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Bowling Highlights Column 4-18-14

 Leslie Bohn “Delivers” Gift of Love
Leslie and Parker Bohn III and their three children, Brandon, Sydney and Justin.

  Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) Hall of Famer Parker Bohn III recently was honored with the PBA's Extraordinary Community Service Service but one month after receiving this honor Bohn’s wife Leslie delivered an even more significant gift.
  Leslie, who also competes in the sport of bowling and has bowled professionally gave birth on Valentine's Day to Christian Leslie Forry, a healthy nine-pound, four-ounce, 20-inch-long baby boy.
  Yes, the name is correct. The baby doesn’t belong to the Bohns. The child’s parents are Chris and Janine Forry. Because Leslie Bohn agreed to be the surrogate, with husband Parker’s blessings, the Forrys have the child they have always wanted.
  It's an extraordinary story of how bowling brought two families together in a very special way.
  Chris Forry, a former PBA member, owns Buddies Pro Shop in Fairfield, Conn. His wife Janine is a special needs teacher and former collegiate bowler. They had been trying to have a baby for several years, but learned Janine is unable to give birth naturally.
   Back in 2009, Chris Forry was bowling in the U.S. Open at Carolier Lanes in North Brunswick, N.J. – not far from the Bohns’ home in Jackson – and he was commuting back-and-forth to Connecticut during the tournament because Janine was having in vitriol procedures performed in hopes of eventually having their first child.
  “I was getting ready to head back home to Connecticut and I bumped into Parker and Leslie, and I told them Janine was having an in vitriol procedure early the next morning,” Forry said. “Leslie mentioned she had considered being a surrogate to help another family member have a child. At the time I didn’t think much of that conversation because I thought the in vitro process would eventually be successful.”
  Three years later and several more unsuccessful procedures later, another chance meeting took place. Parker, now working for Brunswick as a bowling ball sales rep, made a visit to Forry’s pro shop where the conversation again turned to family.
   “I asked Parker about his family and he asked about mine, thinking that  by this time the in vitro efforts were successful,” Chris said. “I hated to tell him that unfortunately our efforts weren’t successful and it looked like we wouldn’t be able to have any children.
   That’s when Parker suggested I give Leslie a call.
   “When Parker got home he told Leslie to expect a call from me. I can only imagine what Leslie thought of Parker volunteering her to even consider it,” he continued. “It took me a few days to work up the nerve to call Leslie but I finally did.    When I called, Leslie mentioned Parker had told her I might call, but she wanted to give it some more thought.”
   Leslie wasn’t immediately taken by the idea, but it didn’t take her long to consider the possibilities.
   “I was originally thinking more of helping a relative who might not be able to have a child and not necessarily someone outside of our family,” Leslie Bohn said. “Plus our family situation had changed. Carrying someone else’s child really wasn’t on my bucket list, but after talking it through with Parker and thinking more about the opportunity to give a couple something as wonderful as what we have, we made the decision to go ahead.”
  That’s when the process began in earnest. The Forrys came to visit the Bohns (Janine had never met Parker and Leslie). They discussed the details Leslie needed to know about the surrogacy process. It was a life-changing process for everyone concerned. There were the legal issues, medical and psychiatric testing, and, maybe most important, discussions with their own families.
   Leslie and Parker wanted their three children - sons Justin, 10, Brandon, 9, and daughter Sydney, 7 – involved in the decision process. Parker also has two children from a previous marriage.
   “We didn’t have to do too much convincing of Justin and Brandon, but we  had a little explaining to do with Sydney,” Leslie said. “We just explained to her that we were able to give a family something wonderful like we had and I think she understood that.”
   “A few weeks later, Leslie called and said she was all in,” Chris said. In June of 2013, the Forrys received the call they had dreamed of: Leslie informed them she was pregnant.
   Leslie said the pregnancy was normal. She was even able to continue bowling competitively until shortly before the delivery.
   “All we could think of during the pregnancy was the excitement and what we were bringing this couple was priceless,” Leslie said. “All we could think of was how happy we were to be part of helping another family have what we have.”
   On Valentine’s Day – one month after Parker had been named recipient of the inaugural PBA Tony Reyes Award for his unselfish community service - Leslie exceeded him, delivering the ultimate gift of love.
   “Valentine’s Day will never be the same,” Janine Forry said. “The whole  nine months has brought tears to my eyes. Parker and Leslie have made it so special. It’s been a privilege to know them. A special bond has formed between us and now we’re an extended family.”
   It was equally special for Leslie and Parker Bohn. “It was the greatest gift of love you could imagine on Valentine’s Day,”
> Parker said. “Giving two people the pleasure of being a mom and dad is something you have to experience to appreciate.
   “I’ve experienced a lot of things, on and off the lanes, but I know that  having children and a family far exceeds anything else I’ve ever done.”

                                                                      Ed's Outlook

  I've known Parker and Leslie Bohn for some 20 years now and remember meeting them when they were first engaged at a PBA Tour Stop at the Bowlers Club in Latham, NY.
  We became immediate friends and at many tour stops after that Leslie and my wife Shirley would sit together while I did my journalism duties.
  At one of the Cheektawaga PBA stops near Buffalo we were invited to visit with the Bohn's family in their motor home where we were able to meet Leslie's mom and dad. Lovely people but her dad passed away about a year after we met them. Many of the pro bowlers at that time traveled in custom made motor homes so that their families could travel with them.
  It was only several years later that the PBA named the Latham tournament the "Parker Bohn III Tournament" and Parker won his own tournament.
  Shortly after that Leslie and Parker were married and a year later the Bohn's arrived in Latham with their first child, Justin, which prompted me to write a feature story about Justin appearing at his first PBA tournament and indicating that he very well might follow in the footsteps of his dad and become a future PBA star.
  I remember well when we presented Leslie with one of my wife's famous home made knitted baby blankets, something Leslie always comments about.
  We were excited for Leslie and Parker when they told us about her becoming a surrogate.
  What a great give of love from an outstanding professional bowling family.

                                                                     Atom Splitters
                                                                     Win PBA Team

  The Silver Lake Atom Splitters are the 2014 PBA league Elias Cup champions.
  They defeated the L.A. X and was seen on ESPN from Brunswick Zone Carolier in North Brunswick, NJ.
  Members of the losing team are Mika Kolivuniemi, EJ Tackett, Andres Gomez, Jason Belmonte and Parker Bohn III.
  Champions are Bryon Smith, Chris Barnes, Dom Barrett, Wes Malott and Tommy Jones.
  The Elias Cup is named after the late founder of the PBA, Eddie Elias.

