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Golfing Highlights Column 6-21-13

World Class Golf Course Coming To Area

  The design and construction of a world class golf course in coming to this area.
  Whoa now....listen up...... the headlines and lead sentence can be somewhat misleading....yes part of the headlines is true but instead of a standard type of golf course we will see a world-class DISC golf course which will be located at the Frost Valley YMCA.
  The course is being designed by world renowned course designer John Houck and will be his first course in New York.
  Houck has designed more courses than anyone else and the current number one and two ranked courses in the world are both John Houck designs. 
  The Frost Valley course will be 18-holes and will serve children with disabilities  and promote inclusion with all Frost Valley participants. 
  The new course will also welcome professional disc golf championship tournaments as well as casual play by the more than 35,000 children and adults staying annually at Frost Valley .
  Current in the design phase the new course will be located on a 5,000-acre woodland section of the camp.
  CVS Caremark Charitable Trust recently granted Frost Valley with $20,000 and earmarked it for a program suitable for children with disabilities. 
  This recreational activity will incorporate exercise, skill, competition and education.
  Projected to be completed by 2014, Frost Valley's course development is overseen by Tom Holsapple, operations director and a 15-year disc golf enthusiasts who noted, "this championship-level course is tailored to Frost Valley's unique terrain and disc golf is suitable for varying abilities and perfect for Frost Valley's expansive Catskill Mountain setting easily accessible to the tri-state area."
  According to the Professional Disc Golf Association there are more than 100,000 tournament competitors playing 3,762 tournaments worldwide and it is enjoyed by groups of all ages. Disc golf is played in about 40 countries around the world.
  Disc golf has also recently been incorporated into the Special Olympics. 
  Welcome to another type of golf facility to our area. 

Ed's Outlook

  Our regular game of golf will never be replaced by disc golf but this new form of competition using the term "golf" has gained in popularity where the object of the game is to traverse a course from beginning to end in the fewest number of throws of the disc and ending up with throwing a flying disc at a target referred to as the basket. 
  It's interesting to find that disc golf uses three types of disc's, the putter, mid-range and the driver.
  We'll give it a whirl sometime soon.
  One of our favorite golfers was Miller Barber who was a leading player on the PGA Tour in the 1960's and a dominant one in the early years of senior play with 11 PGA Tour wins and 24 more on the Champions Tour.
  Barber, 82, recently succumbed to cancer. 
  He showed us all that even an unorthodox swing can work.
  RIP Miller. 

  Ed Townsend is a PR consultant to the sport of golf. Ed writes and compiles the information for this column. If you have league and tournament information  shoot a hole-in-one or even shoot your age, let Ed know at 845-439-8177, email at or fax at 845-205-4474. View this column and all of Ed's pictures at We are also on Facebook.

The Golf Tip
By Robert Menges

  In today's ever changing golf game, most players are under the influence that if they hit the ball longer they will play better.
  Even though technology has increased how far the ball will travel, the scores are about the  same. There is no doubt that if you hit the ball longer you should have less club to the green and be able to get the ball closer to the hole and make more putts.
  I believe this to be true, but you better be able to hit the shots on the green close to the pin.
  Wedge play is important here and I suggest carrying three wedges in your golf bag. Most golfers have a pitching wedge and you have a choice to make for the other two wedges. A gap wedge comes with about 50 to 53 degrees of loft and a lob wedge is about 60-64 degrees of loft. I would choose between these two clubs depending on how far you hit the ball. 
  A lob wedge will save our shots around the green and a gap wedge will help you with the in between yardages in the fairway.
  You should always carry a sand wedge that has 54-57 degrees of loft. 
  The next time out on the course count how many shots you take from 100 yards to the hole. I think you will find that this will total about 60 percent of  your score.
  Robert Menges is the golf professional at the Swan Lake Golf & Country Club, Mt. Hope Road, Swan Lake. He is available for private lessons and if you have a question or subject you would like covered, Bob can be reached at 845-292-0323 or by email at

Putting Tip
By Joe Bermel

  Consistent Speed is a major asset to every terrific putter and can never be overrated.
  You feel the speed with your EYES, MIND and HANDS. The triangle your eyes see is the distance between the ball and the hole. A signal is sent to your mind, then the mind sends a signal to the muscles in your hand which determines the amount of acceleration on the forward stroke for the distance you want the ball to travel.
  This definitely connects to the amount of back and thru distance.
  Joe Bermel is available for private lessons, group, corporate, organization and golf shows-tournaments. His special edition DVD "How To Putt Well" is available by calling 631-589-1384, at his web site or by email at 




A disc golfer and the basket the disc must end up in.


