the BPAA."
   “With already more than 69.3 million bowlers in the U.S. alone, the opening of the IBC sets the stage for a new era of growth for bowling and signifies the incredible worldwide resurgence in popularity that bowling has seen in recent years.”

“The International Bowling Campus has ushered in a thrilling new era for bowling. Through the creation of the IBC, which includes the first International Training and Research Center, we have a world-class facility that enables us to offer tremendous resources to help enhance the sport of bowling across all levels of play,” said Stu Upson, executive director of the USBC.  “Additionally, working side-by-side with the BPAA will further enable us to enhance and strengthen the sport of bowling on a local level.”

In addition to the BPAA and USBC, the International Bowling Campus includes the:

International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame Formerly located in St. Louis, Missouri, the International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame collects, preserves and displays the 5,000-year history that has lead to the sport of bowling’s worldwide success. In addition to outlining the history of bowling, the completely interactive 21st century International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame will focus on the contemporary era of the sport, specifically its youth programs and international competition. The museum will also house the Celebrity Hall of Fame exhibit, including inductees Lynn Swann, Jerome Bettis and Tom Candiotti. Custom bowling industry merchandise and branded memorabilia will be available at “Spare Partz,” a unique concept in museum stores.

·         International Training and Research Center (ITRC) – A United States Olympic Committee-recognized training center, the ITRC will serve as a world-class training facility for professional and amateur bowlers, and will include 20 lanes for training, research, testing and television broadcasts (of the 20 lanes, six will be used exclusively to test and certify bowling equipment prior to worldwide distribution, replicating all lane conditions). The center’s research area will include cutting-edge tools such as a robotic ball thrower, a computerized ball tracking system and a state-of-the-art biomechanics package designed to analyze actual bowling movements and test equipment. The center will be the training home for Team USA, Junior Team USA, international teams, numerous college and high school teams and elite coaches.

The campus is also the the home to the International Bowling Pro Shop and Instructors Association (IBPSIA), the School for Bowling Center Management, the Billiard and Bowling Institute of America (BBIA), Bowling News Network (BNN), Strike Ten Entertainment (STE), Bowling Writers’ Association of America (BWAA) and The Bowling Foundation (charitable arm of the industry).

The facility brings events such as the BPAA Bowling Summit, International Bowl Expo  and numerous nationally televised bowling competitions.

Ed's Outlook

  Definitely considered one of the premier men bowlers in the Tri-State area, Wurtsboro bowler Donald Durland continues the march to see how many perfect games he can put in the record book.
  Bang.....record another perfect game which came on March 17 in the Kiamesha Lanes Monday Men's league.
  This 300 is Durland's 23rd career perfect game and we can see into the future that bowling might become a career although its mighty tough out there in the pro ranks.
  Considered a very versatile bowler Durland is not locked in to just bowling at Kiamesha Lanes as he also bowls league competition at the Walden Hoe Bowl Lanes and even switches to bowl left handed at the Tarsio Lanes in Newburgh.
  He maintains a 236 average Monday, a 217 at Hoe Bowl and a 189 left handed in Newburgh.
  Donald started out bowling at the age of five, received excellent coaching through the Kiamesha Lanes youth leagues and learned the game well to become the bowler he is today.
  The Durland bowling family and the bowling community can be proud of Donald. 

  Ed Townsend, a PR Consultant to the sport of bowling, writes and compiles the information for this column. If you have league scores, tournameent information, score a 300 or 800 series, or even score your age, call Ed at 845-439-8177, email at edwardctownsend@hotmail.com or fax at 845-205-4474. View this column at and all of Ed's pictures at http://bght.blogspot.com. We are also on Facebook and Twitter.

The Bowling Tip

By Mike Luongo

    Bowlers: Bowling Ball Maintenance is very important for all types of bowling balls used in the modern era.
    A must tip is that all balls should be cleaned and maintained after each use.

    Starting with the plastic balls, used by new and recreational bowlers and also by experienced bowlers to make certain spares. These balls are not porous but due to the high viscosity oils used today, the oil will build up on the balls and eliminate any contact with the lane. You can use any car care product or household cleaner to clean this type of ball very easily.

    Plain urethane balls with no additives are somewhat scarce in today's game, but like plastic balls they are porous and will not absorb oil and dirt. You can use the above products to clean the oil and dirt off the ball. However, if you would like to keep the ball dull, use an abrasive pad.

    Then we have the urethane based ball with additives commonly known as reactive or particle balls. Many different chemicals are used as reactive additives and particles, but, since every company uses chemicals from different suppliers they must be maintained differently.

    High performance balls are very porous and will absorb oil and dirt fast and this will diminish the performance of the ball as soon as thirty games if not maintained. You should towel the ball off after every shot during use and clean the ball as soon as possible at the end of each bowling session.