   Ed Townsend, a PR Consultant to the Sport of Bowling, writes and compiles the information for this column. If you have league scores,  tournament information, score a 300 game or 800 series or even bowl your age, call Ed at 845-439-8177, email him at or fax at 845-205-4474. View this column and all of Ed's pictures at We are also on Facebook and Twitter. 

                                                                         Bowling Tip
                                                                   By Mike Luongo

  When you start out as a beginner in bowling, there are certain steps and things  to learn before you can truly advance not only in your game, but your bowling scores also.
  There are several steps that beginners should take and practice to become a great bowler.
  If you try hard and practice these tip you will advance faster and understand  better how to read your ball.
  Becoming a good bowler depends on some mental bowling preparations and physical practice.
  Both are very important to mastering your own personal bowling goals.
  It's important to learn all the bowling terminology before you get started.
  It's best to  get an instructor when you start and learn the bowling fundamentals because they are the strength of your whole game.
  You must master the basics so that you can move on to higher bowling like playing in competitive leagues.
  Bowling can be a lot of fun but learn the fundamentals.
  Mike Luongo is a certified IBPSIA Pro Shop Operator, Master Instructor, USBC Silver Level Coach and an Advisor-Special Events Assistant with the Storm and Roto Grip Bowling Ball Company. Have a question, call Mike at 435-720-7939 or email at   

                                                                          Local Scores
                                                             (compiled by Ed Townsend)

                                                                    Beechwood Lanes

                                                                       Monday Ladies

  Congratulations to the Jeff Hardware team for winning the Monday Ladies league championship. Members of the team include Jackie Gieger, Julie Yewchuck, Jodi Gulley and Nicole Hubert.
  Individual scores the last night of bowling included Jackie Gieger 176, Julie Yewchuck 154, 169, Jodi Gulley 150, Nicole Hubert 165, Diane Staves 155, Lori Kimmes 157, Beth Schumacher 175, Tracy Puerschner 156, 187, 166, 509.
  Most improved bowler was Pam Wayne with a 125.50 who increased her average 9.30 points.
  High average went to Diane Staves with a 152.72.

                                                                      Liberty Bowl

                                                           Thursday Ladies

  Debbie Sklar 156, Lisa Lawrence 161, Tabatha Smith 151, Kathi Smith 151, Charlene Meola 177, Renay Crespo 165, Katrena Cronk 156,

                                                               Callicoon Kristal Bowl

                                                                  Monday Hontonville Ladies

  Sue Naughton 172, 164, Kelly Gombita 170, 157, Jane Benson 177, 177, Pat Peters 204, 166, 168, 538, Opal Hocker 172, Marty Bogdanowitz 151, Joyce Brooks 159, 153, Chris Burr 175, Eleanor Glassel 170, Debbie Loughrey 166, 168, Deedee Schrader 160, Judy Mohn 170, 168, Kim Doty 157, Mardette Wilcox 224, 169, 222, 615,

                                                                   Tues. Del. Valley Men's

  Alan Rutledge 186, 190, Kory Keesler 197, Bruce Rutledge 208, 223, 218, 649, Rob Bivins 190, 193, Brian Marino 198, 192, Kris Rasmussen 192, 188, 185, Dick Pomes 217, Jonathan Heinle 198, 200, 245, 643, Gary Maas 190, Brian Starr 232, 202, 248, 682, Mike Sorge 231, Mike Gieger 192, Jim Kautz 221, 197, Troy Parucki 204, 181, Albert Tyles 224, Wally Warren 198, Jackie Brockner 196, Erik Burton 184, Tom Hubert 195, Matt Hubert 180, Eugene Fulton 192, Jim Stone 188, Bob Cady 227, 200, 606, Dean Shattuck 237, 205, 223, 665, Bob Head 196, Joe Gager 190, 186, Damien VanLeuven 208, 199.

                                                                       Wednesday Men's

  Matt Kitson 193, Tim Sykes 225, 202, John Kline 193, Tom Gain 204, John Glassel 207, 210, 235, 652, Robert Glassel Jr. 183, 229, 182, Steve Krantz 190, Bryan Swendsen 192, Brandon Swendsen 217, John Diehl 180, Jack Diehl 191, Alby Thony 187, Frank Leonardo 210.

                                                                        Kiamesha Lanes

                                                                  Tues. Mixed Firefighters

  Larry Whipple 278, 233, 259, 770, Pedro Agapito 247, 232, 279, 758, Kyle Stevens 259, 278, 744, Paul Minton 225, 258, 706, Kevin Stackhouse 230, 255, 701, Ronnie Totten 268, 235, 696, Kris Gwiozdowski 246, 663, Peter Scannell 244, 654, James Fiore 225, 643, Ed Guthrie 231, 628, Jack Rustic 237, 623, Shane Cunningham 245, 605, Chris Stevens 602, Stan Gilmore 234, 601, Carena Collura 229, 181, 193, 603, Laura Palmer 180, 224, 562, Mary Lee Williams 190, 207, 555, Joan Lake 212, 181, 543, Karen Martin 195, 536, Debra Blackford 196, 511, Ailene Washington 189, 509, Andrea Grossman 181, Christie Graham 180.

                                                                     Wednesday Men's

  Charlie Tuttle 234, 644, Chris Parken 241, 650, Kyle Matthews 279, 234, 714, David Sawall 232, 234, 669, Shane Cunningham 248, 238, 668, Jim Piontec 236, 627, Jo Jo VanKeuren 275, 247, 727, Rick Lara 228, 232, 233, 693, John Hoffmann 237, 665, Paul Durland 235, 644, James Durland 228, 631, Russell Bivins 235, 277, 726, Jim Walsh 243, 672, Carlos Torres 255, 241, 712, Robert Stewart 269, 233, 707, Paul Minton 279, 691, Ed Blume 226, 624, Jason Jones 246, 687, Dwayne Cabrera 227, 225, 247, 699, Tom Mitchell 256, 266, 725, David Garlinghouse 264, 693, Merrill Conner 257, 246, 259, 762, Shane Conner 257, 231, 255, 743, Pete Nastasi 603, Keith Raymond 235, 629, Jon Wilhelm 243, 628, Dan VanAken 616, Tim McIntyre 258, 647, Josh Strang 608, James VanAken 238, 625, Robert Sze 256, 641, Keith Smith 238, 256, 673, Tom Belgiovene 627,  Pedro Agapito 247, 617, Bradley Cottam 608, Larry Whipple 257, 236, 244, 737, Timmy Minton 236, 258, 677.

                                                                    Thursday Ladies

  Kathleen Heins 191, Ann Sawyer 193, 182, Sonya Robinson 180, Joan Lake 191, Connie McKenley 185, Liz Stubits 186, Lisa Cartwright 183, 181, 180, 544, Shirley Bowens 184, Debbie Polin 232, 192, Rita Burdick 188, T. Tuttle 191, 194, Kathy Bradley 208, Cara Nicholson 181, Mary Lee Williams 214, Trasey Barres 192.






