Friday, January 31, 2014


TV BOYS MAKE SECTIONALS                                               

  The win they needed to get into sectional play came easy for the Tri-Valley boys varsity basketball team as they defeated league rival Tuxedo 73-35 Thursday night.
  Aggressive offensive play and  strong defense got the Bears off to a quick first quarter lead jumping out to a 10-0 score with 5:22 showing on the clock.
  The first 10 scores by Tri-Valley included a driving layup by Alex Brown, a foul shot by Brown, Sam Tingley with one of his patented three-pointers, a layup by Tingley and Devin Donnelley with a layup. 
  It wasn't until the 5 minute mark when Tuxedo's Fredy Squires popped in a long three-pointer to put the Tornadoes on the board.
  Tri-Valley's torrid scoring led to a first quarter lead of 21-5. The Bears outscored Tuxedo in the second quarter 13-10 to take a half time lead of 34-15.
  At the 3:20 mark in the third quarter Bears coach Brian Tingley substituted five new players into the game leading 48-20 and Tuxedo took advantage of the move to outscore Tri-Valley  11-0 to end the third quarter trailing 48-31.
  The Bears starting five returned to the court at the start of the fourth quarter and dominated play by outscoring Tuxedo 25-4.
  Coach Tingley noted that "this game allowed us to get everyone involved and they made it a little scary at the end of the third quarter."
  He added, "we played effectively and we're in the sectionals with this win."
   The coach gave praise to his players saying,  "everyone played well tonight." One negative factor for the Bears was missed layups.
  Tri-Valley's two remaining home league games include S.S. Seward on February 12 and Chester February 19.
  Leading scorer for Tri-Valley was Zach Nilsen with 16, Sam Tingley with 15 and Alex Brown with 13. The Bears are now 8-3 and 2-2 in OCIAA league play.
  Fredy Squires led Tuxedo with nine points. Tuxedo is 1-10 overall and 0-4 in OCIAA league play. 

PHOTOS OF TRI-VALLEY-TUXEDO BOYS BASKETBALL GAME                                               



Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Bowling Highlights Column 1-31-14

Forty Frame Game Joins USBC Open

  The popular Columbia 300 Forty Frame Game (CFFG) and the United States Bowling Congress (USBC) have agreed on a partnership that will bring this tournament  to the National Bowling Stadium's (NBS) Showcase Lanes.
  The CFFG is a handicap singles tournament of 40 continuous frames that includes no-tap frames, mulligans, bonus pins and other fun challenges. There is also a variety of side events and doubles for bowlers to earn additional prize money.
  The CFFG was started in 1989 and has been held in the same host city as the USBC Open Championships singe 1992, but Reno, Nev., in 2014 will mark the first time for the two events to be held in the same venue.
  "The CFFG draws thousands of competitors each year with its fun format and unique jackpots, and we're looking forward to adding it to the variety of events at the NBS," said Brian Lewis, USBC Managing Director of Tournaments.
  "We saw last year that bowlers love the convenience of on-site side tournaments, and the uniqueness of the CFFG which will ensure that bowlers of all skill and interest levels can find an event for them," Lewis said.
  The tournament has welcomed more than 300,000 bowlers and paid more than $10.5 million in 25 years of competition. 
  The CFFG will be held on the Showcase Lanes, which also are used for team practice sessions and there will be specific afternoon and evening squad times for this event as well as morning and early-afternoon times.

Ed's Outlook

  The Orange Sullivan 600 Women's Club Tournament will be held along with the Tri-County NY USBC Women's Championship Tournament March 8-9 and March 15-16 at Kiamesha Lanes. 
  Bowlers competing in the Tri-County Tournament can use these scores for entry into the Promotional Orange Sullivan 600 Club Tournament. 
  Applications will be available at the tournament site along with an entry fee of $10 payable to the Orange Sullivan 600 Club.
  Women bowlers are reminded that their scores from the Association Tournament will be used for the Club Tournament. 
  600 Club dues are $5 and information can be obtained from Diane Kosteczko at 845-744-3549.

 Belmonte Wins PBA
 Tournament of Champions 

  You can't win a tournament any closer than one pin and that is exactly what Jason Belmonte did last Sunday defeating Wes Malott 219-218 to win the Barbasol Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) Tournament of Champions Tournament held at Thunderbowl Lanes in Allen Park, Mich.   
  The live ESPN telecast saw Belmonte roll a strike on his final ball to defeat Malott.
  The 30-year-old two handed bowler from Australia just a week ago was named the 2012-13 PBA Player of the Year.
  The win earned him $40,000 and a celebratory shaving cream pie-in-the-face from close friend and fellow competitor Bill O'Neill.
  PBA coverage continues Sunday on ESPN at 4 p.m. with the PBA Super Clash featuring a showdown match between 2011-12 PBA Player of the Year Sean Rash vs. Belmonte.

  Ed Townsend, A PR Consultant to the Sport of Bowling, writes and compiles the information for this column. If you have league scores, tournament information, score a 300 game or 800 series or even score your age, call Ed at 845-439-8177, email at or fax at 845-205-4474. View this column and all of Ed's pictures at We are also on Facebook and Twitter. 

The Bowling Tip
By Mike Luongo

  Bowlers: This weeks tip is for all bowlers regardless of your level and it has to do with understanding the correct body position needed to execute a bowling shot and being able to duplicate it.
  If you were to stand straight on the approach, facing the pins, letting the ball hand on your hand, you could not swing the ball straight without hitting your hip with the ball.
  This is impossible to do without swinging the ball around your hip because the ball it too big. This "Roundhouse Swing" is not able to be duplicated shot after shot.
  Therefore, you might be in a position to be able to swing the ball toward your desired target without any obstacles.
  The tip: Get your head as far to the right (or left if left handed) and tilt your bowling shoulder slightly downward. Contrary to what some of your bowlers might tell you, you must drop your shoulder toward the floor in order to avoid the "Roundhouse Swing."
  At the same time, slightly open your hips and shoulder and you will be able to swing your arm straight toward the target time and time again. Due to different physiologist, the exact position may vary slightly from person to person, but that correctly positioned, you can use gravity to control the tempo of your swing.
  Note: If you were to shoot a game of pool, or go to a range and shoot a bow or rifle, note the position your head would have to be in to be effective in these activities. Also, next time you watch Pro bowling on TV, make note of the bowler's body positions.
  Mike Luongo is a certified IBPSIA Pro Shop Operator, Master Instructor, USBC Silver Level Coach and an Advisor-Special Events assistant with the Storm and Roto Grip Bowling Ball Company. Have a question, call him at 435-720-7939 or email at    

Local Scores
(compiled by Ed Townsend)

Callicoon Kristal Bowl

Monday Hortonville Ladies

  Lillian Zieres 192, 158, 189, 539, Pat Peters 157, 202, 161, 520, Rebecca Rhodes 161, Maureen Schlott 166, 177, Joyce Brooks 155, Chris Burr 175, Missy Slater 169, Eleanor Glassell 154, Debbie Loughrey 151, DeeDee Schrader 181, Judy Mohn 150, Kim Doty 164, Mardette Wilcox 184, 171, Phyllis Grillo 160. 