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Here & There Column 6-18-13

Age Of The Crooners

  Bringing back great memories in the Age of the Crooners was certainly fulfilled recently with the outstanding performance of Eddie "My Way" Madaffari along with student and staff members of the Tri-Valley high school at the Cabaret 2013 held in the upstairs gymnasium at Tri-Valley Central School.
  Now we have to set the stage and note that a Cabaret concert is performed in a much different style they other concerts.
  During a Cabaret concert is is perfectly acceptable for you to eat popcorn or other snacks and drinks that were available for purchase at the Tri-Valley Crooner's Cafe prior to the start of the show or at intermission. 
  High school students performing their talent included the High School Jazz band, Danielle DeVito and Katie Jester, Maria TerBush, Matthew Weyant, Aidan Woolsey, Kevin Giroux, the Middle School Jazz  band, Bryan Lowe, and Stephen Carleton.
  A special guest performance singing and bringing audience participation to the show was performed by Secondary School Principal Robert Peters.......great job here.
  The audience was greatly rewarded in keeping with the theme "Age of the Crooners" with songs like Summer Wind, Witchcraft, The Way You Look Tonight, My Way, I Left My Heart In San Francisco, You Make Me Feel So Young, Mack The Knife and New York, New York  sung by Eddie "My Way" Madaffari.
  Eddie was born in the Little Italy Section of the Bronx and raised in the Gun Hill Road section. Like all Italian Americans he grew up with strong family values and great Italian celebrations that included good food, family and of course music.
  He remembers each party filled with song as all generations harmonized to songs from the 20s to the 50s.
  Everyone realized that Eddie's voice was special and encouraged him to sing. His talents didn't end there and he as also a great baseball player and led many of his teams to victory.
  Eddie still sings at family and special event functions and his talented style and voice were a big part of the success of Cabaret 2013.
  The Cabaret 2013 was held under the direction of school music department staff Kevin Giroux, Matthew Wynant and John Calabrese. 
Picture Identification

Eddie "My Way" Madaffari


Golfing Highlights Column 6-14-13

Banning Putter Anchoring

  It's official......the USGA and the R & A have officially banned the anchoring of a putter in 2016.  
  These organizations have decided to ban the anchored putter starting on January 1, 2016.
  There has been much debate and opinions over this situation and the PGA Tour and the PGA of America have stated they won't follow the banning of the putter.
  At this point there seems to be a standoff.......many PBA Tour players said they won't take this lying down and they will file a lawsuit to get this overturned.
  I am interested to see what the PGA Tour and the PGA of America will do with this situation.
  The new rule banning anchoring will be called 14-1B and officially says a golfer "in making a stroke, must not anchor the club, either directly or by use of an anchor point."
  Now what does the new rule mean.
  The new rule will permit putting using the "claw" method, you can use the long putter not anchored, you can use a grip resting against your forearm, you can use the traditional putting grip, you can putt cross-handed, you can use the mid-length putter not anchored, forearms can be held against body without anchor point and you can have one or both elbows braced against your body. 
  What you can not do with this new rule includes no anchoring of a mid-length putter against your stomach, can not anchor a long putter, can not use anchored point created by forearm.
  The penalty against anchoring includes a 2-stroke penalty in stroke play and loss of hole in match play.
  PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem hasn't said whether or not the PGA Tour will go along with the USGA and R&A ban. Finchem said, "we don't attempt to denigrate that position in any way whatsoever, it's just on this issue, we think if they were to move forward they would be making a mistake."
  Comments heard from several local older league golfers were, "if you're old and have a bad back then keep using your big belly or long putter but the pro's shouldn't need them."
  Needless to say the gauntlet has been thrown down and decisions need to be made. The PGA of America's mission has always been to grow the game.
  One can understand the opinions of both sides, but, anchoring has been around for nearly a hundred years so it is part of the tradition of the game.
  Will banning anchoring hurt the game? some say absolutely. Should anchoring be allowed? others say maybe.