    There are several ways to clean a high performance ball. If your ball is dull and you would like to keep it that way, you can use warm water, dish detergent and a gray or burgundy pad (3M makes them) or the back of a scrubber sponge. The gray pad will leave the ball surface with a 700 matte finish, burgundy at 500. If you ball does not have a dull surface and you would like to keep the surface the  same, you can use dish detergent with a rag (no abrasive) or a generic ball cleaner with made for bowling balls and sold in pro shops. If you find that your ball works best when polished, many products are available in many different degrees of polish  to give the desired finish on the ball. Several companies sell products to match the out-of-box  finish if desired.

    As far as long range maintenance, if you have your ball resurfaced and the oil extracted occasionally, your ball will perform for a much longer period of time than if neglected.

    Remember, your ball will treat you as well as you treat it and it will continue to perform for many games if properly maintained.

    Mike Luongo is a certified IBPSIA Pro Shop Operator, Master Instructor, USBC Silver Level Coach and an Adviser-Special Events Assistant with the Storm and Roto Grip Bowling Ball Company. If you have a question or subject you would like covered, he can be reached at 435-720-7939 or via email at mikel@stormbowling.com

 Local Scores
 (compiled by Ed Townsend

Kiamesha Lanes

Monday Men's

  Wayne Pirnos 247, 639, Eddie Lake 256, 638, Rick Lake a nice 300 coupled with single games of 224 and 257 for a 781 series (we'll have more on Rick's perfect game next week), Shane Connor 246, 625, Jim Piontek 613, Dan Ricco 264, 619, Mike Weiner 279, 225, 665, Greg Fallon 226, 243, 692, Paul Durland 269, 629, Vinnie Collura 225, 242, 234, 701, Juan Lopez 247, 663, John Lopez 268, 660, John Fischer 233, 227, 667, Jon Wilhelm 601, Kevin Stackhouse 254, 233, 661, Tim Totten 628, Ronnie Totten 225, John Hoffmann 230, 618, Nick Price 227, Eddie Walsh 235, 231, 633, Pedro Agapito 233, 242, 676, Vinny Scuderi 638, Walt Edwards 226, 636, Frank Scuderi 261, 643, Jesse Noren 267, 275, 724, Kenny Atkins 230, 652, Craig Wilhelm 237, 623, Lloyd Bridges 233, 268, 244, 745, Keith Smith 246, 278, 739, David Graham 266, 663, Armen Murad 225, 620, Bobby Cooper 234, Jody Farquhar 237, 636, Al Caycho 258, 694, Jason Budd 235, 620, George Budd 258, 236, 238, 732, Tim McIntyre 226, 236, 641, Josh Strang 268, 670, Jim VanAken 246, 269, 728, Frank Eichenlaub 256, 246, 724, Merrill Steinhilbergo 234, Kyle Stevens 267, 247, 258, 772, Rob Sze 282, 665.

Wednesday Men's

  Jon Wilhelm 245, 675, Kyle Stevens 237, 237, 279, 753, Chris Stevens 247, 244, 231, 722, Edwin Rodriguez 228, 635, David Graham 251, 246, 711, Vinnie Collura 280, 237, 720, George Baggatta 258, 617, Timmy Minton 227, 629, Steve Cottam 238, 610, Pedro Agapito 623, John Fischer 628, Kevin Stackhouse 227, 256, 700, Robert Sze 617, James VanAken 233, 227, 609, Josh Strang 649, Tim McIntyre 245, 237, 704, Dan VanAken 234, 627, Charlie Tuttle 242, 225, 246, 713, Chris Parken 641, Kyle Matthews 226, 225, 644, David Sawall 614, Shane Cunningham 245, 635, Mikey Travis 258, 662, Robert Beach 234, 636, Jim Piontec 627, Pete Mitro 245, 630, Serafin Rodriguez 234, 643, Rick Lara 249, 259, 709, A. C. Patel 235, John Hoffmann 234, 634, Paul Durland 226, 617, Frank DiCostanzo 229, 605, Russell Bivins 237, 620, Larry Hicks 607, Carlos Torres 630, Ed Blume 236, 654, Jason Jones 225, 653, Dwayne Cabrera 225, 258, 705, Tom Mitchell 257, 657, David Garlinghouse 256, 288, 767, Merrill Conner 259, 690.

Thursday Ladies

  Debbie Polin 234, 234, Liz Stubits 211, Cara Nicholson 193, Lisa Cartwright 180, Liz Burgio 180, Connie McKenley 198, Kelly Shattuck 200, Mary Jane Conklin 185, Marie Frunzi 180, Valerie Fersch 187, Monica Lane 182, Dottie Collins 199, 187, Shirley Bowens 182, May Smith 181, Audrey Woolard 183.