Tues. Del. Valley Men's

  Mike Beseth 220, 201, Bruce Rutledge 182, 187, Joe Meyer 186, Rob Bivins 182, 257, 600, Chris Marston 191, Ed LeRoy 193, 225, 224, 642, Kris Rasmussen 180, 183, Brian Marino 181, 188, Mark Scriber 188, Jonathan Heinle 182, Troy Parucki 213, Mike Gieger 191, 184, Albert Tyles 215, Eric Kubenik 202, Mark Yewchuck 195, Tom Hubert 182, Bill Meyer 185, John Hubert 200, Matt Fulton 180, Kyle Steffens 208, Rich Winters 183, 199, 212, Dean Shattuck 189, Bob Head 190, 192, Rick Weigelt 259, 201, 600, Joe Gager 217, 199, 236, 652.

Wednesday Men's

  Matt Kitson 202, Tim Sykes 206, 189, John Kline 202, 190, Rich Thony 187, 183, Brian Brustman 198, 188, John Glassel 188, Robert Glassel Jr. 191, Joel Turner 186, John Diehl 201, Hopper Hubert 185, Jack Diehl  200, Mark Yewchuk 221, 223, 207, 651, Gavin Salzberg  213, Tom Diehl 193, Roger Widmann 180, 

Liberty Bowl

                                                        Thursday Ladies

  Lisa Lawrence 172, Mary Adriaens 157, Billie Jo Bound 156, Carly Sklar 152, Tabatha Smith 161, 168, 176, 505, Flo Good 160, Shirley Townsend 161, 150, Kathi Smith 155, Darleen Mantzouatos 170, Brinda Sheppard 159, Renay Crespo 150.

Kiamesha Lanes

Monday Men's

  Paul Berens 225, 614, Vinny Degraw 242, 640, Tim Minton 237, 235, 675, Merrill Steinhilbergo 231, 226, 660, Kyle Stevens 651, Keith Smith 234, 619, Dave Graham 246, 668, Mike Amore 236, Bobby Cooper 232, Jody Farquhar 225, 621, Al Caycho 604, Jason Budd 225, 244, 647, George Budd 628, Charlie Tuttle 266, 254, 236, 756, Tim McIntyre 256, 697, Josh Strang 634, Jim VanAken 279, 237, 713, Eddie Lake 267, 226, 708, Rick Lake 616, Shane Connor 602, Dan  Ricco 640, Mike Weiner 235, 227, 620, Paul Durland 258, 663, Vinnie Collura 235, 268, 717, Donnie Durland 227, 248, 692, Pete Bertholf 613, Juan Lopez 247, 649, John Lopez 234, 255, 707, Tom Belgiovene 250, 634, Rudy Belanchia 225, 655, Jon Wilhelm 230, 652, Tim Totten 246, Laresko Niifa  247, Ronnie Totten 606, Kevin Stackhouse 611, John Hoffmann  235, 628, Pedro Agapito 259, 619, Vinny Scuderi 227, 603, Walt Edwards 237, Frank Scuderi 258, 650, Jesse Noren 236, 602, Kenny Atkins 237, 250, 699, Lloyd Bridges 226.

Tues. Mixed Firefighters

  Karen Martin 186, 193, 192, 571, Carena Collura 201, 201, 565, Audrea Grossman 185, 188, 549, Joan Lake 212, 180, 548, Mary Lee Williams 241, 548, Trasey Barres 184, 182, 517, Leanne Mangabang 192, 512, Linda Schaefer 199, 508, Laura Palmer 187, Patty Whipple 187, Heather Dobell 192, Peter Nastasi 238, 268, 225, 731, Kyle Stevens 269, 256, 728, Pedro Agapito 237, 290, 727, Kevin Stackhouse 248, 268, 724, Paul Minton 246, 235, 696, Robert Yakin Jr. 247, 247, 694, Eddie Walsh 235, 234, 690, Vinnie Collura 248, 245, 689, Josh Strang 241, 646, Ed Guthrie 248, 638, Laresko Niifa 234, 628, Tom Palmer 237, 613, Eddie Blume 609, Stan Gilmore 258, Chet Smith 225.

Wednesday Men's

  Charlie Tuttle 277, 225, 231, 733, Dennis Matthews 631, Kyle Matthews 600, Jason Rogers 236, Mikey Travis 245, 624, Robert Beach 227, 610, Jim P. Piontec 233, 237, 671, Serafin Rodriguez 225, Rick Lara 257, 652, John Hoffmann 228, 236, 634, James Durland a nice 800 series off single games of  264, 269, 267, Paul Minton 228, 627, Dwayne Cabrera 225, 247, 623, David Garlinghouse 238, 644, Tim McIntyre 246, 268, 683, Josh Strang 267, 656, James VanAken 279, 226, 718, Kevin Stackhouse 238, 640, Robert Sze 246, 640, Gene Smith 247, 638, Keith Smith 245, 630, Tom Belgiovene 621, Steve Belgiovene 231, John Fischer 232, 618, Pedro Agapito 278, 671, Pete Nastasi 237, 652, Timmy Minton 247, 670, Rich Bradford 247, 229, 692, Bobby Cooper 236, Jason Jones 255, 258, 672, Keith Raymond 231, Edwin Rodriguez 620, Kyle Stevens 227, 269, 692.

King of the Lanes

  In the Wednesday 9:45 p.m. King of the Lanes tournament Mikey Travis defeated reigning King Paul Minton.
  The tournament continues each Wednesday night following the Wednesday Men's league. 

Thursday Ladies

  Mona Morris 212, Mary Lee Williams 182, 245, 187, 614, Barbara Merton 181, Connie McKenley 193, Marie Frunzi 192, 180, Karen Gabriel 181, 189, Pat Gibson 190, Debbie Polin 188, 188, 181, 557, Monica Lane 200, Denise Collins 186, Audrey Woolard 181, Kelly Shattuck 184, 181, 216, 581, T. Tuttle 183, 210, Franny Kaiser 180, Lisa Cartwright 181, Sherry Laird 200, 182. 