  Ed's Outlook

  In our vast golf travels we meet some very interesting people.
  Had the opportunity to visit with David Fernandez of Seagrove, N.C. recently. David and his wife Alexa own and operate Seagrove Stoneware Inn and Pottery.
  An artist for 40-years and a golfer for longer than that David understands the concept of functional beauty and so he has combined art and sport into the exciting concept of a putter head made of clay.
  He calls them Precision Art Putters as each putter head starts as a lump of custom formulated clay composite. The clay is h and turned on the potter's wheel to form the basis head and when the clay putter head is half dry, the face is cut at a precise angle (up to 10 degrees by USGA regulations).
  The top surface is then carved with a unique pattern including a center sighting line and when the putter is completely dry it is coated with a permanent glaze and kiln fired to 2400 degrees.
  Once cool, the putter face is smoothed and the shaft installed...... David reminds us that this is all done by hand. 
  Wow...... can you imagine that each putter is handcrafted by David, is one of a kind and the putters look beautiful and have an amazing feel when striking the ball.
  My Monday Night golf league partner noted to me after seeing me putt with this putter that "I think your going to like that putter."
  David's putters are not only appealing but I love the "soft feel" when putting. This putter is a piece of art and the soft feel and response in your hands is amazing.
  David will customize a putter for you and he can be reached at 336-207-6985 or email at His web site is

  Ed Townsend is a PR Consultant to the sport of golf. Ed writes and compiles the information for this column. If you have league and tournament information, shoot a hole-in-one or even shoot your age, let Ed know at 845-439-8177, email at or fax at 845-205-4474.View this column and all of Ed's pictures at We are also on Facebook

  The Golf Tip
  By Robert Menges

  How To Find Your Rhythm In A Hurry
  Here's a simple exercise you can do anytime on the course to regain your rhythm. 
  Simply turn a driver or wood up the other way and swing.
  Doing this will make the club very, very lights and it will change the feelings that you've been having with the club.
  Once you've had a number of swings like this, I suggest you grip the club normally and go back to swinging it the way you normally would. But doing this drill will help you to feel the clubhead and that's critical in the golf swing.
  Have you heard the expression,"swing the clubhead?" Well, if you have or you haven't.....just do it.
  Swing the clubhead and not the club. Let the clubhead do the swinging and feel the power you get without forcing it. Keep turning the clubhead over so you can get the feeling of the clubhead more often.
  You'll soon regain your rhythm and with it will return your confidence.
   Robert Menges is the head golf professional at the Swan Lake Golf & Country Club, Mt. Hope Road, Swan Lake. He is available for private lessons and if you have a question or subject you would like covered, he can be reached by phone at 845-292-0323 or via email at

  The Putting Tip
  By Joe Bermel    

  Confidence in your putting ability is a huge key.
  The 4 step process.
  1. Motivation to improve.
  2. Practicing the correct elements of putting including 4 putting drills.
  3. Quality, diligent practice putting sessions will bring good results.
  4. Good results will give the golfer the CONFIDENCE  to continue the practice of putting skills over time
  Joe Bermel is available for private lessons, group, corporate, organization  golf shows and tournaments. His special edition DVD "How To Putt Well" is available by calling 631-589-1384, at his Web site or by email at

Identification of this picture

David Fernandez with his putter display and photos of his hand-made putter process.





Here & There Column 6-11-13

Flag Day-God Bless America

  June 14 is traditionally known as Flag Day.
  Ceremonies celebrating the Star-Spangled Banner and all it represents are held annually and is a major tradition in Elks lodges everywhere.          
  Sadly many Americans either are not aware of Flag Day services or don't make the effort to say Happy Birthday to Old Glory.
  All calendars note that Flag Day is June 14.
  The true meaning of our flag is easily described by any member of our military when they tell you it stands for our country, our way of life and the freedoms we enjoy in our wonderful United States of America.  
   Flag Day is believed to have started in 1895 when B. J. Cigrand, a school teacher in Fredonia, Wisconsin, arranged for his students to observe June 14 as Flag Day in celebration of the  108th  anniversary of the official adoption of the Stars and Stripes.                                                                              
   Old Glory stands for a young nation that to this day is a Beacon of Hope to oppressed people everywhere. It stands for a long history of welcoming immigrants to a country where they have the opportunity to grow and prosper through their own skill and hard work.                                      
    Our flag stands for a country whose citizens will not be taken advantage of and who will stand up and fight fiercely for what they believe in.  
  In celebrating this day remember to thank each and every member of our armed forces for their service and dedication to our country and its citizens.
  Old Glory..........Long May It Wave.                              


