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TC3 baseball 9-28-13


Here & There Column 10-1-13

Thanks Mariano Rivera

  One doesn't have to be a New York Yankee fan to admire and respect what their great relief pitcher (closer) Mariano Rivera has brought to the wonderful game of baseball.
  Everyone knows my love for the game of baseball and one of the greatest pitchers to impact this great game is Mariano Rivera.
  As the saying goes, "the great ones get the stage to themselves" and at the top of the list is this quiet, reserved baseball great who during nearly a quarter-century has displayed a talent appreciated by everyone. 
  From Panama to the pinstripes of the NY Yankees Rivera stands alone as is very evident of the many tributes he has received from fans and opposing teams on the Yankees schedule this year.
  Big league tributes with emotional farewells and thank you's have flowed in every major league park this season and now the Yankees have hung Rivera's No. 42 in Monument Park among the team's other retired numbers.
  Rivera recently remarked, "America  has given me the pleasure since I left my country 23 years ago, and that's why America's a great country."
  The 43-year-old Rivera is retiring with 19 years in the major leagues and all of them with the Yankees. He has over 651 career saves which is tops in baseball history with a 2.2 ERA.
  No finer tribute can be made as when the rival Boston Red Sox's called him the greatest closer in baseball history. 
  Thanks Mariano.


Bowling Highlights Column 9-27-13

One East Coast Tour Stop

  The Professional Bowling Association (PBA) has again snubbed East Coast bowling fans by providing only one tour stop Feb. 19-23 the United States Bowling Congress (USBC) at Brunswick Zone Carolier in North Brunswick, NJ.
  In previous years the PBA had tour stops at Latham, Long Island and Cheektowaga in New York, Norwich, Conn., and Baltimore, Md. 
  The economy and costs of these tour stops forced the PBA into their present format.
  The (PBA) 55th consecutive year will include an expanded PBA League season involving 40 players on the eight teams in the league, three major championships, a renewal of the PBA Summer Swing and 46-hours of nationally-televised PBA Tour competition. 
  All this does not include a preliminary schedule of nine PBA International Tour events conducted in cooperation with the World Tenpin Bowling Association's World Bowling Tour. 
  The PBA's current 2012-13 season is concluding with the PBA World Series of Bowling V, hosted by South Point Casino Hotel and Bowling Center, October 25-November 3, where five ESPN shows will emanate and air this December.
  The current season will then conclude with four international events.
  The PBA will return to a traditional calendar year schedule in 2014, beginning with a new season of PBA League competition in Allen Park, Mich., and concluding with the PBA World Series of Bowling VI in Las Veghas and then the Japan Cup presented by Round 1. 
  In 2014, ESPN is slated to carry the finals of three PBA Majors (PBA World Championship in Las Vegas, the (USBC) in North Brunswick, New Jersey and the PBA Tournament of Champions in Indianapolis, plus all World Series of Bowling VI events and the entire PBA league schedule.
  ESPN will air 36 hours of PBA action, up from 25.5 hours in 2013, as part of the new five-year agreement.
  The CBS Sports Network will once again carry the PBA Summer Swing at a site to be announced and it five shows and 10 hours of action.
  Each of the currently nine WBT/PBA international events in Eurpoe, Asia and the Middle East will award a PBA International Tour title if a PBA member wins, and each will award points toward the annual World Bowling Tour Finals, which has been held as part of the PBA World Series of Bowling since the WBT's inception. 
  The PBA World Series of Bowling VI will return to South Point Bowling Center next Oct.-Nov. in Las Vegas for the fifth straight year of competition. 
  Additional details regarding's 2014 Xtra Frame live online streaming coverage will be announced soon. 

Ed's Outlook

  If bowlers want to get into the game and see coverage that is not provided by major television networks they do have the choice of seeing the best bowlers in the world on the PBA Xtra Frame.
  Xtra Frame offers bowling fans live streaming of qualifying and match play at every PBA Tour stop. You will also be able to see the 39x60 show, live scoring, behind-the-scenes features, archived telecasts, product spotlights and exclusive interviews and insights from the top bowlers from around the world which can be accessed at any time.
  The United States Bowling Congress (USBC) and the PBA have partnered to give USBC Sport Bowling members an unprecedented offer on PBA Xtra Frame for the upcoming season.
  Sport bowling members for the 2013-14 season can receive a $15 discount which brings the cost down to $49.99. The regular Xtra Frame cost is $64.99.
  Sport bowling members can get their subscription by visiting

 Radio Bowling
 News 24-Hrs.
 Each Day

  Bowlers wanting to hear bowling news 24-hours each and every day can tune in the internet at 

  Ed Townsend, a PR consultant to the sport of bowling, writes and compiles the information for this column. If you have league scores, tournament information, score a 300 game or 800 series or even bowl your age, call Ed at 845-439-8177, email at fax at 845-205-4474. View this column and all of Ed's pictures at We are also on Facebook and Twitter. 

