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Bowling Highlights Column 10-30-09

Monticello bowler Eddie Lake scores 299 in Kiamesha Lanes league

Kelly Kulick scores win in PBA Women's finals.
Rick Mills scores 300 Game In Sunday Mixed Fun League at Fox Bowling Center

USBC Bowlers Get New Benefits

The United States Bowling Congress has entered into a partnership with Alamo Rent A Car, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and National Car Rental. This partnership is designed to provide USBC members savings and benefits on their future car rental needs.
The new car rental program benefits include: up to 20 percent off standard rental rates, promotional coupons for additional savings, free upgrades and other offers.
Alamo, Enterprise and National each offer unique and varied discounts and savings for USBC members. To learn more, members should visit
"This is another in a series of new benefits we have negotiated with national companies to help make belonging to USBC more attractive," USBC Vice President of Media Pete Tredwell said. "Taking advantage of these partnerships can quickly save USBC members more money than they pay in dues.
"We are continuing to find partners that believe USBC membership demographics are appealing to them," Tredwell said. "With more than two million members, USBC can deliver significant consumer buying power and attention for companies."
The United States Bowling Congress, as the national governing body, ensures the integrity and protects the future of the sport, provides programs and services to more than two million adult and youth members and enhances the bowling experience.

Bowling Tip
By Mike Luongo

Bowlers: This week's tip is for any bowler who ends up out of balance at the foul line when delivering a bowling ball.
If you find yourself unable to finish your delivery in a strong balanced position, it may be a result of your follow through as it is very important that when you follow through on your delivery, you do not reach OUT with your arm, but UP with your follow through.
The reason?
If you reach out, the weight of the ball will pull your upper body forward and may cause you to lose your balance.
If you reach up, you can stay planted in a strong, solid position to deliver your bowling ball with accuracy and leverage.
Mike Luongo is technically certified through IBPSIA as a Pro Shop Operator and Master Instructor. He is also a Silver Level Coach with the USBC and is the Northeast Regional Sales Manager with the Storm and Roto Grip Bowling Ball Company. If you have a question or subject you would like covered, he can be reached at 341-1694 or via e-mail at

Eddie Lake
Scores 299

Monticello bowler Eddie Lake scored a near-perfect game in the Wednesday Oct. 21 Men's league at Kiamesha Lanes.
Lake recorded 11 strikes in a row for a 299 in his third game of the night.
He finished with a 223, 239, 299, 761.
Ed's average in this league is 228.


Kelly Kulick of Union, NJ, earned the right to become the first woman to bowl in the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) Tournament of Champions thanks to her victory in the inaugural PBA Women's World Championship aired last Sunday on ESPN. She defeated Shannon Pluhowsky 219-204.
Harry Sullins won the PBA Senior World Championship by defeating Hugh Miller, 222-192.
This Sunday Nov. 1 at 1 p.m. on ESPN the PBA Motor City Open will air. It also was taped several months ago in Detroit.
The stepladder finalist include Walter Ray Williams, Chris Barnes, Pete Weber, Tommy Jones and Bill O'Neill.

Local Scores

Fox Bowling Center

Recent highlight scores in the Tuesday Early Bird Ladies league included a 182 by Jan Smith and a 220, 204, 574 bySandy Winans.
In the Wednesday Men's Independent league Ed Akselrad 210, Tom Anderson 276, 640, Mike Bowker 215, 223, 225, 663, Al Bullis Sr. 225, 218, 613, Cody Conway 202, 214, Frank Couse Sr. 212, 2l5, Frank Couse Jr. 234, 220, 631, Carl Davis 211, 211, 614, Jim Dibble 206, 223, 623, Brandon Drumm 211, Brian Drumm 247, Art Gately 267, 617, Graig Gehrig 201. 209, Bill Gleim 225, 203, Dylan Green 205, 203, Jeremy Gulley 222, Mark Hawley 203, 258, 652, Paul Ignatovich 204, 239, 202, 645, Steve Jacobi 200, Rob Johnson 233, 279, 693, Ryan Kille 223, Jerry Kulakosky 214, Donnie Marino 237, 256, 684, Robert McNaught 206, Josh Milucky 216, 200, 215, 631, Mitch Persbacker 221, 215, 626, Dick Price 200, 215, Charlie Reichenbaugh 215, Josh Rice 243, Sam Rowe 239, 202, 278, 719, Paul Siegler 200, Brian Tiffany 239, Jonathon Wayne 207, 258, 212, 677, Zuke Wormuth 206, 232, 619, Lee Wormuth 225, 210, 247, 682 and Tony Wright 224, 214, 624.
In the Thursday Men's Deposit National league Al Bullis Jr. 235, 256, 204, 695, Andy Bullis 205, 235, 216, 656, Matt Conklin 205, 238, 607, Ray Cornwell 246, 642, Howard Couse Sr. 211, Frank Couse Sr. 202, Jeff Curtis 211, 200, 602, Carl Davis 203, Norm Ellis Jr. 266, 658, Paul Fritz 234, Bill Gleim 227, 223, 214, 664, John Gurnick 214, Pete Hathaway 212, Gino Jones 269, 642, Greg Keesler 256, 617, Dan Koch 208, Rick Mills 235, 229, 661, Neil Mosher 245, 202, 214, 661, Len Terrell 204 and Dan Wormuth 215, 601.
In the Friday Mixed Couples league Michelle Brush 182, Andy Bullis 220, 208, 232, 658, Anne Couse 234, 550, Howey Couse 245, 203, 224, 672, Crystal Ellis 194, Norman E. Ellis 212, 216, 617, Norman C. Ellis 208, Linda Ferris 182, Adam Forrester 210, Bill Gleim 228, 213, 613, Gino Jones 232, 614, Mark McGraw 255, 226, 674, Rick Mills 211, Jonney Stanton 230, 216, Skip Wilson 227, Sandy Winans 202, 531 and Dan Wormuth 207, 203.
In the Sunday Afternoon October 18 Mixed Fun league 55-year-old Deposit bowler Rick Mills recorded his third career 300 game on lanes 13-14 scoring 219, 300, 704. This is Rick's first 300 at the Fox Bowling Center where he maintains a 190 average. He is employed by the Deposit Central School district. Other scores included a 188 by Julie Cornwell, Ray Cornwell 237, 202, 608, Marty Haeussler 214, 600, John Hoffmann 268, 227, 679, Rodney "Taylor" Jester 200, Matt Johnson 210, 226, 631, Donnie Marino 265, 245, 227, 737, Dave Mills 214, 233, 643, Jean Mills 184, Ed Townsend 215 and Shirley Townsend 191.

Kiamesha Lanes

Recent highlight scores in the Monday Men's league include a 220, 224 by Gil Suarez, Dan Ricco 234, 237, 661, Mike Weiner 213, Paul Durland 236, 208, 222, 666, Jaryl Scott 237, 246, 255, 738, Donald Durland 228, 243, 231, 702, Frank Gerow Jr. 203, James VanAken 225, 202, 609, Josh Strang 217, 609, Tom Belgiovene 213, 246, 637, John Hoffmann 204, 205, 247, 656, Nate Sanders 256, 258, 700, Serafin Rodriguez Jr. 206, 214, 611, Jo Jo VanKeuren 238, 276, 710, Craig Wilheim 214, Al Caycho 205, 224, Angel Rodriguez 224, Frank Scuderi 212, 217, 605, Mickey Lake 207, Eddie Lake 236, 260, 247, 743, Rick Lake 245, 210, 227, 682, Lloyd Bridges 210, Niifa Laresko 226, 203, James Frost 227, Keith Smith 200, 236, 235, 671, Robert Sze 209, Jack Moylan 245, 636, James Ratner 235, 206, 244, 685, Allan Jones 233, 236, 236, 705, Paul Curry 222, Jason Jones Jr. 212, Michael Travis 267, 661, Timothy Totten 228, Mal Press 214 and Ronnie Totten 200, 206, 602.
In the Tuesday Mixed Firefighters league Carena Collura 504, Pat Mulhern 180, Andrea Grossman 196, 204, 563, Neil Bell Jr. 204, Ed Guthrie 233, 223, 624, Laresko Niifa 234, Mary Lee Williams 189, 192, 533, Joan Lake 195, 191, 193, 579, Jack Rustic 227, 222, 630, George Kelley 217, Jim Gerrard 224, Russ Keesler 222, 204, 235, 661, Fran Kaiser 194, 209, 530, Debbie Durland 181, 217, 567, Mal Press 206, Jon Wilhelm 201, 245, 614, Kevin Stackhouse 200, John Hoffmann 204, 237, 216, 657, Kris Gwiozdowski 216, Barbara Yeomans 205 and Linda Schaefer 200, 520.
In the Wednesday Men's league Daniel VanAken 213, Kenny Atkins 206, Kenneth L. Hopkins Jr. 278, 210, 226, 714, Kevin Stackhouse 223, 239, 221, 683, Al Caycho 233, 221, 648, Mike Weiner 212, 205, 607, Justin Lopez 202, 204, Juan Lopez 242, 209, 615, John Lopez 210, Dave Porter Jr. 208, William E. Danchak 257, 214, 670, Allan Jones 203, 200, Larry Berens 203, Dean Shattuck 245, 224, 209, 678, Paul Durland 212, Art Eggleton 247, 217, 622, Josh Strang 234, 249, 227, 710, Tom Belgiovene 203, John Hoffmann 246, 217, 235, 698, Jody Farquhar 207, Rick Lara 203, 258, 267, 728, Tim McIntyre 212, Frank Emmens 210, 214, 218, 642, William C. VanAken 226, 209, 624, Troy Morris 215, Anthony Atkins 204, Wayne Atkins 245, 614, Eddie Lake 253, 218, 653, Joe Fallon 279, 259, 200, 738, Matt Fallon 257, 628, Jon Wilhelm 217, 201, 226, 644, Richard Bradford 214, 229, 624 and Donald Durland 269, 249, 237, 755.
In the Saturday Morning Youth leagues, in the Jr./Mjrs Shawn Comfort 128, Robert Comfort 91, Shivani Patel 167, Jason Moss 182, Bryden Fraser 112, Eddie Walsh 145, Shawn Sinistorie 135, 181, 229, Steven Sinistorie181, 175, Matthew Brown 128, Kristy Gessman 123, 161. In the Preps division Sarah Rustic 118, S. Barbianti 62, S. Makenzie 92, Nathaniel Goldsmith 143, Mia Steinbert 63, 74, Michael Hope 147, Ben Drillings 50, 64, 53. In the Bantams division John Wilhelm 111, 129, Taylor Porter 67. In the Pee Wees division Kaylen Blackford 40, Erin Brawley 55, Jenna Hendrickson 54, Renee Schreiber 97, Amelia Edwards 51, S. Gabriella 84, George VanAken 78.

Gravity Alley

Recent highlight scores in the Wednesday Mixed league include a 221 by Christopher Breidenstein, Dave Predmore 234, 203, 221, 658, Scott Ropke 233, 208, 229, 670, Barbara Pingel 190, Todd Shuman 198, Diane Rutledge 176.