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tri-Valley Loses In Championship Game


  Being down by eight runs after the first two innings of the Section 9 Class C championship last Thursday against Rhinebeck didn't stop the Tri-Valley Bears from attempting a comeback which almost was successful in the sixth inning.
  Rhinebeck went on to gain the win 11-5.
  In that sixth inning Tri-Valley, trailing 8-5, brought the tying run to the plate. The inning started out with Alex Brown driving a ball to Rhinebeck's short stop who's throw to first was not handled by the first baseman. Aric Boyes was walked. Donavan Flores popped up to the catcher. Andrew Exner singled to right (he was 3-for-4 at the plate).
  With the bases loaded with Bears Cody Exner walked, scoring one run, Justin Swarthout flied out to center, Rodney T. Jester hit a ground ball to short which was bobbled and resulted in Jester being safe at first. Michael Foster singled to right and took second on the throw to the plate making the score now 8-5. John Anzano with runners on second and third grounded out to third ending the inning.
  The attempted comeback bid by Tri-Valley added  momentum to the Hawks push for their first ever Section 9 baseball championship at they pushed across three more runs in their half of the sixth inning to increase their lead to 11-5.
  Tri-Valley sophomore starting pitcher Justin Swarthout struggled the first two innings with Rhinebeck scoring three in the first and five in the second inning.
  Rhinebeck showed patience at the plate and speed on the basepaths with numerous stolen bases and timely hitting.
  Tri-Valley coach John Rusin gave high praise for his Bears team saying, "they were down eight runs and they never quit and that was this team all year long." He gave credit to the team's attitude commenting that "sometimes their approach was not there but the attitude was always there."
 Rhinebeck coach Bill Carney gave credit to his starting pitcher Josh Hanaburgh for his "outstanding performance in today's heat." He gave a big pat on the back to his leadoff hitter, Nick Hoynes who went 1-for-3 with four stolen bases and three runs scored.
  The heat in Thursday's game resulted in the contest being delayed almost an hour and a half as the New York State Public High School Athletic Association's heat safety policy states that if the heat index on takes humidity and air temperature into account....for a particular location is at 96 degrees or higher, the contest must not begin until the heat index drops to 95 or below.
  The game scheduled to start at 4 p.m. got underway at 5:20.
  In commenting on the loss Coach Rusin said, "this has been a special group for me because the group before them kind of had a path mapped out for them as they were highly touted coming through..... they played three years of varsity ball...they went to one section championship game and they won the next championship game."
  "This team this year had faith in themselves, they started 2-6 and they kept finding their way and they knew what they were capable of", Rusin added.
  Sophomore Jared Nash relieved Swarthout on the mound for the Bears and pitched four innings of one-hit relief.
  The scoring tally for this championship game gave Rhinebeck three runs in the first inning, five runs in the second inning and three runs in the sixth. For Tri-Valley they had one run in the third and four in the sixth.
  Tri-Valley totaled five runs off 10 hits and four errors. Rhinebeck had 11 runs off eight hits and one error. 
  Andrew Exner led Tri-Valley with three hits and Jester and Foster added two hits apiece.
  Tri-Valley seniors playing in their last high school game included John Anzano, Aric Boyes, Kyle Burkey, Andrew Exner, Cody Exner, Michael Foster, Rodney T. Jester and Bradley VanAken.
   Tri-Valley players, coach Rusin and Bear's fans shed numerous tears as they consoled each other following the game and Tri-Valley's attempt to win back to back Section 9 baseball championships 

Tri-Valley's sophomore pitcher Jared Nash pitched four innings of one-hit relief for the Bears in Thursday's Section 9 championship game.
Tri-Valley coach John Rusin consoles starting pitcher sophomore Justin Swarthout and senior catcher John Anzano following the Bears loss to Rhinebeck. 