 Bowling Tip
 By Mike Luongo

  This week's tip applies mostly to those bowlers who are using modern bowling balls.
  You may not know that the modern bowing ball is porous with several different densities and has numerous chemicals in the cover stocks.
  As these balls change temperature, dthe cover and core will expand and contract. Due to the different materials used for the core, inner core and cover, this fluctuation occurs at different rates.
  Leaving the ball in the car when temperatures are severe, very hot or very cold, the expansion and contraction causes severe stress on the cover. This stress is even greater when a cold ball is used to bowl while it is still cold....this may indeed cause the ball to crack.
  So the tip is not only educational but let it serve as a reminder to take care of your bowling ball investment......and carry your balls to and from the center, don't leave them in your car. 
  Mike Luongo is a certified IBPSIA Pro-Shop Operator, Master Instructor, USBC Silver Level Coach and an Advisor-Special Events assistant with the Storm and Roto Grip Bowling Ball Company. Have a question, call him at 435-720-7939 or email at 

 Local Scores
(Compiled by Ed Townsend)

Beechwood Lanes

Monday Ladies

  Jackie Gieger 178, 167, Jamie Bertholf 175, Diane Staves 165, Diane Conroy 154, 179, Barbara Cady 159. 

Liberty Bowl

Thursday Ladies

  Debbie Sklar 155, Maureen Hopper 150, Lynn Winters 180, Connie Beach 175, 160, Carly Skler 165, Tabitha Smith 170, 172, Flo Good 166, Shirley Townsend 151, 170, Diane Edwards 153, Kristen Sherwood 152, Charlene Meola 169.

Fox Bowling Center

Wed. Men's Independent

  Zach Benson 637, Andy Boice 238, 613, Al Bullis Sr. 253, 634, Andrew S. Bullis 608, Dale Conklin 244, 233, 686, Brandon Drumm 231, 613, Bill Gleim 226, 635, Jack Hazen 246, 227, 657, Larry Jensen 631, Rob Johnson 279, 710, Scott Lacy 608, Donnie Marino 614, Cory Newman 236, 616, Mitch Persbacker 252, 656, Dick Price 225, 244, 674, Paul Siegler 236, 631, Zuke Wormuth 255, 254, 699, Jay Wormuth 236, 258, 677.

Thurs. Men's Deposit Natl.

  Rob Bolster 226, 227, 663, Norm Ellis Jr. 609, Scott Ellis 268, 628, Paul Ignatovich 624, Matt Johnson 233, 647, Pat Kille 233, 643, Dave Lester 224, 618, Rick Mills 242, 612, Neil Mosher 234, 231, 645, Dick Price 227.

Friday Couples

  Andy Bullis 235, 245, 704, Lenn Davis 230, Pail Fritz 227, 637, Dana McGraw 246, 210, 632, Dan Wormuth 233, 632, Jay Wormuth 252, 674, Mitzi Wright  505. 

Kiamesha Lanes

Monday Men's

  A nice 299 single followed by a 247, 224 for a 770 series by Eddie Lake. Roy Sweeney 234, Rick Lake 232, 258, 706, Shane Connor 238, 233, 684, Dan Ricco 608, Vinnie Collura 280, 230, 694, Donnie Durland 234, 258, 258, 750, Matt Fallon 235, 245, 229, 709, Justin Lopez 233, 615, Rudy Belanchia 228, 645, John Fischer 254, 644, Jon Wilhelm 247, 257, 719, Laresko Niifa 233, Ronnie Totten 255, 248, 706, Kevin Stackhouse 257, 616, John Hoffmann 626, Pedro Agapito 267, 265, 734, Mike Scuderi 245, 671, Todd Houghtaling 243, 649, Kenny Atkins 295, 661, Lloyd Bridges 253, 691, Larry Whipple 257, 641, Dave Graham 225, 236, 676, Armen Murad 244, 226, 693, Jody Farquhar 241, 225, 669, Diego Caba 227, 238, 637, George Budd 225, 235, 670, Brett Budd 235, 643, Charlie Tuttle 232, 267, 723, Jim VanAken 228, 235, 245, 708, Tim McIntyre 248, 614, Josh Strang 266, 686, Jim Piontec 226, 628, Keith Smith 235, 631, Kyle Stevens 235, 234, 269, 738.