Here & There Column 4-15-14

  Aerial drones, long associated with the military, increasingly have been adapted for civilian use and media both inside and outside the United States are using drones in news coverage.
  In early February of this year as police responded to a deadly car crash in Connecticut, they noticed a remote-controlled aircraft, equipped with a video camera, hovering over the wreckage.
  With this occurrence the Federal Aviation Administration opened an investigation of the drone, which was used by an on-call employee for a Connecticut television station.
  The FAA is now developing new rules as the technology makes drones far more versatile, but for now operators can run afoul of regulations by using them for commercial purposes including journalism.
  For over 58-years I have worked as a journalist, editor, publisher  and columnist and I've witnessed many abuses by reporters in their quest to get the story and pictures no matter what and that included having no respect for others.
  The Connecticut car crash involved having a dead body still on the scene in which the victim's body was left hanging out of a mangled car.....not something you want the victim's family to see.
  Drones hold appeal for journalist because they allow new perspectives and  much more access but there needs to be some strong regulations and ethical standards put in place for what type of photos and videos can be published.
  Government many times gets involved where they don't belong but because the work of journalism is so public it stands to face more government scrutiny in their use of drones.

Bowling Highlights Column

Sport Shot League At Kiamesha
  A nine week Sport Shot League will start league play at Kiamesha Lanes on April 16.
  Teams will be comprised of two or three bowlers with any mix and any combo. Single bowlers are welcome as the league will find them a team to bowl with.
  The league name is the Charlie Tuttle 9-week Sport  Shot League and for the first eight weeks will use the Professional Bowlers Association "Animal" patters consisting of the Shark, Chameleon, Cheeta and Viper and week nine will have a shot they call "Highway to Hell."
  The fee to enter this league will be $12 per bowler with $10 going to the house and $2 for the prize money payout.
  The league will also feature high game, high series and most total pin fall payouts and the chance to cash every night with Brackets, Card Games and High Game Pool.
  Start time for practice will be 6:50 p.m. and league play starts at 7 p.m.
  Bowlers interested can contact Charlie Tuttle at Kiamesha Lanes 845-794-5561 or email at
                                                 Ed's Outlook
  We have in the past referred to Monticello bowler Vinnie Collura as a bona fide bowling technician and once again he has demonstrated that he is indeed a talented right handed bowler.
  Vinnie recorded his eighth career 300 game on March 24 in the Monday Men's league with a 781 series off single games of 300, 238, 243.
  He presently maintains a 232 average in this the only league he bowls in.
  Collura has two 800 plus series in the 20 plus years he has been bowling.
  Also continuing an excellent year of bowling is Liberty bowler Kyle Stevens as he recorded his 19th 800 plus series in the Monday Men's league at Kiamesha with a 804 series off single games of 278, 268, 258.
  Congratulations for outstanding bowling by Debbie Polin, secretary of the Thursday Ladies league, for a big 725 series off single games of 235, 245, 245.
  The 300 scoreboard at Kiamesha adds another perfect game by David Garlinghouse in the Wednesday Men's league. He scored a 710 series and is a 225 league average bowler.

                                             PBA League Finale
  The Atom Splitters and the L.A. X will battle Sunday on ESPN in the finale for the 2014 Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) League Elias Cup championship.
  The match begins at 2 p.m. ET.
  The match will take place from the Brunswick Zone Carolier in North Brunswick, NJ.
   Sunday's opening singles match will feature reigning PBA Player of the Year two-handed Australian star Jason Belmonte bowling for L.A. X against 17-time Tour champion and former Player of the Year Chris Barnes of Double Oak, Texas, representing the Atom Splitters.
  Other team members of the Splitters include Bryon Smith, Dom Barrett, Wes Malott and Tommy Jones.
  L.A. X team members include Mika Koivuniemi, E.J. Tackett, Andres Gomez and Parker Bohn III.
  Ed Townsend, a PR consultant to the sport of bowling, writes and compiles the information for this column. If you have league scores, tournament information, score a 300 game or 800 series or even score your age, call Ed at 845-439-8177, email at or fax at 845-205-4474. View this column and all of Ed's pictures at We are also on Facebook and Twitter.