Callicoon Kristal Lanes

Tues. Del Valley Men's

  Roger Widmann 193, Eugene Fulton 209, 191, Gary Erlwein 234, 183, Damien VanLeuven 195, 187, Rick Weigelt 222, 186, Russell Lyons 218, 190, Bob Head 189, Dean Shattuck 183, 222, 230, 635, Bob Cady 186, 191, 223, 600, Jim Stone 184,  Mike Beseth 251, Samii Markao 183, Kory Keesler 180, Bruce Rutledge 235, 256, 648, Kurt Buddenhagen 189, Joe Meyer 198, Rob Bivins 186, Chris Marston 184, Brian Marino 192, Mark Scriber 226, Ed Leroy 192, 199, Jeff Neidert 195, Gary Maas 218, 192, Brian Starr 201, 181, Tom Bisig 188, Mark Yewchuck 226, 188, 201, 615, Erik Kubenik 195, Tom Hubert 189, John Hubert 202, Matt Hubert 185.

Wednesday Men's

  John Kline 181, Rich Thony 190, 188, Brian Brustman 182, Robert Glassel Jr. 202, Joel Turner 207, 204, Brandon Swendsen 186, John Diehl 190, 188, Jack Diehl 197, 185, Alby Thony 192, Mark Yewchuk 198, 186, Gavin Salzberg 198, Tom Gain 182.




Here & There Column 3-25-14

   Protecting The Consumer Isn't Working

    This price is going up....that price will soon see an increase ....and don't forget to order a years supply of important household necessities because there may be a shortage just when you need it the most.
   Every time we turn around we see price increases to things we do and items we use on a daily basis.

    If it isn't increases in bridge tolls or New York State Thruway fees  we are presently witnessing as I had projected months ago increases in our viewing costs for cable
TV and Internet.
    You read it right here folks, told ya the cable TV standoffs definitely would threaten our viewing costs.

    Folks are demanding that we need to get a grasp of reality.

With the economic challenges we now face we just can't have increases in taxes and spending and many folks also cannot afford increases in electrical rates,  heating costs and shortages in coal and wood pellets for pellet stoves.
  As we noted several weeks ago some 80 percent of wood burning stoves and fireplace inserts are going to be banned by the EPA especially effecting home in outlying rural areas and lets remember not everyone can afford the continually rising fuel oil prices.
  The coal industry continues to receive more criticism from Washington, fining coal mine operators who violate water pollution and although there should be no water pollution from any source consumers can see increased prices for heating their home with coal.
  Adding more hurt for consumers is the region's major utilities saying there will be sharp increases in customer bill's in coming weeks.
  Now the newest threat to home owners who use pellet stoves is that suppliers have been struggling with a pellet shortage because of the high demand in the extreme cold weather and some retailers are limiting customers or are selling only to local customers who have bought pellet stores and pellets in the past. Suppliers are urging customers to place advance pre-paid orders to eliminate situations like this.
  You got to wonder how the average Joe is going to survive all this and it just goes to prove that accountability and the need to protect the consumer (and taxpayer) just isn't working.


Bowling Highlights 3-21-14

  2nd Annual Scratch Doubles Tourney

  The 2nd Annual Doubles Bowling Challenge Tournament will be held March 29-30 at both Kiamesha Lanes and Liberty Bowl.
  There will be a $1,000 first place guarantee in Flight A of this scratch tournament.
  The tournament format is that each team will consist of two bowlers (any combination) and team can enter more than once with the higher score advancing.
   Entry fee is $80 per team in advance to secure a spot or $90 on site the day of the qualifications. There will be a maximum of 96 teams allowed.
  This tournament also offers a mega entry option where bowlers can participate in all four qualifying squads for $225.
  The 1st seed in the qualifying squad automatically gets a bye to the finals and second place money.
  Each team will bowl three games Saturday  to quality and total scratch scores will be placed in flights, A, B and C with A being the highest seed and C the lowest.
  Tahe number of teams advancing wlill be determined by the total number of teams that enter the tournament, example being if 48 teams enter, 24 teams will move on with eight teams in each flight.
  Following qualifying rounds teams will be seeded and a double elimination tournament will be held Sunday at 9 a.m. at both Kiamesha Lanes and Liberty Bowl.
  Liberty Bowl will host the A Flight and Kiamesha Lanes the B and C flights based on entries and availability (subject to change).
  This tournament will also feature optional high game pots and brackets and bowlers will be able to use their individual doubles scores to enter a side scratch tournament for $20 or bowl separately for $25 to beat the board.
  A modified house shot will be the tournament lane condition.
  Squad times for qualifications is 9:30 a.m., 12:30, 3:30 and 5:30 p.m.
  Tournament director is Josh Strang and he may be reached at 845-741-6849 or at info@kiameshalanes.com
  Mail chick or money order to Josh Strang, 78 Sprague Avenue, Middletown, NY 10940 or pay cash in person to Josh at Kiamesha Lanes.
  All directors decisions for this tournament will be final.

