Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bowling Highlights Column 10-1-10

Kyle Shivers and his high school sweetheart Regina Giordano

300 Game Rolled By New County Resident

The 2010-2011 bowling league season is underway and the first 300 game is in the books along with two outstanding 800 plus series.
Twenty-five year-old Kyle Shivers of Monticello, a new Sullivan County resident, has brought some polished bowling skills from Catskill, NY and immediately showed local bowlers his talent by crushing the maples for a perfect 300 game Sept. 15 in the Wednesday Men's league at Kiamesha Lanes.
Shivers rolled the perfect game during the first game of the night and added a 258 for a 744 series on lanes 9 and 10 using a green TKO Punch by Track which he refers to as "my old faithful and it is my 6th 300 with that ball."
The Sept. 15th perfect game was Kyle's 9th career 300 game. Six of the 300 games are sanctioned and the other three were recorded in high school or non-sanctioned tournaments or sweepers. His high series is an 803.
Bowling since the age of 3, Shivers grew up in the sport of bowling at Watauga Lanes in Watauga, Texas where his father bowled in leagues with Del Ballard and Ron Williams Jr. and this gave him the opportunity to grow up around a lot of talented bowlers.
In the Catskill, NY area he had the opportunity to be around professional touring professional Brian LeClair.
Shivers book average in Catskill last year was 224 and the year before that it was 231 (his highest ever).
He honed his bowling talents while living in Connecticut for three years at Wallingford Bowl, Circle Lanes in East Haven, Ct. and Milford Lanes in Milford, Ct.
While living in Catskill he bowled at the Catskill Hoe Bowl and in high school in Section 2 varsity bowling he led the Patroon Conference in Average his senior year and bowled the first 300 in school history during his junior year in high school.
Born in Ft. Worth, Texas he lived there until his family moved to Catskill when he was 13 years of age.
Kyle has worked as a sports writer for the Daily Mail for three years, has been an automobile salesman, worked as a bank teller and drove for Fedex but beginning in January he will return to school at Sullivan County Community College to further his education towards becoming a Math or Science teacher.
Another achievement he has completed but not related to bowling is that he has personally lost 110 pounds in the past year and just completed his second half marathon at the Dutchess County Classic in Wappingers Falls.
He moved to Monticello to be with his high school sweetheart, Regina Giordana who recently graduated from New Paltz with her Masters Degree in Special Education and is now employed by the Fallsburg High School.
Kyle is presently only bowling in the Monday Men's league and is subbing in the Wednesday Men's league, both at Kiamesha Lanes....he noted, "I'm a huge sports nuts."

Two 800 Series

This year's first 800 series was bowled Sept. 15 in the Wednesday Men's league at Kiamesha Lanes by William S. Howell III.
His games were 279, 270, 258, 807.
The second 800 series was recorded Sept. 20 in the Monday Men's league at Kiamesha Lanes by Matt J. Fallon.
His games were 276, 269, 276, 821.

Bowling Tip
By Mike Luongo

The tip this week if for all bowlers but will be especially beneficial to youth and beginning bowlers.
Many bowlers worry too much about their steps and footwork, giving very little thought to their upper body position. In the past, most new bowlers were told that you must use a four step approach and push the ball away on the first step. This advise was generally imparted by someone with the word "COACH" lettered on their shirt. Unfortunately, this advise is pure rubbish.
First of all, all bowlers have different body types, different flexibility and different lengths to their arms and legs. So how is it possible that everyone can effectively use the exact same four step approach? They can't.
If you look back at the legends of the game, did any two bowlers have exactly the same style? No.
The most important thing is to get the bowler's body in the correct position......head over the ball with the bowling shoulder tilted to the ball side. In this way, the feet will go where they must so that you do not fall down.
The bottom line is if you are someone that works with new or youth bowlers, you must understand that everyone has different physiology so you need to help them get their body into the correct position and not focus on how many steps they take ( or how these steps are taken) to get to the foul line
Mike Luongo is technically certified through IBPSIA as a Pro Shop Operator and Master Instructor. He is also a Silver Level Coach with the USBC and is an Advisor along with being involved with Special Events with the Storm and Roto Grip Bowling Ball Company. If you have a question or subject you would like covered, he can be reached at by telephone at 435-720-7939 or vie email at

PBA Has Only
Two East Coast
Stops This Season

The Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) 2010-2011 tour season has only two East Coast stops and New York State's Cheektowaga (Buffalo) is again back on schedule.
The AMF Thruway Lanes at Cheektowaga was knocked off the regular tour season in 2009-2010 but this year the popular center will host the Mark Roth Plastic Ball Championship (formerly held on Long Island) from March 1 through Sunday March 6.
The only other East Coast PBA tour stop this season will be the return of the 68th Lumber Liquidators U.S. Open to the Brunswick Zone Carolier in North Brunswick, NJ from Feb. 21 through Sunday Feb. 27.

This column is written by Ed Townsend, a professional public relations consultant to the amateur and professional sport of bowling and to several bowling writers associations. If you have a topic that would make good reading or have league or tournament information, Ed can be reached by phone at 845-439-8177, by email at and by fax at 845-230-8674. For a more expanded version of our columns, please visit our
Web site at This column is also available on Facebook.


Beechwood Lanes

Recent highlight scores in the Monday Ladies League included Jackie Gieger with games of 197, 223 and 182 for a 603 series, Diane Conroy 167, 175, Barbara Cady 165, 152, Nicole Hubert 157, Jackie Mootz 150, 165, Tracey Puerschner 156, Janet Bertholf 199, 165, Wendy Finn 152 and Karen Borowski 168.
In the Tuesday Ladies League, Lillian Zieres 206, 509, Rebecca Rhodes 183 and Debbie Loughrey 175, 459.

Fox Bowling Center

Recent highlight scores in the Men’s Wednesday Independent League included Mike Bowker with a 235 game and 635 series, Cody Conway 296, 679, Frank Couse Jr. 233, 653, Jim Dibble 235, 232, 657, Brandon Drumm 617, Brian Drumm 627, Chuck Dunlap 226, Jack Hazen 226, 631, Rob Johnson 246, 641, Ryan Kille 244, Donnie Marino 226, 255, 702, Mark McGraw 227, 605, Ed Milk Jr. 22, Josh Milucky 245, 646, Walt Oralls 258, 653, Mitch Persbacker 227, 228, 638, Jonathon Wayne 235, 623, Zuke Wormuth 228, 643 and Jeremy Wormuth 633.
In the Thursday Men’s Deposit National League, Andy Bullis 246, 612, Craig Conklin 239, 658, Ray Cornwell 244, 239, 661, Tim Cornwell 234, Frank Couse Sr. 603, Norm Ellis Jr. 237, 649, John Gurnick 231, 642, Paul Ignatovich 231, 621, Greg Keesler 231, 256, 229, 716, Dave Lester 268, 659, Neil Mosher 232, Paul Siegler 234, Jim Valentine 269, 639 and Dan Wormuth 236, 616.
In the Friday Mixed League, Andy Bullis 633, Crystal Ellis 188, 228, 575, Norman Ellis 607, Bill Gleim 265, 612, Gino Jones 226, 611, Jeannette Linkroum 232, 516, Dana McGraw 500, Mark McGraw 234, Dawn McLenon 189, Sheri Oralls 214, 197, 539, Walt Oralls 235, 237, 685, Dan Wormuth 226, 237, 669, Jay Wormuth 233, 624 and Jeremy Wormuth 234, 248, 639.

Kiamesha Lanes

Recent highlight scores in the Monday Men’s League included a 238 game and 660 series by Gregory Fallon, Al Caycho 228, Jon Wilhelm 245, 606, James VanAken 622, Josh Strang 629, Tim McIntyre 644, Eddie Lake 253, 638, Rick Lake 607, Corey VanKeuren 235, 644, James Ratner 232, 623, Kort Wheeler 232, 671, Ronnie Totten 248, 629, Vinnie Collura 255, 246, 706, Donald Durland 235, 647, David Graham 238, 640, Nate Sanders 247, 667, William Bartley 610, John Fischer 619, Leroy Williams 245, 648, Larry Berens 280, 237, 709, Dean Shattuck 268, 637, Timothy Minton 614, Matt Fallon 234, 622, Lloyd Bridges 244, 696 and Kyle Shivers 636.
In the Tuesday Mixed Firefighters League, Debbie Durland 180, 244, 189, 613, Jon Wilhelm 253, 673, Paul Durland 649, Ed Guthrie 235, 234, 635, John Cascone 243, 622, Mary Lee Williams 201, 212, 570, Ryan Lepke 226, 651, Andrea Grossman 191, 507, Neil Bell Jr. 235, 609, Joe Peabody 232, Carena Collura 180, 522 and Paul Curry 607.
In the Wednesday Men’s League, Paul Durland 248, 658, Tom Belgiovene 269, 246, 676, John Hoffmann 248, 622, Laresko Niifa 233, 610, David Graham 226, 659, Eddie Lake 232, 243, 688, Cecil Walters 226, Shane Daitchman 231, Nick Price 614, Eddie Walsh 244, 236, 286, 766, Shane Cunningham 235, 238, 675, Frank Emmens 617, Tim McIntyre 225, 655, Joe Fallon 610, Jon Wilhelm 610 and Don Durland 243, 651.
In the Thursday Ladies League, Mary Atkins 185, 529, Trasey Barres 186, 234, 544, Barb Merton 190, 187, 540, Connie McKenley 188, Rita Burdick 189, Pat Gibson 198, Debbie Durland 193, 522, Lisa Cartwright 205, 505, Joan Lake 211, 501, Sue Barrett 191, Pat Shuart 192, 195, 542, Liz Stubits 208, 531 and Christine Schultz 199.
In the Friday Night Mixed League, Laresko Niifa 236, 225, 237, 698; 222; Kyle Shivers 225, 237, 658; 266, 643; Edward Lake 219, 223, 214, 656; 219, 214, 218, 651; Eugene Kelly 205, 237, 201, 643; 222, 227, 648; Frank Scuderi 246,214, 643; 202; Alpesh Patel 225, 201, 622; Kevin Stackhouse 218, 217, 619; 227; Thomas Skiff III a 214; 235, 204, 207, 646; Tom Palmer 214; 234, 229, 655; David Graham 220; Larry Berens 201; 228, 225, 226, 679; Michael Osborn 233; 223, 607; Ryan Lepke 201; Harry Cohen 205; Robert Sze 202; 212; Victor Decker 202; 210; Leroy Williams 205; Frank Emmens 220; Vinnie Scuderi 221; Roy Sweeney 201; Matthew Jahn 215; Paul Berens 205; Ryan Sonnenschein 220; Mary Lee Williams 266, 596; 222, 557; Tammy Sze 187, 528; 208, 196, 564; Cathy Carpenter 221, 181, 574; 183, 504; Antionette Rau 185, 202, 525;182, 516; Joan Lake 180, 193, 519; 186, 510; Jeanette K. Margillo 185, 512; Amanda Scuderi 192, 506; 188, 531; April Aldrich 503; Mary Ann A. Drobysh-Berens 190, 502; 188, 190, 550; Nancy Greene 187; Francine Kaiser 188; Julie Chen 182; Trasey Barres 180; Laura Palmer 188 and Linda Schaefer 196.