                                                    The Bowling Tip
                                                  By Mike Luongo
  Releasing the bowling ball properly is very important.
  The tip this week will help bowlers on all levels.
  A properly executed release is possibly one of the most understood parts of a bowling shot. Most bowlers tend to muscle the ball through the release zone, either accelerating or decelerating on the downswing.
  The proper release for all bowlers should be executed by letting gravity bring the ball from the top of your swing through the release zone with no interference from your arm or shoulder muscles.
  If  the ball fits properly, the gravity will take it off your hand at the right time providing your body is in the proper position. Any rotation on the ball should come from your hand only, not your arm.
  Using the proper technique will allow you to get as much rotation on the ball as desired.
  It is important to note that if you ball does not fit properly, it will require excessive grip pressure to hold on to which will make the release harder to execute.
  Gravity can be your best friend or worst enemy depending on how you use it.
  Mike Luongo is a certified IBPSIA Pro Shop Operator, Master Instructor, USBC Silver Level Coach and an Advisor-Special Events assistant with the Storm and Roto Grip Bowling Ball Company. Have a question, call him at 435-720-7939 or email at
                                                      Local Scores
                                                  (compiled by Ed Townsend)
                                                    Beechwood Lanes
                                                       Monday Ladies
  Jackie Gieger 159, 192, Julie Yewchuck 154, Jodi Gulley 173, Lois Erdman 160, Barbara Cady 169, 150, Beth Schumacher 150, 173, Janet Bertholf 155.
                                                    Callicoon Kristal Bowl
                                         Monday Hortonville Ladies
  Sue Naughton 211, 158, 514, Kelly Gombita 177, Jane Benson 164, 188, Pat Peters 153, Opal Hocker 180, 156, Maureen Schlott 160, Joyce Brooks 158, Chris Burr 154, Eleanor Glassel 187, Deedee Schrader 152, Judy Mohn 179, 168, Dawn Roemer 179, Mardette Wilcox 170, 171, 223, 564, Phyllis Grillo 153.
                                              Tues. Del. Valley Men's
  Mike Beseth 187, 183, Alan Rutledge 182, 278, 218, 678, Kory Keesler 213, 217, 609, Bruce Rutledge 193, Rob Bivins 190, Mark Goda 194, Brian Marino 194, Mark Scriber 210, 194, Ed Leroy 204, Jonathan Heinle 242, 222, 634, Gary Maas 195, 199, Brian Starr 256, 200, 635, Jim Kautz 188, Albert Tyles 194, Tom Bisig 191, Dan Brown 189, Erik Burton 206, 216, Erik Kubenik 185, 181, Mark Yewchuck 182, 189, Bill Meyer 187, Cricket Hubert 192, Matt Hubert 207, Eugene Fulton 204, 211, Don Hill 199, Chris Berner 187, 228, Bob Cady 223, 214, Dean Shattuck 188, Russell Lyons 187, Joe Gager 183, Damien VanLeuven 206.
                                                      Wednesday Men's
  Tim Sykes 186, 206, John Kline 197, 191, Brian Brustman 197, Rich Thony 193, Robert Glassel Jr. 202, 217, Joel Turner 186, John Diehl 205, 201, Jack Diehl 195, 189, Alby Thony 202, Mark Yewchuk 184, 205, 194, Roger Widmann 180.
                                                          Kiamesha Lanes
                                                           Monday Men's
  Eddie Lake 253, 679, Rick Lake 229, 234, 687, Shane Connor 243, 246, 227, 716, Jim Piontek 245, 651, Dan  Ricco 647, Mike Weiner 235, 267, 226, 728, Greg Fallon 269, 652, Vinnie Collura 237, 654, James Durland 248, 245, 633, Pete Bertholf 248, John Fischer 263, 650, Jon Wilhelm 246, 250, 701, Kevin Stackhouse 259, 263, 712, Ronnie Totten 232, 266, 706, John Hoffmann 246, 228, 688, Eddie Walsh 234, 243, 606, Pedro Agapito 236, 246, 679, Walt Edwards 227, 639, Lloyd Bridges 269, 236, 709, Larry Whipple 265, 233, 279, 777, Rob Sze 630, Kyle Stevens 255, 233, 238, 726, Keith Smith 256, 258, 727, Dave Graham 246, 228, 667, Armen Murad 256, 242, 700, Frank Amore 237, Jody Farquhar 617, AL Caycho 624, George Budd 634, Tim McIntyre 226, 664, Josh Strang 236, 623, Jim VanAken 267, 247, 695.
                                          Tues. Mixed Firefighters
  Carena Collura 206, 187, 180, 573, Joan Lake 195, 180, 542, Christie Graham 199, 519, Kyle Stevens 279, 268, 279, 826, Rick Lake 258, 227, 258, 743, Chris Stevens  225, 268, 689, George Baggatta 244, 660, James Fiore 258, 654, Stan Gilmore 264, 646, Kevin Stackhouse 227, 641, Ed Guthrie 257, 635, Larry Whipple 237, 614, Tom Palmer 244, 611, Ed Blume 242, 610, Paul Minton 236, 608, Jack Rustic 225, 604.
                                                 Wednesday Men's
  Kyle Stevens 269, 234, 713, Joey Smith 225, Pete Nastasi 268, 640, Bobby Cooper 234, Shane Conner 267, 246, 730, Rich Bradford 244, 289, 233, 766, Larry Whipple 256, 680, Bradley Cottam 231, Pedro Agapito 234, 237, 693, David Graham 237, 258, 686, Kevin Stackhouse 232, 675, Tim McIntyre 267, 671, Dennis Matthews 622, Kyle Matthews 229, 657, Shane Cunningham 231, 621, Jason Rogers 234, 239, 688, Mikey Travis 265, 616, Robert Beach 241, Serafin Rodriguez 226, 632, Serafin Rodriguez III a 234, 265, 711, Rick Lara 235, 626, John Hoffmann 230, 632, Paul Durland 623, James Durland 237, 225, 676, Russell Bivins 276, 257, 732, Jim Walsh 226, 230, 621, Paul Minton 289, 703, Jason Jones 246, 226, 635, Dwayne Cabrera 226, 617, Merrill Conner 246, 671.
                                                    Thursday Ladies
  Bonnie Geraine 181, Audrey Woolard 194, Dottie Collins 211, 195, Shirley Bowens 180, Connie McKenley 203, Vera Bernhardt 196, 205, Kelly Shattuck 197, 190, 197, 584, Liz Stubits 188, 184, 185, 557, Pat Gibson 267, Rita Burdick 189, 192, Joan Lake 192, 180.


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Tri-Valley Girls Defeat Chapel Field 6-4

  PINE BUSH--The Tri-Valley Lady Bears varsity softball team behind the strong pitching of Freshman Kacie Allison and the offensive hitting of Sophomore Katie Jester opened the 2014 season with a 6-4 victory over Chapel Field Christian High School at Pine Bush Wednesday afternoon.
  Allison pitched  the full seven innings striking out 12 in this non-league opener for both teams and allowed one earned run.
  Jester had two hits, went two for four at bat, scored two runs and had one RBI.
  Designated hitter Jester and Senior Emily DiToro got the Bears s

coring machine started in the first inning crossing the plate for two runs off singles and several Chapel Field errors.
  The top of the third inning produced four runs for Tri-Valley off hits by Mikayla Clearwater, Jester, Liz Hannold, Megan Bantin and Robyn Dymond as the Bears took a 6-0-lead going in the bottom of the fourth.
  The Lions scored one run in the fourth, added one run in the bottom of the sixth and closed out the bottom of the seventh with two runs.
  Allison was at her best when she needed it and pitched her way out of trouble several times with big strike outs.
  The win puts Tri-Valley at 1-0 and Chapel Field at 0-1.
  Tri-Valley was scheduled to play a non-league game Thursday at  home against Livingston Manor and will open OCIAA league play Monday April 21 at Tuxedo and will play host to Chester Wednesday April 23 in another league game.
  Tri-Valley Coach Mary Feusner commenting on the opening game for the 2014 season said, "victory is sweet to open up the season  and our girls jumped on the pitches early on and Chapel Field had to play out of the hole the whole game."
  Feusner added, we didn't get rattled when they scored one or two and we stayed solid had lots of good at bats and good hustle."
  The Tri-Valley coach had high praise for pitcher Kacie Allison calling the pitcher's efforts as "marvelous and impressive for her first varsity game."
  Chapel Field coach Michael Bonagura said, opening games produce different results and today  we were not ready to compete and when you nervous your not ready to compete."
  Bonagura added, we were not into the flow of the game and we just were not ready to compete.                           