Beechwood Lanes

Recent highlight scores in the Monday Ladies league include Beth Schumacher 179, Tracy Puerschner 175, 169, 500, Patty McGurrin 175, Barbara Cady 174, Janet Bertholf 174, 170, Dot McCormack 170, Wendy Adams 169, 160, Diane Conroy 167, Wendy Finn 167, Lori Kimmes 166, 161, Karen Borowski 164, Lois Erdman 160.
In the Tuesday Ladies league Lillian Zieres 171, Kelly Gombita 185, 176, 510.
In the Wednesday Men's league Brian Brustman 195, Bob Huter 197, Jack Diehl 208, Larry Geer 215, Roger Widmann 206, 579.

This column is written by Ed Townsend, a public relations consultant to the amateur and professional sport of bowling and to several bowling writers associations. If you have a topic that would make good reading, or have league and tournament scores Ed can be reached at 845-439-8177, via e-mail at and by fax at 845-230-8674. For a more expanded version of the bowling column, please visit our Web Page at


This Sunday on ESPN: PBA Motor City Open


PBA Motor City Open stepladder finalists in qualifying order:
1, Walter Ray Williams Jr., Ocala, Fla.
2, Chris Barnes, Double Oak, Texas
3, Pete Weber, St. Ann, Mo.
4, Tommy Jones, Simpsonville, S.C.
5, Bill O'Neill, Southampton, Pa.

Prize Money: 1. $25,000 2. $13,000 3, $9,000 4, $7,000 5, $6,000

Tournament Recap:
First round leader (after 5 games): Weber, 1,219
Second round leader (after 15 games): Fero Williams, 2,390
Third round leader (after 15 games): Weber, 3,466
First round match play leader (after 23 games): Barnes, 5-2-1, 5,376
Second round match play leader (after 31 games): Barnes, 11-4-1, 7,388
Final match play standings (39 games): Williams, 15-8-1, 9,302; Barnes, 16-7-1, 9,260; Weber, 16-8, 9,169; Jones, 13-11, 8,935; O'Neill, 13-11, 8,907

With a revised format and live televised finals, the U.S. Women's Open, a United States Bowling Congress event, will return in 2010 with the qualifying and match-play rounds hosted by Cityview Lanes, a 64-lane center in Fort Worth, Texas.

The competition at Cityview Lanes, which will be held May 6-11, kicks off a series of major bowling events in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The 2010 USBC Hall of Fame dinner will take place May 11 at the City Club in downtown Fort Worth, while the 2010 USBC Hall of Fame induction ceremony will take place May 12 on the grounds of the International Bowling Campus in Arlington.

Following the Hall of Fame ceremony, the live televised finals of the U.S. Women's Open will take place at the International Training and Research Center in Arlington at 6:30 p.m. CDT on ESPN2.

For the first time since returning in 2007, the U.S. Women's Open will feature round-robin match play. Players will compete in three eight-game blocks from May 7-9 with the top 24 players advancing to match play May 10-11. The four players with the best 48-game totals, including match-play bonus pins, will compete in the live stepladder finals.

"Match play is a traditional part of major bowling tournaments, and this format is more representative of a true U.S. Women's Open test," USBC Vice President of Media Pete Tredwell said. "And having one live TV finals show instead of five taped TV finals shows creates additional excitement while being more cost effective."

Tammy Boomershine of North Ogden, Utah, topped a field of 170 players, including 59 international competitors, to win the 2009 event, which was held at Strike Zone Bowling Center inside the Sunset Station Hotel and Casino in Henderson, Nev.

The qualifying and match play portions of the 2010 U.S. Women's Open will shift to Cityview Lanes, the largest center in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

"This will bring a lot of prestige for us," Cityview General Manager Bill Blackerby said. "It's an opportunity for us to show off the new look we have at the center."

In conjunction with the U.S. Women's Open, USBC will conduct its Hall of Fame ceremony outdoors and separate from its annual tournament or convention venue for the first time.

"Our goals in moving the inductions to Arlington are to spotlight the new International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame and International Bowling Campus while possibly growing the event into something big every year," Tredwell said. "The inspiration for this idea comes from the annual baseball and pro football ceremonies. Those venues allow for large crowds and major media coverage. Plus having it the same day as the U.S. Women's Open brings more focus to both events."

The Veterans and Meritorious Service part of the class of 2010 will be announced in November with the Superior Performance inductees to follow in December or January.


May 6-11
U.S. Women's Open Practice, Qualifying and Match Play
Cityview Lanes, Fort Worth

May 11
USBC Hall of Fame Dinner
City Club, Fort Worth

May 12
USBC Hall of Fame Ceremonies
International Bowling Campus, Arlington

May 12
U.S. Women's Open Stepladder Finals, 6:30 p.m. CDT
International Bowling Campus, Arlington (live ESPN2 broadcast)

United States Bowling Congress Chief Operating Officer Kevin Dornberger has stepped down from his position and plans to leave USBC next month. His last official day will be Nov. 20.

"I am very proud of what we accomplished in moving the organization to Arlington," Dornberger said. "Now I feel like it is time for me to move on and pursue other career challenges."

Dornberger was named Interim Chief Operating Officer in July 2007 after the retirement of Roger Dalkin and had the "Interim" tag removed in 2008. Prior to his appointment as Interim COO, he had been USBC Vice President for National Governing Body since 2005. He also oversaw the organization's legal affairs as General Counsel from 2005 to 2007. He has been a leading force in attempting to get bowling more recognition as an international sport.

Before joining the full-time USBC staff, Dornberger had been a member of the American Bowling Congress Board of Directors since 1985 and was elected a vice president in 1995. When the USBC was formed in 2005, he held the title of ABC Executive Vice President. During his 20 years on the Board, he also served as USA Bowling president and administrative director. Active as a youth bowling volunteer for years, he was a youth coach and later became president of the Sioux Falls, S.D., YABA local association in 1989.

"Kevin has been a central figure and key leader in the sport of bowling for many years," USBC Executive Director Stu Upson said. "He has helped build a solid foundation for the organization's future success. I wish Kevin all the best in his future endeavors."

In addition to his more than four decades of service to the bowling industry, Dornberger is an accomplished competitor as well. He was part of the 2001 ABC Tournament Team All-Events championship team. Along with numerous state and local titles, he has 16 perfect games and four 800 series to his credit. He was inducted into the South Dakota Bowling Hall of Fame in 1989 and the Sioux Falls Hall of Fame in 2000.

Dornberger continues to serve as president of the World Tenpin Bowling Association.

United States Bowling Congress
The United States Bowling Congress, as the national governing body, ensures the integrity and protects the future of the sport, provides programs and services to more than two million adult and youth members and enhances the bowling experience.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lore & Traditions Of The Hammer Outing

The late Keith "Hammer" Hamlin, right, with good friend Robert Ratner on a vacation outing in October 2005.

2009 Hammer Tournament champions include from the left, Stewart Stevens, Chris Strack, Ed Roth and Terry Kelly.

Well Known Liberty golfer Doug Rohrback with the ball he scored his first hole-in-one during the Hammer Tournament on the par 3 fourth hole.

The Hammer Trophy sits sealed in this enclosure and is kept in the Pro Shop at the Sullivan County Golf & Country Club.

Traditions & Lore Of The Hammer Outing

Golf tournaments are in most instances routine annual golf competitions that honor departed members of the community or benefit specific organizations but the lore and traditions of the annual Hammer Outing brings tournament golf to what could easily be called a look at a mystical golf course in Heaven where there is reality and faith combined for past "Friends of the Links."
The Hammer Outing is the realization of the thoughts and words of the late Keith "Hammer" Hamlin and the combined efforts of his family and many friends.
Keith was a well-known and highly respected contractor doing business as the Hamlin Construction Co. and loved the game of golf where he achieved the nick name of "Hammer" for the way he drove the ball down the fairway.
It was an expressed desire of Keith to hold an outing to share the many pleasant memories of past "Friends of the Links."
Having just completed it's third year of competition, the Hammer Outing is truly fulfilling Keith's desire.
The Hammer Outing as described in the Lore and Traditions of the Hammer Outing is an outing that takes place on the fields of play "that so many of us have walked, talked, and played upon together," and "shall be an outing of joy, not remorse, an outing of brother and sisterhood, an outing to renew old friendships."
As to the "past" Friends of the Link's the Lore and Traditions of this event tell the story of the man who asked his priest to find out if there was a golf course in heaven and the priest came back to him with good and bad news by saying there was a course in heaven and it was beautiful but the bad news was the man was teeing off at 7 a.m. the next morning.
The Lore and Traditions point out that it has been left to "The Hammer" to find that beautiful course in Heaven and that the mystical course is called the Valhalla Course located in the Land of Asgard (the highest heaven obtainable and reserved for only the most noble of men and women).
Keith, as would be expected, has a high seat on the governing board (Ting) at Valhalla and has let it be known that he has made arrangements for his past "Friends of the Links" to be admitted, as member, at this enchanting Links course.
The use of the word "Ting" comes from the fact that leaders of the villages in ancient times in the Celtic lands, The Isles, and parts of Europe held meetings to resolve issues of the day and these meetings were called (Tings) or things.
At the second annual Hammer Outing is was announced that Keith "has made it known that a players roster for the Valhalla Club at Asgarb is now being formed and it was decreed at a recent (Ting) that three past "Friends of the Links" are being called to the tee box at Valhalla," and that "these three players, along with Keith, will form the first of many foursomes to come. The foursome included Richard Benton, Bertram Eisenberg and Robert Mullen.
The second foursome called to the tee box at Valhalla and honored at this year's Hammer Outing included Richard Altbach, John "Jack" Coughlin, Thomas Kelly and Andrew Rorhback.
At each future Hammer Outing an additional foursome will be called to the Tee Box and honored as such and these players will be drawn from the roster of "Friends of the Links" that was established at the 1st annual Hammer Outing held October 8, 2007.
The Lore and Traditions point out that the word Asgard is described as "the highest realm in Nordic Lore, where the Gods dwell, the word Ting is the Nordic term for a council and Friends of the Links are honorable men and women who have shared the pleasure of golf together on earth.
This tournament has a unique trophy called appropriately "The Hammer Trophy" which is awarded to the champions but is immediately returned to its resting place, secured and sealed and kept in the Liberty Sullivan County Golf & Country Club Pro Shop. The trophy symbolizes the powerful nature that was Keith's. He is called by all those who knew him as a true gentleman and outstanding businessman.
The trophy presentation follows strict guidelines with the Hammer of Thor being removed from its place of stature, by a worthy representative (Keith's widow Susan Hamlin, presently performs this honor) and the trophy is presented to the chosen captain and teammates of the victorious team. The team, as one, shall hoist the Hammer skyward together and it will be held skyward until a toast, to all that have departed to play on the field of Heaven, has been offered.
The trophy is then immediately returned by the champions' captain to its resting place where it is secured and sealed, only to be removed at the next Hammer Outing.
Since the tournament is played at the nine-hole (alternating tees for the second nine) Sullivan County Golf & Country Club course, there are more players then available slots and golfers are accepted in the order their RSVP's are received.
The tournament format states that golfers submit their individual application with their current handicap and that teams are then established by the "Ting" whereby each foursome will include an A, B, C and D player based on handicaps and there are no established teams allowed to enter this tournament.
The Legendary Hammer of Thor was hoisted this year on September 26 by the team consisting of Terry Kelly, Stewart Stevens, Chris Strack and Ed Roth who scored 10 under using the best ball format.
Local well known Liberty golfer Doug Rohrback, whose dad, Andrew "Andy" Rohrback was one of the four departed golfers honored at this years event, surely had the mystical Valhalla Course foursomes blessings at this outing as he scored his first ever hole-in-one on the par 3 fourth hole. We won't describe this hole-in-one but when you see Doug I'm sure he'll tell you all about it and the direction the ball went towards the hole.
There are always great minds behind outstanding events like this and several of the organizers include Keith's widow Susan Hamlin, his son David Hamlin and long time friend Robert "Rat" Ratner.
Golfing friends and families with names of departed golfers and those having memorabilia can send the information to

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Here & There Column 10-27-09

This Could Be An Easy Solution?