Golfing Highlights 6-7-13

Help For Golfers Pain

  You can get all kinds of answers when you talk about a pain in the neck but who ever would have thought that shoulder, elbow and wrist pains that many golfers complain about can be helped with magnetic therapy.
  While visiting the Northeast Golf Show in Somerset, NJ this past January we had the opportunity to talk in great length with Jeff Becker,Sr. from Rochester, NY.
  Jeff told us about the horrific motorcycle accident he had experienced and after the initial recovery period he sought many types of pain relief with little or no success.
  Becker in doing continual research came upon magnetic therapy and started trying several of the products. 
  The results were that he got the pain relief he needed and formed his own company called Magnetic Connections and began making and selling magnetic jewelry for pain relief. Jeff has become a popular event at golf shows throughout the Northeast.
  We sat down and talked to Jeff and explained about the pain in my right shoulder that was having an effect on my golf swing.
  In a firm and honest explanation Becker explained that the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) prohibits him from claiming therapeutic abilities from his products.
  "However, you do need the FDA to tell you what over 120 million American citizens....including many doctors.....can tell you about wearing magnetic instruments for therapeutic purposes," Becker explains in a written "fine print" section of his web page.
  A disclaimer Jeff publishes says,"magnetic therapy is considered by many experts to be a safe, non-invasive form of pain therapy though no medical claims can be made concerning its benefits."
  Magnetic therapy is being considered today as an ancient tool for modern times and the wearing of magnetic jewelry has proven to be effective in relieving pain from arthritis, tendinitis, headaches, muscle strains, carpel tunnel syndrome as well as in speeding the healing of wounds and injuries.
  The use of magnets as pain therapy goes back to ancient China.
  The magnetic bracelet is popular and while spending a day of golf at your local  course you will find many people wearing these bracelets.....the king himself, Arnold Palmer, wears a magnetic bracelet. 
  Jeff is a living example of what magnetic therapy has done for him and this golf columnist has seen a remarkable decrease in my shoulder pain adding more flexibility to my golf swing and hopefully as we progress with this magnetic therapy an improvement in my golf scores.
  I've been very careful to wear my magnetic bracelets 24 hours a day and take them off when showering or going in the water.....also don't  wear them  on the same wrist your watch is on as the magnets are so strong that there have been reports of watch batteries draining or watches being affected in three day or less.
  My experience with Jeff Becker Sr. has been outstanding....he is truely a friend to golfers with pain. 
  When golfing friends ask me about my magnetic bracelets I always refer them to Jeff and advise them to check out his web page at or call Jeff at 585-426-2777 or email at 

Ed's Outlook

  The last two weeks we described the first six holes of the Honor's Haven Fallsview Golf Course under the management of Director of Golf David Worden.
  This nine-hole course designed by Robert Trent Jones Sr. from the blue tees measures 6,864 yards. The Met Golfer Magazine has recognized this course as one of the "Metropolitan area's hidden gems."
  Definitely there is not a weak hole to be found on this course and some consider holes seven through nine the toughest three finishers in the area.
  Hole No. 7 is a par 3 and measures 211 yards. A pin placement right tempts the player to be aggressive when it is cut over the front right bunker, but, a safer play to the fat part of this bowl shaped green may set up a comfortable par. This is the most deceptive green on the course and requires a highly trained eye to accurately read the subtle breaks.
  Hole No. 8 is a par 4 totaling 417 yards. Definitely the most difficult hole on the course. Defended by no bunkers or hazards, this hole demands all the shot making skills a golfer possesses. The tee shot must be played to the left side of the fairway. Any ball to the right will leave the golfer with an approach blocked by the pine trees that frame this slightly uphill par four.   
  Hole No. 9 is a par 4 totaling 478 yards. This is a demanding finishing hole. This dogleg left presents the most difficult tee shot on the course. Trouble right...a large fairway bunker and trouble left...thick trees. When taking the tee  shot around the dogleg golfers are faced with an approach that is rarely from a flat lie and is played to an elevated green. 
  You'll enjoy a round here, call Dave at 845-210-3106 for tee times.
  Ed Townsend is a PR consultant to the sport of golf. Ed writes and compiles the information for this column. If you have league and tournament information, shoot a hole in one or even shoot your age, let Ed know at 845-439-8177, email at or fax at 845-205-4474. View this column and all of Ed's pictures at  We are also on Facebook.