Thursday, April 3, 2014

Binghamton Mets News

B-Mets Off the Mark in Opening Night Loss, 7-1
BINGHAMTON, NY – Five Binghamton Mets pitchers issued eleven walks and the B-Mets offense was limited to four hits in a 7-1 Opening Night loss to the Akron RubberDucks on Thursday at NYSEG Stadium. Akron third baseman Giovanny Urshela led the charge with four RBI and fell a triple shy of the cycle.
The B-Mets bumpy pitching performance started immediately. Starter Darin Gorski missed the strike zone on his first six pitches and walked three in the inning. The RubberDucks failed to cash in on the free passes, but broke through in the second on two bloop singles and Gorski’s fielding error on Tyler Holt’s sacrifice bunt.
The unearned run was the first of seven unanswered tallies by the RubberDucks following Binghamton’s first-inning run. Darrell Ceciliani led off the frame against Cody Anderson by scorching a triple over center fielder Tyler Naquin’s head. Ceciliani was chased home with the game’s first run on an RBI ground out by Brian Burgamy.
Urshela started his offensive tear and broke the tie game for good with a home run to left field to lead off the fourth. Gorski was pulled from the contest two batters later after reaching 85 pitches through 3-2/3 innings. Cody Satterwhite made his B-Mets debut in relief and collected the final out of the frame, not before issuing back-to-back walks.
Satterwhite worked around two more walks in the fifth before handing off to TJ Chism, another new B-Met, in the sixth. The southpaw worked a scoreless sixth in his Double-A debut, but surrendered a game-sealing two-out, two-run double to Urshela in the seventh.
Anderson settled in comfortably after allowing a run in the first. The right-hander cruised through five more innings, coaxing ten groundouts from the B-Mets. The California native never faced more than four batters in any inning en route to his first career Double-A victory. Giovanni Soto, Shawn Armstrong and Kyle Crockett each tossed a scoreless inning of relief to close the game.
Jack Leathersich provided a brief bright spot on the hill for the B-Mets by striking out three in the eighth. Akron put the game to bed with three runs off John Church in the ninth.
Gorski (0-1) was tagged for two runs (one earned) on three walks, four hits over 3-2/3 innings. He struck out two and surrendered on home run. Anderson (1-0) allowed one run on four hits over six innings.
The B-Mets (0-1) continue their season-opening series against the RubberDucks (1-0) Friday night at 7:05 PM. RHP Rainy Lara makes his Double-A debut against RHP Joe Colon. The Horizons Federal Credit Union Pregame Show on Newsradio 1290 AM WNBF starts at 6:50 PM.
POSTGAME NOTES: The 11 walks were the most the B-Mets have issued since 6/7/11 when they handed out the same total to the Harrisburg Senators in the first game of a doubleheader…with 11 walks and 11 strikeouts on the hill, it was the first time since 8/28/10 against the Reading Phillies that the B-Mets have reached double figures in both categories...the B-Mets are now 14-9 on Opening Day…the B-Mets hit into 18 groundouts
Catch the future stars of the New York Mets all season long at NYSEG Stadium. Visit BMETS.COM, stop by the box office or call 723-METS for tickets.
Be sure to follow the B-Mets on Facebook, Twitter and at the team’s official website ( for more team information. Fans can also stay up to date with all the action on the field by visiting “B-Mets Buzz with Tim Heiman” at





Rhinebeck, NY.... Rhinebeck's beautiful and bucolic Dutchess County Fairgrounds is once again  a premier destination for Hudson Valley fair and festival goers.
            On June 6-8, the Country Living Fair returns with the promise of great shopping, antique appraisals, seminars, demonstrations and a chance to meet and greet the editors of the Country Living Magazine. The popular Rhinebeck National Motorcycle Meet and Machinery Show is on June 13 and 14. And a new event, the Hudson Valley Brew Festival featuring Beer, Bourbon and Bacon is held one day only on June 21.
            With over a half a million yearly visitors, the Dutchess County Fair on August 19 through the 24 remains the second largest agricultural fair in the state. 169 years ago our ancestors established the fair for the sole purpose of the preservation and promotion of agriculture and related arts. That goal continues today with over 1400 farm animals on display and competing for ribbons on Livestock Hill. Plus there are horse shows, vegetable and  grain competitions and the largest horticultural show in the Northeast. Additionally, knitting, sewing,  cooking and children's crafts and more are displayed all week. All this and non-stop family entertainment, a thrilling midway and fabulous, creative food choices are on hand.  This year's grandstand lineup includes: Cody Simpson & Koko Jones; Eric Paslay & Randy Houser, the Swon Brothers with a surprise guest and The Felice Brothers with Simone Felice .  Hours are 10am to 10pm daily, for more information visit
            September events start on the 6th and the 7th with the Hudson Valley Wine and Food Festival, then on September 26-28, the second Rhinebeck Arts Festival features beautiful crafts, fine art and sculpture.
            A long time favorite, The Rhinebeck Antiques Fair is held on October 11 and 12. The season ends with the popular and unique NYS Sheep and Wool Festival, October 18 and 19. This show presents hundreds of sheep, llamas and alpacas, crafts and fiber artists, cooking
demonstrations, sheep dog herding and Frisbee dog shows, and fleece to shawl competitions. Wineries and specialty foods along with children’s hands on activities are also featured in the show.  
            Commenting on the 2014 season, Fair Manager, Andy Imperati said, ”We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of summer and look forward to presenting an outstanding line-up of events for people of all ages”.
            For more information about any of the Dutchess County Fairgrounds events visit or call 845-876-4000. 

Scranton Yankees News


SWB Game Notes 4-3-14

Attached, please find game notes for this afternoon’s season opener in Syracuse.

SEASON OPENERS: The SWB franchise has traditionally not fared well in season openers. Since the franchise first moved to NEPA in 1989, it has gone 8-17 when it was time to "Play Ball". The first-ever season-opening win did not come until year three for the team in 1991. The location and opponent for that 9-2 triumph? Syracuse. SWB has not won a season opener since defeating Buffalo 1-0 in 2010 at home. It has not won a road game to begin the year since an 11-3 drubbing the IronPigs at Lehigh Valley in 2009.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: The only manager SWB has known during its run as the New York Yankees' top minor league club (2007-Present), Dave Miley, celebrates his 52nd birthday today. This off-season, Miley was named a 2014 inductee to the International League's Hall of Fame. He will be formally inducted on June 7 when the club celebrates its prior 25 seasons with an anniversary celebration. Part of the fanfare will include a statue giveaway of Miley's likeness. Winner of well over 1,000 IL games, Miley earned his induction in the midst of a distinguished career. The two-time IL Manager of the Year was at the helm for the only Governors' Cup titles in the history of both the Louisville and SWB franchises. The former Cincinnati Reds manager added to his legendary resume in 2013 when he skippered the Triple-A All-Star game for a record-tying third time. He was named Manager of the Year in all of minor league baseball by Baseball America when he led SWB to an IL North crown without a home ballpark in 2012.

