Saturday, October 29, 2011

James I. O'Neill 28--Tri Valley 7

Action Friday afternoon Oct. 28 at Dietz Stadium in Kingston as the varsity foodball season at Tri-Valley came to an end in Sectional Play with James I. O'Neill defeating the Tri-Valley Bears 28-7.

"Kitty" Vetter Meet The Candidate Night

Sullivan County politicians attending the "Kitty" Vetter Meet The Candidate night at the Lazy Beagle Restaurant October 25 in Livingston Manor were, from the left, Sullivan County Coroner Tom Warren, Town of Liberty Republican Candidate for Supervisor Lynn Killians, District 3 Legislature candidatge "Kitty" Vetter and County Republican Chairman Richard "Dick" Coombe.

Bowling Highlights Column 10-28-11

Debbie Durland Scores 300

Wurtsboro bowler Debbie Durland scored her second career 300 game on October 13 in the Thursday Ladies League at Kiamesha Lanes.
Bowling for some 34 years she is considered one of the top premier lady bowlers in the Tri-County area.
She scored the perfect game on lanes 1 and 2 using an AMF Mega Friction bowling ball.
Along with the 300 game Debbie rolled a 186 single for a 631 series.
Her first 300 game was bowled in August of 2004.
Debbie is maintaining a 196 average in this the only league she is bowling in. She is also the secretary of this league.
During the summer months the team she bowls with in a mixed league at Colonial Lanes in Chester won the league championship.
Her Thursday night Ladies league team is Wagner's Masonry comprised of team members Rita Burdick, Rudy Hoke and Pat Gibson.
Debbie's three children, Donald, James and Sarah are all active well known league bowlers.
She is employed in Patients Accounts at Crystal Run Healthcare in Rock Hill.

The Bowling Tip
By Mike Luongo

Bowlers: This week's tip is for any bowler who ends up out of balance at the foul line when delivering a bowling ball.
If you find yourself unable to finish your delivery in a strong balanced position, it may be a result of your follow through.
It is very important that when you follow through on your delivery, you do not reach out with your arm, but reach up with your follow through.
The reason?
If you reach out, the weight of the ball will pull your body forward and may cause you to lose your balance.
If you reach up, you can stay planted in a strong, solid position to deliver your bowling ball with accuracy and leverage.
Mike Luongo is technically certified through IBPSIA as a Pro Shop Operator and Master Instructor. He is also a Silver Level Coach with the USBC and is an Advisor along with being involved with Special Events with the Storm and Roto Grip Bowling Ball Company. If you have a question or subject you would like covered, he can be reached by telephone at 435-720-7939 or via email at

Local Scores

Beechwood Lanes
Provided By Lori Kimmes

Monday Ladies League
Jodi Gulley 163, Diane Staves 185, 182, 184, 551, Lori Kimmes 160, Barbara Cady 174.

Callicoon Kristal Bowl
Provided by Kristal Whitmore

Monday Hortonville
Ladies League

Lillian Zieres 168, Pat Peters 160, 162, Rebecca Rhodes 170, Debbie Loughrey 167, DeeDee Schrader 164.

Tuesday Delaware Valley
Men's League

Joe Gager 192, Jon Wayne 198, 201, Alan Rutledge 199, Kory Keesler 217, 181, Kris Rasmusen 180, Mark Scriber 194, Mike Cole 210, Brian Starr 188, Eugene Fulton 224, Mike Sorge 191, Mike Gieger 183, Gary Erlwein 180, 193, Bob Head 180, Rick Weigelt 210, Damien Vanleuven 200.

Fox Bowling Center
Provided By Bill Gleim

Tuesday Ladies Early
Birds League

Angie Ferris 183, Brianna Walker 182, 220, 556, Lori Walker 197, Becky Williams 198,

Wednesday Men's
Independent League

Tom Anderson 245, Andrew Bullis 233, 638, Dale Conklin 231, 648, Frank Couse Sr. 243, 612, Brandon Drumm 279, 267, 745, Bill Gleim 247, 237, 696, John Gurnick 246, 609, Paul Ignatovich 233, 235, 691, Steve Jacobi 234, 645, Rob Johnson 229, 640, Donnie Marino 247, 259, 236, 742, Mark McGraw Jr. 236, 225, 652, Mitch Persbacker 235, 232, 658, Sam Rowe 232, Brian Tiffany 227, Jonathon Wayne 256, 656, Hank Whitmore 244, 641, Zuke Wormuth 664, Jay Wormuth 248, 610, Tony Wright 226, 624,

Thursday Men's
Deposit National

Andy Bullis 246, 660, Ray Cornwell 230, 634, Howard Couse Sr. 239, 625, Jeff Curtis 227, 601, Nate Finch 259, 652, Bill Gleim 234, 258, 225, 717, Paul Ignatovich 620, John Lanner 604, Rich Lenio 235, Jay Wormuth 248, 666.

Friday Couples League

Howey Couse Jr. 289, 719, Anne M. Couse 219, 222, 227, 668, Dave Lester 246, 656, Dana McGraw 212, 233, 606, Jen Smith 181, 180, 534, Tim Smith 258, 694, Dan Wormuth 248, 675, Jeremy Wormuth 226, 619, Michelle Wormuth 191.

Sunday Mixed Fun League

Donnie Marino 247, 650, Savanna Mills (youth girls) 136, 377, Shirley Townsend 225, 521.
Kiamesha Lanes

Provided By James VanAken
Mary Lee Williams, Debbie
Durland & Ryan Lepke

Monday Men's League

John Hoffmann 255, 268, 725, Tom Belgiovene 225, 661, Steve Belgiovene 246, 615, Nate Sanders 226, 240, 645, James Durland 631, Craig Wilhelm 234, Tim McIntyre 248, 226, 668, Jack Moylan 289, 638, James Ratner 238, 617, Pedro Agapito 267, 246, 265, 793, Eddie Lake 243, 633, Ricky Lake 248, 647, Wayne Atkins 255, Jody Farquhar 614, Matt Fallon 610, Frank Scuderi 232, 613, Michael Amore 243, Kevin Stackhouse 627, Ronnie Totten 228, 627, Laresko Niffa 230, 244, 675, Donald Durland 236, 224, 666, Jaryl Scott 225, 258, 673, Vinnie Collura 235, 682.

Tuesday Mixed Firefighters

Andrea Grossman 224, 554, Trasey Barres 188, 194, 530, Debra Blackford 181, 526, Mary Lee Williams 204, 520, Joan Redington 196, 511, Joan Lake 510, Heather Dobell 188, Linda Schaefer 191, Carena Collura 183, Barbara Rustic 193, Suzette Bertholf 186, Ryan Lepke 245, 248, 246, 740, Cecil Walters 234, 648, Eddie Walsh 238, 636, Dave Dibble Jr. 612, Wayne Atkins 240, Neil Bell Jr. 239.

Wednesday Men's League

James Durland 278, 696, Pedro Agapito 258, 268, 740, Anthony Atkins 247, 241, 640, Wayne Atkins 234, 640, George "Spoon" Battle 624, Tim McIntyre 267, 259, 734, Josh Strang 244, 672, John Cascone 225, Paul Durland 229, Eddie Lake 618, Kevin Stackhouse 231, Kenny Atkins 226, 257, 235, 718, Kyle VanWolden 236, 637, Jim VanAken 247, 235, 670, Steve Belgiovene 246, 621, Tom Belgiovene 232, 638, Gregory Fallon 245, 246, 245, 736, Matt Fallon 242, 650, Jon Wilhelm 604, Donald Durland 227, 609.

Thursday Ladies League

Valerie Fersch 188, Pat Shuart 180, Sonya Robinson 184, Joan Lake 191, Kathy King 187, Cathy McKenley 183, 234, Mardette Wilcox 201, Christine Schultz 214, Trasey Barres 204, 191, Karen Perrello 189, Kathy Shapiro 198.

Friday Mixed League

David Graham 248, 656, Eddie Lake 256, 289, 258, 803, Larry Berens 227, 617, Ryan Lepke 227, 228, 670, Frank Scuderi 235, John Hoffmann 241, 607, Kevin Stackhouse 639, John Wilhelm 246, 278, 693, Donald Durland 257, 656, Pedro Agapito 225, Christine Seidler 209, 523, Nancy Fraser 201, Antionette Rau 182, 183, 526, Trasey Barres 227, 185, 579, Donna Smith 192, Karen Sotelo 196, Joan Lake 193, 524, Mary Ann Drobysh-Berens 212, 501, Mary Lee Williams 224, 547.