Here & There Column 1-28-14

 Online Doctor's Visits & Pharmacy Delivery

  If moves by Empire Blue Cross and their Express Scripts home delivery pharmacy are true indications of where our medical coverage may go it could become very interesting.
  Empire BlueCross from their Albany, NY location have mailed to policy holders flyers that say, "get help from a doctor online...when you need it."
  The flyer clearly says that "LiveHealth Online  connects you to a doctor without appointments, waiting rooms or high costs and its there for you when you need it 24 hours a day, 365 days a year."
  Its noted that with this service a person in need of medical assistance will enjoy, "immediate, live-video doctor visits, your choice of U.S. board-certified doctors, the same cost as your regular visits and private, secure and easy to get online visits."
  There is a stipulation that to use LiveHealth Online you will need a computer, webcam and internet access.
  The service notes that it requires a user of this procedure to enroll and set up an account to be able to use insurance benefits and that a doctor's visit usually lasts about 10 minutes and a person using the service will not be charged more if its used on weekends, holidays or at night. 
  Any direct payments for the service can be accepted by use of a credit card.
  LiveHealth online says the service benefits those with busy schedules, location or other conflicts  that make it hard to get to the doctor's office.
  This internet based communication tool is intended to facilitate health care services rendered by physicians to the consumer.
  The Empire Prescription Drug Plan  referred to as Express Scripts tells subscribers to this plan that they "know your time is valuable so what better reason to start using home delivery pharmacy where your medicine is mailed right to your house."
  The switch  to home delivery letter indicates that the insured "may save time and maybe a little more money back in your pocket."
  Indeed a very interesting approach from a leading medical insurance  this  the wave of the future?


Bowling Highlights 1-24-14

 Belmonte, Shafer & Bohn Receive Honors


  Jason Belmonte, Ryan Shafer and Parker Bohn III have recently received honors from the Professional Bowling Association (PBA).
  Belmonte, from Australia,  has been named the 2012-13 Chris Schenkel Player of the Year. In earning his first Palyer of the Year honor, Belmonte won two titles, including the USBC Masters....hit first major and had runner-up finishes in three other major championships....the 2012 PBA Wolrd Championship, U.S. Open and the 2013 Tournament of  Champions.
  He also won the George Young High Average Award, scoring at a 228.81 pace over 422 games. 
  Belmonte is best known for his unique two-handed delivery.
  Shafer, from Horseheads, NY, has been selected by his fellow PBA members as winner of the 2012-13 Steve Nagy Sportsmanship Award.
  It was a bittersweet moment for Shafer, who also won the Nagy award in 2009, coming a day after the funeral services for his wife, Michelle, who died five days earlier. 
  The 47-year-old Shafer has won four titles in a 27-year PBA Tour career, has been a champion for underdogs on the PBA Tour for years, encouraging non-winners to continue their quests for a title, because he understands how difficult it is to win against the greatest players in the world. 
  Shafer's personal challenges have been complicated because he has bowled his entire career while combating diabetes. Recently he has served as a spokesman for Animas Corp., a company that makes the insulin pump that has made it easier for him to live a normal life. 
  Bohn lll from Jackson, NJ has been named the first Tony Reyes Community Service award recipient, named in honor of the late PBA Tour champion in honor of his off-the-lanes activities, community service and made chartible and/or educational contributions over the course of the previous PBA Tour season. 
  There's no more fitting recipient of the first Tony Reyes Award than Parker who throughout his entire career has established himself as one of the sport's great ambassadors through his selfless charity work.
  Bohn, a 33-time PBA Tour champion, was honored for his work primarily with two charitable endeavors he established....the Striking Out Sandy fundraiser and his annual Parker Bohn lll Scholarship Tournament that awards nearly $70.000 in scholarships.  

 Ed's Outlook

  It's tournament time for the local Tri-County NY United States Bowling Association (USBC) and this years tournament will be held at the Route 42 Kiamesha Lanes.
  Both the Open (Men's) Tournament and the Women's Championship Tournament will be held the same time with tournament dates set for Saturday and Sunday March 8-9 and Saturday and Sunday March 15-16
  Bowling times March 8 are 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., for March 9 its 9 a.m., 12 p.m. and 3 p.m.. The same times are set for March 15-16. 
  Check in time is 30 minutes before your scheduled time to bowl.
  Pre-paid entries close on January 31. Entries post marked February 1 will be accepted. 
  Four member teams only, there is also the doubles and single events.
  For men the entry fee per bowlers is $28 per person and for the women its $25 per person. The  same fees apply for doubles and singles.
  Mail check or money order to Tri-County NY USBC Association, 405 Ave. E, Matamoras, Pa. 18336. 
  Contact information is Association Manager Michele Bensley at 845-784-6630. 
  The Tri-State NY USBC Association 7th annual Youth Team Event Champion ship will be held Sunday, January 26, at 9 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. at Kiamesha Lanes.
  Bantam bowlers will bowl two games ($28 per bowler) and all other teams three games at ($44 per bowler). 
  Teams will consist of four bowlers of any gender and will be placed in the division of the eldest bowler on the team.
  The youth teams include Bantam (8 and under), Prep (9-11), Junior (12-14) and Major/Senior (15-20).
  All Tri-County NY USBC members are eligible to enter. Snow date is Sunday February 9 at the same times. 

  Ed Townsend, a PR consultant to the sport of bowling, writes and compiles the information for this column. If you have league scores, tournament information, scores a 300 game or 800 series or even bowl your age, call Ed at 845-439-8177, email at or fax at 845-205-4474. View this column and all of Ed's pictures at We are also on Facebook and Twitter. 

 Bowling Tip
 By Mike Luongo

  Bowlers: This week's tip applies mostly to those bowlers who are using modern bowling balls.
  You may not know that the modern  bowling ball is porous with several different densities and has numerous chemicals in the cover stocks.
  As these balls change temperature, dthe cover and core will expand and contract. Due to the different materials used for the core, inner core and cover, this fluctuation occurs at different rates.
  Leaving the ball in a car when temperatures are severe, very hot or very cold, the expansion and contraction causes severe stress on the cover. This stress is even greater when a cold ball is used to bowl while it is still cold. 
  This may cause the ball to crack.
  So the tip is not only educational but let it serve as a reminder to take care of your bowling ball investment...avoid the experience of leaving the ball in the car.
  Mike Luongo is a certified IBPSIA Pro Shop Operator, Master Instructor, USBC Silver Level Coach and an Adviser-Special Events assistant with the Storm and Roto Grip Bowling Ball Company. Have a question, call him at 435-720-7939 or email at 