You can shake your head, point fingers, cry poverty and still raise taxes or try, yes I mean try and see what the major problem is and fix it right.
Now we truthfully can't predict anything on this subject because our economy is still sick, unemployment is high, the powers to be in Washington are trying to come up with solutions and now government in Sullivan County is saying we have a $7.6 million budget shortfall with a projected 100 or so county employees facing layoffs.
Could it be possible that county government over the years has gotten just too big, was there careful considerations given to consolidations of services and offices...was there ever a true effort made to run government like a private business?
These are questions which run rapid when decisions of layoffs is made and revenues shrink at a time when spending continues to rise.
Now there are some that say the spending was mandated but does a private business hire new employees and add additional products and services when unemployment is as high as it is and folks are not spending like they use to.
Many will say government is just too big......some have advocated consolidation of village governments into town governments and even taking town governments and consolidate then into a city structure and replacing the existing county governments.....there is just too much government with too much duplication of services it too simple for politicians to understand that too much costs too much and folks just don't like being hammered with continual increases in taxes and this fee and that fee.
Our state government can's handle their financial woes and so place the burden of services without reimbursements on our local government......folks are calling these undue burdens while others see it as politicians having no financial responsibility.
Examples of fee and suggested tax increases include a new state law that will require motorists to replace all license plates starting next plates will cost $25 each and the measure is to raise money for the this the right time to sock it to New York State motorists?
What about Sullivan County proposing new funding called a user fee (others says its just another tax) on trash disposal that reportedly will charge most households about $181 a year whereby presently residents in most towns pay the county $2.50 per a 30-gallon bag of garbage if dropped off at the landfill or a county transfer station.
This nickle and dime approach of saying we are only raising taxes 2 or 3 percent (annually), mandated new license plates and suggesting that there will be a fee on juice drinks has reached the peak of no return.
Government and elected officials had better start getting it right or the down trodden taxpayers and common folks will make the necessary changes.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bowling Highlights 10-23-09

PBA Providing "Taped" Version Of Their Events

It has been months in the making, but the 2009 Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) inaugural World Series of Bowling is about to make its historic debut on ESPN, but what you will be seeing is tour tournaments that have been taped and are not live.
Beginning at 1 p.m. Eastern this Sunday, (Oct. 25), bowling fans acrossAmerica will see 13 champions crowned over a span of eight weekly PBA World Series of Bowling telecasts. Over the course of the World Series telecasts,22 Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour players will make television appearancesalong with five stars of the PBA Women's Series presented by BOWL.COM andtwo top PBA Senior Tour players.
Success comes in many ways and bowling fans tend to like "live" events over "taped" events but the PBA is advancing the theory that the World Series of Bowling has indeed shown success, but, the real test will be how many bowling fans will be attracted to the "taped" championships that were already bowled in August and the first week in September.
Events taped for future broadcast historically have proven to not attract anywhere near the number of viewers as "live" competition. The old news theory is not a healthy move by the PBA and the many tour stops (like the one formerly held each fall in Cheektowaga near Buffalo appears to be a thing of the past and all the many bowling fans at this venue are now cheated out of rubbing elbows with PBA bowlers and all of the motels-hotels, eating establishments, gas stations, airlines etc. etc. who benefited from bowling in western New York State are now left out in the cold and the struggling economy.
The fans of the PBA are the ones who are hurt the most with this new World Series of Bowling because the PBA now would like us to cave in and not print the results before the shows air on TV and they simply are asking the print media to change a basic principle of print journalism which is to print the new when it happens.
Well bowling fans.......we're printing the news shortly after it happened.
Here's the champions of the World Series of Bowling events.
In the PBA Men's Shark Championship Jack Jurek won. Kelly Kulick won the Women's Shark title. Mike Devaney won the Scorpion Men's title with Shannon Pluhowsky taking the Ladies Championship, Bill O'Neill is the Men's Chameleon Champion and Shannon Pluhowsky won her second championship. Rhino Page won the Men's Viper event and Liz Johnson the women title. Norm Duke captured the Cheeta Men's title and Walter Ray Williams Jr. won the Motor City Open championship.
The series will get underway with an historic event " the inaugural PBA Women's World Championship" which will reward its winner with the first-ever berth for a woman in the 2010 PBA Tournament of Champions in LasVegas. In the title match, Shannon Pluhowsky of Phoenix will meet KellyKulick of Union, N.J. Also at stake is a $15,000 first prize and a women's major title.
The second event in the opening telecast of the Lumber Liquidators PBATour season is the revival of the PBA Senior World Championship, which was last held in 2002 in Las Vegas. Hugh Miller of Mercer Island, Wash., will meet Harry Sullins of Chesterfield Township, Mich., in another battle for aberth in the 2010 PBA Tournament of Championships as well as a $15,000 payday.
The closing event of the first telecast of this season will be a special PBA Trick Shot Invitational featuring PBA Tour stars Chris Barnes, Parker BohnIII, Norm Duke, Sean Rash and Brian Voss along with Finland's two-handed-sensation, Osku Palermaa.

The Bowling Tip
By Mike Luongo

Bowlers: This week's tip is a reminder that although there are so many aggressive, high performance bowling balls available, the main component of the sport is having a sharp game and becoming a good shot maker.
Some lane conditions have become very soft and that combination with today's bowling balls has led to high scoring conditions making the majority of today's bowlers very complacent about working on their physical game.
However, the sport of bowling is making a comeback as can be seen in some of the newer Sport Bowling knowing how to adjust to varying lane conditions and understanding how to use today's bowling balls is only part of the equation.
For those bowlers who want to maximize their potential in this sport, I cannot stress enough the importance of finding a qualified and certified bowling instructor. Even more preferable, you should work with an instructor who uses video technology to completely analyze your game.
For example, we use the Brunswick Pro Trainer system which gives us the ability to replay a student's shots in slow motion, showing them what adjustments need to be made and compare them to the highest caliber bowlers in the of all.....the student is able to take a video home to study and watch at their convenience.
The knowledge you gain from a Certified Instructor is knowledge that will be useful to you and will stay with you throughout your bowling life.
Mike Luongo is technically certified through IBPSIA as a Pro Shop Operator and Master Instructor. He is also a Silver Level Coach with the USBC and is also the Northeast Regional Sales Manager with the Storm and Roto Grip Bowling Ball Company. If you have a question or subject you would like covered, he can be reached at 341-1694 or via email at

Local Scores

Kiamesha Lanes

Recent highlight scores in the Monday Men's league include a 203 by Mike Mulligan, Dan Ricco 206, Paul Durland 224, Jeryl Scott 214, 237, 645, Vinnie Collura 206, 226, 626, James VanAken 235, 610, Josh Strang 232, 615, Tom Belgiovene 202, John Hoffmann 252, 245, 682, John Fischer 204, 214, 609, Dave Graham 201, 225, 625, Serafin Rodriguez 201, Pete Mitro 213, Jo Jo VanKeuren 208, 277, 223, 708, Frank Scuderi 225, Mickey Lake 202, 221, 610, a 157 triplicate by Roy Sweeney, Eddie Lake 237, 212, 218, 667, Rick Lake 256, 632, Lloyd Bridges 223, 216, 629, Niifa Laresko 221, James Frost 212, Keith Smith 225, 606, Jack Moylan 204, 201, James Ratner 213 and Kort Wheeler 233.
In the Tuesday Mixed Firefighters league Cara Nicholson 192, 515, Leanne Mangabang 203, 188, 566, Carena Collura 198, 508, Carol MacAdam 190, 191, 560, Vinnie Collura 224, 246, 245, 715, Lisa Cartwright 190, Andrea Grossman 514, Neil Bell Jr. 236, 256, 667, Joe Peabody 213, Ed Guthrie 202, 237, 635, Joan Lake 185, Ryan Lepke 245, 237, 655, Jack Rustic 225, Shane Cunningham 201, Russ Keesler 225, 214, 200, 642, Crystal Price 187, Fran Kaiser 205, 503, Vincent Scuderi 242, Debbie Durland 194, 181, 203, 578, Mal Press 212, 602, Jon Wilhelm 201, 267, 666, Kevin Stackhouse 203, Roberta Yakin 182, 195, 521, John Hoffmann 202, 207, 205, 614, Bob Yakin Sr. 212, 246, 657, Kris Gwiozdowski 228, 235, 619, Barbara Yeomans 180, Donna DuBois 194, 502 and Cliff Starr 200.
In the Wednesday Men's league Daniel VanAken 214, Kenny Atkins 212, Vincent Scuderi 223, Craig Wilhelm 203, Kevin Stackhouse 202, 209, 221, 632, Al Caycho 211, Justin Lopez 207, John Lopez 202. 215, 601, Bob Yakin Jr. 218, Bill Danchak 205, 200, Allan Jones 216, 222, 634, Frank Muller Jr. 215, 200, George Battle Jr. 202, 228, 607, Larry Berens 202, Dean Shattuck 258, 227, 209, 694, Josh Strang 245, 615, Tom Belgiovene 215, 206, 604John Hoffmann 202, 225, Jody Farquhar 212, Rick Lara 236, 216, 625, Tim McIntyre 201, Frank Emmens 210, Michael Travis 200, Shawn Lyons 234, Anthony Atkins 222, Eddie Lake 258, 234, 249, 741, Joe Fallon 255, 235, 232, 722, Matt Fallon 235, 204, 215, 654, Jon Wilhelm 236, 211, 634, Rich Bradford 208, 213 and Donald Durland 216, 259, 657.
In the Friday Night Mixed Doubles League, Edward Lake 248, 258, 237, 743, Thomas Skiff III a 255, 268, 715, John Cascone 204, 246, 202, 652, Don Durland 267, 638, Frank Emmens 216, 223, 625, David Graham 203, 236, 622, Tom Palmer 212, 218, 622, Laresko Niifa 207, 205, 605, Robert 242, 603, Paul Berens 204, Larry Berens 207, Mark Fedun 212, Leroy Williams 211, Michael Osborn 214, Kevin Babcock 207, Robert Sze 200, Kevin Stackhouse 209, Ernest Wood 223, Alpesh Patel 208, Tammy Sze 201, 253, 633, Ant Rau 201, 229, 192, 622, Mary Lee Williams 202, 196, 584, Tina Rau 205, 550, Cathy Carpenter 214, 542, Mary A. Drobysh-Berens 182, 540, Joan Lake 190, 506, Carolyn Williams 190, 502, Christa Sweeney 194, Vera Bernhardt 184 and Linda Schaefer 191.