Tues. Mixed Firefighters

  Trasey Barres 198, 241, 199, 638, Roberta Yakin 186, 222, 566, Mary Lee Williams 213, 212, 534, Joan Lake 202, Debra Blackford 181, Kyle Stevens 245, 238, 684, Larry Whipple 227, 614, Ed Guthrie 228, Pete Nastasi 228, Russ Keesler 232.

Wednesday Men's

  Chris Parken 618, Charlie Tuttle 243, 637, Kyle Matthews 235, 653, David Sawall 619, Jason Rogers 233, 611, Jo Jo VanKeuren 225, Raymond Keith 243, 607, Joe Brown 267, 653, John Hoffmann 247, 269, 740, Frank DiCostanzo 234, Paul Durland 248, 235, 698, James Durland 267, 227, 701, Carlos Torres 612, Paul Minton 248, 269, 720, Eddie Blume 235, Dwayne Cabrera 266, 698, Shane Conner 267, 235, 715, David Garlinghouse 246, 246, 674, Merrill Conner 256, 277, 232, 765, Tim McIntyre 607, Josh Strang 244, 227, 687, James VanAken 228, 635, John Fisher 251, Steve Cottam 232, 608, Larry Whipple 229, 608, Timmy Minton 612. 

Thursday Ladies

  Lisa Cartwright 203, Rita Burdick 183, Karen Gabriel 204, Debbie Polin 188, Trasey Barres 2ll, Mary Lee Williams 190, Ann Sawyer 181, 200, Valerie Fersch 183, Mary Burger 186, Liz Stubits 183, Denise Collins 186, Vera Bernhardt 188, 192. 


Here & There Column 9-24-13

Butterflies At The Bridge

  There's no bats in the belfry with this writing but there are indeed "butterflies at the bridge."
  Readers are now wondering where Ed's going with this column.
  During an interesting stop recently at The Natural Bridge at Natural Bridge, Virginia Shirley and I not only learned about but had the opportunity to see a national historic landmark and one of the oldest attractions in the United States.
  The rapture of the spectator viewing The Natural Bridge is really indescribable. 
  Here in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains the immensity and majesty of the bridge is startling and striking. Twenty stories of solid rock carved by the fingers of nature.
  Discovered by Monacan Indians, purchased by Thomas Jefferson from King George III of  England  and surveyed by a young George Washington, this great stone monument is a looking glass of history.
  But it just doesn't stop at the bridge as The Natural Bridge site includes the Ceder Creek nature trail which begins with the walk along Cascade Creek and ends about a mile later at Lace Falls (ask me how my bad left knee felt after that walk) , the Monacan native American village complex where visitor's questions about Monacan life are answered, the Natural Bridge Wax Museum which offers highlights of the history of the Natural Bridge and then there were the butterflies.
  An indoor garden with live Costa Rica "Owl" and "Blue Morpho" butterflies as this exhibit definitely showcases their natural beauty. One has to walk carefully in this room as the butterflies not only land on your shoulder and the tropical plans but also on the floor. Imagine hundreds of these amazing creatures in flight among the tropical plans in this unique indoor garden......this part of The Natural Bridge exhibit is a must see but be prepared when you enter this hot-humid indoor garden......almost like a sauna. 
  A must stop when traveling on Interstate I-81 at Exit 175 and you will quickly see why this is a must see destination equipped with its own hotel and dining room.
  View our photo display of the Natural Bridge site at 


Some of the many pictures we took at The Natural Bridge site. Just beautiful. A must see if your traveling on Interstate 81 in Virginia.