This column is written by Ed Townsend, a public relations consultant to the amateur and professional sport of bowling and to several bowling writers associations. If you have a topic that would make good reading, or have league and tournament scores and information, Ed can be reached by phone at 845-439-8177, by email at and by fax at 845-205-4474. For a more expanded version of this column please visit our Web Page at We are also available on Facebook.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Rev. Kathie's Ordination


MONTICELLO--Clergy from throughout New York State and as far away as Charleston, SC officiated at a Saturday (October 22) afternoon ordination service for the Rev. Kathie A. Ienuso.
The ceremony was held in the banquet room at Albella's Restaurant in Monticello.
Rev. Kathie now joins her husband the Rev. Rich Ienuso as co-pastors of Lighthouse Ministries located at 96 Myers Road, Neversink.
Lighthouse Ministries is affiliated with the Elim Fellowship of Lima, NY and is a Christ-centered worldwide fellowship serving pastors, churches, missionaries and other Christian ministers.
The new pastor received her A.A.S. degree from SUNY, Farmingdale, her B.S.N degree from SUNY Brockport. Professionally she has worked as a Registered Professional Nurse, in private homes as a Private Duty Registered nurse and served as co-pastor at Woodbourne Full Gospel Church.
Rev, Kathie's ministry experience includes nursing home and hospital visitation, street evangelism, concerts, Sunday school teacher, youth leader, nursery worker, jail and prison ministry, church secretary, church choir and orchestra director, soloist, worship leader, piano player, founder and coordinator of Joseph's Storehouse Food and Clothing Pantry, Civil Air Patrol Chaplain, volunteer training for chaplaincy at Fishkill and Woodbourne Correctional Facility, co-host on TBN television, hospital de-tox ministry, senior chaplain at Community General Hospital, Inter-Faith Council and Coalition Member, teacher at Sullivan County Christian Academy and Glory To God Christian High School and worship leader at various churches and events.
The ordination service included greetings and the invocation by the Rev. Vic Torres, area representative of Elim Fellowship and pastor of the Reach Out Family Worship Center in Hyde Park, NY.
The Praise and Worship portion of the ordination was conducted by Rev. Kathie's husband, the Rev. Rich S. Ienuso who has been a pastor in upstate New York and Sullivan County since 1980 and is often described as a gifted and educated scholar. In December of last year he penned his first book titled, "The Unveiling Of Jesus Christ."
The Statement of Purpose of Ordination was performed by the Rev. Chris Ball, secretary of Elim Fellowship, Lima, NY and pastor of Lighthouse Community Church in South Butler, NY.
Rev. Lorraine Harvey of the Trinity Community Assembly of God Church in the Bronx conducted and sang special music.
The Rev. Bill Banuchi of Marriage & Family Savers International from Newburgh read the scripture reading.
The Rev. Dr. Trevor Harvey, pastor of the Trinity Community Assembly of God Church in the Bronx gave the ordination message.
Rev, Kathie gave a brief testimory of where her life came from and what it is doing today.
Providing the Prelude music and Shofar and the Benediction was Rabbi Michael Zeitler of Yahovah Shalach Ministries International formerly of Highland NY now residing in Charleston, SC.
Following the Alter Service the large gathering of friends and clergy enjoyed a delicious meal and witnessed Rev. Kathie cut the first piece of a special Ordination cake which was made to honor this occasion.
Lighthouse Ministries can be reached by phone at 985-7026 or by email at


Taking part in the Ordination Service for the Rev. Kathie Ienuso are, from the left, Rev. Vic Torres, Rev. Rich Ienuso, Rev. Kathie Ienuso, daughter Grace Ienuso, Rev. Chris Ball and Rabbi Michael Zeitler.

Here & There Column 10-25-11

County Needs Board of Supervisors

Candidates for the Sullivan County Legislature debate the county's budget problems, economic development, the state imposed 2 percent cap on increases in the property tax level, the closed Sullivan County landfill but not one word on reducing the level of government and bringing back the Board of Supervisors.
Sullivan County taxpayers need serious help and elimination of the County Legislature form of government and replacing it with a Board of Supervisors could result in substantial savings and what appears to be a better way of communications between the county and village and town governments.
Interesting enough was conversations we have had with a number of town supervisors who indicated they are never kept in the loop and have little or no communications with legislators representing their townships.
Sullivan County once was governed by a Board of Supervisors and many folks close to this subject feel county residents were duped into believing that a Board of Supervisors form of government was not legal and the Legislature form of government was approved.
If a County Board of Supervisors is illegal then why are some counties in the State of New York still operating with this form of government? The counties in New York State that retained the old Board of Supervisors after the 1960's assigned each member a proportional vote based on the population represented.
Sullivan County towns presently pay their town supervisors and some even increased the salaries to represent what some supervisors lost when the Board of Supervisors was done away with a number of years ago. Supervisors we agree should be paid extra for also serving on a county Board of Supervisors.
Simply stated the County Legislative form of government is just another layer of government taxpayers have to pay for.
Our present economic problems have made for consolidation and reduction in government everywhere. Government has been made to bite the bullet and to cut expenses and they have been forced to so away with the business as usual approach.
Of course if you think that the present Legislature form of government is going to vote to do away with their jobs then you are having a bad dream.
The only way we would ever see another Board of Supervisors is that signed petitions must be presented to the County Legislature demanding that this issue be brought to the voters of Sullivan County.


USBC Offers New Magazine

The United States Bowling Congress (USBC) in conjunction with Bowlers Journal International is offering a new magazine subscription option designed for USBC members.The partnership creates a new bi-monthly Bowlers Journal subscription for $16 and includes a bonus section from USBC in each issue.“We know many USBC members enjoy Bowlers Journal, but a full-year subscription may be outside of some family budgets,” said Luby Publishing President Keith Hamilton. “Offering the opportunity to read about bowling news, coaching tips and events around the country every other month at a lower price will appeal to a lot of bowlers and they will receive a bonus section from USBC, too.” Subscribers taking advantage of the new bi-monthly option will receive The USBC Insider, a special four-page insert with in-depth coverage and details about USBC programs and events. The bi-monthly subscription will include the January, March, May, July, September and November issues of Bowlers Journal along with The USBC Insider.In addition to the new subscription offer, Bowlers Journal also is inviting USBC state and local association leaders to take advantage of a special advertising section that provides national recognition to local Halls of Fame inductees, outstanding volunteers or league and tournament champions.“There are great things happening in bowling at the state and local level every day,” USBC Executive Director Stu Upson said. “We honor great volunteers at convention every year, but there are many more who deserve recognition. This new program is a way to congratulate and highlight some of our outstanding associations across the country.”For more information about the new Bowlers Journal/USBC magazine subscription visit For more information about the local recognition program contact Keith Hamilton at 312-341-1110, ext 227 or

The Bowling Tip
By Mike Luongo

Bowlers: This week's tip is reminder that although there are so many aggressive, high performance balls available, the main component of the sport is having a sharp game and becoming a shot maker.
Lane conditions have become very soft in many bowling establishments and that combination with today's bowling balls has led to high scoring conditions making the majority of today's bowlers very complacent about working on their physical game.
The sport of bowling is attempting to turn this around as can be seen in some of the newer Sport Bowling Leagues which mandates that the bowler must know now to adjust to varying lane conditions and understand how to use today's bowling balls.
For those bowlers who want to maximize their potential in this sport, I cannot stress enough the importance of finding a qualified and certified bowling instructor. Even more preferable, you should work with an instructor who uses video technology to completely analyze your game.
Some instructors use the Brunswick Pro Trainer which gives the instructor the ability to replay a student's shots in slow motion and show them what adjustments need to be made and compare them to the highest caliber bowlers in the of all....the student is able to take a video home to study and watch at their convenience.
The knowledge you gain from a Certified Instructor is knowledge that will be useful to you and will stay with you throughout your bowling life.
Mike Luongo is technically certified through IBPSIA as a Pro Shop Operator and Master Instructor. He is also a Silver Level Coach with the USBC and is an Advisor along with being involved with Special Events with the Storm and Roto Grip Bowling Ball Company. If you have a question or subject you would like covered, he can be reached by telephone at 435-720-7939 or via email at

9th Annual Turkey
No-Tap Tourney

The 9th Annual Turkey team and doubles no-tap tournament will be held Nov.. 19-20 and 26-27 at Skylanes on Route 209 in East Stroudsburg, Pa.
The USBC sanctioned tournament is open to men, women and mixed entries in both team and doubles event.
Entry fee is $92 per four person team and $46 for doubles entry.
Information by calling Roger Zimmerman 570-421-8546 or email

This column is written by Ed Townsend, a public relations consultant to the amateur and professional sport of bowling and to several bowling writers associations. If you have a topic that would make good reading, or have league and tournament scores and information, Ed can be reached at 845-439-8177, via email at and by fax at 845-205-4474. For a more expanded version of this column go to our Web Page at We are also available on Facebook.