Fox Bowling Center

Recent highlight scores in the Tuesday Early Birds Ladies league include a 182 by Jan Smith and Sandy Winans 204, 220, 574.
In the Wednesday Men's Independent league Tom Anderson 207, 207, 213, 627, Mike Bowker 202, Al Bullis Sr. 231, 221, 614, Andrew Bullis 218, 255, 245, 718, Cody Conway 214, 211, 200, 625, Frank Couse Jr. 202, Jim Dibble 221, 211, 625, Brandon Drumm 235, Brian Drumm 217, 204, Anthony Gately 234, 233, 647, Graig Gehrig 203, Bill Gleim 255, 215, 222, 692, Dylan Green 241, Jeremy Gulley 210, John Gurnick 233, Paul Ignatovich 203, Pat Kille 234, 605, Ryan Kille 246, Jerry Kulakosky 200, 201, Donnie Marino 235, 246, 667, Robert McNaught 213, 235, 247, 695, Ed Milk Jr.. 211, Neil Mosher 221, Dick Price 238, 207, 237, 682, Charlie Reichenbaugh 202, Josh Rice 206, 211, Brian Tiffany 206, 246, 651, Frank Whitmore 203, Luke Wormuth 223, 237, 229, 689, Fran Wormuth 218, Jay Wormuth 213, 216 and Tony Wright 239, 223, 202, 664.
In the Thursday Men's Deposit National league Rob Bolster 221, Al Bullis Jr. 202, 218, 602, Al Bullis Sr. 226, Andy Bullis 211, 245, 214, 670, Matt Conklin213, 227, 615, Ray Cornwell 231, Howard Couse Sr. 202, Frank Couse Sr. 225, Jeff Curtis 242, 217, 634, Vic Davis 204, Norm Ellis Jr. 225, Adam Forrester 225, Paul Ignatovich 232, 222, 200, 654, Robert Johnson 234, 213, 641, Gino Jones 201, 201, Greg Keesler 205, 223, 613, Rich Lenio 225, Paul Siegler 212, 202, Jim Valentine 217, 207, 214, 638 and Dan Wormuth 249, 219, 664.
In the Friday Mixed Couples league Andy Bullis 223, 214, 205, 642, Frank Couse Sr. 256, Anne Couse 184, 200, 553, Crystal Ellis 212, 535, Norman C. Ellis 214, Norman E. Ellis 215, Elizabeth Gleim 217, 526, Bill Gleim 204, 268, 243, 715, Hope Jones 191, 192, 545, Mark McGraw 266, 246, 224, 736, Rick Mills 223, Randy Mower 205, Skip Wilson 233, 223, 628 and Dan Wormuth 205, 205, 213, 623.
In the Sunday Afternoon Mixed Fun league Ray Cornwell 234, 203, 223, 660, Erwin Haeussler 202, Marty Haeussler 225, 201, 618, John Hoffmann 204, Rodney "Taylor" Jester 191, 192, Matt Johnson 202, Don Marino 268, 212, 237, 717, Jean Mills 182, Rick Mills 245, Ed Townsend 202, Shirley Townsend 180 and Chris Wadeson 224, 601.

Gravity Alley

Recent highlight scores in the Wednesday Mixed league include a 214 by Kevin Breidenstein, Dave Predmore 220, 213, 608 and Scott Ropke 213, 253, 656.

Beechwood Lanes

Recent highlight scores in the Monday Ladies league include a 176 by Jody Gulley, Diane Staves 168, Debbie Murphy 163 and Beth Schumacher 162.
In the Tuesday Ladies league Debbie Loughrey 180 and Pat Peters 171, 167.
In the Wednesday Men's league Bob Glassel Jr. 195 and Tom Gain 221, 197, 570.

This column is written by Ed Townsend, a public relations conlsultant to the amateur and professional sport of bowling and to several bowling writers associations. If you have a topic that would make good reading, or have league and tournament scores and information, Ed can be reached at 439-8177, vie e-amil at or fax at 230-8674. For a more expanded version of the bowling columns, please visit our Web Page at
“A Christmas Story” Star Serves
As PBA Xtra Frame Producer

The name Ian Petrella may not be familiar to bowling fans, but an early work in the PBA Xtra Frame producer’s career is immediately recognized around the world.

In 1983, Petrella played Randy Parker opposite Peter Billingsley’s Ralphie Parker in the classic comedy “A Christmas Story.” In one unforgettable scene, Petrella, as Randy, is overly bundled up for the winter weather by being wrapped in sweaters and a jacket so tightly he is unable speak or put his arms down.

The actor has taken on many roles in his career in front of the camera. Behind the camera, Petrella is now contributing his Hollywood production experience as a producer for PBA’s online bowling television program, Xtra Frame.

“I have gotten to know bowlers, and the hard-core fans want to see bowling,” said Petrella. “We have to think of those fans as we prepare for Xtra Frame webcasts and the new PBA:39X60. It's a fun challenge to incorporate my knowledge of entertainment into the knowledge of bowling and create an entertaining product.”

Petrella became involved in bowling through his production partner and cousin Jason Thomas, who asked the former actor to direct and assist in writing and producing Let’s Go Bowling, a popular bowling talk/variety show that aired on Petrella is also an award-winning animator, and provided the character animation for The Bowling Show host P.B. Atkinson, (the show airs every Friday on

Each week during the 2009-10 Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour season bowling fans will be able to prepare for ESPN’s Sunday show by watching Xtra Frame’s in-depth coverage of each event leading to its final round. Content includes interviews on the PBA:39X60 program and match play coverage that details how the competitors made the ESPN show.

After each telecast, viewers will be directed back to Xtra Frame for unprecedented post-event coverage including a post-show check-and-trophy presentation and press room interview with each winner. Bowling fans can subscribe to Xtra Frame on for $64.99 per year or $7.99 per month. To check out the Xtra Frame programming schedule, click on

The 2009-10 Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour season begins on ESPN Sunday Oct. 25 with the first telecast at 1 p.m. Eastern. The PBA Women’s World Championship final (Kelly Kulick vs. Shannon Pluhowsky) along with the PBA Senior World Championship final (Harry Sullins vs. Hugh Miller) will be featured along with the Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour Trick Shot Challenge (Parker Bohn III, Osku Palermaa, Sean Rash, Norm Duke, Chris Barnes, Brian Voss).

Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Greater Atlanta, received a major contribution this week from Suburban Lanes bowling center of Decatur. The $2,350 donation was accepted by Jessica Murdock, community development director of the Greater Atlanta affiliate during a ceremony October 21. "The contribution is in keeping with our motto, In the Community, for the Community," said Tom Walker, Suburban Lanes owner. "It also solidifies our commitment to assist community organizations in their efforts to address critical issues which impact our employees, families and customers.
"For the past year, Suburban Lanes has dedicated the proceeds from the sale of pink lemonade to a charity fund. This practice will continue," Walker added. In addition, to the $2,000 received from pink lemonade sales, two center-hosted bowling tournaments netted $350.

PBA Commissioner Fred Schreyer is back at home, resting and beginning his
recovery from an angioplasty procedure last week in Phoenix. His direct
"Thanks everyone for your wishes and concern over the last week. I am
happy to be home and thankful to have come through this episode as well as
I did. I can certainly tell you it is humbling to realize how precious
life is and how quickly it can change.
"I am feeling good and regaining my strength and hope to resume a full
schedule within the next week or so. In the meantime, I thank each of you
for your commitment to the organization and your passion for the PBA.
Let’s make this season our best one yet."


"Ps: Thank you for the beautiful flowers. My home looks like it is
situated right in the middle of a fall landscape."

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Here & There Column 10-20-09

VEI Represents Democracy In Action

With all the enlightening news about the Acorn scandal and alleged election fraud in the past Presidential election one has to sit up, take light and totally support a movement in Sullivan County called Voters For Election Integrity (VEI).
This new organization has been formed by Sullivan County District 1 Legislator Dr. David Sager and will challenge approximately 150 to 200 recent voter registrations in the Town of Bethel which Sager represents as part of his legislative district.
Dr. Sager noted very clearly that he and the new organization is not entering into the debate between the town and a bungalow colony owned by the Brooklyn based United Talmudical Academy and the disagreement over the construction and safety of a Schul (temple) and community building.
He did point out that following a recent court battle over a temporary certificate of occupancy for the new Schul the town experienced an organized surge of voter registration by voters of many bungalow colonies made up largely of people from the ultra orthodox Jewish Satmar sect.
Thus the reason for the forming of VEI who is challenging the validity of the registrations with the belief that under current election law many of the recently submitted Town of Bethel voter registrations are not valid because people who spend one to eight weeks during the summer in a bungalow colony and have a bona fide residence elsewhere that this is where that person should vote.
VEI in challenging these summer bungalow registrations said that for a person to be a valid and legitimate voter in a voting district, more than that person's simple presence for a limited period of time in that voting district is required.
Support for VEI has come from Liberty attorney Michael McGuire, former Sullivan County Attorney and current County Treasurer Ira Cohen, the tri-partisan support of the three formally organized parties within the town (Republican, Democrat and Conservative), and a number of local Bethel politicians.
We would hope that the new bungalow colony Bethel registrations were not part of a retaliatory voter registration drive but this challenge should be welcomed by all as true democracy in action.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bowling Highlights Column 10-16-09

Durland Scores 9th Career 300

The steady league growth and additional experience and exposure of Wurtsboro bowler Donald Durland to Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) regional tournaments is making him a bowler worth watching.
That experience and growth led him to scoring his ninth-career 300 October 5 in the Monday Men's league at Kiamesha Lanes where he pounded the maples for a 300, 222, 256 and a 778 series.
Donald used a Roto Grip Rogue Cell bowling ball and recorded these games on lanes 7 and 8 with team mates Vinnie Collura, Jaryl Scott and his father Paul Durland.
Durland finished 15th in a PBA Regional tournament November 21 of last year at Wind Gap, Pa. and competed in two other regional tournaments in Catskill, NY and Lebanon, Pa.
Ever since he recorded his first-ever 300 game during the 2005-2006 season as a youth bowler in the Saturday Morning Youth leagues at Kiamesha Lanes Sullivan County bowlers have watched the steady growth of Donald Durland.
This now very proficient 21-year-old kegler recorded his eighth career 300 game while subbing October 24 of last year in the Friday Mixed Doubles league at Kiamesha Lanes.
His seventh-career 300 game came on July 30 in the Wednesday Night Mixed Summer league at Colonial Lanes in Chester. On that night he scored a 708 series, which included the 300 and games of 223 and 185 with a Hammer Vibe bowling ball.
In that summer league Donald averaged 200 and bowled with the Killer Angels II team consisting of his mother, Debbie Durland (one of the premier women bowlers in the Tri-County area), Tom Cooney and Pat Cooney.
Durland likes subbing in the Kiamesha Lanes Friday Mixed league because his sixth 300 game was bowled on April 4 of this year in that league using an Ebonite Maxim plastic bowling ball.
His high series of 796 off single games of 268, 249 and 279 was bowled earlier this year in the Monday Men's league at Kiamesha Lanes.
He has been bowling since the age of 5 and averages 230 in the Wednesday Men's league 215 in the Monday Men's league and 227 in the Friday Mixed league, all at Kiamesha Lanes.
Donald bowls Monday night for the Monticello Greenhouse team where he is also employed.