  Ed's Outlook

  It's great to see local tournaments being promoted in Sullivan County and scratch bowlers will have the opportunity to show off their scoring ability in the 2ed Annual Doubles Scratch Tournament scheduled at Liberty Bowl and Kiamesha Lanes.
  We complement Josh Strang for his efforts to stimulate bowling competition in Sullivan County.
  Just another reminder that the 62nd Annual Men, Women, Mixed team, doubles and singles Fox Bowling Center tournament will be held March 29 through April 27. Call Bill Gleim for information at 607-637-4401.
  In talks with several bowling lane operators the past several weeks about leagues and tournament's we all agreed that the sport of bowling has a unique language and some of the phrases and terms will league a non-bowler wondering what you're talking about.......example the terms "Deadwood" or "180".
  These terms commonly are heard being made to the control desk at bowling centers.
  Deadwood is the term used to let a pin chaser or mechanic know that a pin went past the automatic pin setter and is still located on the lane or in the gutter. A call for a 180 means the rack of pins was never set and the bowler is staring at an empty pin deck.
  Bowlers who have heard other unique bowling language can send them along to me at my  email address  noted below.

  Ed Townsend, a PR Consultant to the sport of bowling, writes and compiles the information for this column. If you have league scores, tournament information, score a 300 game or 800 series or even bowl your age, call Ed at 845-439-8177, email at edwardctownsend@hotmail.com or fax at 845-205-4474. View this column at http://bght.blogspot.com We are also on Facebook and Twitter.

 The Bowling Tip
 By Mike Luongo

  Bowlers: This week's tip is about ways to revive your game.
  We talk about the exotic ball experiece this week and the importance pro shop operators have on the game.
  Better known as ball technicians, pro shop operators are increasingly arming average bowlers with the formidable equipment of today.
  Physically, bowling is a sport comprised of two elements....accuracy and action. In terms of priority develop your accuracy skills first.
  Once your hitting the pocket on a regular basis, then begin enhancing your action technique. Keep in mind that, in bowling, action is primarly applying a torque (force) with the hand to the ball.
  Torque is comprised of three factors, life, turn and extension...and be careful not to stress acuracy at the expense of action and vice-versa.
  Much of the action today is built into the bowling balls by the use of sophisticated weight blocks, dynamic balancing and modifying the coverstock with more or less porosity as the lane condition demands.
  To be sure, these modern balls have been a boon to bowlers young and old.
  If you are still holding onto that old ball Aunt Sarah bought for you for Christmas a number of years ago, do your self a favor and get down to your local pro  shop and modernize your equipment.
  Trust me, no matter how talented you are, you can't compete using old antiquated equipment in today's environment.
  Mike Luongo is a certified IBPSIA Pro Shop Operator, Master Instructor, USBC Silver Level Coach and an Adviser-Special Events Assistant with the Storm and Roto Grip Bowling Ball Company. Have a question, call him at 435-720-7939 or email at mikel@stormbowling.com

 Local Scores
 (compiled by Ed Townsend)

 Kiamesha Lanes

Monday Men's

  Eddie Lake 247, 634, Rick Lake 246, 246, 252, 744, Shane Connor 268, Greg Fallon 236, 226, 669, Paul Durland 262, 242, 674, Vinnie Collura 250, 257, 234, 741, Donald Durland 265, 247, 727, Pete Bertholf 230, Juan Lopez 233, 619, Tom Belgiovene 629, Rudy Belanchia 226, 235, 612, John Fischer 235, 244, 643, Jon Wilhelm 236, 232, 666, Kevin Stackhouse 228, 246, 639, Ronnie Totten 226, 245, 669, John Hoffmann 279, 662, Nick Price 229, 654, Pedro Agapito 247, 671, Walt Edwards 237, 646, Lloyd Bridges 236, 230, 647, Larry Whipple 236, 635, Robert Beach 237, 246, 689, Larry Berens 612, Charlie Meier 226, 609, Rob Sze 234, 659, Keith Smith 253, 661, Kyle Stevens 268, 279, 226, 773, Dave Graham 279, 267, 770, Francisco Martinez 234, Jody Farquhar 235, 623, Al Caycho 244, 639, Jason Budd 245, 662, Brett Budd 225, 657, Tom McIntyre 288, 706.