Monday Ladies League

Jackie Gieger 164, Diane Staves 180, 160, Jackie Mootz 162 and Jody Schanil 200.


Monday Hortonville Ladies League

Kelly Gombita 175, 162, Lillian Zieres 162, 172, Debbie Loughrey 170, DeeDee Schrader 164 and Barbara Pingel 160.

Tuesday Delaware Valley Men’s League

Mark Hawley 192, 232, Jeremy Gulley 180, Joe Gager 202, 184, Jon Wayne 191, Mark Gada 192, Ed Leroy 190, 183, Kris Rasmussen 194, Mark Scriber 184, Gene Kelly 186, Mike Sorge 181 and Brian Scott 230.


Wednesday Men’sIndependent League

Marc Cetta 232, 610, Frank Couse Sr. 225, 613, Brian Drumm 254, 626, Bill Gleim 247, 246, 688, Paul Ignatovich 259, 704, Steve Jacobi 226, Gregory Keesler 246, 611, Jerry Kulakosky 242, 682, Dick Layton 233, 603, Ed Milk Jr. 233, 603, Cory Newman 235, Hank Whitmore 247, 676, Zuke Wormuth 228, 233, 279, 740, Jeremy Wormuth 235, 639 and Tony Wright 258, 278, 753.

Thursday Men’s DepositNational League

Al Bullis Jr. 280, 658, Craig Conklin 225, Howard Couse Sr. 225, 600, Jeff Curtis 232, 622, Bill Gleim 243, Greg Keesler 243, 229, 624 and Jim Van Luvender 228.

Friday Couples League

Howey Couse Jr. 248, 255, 225, 728, Frank Couse Sr. 237, 636, Anne Couse 181, 192, 552, Judy Ellis 183, Hope Jones 185, 513, Dave Lester 601, Wayne McClenon 226, Dana McGraw 183, 506, Sheri Oralls 182, Walt Oralls 245, 636, Tim Smith 235, 254, 701, Sandy Winans 194, 186, 520, Dan Wormuth 238, 657 and Jeremy Wormuth 244, 257, 714.

Sunday Mixed Fun League

D.J. Capel (bantam boys) 102, Kristyanna Capel (youth girls) 162, 178, 142, 482, Don Marino 235, 234, 234, 703, Ed Townsend 231, Rick Mills 227, 623 and Savanna Mills (youth girls) 130, 164, 165, 459.


Monday Men’s League

Shawn Lyons 226, Anthony Atkins 246, 288, 724, Wayne Atkins 235, 235, 685, Ronnie Totten 236, Laresko Niffa 235, 602, Juan Lopez 265, John Lopez 602, John Hoffmann 245, 637, Josh Strang 227, James Durland 226, 225, 641, Tim McIntyre 235, 627, Jon Wilhelm 236, 618, Al Caycho 233, 613, Keith Smith 247, 602, Dave Graham 245, Paul Durland 264, 612, Don Durland 652, Jaryl Scott 225, 631, Vinnie Collura 244, 227, 692, Jack Moylan 226, 258, 677, Mitch Juron 237, 631, Pedro Agapito 644, Erik Miller 227, 617, Mike Weiner 233, 241, 634, Matt Fallon 278, 233, 722, Jim Piontek 235, 607, Frank Scuderi 226, Eddie Lake 246, 245, 715 and Ricky Lake 227, 267, 685.

Tuesday MixedFirefighters League

Joan Lake 194, 190, 211, 595, Mary Lee Williams 187, 202, 182, 571, Suzette Bertholf 205, 517, Carena Collura 180, 500, Cara Nicholson 194, Russ Keesler 233, 646, Dave Dibble Jr. 232, 633 and Kris Gwiozdowski 232.

Wednesday Men’s League

George “Spoon” Battle 627, Tim McIntyre 243, 640, Jaryl Scott 253, 255, 699, Paul Durland 227, 604, Craig Wilhelm 231, 289, 744, Kevin Stackhouse 226, Kenny Atkins 225, 234, 642, Charlie Tuttle 226, Frank Emmens 604, Shawn Sinistore 228, Pedro Agapito 243, 233, 668, Gregory Fallon 246, 227, 685, Matt Fallon 256, 653, Jon Wilhelm 610, Donald Durland 233, 244, 668, Anthony Atkins 227, 244, 642, Wayne Atkins 280, 626, John Hoffmann 246, 625, Vinnie Collura 269, 658, Tom Belgiovene 246, 658 and Shane Cunningham 255.

Thursday Ladies LeagueTricia Tuttle 187, Stephanie Davis 184, Mardette Wilcox 188, 189, Sonya Robinson 181, Joan Lake 191, Shirley Bowen 222, Pat Gibson 183, Kathy King 201, Barbara Merton 198 and Trasey Barres 208, 182.

Friday Mixed LeagueCarolyn Williams 180, 193, 509, Antionette Rau, 196, 226, 587, Laurie Miano 190, Trasey Barres 197, 182, 540, Mary Ann Drobysh-Berens 214, 523, Cathy Carpenter 181, Christa Sweeney 192, Leroy Williams 258, 256, 727, David Graham 276, 265, 758, Eddie Lake 278, 238, 247, 763, John Hoffmann 248, 636, Ryan Lepke 238, Dan Ricco 233, 614, Tom Palmer 248, 663, Larry Berens 234, 616, Frank Emmens 231, Donald Durland 237, 233, 225, 695, James Piontek 603 and Jon Wilhelm 247, 633.


Monday Men’s League

Kyle Stevens 209, 205, 203, 698; Thomas Fix 214, 237, 624; Paul Minton 216, 223, 620, Ralph Coney 223, 200, 612, Dean Shattuck 221, 202, 605, Ed Blume 225, 201, 587, Rudy Belanchia 214, Robert Cady 193, 209, Dan Martinetti 203, 205, Chris Santillo 202 and Carmine Santillo 191.

Wednesday Men’s League

Anthony Atkins 214, 226, 279, 719, Kyle Stevens 194, 267, 246, 707, Dwayne Cabrera 221, 236, 202, 659, Paul Minton 212, 279, 659, Jason Jones Sr. 221, 226, 193, 640, Jerry Scandore 199, 223, 609, David Graham 192, 213, 201, 606, Gene Smith 209, 211, 606, Keith Smith 221, 211, 599, Herbie Sklar 202, 212, 591, Chuck McAllister 191, 236, 584, Jim Fiore 195, 194, 577, Thomas Fix 220, Ed Blume 203, 218, Dave Sawall 209, Stew Stevens 205, Lucas Stickle 197 and Mike Aumick 190.

Thursday Ladies League

Audrey Woolard 206, 178, 543, Elisa Bound 208, 526, Carly Sklar 178, 196, 524, Karen Martin 206, 518, Maureen Hopper 195, 189, 515, Cindy Short 183, 173, 510, Connie Beach 174, 171, 508, Tabatha Smith 178, Wendy Finn 176, Valerie Mott 173, Kirsten Sherwood 173 and Charlene Meola 170.

Friday Mixed League

Kyle Stevens 266, 197, 276, 739, Alan LaBounty 206, 195, 582, Sharon Russell 216, 202, 547, Geo Crary 204, Larry Goldenberg 191, Wendy Swan 190, Betty Jane Stevens 181, Vicky Ferrazzoli 178 and Karen Martin 171.

Saturday Mixed League

Thomas Fix 217, 204, 200, 621, Kevin Norris 212, 191, 582, Phil Norris 246, 576, Keith Smith 193, 217, 572, Tabatha Smith 170, 485 and Russell Bivins 214.

Liberty Elks Bumper League

Madison Bertholf 72, Allie Dworetsky 69, Terrance Hayden 61, Hudson Danzilo 60, Carson Jones 60, Treyvon Hayden 54, Logan Danzilo 47 and Riley Totten 44.