The Bowling Tip
By Mike Luongo

This tip is for all bowlers regardless of age or level of play.
So very often today bowlers find themselves off balance at the foul line.
While there are many reasons for this, what you may not realize is that most bad finishes are a result of a bad start.
The tip: Check your first step and see if it's too long. This will cause you to push the ball away too far and then your feet will have to play "catch up" to keep you from falling down.
Try a smaller first step next may help.
Mike Luongo is technically certified through IBPSIA as a Pro Shop Operator and Master Instructor. He is also a Silver Level Coach with the USBC and is also the Northeast Regional Sales Manager with the Storm and Roto Grip Bowling Ball Company. If you have a question or subject you would like covered, he can be reached at 341-1694 or via e-mail at

Local Scores

Kiamesha Lanes

Recent highlight scored in the Monday Men's league include a 237 by Michael Weiner, Dan Ricco 224, 206, Paul Durland 246, Jaryl Scott 236, 235, 227, 698, Vinnie Collura 235, 256, 688, Donald Durland 227, Rich Kushner 201, Frank Gerow Jr. 223, James A. VanAken 249, , 619, Jason Jones Sr. 235, Tom Belgiovene 204, John Hoffmann 213, 238, 635, John Fischer 201, Nate Sanders 236, 202, Dave Graham 247, Serafin Rodriguez Jr. 213, 608, Jo Jo VanKeuren 207, 220, 203, 630, Craig Wilhelm 213, Frank Scuderi 222, Roy Sweeney 205, Eddie Lake 258, 246, 697, Rick Lake 205, 218, 224, 647, Lloyd Bridges 215, Niifa Laresko 219, 218, James Frost 236, 215, 603, Keith Smith 204, 290, 674, Frank Amore 212, James Ratner 204, 216, 614, Kort Wheeler 224, 214, 629, Allan Jones 220, 214, 237, 671, Jason Jones Jr. 226, 211, 604, Art Stevens 200, Tim Totten 208, 222 and Vincent Degrawe 224.
In the Tuesday Mixed Firefithers league Rich Blackford 210, Carena Collura 504, Carol MacAdam 191, 521, Vinnie Collura 247, 205, 223, 675, Andrea Grossman 505, Neil Bell Jr. 209, 235, 621, Ed Guthrie 224, Cecil Walters 213, Laresko Niifa 210, 215, 620, Joan Lake 203, 503, Dan Allen 222, John Murran Sr. 201, Shane Cunningham 205, Bob Yakin Jr. 237, Crystal Price 500, Fran Kaiser 186, 204, 553, Vincent Scuderi 203, Debbie Durland 190, 545, Jon Wilheim 214, 215, 205, 635, John Hoffmann 247, 235, 210, 693, Bob Yakin Sr. 226 and Linda Schaefer 214.
In the Wednesday Men's league Kenny Atkins 223, Kenneth Hopkins Jr. 236, 214, 613, Craig Wilhelm 201, Kevin Stackhouse 202, 219, 618, Al Caycho 204, 224, 617, Juan Lopez 205, John Lopez 203, Bob Yakin Jr. 207, Bill Danchak 235, 601, Frank DiConstanzo 230, 222, 634, Allan Jones 222, 225, 629, George Battle Jr. 211, Larry Berens 233, 227, 648, Dean Shattuck 247, 239, 245, 731, Art Eggleton 213, 246, 607, Josh Strang 209, 228, 633, John Hoffmann 221, 257, 677, Jody Farquhar 246, 203, 209, 658, Rick Lara 211, 227, 266, 704, Tim McIntyre 258, Frank Emmens 224, 216, 213, 653, Jason Jones Jr. 258, 624, Frank Fippinger 225, Troy Morris 215, Anthony Atkins 217, 202, Wayne Atkins 212, Eddie Lake 224, Joe Fallon 247, 243, 214, 704, Matt Fallon 246, 212, 614, Jon Wilhelm 203, 229, 615 and Donald Durland 213, 214, 242, 669.
In the Saturday Morning Youth leagues, in the Jr./Mjrs division Nick Price 213, 212, Matthew Brown 114, 121, Jared Friedman 178, Kristy Gessman 117, 122, Michael Scuderi 196, Pedro Agapito III a 204, 214, 195, 613, James Durland 213, 230, 168, 611 and Amber Bock 141. In the Preps division Nathaniel Goldsmith 131, 137, Nathaniel Edwards 126, 127, 141, Mikayla DeGraw 138, 182 and Nicole Scuderi 107. In the Bantams division S. Patel 134. In the Pee Wees division Renee Schreiber 60 and Jenna Hendrickson 71.

Fox Bowling Center

Recent highlight scores in the Tuesday Ladies Early Birds league include a 189, 532 for Sally Ballard, Tammy Kane 180 and Kathleen Maltese 181, 515.
In the Wednesday Independent Men's league Tom Anderson 216, Mike Bowker 224, Al Bullis Sr. 204, 211, 608, Andrew Bullis 225, 225, 200, 650, Cody Conway 246, 278, 692, Frank Couse Sr. 215, 245, 221, 681, Carl Davis 215, Jim Dibble 204, 244, 608, Brandon Drumm 203, Chuck Dunlap 237, 607, Marc Fino 204, 221, 265, 690, Anthony Gately 204, Art Gately 253, 630, Craig Gehrig 232, 220, 622, Bill Gleim 214, 225, 207, 646, Jeremy Gulley 205, 234, 634, Mark Hawley 205, 209, Paul Ignatovich 236, 621, Steve Jacobi 234, Rob Johnson 214, Ryan Kille 218, Dick Layton 245, Donnie Marino 217, 205, 235, 717, Karol Mech 201, Josh Milucky 226, 205, 609, John Moffett 201, Neil Mosher 200, Mitch Persbacker 207, Charlie Reichenbaugh 226, Josh Rice 206, 215, 608, Sam Rowe 242, 257, 656, Jonathon Wayne 214, Hank Whitmore 236, Luke Wormuth 238, 241, 674, Jay Wormuth235, 202, 631 and Tony Wright 246.
In the Thursday Men's Deposit National league Al Bullis Jr. 216, 247, 620, Al Bullis Sr. 227, 245, 236, 708, Andy Bullis 209, 226, 614, Justin Card 203, Dale Conklin 206, 203, Matt Conklin 214, RayCornwell 221, 224, 611, Howard Couse Sr. 205, Frank Couse Sr. 238, Frank Couse 212, Jeff Curtis 238, 235, 243, 716, Carl Davis 214, 247, 659, Paul Fritz 225, 256, 676, Bill Gleim a real nice 246 triplicate for a 738 series, Pete Hathaway 202, 208, Paul Ignatovich 279, 246, 713, Robert Johnson 214, 210, 622, Gino Jones 203, Greg Keesler 207, 246, 641, Dan Koch 213, Rich Lenio 214, Rick Mills 254, 203, 618, Neil Mosher 225, Paul Siegler 213 and Dan Wormuth 201, 279, 671.
In the Friday Mixed Doubles Couples league Andy Bullis 276, 235, 704, Anne Couse 198, 523, Howie Couse 203, 231, 244, 678, Carl Davis 200, 212, 210, 622, Norman Ellis 215, Elizabeth Gleim 186, 507, Bill Gleim 258, 213, 268, 739, Mark McGraw 207, 215, 269, 691, Rick Mills 215, Brian Robinson 200, Jen Smith 200, Cecil Spencer 211, Doug Tiffany 213, Skip Wilson 202 and Dan Wormuth 268, 233, 694.
In the Sunday Mixed Fun league Marty Haeussler 211, 212, 603, John Hoffmann 223, 229, 247, 699, Rodney Taylor Jester 213, Matt Johnson 213, 225, 636, Don Marino 202, Ed Townsend 226 and Shirley Townsend 187, 189, 534.

Gravity Alley

Recent highlight scores in the Wednesday Mixed league include a 214 by Kevin Breidenstein, Dave Predmore 220, 213, 608, Scott Ropke 213, 253, 656 and Opal Hocker 172.

Beechwood Lanes

Recent highlight scores in the Monday Ladies league include a 195, 174, 501 for Lois Erdman, Lori Kimmes 182, Debbie Murphy 179, Diane Staves 171 and Jackie Gieger 168.
In the Tuesday Ladies league Debbie Loughrey 196, Lillian Zieres 181 and Rebecca Rhodes 172.
In the Wednesday Men's league Bob Glassel 204, Mike Sorge 195, Rich Thony 228 and Roger Widmann 208.

This column is written by Ed Townsend, a public relations consultant to the amateur and professional sport of bowling and to several bowling writers associations. If you have a topic that would make good reading, or have league and tournament scores and information, Ed can be reached by phone at 439-8177, via e-mail at and by fax at 845-230-8674. For a more expanded version of the bowling column, please visit our Web Page at


Kelly Kulick was the star of the 2008 Pan American Bowling Confederation Women's Championships and her performance made her one of eight finalists for the 2009 Sportswoman of the Year Award for team competitors from the Women's Sports Foundation.

While Jessie Vetter, a goaltender for the University of Wisconsin ice hockey team, took home the award when the winners were announced Oct. 13 at the 30th annual Salute to Women in Sports in New York City, Kulick was proud to be a part of the program.

"It was a great event," said Kulick, who was attending for the third time. "The Women's Sports Foundation always does a great job. To be part of that event was wonderful.

"Any time bowling can be honored it is a privilege. When I saw what Jessie Vetter had done over an entire season, I could understand why she won."

Kulick led Team USA to 14 out of 16 medals at the 2008 PABCON Championships. She won the gold medal in doubles with Wendy Macpherson with a combined 2,602. With the help of a 300 game, Kulick and teammates Macpherson and Diandra Asbaty also captured gold in trios.

The Union, N.J., right-hander led teammates Asbaty, Macpherson, Liz Johnson, Carolyn Dorin-Ballard and Lynda Barnes to a gold in the team event after averaging 226 for six games. She also captured gold medals in all-events with 5,463 and Masters with a 2-1 victory over Johnson.

Other finalists were: Cara Black and Liezel Huber (Tennis Doubles), Nicole Fawcett (Volleyball), Sandra Kiriasis (Bobsled), Shannon Kleibrink (Curling), Danielle Lawrie (Softball), Renee Montgomery (Basketball), Hannah Nielsen (Lacrosse) and Marta Vieira da Silva (Soccer).

Johnson, who joined Kulick at the event, was nominated in the individual category but was not a finalist. Courtney Kupets, a gymnast from University of Georgia, won that category. Other honorees were Wilma Rudolph Courage Award winner Tiffara Steward, a Farmingdale State University basketball player, and the Gatorade Company, which was given the Billie Jean King Contribution Award for its nearly four-decade long dedication to the betterment of girls' and women's athletics.