Bowling Highlights Column 9-20-13

 Durland Gets Season's First 300 

  The 300 bowling club at Kiamesha Lanes got off to a fast start on the opening night and the first game of the Monday Men's league September 9 with 25-year-old Wurtsboro bowler Donald Durland recording his 16th career perfect game
  Durland, bowled his 300 on lanes 3 and 4 using a Storm Hy Road Pearl  bowling ball.
  He noted that all 12 strikes were in the pocket.
  Donald's 300 game came in the first game of the night and he followed it up with a 218, 247 for a 765 series. He bowls with the Monticello Greenhouse team with team members Greg Fallon, his father Paul Durland and Vinnie Collura.
  Durland bowls regularly in the Kiamesha Lanes Monday Men's league where his book average for the start of the season is 238. He bowls Wednesday night at Hoe Bowl Lanes in Walden and Thursday night at Tarsio Lanes in Newburgh.0 average, in the Tuesday Men's league at Hoe Bowl On The Hill in Kingston and Thursday in the Men's league at Tarsio Lanes in Newburgh. 
  During the 2012-13 season Donald maintained a 220 plus average both in Kingston and Newburgh. His 15th career 300 was recorded January 7, 2013 in the Monday Men's league at Kiamesha Lanes.
  His 13th 300 was bowled February 6, 2012 in this same Monday Men's league and over the past several years he has shown steady league growth and at one point in time competed in the Professional Bowl Tour regional tournaments.
  Considered by bowling experts to be one of the premier men bowlers in the Tri-State area, Donald recorded his first-ever 300 game during the 2005-06 season as a youth bowler in the Saturday Morning Youth leagues at Kiamesha Lanes.
  Donald's mother Debbie Durland is one of the premier women bowlers in the Tri-County area and his father Paul and younger brother James maintain the high Durland family bowling standards.
  Bowling since the age of 5, Durland is single and is employed by the Monticello Greenhouse.

Ed's Outlook

  The 35th New York State Open Senior Championships will be held Oct. 19-20 and 26-27 at Jamestown Bowling located at 850 Foote Ave, Jamestown. 
  Age divisions include Super Senior 75 and up, Class A 70-74, Class B 65-69, Class C 60-64, Class D 55-59 and Class C 50-54.
  Tournament rules allows a bowler in one division to bowl with a senior from another age group for the doubles event. 
  The doubles, singles and six-game cobination entry fees are $50 for doubles ($25 per person), $25 for singles and $6 for the six-game combine. 
  Squad times for the above dates are 11:30, 1:15, 3:00 and 4:45.
  Entrants may bowl doubles only, singles only or both doubles and singles. 
  Your age as of Oct. 19 decides the division and entries close 1 hour prior to last squad on Oct. 27, depending on availability. 
  This event is certified by the United States Bowling Congress (USBC) and this tournament is open to all members in good standing of the USBC, NYS USBC and a local NYS USBC association.
  Tournament information is available by calling 585-343-3736.                               
  Ed Townsend is a PR consultant to the sport of bowling. Ed writes and compiles the information for this column. If you have league scores, tournament information, score a 300 game or 800 series or even bowl your age, call Ed at 845-439-8177, email at or fax at 845-205-4474. View this column and all of Ed's pictures at  We are also on Facebook and Twitter. 

Bowling Tip
By Mike Luongo

  Learning the five fundamentals of a good bowling shot.
  So very often we forget the most basic steps that are designed to help us have fun and score a good game.
  These steps include getting ready in the stance position by taking a deep breath, bringing in air into our nose and exhaling through your mouth.
  The next step is getting lines up, before the start of your match practice a couple of shots to see what the lane coditions are and even take a look at other bowlers and see what they are doing. You should watch your ball reaction and don't force your ball to curve. Equipment selection in important here.
  Want good balance then make sure your first step is a short one......this adds greatly to ending up with good balance when you release your ball.
  Keeping a loose swing is also important, stay away from using too much muscle. When you are ready to bowl make sure your hand and arm are relaxed before you start your approach.
  As you start the ball moving in your approach, make sure that the ball moves in a straight line toward the target on the lane. This will prevent your swing from going off line. Let the rest of your swing be relaxed.
  Mike Luongo is a certified IBPSIA Pro Shop Operator, Master Instructor, USBC Silver Level Coach and an Advisor-Special Events assistant with the Storm and Roto Grip Bowling Ball Company. Have a question, call him at 435-720-7939 or email at 

Local Scores

Beechwood Lanes

Monday Ladies

  Tracy Puerschner 202, Deb Murphy 160, Janet Bertholf 170, Jackie Gieger 170, Diane Staves 177, Lois Erdman 150, Barbara Cady 150, 164. 