 Local Scores
 (compiled by Ed Townsend

 Kiamesha Lanes

 Monday Men's

  Eddie Lake 249, 279, 225, 753, Rick Lake 238, 673, Shane Connor 225, 245, 657, Dan Ricco 236, 619, Mike Weiner 614, Greg Fallon 245, 660, Vinnie Collura 246, 278, 728, Pete Bertholf 234, 616, Ryan O'Dell 225, Juan Lopez 230, John Lopez 256, 650, Rudy Belanchia 236, 246, 682, John Fischer 228, 235, 683, Jon Wilhelm 234, 618, Tim Totten 623, Ronnie Totten 258, 673, Kevin Stackhouse 233, 236, 686, John Hoffmann 247, 688, Nick Price 244, Eddie Walsh 643, Pedro Agapito 258, 279, 755, Kenny Atkins 279, 660, Lloyd Bridges 233, 608, Larry Whipple 234, 225, 674, Keith Smith 229, 620, Dave Graham 228, 238, 266, 732, Mike Amore 230, 613, Armen Murad 237, 655, Al Caycho 259, 678, Jason Budd 257, 235, 225, 717, Brett Budd 600, George Budd 235, 237, 687, Charlie Tuttle 234, Tim McIntyre 244, 673, Josh Strang 226, 226, 666, Jim VanAken 234, 258, 714, Chris Jolicoeur 619, Kyle Stevens 259, 237, 710. 

 Tues. Mixed Firefighters

 Eddie Blume 238, Chris Stevens 290, 676, Paul MInton 265, 245, 727, Kyle Stevens 248, 279, 236, 763, Ed Guthrie 247. 257, 666, Kevin Stackhouse 615, Laresko Niifa 226, Jack Rustic 246, 226, 674, George Misner 242, Shane Cunningham 257, 657, Kyle Van Wolde 233, Mary Lee Williams 218, 186, 571, Rick Lake 226, 227, 647, Eddie Walsh 251, 632, Carena Collura  181, 198, 544, Peter Nastasi  235,  226, 651, Trasey Barres 208, 532, Wendy Swan 192, Pedro Agapito 268, 288, 757, Debra Blackford 185, 211, 562, Laura Palmer 213, 553, Patty Whipple 180, 212, 506, Larry Whipple 233, 613, Tom Palmer 238, 236, 697.

 Wednesday Men's

  Charlie Tuttle 225, 649, Dennis Matthews 260, 667, Kyle Matthews 609, David Sawall 234, 259, 700, Shane Cunningham 254, 646, Jason Rogers 239, 647, Mikey Travis 245, 640, Serafin Rodriguez lll a 235, 664, Serafin Rodriguez 639, Rick Lara 278, 694, John Hoffmann 290, 700, Paul Durland  244, 631, James Durland 278, 709, Russell Bivins 619, Jim Walsh 233, Carlos Torres 612, Robert Stewart 601, Paul Minton 259, 278, 752, Jason Jones 237, Dwayne Cabrera 226, 631, David Garlinghouse 225, 226, 655, Merrill Conner 225, 236, Dan VanAken 606, Tim McIntyre 231, 652, Josh Strang 256, 257, 736, James VanAken 246, Kevin Stackhouse 245, 234, 236, 715, Robert Sze 253, 641, Keith Smith 246, 637, Tom Belgiovene 237, John Fischer 227, 628, Pedro Agapito 235, 257, 708, Bradley Cottam 232, Pete Nastasi 602, Larry Whipple 246, 628, AJ Atkins 225, Rich Bradford 225, 619, Joe Brown 226, 258, 226, 710, Jason  Jones 236, 279, 725, Kyle Stevens 234, 244, 268, 746, Jon Wilhelm 247, 605. 

 King of the Lanes

  In the Wednesday  night King of the Lanes tournament Paul Minton continued as champion defeating Keith Smith 233-211. 

 Callicoon Kristal Bowl

 Mon. Hortonville Ladies

  Sue Naughton 164, Lillian Zieres 193, 179, 167, 539, Pat Peters 167, Rebecca Rhodes 166, Maureen Schlott 161, 160, Joyce Brooks 173, 162, Chris Burr 153, Debbie Loughrey 172, 166, Deedee Schrader 169, Sharon Cunningham 152, Judy Mohn 156, Dawn Roemer 154, Mardette Wilcox 203, 172, 174, 549.

Tues. Delaware Valley Men's

  Kory Keesler 201, Erik Burton 249, Jamie Greir 182, Rob Bivins 205, 181, Chris Marston 191, Kris Rasmussen 185, Troy Parucki 187, Mike Gieger 203, 189, Albert Tyles 209, Wally Warren 226, 182, Tom Bisig 211, Gary Erlwein 188, 224, 189, 601, Bill Meyer 190, 198, Matt Hubert 190, Troy Parucki 187, Bob Head 202, 233, 614, Joe Gager 203, Bob Cady 190, John Fischer 220, 224, 619, Brian Kitson 202, Gary Maas 212, Bruce Rutledge 190, 222, 246, 658, Brian Starr 194, 184, 189, Mark Yewchuck 200. 

Wednesday Men's

  Matt Kitson 198, 220, Tim Sykes 189, John Kline 189, Rich Thony 183, Brian Brustman 199, 181, Brandon Swendsen 181, John Diehl 180, 194, Jack Diehl 207, Alby Thony 194, 195, Mark Yewchuk 204, Craig Stewart 181.