Tues. Mixed Firefighters

  Mary Lee Williams 215, 236, 620, Carena Collura 248, 574, Joan Lake 188, 214, Trasey Barres 199, 189, 540, Laura Palmer 185, 223, 536, Debra Blackford 182, Kyle Stevens 258, 279, 751, Kris Gwiozdowski 258, 246, 719, Tom Palmer 235, 290, 719, Eddie Blume 257, 253, 713, Kevin Stackhouse 236, 247, 696, Jack Rustic 246, 237, 673, Larry Whipple 238, 671, Paul Minton 260, 668, Ed Guthrie 245, 642, Charlie Tuttle 616, John Hoffmann 604, George Kelley 601, Chris Stevens 227, Gedorge Misner 230.

Wednesday Men's

  George Baggatta 258, 617, Vinnie Collura 280, 237, 720, David Graham 251, 246, , 711, Edwin Rodriguez 228, 635, Chris Stevens 247, 244, 231, 722, Kyle Stevens 237, 237, 279, 753, Jon Wilhelm 245, 675, Dan VanAken 234, 627, Tim McIntyre 245, 237, 704, Josh Strang 649, James VanAken 233, 227, 609, Robert Sze 617, Kevin Stackhouse 227, 256, 700, John Fischer 628, Pedro Agapito 623, Steve Cottam 238, 610, Timmy Minton 227, 629, Charlie Tuttle 242, 225, 246, 713, Chris Parken 641, Kyle Matthews 226, 225, 644, David Sawall 614, Shane Cunningham 245, 635, Mikey Travis 258, 662, Robert Beach 234, 636, Jim Piontec 627, Pete Mitro 245, 630, Serafin Rodriguez 234, 643, Rick Lara 249, 259, 709, A. C. Patel 235, John Hoffmann 234, 634, Paul Durland 226, 617, Frank DiCostanzo 229, 605, Russell Bivins 237, 620, Larry HIcks 607, Carlos Torres 630, Ed Blume 236, 654, Jason Jones 225, 653, Dwayne Cabrera 225, 258, 705, Tom Mitchell 257, 657, David Garlinghouse 256, 288, 767, Merrill Conner 259, 690.

Thursday Ladies
  Dottie Collins 181, Connie McKenley 180, 181, Vera Bernhardt 243, 182, Mary Lee Williams 227, 195, 199, 621, Mary Jane Conklin 185, 188, Joan Lake 194, Maria Funzi 184, 188, 192, 564, Liz Stubits 196, Kathy King 204, Lisa Cartwright 204, 193, Audrey Woolard 217, 201, Cindy Short 194, 201, Debbie Polin 209, Trasey Barres 205, 201, Kelly Shattuck 211, 189.

Friday Mixed
 Kevin Stackhouse 236, 648, Linda Schaefer 190, 518, Eddie Lake 256, 635, Dori Castro 180, Paul Berens 239, 636, Mary Ann Drobysh-Berens 202, 195, 548, Larry Berens 246, 235, 663, Michelle Morris 513, Esther McIntyre 190, Tim McIntyre 248, 228, 686, James VanAken 234, 624, Matthew Jahn 602, Ryan Lepke 256, 227, 680, Trasey Barres 192, 187, 557, Cathy Carpenter 183, 213, 204, 600, Greg Kuchar 601, Tammy Sze 245, 221, 193, 659, Bob Sze 239, 633, Dave Graham 258, 232, 701, Frank Eichenlaub III a 663, Debbie Polin 180, Jon Wilhelm 234, 246, 692.

Callicoon Kristal Bowl

Tues. Del. Valley Men's

  Roger Widmann 183, 182, Chris Berner 193, Bob Cady 204, 181, Dean Shattuck 206, 200, Bob Head 210, Rich Weigelt 223, Joe Gager 201, 214, Alan Rutledge 235, 220, 616, Kory Keesler 182, Bruce Rutledge 193, 206, Ed Leroy 213, Brian Starr 180, 223, Mike Gieger 180, 189, Jim Kautz 193, Mike Sorge 181, 190, 182, Tom Bisig 192, Jackie Brockner 180, Dan Brown 200, Erik Burton 225, 226, 624, Mark Yewchuck 183, Bill Meyer 203.

Wednesday Men's

  Tim Sykes 188, 182, John Kline 197, Rich Thony 181, Brian Brustman 191, Matt Kitson 190, Corey Hornicek 219, Robert Glassel Jr. 191, 221, Joel Turner 234, Brandon Swendsen 180, John Diehl 188, 191, Jack Diehl 188, Alby Thony 254, 180, Mark Yewchuk 202, Gavin Salzberg 187, Tom Diehl 185, 192, Roger Widmann 190.

Beechwood Lanes

Monday Ladies

  Deb Murphy 156, Dot McCormack 153, 150, Tracy Puerschner 164, Jackie Gieger 175, 156, Julie Yewchuck 168, 157, Diane Staves 174, 163, 170, 507, Diane Conroy 180, Lori Kimmes 151, Lois Erdman 164, Janet Bertholf 165, 190, 504.