Liberty Lanes

Recent highlight scores in the Monday Men’s Doubles League included Rudy Belanchia with games of 221, 224 and 207 for a 652 series, Kyle Stevens 214, 257, 648, Ralph Coney 205, 202, 210, 617, Andy Cook 211, 603, Chris Stevens 205, 207, Carmine Santillo 201, Paul Minton 210, Thomas Fix 200, Carlos Torres 201, Ed Blume Sr. 241, Robert Beach Jr. 223, Chris Santillo 204 and Walt Edwards 203.
In the Wednesday Men’s League, Kyle Stevens 206, 269, 299, 774, Keith Smith 230, 246, 669, Larry Hicks 242, 647, Timmy Minton 215, 212, 615, Jim Fiore 202, 223, 611, Paul Minton 231, Jason Jones Jr. 204, 202, Thomas Fix 203, 215, Gene Smith 212, Mark Carman Jr. 210, 202, Wayne Fox 226, Jerry Scandore 236, Ed Blume Sr. 225, Carlos Torres 224, Russell Bivins 220, Walt Edwards 218, Chris Stevens 217, Bobby Cooper 215, 205, Ryan Lepke 215, Juan Lopez 213, Robert Stewart 212, Bill Mitchell 209, Mike Aumick 203 and Damon Knack 201.
In the Thursday Ladies League, Krissy Goldsmith 520, Tabatha Smith 203, Sue Jones 191, Audrey Woolard 206, Rosa Zweck 190, Cindy Smith 189, Billy Jo Bound 182 and Debbie Sklar 180.
In the Friday Mixed League, Kyle Stevens 229, 259, 235, 723, Jim Fiore 224, 232, 616, Russell Bivins 235, Wendy Swan 203, 180, 529, Geo Dye 220 and Rich Kushner 201.
In the Saturday Mixed League, Chris McKay 201, 233, 242, 676, Chris Stevens 252, 215, 662, Anthony Atkins 222, 229, 201, 652, Gene Smith 255, 202, 637, Kyle Stevens 213, 200, 200, 613, Dennis Desmond 231, Geo Crary 232, Walt Edwards 233, Tabatha Smith 255, 574, Kevin Norris 238, Jeremy Gulley 205, Herbie Sklar 230, Thomas Fix 229, Rich Vail 222, Phil Norris 205, 203, Josh Milucky 200 and Peggy Torres 186.
In the Sunday Mixed League, Sheila Fix 180, 193, 537, Bob Feeney 211, Jerry Scandore 210, Jim Fiore 204, Thomas Fix 200 and Missy Hellerer 184.
After 37 Years, Lichstein
Ponders Entering PBA
Tournament of Champions

Long-time Professional Bowlers Association Director of Player Services Larry Lichstein, at age 61, has set aside his grievances, re-joined the PBA and is considering dusting off his bowling shoes to enter the $1 million PBA Tournament of Champions next January in Las Vegas.

There is much more to this story.

Anyone who has followed the PBA Tour over the past 40-or-so years knows Larry Lichstein is the guy who once drove the big semi and drilled bowling balls for PBA Tour players for years. They also know Lichstein was (and is) out-spoken, opinionated and extremely passionate about the sport, and the PBA.

Some also know that on Feb. 6, 2006 (“exactly 35 years to the day after I won my only PBA Tour title in San Jose, Calif.”), the PBA Hall of Famer for meritorious service wrote his resignation letter to the PBA, and walked away.

“I was extremely upset with several decisions the new owners had made and I decided I didn’t want to be a member anymore,” the Fort Meyers, Fla., pro shop owner said.

Fast-forward to January 2009, when the PBA celebrated its 50th anniversary with an unforgettable gala in Las Vegas – at the very same Red Rock Resort that will host the 2011 Tournament of Champions and PBA Hall of Fame ceremonies. The gala was unlike any event ever held in bowling. Almost all of the living competitors among those selected as the “50 Greatest Players in PBA History” were on hand. It might have been the most impressive gathering of bowling talent ever assembled in one room.

“I had strong inclinations not to go to that dinner,” Lichstein admitted, “but the reason I wanted to go was that I was asked to be one of voters, and those top 50 were not only my idols, but guys I bowled against and serviced as player rep for years. I knew if I missed that dinner, I’d regret it for the rest of my life.

“And I’ll tell you, it was the most wonderful three days I’ve ever spent in my life. (PBA Commissioner) Fred Schreyer was exceptionally warm to me. So was (PBA Vice President and Director, PBA Tour) Kirk (von Krueger), and (Deputy Commissioner) Tom Clark, and other PBA officials. I felt very comfortable. After the way I was treated at the 50th gala, considering the fact that I know many PBA execs knew how dissatisfied I was, well, I changed my mind.

“When the plans for the new Tournament of Champions were announced, I started thinking about it. I’m no longer a bowler; now I’m a bowling fan. But I bowled pretty good in April, and I started thinking, if I practice three or four times a week, I can still throw the ball pretty good for an old man. So I thought, if I go to the TOC, my only goal will be to not finish last.

“So now I’ve re-upped my membership. Do I really want to go? I’m still 50-50,” Lichstein continued. “It’ll mean I have to commit to a lot of practice - 50 games or so a week. I have to get myself in bowling shape. I figure, after about 30 days, the pain I’m going to go through should ease up.

“I have a lot to think about before I decide. I don’t want to look like a 61-year-old over-the-hill has-been, but I’ve taken the first step.

“I haven’t bowled in a PBA national tour singles event for 37 years. In fact, the last Tour event I bowled in was the 1963 Tournament of Champions. The only events I’ve bowled since then have been a few senior regionals, and a couple of PBA Senior Tour events. The last PBA event of any kind I bowled was 10 years ago, so if I enter the TOC, it will be my last PBA event. I don’t think I’ll ever bowl another one.

“But on the other hand, if they keep the same format, and I’m home and bored… It’s a nice trip to Vegas. Who knows?

“I feel very confident I’d have to do everything perfect and stumble onto a condition that’s understandable to me to even have a chance, but on the other hand, I’m an innovator,” he continued. “Maybe I could have a meeting with all my has-been friends and come up with a side bet. Put down $100 a head. I’m thinking I can beat Ernie Schlegel, no problem. (Dave) Soutar is old and brittle. That would be fun.”

When fellow lefty Johnny Petraglia heard about Lichstein’s “maybe” plans, the Hall of Famer from Jackson, N.J., was totally in favor of him bowling in Las Vegas – and bringing friends. “There are a lot of guys who said they aren’t going who should reconsider. Life is all about experiences. The TOC is not something you should pass up.

“If you were a five-handicap golfer and got a chance to play in the U.S. Open, you would jump at the chance to play,” Petraglia added. “Bowlers should be like that, too.”

The 2011 PBA Tournament of Champions, with its record $1 million prize fund and $250,000 first prize, is open to all active PBA members who have won any PBA title (PBA Tour, PBA Senior Tour, PBA Regional or PBA Women’s Series).

The signature event of the 2010-11 Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour season will be held Jan. 16-22 at Red Rock Lanes in Las Vegas.

After a frustrating singles performance at the 2010 Pan American Bowling Confederation Women's Championships, Team USA's Shannon Pluhowsky was able to regroup and join singles bronze medalist Kelly Kulick in a record doubles effort recently. The accomplished left-hander shot 1,400 for her six games, while Kulick contributed 1,380 to claim the gold medal with a 2,780 total at Sunset Station Hotel and Casino's Strike Zone Bowling Center in suburban Las Vegas. The previous record was 2,621 by Guatemala's Zussie de Machon and Sofia Granda at the 2009 PABCON Championships in San Juan, Puerto Rico.> > Pluhowsky and Kulick led by more than 100 pins after three games and battled through a tricky transition and a few ball changes to increase the margin of victory to 215 pins over their teammates, Shannon O'Keefe and Tennelle Milligan, who grabbed the silver medal with a 2,565 total. Canada's Caroline Lagrange and Isabelle Rioux took home the bronze with 2,562. Team USA's Liz Johnson and Stefanie Nation finished seventh with 2,461.> > "I got off to a good start today, and the pairs seemed to play more evenly from pair to pair and lane to lane," said Pluhowsky, who finished 30th in singles with a 1,183 total Monday. "It was a different day and a different pattern, so I really couldn't dwell on what happened yesterday. Since we'll see the patterns again this week, all I can do is learn from each day and hope to get some more pins the next time. The more games you bowl, the more comfortable you get, and I'm happy with how today turned out."> > Kulick got off to a slow start with a 182 game Tuesday morning but averaged 239.6 for the remaining five games. Her performance also helped her into the all-events lead with 2,747 after 12 games. Team USA's Johnson is second with 2,678, while O'Keefe is third with 2,648.> > "It's taking me a little bit longer to read the lanes in practice, and I've been slow out of the gate," said Kulick, who claimed the sixth gold medal of her PABCON Women's Championships career. "Shannon bowled great today from the start, and having a partner who's bowling well helps get your swing a little bit looser. Today, it was a new pattern and a new outlook, and I'm pleased with how everything came together for us."> > The 2010 PABCON Women's Championships features 60 competitors from 13 countries competing for medals in six events - five-player team, trios, doubles, singles, all-events and Masters match play.> > The bowlers will return to the lanes for six games of trios Wednesday beginning at noon Eastern.> > The United States Bowling Congress will provide wire-to-wire live streaming coverage of the event on> > For complete coverage of the PABCON Women's Championships, go to and search: PABCON.> > United States Bowling Congress> The United States Bowling Congress, as the national governing body, ensures the integrity and protects the future of the sport, provides programs and services to more than two million adult and youth members and enhances the bowling experience.> > The interactive home of USBC is Go to for the fastest USBC headlines.> > Bowl with US> > 2010 PABCON WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIPS> At Strike Zone Bowling Center (Sunset Station Hotel and Casino)> Henderson, Nev.> Tuesday's Results> > DOUBLES> (Top 5; six games)> > 1, Shannon Pluhowsky/Kelly Kulick, United States, 2,780. 2, Shannon O'Keefe/Tennelle Milligan, United States, 2,565. 3, Caroline Lagrange/Isabelle Rioux, Canada, 2,562. 4, Lilia Robles/Sandra Gongora, Mexico, 2,546. 5, Kerrie Ryan-Ciach/Robin Orlikowski, Canada, 2,533.> > ALL-EVENTS> (Top 5; 12 games)> > 1, Kelly Kulick, United States, 2,747. 2, Liz Johnson, United States, 2,678. 3, Shannon O'Keefe, United States, 2,648. 4, Felicia Wong, Canada, 2,604. 5, Shannon Pluhowsky, United States, 2,583.