Liberty Lanes Bantam League

Ian Cody 111, 90, 201, Lindsie Siegel 82, 78, 160, Kayla McMahon 68, 65, 133, Sean McMahon 49, 53, 102, Dara Schiff 45, 56, 101 and Emma Dworetsky 40, 50, 90.

Liberty Elks Teenage League

John Kolarik 191, 182, 202, 575, Anthony Kolarik 184, 155, 187, 526, Zachary Cody 130, 144, 127, 401, Anthony Lupardo 128, 129, 143, 400, Louie Brahm 141, 140, 396, Ryan Feeney 138, 134, 385, Alaura DeLong 163, 100, 353, Kamry Conboy 124, 130, 328, Cameron Reichenbaugh 110, 113, 320, Bobby Kehrley 97, 102, 273, Jonathan Griesbeck 103, 271 and Glen McCausland 104, 84, 249.

Sunday Mixed League

Rich Winters 207, 204, 208, 619, Thomas Fix 269, 205, 614, Bob Feeney 214, 575, Jerry Scandore 202, 198, 572, Barbara Cady 174, 489, Jim Fiore 216 and Robert Cady 193.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Here & There Column 10-18-11

The Post Office Crisis

Proposals are being made to close Post Office facilities, changes in lobby hours are posted and an organization $9 billion in the red is making many wonder how much longer the United States Post Office can deliver the services we all presently enjoy.
Yes, its even has some folks thinking that the next step could result in a multi-billion dollar federal bailout, but faced with the present economic and debt crisis in Washington this likely would not get approval.
The department itself has already taken steps to cut its workforce by some 120,000 by the year 2015 (four years from now).
Scheduled to be closed are some 3,653 post office facilities. The Post Office presently has 32,500 facilities.
There are also proposals that will result in not having mail service one day a week with that day possibly being Saturday.
Another step under proposal is having the Post Office Department going with their own retirement and health benefit programs.
Critics of the present form of postal service say they see little hope of the postal service staying afloat the way it is presently being run.
Reasons are many as to why this is all taking place and they include the fact that the Internet and emails are being used instead of U.S. Mail, many folks are paying their bills online, the poor economy has not helped and there is a great decline in mail volume, the department is said to have an aging fleet of vehicles and union demands and growing benefits to its retirees have added to the red ink.
We all love the many services offered by our local post office facilities but belt-tightening has become the cry of the day and consolidation and merging may be the only way for this service to continue.
Remember when you are getting your mail or picking up or delivering a package at your local post office just tell the postal clerks how much you appreciate what they do and thank them for their services.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Bowling Highlights Column 10-14-11

ESPN's Coverage Begins December 4

For the 32nd consecutive year, ESPN will provide millions of American bowling fans with nationally-televised coverage of the Professional Bowlers Association during the 2011-12
The PBA Tour’s new television season, which includes 18 Sundaytelecasts, will begin with a “doubleheader” on Sunday, Dec. 4 with the men’s and women’s World Bowling Tour Finals presented by the PBA airing in back-to-back one-hour segments. The PBA-ESPN season will conclude with the live finals of the PBA Tournament of Champions from Red Rock Lanes in Las Vegas on Sunday, April 15.
Supplementing the ESPN telecasts,’s exclusive Xtra Frame video streaming service will provide more than 250 hours of live, online coverage of PBA Tour preliminary rounds as well as start-to-finish coverage of four new Xtra Frame Tour events during the season.
2011-12 ESPN-PBA TOUR SCHEDULE (all times Eastern)
Dec. 4, 1 p.m. – World Bowling Tour Finals presented by the PBA (men), Las Vegas. Dec. 4, 2 p.m. - World Bowling Tour Finals presented by the PBA (women), Las Vegas. Dec. 11, 1 p.m. – WSOB PBA World Championship, Carter Division, LasVegas.
Dec. 18, 1 p.m. – WSOB PBA World Championship, Hardwick Division, LasVegas.
Jan. 1, 1 p.m. – WSOB PBA World Championship, Petraglia Division, Las Vegas.
Jan. 8, 1 p.m. – WSOB PBA World Championship, Aulby Division, Las Vegas.
Jan. 15, 1 p.m. – WSOB PBA World Championship finals, Las Vegas.
Jan. 22, 3 p.m. – WSOB Bayer Viper Open, Las Vegas.
Jan. 29, 12:30 p.m. – USBC Masters, Las Vegas.
Feb. 5, 4 p.m. – Chris Paul PBA Celebrity Invitational, New Orleans.
Feb. 12, 3 p.m. – WSOB Chameleon Open, Las Vegas.
Feb. 19, 3 p.m. – WSOB Scorpion Open, Las Vegas.
Feb. 26, 3 p.m. – 69th U.S. Open, North Brunswick, N.J.
March 4, 3 p.m. – WSOB Shark Open, Las Vegas.
March 25, 2:30 p.m. – WSOB Mark Roth-Marshall Holman PBA Doubles Championship, Las Vegas.
April 1, 1 p.m. – WSOB Carmen Salvino Classic, Las Vegas.
April 8, 1 p.m. – WSOB PBA Exempt Players Championship, Las Vegas.
April 15, 1 p.m. – PBA Tournament of Champions, Las Vegas. WSOB = PBA World Series of Bowling
The Bowling Tip
By Mike Luongo
Bowlers: This week's tip is for parents with children who either bowl in a youth league or bowl regularly with their own equipment.
Parents.....when was the last time you had your child's fit checked on their bowling ball at your local pro-shop?
Children tend to grow quickly and the gripping holes in their bowling balls must be adjusted to accommodate this growth.
Bowling with poor-fitting equipment can become frustrating and uncomfortable. In many cases, it only takes a minute or two for adjustments to be made.
Also, if your child has hit or her own bowling shoes, you can check the size youself to see if the fit is acceptable. Do not wait for blisters to form on the toes.
remember, the game is meant to be enjoyed, not to be a form of torture.
Mike Luongo is technically certified through IBPSIA as a Pro-Shop Operator and Master Instructor. He is also a Silver Level Coach with the USBC and is an Advisor along with being involved with Special Events with the Storm and Roto Grip Bowling Ball Company. If you have a question or subject you would like covered, he can be reached by telephone at 435-720-7939 or via email at

This column is written by Ed Townsend, a public relations consultant to the amateur and professional sport of bowling and to several bowling writers associations. If you have a topic that would make good reading or have league and tournament scores and information, Ed can be reached at 845-439-8177, by email at and by fax at 845-205-4474. For a more expanded version of this column visit our Web Page at This column is also available on Facebook.



Tracey Puerschner 163, Jodi Gulley 178, 160, Lori Kimmes 164, Diane Staves 180, 160 and Jody Schanil 200.




Kelly Gombita 163 and Lillian Zieres 178, 166.


Brian Starr 222, Mark Hawley 183, Jon Wayne 196, Kory Keesler 196, Bruce Rutledge 198, Don Hill 182, Ed Leroy 183, Brian Marino 189, Mark Scriber 214, Eugene Fulton 192, Mike Gieger 183, Albert Tyles 181, Steve Lagoda 189, Gary Erlwein 195, 189 and Damien VanLeuven 190.



Tom Anderson 225, 609, Andy Boice 234, Andrew Bullis 253, 681, Cody Conway 230, Frank Couse Sr. 249, 627, Brandon Drumm 603, Norm Ellis 228, Bill Gleim 244, 637, Dylan Green 234, Jack Hazen 225, 229, 237, 691, B.J. Johnson 242, 635, Donnie Marino 279, 641, Mark McGraw Jr. 229, Mitch Persbacker 225, 607, Dick Price 241, Hank Whitmore 230, 579, Zuke Wormuth 647, Jeremy Wormuth 614 and Tony Wright 245, 236, 696.


Al Bullis Jr. 237, 226, 236, 699, Andy Bullis 246, 234, 686, Shawn Card 225, Craig Conklin 231, Frank Couse Sr. 246, 637, Jeff Curtis 266, 257, 716, Bill Gleim 266, 225, 708, Greg Keesler 226, 232, 656 and Neil Mosher 245, 618.


Howey Couse 234, Anne Couse 212, 184, 540, Bob Ellis 232, 658, Bill Gleim 264, 697, Hope Jones 185, Bonnie LaDuke 214, 547, Dave Lester 290, 255, 754, Dana McGraw 192, 246, 225, 663, Dawn Mclenon 180, Walt Oralls 235, 626, Jen Smith 183, 502, Sandy Winans 237, 540 and Dan Wormuth 257, 665.