Monday, March 17, 2014

Here & There Column 3-18-14

Great Job Lady Bears
   Congratulations go out this week to a successful Tri-Valley Lady Bears varsity basketball team that brought championship honors to their school district and Sullivan County and to their outstanding coach for his amazing two year regular season undefeated record. 
  The basketball team seemingly walked through the competition in the OCIAA Division V except for a close win at Tuxedo where Katlynn Greffrath played with a severe ear infection and where Tuxedo plays a tough defense  in their bandbox smaller gym.
  The Lady Bears went 16-0  to win their division and then brought home the Section IX Championship.
  The majority of opposing coaches Tri-Valley played against always offered compliments like, "they are so deep and well conditioned it's hard to keep up with them," and there was always comments which credited coach Jason Closs. 
  Traveling with  this great group of ladies throughout the season and doing our media coverage almost becomes personal keeping in mind that when I step on the court to do my work I have to take a neutral position providing fair and equal coverage for both teams. 
  But in my heart it has been my pleasure to know and work with a great group of ladies and coach who gave their community and this county a wonderful experience.
  Individually this past season also gave Katlynn Greffrath the opportunity to score over 1,000 points in her high school career....indeed an outstanding feat to a young lady that literally eats, sleeps and drinks basketball and everyone knows this is a big, big part of her life.
  As to this team's overall approach to the 2013-14 season Coach Closs said it best, "our girls mindset is that they come out with a business-like approach and do what their suppose to do even if the chips are down." In regards to the overall season, Closs said,  "a great season, we put four months of hard work and efforts and ask the girls to give so much, great personalities, great girls who all had great work ethics and values and they do the same in practice as they do at game time and it's been a special treat for me in my first year."
  Basketball fans throughout OCIAA Division V and a number of Sullivan County schools have also been treated to the stand-out  professionalism  of one of the most knowledgeable basketball coaches in the tri-state area as Coach Closs' last years JV boys team and this years varsity girls team awarded him with a combined 32-0 record in regular season play.
  A great job by everyone connected to the Tri-Valley Girls varsity basketball team.