Saturday, January 25, 2014

Tri-Valley Overcomes Foul Trouble


  For the first time this season the Tri-Valley Lady Bears experienced foul trouble in two consecutive games but held on to easily defeat S. S. Seward and then had to come from behind to edge Tuxedo.
  Last Wednesday night the Bears won 61-38 over S.S. Seward at Florida but Friday night they had to dig in to edge Tuxedo 44-41. 
  Three Tri-Valley starters, Sabrina Smith, Katlynn Greffrath and Caroline Martin accumulated three fouls each during the course of the Seward game but timely baskets by several bench players put the game on ice for the Bears. 
  Tri-Valley Coach Jason Closs expressed concern about the fouls, saying "I though we played well....we had foul trouble throughout the game but we had some girls in that first half that picked us up."
  Aggressive play by Greffrath and Martin resulted in each obtaining their second foul in the second quarter of play and with these two starters sitting on the bench the closest S.S. Seward came was at 3:11 of the second quarter when they pushed the score to 22-15.
  Coming off the bench and contributing five important points in that quarter was Junior Danielle Shafarsky with a three-pointer and two additional points to help the Bears increase their half-time lead to 34-15.
  Tri-Valley outscored S.S. Seward 22-10 in the first quarter, 12-5 in the second quarter, each team scored 11 points in the third quarter and Tri-Valley added 16 to Seward's 12 in the final eight minutes of play. 
  S. S. Seward committed 21 turnovers to Tri-Valley's 19.
  In commenting on his team's loss Seward Coach Joseph DiMattina said, "Tri-Valley is very quick, very tough, they take it very well to the basket and they  out hustle you."
  DiMattina added, "we were able at one point to cut their lead down to seven but they have a lot of girls who come in and play well and maybe next time we have to try and match their intensity."
  When asked about their leading scorer,  Emi Knecht,  Coach DiMattina pointed out "she is only a ninth grader and my squad is a very young team with an eighth grader and several sophomores and this is one of these games where a more experienced team took it to you." 
  Knecht led S.S. Seward with 16 points. With this game the team record went to  7-3 and and 1-2 in OCIAA league play.
  Greffrath led all scorers with 20 points, Martin 12, Smith 10 and Shafarsky 8.
  With this win Tri-Valley upped its record to 10-0 and 2-0 in league play. 
  Friday nights game turned into what many call a "barn burner" in the small Tuxedo court equipped with what  ballplayers call "tight rims".
  Tuxedo threw a tight harassing defense against Tri-Valley and their smaller sized court definitely helped in containing the Bears run and gun offense.
  Foul trouble again reared its ugly head as Tri-Valley's Smith and Greffrath fouled out late in the fourth quarter with the Bears trailing by three points. 
  Before fouling out Smith made a big steal and several clutch free throws by Martin in the final minute were the deciding factor in the Bears posting an 11-0 record and 3-0 in OCIAA league play.
  Tuxedo's successful attempt to closely guard Tri-Valley's Greffrath paid off for  most of the game but the high scoring point guard was able to record 14 points before leaving in the fourth quarter. 
  Tri-Valley took a 11-7 first quarter lead but fell behind 20-17 at half time. A big third quarter saw the Bears outscore Tuxedo 17-9 for a 34-29 lead.
 Fourth quarter play saw Tuxedo continue their tough defense while on offense drawing 11 foul shots and making 6 of their 12 scores from the foul line. Tri-Valley scored 10 in the final eight minutes of play with Martin adding a field goal and key foul shots for a game total of 10 points. 
  Smith scored 8 and Sara Dertinger 6 for Tri-Valley
  Tri-Valley committed 27 turnovers to Tuxedo's 25.
  A much relieved Bears coach Jason Closs commented, "Tuxedo played very well, they played physical, stayed back in their zone which we knew they would and took advantage of the small court."
  "We did not shoot very well and made some errors that we need to correct  and  should not be doing at this point but we survived and I told the girls in the locker room that in good years you wins these and in bad years you lose," Closs said.
  He added, "a couple of calls could have gone the other way but I was proud we had two girls out at the end and we finished with two substitutes on the floor and it wasn't an easy finish."
  He had high praise for "Caroline Martin who stepped up at the end, Colleen Jones hit a real nice runner deep into the game and Sabrina Smith hit two or three key shots when we needed her to and she has done that for us all year."
  Tuxedo Coach Powers was not available for comment. 

Tri-Valley's Danielle Shafarsky (10) drives to the hoop guarded by S.S. Seward's Emi Knecht (10) in the Bears 61-38 win last Wednesday at Florida. 


Caroline Martin and Sabrina Smith played  key roles in the fourth quarter of the Tuxedo game Friday night.

Additional photo coverage of the Tri-Valley-S. S. Seward game last Wednesday night.                                 


Saturday, January 18, 2014

Greffrath Sets School Records

GREFFRATH BREAKS SCHOOL RECORDS                                               

  Tri-Valley senior point-guard Katlynn Greffrath keeps breaking basketball records and in an exclusive interview with the Sullivan County Democrat she calmly admitted when asked if she could do better and attempt another record, "I'm not going to push that and would rather just get a win over scoring another record."
  This very modest and soft-spoken athlete set a pair of school records last Thursday night in Tri-Valley's 76-22 win over Chapel Field.
  She swished the nets making nine 3-pointers and broke her previous three-point scoring record of 7 scored on January 9, 2013 in a Bears 53-35 win over Tuxedo.
  Prior to the seven scored on January 9 the varsity three-point record had been held by Amanda Krum who sank 6 three-pointers during the 2004 season.  
  In last Thursday nights game Katlynn with her 43 total points passed Jackie Pugh's single game record of 37 points scored during the 2010-2011 season.
  The previous total points in one game record is held by Mary Lou Terbush Vernooy who had 46 points during the 1974 season. 
  Greffrath when asked for her evaluation of this record setting game said, "I was hitting everything," and she credited her team mates and coach "for pushing me and that without my team mates I couldn't have done this."
  Asked if she felt that she had found the right rhythm for scoring three-pointers Katlynn said, "after I hit my second one I felt it, took advantage of it,  and continued looking for open shots."
  In commenting on decisions that have to be made if the three-point  shot is not falling she noted, "if they are not falling you have to take the ball to the rim and look for assists."
  Her coach, Jason Closs, when asked for a comment about the records Katlynn had set,  noted, "she did a tremendous job both offensively and defensively and she's a workhorse for us on both sides of the ball."
  In talking about her offensive efforts Coach Closs added, "efficiency is the best way I could describe it being 9 for 11 from the three-point range and only missed one other field goal the whole game so with approximately  20 shots she scored 43 points and to me that's exceptional."
  "For all those shots I can't think of one that was forced and I sensed that she was definitely in a rhythm and would have a big game as I could see that in her demeanor, Coach Closs added. 
  An amazing factor pointed out by the coach was "that the 43-points were scored in approximately two and one half quarters,  sitting a minute and a half in the first half and sat down for the rest of the game in the middle of the third quarter."
  Coach Closs concluded by saying "her scoring was in a fashion that it overall  was just a dominating performance."
  With the win Tri-Valley is now 9-0 and as of the January 14 New York State Sportswriters Association is ranked number four in Class C.                                                                      

Tri-Valley senior point-guard Katlynn Greffrath, right, shares a moment with close friend and fellow team mate junior guard Caroline Martin who scored four points and had eight steals for the now 9-0 Bears. 


Bowling Highlights Column 1-17-14

Kyle Stevens Scores 27th 300

  Twenty-six year-old Liberty bowler Kyle Stevens grew up in a bowling family and with that kind of solid experience has become one of the premier bowlers in the tri-state area.
  His knowledge of the sport was very evident on Monday, January 6 while subbing in the Kiamesha Lanes Monday Men's league where he smashed  the maples for an 825 series off single games of 259, 300 and 266.
  The 300 perfect game and 825 series was bowled on lanes 11 and 12 using a Brunswick Avalanche urethane bowling ball.
  A one point during the 825 series he rolled 22 strikes in a row.
  Kyle was subbing on the Who's That? team with team mates John Hoffmann, Nick Price and Pedro Agapito.
  The 300 game was his 27th career perfect game and he has now bowled 14 career series in the 800 range.
  Stevens maintains a 248 average in the Monday Kiamesha Lanes Men's league, a 229 average in the Tuesday Kiamesha Lanes Firemen's Mixed league and a 238 average in the Thursday Newburgh Tarsio Lanes Men's league.
  Kyle gained valuable youth experience in the Saturday youth leagues at the former Liberty Lanes which was owned by his grandparents Bob and Honey Fix. His bowling experience continued while working at Liberty Lanes, practicing his skills and bowling in several adult leagues.
  Kyle is single and is employed at the new Liberty Bowl.