For the first time since 1993, Canada claimed the trios gold medal at the Pan American Bowling Confederation Women's Championships.> > Despite being more than 200 pins out of the top spot after four games, the Canadians closed with sets of 725 and 739, an average of 244, to surge to the top of the standings with a 3,917 six-game total at Sunset Station Hotel and Casino's Strike Zone Bowling Center in suburban Las Vegas on Wednesday.> > Mexico led from the start but finished the day 23 pins back with 3,894, while Team USA settled for the bronze with 3,819 thanks to a 710 finale.> > "After the 725, we saw that we were in second place, and we were excited because we made such a big move," said Isabelle Rioux, who led Canada's trios effort with a 1,335 total. "We just tried to stay calm and throw good shots. Toward the end, I didn't even realize we were going for the gold, and I think it's probably better that I didn't know."> > Caroline Lagrange, the 2009 QubicaAMF World Cup champion, finished the day with games of 278 and 258 for a 1,309 total, while left-hander Felicia Wong contributed 1,273.> > "This is very exciting and shows that in Canada, we work really hard to get our games together," Lagrange said. "Since Canada is so big, we don't get to see each other or practice together as much as we'd like to, but this shows that we're all putting in the work and can come together when it counts."> > Sandra Gongora, the singles silver-medalist at the 2009 World Tenpin Bowling Association World Women's Championships, paced Team Mexico on Wednesday with a 1,433 effort and was joined by Iliana Lomeli (1,275) and Fernanda Cornejo (1,186).> > Liz Johnson led the way for Team USA with 1,302 and was followed by left-hander Shannon Pluhowsky (1,293) and Kelly Kulick (1,224). Johnson's effort also helped her to the top of the all-events standings through 18 games with 3,980. Kulick is second with 3,971, and Gongora jumped to third with 3,879.> > In the nine previous PABCON Women's Championships trios events, Team USA won the event five times, Canada won twice, and Mexico and Venezuela took home the title once each. Canada's last victory came in 1993, and the winning team included current head coach Sandy Lowe.> > "Every day, we just try to reach the podium, with the gold medal being the ultimate goal," said Rioux, who is sixth in the all-events standings with 3,867. "We said to each other before the last game that the only thing we could control was our own game, so we just needed to go out there and focus on throwing good shots. We are so excited about this, and I hope we made our country proud."> > Wednesday's trios competition featured both lane conditions being used this week. On each pair, the left lane had the 40-foot Athens pattern, and the right lane utilized the 34-foot Stockholm pattern.> > The bowlers will return to the lanes for six games of team Thursday beginning at noon Eastern. They will bowl three games on each lane condition.> > At the conclusion of the team event, the top 16 players in the all-events standings will advance to Masters match play Friday morning.> > The 2010 PABCON Women's Championships features 60 competitors from 13 countries competing for medals in six events - five-player team, trios, doubles, singles, all-events and Masters match play.> > The United States Bowling Congress will provide wire-to-wire live streaming coverage of the event on> > For complete coverage of the PABCON Women's Championships, go to and search: PABCON.> > United States Bowling Congress> The United States Bowling Congress, as the national governing body, ensures the integrity and protects the future of the sport, provides programs and services to more than two million adult and youth members and enhances the bowling experience.> > The interactive home of USBC is Go to for the fastest USBC headlines.> > Bowl with US> > 2010 PABCON WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIPS> At Strike Zone Bowling Center (Sunset Station Hotel and Casino)> Henderson, Nev.> Wednesday's Results> > TRIOS> (Top 5; six games)> > 1, Felicia Wong/Caroline Lagrange/Isabelle Rioux, Canada, 3,917. 2, Fernanda Cornejo/Sandra Gongora/Iliana Lomeli, Mexico, 3,894. 3, Liz Johnson/Shannon Pluhowsky/Kelly Kulick, United States, 3,819. 4, Laura Fonnegra/Rocio Restrepo/Clara Guerrero, Colombia, 3,778. 5, Anggie Ramirez/Paola Gomez/Sara Vargas, Colombia, 3,762.> > ALL-EVENTS> (Top 20; 18 games)> > 1, Liz Johnson, United States, 3,980. 2, Kelly Kulick, United States, 3,971. 3, Sandra Gongora, Mexico, 3,879. 4, Felicia Wong, Canada, 3,877. 5, Shannon Pluhowsky, United States, 3,876. 6, Isabelle Rioux, Canada, 3,867. 7, Karen Marcano, Venezuela, 3,855. 8, Caroline Lagrange, Canada, 3,845. 9, Shannon O'Keefe, United States, 3,841. 10, Kerrie Ryan-Ciach, Canada, 3,795. 11, Aumi Guerra, Dominican Republic, 3,749. 12, Iliana Lomeli, Mexico, 3,744. 13, Jennifer Park, Canada, 3,737. 14, Jessica Santiago, Puerto Rico, 3,733. 15, Clara Guerrero, Colombia, 3,728. 16, Stefanie Nation, United States, 3,725. 17, Sofia Granda, Guatemala, 3,719. 18 (tie), Alicia Marcano, Venezuela, and Laura Fonnegra, Colombia, 3,704. 20, Maria Ramirez, Costa Rica, 3,701.
PBA Spare Shots

As expected, the 2010 PBA World Series reached its capacity of 256 players on Sept. 28, with former PBA Exempt Tour player Tony Reyes of San Bruno, Calif., claiming the final spot.

The next step is filling the spectator area at South Point Bowling Center in Las Vegas with PBA fans to help kick off the 2010-11 Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour season.

And during the first week of qualifying, you might find yourself seated next to Susie Anthony. The wife of the late PBA superstar Earl Anthony has confirmed she intends to attend the entire first week of World Series action to visit with old friends and watch the competition.

Tickets for all sessions of the World Series, set for Oct. 24-Nov. 6 at South Point are now on sale on For the practice sessions on Sunday, Oct. 24, and each of the “animal pattern” qualifying sessions Monday through Friday, Oct. 25-29, ticket prices are $10 for either the morning or afternoon/evening sessions, or $15 per day for “all day” passes.

For the Sunday, Oct. 31, practice session for the Cheetah, Viper, Chameleon, Scorpion and Shark match play finalists, and for the five individual match play rounds, including Monday’s Cheetah and Viper finals; Tuesday’s Chameleon and Scorpion finals, and Wednesday’s Shark finals, are $15.

Tickets for the Cheetah, Viper and Chameleon TV finals at 9 a.m., 1 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 5, will be $20 per session or $50 for the full day. Tickets for the Scorpion, Shark and U.S.A. vs. The World finals on Saturday at 11 a.m., 3 and 5:30 p.m. also are $20 per session or $50 for the full day.

Players who are still hopeful of getting into the World Series field should get their names on the waiting list as soon as possible. Any late withdrawals will be filled on a first-come basis from the waiting list.

PBA REGIONAL ROUNDUP powered by Xtra Frame
As Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour veteran Ryan Shafer knows only too well, not all victories in bowling are a thing of beauty. The Horseheads, N.Y., resident will likely remember his 15th career PBA Regional title fit that category after he defeated James Sonday of Exeter, Pa., 160-146, to win the PBA East Region’s Parkway Lanes Open in Elmwood Park, N.J., on Sept. 26.

Shafer, who earned $2,500 for his win, defeated Sonday’s older brother, P.J. Sonday of Luzerne, Pa., 225-183, to advance to the title match. James Sonday eliminated former exempt tour competitor Brian LeClair of Athens, N.Y., 198-181, in the other semifinal round match.

Also on Sept. 26, Lennie Boresch of Kenosha, Wis., defeated Tim Mack of Indianapolis, 235-198, to win the joint Midwest/Central Sparetime Lanes Open in Decatur. The title was Boresch’s second of the year and his 24th career regional title. He also earned $2,200.

Boresch defeated Jaros, 279-235, and Mack edged Mark London of Ingleside, Ill., 268-217, in the semifinal round.

Also on Sept. 26, Barry Mefford of Aurora, Ill., defeated Kenny Parks of Hammond, Ind., 233-214, to win the joint Central/Midwest Region Mel Westrich Senior Open at Delphos Recreation Center in Delphos, Ohio. The title was Mefford’s first of the year and his second career PBA Regional title. He earned $1,800 along with his title.