Bowling Highlights Column 3-14-14

300's Come Rolling In
  The 300 bandwagon at Kiamesha Lanes is playing the old favorite hit song 'Strike Up The Band.'
  Within the past several weeks perfect scores have been recorded by Kyle Stevens,  Paul Minton, Chris Stevens, Keith Smith and Donnie Durland.
  On February 25 in the Tuesday Mixed Firefighters league two bowlers on the same team (but not in the same game) bowled 300 games.
  Some three weeks ago two league keglers on the same team bowled 300 games in the same game.
  Bowling on the team 3.5 Men Liberty bowler Kyle Stevens recorded his 29th career perfect score in the second game of the night and finished with a 772 series.
  Fellow team bowler Paul Minton  chipped in with his 21st career 300 in the third game and finished with a 745.
  Minton used a Brunswick C-System bowling ball while Stevens scored with a Brunswick Meanstreak Brawler ball, both on lanes 13 and 14. 
  The two bowl with team members Ed Blume and Chris Stevens. 
  Minton presently holds a 227 average on Tuesday and a 228 average in the Wednesday Men's league. Stevens averages a 234 in this Tuesday league, a 241 Thursday at Newburgh Tarsio Lanes and a 240 plus average subbing in the Monday and Wednesday  Men's leagues at Kiamesha Lanes. 
  Chris Stevens, Kyle's younger brother banged out his second career 300 on March 2 in a Wednesday Night Men's league make-up match bowling with the Boys Nite Out team consisting of Paul Minton, Jason Jones Sr., and Ed Blume.
  Chris, subbing for Dwane Cabrera,  used a Brunswick Nexus bowling ball and maintains a 219 average in the Tuesday Mixed Firefighters league. He finished the night with a 239, 237 for a 776 which is his highest series to date. 
  The Stevens brothers come from bowling families and grew up in youth and adult leagues at the former Liberty Lanes owned by grandparents Bob and Honey Fix. 
  Minton is a long time twice a week high average Liberty bowler having bowled over the years at Liberty Lanes, Callicoon Lanes and Kiamesha Lanes.
  Smith bowled his 3ed career 300 on March 7 in the Friday Mixed league using a Strom IQ Pearl bowling ball on lanes 9 and 10. 
  Smith was subbing in the league and bowls regularly in the Monday and Wednesday  Men's league where he maintains a 226 average.
  The Loch  Sheldrake bowler is an active firemen and trustee with the Woodbourne Fire Department. 
  Durland on March 3 in the Monday Men's league recorded his 22ed career 300 bowling with the Monticello Greenhouse team consisting of Greg Fallon, Paul Durland and Vinnie Collura.  
  This 300 came in the third game of the night as he rolled a 269, 248, for an 817 series using his Hammer Deadly Aim bowling ball on lanes 1 and 2.
  Part of the well known Durland bowling family, Donald presently averages 236 in the Monday league, 217 in the Walden Hoe Bowl Lanes Wednesday Men's league and 189 bowling left handed in the Thursday Men's league at Tarsio Lanes in Newburgh.
Ed's Outlook 
  The 62nd Annual Hancock Fox Bowling Center Tournament get's under way on March 29.
  The Men, Women and Mixed tournament  features team handicap (men's scratch) and doubles and singles events. Handicap is used in all the other events. 
  A special  optional event best two out of three games scratch event will also be held.
  Total prize money paid out last year was $14,972.00
  Entree fees are $135 for team, $27 for singles and $54 per team for doubles. 
  Tournament dates are March, 28-29, April 5-6, April 12-13, April 19-20 and April 26-27. There will be no doubles and singles bowled on April 27 at 1 p.m. and no bowling on Easter April 20. 
  Saturday bowling times are 12:30, 4 and 7 p.m. Sunday' at 1 p.m.
  Contact Bill Gleim at 607-637-4401 or at foxbowl@verizon.net 
  Ed Townsend, A PR Consultant to the sport of bowling, writes and compiles the information for this column. If you have league scores, tournament information, score a 300 game or 800 series or even bowl your age, call Ed at 845-439-8177, email at edwardctownsend@hotmail.com or fax at 845-205-4474. View this column and all of Ed's pictures at http://bght.blogspot.com We are also on Facebook and Twitter. 
 The Bowling Tip
  By Mike Luongo
  Bowlers: This week the tip is for all bowlers to assist you on how to best use the dots and arrows on the approach as target aids.
  When prparing to execute a bowling shot, whether it is a strike or spare, you must be prepared to understand the path down the lane you intend your bowling ball to take. With this in mind, when stepping on the approach you should have a focal point, simply the point which the ball will roll off your hand in the direction you intend it to go, picked out.
  If you throw a hook ball, you will be rolling toward the intended break point--the spot on the lane you expect your ball to change direction.  If you are rolling the ball straight, the pocket or the pin/pins will be your intended target.
  The tip: Look at your intended target and bring your eys back to the spot on the lane that you are most comfortable looking at...wheter it be the dots or an arrow.
  To play the modern game, the sooner the ball comes off your hand the better. If you are looking at an arrow and tend to throw or hit up on the ball instead of rolling it off your hand, bring your eyes more toward the dots.
  If your a bowler that tends to play more across teh boards with a lot of rotation, your focal point should be a far right (or left if left handed) as in between the lanes to get the ball to the correct break point.
  If you play a straighter game, with a small hook, your correct focal point may be toward the 3-pin (for right handed bowlers).