HOMETOWN KID: Earlier today, the New York Yankees formally announced the RailRiders' Opening Day roster. The highlight - NEPA's own Russ Canzler. The Hazleton Area High School product boasts a .271 career Major League average between his stints with the Tampa Bay Rays (2011) and Cleveland Indians (2012). He also claimed IL MVP honors in 2011 with that year’s IL South champion, Durham. Canzler spent most of last season in the IL with Norfolk where he hit .276/.369/.430 over 86 games before concluding the year with Indianapolis.

INFIELD IN: The rest of the infield includes a variety of versatile veterans in Carmen Angelini, Corban Joseph, Jose Pirela, Scott Sizemore and Zelous Wheeler. Angelini played mostly shortstop of time with Advanced-A Tampa and Double-A Trenton in 2013. Joseph and Pirela saw time in SWB last season, with the former getting his first crack at the big leagues as well. Pirela saw regular time with Trenton both on the year (124 games, .272/.359/.418), mostly at second base, and during the Thunder’s run to the Eastern League title. Sizemore has played in 160 big league games highlighted by his 2011 efforts with Oakland when he thundered 21 doubles and 11 home runs. He has suffered a torn left ACL twice in the last couple of years. Wheeler spent most of last season in the IL with Norfolk where he posted slashes of .268/.340/.421 with 10 homers over 90 games. During that time he had multiple starts at second base, third base and shortstop.

WHAT A CATCH: The catching position features two highly-touted players on the Yankees’ farm in catchers John Ryan Murphy and Austin Romine. Neither man is a stranger to SWB. Murphy, ranked by Baseball America as the Bombers' fourth-best overall prospect entering this season, made both the Triple-A ranks and the big leagues in his fourth year as a pro in 2013. The 2009 second-rounder also made waves defensively, leading the Double-A Eastern League’s backstops in caught-stealing efficiency (.480) at the time of his SWB promotion. The converted catcher was dubbed the Yankees’ system’s “Best Defensive Catcher” entering 2014. Romine held that tab and top-20 prospect status entering last year as the RailRiders’ primary receiver. His stay proved productive and brief. After 14 games and slashes of .333/.391/.405, Romine leapt back to the big leagues where he appeared in 60 games as the Yankees’ back-up backstop.

OUTFIELD QUARTET: Zoilo Almonte, Ramon Flores, Adonis Garcia and Antoan Richardson make up the outfield. Almonte established himself as one of SWB’s best hitters in his first year at the Triple-A level in 2013 (.297/.369/.421). The switch hitter started in all three outfield spots for SWB and in both corner roles over 34 games with the big club. Flores, the organization’s 20th-best prospect according to Baseball America, spent all of last year with Trenton where he played in 136 games for Tony Franklin’s Eastern League champs. He closed the year with a bang, hitting .292 after the All-Star break including a .309/.406/.447 effort in 30 August contests. Garcia, a Cuban defector, reached the RailRiders last season in his second stateside campaign. He started in all three outfield spots over 50 games played after his July 1 debut. Garcia posted the Yankees’ best batting average in big league spring training (.441/.457/.559) in 34 at-bats. Richardson, who has big league time with the Atlanta Braves, spent most of last season in the IL North with Rochester. As the usual leadoff man, he led the team with 52 walks and 25 stolen bases. He has amassed 318 swipes over nine seasons of minor league baseball.


Binghamton Mets News

B-Mets Announce Opening Day Roster

BINGHAMTON, NY – Binghamton Mets are proud to announce their 2014 Opening Day roster, the 100th season of professional baseball in the Southern Tier. The B-Mets welcome twelve new players to the Triple Cities, nine of whom will be making their Double-A debuts. Fourteen members of last year’s record-setting 86-win team return to Binghamton. One player will start the season on the disabled list.
Starting Pitchers:
The B-Mets will start the season employing a six-man rotation, split evenly between new players and returning hurlers. Third-year B-Met LHP Darin Gorski will take the hill on Thursday night as the club’s Opening Day starter. The southpaw went 6-1 with a 1.83 ERA in 13 starts with the B-Mets last year. Familiar faces RHP Greg Peavey and RHP Tyler Pill will be joined by newcomers RHP Rainy Lara, RHP Hansel Robles and RHP Matt Bowman.
Binghamton opens the season with an even mix of experienced relievers and Double-A rookies in the bullpen. LHP Jack Leathersich and RHP John Church return to the B-Mets after ending last season in Triple-A with the Las Vegas 51’s. RHP Chasen Bradford and LHP Adam Kolarek both look to pick up where they left off with the B-Mets last season. Bradford posted an 0.71 ERA in 20 Double-A appearances while Kolarek held opponents to a .204 batting average over 44 games. LHP TJ Chism will make his Double-A debut after locking down 20 saves with the St. Lucie Mets last year. RHP Cody Satterwhite, a former Tigers farmhand, and RHP Jon Velasquez, a former Phillies Minor Leaguer, will both be making their B-Mets debuts.
Kevin Plawecki, recipient of the Sterling Organizational Co-Player of the Year award in 2013, will be the B-Mets starting catcher. The Indiana native hit .305 and racked up 38 doubles and 80 RBI between Savannah and St. Lucie last year. Xorge Carrillo, coming off a strong finish with the B-Mets in 2013, will serve as the B-Mets secondary catcher. Blake Forsythe, also a 2013 B-Met, will start the season on the disabled list.
The B-Mets infield will be comprised of some familiar faces, a pair of Double-A newcomers and two veterans. Defensive wizard Wilfredo Tovar returns to Binghamton to add to his highlight reel. Tovar led all Eastern League shortstops in fielding percentage last year and made his Major League debut in September. Jayce Boyd, a sixth-round pick in 2012, will make his Double-A debut and hitting .330 with 83 RBI between Savannah and St. Lucie last year. Matt Reynolds got a taste of Double-A playing one game with Binghamton last season and will start the season with the B-Mets. Brian Burgamy, a veteran of 12 professional seasons, and Matt Clark, a power-hitting first-baseman, round out the B-Mets infield.
The B-Mets welcome three members of the 2013 team back to the Southern Tier. Darrell Ceciliani, Cory Vaughn and Travis Taijeron will compete for playing time with newcomers Dustin Lawley and Kyle Johnson. Lawley crushed 26 home runs last season en route to earning Florida State League Most Valuable Player honors. Johnson, acquired from the Angels last season, hit .289, stole 44 bases and scored 84 runs with three different teams in 2013.
The B-Mets kick off their 23rd season on Thursday, April 3 against the Akron RubberDucks at NYSEG Stadium at 6:35 PM. Tickets for the 2014 season are on sale now. Visit the B-Mets Box Office during regular business hours or call (607)723-METS to order yours today.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Bowling Highlights 4-4-14