In addition, three sports-world luminaries were given special tribute awards: Annika Sorenstam, legendary golfer and philanthropist, Dick Ebersol, Chairman of NBC Universal Sports & Olympics, and Pat Summitt, University of Tennessee head women's basketball coach and all-time winningest coach in NCAA history.

Among those joining Kulick and Johnson at bowling's table were Professional Bowlers Association Commissioner and Chief Executive Officer Fred Schreyer, former United States Bowling Congress director Elaine Hagin and USBC Director of Marketing Brandi Connolly.

Australia's Jason Belmonte has gained worldwide notoriety for his revolutionary two-handed bowling style, and now, the 26-year-old will be showcasing his skills in four cities across the United States as part of The Next Revolution, a United States Bowling Congress program.

The Next Revolution was created to give coaches and bowling fans a closer look at the unique two-handed style that is sweeping the globe, while also giving participants a chance to revolutionize their own games with help from some of the sport's biggest stars.

Belmonte, the 2008-09 Professional Bowlers Association Rookie of the Year, will roll into Detroit (Oct. 31), Chicago (Nov.1), Houston (Nov. 7) and Dallas (Nov. 8) for a series of exhibitions and clinics and will be joined (one per location) by Team USA members Kim Terrell-Kearney and Diandra Asbaty, Colombian standout Clara Guerrero and PBA star Chris Barnes, respectively.

Although the events may vary slightly, each will include on-lane instruction, bowling ball demonstrations from ball manufacturers, a question and answer period and a chance to meet the stars and get their autographs. The highlight of each event will be a head-to-head match between Belmonte and his friends to determine once and for all if two hands are indeed better than one.

"Two-handed bowling is changing the look of the sport, and Jason Belmonte is recognized across the world as one of the pioneers of this unique style," said Pete Tredwell, USBC Vice President of Media. "The Next Revolution is our chance to spread the word about this phenomenon and give bowlers and fans the chance to see it first-hand and get up close and personal with Jason."

In the two-handed approach, the bowler swings the ball with both hands through the whole approach up until the release point. This style generates considerably more revolutions as the ball rolls down the lane, resulting in increased pin action.

During his career, Belmonte has competed on six continents and posted wins on four. He has bowled in more than 30 countries and been named World Bowler of the Year on two occasions.

In his first year on the Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour, Belmonte became the first two-handed bowler to win a Tour event by capturing The Bowling Foundation Long Island Classic.

The schedule for The Next Revolution events (prices and entry fees have been set by the host bowling centers):

Merri-Bowl Lanes
30950 Five Mile Road
Livonia, MI 48154
(734) 427-2900

9 a.m. - USBC Coaching class
Noon - The Next Revolution
1:30 p.m. - The Next Revolution Scholarship Tournament

Featuring: Jason Belmonte and Kim Terrell-Kearney

Brunswick Zone Hawthorn
316 Center Drive
Vernon Hills, IL
(847) 367-1600

9 a.m. - USBC Coaching class
Noon - The Next Revolution

Featuring: Jason Belmonte and Diandra Asbaty

Copperfield Bowling Center
15615 Glen Chase Dr
Houston, TX 77095
(281) 550-8710

Noon - The Next Revolution

Featuring: Jason Belmonte and Clara Guerrero

AMF Euless Lanes
1901 Airport Freeway
Euless, TX 76040
(817) 540-0303

9 a.m. - USBC Coaching class
Noon - The Next Revolution

Featuring: Jason Belmonte and Chris Barnes

For more information about The Next Revolution, visit

In its continuing effort to help enhance peoples'
lives through bowling, The Bowling Foundation has awarded 15 grants to
schools and organizations worldwide.

The grants are part of The Bowling Foundation's annual "Mobile Bowling
Equipment" program for schools, parks and recreation departments, disabled
and disadvantaged service groups and other organizations and youth groups.

Earning the grants this year are:
* Jungman Elementary School, Chicago
* Greenbrook Elementary School, Hanover Park, Ill.
* Alton Middle School, Vine Grove, Ky.
* St. Mary School, Portage Wis.
* Trinity Lutheran School, Staten Island, N.Y.
* Central Christian Middle School, Kidron, Ohio
* Carrera Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program/Kipp Ujima Village,
* Mesa Parks & Recreation Foundation, Mesa, Ariz.
* West Valley Central School, West Valley, N.Y.
* Chicopee Public School District, Chicopee, Mass.
* Sawed Trust Organization, Chennai, India
* Disaster Volunteers of Ghana
* Dodge Elementary School, Grand Island, Neb.
* Gates Elementary School, Grand Island, Neb.
* Howard Elementary School, Grand Island, Neb.

"A review process of all applicants led us to award these schools and
organizations that best represent the mission of The Bowling Foundation to
enhance the lives of others in need through the sport of bowling," said
Bowling Foundation Executive Director Troy Greisen. "In this struggling
economy, school and nonprofit budgets are the first to get cut. We hope
these grants can provide some meaningful support to these schools and

The equipment grants consist of mobile bowling kits that include a carpet
bowling lane, rubberized bowling balls and pins, and instructional DVDs
that assist coaches and teachers to introduce and instruct the game of

"The Bowling Foundation is proud to offer these grants each year, and our
hope is to raise more funds and awareness as the charitable arm of bowling
to provide more grants in the future," said Cathy DeSocio, board chair of
The Bowling Foundation.

About The Bowling Foundation
The mission of the foundation is to enhance the lives of others through
the sport of bowling,
> particularly reaching out toward youth, those less fortunate,
underprivileged or in need, giving them increased chance for success,
health, fitness and the joy of sport; while fostering bowling across all
sectors of society and the world.

As the charitable arm of bowling, the foundation is fully supported by
the leading entities for the sport including the United States Bowling
Congress, Bowling Proprietors' Association of America, the Bowling
Proprietors Association International, Strike Ten Entertainment,
Professional Bowlers Association, International Bowling Pro Shop &
Instructors Association, Bowling Writers Association of America and many
others including manufacturers, media and local bowling entities. For more
information: visit or contact us at or (888) 302-8122.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Here & There Column 10-13-09

Mets and Yankee fans enjoying the new Mets Citi Field recently included, from the left, Yankee fans Paul and Leah Exner and Mets fans Shirley and Ed Townsend.

Mets & Yankee Fans Enjoy Citi Field

The headline reads Mets and Yankee Fans enjoy Citi Field, the newly opened (this year) $900 million home for the New York Mets .... and the headline indeed has a very special meaning.
This Mets and Yankee fan friendship started out quite simply because my grandson, 14-year-old Rodney "Taylor" Jester, a freshman at Tri-Valley Central High School (who just happens to be a strong Yankee fan) and his good friend, 14-year-old Andrew Exner, also a freshman at the same school and a staunch Yankee fan. Their friendship formed as the two have played Little League, modified high school baseball and summer and fall traveling team baseball with the ECTB league Catskill Mountain Renegades the past two years.
With traveling to all the games and sharing time together at the games and occasionally eating out together, a close friendship developed between my wife (Shirley) and I (two strong Mets fans) and Andrew's parents and sister, Paul, Leah and Ashley Exner (all staunch Yankee fans).
Leah suggested in late June that we all take in a Yankee game and see what the new Yankee stadium was all about so in July we visited the $1.5 billion facility. Much of the new stadium incorporates design elements from the old Yankee Stadium. My Mets fan hex was again on that night as C.C. Sabathia got hit pretty hard and Seattle beat the Yankees 8-4.
On our trip back to Sullivan County Leah suggested we take in a Mets game to see their new digs.
Citi Field indeed has newer looks and there is no resemblance to the old Shea Stadium. Having been to Ebbets Field in Brooklyn as a youngster I could see that the Citi Field exterior facade is definitely reminiscent of the old Ebbets Field, home of the Dodgers for many years.
It was quickly very noticeable that Citi Field's spacious field dimensions make it a pitcher friendly park, something that Yankee Stadium is not. Outstanding features at Citi Field include the Jackie Robinson Rotundra, the Pepsi Porch in right field and the closeness of the stands to the playing field.
The five Yankee fans apparently could not get their hex working as the Mets behind John Maine recorded a win that certainly has not come easily with the Mets depleted lineup this year.
It's all well and good to have two new major league ball parks in the city but economics were definitely not part of the planning here as some $800 million was to be paid by city and state taxpayers.
We think that one stadium housing two major league ball teams with a retractable roof could have made a lot more sense and saved state and city taxpayers a lot of money.
Good luck to the Yankees in the playoffs and bring home a championship for New York.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Bowling Highlights Column 10-9-09

Vice President Dave Wilbur, left, and President Scott Wilbur of Tech Line Products with two of their MOTIV bowling balls.
New Line Of Professional-Grade Balls

Bowlers are just getting to hear and see the name MOTIV as this new line of bowling balls are being made out of the Wilbur Products plant in Muskegon Heights, MI where the company has been a longtime producer of bowling products for pro shops.
The manufacturing of the new bowling balls are being made through Tech-Line Products which is a d.b.a. (doing business as) of Wilbur Products, Inc.
Tech-Line president Scott Wilbur said of a family business begun by his late father, Wes Wilbur and in reference to the new line of bowling balls, "nothing we have done has been as exciting as this. We have incredible R&D technology, an experienced team with deep knowledge, proven production processes, high quality standards and strong high performance specs."
Dave Wilbur is Tech-Line vice president.
The MOTIV brand bowling balls are anything but ordinary as the new balls are backed by new technology and nearly 20 years of experience manufacturing top-quality high performance cores for many of the top brands in the bowling industry.
Over the years Tech-Line Products manufactured high performance cores for one of the industry leaders who decided to move its bowling ball production outside the US borders.
For many years Wilbur Products made inner and outer cores for Brunswick but made them to Brunswick specifications.
In 2007, Tech-Line initiated the new bowling ball project and Wilbur stated, "we knew we could offer top performance.
In its move to offer something new to the industry and to set the MOTIV brand bowling balls apart from the competition the new balls feature revolutionary Neo-Mark graphics which allows a solid filled multi-color graphics to be unified with the bowling ball coverstock, eliminating the need for engraving.
Motiv bowing balls new technology not only provides visually distinctive logo marks but also gives these balls improved performance and quality advantage in that they are highly resistant to cracking and chipping.
Tech-Line and Wilbur technicians now produce their own cores and feature four balls including the SX1, TX1, GT1 and TR2.
The GT1 is said to have a powerful Gear Drive engine and a very aggressive tread and is designed for medium to heavy oil. If you are in need of a more controllable shot with a smooth breakpoint on medium oil then try the SX1 or TX1. The SX1 has been getting very good reviews on short sport patterns. If you find lanes flooded with oil the company recommends the TR2 which has an 800 sanded finish.
The balls range from 12 to 16 pounds and retail from $179 to $219 depending on the model you choose.
The engineering of the new line of bowling balls has been termed by those using this product as "really good" and Tech-Line is looking to have six models on the market by the end of this year.
MOTIV line of products include bowling balls, performance tuning products, MOTIV apparel and bowling ball bags.
They can be reached at or at 1-800-235-8324.