The Golf Tip
By Robert Menges

  Play Golf To Stay Young
  The tip: In today's day in age, with modern medicine and advances in science, people are living longer and healthier lives. So many senior citizens are exercising and eating right to maintain an active life. Research shows that playing golf can add years to your life and keep the mind sharp.
  I believe there is no other way to enjoy nature then being out on the course. Seeing the animals, hearing the birds chirp, certainly gives a sense of appreciation of life.
  Most golf courses afford gorgeous views, vibrant color and good old fashioned fresh air. There is no better way to spend a few hours with a group of friends while walking,talking and laughing you way around the course.
  Everyone knows what a mental game golf is. One of the best ways to keep the mind sharp is to have one use your mind for the technical side of golf.
  Golf is the perfect sport for this because you are getting mental stimulation, you are counting strokes and analyzing your next shot.
  In your search for the fountain of youth, let golf help you find your way. By getting exercise, stimulating your mind and having social interaction, you can stay younger and live longer.
  Robert Menges is the head golf professional at the Swan Lake Golf & Country Club, Mt. Hope Road, Swan Lake. He is available for private lessons and if you have a question or subject you would like covered, he can be reached at 845-292-0323 or via email at 

The Putting Tip
By Joe Bermel

  The faster the putting surface, the more putts will break on any given green.
  Because golfers must roll putts slower on faster greens (to keep them from going to fast, putts take longer to get to the hole.
  This gives gravity  more time to pull ball downhill and make them break more. The  opposite is also true, the slower the greens (due to wetness or longer grass) the less putts will break
  Always remember when the greens are fast, play more break. When they are slow play less break. 
  Joe Bermel is available for private lessons, group, corporate, organization and golf shows-tournaments. His special edition DVD "How To Putt Well" is available by calling 631-589-1384, at his web site, or by email at joe@

Joe Becker Sr. of Magnetic Connections is sewing together a magnetic bracelet. He wear a magnetic ring on his left hand, a bracelet on his right wrist and a magnetic necklace.




Here & There Column 5-28-13

Billy Graham Targeted By IRS

  The man known as America's pastor, the Rev. Billy Graham and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, was among those targeted by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
  This revelation was made known last week by Rev.Graham's son, Rev. Franklin Graham who wrote a letter to  President Obama stating, "I am bringing this to your attention because I believe that someone in the Administration was targeting and attempting to intimidate us," and "this is morally wrong and unethical.....indeed some would call it un-American."
  The Graham association was targeted after they ran newspaper advertisements promoting traditional marriage and biblical values. 
  Graham noted that they received notification that the IRS would audit their taxes and that it was the first time the ministry has been audited in its history. 
  Folks we have talked to about this IRS audit called it very troubling and said it could have a chilling effect on people across the country.
  The targeting by the IRS of conservative organizations is deplorable and most people have taken the view that the IRS is nothing more than a rogue agency not to be trusted even when it plays by the rules.
  Rev. Franklin Graham stated, "in light of what the IRS admitted to on May 10, and subsequent revelations from other sources, I do not believe that the IRS audit of our organizations last year is a coincidence.....or justifiable."
  Is this the next scandal to engulf Washington politics?..... and the most striking question could be who has involvement in the scandal. 
  Of course if we leave it up to the Washington politicians the cleaning up of this issue and the truth will conquer all and we will never see the light of day. 
  An independent non-political committee of respectable leaders should be appointed with full legal powers to get to the bottom of this and let the chips fall where they may.