Donnie Durland 299, 249, 760, Ronnie Totten 279, 672, Kenny Atkins 279, 695, Tom Belgiovene 277, 257, 762, John Wilhelm 259, 707, Vinnie Collura 247, 690, John Hoffmann 246, Jack Moylan 695, Ed Lake 245, 685, Tim McIntyre 695 and Rick Lake 668.


Suzette Bertholf 226, 233, 619, Trasey Barres 206, 534, Mary Lee Williams 186, 510, Mandy Juron 181, Heather Dobell 186, Carena Collura 182, Linda Schaefer 186, Linda Robinson 183, Wayne Atkins 232, 246, 693, Eddie Lake 228, 238, 689, Mitch Juron 234, 642, Neil Bell Jr. 619, Joe Peabody 235, Ed Guthrie 245, Russ Keesler 257 and Jack Rustic 241.


Wayne Atkins 298, 716, Pedro Agapito 268, 243, 706, Matt Fallon 257, 248, 730, Jon Wilhelm 255, 712, Frank Gerow 247, 623, Donald Durland 246, 243, 714, John Hoffmann 238, James Durland 647, Tom Belgiovene 641, Jaryl Scott 639 and Gregory Fallon 635.


Mardette Wilcox 186, 181, Mary Alice Burger 188, Debbie Castillo 189, Pat Shuart 184, Trasey Barres 224, 184, Tricia Tuttle 198, Pat Gibson 231, Debbie Durland 208, 233, 191, 632, Joan Lake 204 and Anne Sawyer 184.


Eddie Lake 230, 236, 666, Leroy Williams 247, 663, John Hoffmann 225, 648, Ryan Lepke 256, 683, Tom Palmer 240, 636, Eugene Kelly 622, John Wilhelm 255, 629, Greg Kuchar 245, 227, 626, David Graham 229, 601, Linda Carrier 190, 516, Carolyn Williams 212, 549, Judith Kelly 195, Laura Palmer 196, 190, 521, Trasey Barres 220, 569, Antionette Rau 181, 203, 561, Joan Lake 180, Cathy Carpenter 180, Tammy Sze 194 and Mary Ann Drobysh-Berens 183, 191, 530.


Monday Men’s League

Kyle Stevens 198, 228, 268, 698; Paul Minton 248, 210, 629; Todd Houghtaling 211, 207, 607; Ed Blume Sr. 245, 596; Ralph Coney 223, 213, 594; Walt Edwards 224; Carmine Santillo 209; Jason Jones Sr. 205; Ricky Nichols 191, 205; Chris Stevens 199; Carlos Torres 198; Tony Padial 192; Tom Stephenson 192; Chris McKay 191 and Manasseh O’Brien 190.

Wednesday Men’s League

Anthony Atkins 222, 244, 633, Chuck McAllister 241, 191, 200, 632, Paul Minton 212, 221, 621, Kyle Stevens 225, 205, 190, 620, Thomas Fix 192, 205, 197, 594, Dwayne Cabrera 199, 205, 580, Jason Jones Sr. 239, 576, David Graham 233, Herbie Sklar 219, Chris Stewart 218, Ryan Lepke 214, Jim Fiore 207, Bobby Cooper 201, Gene Smith 197, Keith Smith 192, Pete Meachum 191 and Chris Stevens 190.

Thursday Ladies League

Kathi Smith 193, 172, 179, 544, Carly Sklar 183, 502, Elisa Bound 170, 176, 496, Chrissy Schiff 182, JoAnne Wright 177, Sue Jones 175, Maureen Hopper 174, Amanda Irwin 172, Diane Edwards 171 and Stella Schmahl 171.

Friday Mixed League

Kyle Stevens 247, 244, 204, 695, Geo Crary 219, 590, Sharon Russell 180, 212, 527, Wendy Swan 171, 195, 490, Larry Goldenberg 234, Alan LaBounty 197, 192, Karen Martin 187 and Debbie Sklar 171

Saturday Mixed League

Russell Bivins 205, 255, 200, 660, Keith Smith 208, 263, 657, Thomas Fix 191, 192, 225, 608, Phil Norris 218 and Tony Miller 198, 194.

Sunday Mixed League

Thomas Fix 207, 223, 193, 623, Jim Fiore 206, 210, 605, Bob Feeney 227, 218, 602, Lillian Zieres 177, 183, 486 and Sheila Fix 171.

Liberty Elks Bumper League

Treyvon Hayden 74, Terrence Hayden Jr. 58, Riley Totten 54, Anthony Vidilone 49 and Madison Bertholf 44.

Liberty Elks Bantam League

Marie Lyons 80, 81, 161, Kayla McMahon 81, 80, 161, Lindsie Siegel 62, 75, 137, David Schiff 69, 44, 113 and Eric Decker 27, 22, 49.

Liberty Elks Teenage LeagueLouie Brahm 126, 176, 169, 471, Ryan Feeney 134, 130, 121, 385, Robby Lyons 128, 127, 126, 381, Bobby Kehrley 122, 139, 106, 367, Anthony Lupardo 103, 109, 114, 326, Alaura Delong 114, 111, 71, 296, Glen McCausland 83, 112, 95, 290, Anthony Kolarik 156, 183, 128, 467 and Cameron Reichenbaugh 118, 122, 110, 350.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Here & There Column 10-11-11

Cain Brings Interesting Issues

In chatting the other day with folks at a local function I truthfully was amazed to hear so many people talking about Herman Cain.
In several of the most recent debates Cain has displayed the fact that he is a intelligent businessman and with lots of hands-on private sector experience.
The former pizza magnate and radio talk show host has been surging in the polls and I wanted to know what the folks were thinking.
Here is what some of the folks said about Cain:
1. He says the role of the federal government should be to encourage economic growth by ensuing conditions that will allow businesses to thrive.
2. He says the federal government should not be in the business of picking and choosing industries they support financially.
3. He says the American Dream has been attained by those who were willing to think, work and sacrifice to achieve it.
4. He notes that the federal government impedes growth by interfering in the employer and employee relationship.
5. His 9-9-9 plan includes a 9% business flat tax, an individual flat tax of 9% and a national sales tax of 9%. In simple terms it would scrap the current tax code and replace it with a 9 percent tax on corporations and personal income as well as a 9 percent national sales tax.
Also folks seem to like the fact that he does not show the traditional strategy of a serious White House Contender.
Those who like Cain say he is pushing a tax reform plan that's resonating with voters hungry for solutions.
Folks are saying Cain has a great likability.
It should be interesting to see how this all plays out.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Tradition Is The Hammer Outing