NYS Regional 600
At Wappingers Falls

The New York State Women's 600 Bowling Club 36th Annual Region 7 Tournament will be bowled November 14-15 at the Hoe Bowl Holiday Lanes, 1677 Route 9 in Wappingers Falls at noon on both days.
Entree fee is $20 and bowlers will compete in three games across six lanes and may participate in any region once.
The tournament will be conducted in five divisions, (A) with averages 175-184, (B) averages 165-174, (C) averages 155-164 and (D) averages 154 & lower.
Entries close November 6 and entries with check or money order payable to (NYSW600BC) should be sent to Marjorie Wilburn, Regional Director, 10 Hardenburg Rd., Ulster Park, NY 12487
Information is available from Ms. Wilburn at 845-331-5984.

The Bowling Tip
By Mike Luongo

Bowlers: This week's tip is for bowlers using high performance bowling balls. These balls are made of urethane, urethane with reactive additives, with or without particles.
All performance balls come out of the box with either some degree of matte finish, a compounded finish or polished finish.
When a manufacturer chooses a box finish for a bowling ball, many times it is for shelf appeal. All companies want you to choose their products. What you need to know as a customer is that the cover on your performance ball can be adjusted to best fit your needs.
What does this mean for a customer? To maximize your scoring ability on a given lane condition, the cover stock of your bowling ball must match the lane condition. If your ball is grabbing too early, you will need some polish. If the ball is already polished, use a higher degree of polish, preferably something with a slip agent. This will help you get the ball down the lane with less effort. The tell tale sign of a ball grabbing the lane too soon is when you see the ball hook and then it stops hooking.
On the other hand, if your ball is skidding too far down the lane, you will need surface friction on the ball. How much friction you need will depend on your ball speed, rev rate and the amount of oil on the lane. The degree of matte finish could be as little as 4000 or as much as 320.
Reminder.....these are adjustments to fine tune your ball reaction. It is up to the Pro Shop professional to help you purchase the ball or balls with the proper core and cover to match both your game and the lane surface on which you bowl. Depending on how serious you are about your bowling, and how many centers you bowl in, you may need more than one ball to help you match the conditions.
And always remember.....your equipment should be cleaned each time it is used.
Mike Luongo is technically certified through IBPSIA as a Pro Shop Operator and Master Instructor. He is also a Silver Level Coach with the USBC and is also the Northeast Regional Sales Manager with the Storm and Roto Grip Bowling Ball Company. If you have a question or subject you would like covered, Mike can be reached at 845-341-1694 or via e-mail at

Local Scores

Kiamesha Lanes

Recent highlight scores in the Monday Men's league included a 205, 244, 603 by Danny Ricco, Michael Weiner 243, Paul Durland 238, 605, Jaryl Scott 212, Vinnie Collura 207, 244, 632, Donald Durland 246, 220, 212, 678, Frank Gerow Jr. 205, James VanAken 214, 227, 611, Jason Jones Sr. 208, 243, 200, 651, John Hoffmann 216, 213, 603, John Fischer 204, 206, 545, Nate Sanders 206, David Graham 201, Serifin Rodriguez Jr. 209, 204, 612, Jo Jo VanKeuren 209, 237, 626, Vincent Scuderi 202, Roy Sweeney 268, Eddie Lake 246, 218, 649, Rick Lake 238, 257, 688, James Frost 202, 203, Keith Smith 256, 214, 663, James Ratner 204, 243, 626, Kort Wheeler 227, 227, 635, Allan Jones 212, 204, Jason Jones Jr. 202, 223, 204, 629, Michael Travis 223, 235, 278, 736, Mal Press 201, 244, 606 and Jon Wilheim 211, 247, 279, 737.
In the Tuesday Mixed Firefighters league Vinnie Collura 217, 212, Debbie Wright 181, Neil Bell Jr. 216, 279, 687, Joe Peabody 212, Sandy Lazarowics 209, John Cascone 213, 210, Mary Lee Williams 213, 530, Joan Lake 183, 524, Dorian Jennings 202, 191, 549, Jack Rustic 205, 255, 618, Russ Keesler 235, Connie Press 206, Allen Jones 213, Debbie Durland 207, 548, Mal Press 203, Jon Wilhelm 219, 227, 640, John Fischer 207, John Hoffmann 232, Robert Yakin Sr. 209, Barbara Yeomans 199, 534 and Linda Schaefer 192, 540.
In the Wednesday Men's league George VanAken Jr. 213, Kenny Atkins 204, 231, Jason Jones Sr. 234, 618, Al Caycho 216, Mike Weiner 215, 225, 622, Tim Hussner 210, 207, Justin Lopez 212, Robert Yakin Jr. 208, Frank DiConstanzo 245, 616, George Battle 221, Larry Berens 204, 214, Dean Shattuck 245, 608, Josh Strang 225, 247, 246, 718, Tom Belgiovene 202, 202, John Hoffmann 237, 214, 217, 668, Tony Mentnech 203, 215, Rick Lara 221, 211, 622, Tim McIntyre 240, 279, 257, 776, Jason Jones Jr. 212, Vincent Degraw 213, Michael Travis 208, Shawn Lyons 246, Anthony Atkins 228, Wayne Atkins 215, Eddie Lake 237, 246, 227, 710, Joe Fallen 265, 213, 226, 704, Matt Fallon 246, 601, Donald Durland 256, 278, 204, 738,
In the Thursday Ladies league Liz Stubits 180, Clorisa Hopkins 198, 513, Pat Gibson 181, Debbie Durland 208, 209, 588, Mary Lee Williams 180, 180, 538, Kathy King 186, Joan Lake 211, 180, 553, Pat Shuart 227, 505 and Mardette Wilcox 185, 215, 569.
In the Saturday Morning Youth leagues, in the Jr./Mjrs division Mike Scanduri 163, Pedro Agapito 168, 174, James Durland 169, 179, Jason Moss 216, 172, 173, Matt Edwards 179, Jason Friedman 172, 211. In the Bantams division Nathaniel Goldsmith 125, Mikayla DeGraw 118, Sarah Rustic 116 and Shivam Patel 117. In the Preps division Nathaniel Edwards 137 and Parth Patel 149. In the Pee Wees division Renee Schreiber 53.

Fox Bowling Center

Recent highlight scores in the Tuesday Women's league include a 181 by Sally Ballard and Hope Jones 188.
In the Wednesday Men's Independent league Glenn Bowker 203, 247, Matt Conklin 217, Cody Conway 225, 251, 650, Frank Couse Sr. 216, Frank Couse Jr. 217, Carl Davis 200, 203, James Dibble 216, 225, 205, 646, Erian Drumm 223, 220, 224, 667, Marc Fino 205, Arthur Gatley 202, 212, Craig Gehrig 237, 242, 670, Bill Gleim 217, 203, 612, John Gurnick 237, Paul Ignatovich 237, Steven Jacoby 213, Pat Kille 279, 632, Jerry Kulakosky 213, Richard Layton 214, Donald Marino 227, 246, 666, Robert McNaught 201, 215, 606, Josh Milucky 200, 200, 208, 608, Richard Price 214, 214, 622, Charlie Reichenbaugh 212, Paul Siegler 224, 211, 632, Doug Tiffany 203, Hank Whitmore 203, Dan Wormuth 228, 259, 257, 744, Maurice Wormuth 202, 201 and Tony Wright 237, 241, 654.
In the Thursday Men's Deposit National league Al Bullis Jr. 235, 206, 210, 651, Al Bullis Sr. 203, 211, 222, 636, Andrew Bullis 236, 256, Matt Conklin 214, 222, 620, Frank Couse Sr. 223, 214, 600, Frank Couse 225, Jeff Curtis 214, 222, 220, 656, Carl Davis 232, 247, 675, Jim Dibble 212, 206, 231, 649, Charles Dunlap 203, Norm Ellis Jr. 235, Paul Fritz 202, 226, 613, Bill Gleim 238, 254, 654, John Gurnick 213, Paul Ignatovich 216, 235, 236, 687, Robert Johnson 200, Greg Keesler 211, 242, 650, Rich Lenio 222, 202, 603, Dave Lester 205, Paul Siegler 207, Len Terrell 226, Jim Valentine 205, Skip Wilson 200 and Dan Wormuth 279, 277, 215, 771.
In the Friday Mixed Couples league Andy Bullis 215, Howard Couse Sr. 216, Frank Couse Sr. 229, Ann Couse 255, 554, Howard Couse 238, 256, 664, Crystal Ellis 187, Bill Gleim 279, 620, Gino Jones 202, Hope Jones 195, 512, Mark McGraw 233, Rick Mills 211, Brian Robinson 249, Patricia Robinson 182, Jan Smith 225, 541, Cecil Spencer 202, Jonney Stanton 224, 612 and Dan Wormuth 202, 246, 645.

Beechwood Lanes

Recent highlight scores in the Monday Ladies league include a 180, 168 by Tracy Puerschner, Jamie Gulley 167 and Wendy Finn 161.
In the Tuesday Ladies league Lillian Zieres 175, 204, 543, Rebecca Rhodes 185 and Kelly Gombita 174.
In the Wednesday Men's league Matt Hubert 202, Phil Jacobi 196, John Kline 202, Ed LeRoy 209, Roger Widmann 201 and Mark Yewchuk 195.

Gravity Alley

Recent highlight scores in the Wednesday Mixed league include a 218 by Dave Predmore, Bill Rutledge 207, Scott Ropke 210, 223, 628 and Opal Hocker 177.

This column is written by Ed Townsend, a public relations consultant to the amateur and professional sport of bowling and to several bowling writers associations. If you have a topic that would make good reading or have league and tournament scores and information, Ed can be reached at 439-8177, vie e-mail at and by fax at 230-8674. For a more expanded version of the bowling column, please visit our Web Page at

Alaska’s Ron Mohr Named 2009
PBA Senior Tour Player of the Year

Ron Mohr of Eagle River, Alaska, the Professional Bowlers Association Senior Tour’s only three-time winner in 2009, has been selected as PBA Senior Tour Player of the Year by a panel of veteran bowling writers and his fellow competitors.

Brian Voss of Alpharetta, Ga., has been elected as the PBA Senior Tour’s 2009 Rookie of the Year and veteran Senior Tour competitor Larry Graybeal of Elizabethton, Tenn., is the winner of the second PBA Dick Weber Sportsmanship Award.

Mohr, a 53-year-old second-year Senior Tour member, won the PBA Jackson (Mich.) Senior Open and PBA Dayton (Ohio) Senior Open, kicking off the 2009 season with his first two titles in back-to-back weeks. He won his third title in the Senior Dick Weber Open in Lansing, Mich., where he defeated four-time defending Senior Player of the Year Tom Baker, 232-175, in the title match.

In 12 Senior Tour events, Mohr cashed in all 12, advanced to match play 11 times and he had five top-five finishes. He was runner-up in the Senior Tour earnings race to Wayne Webb by only $250 with his $41,600 total, and he led the full-time touring seniors in average at 223.14.

“I don’t know if it’s a surprise to get the news, but it’s still a shock,” Mohr said. “You hope things will turn out this way, but you never know. After my first year, I realized I could be competitive, but it’s a major step to win a title and then to win more than once is surreal. To go on to win Player of the Year is beyond anything a guy living in Alaska could ever imagine.