 Lake 300--Williams 298

  Two of the nicest and highly respected bowlers in the tri-state area met with success on the bowling lanes recently with a perfect 300 game by Monticello bowler Rick Lake and a big 298 single by Loch Sheldrake bowler Mary Lee Williams.
  Mary Lee almost had her first career 300 on March 6 in the Thursday Ladies league at Kiamesha Lanes but her 12th ball ended up a little high in the pocket leaving her with the 3-10 split for a 298.
  She  noted that 10 of her strikes were in the 1-3 pocket and one of her 11 strikes  was on the over........right handed bowlers refer to the over strike as a 'Brooklyn' strike.
  "My knees were a little shakey on the 12th ball and all I wanted to do was get the ball to stay on the lane," Mary Lee said. 
  She finished the night with a 182, 298, 184, 664 on lanes 1 and 2 using a Storm Reigns Supreme bowling ball. Her average is this league is 186.
  Mary Lee's team mates on the Thursday league include Mona Morris, Regina Minena and Sue Sakell.
  Bowling for some 40 plus years Mary Lee also bowls in the Tuesday Mixed Firefighters league which she has served as the league secretary for the past 10 years and where she holds down a 189 average.
  Besides serving as league secretary she also served a combined 20 years as a director with the former Women's International Bowling Congress (WIBC) and the present Tri-County New York United States Bowling Congress (USBC). She retired from the USBC several years ago indicating that she felt it was time for some of the younger bowlers to become active in this governing board.
  Mary Lee's previous high single game was a 279 bowled sometime in the 1990's.
  For this right handed bowler who retired in 2008 after over 30 years of service with Sullivan County Community College the 298 stands as her highest single game and she has also scored three 700 career series.
  In the summer months Mary Lee golfs in the Ladies Winding Hills golf league and will golf this year in the Thursday Ladies league at Lochmor.
  She is truly a bowler who has given a  lot to the sport of bowling and in her retirement years the sport has rewarded her with high honor scores.
  Fifty-three year old Monticello bowler Rick Lake scored his 5th career 300 on March 17 in the Monday Men's league at Kiamesha Lanes on lanes 9 and 10 using a urethane Ebonite Gyro bowling ball.
  Bowling on the Team Lake team with team mates including his father Mickey Lake, brother Eddie Lake and Wayne Pirnos.
  Rick has recorded two 800 series in the 46 years he has been bowling and his scores on March 17 included a 257, 224, 300, 781 series.
  Of the 12 strikes Rick noted that one ball "was a bit light and a messenger pin came around and took out the 2 pin," and he added, "a little luck never hurts."
  This is the only league he bowls in where he maintains a 230 average.
  Married to a lovely lady named Jane Rick jokes that his children include "a Harley Davidson and one cat."
   Rick and Jane love their motorcycle riding and Rick also enjoys his golf game.
  Employed at the Catskill Regional Medical Center as the Storeroom and  Distrlbution Manager, Rick notes he started his 30th year there this past December.
  Rick of course is part of the well-known and popular bowling family consisting of brother Ed  and Joan his mother.

Ed's Outlook

  One of the real classy Professional Bowlers Association bowlers is Chris Barnes who is a 16-time tour titlist.
  He did not become great by doing only what he has to but because he does more that he has to.
  This year at the 2014 Team USA Trials it marked the first time he won the trials and a trip to the 2014 Qubica/AMF World Cup.
  Chris is a PBA Triple Crown winner, a real professional who represents Columbia Bowling and a bowler who brings consistency to the sport of bowling.

  Ed Townsend, a PR consultant to the sport of Bowling, writes and compiles the information for this column. If you have league scores, tournament information, score a 300 game or 800 series or even bowl your age, call Ed at 845-439-8177,  email at or fax at 845-205-4474. View this column at We are also on Facebook and Twitter.

  Bowling Tip
  By Mike Luongo

  A complete game starts with proper alignment.
  Our tip this week is  that alignment is the first thing to look at after the grip.
  Nine out of 10 bowlers who come for instruction, regardless of their skill level, have alignment issues.
  By alignment issues we mean their body is not in line with what they are trying to do.
  Compoinding the problem is the fact that few bowlers these days have a good understanding of alignment and the fact that poor alignmentd leads to mechanical flaws.
  Proper alignment, of course, is having your hips and shoulders parallel to the target at the point of release, with your elbow in and your hand behind the ball.
  Good alignment allows the bowler to keep the elbow in, the ball tucked underneath them and follow through to the head.
  The road to correcting alignment starts with awareness, then execution.
  You must line up properly at the point of release.
  Mike Luongo is a certified IBPSIA Pro Shop Operator, Master Instructor, USBC Silver Level Coach and an Advisor-Special Events assistant with the Storm and Roto Grip Bowling Ball Company. Have a question, call him at 435-720-7939 or email at

  Local Scores

 Beechwood Lanes

 Monday Ladies

  Jackie Gieger 156, Julie Yewchuck 155, Jodi Gulley 154, Diane Staves 171, 189, Lois Erdman 161, 153, 160, Barbara Cady 201, Beth Schumacher 172, Tracy Puerschner 168, 178.

  Callicoon Kristal Bowl

 Mon. Hortonville Ladies

  Kelly Gombita 166, 163, 173, 502, Lillian Zieres 181, 191, 165, 537, Viorginia Connel 170, Jane Benson 163, Pat  Peters 166, 181, 197, 544, Mary Fitzgerald 151, Opal Hocker 151, 167, 191, 509, Maureen Schlott 152, Debbie Loughrey 172, 170, Barbara Pingel 178, 175, Judy Mohn 167, 175, 161, 503, Dawn Roemer 152, Mardette Wilcox 189, 167, 193, 549.

Tues. Del. Valley Men

  Mike Beseth 190, Alan Rutledge 189, 199, Kory Keesler 189, 190, Bruce Rutledge 200, 183, Jamie Greir 183, Rob Bivins 238, 236, 651, Chris Marston 203, Mark Goda 193, Mark Scriber 218, Ed Leroy 197, Jeff Neidert 181, Jonathan Heinle 189, Gary Maas 204, Brian Starr 184, 225, 216, 625, Jim Kautz 189, Albert Tyles 180, 187, Eric Kubenik 187, Mark Yewchuck 185, 207, 203, Matt Hubert 183, 185, Bob Cady 188, Dean Shattuck 203, Rick Weigelt 212, Joe Gager 188.