Tradition is defined in Webster's Dictionary as "any time honored set of practices" and each September these "practices" are followed to the "T" and the golf tees at the Liberty Sullivan County Golf & Country Club where the annual Hammer Outing takes place.
This tradition kept intact the late Keith Hamlin's expressed desire to hold an outing (now called the Hammer Outing) to share the many pleasant memories of past "Friends of the Links."
The September 24 Hammer Outing was held this year under difficult playing conditions following heavy rains which soaked the course and definitely took the "roll" out of the game. Following heavy rains the night before the event the day started out with a forecast of rain and thunderstorms but with the blessing of the Golf Gods turned out in mid-afternoon as a beautiful sun-filled event.
The invitation only event in its printed invitation to golfers states that "the Journey Continues...Keith "Hammer" Hamlin is in the Clubhouse at Asgard...with him are several "Past Friends of the Links" that were honored and inducted in the fabled links of Asgard in Valhalla at The Hammer Outings of 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010."
"At a recent "Ting" the Hammer decreed that the following "Past Friends of the Links" be called to the tee box, Jack Baker, Sydney Benton, Ellsworth C. "Bucky" Buck and Kathy Stoddard....with these honorees, there will be four foursomes playing together as they did in the past."
Tradition again took place following the dinner with relatives and friends giving brief history about the four "Past Friends of the Links" with tournament chairman Robert "Rat" Ratner declaring that the four will now be playing on that beautiful course in heaven with the mystical name Valhalla Course in the land of Asgard (the highest heaven obtainable and reserved for only the most noble men and women.
Family members and friends who spoke about the departed golfers included Leigh Benton and his sister Myra Morse for Sydney Benton, Bill Stoddard for his late wife Kathy Stoddard, the Hon. Anthony Kate and Ed Townsend for Ellsworth "Bucky" Buck and Bob Fix Sr.spoke for Jack Baker's wife, Helen who was in attendance.
The lore and traditions of the annual Hammer Outing brings tournament golf to what could easily be called a look at a mystical golf course in Heaven where there is reality and faith combined for past "Friends of the Links."
The Hammer Outing is the realization of the thoughts and words of the late Keith "Hammer" Hamlin and the combined efforts of his family and many friends.
Keith was a well-known and highly respected contractor doing business as the Hamlin Construction Co. and loved the game of golf where he achieved the nick name of "Hammer" for the way he drove the ball down the fairway.
Having just completed it's fifth year of competition, the Hammer Outing is truly fulfilling Keith's desire.
The Hammer Outing as described in the Lore and Traditions of the Hammer Outing is an outing that takes place on the fields of play "that so many of us have walked, talked, and played upon together," and "shall be an outing of joy, not remorse, an outing of brother and sisterhood, an outing to renew old friendships."
As to the "past" Friends of the Link's the Lore and Traditions of this event tell the story of the man who asked his priest to find out if there was a golf course in heaven and the priest came back to him with good and bad news by saying there was a course in heaven and it was beautiful but the bad news was the man was teeing off at 7 a.m. the next morning. The Lore and Traditions point out that it has been left to "The Hammer" to find that beautiful course in Heaven and that the mystical course is called the Valhalla Course.
Keith, as would be expected, has a high seat on the governing board (Ting) at Valhalla and has let it be known that he has made arrangements for his past "Friends of the Links" to be admitted, as member, at this enchanting Links course.
The use of the word "Ting" comes from the fact that leaders of the villages in ancient times in the Celtic lands, The Isles, and parts of Europe held meetings to resolve issues of the day and these meetings were called (Tings) or things.
Previous departed members of the links admitted to the Valhalla Course include Richard Benton, Bertram Eisenberg, Robert Mullen, Richard Altbach, John "Jack" Coughlin, Thomas Kelly, Andrew Rorhback, Harold Reynolds, Alice Steinberg and R.D. Yaun.
At each future Hammer Outing an additional foursome will be called to the Tee Box and honored as such and these players will be drawn from the roster of "Friends of the Links" that was established at the 1st annual Hammer Outing held October 8, 2007.
The Lore and Traditions point out that the word Asgard is described as "the highest realm in Nordic Lore, where the Gods dwell, the word Ting is the Nordic term for a council and Friends of the Links are honorable men and women who have shared the pleasure of golf together on earth. This tournament has a unique trophy called appropriately "The Hammer Trophy" which is awarded to the champions but is immediately returned to its resting place, secured and sealed and kept in the Liberty Sullivan County Golf & Country Club Pro Shop. The trophy symbolizes the powerful nature that was Keith's. He is called by all those who knew him as a true gentleman and outstanding businessman.
Again following tradition the trophy presentation follows strict guidelines with the Hammer of Thor being removed from its place of stature, by a worthy representative (Keith's widow Susan Hamlin, presently performs this honor) and the trophy is presented to the chosen captain and teammates of the victorious team. The team, as one, shall hoist the Hammer skyward together and it will be held skyward until a toast, to all that have departed to play on the field of Heaven, has been offered.
Tradition points out that the trophy is then immediately returned by the champions' captain to its resting place where it is secured and sealed, only to be removed at the next Hammer Outing.
Since the tournament is played at the nine-hole (alternating tees for the second nine) Sullivan County Golf & Country Club course, there are more players then available slots and golfers are accepted in the order their RSVP's are received.
The tournament format states that golfers submit their individual application with their current handicap and that teams are then established by the "Ting" whereby each foursome will include an A, B, C and D player based on handicaps and there are no established teams allowed to enter this tournament. The Hammer Outing is for all golfers in the Sullivan County area and is not exclusive to Sullivan County Golf & Country Club members. This tournament uses the best ball format.
The Legendary Hammer of Thor was hoisted this year by the team consisting of Larry Eisenberg, Dr.Theresa Hamlin, Tom Mungeer and Lewis Klugman.
Special event awards for closest to the pin on hole 4 for men went to Jim Peabody, longest drive for men on 17 went to Larry Eisenberg and for the women Kristen Stoddard, closest to the pin on 18 for men went to Phil Beliawsky and closest to the bush on 5 for men was won by Kelly Hamlin and for women Susan Hamlin.
There are always great minds behind outstanding events like this and several of the organizers include Keith's widow Susan Hamlin, his son David Hamlin and long time friend and Chief Coordinator of the Legend and Lore of the Ting Robert "Rat" Ratner.
Master of Ceremonies at the dinner was Glenn Smith and Friends of the Links Toastmaster was Harry Morse.
Golfing friends and families with names of departed golfers and those having memorabilia can send the information to
Additional photos of the Hammer Outing are available at and insert the privacy code (photome).

Photo Identification For Above Photos

2011 Champions of the 5th Annual Hammer Outing are, from the left, Larry Eisenberg, Dr. Theresa Hamlin, Tom Mungeer and Lewis Klugman .

Hoisting the legendary Hammer of Thor trophy at the Annual Hammer Outing dinner are, from the left, Susan Hamlin, winning team captain Larry Eisenberg and winning team member Dr. Theresa Hamlin.

Chief Coordinator of the Legend and Lore of the Ting for the annual Hammer Outing Robert "Rat" Ratner.

Bowling Highlights Column 10-7-11

Callicoon Kristal Bowl Goes Beyond Bowling

The sport of bowling has returned to the Callicoon area and western Sullivan County thanks to the great efforts made by Kristal Whitmore and family who purchased the building that once housed Callicoon Lanes.
Now called Callicoon Kristal Bowl the 10-lane Brunswick Center was completely renovated and refurbished with major improvements during the summer months and opened for business in late July.
The former Callicoon Lanes was closed several years ago.
Callicoon Kristal Bowl now hosts the Hortonville Ladies league on Monday night and the Delaware Valley Men's league on Tuesday night. Management noted that a mixed league with 2 or 4 persons on a team is in the works for Sunday afternoon at 6 p.m.
The new Callicoon Kristal Bowl also features the great cooking of Ms. Whitmore who offers dinner specials like shrimp scampi chicken Marsala, raviolis, fish n chips, jambalaya, pizza, sandwiches, snacks, dinner meals and a nice variety menu. Kristal also makes her own fresh made baked goods and just started faxing lunch specials out to local businesses. Also don't miss out on her homemade soup.
P.S. We just had her home made meatloaf and wow....what a great taste.
Kristal can also provide you with wedding and birthday cakes.
The center also features a full liquor license.
Lane conditioning and the upkeep and maintenance of the lane conditioner will be handled by Kiristal's husband Mark Whitmore and Kory Keesler and lanes are conditioned on a daily basis.
The center is also open for open bowling and birthday parties.
Hours of operation are 11:30-9 on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. Friday and Saturday they are open till 1 p.m. or later
Their Web Site will be up and running soon.
Callicoon Kristal Bowl can be reached at 887-6887.

The Bowling Tip
By Mike Luongo

Bowlers: This week's column will answer a question many bowlers ask about side weight.....will it make my ball hook?
The answer is absolutely no.
I have been fortunate to be able to spend some time with technical experts, and although we have suspected for quite some time, we now have the proof.
Two factors are needed to make a bowling ball hook....friction and rotation (gravity is also needed but I think that we all understand that or we would all be floating around.
You could take a bowling ball with the strongest weight block on the market, the most aggressive cover, drill it maximum leverage, add all the weight you want, and use a big balance hole, but, if the bowler does not impart proper arotation, or if friction on the ball's path down the lanes is not there.....the ball will go straight.
Mike Luongo is technically certified through IBPSIA as a Pro Shop Operator and Master Instructor. He is also a Silver Level Coach with the USBC and is an Advisor along with being involved with Special Events with the Storm and Roto Grip Bowling Ball Company. If you have a question or subject you would like covered, he can be reached by telephone at 435-720-7939 or via email at

600 Club
At Walden

The New York State Women's 600 Bowling Club Region 7 Tournament will be held November 5-6 at 2 p.m. at the Walden Hoe Bowl.
Entrants will bowl three games across six lanes with five divisions.
Entries close on October 28.
The 1st and 2nd place winners in each division will be eligible to compete for the State 600 Club championship to be held this year in Binghamton.
Information may be obtained from Regional Director C.J. Bull-Knuth at 914-755-4814.

This column is written by Ed Townsend, a public relations consultant to the amateur and professional sport of bowling and to several bowling writers associations. If you have a topic that would make good reading or have league and tournament information and scores, Ed can be reached at 845-439-8177, via email at and by fax at 845-205-4474. For a more expanded version of this column please visit our Web Page at We are also available on Facebook.