Kiamesha Lanes

Monday Men's

  Eddie Lake 236, 228, 644, Rick Lake 225, 630, Mike Weiner 605, Greg Fallon 249, 648, Vinnie Colludra 242, 607, John Lopez 613, Tom Belgiovene 236, 654, Rudy Belanchia 228, 651, John Fisher 258, 232, 694, Jon Wilhelm 225, 628, Tim Totten 255, 629, Laresko Niifa 231, 637, Ronnie Totten 237, 674, Kevin Stackhouse 244, 245, 700, Nick Price 245, Eddie Walsh 264, 622, Pedro Agapito 235, 245, 267, 747, Frank Scuderi 605, Craig Wilhelm 247, 639, Willie Bartley 225, 234, 682, Kyle Giordano 238, 667, Frank Eichenlaub 247, 289, 739, Dave Graham 264, 699, Armen Murad 234, 651, Jody Farquhar 268, 661, Jason Budd 226, Charlie Tuttle 266, 699, Jim VanAken 226, Josh Strang 273, 655, Jim Piontec 650.
Tuesday Mixed Firefighters

  Eddie Blume 234, 229, 649, Chris Stevens 616, Paul Minton 257, 647, Kyle Stevens 640, Jack Rustic 225, Mary Lee Williams 200, 192, 553, Linda Schaefer 180, Andrea Grossman 194, Ed Guthrie 234, 621, Kevin Stackhouse 265, 656, Shane Cunningham 242, 659, Eddie Walsh 246, 655, Carena Collura 185, 192, 188, 565, Vera Bernhardt 183, 183, 514, Debra Blackford 184, 509.

Wednesday Men's

  Chris Parken 616, Charlie Tuttle 243, 675, Dennis Matthews 225, 638, Kyle Matthews 258, 226, 688, Mikey Travis 254, Jo Jo VanKeuren 251, 641, Joe Brown 225, 257, 697, John Hoffmann 234, 630, James Durland 234, 247, 698, Walt Edwards 225, Dwayne Cabrera 248, 674, Shane Conner 607, David Garlinghouse 278, 692, Merrill Conner 241, 627, Dan VanAken 244, 677, Tim McIntyre 614, James VanAken 264, 225, 680, Billy Curry 226, Gene Smith 235, 636, Keith Smith 239, Tom Belgiovene 246, 646, Steven Belgiovene 257, 255, 691, John Fisher 264, 266, 733.

Thursday Ladies

  Monica Lane 204, Shirley Bowens 199, Mary Jane Conklin 189, Lisa Cartwright 183, Audrey Woolard, Karen Gabriel 181, 188, Debbie Polin 180, Liz Stubits 194, Connie McKenley 180, Mary Lee Williams 197, 203, 183. 

Friday Mixed

  Tabatha Smith 190, Tammy Sze 192, 519, Bob Sze 614, Frank Scuderi 256, Frank Eichenlaub III a 236, 277, 259, 772, David Graham 225, 646, Dori Castro 192, Mary Ann Drobysh-Berens 505, Glenn Fraser 226, 654, Bob McIntyre 243, 629, James VanAken 255, 647, Joan Lake 188, Kevin Stackhouse 247, 243, 637, Eddie Lake 246, 622, Jon Wilhelm 235.




Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Here & There Column 9-17-13

Buying TV Channels "a la carte" ?

  How would you like to buy your television channels individually or "a la carte" so you pick the channels you want.
  We agree that we the consumer should have more options and flexibility in the way we buy and pay for television channels.
  Well this all could become a possibility as there is a new bill in Congress that would let consumers buy channels individually.
  The Television Consumer Freedom Act, now in the Senate, would encourage  cable companies to unbundle their channels and offer a la carte programming.
  It would also eliminate the TV blackout rule for sports events that are held in publicly financed stadiums.
  There is no doubt this bill would help deliver greater choices for consumers who have grown weary of cable price hikes.
  The new bill would allow cable and satellite customers to choose the channels they pay for instead of being forced to buy expensive packages.
  Right now, customers must purchase expensive TV packages and pay for many channels they don't want to receive the few they do want.
  Meanwhile Verizon is toying with the idea that would allow customers to pay for just the channels they want.
  Verizon Communications Inc. (VZ), co-owner of America's largest wireless mobile device service network and the FIOS fiber-obtic cable service is looking to put its foot down and reshape a consumer's cable-shopping experience to a "buffet" of sorts.
  Verizon is in negotiations to give customers access to the entire spectrum of cable channels and pay for only the channels they watch.
  Sadly to say we have a strong feeling that these moves will never see the light of day as there is just too much money involved and the consumer will still be forced to buy channels they never watch.