 Ed's Outlook

  Prayers and support from the bowling community go out this week to Horseheads, NY Professional Bowlers Association Tour bowler Ryan Shafer on the death of his wife Michelle (Shelly).
  One can't find a nicer guy than Ryan who has had diabetes since the age of 19 and has competed on the pro tour earning over $1.6 million and a ninth place ranking during the 2011-12 season. He has been a strong spokesman for adult diabetes  and is well liked on the pro tour. 
  Ryan visited Callicoon Kristal Bowl last year for a Storm bowling ball demonstration day  and is a representative of the Storm Bowling Ball company.
  There are no words to be said to ease his pain and the loss felt by the entire bowling community.
  Our sincere condolences go out to Ryan and his family.
  Ed Townsend, A PR Consultant to the sport of bowling, writes and compiles the information for this column. If you have league scores, tournament information, score a 300 game or 800 series or even bowl your age, call Ed at 845-439-8177, email at or fax at 845-205-4474. View this column at We are also on Facebook and Twitter. 

 The Bowling Tip
 By Mike Luongo

  Your first step in bowling is the most important.
  So very often today bowlers find themselves off balance at the foul line.
  While there are many reasons for this, what you may not realize is that most bad finishes are a result of a bad start.
  The tip: Check your first step and see if it's too long. This will cause you to push the ball away too far and then your feet will have to play "catch up" to keep you from falling down.
  Try a smaller first step next may help.
  Mike Luongo is a certified IBPSIA Pro Shop Operatsor, Master Instructor, USBC Silver Level Coach and an Advisor-Special Events assistant with the Storm and Roto Grip Bowling Ball Company. Have a question, call him at 435-720-7939 or email at 

  Local Scores

 Kiamesha Lanes

Monday Men's 

Eddie Lake 236, 233, 663, Rick Lake 226, 257, 671, Dan Ricco 629, Rob Sze 269, 663, Greg Fallon 236, 650, Vinnie Collura 279, 663, Don Durland 246, 234, 695, John Lopez 231, 633, Nick Price 237, 636, Pedro Agapito 246, 645, Vinny Scuderi 233, 610, Frank Scuderi 243, 610, Kenny Atkins 227, Craig Wilhelm 238, 640, Larry Whipple 234, 623, Troy Morris 247, 681, Frank Eichenlaub 652, Paul Berens 617, Larry Berens 242, 245, 676, Keith Smith 236, 254, 704, Dave Graham 250, 620, Armen Murad 228, 611, Bobby Cooper 254, Jody Farquhar 232, 606, Jason Budd 632, Brett Budd 267, 228, 225, 720, George Budd 637, Tim McIntyre 268, 231, 706, Josh Strang 615, Jim VanAken 264, 225, 713.

Tues. Mixed Firefighters

  Larry Whipple 237, 245, 225, 707, Shane Cunningham 232, 247, 701, Vinnie Collura 247, 256, 699, Tom Palmer 225, 225, 226, 676, Kyle Stevens 239, 238, 668, Eddie Blume 235, 227, 661, Chris Stevens 226, 246, 650, Kris Gwiozdowski 246, 637, James Fiore 232, 635, Jack Rustic 236, 606, Kyle Van Wolde 234, 603, Paul Minton 601, Kevin Stackhouse 243, Brian Devine 228, Laura Palmer 224, 542, Carena Collura  201, 192, 539, Mary Lee Williams 183, 183, 536, Debra Blackford 201, 516, Heather Dobell 196, Christine Graham 192.

Wednesday Men's

  Rich Bradford 256, 231, 665, Joe Brown 620, Tom Mitchell 244, 255, 235, 734, Dan VanAken 604, Tim McIntyre 236, 616, Josh Strang 258, 639, James VanAken 228, 602, Kevin Stackhouse 226, 611, Keith Smith 257, 244, 709, Steven Belgiovene 278, 228, 727, Tom Belgiovene 243, 236, 661, John Fischer 623, Pedro Agapito  247, 225, 693, Larry Whipple 227, 658, David Garlinghouse 238, 257, 710, Merrill Conner 236, 227, 675, Paul Minton 257, 269, 232, 758, Jason Jones 254, 641, Dwayne Cabrera 225, 251, 690, Carlos Torres 232, 613, Russell Bivins 226, 612, Paul Durland 246, 625, James Durland 611, Rick Lara 638, John Hoffmann 267, 245, 258, 770, Jo Jo VanKeuren 248, 237, 688, Serafin Rodriguez III a 632, Serafin Rodriguez 248, 225, 686, Mikey Travis 257, 226, 693, Robert Beach 246, 615, Vinnie DeGraw 245, 256, 698, David Sawall 248, 633, Frank Muller Jr. 234, 227, 668, Chris Parken 230, 277, 701, Charlie Tuttle 231, 618, Kyle Matthews 225, 657. 

Thursday Ladies

  Audrey Woolard, Pat Shuart 181, Debbie Heins 183, Connie McKenley 198, Cara Nicholson 194, Franny Kaiser 205, 193, Lisa Cartwright 180, Sherry Laird 220, 203, Trasey Barres 203, 192, 236, 631, Ann Sawyer 200, Marie Frunzi 206, 190, 185, 581, Karen Gabriel 181, Debbie Polin 228, 180, Mary Lee Williams 214, Denise Collins 205. 

Friday Mixed

  Larry Berens 225, 247, 622, Vic Decker 232, Frank J. Eichenlaub III a 288, 736, Glenn Fraser 228, 621, David Graham 258, 235, 717, Matthew Jahn 246, 621, Greg Kuchar 225, 603, Ryan Lepke 648, Tim McIntyre 226, 651, Pete Nastasi 263, 688, Dan Ricco 258, 233, 677, Kevin Stackhouse 225, 243, 673, James VanAken 257, 673, Jon Wilhelm 251, 250, 717, Cathy Carpenter 182, 193, 538, Dori Castro 199, 500, Mary Ann Drobysh-Berens 199, 182, 559, Justina Eichenlaub 183, Joan Lake 183, Michelle Morris 191, Deborah Polin 190, 512, Antionette Rau 183, 220, 562, Christina Seidler 210, 181, 554, Tammy Sze 199, 223, 210, 632.