In Fort Smith, Ark., Andy Patterson of Tyler, Texas, defeated former PBA exempt tour player Nathan Bohr of Wichita, Kan., 232-225, to successfully defend his title at the eighth annual PBA Southwest Region Smith Open at Bowling World on Sept. 26 while Henry Gonzalez of Colorado Springs, Colo., defeated PBA Hall of Famer Gary Dickinson of Edmond, Okla., 209-179, to win the Senior portion of the same event.

Patterson, a former Texas Youth Bowler of the Year, won his first title at the 2009 Fort Smith Open and doubled in the 10th frame Sunday to deny Bohr his fourth Southwest Regional title of the year. Patterson won $2,600. PBA Exempt Tour competitor Mike Edwards of Tulsa, Okla., was eliminated by Bohr in the semifinal round, 236-213.

Gonzalez, winner of a combined 25 standard and senior PBA Regional events, won the first Senior event held in the PBA Southwest Region in 10 years. Gonzalez, who earned $1,600, defeated Phil Gessner of Spring, Texas, in his best-of-five-game semifinal round match, 3-0, while Dickinson had to overcome fellow PBA Hall of famer Mark Williams of Beaumont, Texas, 3-1.

On Sunday, Oct. 3, Xtra Frame will conclude its 2010 PBA Senior and Regional summer schedule with final-day coverage of the PBA South Region Camp LeJeune Open from Bonneyman Recreation Center in Camp LeJeune, N.C. Xtra Frame coverage will resume on Oct. 24 with comprehensive coverage of the 2010 PBA World Series of Bowling from South Point Lanes in Las Vegas.

All PBA title holders (National, Senior, Regional, Senior Regional, Women's Series champions) are reminded they must be PBA members in good standing as of Oct. 1 to be eligible for the $1 million PBA Tournament of Champions in January at Red Rock Lanes in Las Vegas.

The new Women’s Museum in Dallas, the first comprehensive museum in the United States dedicated to the history of women in America, has opened a Kelly Kulick exhibit which features one of Kulick’s designer "Spider-man" shirts and an Ebonite Mission ball just like the one she used to win the 2010 PBA Tournament of Champions.

The museum is located inside Fair Park where more than three million people will visit the Texas State Fair between Sept. 24 and Oct. 17. The Women’s Museum: an institute for the future, was developed in association with the Smithsonian Institution and chronicles the lives of American women through a series of state-of-the-art interactive exhibits that explore the contributions of women throughout American history.

PBA Central Region Manager Bobby Jakel of Lockport, Ill., was inducted into the Greater Joliet Area Bowling Hall of Fame during ceremonies on Sept. 25 in Channahon, Ill. Jakel, who got his start in bowling in the Joliet area youth program, later bowled for Illinois State University where he won the 1994 ACUI national singles championship.

As an adult league bowler, he has won city and Illinois state tournament titles, and owns an “eagle” as a member of the Joliet Town and Country Lanes’ team that shared the 2001 USBC Open Championships Regular Team title. Jakel has a personal-best 235 league average, 33 perfect games and a dozen 800 series.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Here & There Column 9-28-10


The Tri-Valley Strong Support System

The Tri-Valley Central School sports support system is alive and well as was evident on the weekend of September 17-18 (Home Coming Weekend) for the boys varsity football team and the dedication of the Joe and Missy Iatauro (Iatauro Sports Complex).
Whether its a winning or losing season the Tri-Valley sports community brings forth strong support for its sports teams and athletic events.
Kudos go out to Tri-Valley Cheerleading Coach Leighanne Walsh for her coordinating efforts in organizing and conducting the Sept. 17 Pep Rally held in the high school gym. Great fun and cute games and a lot of camaraderie took place prior to the lighting and enjoyment by all of the homecoming bonfire adjacent to the high school parking lot.
The strong community support continued at noon Sept. 18 with the dedication of the Iatauro Sports Complex which houses the football-soccer field and stadium and all the track facilities. Retired athletic director Joe Iatauro loves to get his hands on the microphone and both his sincere thanks and often humorous ceremonial remarks were enjoyed by all. He and his wife's outstanding sports teams achievements will remain forever in Tri-Valley sports fans memories.
The fine tribute to Joe and Elaine "Missy" Iatauro was also a special day for the Tri-Valley sports community and gave honor that was due to this legendary couple and their tireless devotion to the school district as Joe and Missy coached 110 and 96 consecutive seasons respectively for the "Bears" of Tri-Valley.
The Iatauro's were known for their great ability to inspire their Tr-Valley athletes and the large crowd Saturday showed deep appreciation at this dedication ceremonies.
A full picture slide show showing coverage of this weekend's events are available at and put in the privacy code of (photosbyme) and click on the photo group (Tri-Valley-Charlie's Angels). Exclusive video coverage of parts of the dedication is also available on

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Golfing Highlights Column 9-24-10

Talking and playing golf at Kutsher's Country Club recently were, from the left, Teaching Assistant John Singh, Neversink golfer Rodney "Taylor" Jester, Liberty golfer Richard Winters Jr., Liberty golfer Dean Winters, Director of Golf Pravin Singh and Golfing Highights Columnist Ed Townsend

Kutsher's Course Labeled Pleasant Round

Sullivan County golfers Dean Winters, Rodney "Taylor" Jester, Richard Winters Jr. and this columnist after playing the back nine at Kutsher's Country Club recently labeled this facility a well-rounded course and a good challenge that makes it interesting for all golfers.
Golf Course Architect William Mitchell took a real craftsman's approach when he designed Kutsher's Country Club as a classic parkland course with tree-lined fairways, sloping greens, strategic hunkering and lurking hazards.
The real fairness of the design is in its variety of holes and Mitchell shaped Kutsher's holes in all directions, both up and down hills.
The first nine holes were constructed in 1958 and the second nine in 1961.
From the blue tees this 18-hole USGA course plays 7001 yards and is a par 71. Professionalism and course maintenance are important factors for successful golf facilities today and Director of Golf Pravin Singh and Golf Course Superintendent Pat McNamara have this course is great playing condition.
Pravin's son, John, provides lessons and is working towards his PGA certification.
In playing the course we quickly realized that Kutsher's is a must play as it's not so tough that average golfers can enjoy it, but it's still a challenge for any golfer.
Pravin is finishing his first year as Golf Director at Kutsher's where he is also the Tennis Professional. Mark Kutsher owns the golf course but leases out the hotel facilities.
The club's Golf Pro Shop is attractive, well equipped and meets all standards for a full pro shop..
Golf rates, including cart, for 18-holes, are $39 for midweek and $52 on the weekend. Rates after 1 p.m. Monday through Friday are $33 and weekends $40. Rates after 3 p.m. are $24 for week days and $27 on the weekend.
Tee times and golf course information is available by calling 845-794-4786.
Last week we defined the front nine. Today we will introduce you to the back nine which plays 3388 yards from the blue tees for a par 35 and includes 6 par 4s, two par 3s and one par 5. Distance markers are found in the middle of each fairway.
Hole No. 10 is a 362-yard par 4 which features a dogleg right with somewhat of a narrow to take your tee shot left center of the fairway. There is a fairway trap on the right and a trap right and left front on the green.
Hole No. 11 is a 378-yard par 4 with a dogleg left, take your tee shot left towards the ski lift. The key to scoring well on this hole is positioning your tee shot to the left which makes an easier shot to the green. There are traps left and right on this green.
Hole No. 12 is a 535-yard par 4 with a dogleg right. Position your drive to the right side of this fairway. As you approach your second fairway shot the fairway continues turning to the dogleg right. A big trap right side greets you on this green.
Hole No. 13 is 455-yard par 4 with some water on the left. Take your tee shot right center of the fairway. There are traps right and left front of this green
Hole No. 14 is a 188-yard par 3, open fairway with traps left, center and right on this green. Club selection here plays a key role in getting that birdie or par.
Hole No. 15 is a 455-yard par 4 which is pretty much straight. There is a pond approximately 100 yards from the green. Club selection on the second fairway shot is the key to success on this hole.
Hole No. 16 is a 220-yard par 3 with a trap left and right on the green and you also have to make sure you stay away from the pond near the green. A lengthy par 3 but the use of the right club gets you a par here.
Hole No. 17 is a 370-yard par 4 with a tree lined fairway. Keep the ball center of the fairway. There is a trap on the right front section of this green.
Hole No. 18 is a 425-yard par 4 with a dogleg right. This finishing green has a trap on the left side.
Kutsher's Country Club is a must play on your spring,summer and fall golf schedule.

The Golf Tip
By Robert Menges
Choosing A Putter:
When you finish a round of golf and are sitting down having a drink with your buddies, try to think for a moment about how many putts you had during the day. Most of the time, golfers will have close to half their shots on the green. When you set out to buy a new putter, think long and hard about what kind of wand you want in your hands to save you strokes.
Putters come in all different shapes and sizes, just as the gamete of players do. When choosing a putter, it is not only important that that it is pleasing to your eye, but also, the putter should be comfortable in your hands. The hottest, most expensive and coolest looking putter will do nothing if it does not feel comfortable and ultimately cost you strokes. In order for you to become a good putter, you must first conquer the mental side of putting. Purchasing a $150 putter will do little for that mental side if you cannot stroke the ball well. Not to mention the resentment you will endure each time you look in the bag. If you want to improve you game by buying a new putter, take your time and look at all of your options. The most important thing to remember is to make sure the putter is the right fit for you.
The two main factors in making putts is to have the right speed and the right line, or aim. If you focus on these two things you will improve your putting. When you are practicing your putting, try to focus on distance control, because even if you miss the putt off line, you should have a short putt to finish up with if you have the right speed. Good luck to all searching for the right tool to improve your game.
Robert Menges is the head golf professional at the Swan Lake Golf & Country Club, Mt. Hope Road, Swan Lake. He is available for private lessons and if you have a question or subject you would like covered, he can be reached by phone at 292-0323 or via email at

Ed's Outlook

Wow....what a great golf season this has been.....and that of course does not mean golf is over for us in the Catskill Mountains as October often offers some of the most beautiful scenery and golf opportunities anywhere.
At times a sweater and light windbreaker is required but tee times are more readily available and most area courses offer special fall golfing get out there and take advantage of our fall weather and the changing seasons to enjoy your round of golf before the snow starts flying. It's a long winter and enjoy the game as long as you can.
To all the golf pros and golf course managers we worked with this past golf season we offer our thanks for your cooperation and letting us tell golfers about your facilities.
We want to take this opportunity to send condolences this week to the family of Orange County golf professional and instructor "Willie" Carter who passed away Sept. 16 and to Swan Lake Golf Professional Bob Menges on the passing of his dad, John Menges.
We look forward to the spring of 2011 when we will one again bring you the Golfing Highlights Column.
Next week our Bowling Highlights Column returns. Have a great winter.
This column is written by Ed Townsend, a consultant to the amateur and professional sport of golf and to several golf writers associations. If you have a topic that you feel would make good reading or have league scores and tournament information, Ed can be reached by phone at 439-8177, by email at or by fax at 845-230-8674. For a more expanded version of this golf column, please visit our Web Page at This column is also available on Facebook.