The newly renovated and refurbished Callicoon Kristal Bowl.

Part of the dining room area at the Callicoon Kristal Bowl.


Beechwood Lanes

Recent highlight scores in the Monday Ladies League included a 173 game and a 165 game by Jackie Gieger, Jackie Mootz 160, Diane Staves 167 and Lois Erdman 168.

Callicoon Kristal Bowl

Recent highlight scores in the Monday Hortonville Ladies League included a 168 game by Lillian Zieres, Kelly Gombita 168, Rebecca Rhodes 160, Debbie Loughrey 161 and Kim Murphy 163.In the Tuesday Delaware Valley Men’s League, Mark Hawley 205, Kory Keesler 223 and Damien VanLeuven 201, 212.

Fox Bowling Center

Recent highlight scores in the Wednesday Men’s Independent League included a 246 game and 615 series by Mike Bowker, Cody Conway 279, 236, 719, Brandon Drumm 233, Brian Drumm 618, Nate Finch 234, Craig Gehrig 600, Dylan Green 226, John Gurnick 233, 663, Jack Hazen 235, 226, 647, Steve Jacobi 227, Rob Johnson 226, 642, Gregory Keesler 604, Dick Layton 233, Robert McNaught 236, 655, Donnie Marino 268, 645, Mark McGraw Jr. 627, Cory Newman 600, Dick Price 232, 602, Zuke Wormuth 257, 668, Jeremy Wormuth 247, 660, Jay Wormuth 618 and Tony Wright 232, 246, 647.In the Thursday Men’s Deposit National League, Al Bullis Jr. 258, 234, 675, Al Bullis Sr. 624, Andy Bullis 234, 631, Craig Conklin 245, Ray Cornwell 243, 269, 715, Bill Gleim 235, 651, Paul Ignatovich 226, 634, Gino Jones 255, 611, Greg Keesler 277, 235, 705, Dave Lester 620, Neil Mosher 627 and Randy Mower 245.In the Friday Mixed Doubles Couples League, Hope Jones 185, Julie Martin 185, Dana McGraw 183, 508, Dawn Mclenon 180, Sheri Oralls 181, 200, 524, Tim Smith 226, 230, 637, Dan Wormuth 233, 236, 685 and Jeremy Wormuth 258, 692.

Kiamesha Lanes

Recent highlight scores in the Monday Men’s League included Al Caycho with a 289 game and a 687 series, Jack Moylan 605, Mitch Juron 605, Steve Rivera 233, John Hoffmann 257, 634, Jim VanAken 256, 246, 707, Josh Strang 237, 601, Tom Belgiovene 278, 650, Matt Fallon 238, 247, 235, 720, Frank Scuderi 266, 637, James Durland 237, 618, Tim McIntyre 228, 258, 690, Jon Wilhelm 231, 615, Eddie Lake 246, 672, Rick Lake 237, 235, 694, George Battle 256, 614, Jamel Battle 267, 246, 225, 738, Kevin Stackhouse 237, 226, 651, Laresko Niifa 247, Jaryl Scott 236, 226, 672, Vinnie Collura 242, 246, 692, Dave Graham 245, 629, Nate Sanders 647, Willie Bartley 255, 615, John Fischer 248, 623, Justin Lopez 600, Anthony Atkins 235, 648, Kenny Atkins 225, 637 and Wayne Atkins 241, 636.In the Tuesday Mixed Firefighters League, Suzette Bertholf 200, 212, 187, 599, Trasey Barres 183, 530, Mary Lee Williams 205, Joan Lake 182, Mandy Juron 181, Russ Keesler 237, 665, Robert Yakin Jr. 243, 660, Mitch Juron 234, 226, 637, Ryan Lepke 237, 622, Jack Rustic 231, 606, Ed Guthrie 238, Neil Bell Jr. 245 and Dave Dibble Jr. 232.In the Wednesday Men’s League, Anthony Atkins 230, 279, 225, 734, Eddie Lake 617, Kyle VanWolde 237, 644, Shane Cunningham 225, Gregory Fallon 229, 643, Matt Fallon 259, 653, Jon Wilhelm 233, 256, 264, 753, Donald Durland 236, 251, 711, James Durland 225, 249, 681, Shawn Sinistore 235, Pedro Agapito 244, 248, 235, 727, John Hoffmann 238, 627, James VanAken 243, 248, 259, 750, Steven Belgiovene 245, 657, Tom Belgiovene 258, 655, Craig Wilhelm 251, 643, Kevin Stackhouse 606, Kenny Atkins 227, 660, Al Frangipone 231, Paul Durland 226, 244, 632 and Frank DiCostanzo 608.In the Thursday Ladies League, Trasey Barres 207, 216, 192, 615, Debbie Durland 200, 191, 183, 574, Joan Lake 197, Barbara Durbak 211, 191 and Kerri Sawyer 196.In the Friday Mixed League, Eddie Lake 246, 672, Frank Scuderi 275, 670, John Hoffmann 227, 655, Tom Palmer 257, 682, Larry Berens 234, 655, Eugene Kelly 227, 655, Robert Linzer 236, John Wilhelm 609, Sherri Laird 182, 205, 545, Linda Carrier 184, Linda Schaefer 201, 519, Joan Lake 195, 502, Francine Kaiser 202, 537, Cathy Carpenter 193, 180, 184, 557, Tammy Sze 190, 522 and Mary Ann Drobysh-Berens 181, 187, 506.

Liberty Lanes

Recent highlight scores in the Monday Men’s Doubles League include Rudy Belanchia 225, 219, 214, 658; Thomas Fix 225, 223, 627; Kyle Stevens 226, 226, 625; Todd Houghtaling 218, 213, 604; Chris McKay 237, 223, 595; Paul Minton 192, 216, 583; Bruce Garritt 234, 581; Jason Jones Jr. 224, 214; Carmine Santillo 201, 190; Ricky Nichols 191; Manasseh O’Brien 190. In the Wednesday Men’s League Dwayne Cabrera 246, 278, 701; Kyle Stevens 211, 247, 212, 670; Chuck McAllister 206, 199, 231, 636; Paul Minton 210, 238, 628; Thomas Fix 230, 214, 626; Ed Blume 199, 254, 619; Rudy Belanchia 197, 201, 215, 613; Anthony Atkins 195, 203, 203, 601; Herbie Sklar 214, 209, 593; Keith Smith 233, 195, 585; Jerry Scandore 196, 200, 577; Chris Stevens 213, 571; Merlin Bound 232; Ryan Lepke 225; Bobby Cooper 212; Stew Stevens 212; Gene Smith 202, 210; Ray Stanishia 203. In the Thursday Ladies League Wendy Finn 171, 179, 508; Carly Sklar 222, 500; Elisa Bound 170, 480; Jane Mann 209; Billie Jo Bound 178; Maureen Barber 177; JoAnne Wright 177; Tabatha Smith 176; Darlene Mantzouratos 172; Audrey Woolard 172; Debbie Sklar 170. In the Friday Mixed League Kyle Stevens 252, 215, 656; Wendy Swan 170, 480; George Crary 192, 205; Ralph Cannon 200; Larry Goldenberg 199; Betty Jane Stevens 172, 170. In the Saturday Mixed League Thomas Fix 199, 220, 582; Russell Bivins 215, 579; Keith Smith 224; Walt Edwards 198. In the Sunday Mixed League Thomas Fix 212, 200, 601; Lynn Winters 200, 514; Sheila Fix 180, 496; Bob Feeney 203, 206; Jerry Scandore 197; Dean Winters 194.

PBA Spare Shots

Usually, throwing a 300 game at your opponent in the title match is good enough for a win, and that’s what happened in Bangkok, Thailand on Friday, Sept. 30. But this title match involved two 300 games, and set the stage for a possible televised grudge match in Las Vegas in November.

In Bangkok, two-time PBA Tour title winner Mike Fagan of Patchogue, N.Y., started the championship match of the PTT World Bowling Tour Thailand 2011 event with a 300-211 victory over top qualifier Jason Belmonte of Australia. But Fagan needed to beat Belmonte twice in the double-elimination finale, and it didn’t happen. Belmonte returned the favor, defeating Fagan, 300-205, in the second game to win the title and one million Thai bhat (US$32,000-plus).