Fox Bowling Center

Wed. Men's Independent

  Andy Boice 245, 638, Mike Bowker 232, Andrew Bullis 276, 238, 701, Dale Conklin 230, Frank Couse Sr. 616, Jim Dibble 279, 667, Shane Dirig 233, Ben Green 242, 604, Jack Hazen 268, 642, Steve Jacobi 658, Rob Johnson 226, 642, Cory Newman 231, Scott Wahl 229, 627, Jonathon Wayne 235, 655, Zuke Wormuth 236, 660, Jay Wormuth 235, Tony Wright 248, 605. 

Thurs. Deposit Men's Ntl.

  Al Bullis Jr. 229, 235, 642, Mike Costello 244, 625, Jeff Curtis 611, Scott Ellis 621, Bill Gleim 600, Larry Jenson 624, Ed Milk 234, 602, Rick Mills 230, 619, Neil Mosher 220, 607, Nick Possemato 607, Andi Sedlock 246, Jim Valentine 227, Dan Wormuth 600. 

Friday Mixed Couples

  Andy Bullis 236, 237, 676, Lenn Davis 243, 600, Crystal Ellis 214, Paul Fritz 227, 600, Greg Keesler 244, Lisa Koch 187, Julie Martin 187, 512, Dana McGraw 214, 186, 204, 604, Mark McGraw 247, 257, 687, Rick Mills 234, 267, 299, 800, Tia Robinson 206, 501, Jen Smith 184, Sandy Wagner 204, 204, 565, Dan Wormuth 253, 692, Jeremy Wormuth 609, Michelle Wormuth 502.

 Sunday Mixed Fun

  Donnie Marino 228, 615, Jean Mills 181, Kathy Mills 191, Rick Mills 606, Roger Mills 246, 628, Savanna Mills (youth girls) 202, 157, 159, 518, Shelly Mills 191. 

Beechwood Lanes

Monday Ladies

  Diane Staves 166, Barbara Cady 159, Jackie Gieger 161, 212, 171, 544, Julie Yewchuck 161, Dot McComrack 161, 171, Tracy Puerschner 209. 

Callicoon Kristal Bowl

Mon. Hortonville Ladies

  Sue Naughton 195, Lillian Zieres 191, 177, 161, 529, Mary Fitzgerald 194, Maureen Schlott 181, Marty Bogdanowitz 154, 151, Joyce Brooks 166, 158, Missy Slater 166, Debbie Loughrey 157, Deedee Schrader 155, Barbara Pingel 150, Jody Mohn 150, 167, 215, 532, Mardette Wilcox 176, 187, 505.

Tues. Del. Valley Men's

  Mike Beseth 196, Samii Markao 189, Alan Rutledge 192, 208, Kory Keesler 211, 213, 202, 626, Bruce Rutledge 201, Kurt Buddenhagen 180, Joe Meyer 206, 191, Rob Bivins 204, 184, Chris Marston 182, 182, Kris Rasmussen 200, 201, Brian Marino 201, 202, Mark Scriber 214, Mark Goda 183, 181, Jonathan Heinle 187, Brian Starr 188, 190, 195, Mike Gieger 183, 199, Jim Kautz 194, Jackie Brockner 215, Dan Brown 188, Erik Burton 181, Mark Yewchuck 207, 193, John Hubert 180, Matt Hubert 182, Eugene Fulton 199, 201, Jim Stone 181, Chris Berner 189, Bob Cady 200, Dean Shattuck 199, 210, Rick Weigelt  232, 258, 181, 671, Joe Gager 188, 192, 185, Damien VanLeuven 223.

Wednesday Men's

  Matt Kitson 186, Tim Sykes 211, John Kline 214, 187, Rich Thony 207, 201, Brian Brustman 189, John Glassel 213, Joel Turner 183, Brandon Swendsen 180, John Diel 188, 180, 192, Jack Diehl 199, Craig Stewart 192, Roger Widmann 196, Jim Gain 210, Frank Leonardo 188. 





Thursday, January 16, 2014

Kainan Brings TV Crowd To Their Feet


  The story-lines had already been established in the boys varsity Livingston Manor-Tri-Valley basketball game last Wednesday night but with the insertion of former Bears team manager Kainan Justiniano into the final minutes of the fourth quarter Tri-Valley fans were looking for something special to happen.
  Kainan, a junior, had served as the team manager for the last two years and was successful this year in securing a playing spot on the team roster but has had minimal playing time and had never scored any points. 
  With the Bears in complete control of the game and winning by 68-43 Kainan's team mates made several attempts to get the ball to Justiniano but several of his shots met with no success.
  Then at the 1:49 mark a pass from Jarred James to an open Kainan got the results everyone was looking for as his three-point shot ripped through the net and Tri-Valley fans shouted their approval. 
  Tri-Valley coach Brian Tingley later remarked, "even with all of our wins and some of them buzzer beaters in that gym, I have never heard a gym louder than it was when Kainan hit his shot."
  Tri-Valley fans have high admiration for Kainan who is known to be a nice kid, well mannered and well liked.
   About a minute later in the game another James pass to Kainan found the junior forward open under the basket allowing him to score his first career five points.
   Following the end of the game fans raced onto the court with hugs and congratulations for Justiniano. 
   In a fast-paced first quarter Tri-Valley jumped out to an early lead as a result of its stifling and smothering defense which resulted in numerous Manor turnovers and a 21-12 Bears first quarter lead. 
  Bears Sam Tingley opened the second quarter of play with two driving layups which  helped Tri-Valley outscore the Wildcats 23-6 to take a 44-18 half time lead. 
  Tingley continued his scoring in the third quarter with two driving layups and a three pointer as Tri-Valley's scoring pace upped the Bears third quarter lead to 63-47.
  Coach Tingley praised his team's efforts saying, " we came out with big energy early and took a big lead and we were in good shape at half time."
  "The guys did well defensively and on the boards," Tingley added.
  The coach had high praise for point guard Jarred James who he mentioned, "did a good job getting Kainan  the ball in places where he could hit a shot."
 Jarred is credited with having double digit assists as well as locking down Manor's high scoring point guard Matt Janik who finished the night with six points. Additional praise from Tingley went to "Mike Post and Stephen Carleton who had good games on the boards when our big guys got in early foul trouble."
  Kainan's five points in the fourth quarter led the bears  who outscored the Wildcats 10-6. 
  Livingston Manor committed 25 turnovers to Tri-Valley's 18.
  Sam Tingley led the Bears in scoring 13 points, Thomas Mungeer added 10 in this non-league game. Tri-Valley is 5-2 overall, 0-2 in OCIAA league play
  Terrance Lockhart led Livingston Manor with 11 points. Evan Taggart added seven points for the Wildcats who now post a 3-4 record.
  Manor coach Charlie Hicks was not available for comments. 