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Golfing Highlights Column 9-13-13

4 Called To "Hammer" Tee Box

  At a recent "Ting" the Hammer decreed that the following "Past Friends of the Links" be called to the tee box, Mr. Winfield "Win" Barley, Mr.  Miles Ellison Sr., Mr. Frank Finn and Mrs. Irene Wale.
  It has been further decreed that Mr. Fred "Fritz" Mungeer, receive the prestigious title of "Royal Alchemist and Keeper of the Elixir." 
  This journey along with much tradition continues Saturday, September 28 when the 7th Annual Hammer outing take place at the Liberty Sullivan County Golf & Country Club.
  This tradition will keep intact the late Keith Hamlin's expressed desire to hold an outing (now called the Hammer Outing) to share the many pleasant memories of past "Friends of the Links."
  The invitation only event in its printed invitation to golfers states that "the Journey Continues.....Keith "Hammer" Hamlin is in the Clubhouse at Asgard....with him are several "Past Friends of the Links" that were honored and inducted in the fabled links of Asgard in Valhalla at the Hammer Outings of 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012.
  Past Friends Of The Links include, Keith Hamlin (first one called), Harold Reynolds, Fred Stabbert Jr, Alice Steinberg, R. D. Yaun, Richard Benton, Bertram Eisenberg, Robert Mullen, Richard Altbach, John "Jack Coughlin, Thomas Kelly, Andrew Rorhback, Fred Willi, Edward "Mike" Kelly, Robert Klugman, Richard "Dick" VanEtten, Jack Baker, Ellsworth "Bucky" Buck, Sydney Benton, Kathy Stoddard. 
  Hammer tradition declares that the four noted in the first paragraph will now be playing on that beautiful course in heaven with the mystical name Valhalla Course in the land of Asgard (the highest heaven obtainable and reserved for only the most noble men and women.
  Family members and friends will attend lthis event and will speak about the four departed golfers.
  The lore and traditions of the annual Hammer Outing brings tournament golf to what could easily be called a look at a mystical golf course in Heaven where there is reality and faith combined for past "Friends of the Links."
  A realization of the thoughts and words of the late Keith "Hammer" Hamlin this event takes place through the combined efforts of his family and many friends.
  Keith was a well known and highly respected contractor doing business as the Hamlin Construction Co. and loved the game of golf where he achieved the nick name of "Hammer" for the way he drove the ball down the fairway.
  The Hammer Outing is truly fulfilling Keith's desire as described in the Lore and Traditions of the Outing as an outing that takes place in the fields of play "that so many of us have waled, talked and played upon togethere," and "shall be an outing of joy, not remorse, an outing of brother and sisterhood, an outing to renew old friendships."
  The Lore and Traditions point out that it has been left to The Hammer" to find that beautiful course in Heaven an that the mystical course is called the Valhalla Course. 
  Keith, as would be expected, has a high seat on the governing board (Ting) at Valhalla and has let it be known that he has made arrangements for the past "Friends of the Links" to be admitted, as members, at this enchanted Links course.
  The use of the word "Ting" comes from the fact that leaders of the villages in anchient times in the Celtic lands, The Isles, and parts of Europe held meetings to resolve issues of the day and these meetings were called (Tings) or things.
  At each future Hammer Outing an additional foursome will be called to the Tee Box and honored as such and these players will be drawn from the roster of "Friends of the Links" that was established at the 1st Annual Hammer Outing held October 8, 2007.
  There are no pre established teams in this outing and tournament directors make up the foursomes consisting of an A, B, C and D player based on current handicaps. Players are accepted in the order their RSVP's are received.
  Tournament information may be obtained by calling Susan Hamlin at 845-292-2420 or email at 

 TVGC Cash 
 Raffle Party

  The annual Roscoe Twin Village Golf Club cash raffle party with a top prize of $2,500 will be held at the Rockland House on Sunday October 20.
  Tickets are $100 and entitles one person and a guest to a three-hour open bar and buffet dinner.
  Additional prizes will be offered based on the number of tickets sold.
  Club members who purchase their tickets by Oct. 1 will be eligible for an additional chance to have his or hers 2013 membership paid in full.
  A limited number of tickets are available by calling Chuck Husson at 607-498-5557.