  Remember, there is no substitute for making a good shot. If you combine good shots with good thinking, your scores will increase.
  Mike Luongo is a certified IBPSIA Pro Shop Operator, Master Instructor, USBC Silver Level Coach and an Advisor-Special Events Assistant with the Storm and Roto Grip Bowling Ball Company. Have a question, call him at 435-720-7939 or email at mikel@stormbowling.com 
                                                      Local Bowling Scores
 Compiled by Ed Townsend)
Liberty Bowl
                                                                          Thursday Ladies
  Debbie Sklar 179, Karen Martin 163, Carly Sklar 156, Tabatha Smith 169, 164, Joan Fredenburg 183, Shirley Townsend 161, Diane Edwards 152, Kathi Smith 163, 194, Joann Bowers 163.
                                                                             Beechwood Lanes
                                                                             Monday Ladies
  Jackie Gieger 153, Jodi Gulley 161, 161, Nicole Hubert 166, Diane Staves 168, Lois Erdman 161.
                                                                           Callicoon Kristal Bowl
                                                                            Monday Ladies
  Sue Naughton 224, 150, 516, Kelly Gombita 192, 150, 157, Lillian Zieres 156, 213, 159, 528, Virginia Connel 152, Jane Benson 167, Pat Peters 151, Opal Hocker 192, 160, Maureen Schlott 167, Chris Burr 153, Debbie Loughrey 167, Barbara Pingel 161, Dawn Roemer 153, Kim Doty 169, Mardette Wilcox 173, 158, 221, 552, Heidi Schick 163, Kelly Ellsworth 162.
 Tuesday Men's
  Corey Hornicek 187, Eugene Fulton 180, 191, Gary Erlwein 218, 202, Chris Berner 182, Bob Cady 222, Dean Shattuck 186, 204, Jim Stone 188, Russell Lyons 184, Joe Gager 226, Damien VanLeuven 188, Bob Head 201, Alan Rutledge 230, Kory Keesler 180, Bruce Rutledge 188, 201, 212, 601, Kurt Buddenhagen 191, Joe Meyer 196, Rob Bivins 190, 196, Chris Marston 180, Mark Goda 212, Johnny Nober 195, 203, Jonathan Heinle 224, Gary Maas 182, Brian Starr 214, 180, Troy Parucki 182, Mike Gieger 201, 193, 188, Wally Warren 209, Tom Bisig 224, Dan Brown 181, 180, Erik Burton 192, Mark Yewchuck 192, 205, Bill Meyer 183, John Hubert 188, Matt Hubert 183.
                                                                               Wednesday Mens
  Tim Sykes 205, John Kline 185, Rich Thony 211, 188, 180, Brian Brustman 211, John Glassel 243, Robert Glassel Jr. 200, 206, 235, 641, Joel Turner 200, Bryan Swendsen 181, John Diehl 183, Jack Diehl 180, Alby Thony 228, 190, Mark Yewchuk 189, 191, Gavin Salzberg 189, 195, Tom Diehl 182, Roger Widmann 197.
                                                                                 Kiamesha Lanes
                                                                                 Monday Men's
  Eddie Lake 247, 269, 733, Rick Lake 237, 245, 693, Shane Connor 239, 656, Jim Piontek 237, 256, 680, Dan Ricco 615, Greg Fallon 237, 258, 711, Vinnie Collura 258, 268, 715, John Lopez 239, 227, 668, Tom Belgiovene 606, John Fischer 235, 246, 694, Kevin Stackhouse 265, 666, Ronnie Totten 258, 657, John Hoffmann 609, Nick Price 225, Pedro Agapito 613, Walt Edwards 235, 645, Frank Scuderi 246, 648, Vinny Degraw 225, 608, Kenny Atkins 235, 653, Lloyd Bridges 227, 236, 676, Larry Whipple 646, Mikey Travis 253, 636, Merrill Steinhilbergo 260, 655, Larry Berens 242, 646, Keith Smith 236, 652, Kyle Stevens 259, 279, 256, 794, Dave Graham 227, 633, Armen Murad 235, 238, 676, Jody Farquhar 257, 259, 700, Al Caycho 606, Brett Budd 277, 698, George Budd 622, Josh Strang 278, 659, Jim VanAken 238, 656.
                                                                                 Tues. Mixed Firefighters
  Andrea Grossman 218, 213, 591, Vera Bernhardt 212, 214, 589, Mary Lee Williams 206, 184, 192, 582, Joan Lake 191, 194, 559, Laura Palmer 216, 181, 537, Trasey Barres 196, 184, 536, Wendy Swan 197, 192, 522, Debra Blackford 200, 509, Tom Palmer 256, 259, 247, 762, Eddie Walsh 254, 228, 706, Kevin Stackhouse 278, 687, Shane Cunningham 235, 236, 686, James Fiore 267, 680, Larry Whipple 238, 241, 671, Chris Stevens 660, Jack Rustic 611, Kris Gwiozdowski 609, Ed Guthrie 226, 606, Bob Yakin Jr. 258, George Misner 231.
                                                                            Thursday Ladies
  Mary Lee Williams had a fantastic league night when she bowled a big 298 single and followed it up with a 182 and 184 for a real nice 664 series. Mary Lee has been an active league bowler for many years and is secretary of the Tuesday Mixed Firefighters league. Other scores in this league include Dottie Collins 198, Mary Jane Conklin 186, 201, Sonya Robinson 205, Joan Lake 189, 182, 183, 554, Marie Funzi 180, Lisa Cartwright 211, Trasey Barres 189, Franny Kaiser 182, 205, 201, 588, Audrey Woolard 196, Karen Gabriel 182, 186, Pat Gibson 181, Rita Burdick 181, Debbie Polin 221, 183, Megan Gilmour 183.
                                                                                  Friday Mixed
  Victor Decker 608, Frank Eichenlaub III a 228, 255, 248, 731, David Graham 245, 660, Matthew Jahn 225, 602, Eddie Lake 243, 659, Ryan Lepke 244, 225, 683, Tim McIntyre 236, Dan Ricco 631, Kevin Stackhouse 236, 622, Robert Sze 236, 612, Larry Whipple 257, 227, 678, Jon Wilhelm 613, Trasey Barres 182, 524, Dori Castro 188, Nancy Greene 189, Francine Kaiser 500, Joan Lake 229, 563, Esther McIntyre 204, 209, 590, Michelle Morris 183, 520, Debbie Polin 223, 193, 579, Tammy Sze 213, 196, 570.