“I think it would be easy to accept this, say it has been a great year, and move on,” he added. “But I’m looking for ways to get better. Tom Baker won this honor four years in a row. I’m going to try to get better if I have any hope of doing something like that. And with Walter Ray (Williams Jr.) coming out on the Senior Tour, even for a few events, we’ll all have our work cut out for us next year.”

Voss, who bowled in only six events, didn’t win a title, but he finished second in the Senior Dayton Open, second to Webb in the Senior U.S. Open, and tied for fifth in the USBC Senior Masters. Voss was granted a “Golden Umbrella” exemption to rejoin the Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour in August, and missed the final five Senior Tour events. During his limited action, he was the only player to out-average Mohr (223.99) and he earned $22,200 – eighth best among the seniors.

“It’s always nice to win something, to be recognized. I would have preferred to be Player of the Year, but it suggests I’m still competitive,” the 24-time Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour titlist said. “My first Senior Tour event was a rude awakening (he failed to cash). I didn’t bowl practice. I had no idea what lanes were like. It turned out they were pretty easy, and I have all of the excuses in the world why I wasn’t ready.

“But I adapted,” the 53-year-old Voss continued. “I finished second the next week in Dayton, and I did well in the majors. It was good competition and it was really nice to see some of my old friends.”

Voss, a PBA and USBC Hall of Famer, will be a full-time member of the Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour for the 2009-10 season, so his participation in Senior Tour events is unknown. “We’ll see what my schedule is. I’ll bowl a few,” he said.

Graybeal, who turned 70 on Sept. 7, bowled in his 100th PBA Senior Tour event in the PBA Senior World Championship in Allen Park, Mich., in August. The 26-year PBA member won his only PBA title – a senior regional event – in Gastonia, N.C., in November 2006.

“I was kinda surprised, but I’m really honored to have an award with that man’s name (Dick Weber) on it,” Graybeal said.

The former textile printing supervisor fought and beat colon cancer in 2001, which proved to be a turning point in his life. “I decided after that I was going to do what I wanted to do with my life. I’m still at it, still trying to win,” he grinned. He acknowledged he’s a consistent Super Senior casher – the 60-and-older group who don’t cash in the regular prize list, “but that’s not what I’m shooting at.

“I try to be a nice guy,” Graybeal continued. “It’s not always the easiest thing to do when you’re a competitor. I guess you’d call it losing gracefully.”

Graybeal’s selection by his peers was the perfect choice, according to PBA Senior Tour Tournament Director Corey Kistner and PBA Regional and Senior Tours Director John Weber, the son of the award’s namesake.

“I’m really happy to see a guy like Larry win this award,” Kistner said. “He’s the epitome of what the sportsmanship award represents. He’s definitely deserving.”

“On behalf of the Weber family as well as the PBA, I’m really happy the players voted for someone as congenial as Larry Graybeal. All of the players look up to him. He’s just a pleasure to be around. I couldn’t be happier.”

(EDITOR’S NOTE – For reproduction quality head shots of the three PBA Senior Tour honorees, click here:

About the PBA
The Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) features the best bowlers in the world competing in National, Regional and Senior Tour events and awarded over $4.3 million in prize money during the 2008-09 Lumber Liquidators PBA National Tour. The organization has more than 4,000 members spanning 13 countries, and nearly one million viewers tune-in to watch the Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour every Sunday on ESPN throughout the season. PBA sponsors include Bayer, Brunswick, CLR, Denny's, Etonic, Flomax, GEICO, Go RVing, H&R Block, Lumber Liquidators, Pepsi-Cola and the USBC, among others. For more information on the PBA, log on to

Walter Ray Williams Jr. Reaches
A New Milestone: He’s Now 50

Professional Bowlers Association Hall of Famer Walter Ray Williams Jr. spent a relaxing day at home Tuesday, contemplating if not celebrating his 50th birthday.

In addition to his record 45 Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour titles and more than $4 million in career earnings heading into the PBA’s World Series of Bowling, Oct. 6 marked the day Walter Ray Williams Jr. became eligible to begin compiling a new set of records as a PBA Senior Tour competitor.

“Yeah, I’ve been looking forward to do this day for a long time,” he dead-panned. “I’m just happy to be up and around.”

At age 50, Williams remains a remarkably physically-fit athlete. He plays golf at near-scratch level. He’s still a world-class horseshoe player. And he remains at the top of his chosen sport – bowling – with no end in sight.

“Amazingly, I didn’t expect to be doing this well this late in my career, but I’m still bowling fairly consistently and giving the kids something to shoot at,” he said. “Right now I’m exempt (to compete on the Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour) and that’s my main focus, but I’ll bowl most of the PBA Senior Tour events I’m available for, if my schedule allows. I might bowl a few regionals if I can, too.

“It’s funny,” he added. “Last weekend there was a senior regional about 50 miles away from me, but I wasn’t 50 yet…”

It’s hard to imagine what Williams has left to conquer as he enters the 2009-10 season, but there are a couple of items on his wish list.

“If they don’t happen, it’s not a big deal, but winning the Tournament of Champions would be a nice addition to my portfolio,” he said. The Tournament of Champions is the only major title Williams is missing. A TOC victory would mean completion of the PBA Triple Crown (U.S. Open and PBA Championship), Grand Slam (add the USBC Masters) and Super Slam (add the PBA Touring Players Championship). “I don’t expect it, and if it never happens, oh, well. The other is bowling a 300 on TV. I don’t expect that either, but I hope to get a few opportunities.

“I’ve had a few chances at 300s on TV, but I either threw a bad shot or got a bad break. People make a big deal about bowling 300 games, but bowling one on TV would be kinda special,” he said. “And it would be nice to throw one at someone else. I’ve certainly had enough of them (four) thrown at me.”

Williams has remained remarkably fit across the years. He has his occasional sore knee and sore wrist problems – functions of age, but otherwise he more than holds his own against “the kids.”

“Physically, I’ve kept my weight under control,” he said. “That’s the biggest thing. About five years ago my wife (Paige) decided to get serious about her weight and I decided that was a pretty good idea for me as well. I started eating less, drinking water rather than soda, things like that. I don’t work out a lot, but I get exercise with golf and horseshoes. I probably do a real workout once a week or so, but it’s more diet for me than anything. I love to eat like everyone, but if I kept going the way I was going a few years, I was going to be way too heavy.

“I feel good,” Williams continued. “My biggest problem during the off season is that I don’t work at my game a lot. I’ve been doing some exhibitions, and I’ve bowled a couple of regionals. I’m going to bowl a couple more because I want to get ready for the (QubicaAMF) World Cup in Malaysia. For me, tournament play is the best practice in the world.”

Another adjustment to Williams’ physical and mental well-being has been fatherhood. At age 47, he and Paige adopted their daughter, Rebecca, who is now 3.

“Oh, yes, Rebecca counts as exercise,” he laughed. “Life is good.”

Williams is the top qualifier and will compete for his 46th career title in the finals of the PBA Motor City Open which will air on ESPN on Sunday, Nov. 1, at 1 p.m. Eastern.

About the PBA
The Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) features the best bowlers in the world competing in National, Regional and Senior Tour events and awarded over $4.3 million in prize money during the 2008-09 Lumber Liquidators PBA National Tour. The organization has more than 4,000 members spanning 13 countries, and nearly one million viewers tune-in to watch the Lumber Liquidators PBA Tour every Sunday on ESPN throughout the season. PBA sponsors include Bayer, Brunswick, CLR, Denny's, Etonic, Flomax, GEICO, Go RVing, H&R Block, Lumber Liquidators, Pepsi-Cola and the USBC, among others. For more information on the PBA, log on to

Women’s Sports Foundation and ANNIKA
Foundation Announce Inspiration Award

The Women’s Sports Foundation and the ANNIKA Foundation have teamed up to create the ANNIKA Inspiration Award to honor exceptional young female athletes. The national award, the ANNIKA Inspiration Award presented by the Women’s Sports Foundation and the ANNIKA Foundation, will be given to a young woman who has been inspired by someone in her life and who now excels in her sport while demonstrating leadership qualities, taking time to give back to her community or sport, and, in turn, serving as an inspiration to others.

“I credit much of the success in my career to my father’s inspirational words, ‘There are no shortcuts to success,’” said Annika Sorenstam, founder of the ANNIKA Foundation. “Knowing how impactful one person can be, I am honored to be a part of the recognition of amazing young women who continually inspire and encourage those around them.”

Sorenstam, who is among the greatest icons in golf and sports, has garnered countless achievements throughout her illustrious career including: 10 LPGA major championships, eight LPGA Tour Player of the Year Awards, and inductions into the World Golf Hall of Fame and LPGA Hall of Fame. Aside from her achievements on the golf course, Annika is dedicated to sharing her formula for success with youth who don't have the same opportunities, experiences, education or resources available to them.

“The Women’s Sports Foundation is thrilled to be establishing this new award with Annika,” said Karen Durkin, CEO of the Women’s Sports Foundation. “Having world-class athletes like Annika be part of our work to help young women lead healthy and active lives is critically important. This award exemplifies everything we promote to women of all ages and also demonstrates how our Foundation can work with athletes and their foundations in new and different ways.”

The ANNIKA Inspiration Award will promote and advance the educational mission of the Women’s Sports Foundation as well as the primary goals of the ANNIKA Foundation. These goals include teaching children the importance of leading a healthy, active lifestyle through fitness and nutrition, increasing fitness participation and access for girls where none is affordable to them, and creating a safe space for girls, and girls with disabilities, to participate in fitness related activities. Nomination forms will be available in early 2010 and the deadline for all submittals in June 2010. Nominations will be accepted from coaches, teachers, athletic directors, parents and peers across the United States. All nominees must be 18 years of age or under.

The winner of the first-ever ANNIKA Inspiration Award will be unveiled in October 2010 at the Women's Sports Foundation’s Annual Salute to Women in Sports awards dinner in New York City, known as the year’s biggest night in women’s sports.

About the ANNIKA Foundation
The ANNIKA Foundation teaches children the importance of living a healthy, active lifestyle through fitness and nutrition, and offers aspiring junior golfers opportunities to pursue their dreams. The foundation supports junior golf programs by offering golf scholarships and hosting girls’ major junior championships around the world. The ANNIKA Foundation is also developing a physical fitness and nutrition program for children to realize their full potential and dreams, whether in golf, in other sports, or in life.

About the Women’s Sports Foundation
The Women’s Sports Foundation—the leading authority on the participation of women and girls in sports—advocates for equality, educates the public, conducts research and offers grants to promote sports and physical activity for girls and women. Founded by Billie Jean King in 1974, the Women’s Sports Foundation builds on her legacy as a champion athlete, advocate of social justice and agent of change. We strive for gender equity and fight discrimination in sports. Our work shapes public attitude about women’s sports and athletes, builds capacities for organizations that get girls active, provides equal opportunities for girls and women, and supports physically and emotionally healthy lifestyles. The Women’s Sports Foundation is recognized worldwide for its leadership, vision, strength, expertise and influence. For more information, please call the Women’s Sports Foundation at 800.227.3988 or visit