With his win, Belmonte earned 50 points and moved past Finland’s Osku Palermaa into third place on the WBT points list to set up the possibility of a showdown match with “bottlegate” rival Sean Rash of Montgomery, Ill., in the World Bowling Tour Finals presented by the PBA. Rash is second in WBT points heading into the Australian Masters, the final qualifying event in the series. Finland’s Mika Koivuniemi has locked up the No. 1 berth in the three-player stepladder finals, but if Rash and Belmonte remain one-two, they will meet in the first ESPN-televised match of the 2011-12 season.

The men’s and women’s WBT Finals will be contested at South Point Hotel, Casino and Bowling Center in Las Vegas on specially-constructed arena lanes on Thursday, Nov. 17, and will air on ESPN on Sunday, Dec. 4, at 1 p.m. ET.

The Thailand tournament was the next-to-last WBT qualifying event and featured a strong PBA Tour presence in addition to Fagan and Belmonte. In the opening three-player stepladder match, Ryan Ciminelli of Cheektowaga, N.Y., fired a 227 game to tie Thailand’s Peerawich Rungacharoen, and then eliminated the Thai bowler, 10-6, in the one-ball roll-off. Rash was eliminated in the opening match with a 214 game.

In the second three-player showdown, Ciminelli’s 278 overpowered Sayed Al Hashemi of UAE (245) and Choi Won Young of Korea (238). Ciminelli then ousted Dan MacLelland of Saginaw, Mich., 280-258, before losing to Fagan in the semifinal match, 234-214.

The Australian Masters is set for Oct. 10-22 in Sydney. The Australian Masters will determine the top three men and top three women in WBT points who will advance to the ESPN finals at South Point. In each division, bowlers will compete for prizes of $10,000, $6,000 and $4,000 for first, second and third places, respectively.

Koivuniemi and Carolyn Dorin-Ballard have locked up men’s and women’s WBT Finals berths going into the Australian Masters. Rash is second, Belmonte third, Palermaa fourth and Chris Barnes fifth in the men’s standings. Sweden’s Nina Flack is second on the women’s list ahead of PBA Tour exempt player Kelly Kulick and Finland’s Krista Pollanen.

Finland’s Osku Palermaa defeated defending champion Chris Barnes, 192-184, to win the Columbia 300 Vienna Open at Plus Bowling in Vienna, Austria, on Oct. 2. Barnes, a 13-time PBA Tour champion, saw his hopes for a second straight title end when he left a pocket 7-10 in the 10th frame.

Palermaa, who won his first PBA Tour title in the 2010 Shark Open, captured his third European Bowling Tour title of the season after defeating England’s Dominic Barrett in the semifinal match, 226-191.

Nathan Bohr of Wichita, Kan., celebrated his return to PBA Tour exempt player status by denying Pete Weber a record 47th PBA Regional title in Springfield, Mo., on Sunday, Oct. 2. Bohr defeated the St. Ann, Mo., PBA Hall of Famer, 246-218, to win the joint Midwest/Southwest Region Barney’s Open at Enterprise Park Lanes for his 11th career PBA Regional title and the $2,500 top prize. It was Bohr’s first regional win of the season.

The PBA Southwest and Midwest Regions also combined for a pair of one-day Senior events at Junction City (Kan.) Bowl. Walter Ray Williams Jr. of Ocala, Fla., won Saturday’s Viper Open for the first PBA Senior Regional title of his illustrious career. Williams defeated Mike Dias of Lafayette, Colo., 247-177, for Saturday’s win, and Dias turned the tables in Sunday’s Cheetah Open, knocking off Williams in the semifinal round, 288-279, before defeating Mike Mineman of St. Louis, 215-189, in the title match. Both winners earned $1,000.

Kenny Parks of Hammond, Ind., continued his domination of the PBA Senior Regional circuit, defeating Harry Sullins of Chesterfield Twp., Mich., 245-227, to win the the combined PBA Central/East/South tri-regional Lewisburg Senior Classic at Greenbrier Bowling Center in Lewisburg, W.Va., on Sunday, Oct. 2. The title was Parks’ fifth of the year in PBA Senior Regional competition and the ninth of his career. He also earned $1,600.

The Oct. 7-9 weekend includes the Midwest/Central Region Brunswick Zone-Hawthorn Senior Open sponsored by Allstate Insurance in Vernon Hills, Ill.; the Central Region Boss Plows/Mid-State Truck and Stonebrooke Rehabilitation Centre and Suites Open at Rose Bowl in New Castle, Ind.; the Southwest Region Young & Pratt Austin Open at Dart Bowl in Austin, Texas, and the West Region TKR General Contractor Open at Golden Pin Lanes in Tucson, Ariz.

The only event on the Oct. 14-16 PBA Regional schedule is the South Region’s NAS Open at NAS Freedom Lanes in Jacksonville, Fla.

PBA Regional competitors will continue to bowl for points through Feb. 26 to try to qualify for the 2012 Dick Weber PBA Playoffs. The top 16 points leaders in the PBA’s East, South, Central, Midwest, Southwest and West/Northwest Regions will earn berths in the new Xtra Frame Tour event which will be held March 30-April 1 at Woodland Bowl in Indianapolis.

All first-time PBA Regional title winners also become eligible for the season-ending PBA Tournament of Champions.

For complete Regional tournament schedules and entry information, visit and click on “Regional Tour” under the “Schedules” drop-down tab.

If you missed Tuesday’s six-hour Xtra Frame “PBA World Series of Bowling Warmup” show from South Point Bowling Center in Las Vegas, you can still access it through Xtra Frame’s extensive archiving system.

The special edition of PBA:39x60 included a preview of the 2011 WSOB, a complete recap of the 2010 WSOB and more. It was a prelude to the 2011-12 season which will feature more than 100 hours of live coverage of World Series of Bowling activity and more than 250 total hours of PBA Tour events on Xtra Frame over the course of the season. In addition, the Xtra Frame archives contains hundreds of additional programs ranging from previous PBA Tour, Senior Tour and regional events to interviews, instructional videos and product introductions.

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The third annual PBA World Series of Bowling is set for Nov. 4-20 at South Point. A capacity field of 240 bowlers from around the world will compete for nearly $1 million in prize money and eight PBA Tour titles during the two-plus-week extravaganza.

Pepsi has been named the titled sponsor for the Pepsi PBA Exempt Players Championship, one of the featured events that will be contested during the PBA World Series of Bowling. The ESPN finals of the Pepsi PBA Exempt Players Championship will air on Sunday, April 8, at 1 p.m. Eastern.

Australian two-handed star Jason Belmonte and Chicago’s Diandra Asbaty, the winner of two PBA Women’s Series titles, are featured in full-length features in the August/September issue of a new international sports magazine, Sports Life, which is on sale at major magazine retail outlets around the country. Sports Life has announced it plans to include coverage of PBA stars in every issue. Chris Barnes will be featured in the October issue. Peter Cimino is Sports Life’s bowling writer.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Here & There Column 10-4-11

Potbellied & Our 40th Anniversary

With Shirley and I celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary September 25 I thought it might be good timing to ask her if we should add a pet to our home that would liven up our semi-senior moments.
Pets in our home has always been a subject with much debate and during our 40-years of marriage we have had a dog, several cats, different varieties of fish but now only have the blessings of a parakeet.
Have to admit I'm the pet lover in our home.
Shirley's complaint is having to clean up from pets and that we always have to get a "pet sitter" to come in and provide care when we are away for more then two days at a time
Having recently talked with Linda Good, founding president of the NEPA Pet Pig Association I was amazed what she told me about having a Vietnamese potbellied pig living with you (not in the pig pen) but in your home.
My initial suggestion to Shirl about a pet pig brought out comments that are not appropriate for print.
I at first had a difficult time with the fact that folks have a pig living with them (now that's a pig pig not a person you are trying to describe).
When Keith Connell, a Canadian zoo director, decided to import a number of these Vietnamese pig into his country, little did he realize that within just a few years these pigs would be the new smash hit pet of the 1990's.
These potbellied pigs are somewhat on the cute side......all depends how one looks at it......and it was interesting to learn that these pigs are extremely intelligent animals and that this can prove to be a double-edged sword if folks do not have the willingness and character to be capable of training them in the basics of living in your home.
I have to admit that the potbellied pig idea provided a lively discussion in our home and if anyone is interested in potbellied pigs in your home they can contact Ms, Good at 570-251-9364. Their web site is

One of the two potbellied pigs who entertained folks at this years Debruce Labor Day parade.