Reno’s Sands Regency to Host
PBA Regional Players Invitational Dec. 14-16

Among the Professional Bowlers Association’s nearly 3,500 regional competitors, winning the Sands Regency PBA Regional Players Invitational ranks high on the wish list. But winning the 2010 edition at the National Bowling Stadium in Reno, Nev., Dec. 14-16 means an automatic berth in the “Elite” field for the 2011 PBA Tournament of Champions and a shot at a $250,000 prize.

The 42nd annual RPI is open to the top 25 points leaders in each of the PBA’s East, South, Central, Southwest, Midwest, West and Northwest Regions based upon their points rankings as of Sept. 30. The 2010 RPI also is open – for the first time – to PBA Senior players who finished in the top five in points in senior events within their regions, or who qualified in special senior regional qualifying events.

The PBA Regional Players Invitational – one of two major championships the PBA offers each year to its regional members – offers a $6,000 first prize (based on 80 entries) plus the “Elite” field berth for the Tournament of Champions at Red Rock Lanes in Las Vegas Jan. 15-22.

In addition, all players will have an optional opportunity to compete for seven exemptions to bowl full-time on the Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour during the 2011-12 season. All results in the RPI will be based on total pinfall for 37 games of qualifying and match play.

Last year, Scott Norton of Costa Mesa, Calif., won the 41st anniversary RPI.

The tournament will get started with a players’ reception hosted by the Sands Regency Hotel and Casino on Monday, Dec. 13. Following a practice session Tuesday morning, the entire field will bowl three seven-game qualifying rounds Tuesday and Wednesday. After 21 games, the top 16 will advance to bowl two eight-game round robin match play rounds on Thursday to determine the final standings.

The inaugural RPI was won by hall of famer Tom Hennessey, a member of the fabled Budweiser’s of St. Louis team, in Cincinnati in 1969. The tournament has served as a launching pad for a number of players who went on to careers as national touring players. Among the past champions who are still active as PBA Tour exempt players are Mike Scroggins of Amarillo, Texas (1999); Ritchie Allen, Columbia, S.C. (2004); Mitch Beasley, Puyallup, Wash. (2005), and John Nolen, Waterford, Mich. (2008).

In addition to Norton, the top seven 2009 RPI qualifiers who earned berths to bowl on the Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour during the 2010-11 season are: Bobby Hall II, Landover, Md.; Ryan Ciminelli, Cheektowaga, N.Y.; Lennie Boresch Jr., Kenosha, Wis.; Chris Warren, Grants Pass, Ore.; Dave Beres, Greenfield, Wis., and Jeff Zaffino Warren, Pa.

Presented by the Sands Regency Casino Hotel
National Bowling Stadium, Reno, Nev., Dec. 13-16

Monday, Dec. 13
7 p.m. - Player’s reception, Sands Regency Casino Hotel

Tuesday, Dec. 14
8:30 a.m. – Practice session
1 p.m. – Round 1, 7 qualifying games, all players

Wednesday, Dec. 15
9 a.m. - Round 2, 7 qualifying games, all players
3:30 p.m. - Round 3, 7 qualifying games, all players
Field cut to top 16 bowlers after 21 games

Thursday, Dec. 16
9 a.m. – Round 4, 8 games round robin match play
2 p.m. – Round 5, 8 games round robin match play

1969 - Tom Hennessey, St. Louis
1970 - J.B. Blaylock, Alamogordo, N.M.
1971 - Tye Critchlow, Los Angeles
1972 - Harry O’Neale, Charleston, S.C.
1973 - Bob McGregor, Wichita Falls, Texas
1974 - Ray Orf, St. Louis
1975 - Bus Oswalt, Muncie, Ind.
1976 - Glenn Carlson, Fresno, Calif.
1977 - Don Helling, St. Charles, Mo.
1978 - Kevin Gannon, Long Beach, Calif.
1979 - Willie Willis, West Haven, Conn.
1980 - Ted Malicki, Solon, Ohio
1981 - Jim Hills, St. Peters, Mo.
1982 - Darwin Skrzynecki, Chicago
1983 - Darryl Bower, Middletown, Pa.
1984 - John DiLutis, Baltimore
1985 - Darryl Bower, Middletown, Pa.
1986 - David Traber, Cedarburg, Wis.
1987 - Bill Ryan, Dayton, Ohio
1988 - Bruce Carter, Las Vegas
1989 - Rich Abboud, Omaha, Neb.
1990 - Bruce Hollen, Baltimore
1991 - Kevin McGerr, Lincoln, Neb.
1992 - Marty Letscher, Bel Air, Md.
1993 - Jeff Richgels, Madison, Wis.
1994 - Dale Traber, Cedarburg, Wis.
1995 - Ray Edwards, Middle Island, N.Y.
1996 - Ted Hannahs, Zanesville, Ohio
1997 - Jason Hurd, Visalia, Calif.
1998 - Kevin Taber, Toledo, Ohio
1999 - Mike Scroggins, Amarillo, Texas
2000 - Bob Davidson, Seattle, Wash.
2001 - Mike Nape, Aurora, Ill.
2002 - Chris Warren, Puyallup, Wash.
2003 - Dale Traber, Cedarburg, Wis.
2004 - Ritchie Allen, Columbia, S.C.
2005 - David Anthony, Austin, Texas
2006 - Mitch Beasley, Arlington, Texas
2007 - Eddie Graham, Centerville, Ohio
2008 - John Nolen, Waterford, Mich.
2009 – Scott Norton, Costa Mesa, Calif.

Two major international tournaments and multiple collegiate events highlight the upcoming live video streaming schedule on the United States Bowling Congress' website this fall.> > The Pan American Bowling Confederation Women's Championships, which will feature Team USA stars Kelly Kulick, Liz Johnson, Stefanie Nation, Shannon O'Keefe, Tennelle Milligan and Shannon Pluhowsky, will be broadcast for the second consecutive year, this time from Sunset Station Hotel and Casino's Strike Zone Bowling Center in suburban Las Vegas from Sept. 27-Oct. 1. > > USBC also has reached an agreement with QubicaAMF to provide coverage of the prestigious Bowling World Cup, which will be held in Toulon, France, from Oct. 18-23. Carolyn Dorin-Ballard and John Szczerbinski are Team USA's representatives and will take on bowlers from an expected 90 countries.> > Several NCAA programs will hold dual matches at the International Training and Research Center and those events also will be broadcast live. Morgan State will take on Delaware State on Sept. 20 at 1 p.m. Eastern, while Prairie View A&M will battle Maryland Eastern Shore on Oct. 10 at 9 a.m. Eastern. In the final matchup, Stephen F. Austin will take on Sam Houston State on Oct. 17 at 2 p.m. Eastern.> > Finally, will simulcast the championship round of the Vienna Open on Oct. 3 at 11 a.m. Eastern. The event, which is being streamed by, features a host of professional bowlers and past Team USA members. Among the Americans scheduled to compete are Chris Barnes, Lynda Barnes, Pete Weber, Sean Rash, Wendy Macpherson and Brian Voss.> > More than 350,000 unique viewers have tuned in this year to watch live bowling action for free on For a complete list of upcoming live streaming events, including dates and times, check the homepage of> > United States Bowling Congress> The United States Bowling Congress, as the national governing body, ensures the integrity and protects the future of the sport, provides programs and services to more than two million adult and youth members and enhances the bowling experience.> > The interactive home of USBC is Go to for the fastest USBC headlines.> > Bowl with US> > BOWL.COM LIVE STREAMING SCHEDULE> (Subject to change; all times Eastern)> > Sept. 20, 1 p.m., Morgan State vs. Delaware State> Sept. 27, Noon, PABCON Women's Championships singles> Sept. 28, Noon, PABCON Women's Championships doubles> Sept. 29, Noon, PABCON Women's Championships trios> Sept. 30, Noon, PABCON Women's Championships team> Oct. 1, Noon, PABCON Women's Championships Masters> Oct. 3, 11 a.m., Vienna Open championship round> Oct. 10, 9 a.m., Prairie View A&M vs. Maryland Eastern Shore> Oct. 17, 2 p.m., Stephen F. Austin vs. Sam Houston State> Oct. 18, TBD, QubicaAMF World Cup qualifying> Oct. 19, TBD, QubicaAMF World Cup qualifying> Oct. 20, TBD, QubicaAMF World Cup qualifying> Oct. 21, TBD, QubicaAMF World Cup qualifying> Oct. 22, 2 a.m., QubicaAMF World Cup women's Round of 24> Oct. 22, 5:30 a.m., QubicaAMF World Cup men's Round of 24> Oct. 22, 11 a.m., QubicaAMF World Cup men and women Round of 8> Oct. 23, 4 a.m., QubicaAMF World Cup women's semifinals and final> Oct. 23, 8 a.m., QubicaAMF World Cup men's semifinals and final.