Former Tri-Valley varsity boys team manager Kainan Justiniano scores two of his five first career points in the Bears 73-43 win over Livingston Manor.



Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Big Win For Tri-Valley Girls Over Chester

BEARS CRUSH CHESTER                                               

  The time for a high school basketball player to display their athletic talents is when collage scouts are in the gym and Tri-Valley's Katlynn Greffrath seized the moment as she lit up the scoreboard for 22 points in the Bears 62-35 win last Friday night at Chester.
  The scout was reportedly from Oneonta State and was scouting both teams. 
   Eighteen of those 22 points came in the second half of play as Tri-Valley put on an offensive and defensive display dominating the first three quarter scores of 18-7, 28-17 and 44-30.
  Greffrath, who holds her school's three-point scoring record and is usually very prolific with the three-pointer missed several first half attempts in the three-point range giving her only six first half  points.
  In the second half of play one could easily see a very determined ball player as Katlynn attacked the rim and backboard with drives that continued to add two-pointers to her second half scoring efforts.
  Greffrath has become a Tri-Valley standout as she worked extremely hard during the off season playing and practicing as much basketball as she could.
  Some referred to last Friday night's game as part of a growing rivalry between the Hamiltonian's and the lady Bears with the lingering  memory of Chester's overtime win last season in the Section IX semifinal game. 
  The sectional loss combined with two regular league losses last season was definitely embedded in  the minds of the Tri-Valley team as they took to the Chester court.
  Defensive and offensive pressure was immediately applied by Tri-Valley and as Chester coach Pete Rickard noted about the Bears, "they're good ... they are just that good."
  Rickard added, "we punched and punched back and forth then after they pulled away we just couldn't come back." 
  They are good that's the bottom line.... they are good at guard and they go after every loose ball," Rickard added.
  The Chester coach emphasized that his team should have controlled the boards with their height advantage, "but they out hustled us to grab the rebounds."     
  Tri-Valley coach Jason Closs emphasized his team, "has depth and talent" and that he is pleased with the Bears defensive pressure that creates mistakes and turnovers. 
  Closs had high praise for Chester's Simone Ayers saying, "I knew she was good."
  As to the question about his team's fouling Closs pointed out, "we need to be a bit smarter and at times I think we're aggressive and at other times that can be a detriment."
  "We tried to make them work hard to get the ball up the floor," Closs emphasized
"but I would still like to see a little more pressure on the ball so that when we're playing a team that has some size we can be effective," he said.
    Chester committed 28 turnovers while Tri-Valley had 21                               
   Contributing to Tri-Valley's scoring was veteran guard Caroline Martin with 11 points and Sabrena Smith with 10 points. 
  Simone Ayers led Chester with 20 points.
  Chester is 5-2 and 1-1 in OCIAA league play.
  Tri-Valley is 8-0 and 1-0 in OCIAA league play with two of the wins coming against Class AA Middletown and Minisink Valley.    
  The New York State Sportswriters ranking in Class C has Tri-Valley in 4th place. 

Tri-Valley's Katlynn Greffrath (No. 11) drives to the basket scoring two of her 22 points in the Bears 62-35 win over Chester Friday night. 



Tri-Valley Wins Walton Tournament


  Righting the ship at this time of the season could  prove to be important for the Tri-Valley boys varsity basketball team as they posted an impressive win Saturday defeating the Warriors of Walton 77-56.
  The win awarded them with the championship of this years  Walton Tip-Off Tournament. 
  The first round of the tournament was played December 4 with the Bears defeating Oxford Central and Walton winning against Sullivan West. Weather cancelled the championship round originally scheduled for December 8.
  Tri-Valley's two early season wins against non-league opponents Chapel Field and Livingston Manor were then met with two league losses to S.S. Seward and Chester making this tournament appearance crucial to which direction the Bears would be heading in. 
  Tri-Valley coach Brian Tingley appeared pleased with the win saying, "we wanted to do what we usually do  and play with a rotation of players and getting a bunch of guys into the game."
  Tingley stressed, "this allows us to speed up the game  and not let them set plays," As to his defense Brian said the players "were reaching in and fouling too much."
  "When asked about Tri-Valley's strength on the board Coach Tingley poined out, "we lost a few games because we gave up rebounds so we have been working on that in practice and we did a good job on boxing out today."
  The first quarter of play set the stage for Tri-Valley's fast paced offense as the Bears posted a 23-14 lead after eight minutes of play. 
  Second quarter play showed Tri-Valley getting stronger on the backboards and offensive plays featuring driving layups through the lane and under the boards and two three pointers by tourament MVP Sam Tingley.
  The Bears took a halftime lead of 45-31 and increased the lead to 65-40 going into the final eight minutes of play.
  Tingley freely subbed all of his bench in the fourth quarter whic allowed Walton to outscore Tri-Valley 16-12.
  Alex Brown led Tri-Valley with 12 points scoring 10 points in and around the basket, Dion Lynch and Thomas Mungeer each had 10 points.
  Jared Beach had 10 points for Walton. 
  Tri-Valley committed 19 turnovers to Walton's 16. 
  Walton coach David Gardepe in comments about his teams loss said, "Tri-Valley came out and played aggressive man to man and they were over us all the time which forced  us into a hurried up pace which took us out of our style of play." He added "they totally out rebounded us on the boards."
  The win puts the Bears record at 4-2 and 0-2 in OCIAA league play. 
  In addition to the varsity winning the tournament the Tri-Valley JV also won the JV tournament championship defeating Walton 66-50.
  Tri-Valley players named to the tournament team included Donntae Brock and MVP Sam Tingley. 
  Sullivan West player Jiron Kevii was also named to the tournament team.

The Walton Tip-Off Tournament champions Tri-Valley Bears led by Coach Brian Tingley display the winning trophy. Players pictured, not in any specific order, include, Jarred James, Justin Swarthout, Zach Nilsen, Dion Lynch, Alex Brown, Jesus Lozada, Kainan Justiniano, Stephen Carleton, Michael Post, Donntae Brock, Thomas Mungeer, Sam Tingley and Devin Donnelley.  

Named to the Walton Tip-Off Tournament team were, from the left, Tri-Valley's Sam Tingley (MVP) and Donntae Brock, Walton's Colin Adam and Trevor Zandt, Oxford's Kevin Davis and Sullivan West's Jiron Kevii.

Tri-Valley's Michael Post (No. 23) goes up for a two-pointer over Walton's Wyatt Finn (No. 14) in the Bears tournament championship win Saturday.


The Tri-Valley JV team also won the Tournament JV championship defeating the Walton JV.