Clam Bake
Tourney Sun.

  A new golf tournament has been added to the Swan Lake Golf & Country Club schedule.
  The Sam & Clam  tournament will be held Sunday, Sept. 15 featuring a 10 a.m. shotgun scramble.
  Tom and Annie Willi are doing the Clam Bake and Sam Adams is furnishing the beer.
  Call Bob Menges for information at 845-292-0323

Ed's Outlook

  Golf Course superintendents work extremely hard keeping their golf courses in top notch playing condition and we applaud this week the efforts made by Jimmy Bowers at the Tennanah Lake Golf & Country Club where we recently found the playing conditions outstanding. 
  Director of Golf Bret Reimer pointed out that the course this summer has seen an increase in play and that golfers have now realized that Tennanah Lake is not a private club and is open to all golfers.
  Reimer said that Tennanah Lake has attracted a number of well-known county tournaments this year and attributed it to "trying to do as much as we can  to help cater to the local people, being fairly priced and have a golf course that is in excellent condition."
  The Director of Golf noted that Tennanah has "new flags, new pins, new yardage markers, new water coolers, improved cart paths on the back nine, new masonary stone  work at different locations, drop down ponds, pond in front of the present signature hole No. 12, added 75 new golf carts, greens are all repaired and we have offered special lunch and dinner rates on different days of the week."
  Next year Reimer noted that there are plans for a new signature hole to be constructed  with a pond at the 14th green and there could be an additional men's league on Tuesday's.
  Mary Wagner is the new accounting/bookkeeping general manager and Casey Tallman continues serving up great food as the club food service manager.
  Club information can be obtained by calling 607-498-5000.

  This will be our wrap-up column for this season of golf  and we want to thank  everyone who provided us with tournament, league and special golf events information. 
   God willing and the creek don't rise we'll be back next spring with Golfing Highlights. Next week starts our Bowling Highlights Column. 

Golf Tip
By Robert Menges

  The Golf Grip
  One of the first things a golfer does is grip the golf club.
  Your grip should be in the fingers of both hands not the palms.
  Most of the grip pressure should be felt in the last three fingers of  your left hand (for right handed golfers). There is much less pressure in the right hand and there should be  no pressure at all in the thumb and forefingers of the right hand.
  Keep your overall grip pressure light and don't, as they say, squeeze the toothpaste out of the tube."
  Make sure your grip is strong enough, with both V's pointing over your right shoulder and remember that a strong left hand grip produces  solid shots.
  Additional help should include keeping hands close together and for low ball flight keep grip pressure firm throughout swing.
  Several additional tips with the grip include keeping the left grip firm and the right grip light to promote a fade.
  Robert Menges is the head golf professional at the Swan Lake Golf & Country Club on Mt. Hope Road in Swan Lake. He is available for private lessons and if you have a question or subject you would like covered, he can be reached at 845-292-0323 or via email at

Putting Tip
By Joe Bermel

  Push The Ball Forward
  Many players take the putter back too far and then decelerate through impact without even realizing it.
  Here is a drill to ensure you are accelerating through impact.
  Standing a few feet from the hole, set up to the ball as you would a regular putt.
  Instead of taking the putter back, limit your stroke to just the follow-through motion.
  You are basically just "pushing" or "rolling" the ball to the hole. This forces you to accelerate into your follow through.
  There are additional benefits to this drill as well. You will notice that the ball has more forward roll, which keeps it on line much better.
  This drill also encourages the left wrist to remain firm instead of breaking down.
  You will not only enjoy keeping the ball on line better, but improve distance control as well. 
  Joe Bermel is available for private lessons, group, corporate, organization and golf shows-tournaments. His two special edition DVD's "How To Putt Well" are available by calling 631-589-1384, at his web site or by email at 

INFORMATION FOR THE ABOVE PHOTOS                                       

Newest member of the Tennanah Lake Golf & Country staff is Mary Wagner, center,  who takes over as accounting/bookkeeping general manager. She is flanked on the left by Clubhouse Assistant Andy Taggart and on the right by Director of Golf Bret Reimer. 

Our recent threesome at Tennanah Lake, Ed, Jim and Ed with Director of Golf Bret Reimer

Photos of this outstanding course in great condition.