The Delaware State and Morgan State women’s bowling teams had the opportunity to kick off their 2010-11 season by competing at the International Training and Research Center in Arlington, Texas, recently.It was the first collegiate match to be contested at the ITRC, which is located at the International Bowling Campus. The Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference teams were crossing paths in Arlington as each had scheduled training sessions with ITRC head coach Rod Ross and his staff.“It was phenomenal,” Delaware State coach Ricki Ellison said of the matchup. “It was so much fun, especially being able to go up against Morgan State, who is someone we see quite often because they are in our conference. We’re good friends with their entire team. Going up against them was truly an honor.”Delaware State won the opening five-player match, 907-849. Nicole Bower had a 203 game to lead the Hornets. Delaware State also took the four-game Baker match, 669-653. To watch the match that was streamed live on, click here.James Brown, coach of the Baltimore, Md.-based Morgan State team, has three freshmen competing and said the matches helped those players learn collegiate competition is little different than high school.“You tend to make some mistakes you wouldn’t normally make,” Brown said. “They learned a lot from this. I think we’ll have a really good team.”The match concluded Morgan State’s training stop at the ITRC.“Everything they have here … the girls learned a lot,” Brown said. “The important thing is for them to follow through and develop.”Morgan State senior Ashley Milbourne said she learned not only about her game but also how to break down lane conditions and how to build an arsenal of bowling balls.“We did data analysis where they recorded us and it was different,” Milbourne said. “I actually got to see what I was doing wrong. Hopefully, I can stick with what I learned and take it to the lanes.”Bower is looking forward to Delaware State’s training sessions at the ITRC this week.“I’m really happy we got to come down here and do this,” Bower said. “As team-building, it’s really good. We have a lot of new people so it’s definitely good we can come here and get this experience together and improve our games.”Two more collegiate matches are scheduled for the ITRC next month. Prairie View A&M will face Maryland Eastern Shore on Oct. 10 at 9 a.m. Eastern, and Stephen F. Austin takes on Sam Houston State on Oct. 17 at 2 p.m. Eastern. Each match is scheduled to be shown live on States Bowling CongressThe United States Bowling Congress, as the national governing body, ensures the integrity and protects the future of the sport, provides programs and services to more than two million adult and youth members and enhances the bowling experience.The interactive home of USBC is Go to for the fastest USBC headlines.

The Bowling Proprietors' Association of America (BPAA), announced today that it once again surpassed the 4,000 membership mark. Jason Oskerson, from Kee Lanes in Kiester, MN was officially recognized as the 4,000th member to the join the prestigious organization dedicated to enhancing the profitability of bowling centers.

The BPAA has experienced steady membership growth by continually enhancing benefits for bowling centers to advance their market position and build revenue. From unprecedented savings through national "Smart Buy" agreements with Pepsi, Sysco Foods, music licensing, insurance programs and others to the marketing tools, educational programs and networking opportunities, BPAA members have a wealth of opportunities to develop new market segments while returning dollars to their bottom line.

"Here at Kee lanes, we look forward to participating in many of the BPAA Smart Buy national programs," said Jason Oskerson, owner of Kee Lanes. "The money-saving programs along with their innovative marketing tools should really help us grow. We are proud to be recognized as the 4,000th member."

The BPAA represents the business interests of bowling centers domestically and is expanding to include centers in Canada, Australia and other countries. The current 4,000 membership number equates to more than 85% of the lanes in the United States. 25 years ago when a completely different BPAA organization had 4,000 members, it had approximately 25% penetration of the industry.

"We thank Kee Lanes for their confidence in the BPAA and for being our 4,000th member," said Steve Johnson, Executive Director of the BPAA. "We believe we have created a great organization dedicated to growing our members' businesses and that of the industry. The BPAA remains focused on delivering quality products and exceptional value to every member."

The BPAA plans to officially award Mr. Oskerson a 4,000th member plaque during the industry's premier event, International Bowl Expo June 26 - July 1, 2011.

Kulick ready to lead Team USA
At PABCON Women's Championships
Kelly Kulick of Union, N.J., recently enjoyed one of the most successful seasons in bowling history, and now she's hoping to continue that momentum at the 2010 Pan American Bowling Confederation Women's Championships in suburban Las Vegas.> > The experienced right-hander and her Team USA teammates will test their skills against representatives from 13 other countries across the American Zone when they hit the lanes at Sunset Station Hotel and Casino's Strike Zone Bowling Center in Henderson, Nev. Kulick will be joined by Shannon O'Keefe of Arlington, Texas, Shannon Pluhowsky of Phoenix, Stefanie Nation of Grand Prairie, Texas, Liz Johnson of Cheektowaga, N.Y., and Tennelle Milligan of Arlington, Texas.> > During the six-day event, nearly 100 players will compete for medals in five-player team, trios, doubles, singles, all-events and Masters match play. > > The Americans have performed well at the PABCON Championships in the past. Last year, the Team USA women won four of six gold medals in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and in Santiago, Chile, in 2008, they won all six gold medals.> > In her 2008 PABCON appearance, Kulick, a six-time Team USA member, won gold medals in doubles, trios, team, all-events and Masters, and she's excited about the chance to repeat that performance.> > "It's refreshing to be able to bowl doubles, trios and team event during this competition," said Kulick, whose first Team USA appearance came in 1998. "It honestly reminds me of my collegiate years with teammates screaming and rooting one another to victory. I always feel there's a little less pressure knowing you have teammates who support you and have the same desire to win as you do. I think it's nobler to win with five other women than as an individual."> > In the highly-coveted five-player team event, Team USA has won the gold medal the past seven times and will look to extend that streak.> > "I've always known what an honor and privilege it is to represent your country," Kulick said. "And these women are my friends and teammates. We come together for one reason, which is to win. With each event, it gives us more experience working with one another and preparing us for future events. That excites me and motivates me to continue working hard to master the game."> > Kulick's recent dream season began in August of 2009 when she won the Professional Bowlers Association Women's Series Shark Championship. She found the winner's circle again in September with a victory at the Women's World Championship, which earned her a berth into the PBA Tournament of Champions. Kulick went on to win the Tournament of Champions, becoming the first woman to win a PBA national title.> > Her streak continued with a win at the 33rd Canon Malaysian International Open in March, the USBC Queens in April, the U.S. Women's Open in May and the PBA Northwest Region Tacoma Dodge Open in June.> > Along with helping her regain her exempt status on the Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour, Kulick's dominance in the 2009-10 season also earned her a nomination for ESPN's "Best Bowler ESPY" for 2010 and a nod as one of 20 finalists (10 for individual competition and 10 for team competition) for The Women's Sports Foundation's Sportswoman of the Year.> > Competition at the PABCON Women's Championships is scheduled to begin with singles Monday at noon (Eastern) and continue through Oct. 1. > > The United States Bowling Congress will provide wire-to-wire live streaming coverage of the event on> > United States Bowling Congress> The United States Bowling Congress, as the national governing body, ensures the integrity and protects the future of the sport, provides programs and services to more than two million adult and youth members and enhances the bowling experience.> > The interactive home of USBC is Go to for the fastest USBC headlines.> > Bowl with US> > PABCON CHAMPIONSHIPS LIVE STREAMING SCHEDULE> (Subject to change; all times Eastern)> > Sept. 27, noon, singles> Sept. 28, noon, doubles> Sept. 29, noon, trios> Sept. 30, noon, team> Oct. 1, noon, Masters

Walter Ray Williams Jr. Adds 2010

PBA Senior Rookie of the Year

Professional Bowlers Association Hall of Famer Walter Ray Williams Jr. added another milestone to his illustrious career by earning the 2010 PBA Senior Rookie of the Year award. Robert Harvey of Boise, Idaho was selected the Senior Tour’s Dick Weber Sportsmanship Award winner.> > Williams, the 50-year-old Senior Tour rookie who earned a record seventh PBA Player of the Year honor earlier in the year, got the news of his award at home in Ocala, Fla., where he is recuperating from recent hernia surgery.> > As a rookie on the Senior Tour, Williams won the PBA Senior Miller High Life Classic in Mooresville, N.C., in his Senior Tour debut. He also finished second to 2010 Senior Player of the Year Wayne Webb in the United States Bowling Congress Senior Masters and had back-to-back third-place finishes in the PBA Senior Lake County Indiana and Senior Pepsi Opens.> > Williams, the PBA Tour’s all-time leader in wins with 47 titles, challenged for Senior Player of the Year going into the final tournament of the season and would have been the first to earn both honors in the same year, but Webb’s victory eliminated any chance for that honor.> > “It seems a little odd to win a Player of the Year and Rookie of the Year award in the same year but I had a great time bowling on the Senior Tour,” Williams said. “I was shooting for Player of the Year but Wayne bowled very well and he was able to clinch that award in the last tournament of the season.> > “I enjoyed meeting the new guys and bowling against some of the others I had bowled against in the past, but I can tell you that there are plenty of good players on the Senior Tour.”> > Williams discovered he had a hernia at the Senior Pepsi Open in Decatur in August but was able to finish the season before heading home to have it checked out.> > “I woke up one morning and noticed a slight bump; otherwise I wouldn’t have known it was there. There was no pain and it didn’t really affect my bowling,” Williams said. “I had it checked out when I got back home and the doctor said ‘yeah, it’s a hernia.’> > “Fortunately we were able to schedule the surgery so I’ll be ready for the World Series of Bowling (which begins the PBA Tour season Oct. 24 in Las Vegas). I need to stay away from heavy lifting for the next three weeks or so but I should be ready to continue a normal schedule a week or so prior to the start of the season.”> > Harvey, currently a pro shop owner and instructor, lost the lease on his 16-lane bowling center earlier this year which opened up his schedule to bowl full time on the Senior Tour.> > “It’s a great honor,” said the 54-year-old Harvey after receiving news of the Sportsmanship award. “It was a year that started good and got even better as it went on.> > “As fate would have it with the center closing, it was an opportunity to turn lemons into lemonade. To be able to win this award after being a member for only four years is something that I wouldn’t have expected.”> > Harvey had best finishes of sixth in the PBA Senior HP Lanes Open and seventh in the USBC Senior Masters and finished 10th in Senior Tour points.> > Harvey, who has competed on the Senior Tour since 2006, owns his only title in the Illinois State BPA Ladies and Legends with Kelly Kulick in 2008. He is also getting ready to compete in the PBA World Series of Bowling next month.> > Both the Senior Rookie of the Year and Sportsmanship Awards were voted on by Senior Tour players.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Here & There Column 9-21-10

Did You Miss The "Lever" ?