Kiamesha Lanes

 Monday Men's

   Wayne Pirnos 248, Eddie Lake 258, 705, Rick Lake 256, 660, Shane Connor 235, 279, 721, Dan Ricco 233, 617, Greg Fallon 244, 235, 683, Don Durland 259, 247, 719, Pete Bertholf 242, 603, Ryan O'Dell 236, 582, Juan Lopez 606, John Lopez 233, Rudy Belanchia 225, 257, 689, Jon Wilhelm 257, 253, 690, Steve Belgiovene 601, Kevin Stackhouse 258, 671, John Hoffmann 237, 243, 703, Eddie Walsh 241, 611, Pedro Agapito 278, 264, 747, Vinny Scuderi 227, 265, 706, Jesse Noren 227, 616, Craig Wilhelm 227, 231, 639, Larry Whipple 238, 227, 643, James Patterson 243, 612, Kyle Stevens 296, 279, 791, Rob Sze 257, 632, Keith Smith 226, 622, Dave Graham 226, 600, Frank Eichenlaub III a 246, 268, 244, 758, Armen Murad 246, 658, Francisco Martinez 235, 618, Bobby Cooper 225, 628, Jody Fraquhar 254, 666, Al Caycho 237, 658, Jason Budd 236, 591, Brett Budd 608, Charlie Tuttle 632, Tim McIntyre 225, 243, Josh Strang 225, 639, Jim VanAken 225, 660.

 Tues. Mixed Firefighters

  Carena Collura 213, 204, 587, Wendy Swan 210, 554, Karen Martin 511, Laura Palmer 180, 511, Andrea Grossman 190, 504, Christie  Graham 194, 500, Linda Schaefer 194, Debra Blackford 195, Trasey Barres 181, Patty Whipple 184, Chris Stevens 225, 268, 277, 770, Pedro Agapito 267, 267, 758, Kyle Stevens 246, 234, 256, 736, Ed Guthrie 269, 268, 731, Kyle Van Wolde 258, 267, 729, Shane Cunningham 234, 239, 694, Paul Minton 268, 683, Eddie Blume 241, 226, 675, Tom Palmer 226, 227, 666, Ryan Lepke 232, 646, Larry Whipple 226, 247, 640, George Kelley 639, Peter Scannell 235, 638, Robert Yakin Jr. 230, 637, Ronnie Totten 234, 627, George Baggatta 226.

Wednesday Men's

  Rich Bradford 278, 663, Shane Conner 232, 667, Bobby Cooper 234, 626, David Graham 627, Keith Raymond 627, Kyle Stevens 226, 278, 257, 761, Chris Stewart 255, Kyle Van Wolde 613, Timmy Minton 230, 626, Larry Whipple 237, 270, 699, Bradley Cottam 241, 657, Maglick Velazquez 612, Pedro Agapito 258, 685, Tom Belgiovene 267, 656, Keith Smith 249, 647, Gene Smith 620, Robert Sze 256, 675, Kevin Stackhouse 257, 256, 226, 739, James VanAken 236, 651, Josh Strang 226, 630, Tim McIntyre 256, 672, Dan VanAken 269, 701, Kyle Matthews 257, 638, Shane Cunningham 226, 613, Jason Rogers 225, 233, 236, 694, Jim Piontec 235, 604, Serafin Rodriguez 257, 637, Serafin Rodriguez III a 277, 670, Rick Lara 225, 634, John Hoffmann 248, 236, 701, Paul Durland 227, 225, 653, James Durland 247, 247, 716, Mark Carman 602, Jim Walsh 237, 632, Paul Minton 226, 242, 680, Ed Blume 637, Dwayne Cabrera 279, 676, Tom Mitchell 245, 676, Merrill Conner 228, 225, 664.

  Thursday Ladies

  Liz Stubits 197, Sue Sakell 185, Mary Lee Williams 206, 211, 202, 619, Dottie Collins 200, Shirley Bowens 201, Valerie Fersch 185, Debbie Heins 220, Ann Sawyer 185, Kelly Shattuck 181, Trasey Barres 191, Tricia Tuttle 199, C. Kaiser 198, Cara Nicholson 190, Debbie Polin 192, 210, 206, 608, Audrey Woolard 191.




Here & There Column 4-1-14

 UPS Switching To Natural Gas 

    Mail and package carrier services use a substantial amount of gasoline so it comes as no surprise that UPS recently started substituting diesel fuel with lower-emission liquified natural gas.
    The reason being that natural gas prices are much more economical.
    Transportation managers are indicating that switching to liquified natural gas could reduce our oil imports by more than a million barrels a day.
    With UPS and other major transportation companies now looking to switch to liquified natural gas the question some are asking is where is the the State of New York heading in regards to the natural gas industry as not much information has come forth from Albany as to where they are at in regards to studying the question that Marcellus shale could be naturally high in radioactivity.

  If this is a proven fact making the disposal of waste water from the drilling could become a severe problem for any drilling within the state.

   A story released almost two years ago by Abraham Lustgarten in ProPublica, the nonprofit online investigative news producer, said that the DEC has analyzed 13 samples of waste water brought up from the drilling's and found that the samples contain radium 226 in much higher levels than are considered safe....and in some cases 267 times the level safe for discharge into the environment.

  This might be a severe problem and if continued testing proves that initial finding, gas companies could be saddled with increased regulations and expenses for treating the waste water.

  The waste water is considered the most troublesome issue attached to drilling in the Northeast.
  The question here is will the DEC find it difficult to establish safe levels of exposure, since ordinary exposure from the sun, soil and bricks in homes can be 400 milligrams a year.

  The ProPublica article notes that naturally occurring radioactive materials called NORM, are common in gas and oil drilling water, particularly in brine, the water that lies in the shale and is brought to the surface with recovered drill water.

   Radium gives off radon gas, which can cause cancer to people in an enclosed space.

  In gas drilling operations in other parts of the country operators inject the waste water back into played out wells for storage but that is unlikely to happen in the Northeast.
  Communications and getting results of tests conducted by the DEC in regards to this subject at times are difficult to obtain.
   An open line of communications would be helpful to all interested parties.


Southern Greens of SC

Lisa Suggs, owner/coordinator of the Southern Greens of SC Golf Package company welcomed three Sullivan County Golfers and one Padukah Ky. Golfer to South Carolina recently where they played courses in her golf package and enjoyed good fellowship, fun, good food and an outstanding experience with nice accommodations at The Landmark Inn in Hartsville, SC. Enjoying their trip were Ed Townsend from Livingston Manor, Ed Guthrie and Jim Sackett from Narrowsburg and transplanted New Yorker originally from Livingston Manor now living in Padukah Ky. George Korth..

Golfers.......if you want a great golf experience, outstanding prices, beautiful golf courses, the best in area restaurants and nice accommodations give Lisa a call at 843-393-3904 or email her at