It wasn't complicated and some told me it was an adventure but voting in last Tuesday's primary elections showed what some are calling progress and the electronic-computerized way of getting election results produced without the "lever."
Some criticism was noticed after 11 p.m. primary night when television and radio columnist indicated that they thought the new electronic-computerized system would have produced election results a lot quicker then in the past.
Locally in Sullivan County an elderly woman exiting a polling booth didn't like the fact that she had to use a marker and only fill in the circle after the candidate's name to make her vote count.
"Why couldn't they still have a lever to pull and the vote electronically recorded at election headquarters in Monticello," was another statement from a primary voter.
Another primary voter was overheard saying, "how on earth is paper a step up?.....what about environmental impact?
Other voters we talked to said, "I found it a little confusing and I liked the older lever mechanism better." Another added, "it was all right it just took a little longer to vote as you had to fill out circles versus just flipping levers."
We didn't find it difficult to mark the ballot as instructed by the election inspectors but when we attempted to get the ballot inserted into the new electronic vote-scanning machine the machine would not take my ballot because I had not left enough of the ballot out of the cover of the privacy sleeve (given to each voter to insert the marked paper ballot into so no one could see how you voted) and after a little assistance from an election inspector the scanning machine finally took my ballot and the machine send back a message that my "vote had been counted." These new machines simply read the hand-marked ballot.
The primary ballots were all on separate party (Democrat, Republican, Conservative and Independence) sheets so this made a little extra work for the election inspectors but the November election sheet will have all the candidates listed on one sheet so that should move the process along a little faster.
New York State is actually the last in the Union to implement the federally-required electronic voting process and if it all works the way it should election results hopefully could become more readily available soon after the polls close.
With the November elections just about two months away and with this voting process appearing to take more time to complete this might produce long lines of frustrated voters.
Sullivan County and New York voters have used the "lever" system for some 80 years and it's only right to give the state and county board of elections time to work out all the bugs in our new electronic-computerized voting system.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Golfing Highlights Column 9-17-10

Pravin Singh, left, is in his first year as Director of golf at Kutsher's Country Club. His son John provides golf lessons and is working on obtaining his PGA certification.

A well equipped pro shop is part of the Kutsher's Golf facility.

The par 3 third hole on the front nine at Kutsher's Golf Club has water in the front, a sand trap right and an embankment in the back. A good tee shot gets you your par.

Pravin Singh Heads Up Kutsher's Golf

Pravin Singh and his 21-year-old son John are finishing up their first year as head of the golf program at Kutsher's Country Club.
Pravin, in his first year as Golf Director is also the Tennis Pro, a position he has held for 15 years at Kutsher's.
The new golf director noted that Mark Kutsher owns the golf course and leases the hotel facilities.
Pravin is also the former Tennis Professional at the now closed Pine's Hotel and resort.
The Singh family have made Grahamsville their home for a number of years and have lived in the area for some 30 years.
Pravin and his wife Mary have two children, daughter Patricia, a graduate of Tri-Valley Central School where she played tennis on the Tri-Valley-Fallsburg girls tennis team and on the boys golf team at Tri-Valley and John who also graduated from Tri-Valley Central School and attended the University of Tampa where he played on the college golf team and is presently studying and working towards his golf professional certification.
Pravin grew up in the Calcutta, India area and graduated from high school and Calcutta University majoring in mathematics. He played tennis professionally in India for seven years and has taught tennis in Florida, at Columbia University and teaches weekends at the Beaverkill Inn.
His wife Mary is a registered nurse (RN) at the New York State Department of Corrections Eastern Correctional Facility near Napanach in Ulster County.
A number of weeks ago son John qualified for the Met Open Golf Championships at Beth Page and John and Pravin have won the Father & Son Golf MGA and the Westchester Open two years ago.
Asked how he became golf director Pravin noted that Mark Kutsher encouraged him to accept the position. Pravin plays golf to a 0 handicap and son John plays to a below 0 handicap.
On our round of golf at Kutsher's we found the course in great playing condition and this facility is a must play as it's not so tough that average golfers can enjoy it, but it's still a challenge for any golfer.
The Kutsher's golf facility plays host as one of the courses in the Monday Sullivan County Men's Traveling league.
The excellent condition of the course is because of the outstanding maintenance procedures used by Golf Course Superintendent Pat McNamara.
The Golf Pro Shop is attractive, well equipped and a full pro shop. Lessons are also available from John Singh. There is presently no food available at the club house.
Kutsher's can certainly be labeled a well-rounded course and when playing it you can see that architect William Mitchell designed a classic parkland course with tree-lined fairways, sloping greens, strategic bunkering and lurking hazards. The real fairness of the design is its variety of holes and Mitchell shaped Kutsher's holes in all directions, both up and down hills.
The first nine holes were constructed in 1958 and the second nine in 1961.
This 18-hole USGA course plays 7001 yards from the blue tees and is a par 71. The course also has a driving range and putting and chipping greens.
Golf rates, including cart, for 18-holes, are $39 for midweek and $52 on the weekend. Rates after 1 p.m. Monday through Friday are $33 and after 3 p.m. are $24 for week days. Also available is a special senior rate of $35.
For tee times the golf course can be reached at 845-794-4786.
This week we introduce you to the front nine, playing from the blue tees for a total of 3613 yards and a par 36, featuring five par 4's, two par 3's and two par 5's.
Hole No. 1 is a 415-yard par 4 with pretty much an open fairway and some trees on the right. About 200 yards from the green on the right side of the fairway is a trap, so your best tee shot should stay to the center of the fairway. Traps are on the left and right sides of this large first hole green....a nice comfortable opening hole.
Hole No. 2 is a 460-yard par 4 with trees on both sides of the fairway. A fairway trap on the right is about 115 yards from the green. There is a trap on the left front section of the green.
Hole No. 3 is a 168 yard par 3 slightly down hill from an elevated tee. There is a small pond on the right some 15-20 yards from the green and traps on the left and right sides of the green. Club selection is important here and finding the green on your tee shot helps for making the par 3.
Hole No. 4 is a 415 yard par 4 with a fairway sand trap some 160 yards from the green. Traps are on the left and right front section of the green.
Hole No. 5 is a 425-yard par 4 with traps on the right side of the fairway. There is pretty much an open fairway to the left. A trap will greet you in the middle of the fairway and there are traps on both the left and right sides of this sloping green.For a par is a must to stay out of the traps. Hole No. 6 is a 575-yard pr 5 and this is the longest hole on the front nine. The hole features a dogleg left with an open fairway. There is a pond on the left side of the fairway some 150 yards from the green. There is a fairway trap on the right some 40 yards from the green. Traps are on the right center and left side of the green. Club selection and staying away from the pond and traps help to score par on this hole.
Hole No. 7 is a 220-yard par 3 with trees on the left and right sides of this fairway. Large traps are on the front left side and right side of this green. The key to your par here is club selection from the tee.
Hole No. 8 is a 415-yard par 4 with a dog let right and an open fairway . Traps are on the left and right sides of the green.
Hole No. 9 is a 520-yard par 5 with fairway traps left and right and a sharp dogleg right. A nice, open fairway and a good tee and fairway shot puts most golfers in line for a birdie or par. Traps are on the left and right sides of the green. A nice hole to finish the front nine.
Next week we will outline the back nine holes 10-18.

The Golf Tip
By Robert Menges

Scoring is about getting the ball in the hole with the least amount of strokes, and the short game is a key component to accomplishing this.
One of the ways to improve the short game is to work on distance control.
In this drill, I set up four targets...whether it's buckets or whatever visual object you can find...with distances ranging from 10 to 40 yards.
After the targets are in place you then hit one ball at each target in sequence. By hitting at different targets in sequence, you once again will prevent yourself from locking in to one distance. In the long run, this will help you develop better feel for your distance control.
As far as club selection, I suggest you start with a 5 degree wedge for this drill, and then experiment with your other wedges. The key here is to develop your touch for the different distances.
Robert Menges is the head golf professional at the Swan Lake Golf & Country Club, Mt. Hope Road, Swan Lake. He is available for private lessons and if you have a question or subject you would like covered, he can be reached at 292-0323 or via email at

This column is written by Ed Townsend, a consultant to the amateur and professional sport of golf and to several golf writers associations. If you have a topic that you feel would make good reading or have league scores and tournament information, Ed can be reached by phone at 845-439-8177, by email at and by fax at 845-230-8674. For a more expanded version of this golf column please visit our Web page at This column is also available on Facebook.


Twenty four year-old Roscoe golfer Justin Bowers scored his first career hole-in-one last Saturday in the Trevor Simpson Memorial Tournament held at the Swan Lake Golf & Country Club.
The ace will reward Bowers with a six-day trip to Hawaii.
The hole-in-one took place on the 160-yard par 3 sixth hole with Justin using an eight iron that took his tee shot to the right side of the green and the ball spun to the left and into the cup.
Justin was playing with Brian Bury, Ryan Bowers and his father "Bucky" Bowers. His foursome shot a 59 in the best ball format and placed in second place.
Playing golf since the age of four Justin presently does not play in any league but carries a 2 handicap.
He is employed by Twin Rivers Land Development as a heavy equipment operator.
Justin is engaged to Ashley Taggart with a wedding date planned for July of next year.

School’s inaugural season set to begin in October Sam Houston State University is on ‘Track’ to begin its inaugural year of NCAA Division I bowling competition.The Lady Bearkats will be sponsored by Track bowling, a brand of Ebonite International, Inc.“This by far will be history in the making and an excellent opportunity for Track to be a key influence in our present and future success,” said Sam Houston State University Bowling Coach Brad Hagen. “I was looking to have that one very influential company that would be a part of our vision and growth from the beginning and I believe the synergy is a perfect fit.”The team currently consists of seven women, including one from Puerto Rico, according to the team’s Web site“The SHSU Bearkat bowling program is dedicated and committed to higher standards while maintaining all around integrity,” Hagen said. “Our accountability on and off the lanes is very imperative to the program and our intentions — like Track’s — are to exceed all expectations.”Track is not just another bowling ball brand, much like Sam Houston women’s bowling isn’t just another bowling team, according to Track Brand Manager Paul Figliomeni.“Track has always been more about the technical aspects of bowling,” he said. “This partnership with Sam Houston is a perfect fit. We are proud to sponsor this team and look forward to many years of exceptional progress from both the team and our brand.”— Track Bowling Balls & Bowling Equipment - Track is a brand of Ebonite International, Inc. Based in Hopkinsville, Ky., Ebonite International is a privately-owned company that services bowling centers, distributors and retail outlets domestically and internationally. In addition to Track, the company’s consumer product brands include Hammer, Robby’s, Columbia 300, Ebonite and Powerhouse™; its commercial product brand is Ebonite Bowling Center Direct.
Johnny Petraglia Wins PBA East
Region Howell Lanes Senior Open

Professional Bowlers Association Hall of Famer Johnny Petraglia of Jackson, N.J., defeated David Kneas of Annapolis, Md., 245-189, to win the PBA East Region Howell Lanes Senior Open at Howell Lanes recently, and join the legendary Dick Weber as only the second player to win PBA titles in six decades.

Petraglia won the first of his 14 PBA Tour titles in Fort Smith, Ark., in 1966 at age 19. A week later, he joined the U.S. Army and didn’t bowl on Tour again until 1969. With Sunday’s title, he also has 12 PBA Regional titles along with seven PBA Senior Tour titles. Now included are titles won in the 1960s, ‘70s, ‘80s, ‘90s, ‘00s and ‘10s.

Weber’s six-decade span began when he won his first PBA title in the PBA’s second event ever – the 1959 Paramus Eastern Open in Paramus, N.J. – and ended with his final title in a PBA Midwest Regional event in Taylorville, Ill., on Jan. 20, 2002.

“I’d still like to win a national title, but winning a regional…it’s still a title. Just to be linked with Dick Weber, you did something,” the 63-year-old left-hander said.

“The way it turned out was really terrific because it happened at my home lanes,” Petraglia added. “I qualified eighth and struggled through match play, but I got just barely through it. There were only four of us left, but I found something. I used a different ball, a different way to play lanes and it worked while everyone else was struggling. The last couple of matches were pretty easy, which was fine with me.

“My family was there, too. It was the first time my son (John Jr.) had ever seen me win in person. Every other time he saw me win was on TV or on tape.

“I’m extremely happy,” Petraglia continued. “Doing something that Dick Weber did really makes you feel like you have accomplished something. He’s the standard bearer, the guy who got us started.”

Petraglia defeated Darryl Bower of Middletown, Pa., 226-166, and Kneas edged Bob Brady of Santa Monica, Calif., 182-181, in the semifinal round to set up the championship match.
Will the 2010 World Series of Bowling
Produce Another Tom Smallwood?

If his story hasn’t become legendary yet, Tom Smallwood’s remarkable road to winning the 2009 Professional Bowlers Association World Championship will one day achieve that status.

It’s an inspiring story of a husband, father and accomplished bowler who loses his job and decides to pursue his dream of becoming a professional bowler, and goes on to win one of the sport’s most prestigious titles in dramatic fashion against a reigning Player of the Year.

To review, Smallwood’s story goes something like this; the 32-year-old former assembly line worker from Saginaw, Mich., is laid off from his job with General Motors in December 2008 as a result of the country’s worsening economic condition. Losing his job gives him the opportunity to pursue his passion of bowling as his new career. He enters the 2009 PBA Tour Trials where a third-place finish earns him an exemption to bowl full-time for the 2009-10 season.

Fast-forward to the August 2009 World Series of Bowling at Thunderbowl Lanes in suburban Detroit where he qualifies for the World Championship stepladder finals to be telecast live on ESPN in December from Northrock Lanes in Wichita, Kan.

Bowling against then-reigning PBA Player of the Year Wes Malott, the title match is a nail-biter until the 10th frame. Malott starts with four strikes, but then runs into carry problems on the right lane. Smallwood stays close, striking on five of his first six shots, but then leaves a 4-6-7 split in the seventh frame and the tide turns to Malott’s favor. Malott isn’t able to put two strikes together in the final frames, however, and Smallwood answers with another four strikes in a row – including two in the tension-filled 10th frame – to seal the victory, 244-228.

Smallwood earns a $50,000 first prize, a two-year exemption to continue his PBA Tour career and his first chance to bowl in January’s PBA Tournament of Champions. He gains nationwide media attention in outlets ranging from Sports Illustrated to the National Enquirer.

“Looking back at last season, it was something I could have never expected—just crazy,” Smallwood said. “Now I’m concentrating on getting back in shape for this year’s World Series. Last year I wanted to prove I could compete on Tour. Now I want to prove that I wasn’t a one-year wonder.

“It’s going to be important to be in shape because there’ll be some long formats,” he added. “I’m practicing five days a week, two to four hours a day.

“I’ve been anxious to get back out there (on Tour) since the last season ended and just need to make sure I’m in top form when the end of October rolls around.”

Smallwood had a productive 2009-10 season making two other television appearances where he finished third in the Scorpion Championship and fifth in the Bayer Don and Paula Carter Mixed Doubles with partner Jodi Woessner.

His success in 2009-10 also earned him a contract with the Brunswick Pro Staff which has kept him busy since the end of the season last April.

“Actually, I haven’t been able to bowl competitively over the summer as much as I have in the past because I’ve been busy making appearances and attending trade shows,” Smallwood said. “There’s been a lot of traveling, but it’s been fun.”

The moral of this story is there may be other Tom Smallwoods out there and the 2010 edition of PBA’s WSOB has the potential to produce another unlikely hero, according to Smallwood.

“In general, there are just so many good bowlers out there,” Smallwood said. “Just around where I live in the Saginaw area I think there are a lot of bowlers who have the potential so I would encourage anyone who can to enter—you never know what will happen.”

The 2010 WSOB, to be conducted at the South Point Bowling Center in Las Vegas Oct. 24-Nov. 6, was designed to be the ultimate destination event for all PBA members. Multiple titles are up for grabs, a huge overall prize fund and nine nationally-televised shows are part of the event. An affordable entry fee and accommodations all in one city for a short amount of time make it an affordable experience for entrants. For a $750 entry fee, bowlers are entered in six events including the PBA World Championship.

In all, the WSOB will award six PBA Tour titles and pay $635,000 in prize money. The top 16 players in each “animal pattern” event will earn prize money with the winner of each earning $15,000, a PBA Tour title and a berth in the Tournament of Champions.

The PBA World Championship will pay one in four based on 215 entries with a $2,000 low-to-cash. (Prize ratio is 1 in 3 up to 160 entries; 53 places will be paid for a field of 161-215). First prize in the World Championship will be $50,000.

Bowlers wishing to enter the WSOB must be Full PBA members. The only exception is International players who belong to the WTBA, JPBA or KPBA.

An entry form may be downloaded by going to, clicking on Schedule/PBA Tour and opening any of the WSOB tournaments. Entrants also can request an entry form by calling (206) 332-9688. Entries may be scanned and e-mailed back to PBA, faxed to (206) 332-9722, or mailed to the PBA office.
Howard Stern Show’s Scott "The
Engineer" to Bowl in PBA World Series

Scott "The Engineer” Salem, an avid league bowler who serves as an engineer for SiriusXM satellite radio star Howard Stern, will compete in the Professional Bowlers Association World Series of Bowling this fall. The iconic talk show host plans to follow his longtime staff member’s progress for weeks leading up to, and during, the kickoff event for the 2010-11 Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour season.

The PBA World Series of Bowling, which will be webcast live in its entirety on's Xtra Frame streaming video service, is a multi-event competition to be held at South Point Casino in Las Vegas, Oct. 24-Nov. 6.

Salem, who carried a 218 bowling average in his league last season, accepted the PBA's special invitation to compete in the World Series live on Stern's show last Thursday. Millions of listeners heard his acceptance and Stern's permission to compete.

"I was like a deer caught in the headlights," said Salem. "I'm very excited. It will be phenomenal to get to bowl against these top of the line, world class guys."

Stern has long made Salem the brunt of jokes due to his bowling prowess.

"Scott has been talking about what a great bowler he is for years," said Stern on Monday's show. "Now Scott's going to get his shot. And we'll see. I guarantee he'll choke, bowl a 130 and his excuse will be they oiled the lanes differently. Or maybe it will be a 'Rocky' story and he'll have the game of his life. I can see him working out in a meat locker to get ready now."

The PBA expects an increase in attention from Stern's audience for the WSOB. Currently, a poll on asks users to vote for how they expect Scott "The Engineer” to perform.

"Scott is a legitimate high-average league bowler and he is a big fan of the PBA," said PBA Deputy Commissioner Tom Clark. "Hopefully bowlers like him across the country will live vicariously through his experience at the World Series.

"The Howard Stern Show is a pop culture phenomenon," Clark said. "Stern's legions of passionate fans will be extremely interested in how Scott 'The Engineer' does against the best in the world."

Salem, 57, mentioned on air that he was looking forward to meeting PBA stars Walter Ray Williams Jr. and Chris Barnes. "I don't have high expectations because I know how hard it will be," Salem said. "I understand the conditions they bowl under are much more difficult than typical league bowling. As the date gets closer I'll probably freak out."

Salem is preparing for the opportunity by beginning a renewed practice regimen and has scheduled an Oct. 8 coaching session from PBA Hall of Famer Johnny Petraglia, who recently became the second player to win PBA titles in six decades. Brunswick is providing Salem an arsenal of equipment.

In addition to Stern’s SiriusXM Satellite Radio stations 100 and 101, Stern's "HowardTV" pay-per-view on-demand television plans to cover Salem's experience leading up to and throughout the PBA World Series of Bowling.

Stern fans, like all other PBA fans, can follow the exploits of the entire WSOB field by subscribing to’s Xtra Frame video streaming service. Subscriptions to the upgraded Xtra Frame, with improved video quality and a number of other new features, are available by clicking on the Xtra Frame logo on’s home page. A special Howard Stern fan Xtra Frame rate for the first five days of the WSOB will be made available soon.

PBA World Series of Bowling telecasts begin on ESPN on Nov. 28, with the PBA World Championship main event airing live Jan 14-16.