Here & There Column 6-4-13

Summer Brings Lots Of Entertainment

  If your looking for summer entertainment you don't have to look any further than the tri-state area.
  The summer months brings us Bethel Woods Center For The Arts, the Forestburgh Playhouse, Belleayre Music Festival, the Ritz Company Playhouse, musicians gathering Thursday's at The Dancing Cat Saloon, The Rivoli Theatre onstage plays, great Fairs like the Little World's Fair at Grahamsville, the Wayne County Fair at Honesdale, the Wurtsboro Street Fair, the Delaware County Fair, Orange County Fair and the second largest fair in the State of New York, the Dutchess County Fair at Rhinebeck. 
  It's always exciting to receive the yearly Forestburgh Playhouse schedule and Production Director Norman  Duttweiler has once again put together an outstanding schedule including performances like the Odd Couple, Dolly Parton's 9 to 5, Grease and South Pacific.
  The great Bethel Woods brings to Sullivan County entertainers including Joan Baez & Indigo Girls, Dave Mathews Band, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, Eagles, Tim McGraw and Cheek & Chong along with many other outstanding acts.
  At the Ritz Company Playhouse you can  take in plays like Young Frankenstein, The Little Mermaid and You've Got Hate Mail. 
  The Belleayre Music Festival plays host to Dwight Yoakam, Manhattan Transfer, The Doobie Brothers, Ben Vereen and the Music of Pink Floyd.
  It just doesn't get any better and I just shake my head when I hear folks say,. "nothing to do around here.
  We've got the best of both worlds, great country living in the Mountains, fresh healthy air and broadway entertainment at our doorstep. 
  Enjoy it.


Golfing Highlights Column 5-31-13

Democrat, St. Peters, Roscoe Kiwanis Tournaments

  The Sullivan County tournament golf date list continues to grow with the addition of the 32nd Annual Sullivan County Democrat Two-Man tournament, the St. Peter's RC Church of Liberty tournament and the 22nd annual Roscoe Kiwanis Club tournament.
  One of the outstanding amateur tournaments in the Tri-State area is the Sullivan County Democrat two-man, better ball golf tournament scheduled this year for August 9, 10, 11 at the Villa Roma Country Club.
  This is the 32nd annual event for this classic and according to Publisher Fred Stabbert III it remains to be the same great tournament with the same great format and showcases the talents of the area's finest amateur golfers. 
  The tournament is open to all full and part-time amateur golers in Sullivan, Orange and Delaware counties in New York and Wayne County, Pa. 
  The entry fee is $250 per person $500 per team. The fee includes cart and green fees (3 rounds) trophies, awards in all flights, a barbecue Friday evening at the clubhouse and an awards reception and inner buffet on Sunday evening. 
  The format of play includes on Friday Qualifier: Medal play to pre-determine flights and on the weekend days tournament Match-play, better ball of partners. 
  All entries must be postmarked  no later than Wednesday, July 24. If more than the optimum number of teams enter, the earliest postmark will be given preference.
  With a limit of 56 teams, entry fees should be mailed as soon as possible.
  The committee reserves the right to change any tee times or pairings and meal tickets are mandatory at both meals and will be collected.
  Make checks payable to: Democrat Golf and mail with entry form to Sullivan County Democrat, PO Box 308, Callicoon, NY 12723. 
  Scoring a hole-in-one at the St. Peter's of Liberty Golf Tournament will award a six days and five nights for two vacation at Myrtle Beach which includes airfare, lodging and three rounds of golf. 
  This tournament will be held June 29 at the Sullivan County Golf & Country Club in Liberty.
  Featuring a scramble format the event will also feature raffles and 50/50's
  Entry fee is $75 per person before June 2 and $85 per person after June 3. There will be a $25 per person dinner guest fee.
  Registration will take place at 7 a.m. and noon and tee times are 8 a.m. and 1 p.m.
  Awards will be presented at 7:30 and dinner is scheduled for 6:00.
  To register call the Pro Shop at 845-292-9584 or call Lynn Killian at 845-798-5857.
  The 22nd Annual Roscoe Kiwanis Club tournament will be held on July 28 at the Tennanah Lake Golf & Country Club.
  Registration takes place at noon with a 1 p.m. shotgun start. 
  To register or obtain further information call Jim Tempel at 607-498-9929.

Ed's Outlook

  Last week we outlined the first three holes of play at the Honor's Haven Fallsview Golf Course played recently by Jim Sackett, Ed Guthrie, George Korth and me.
  This week is my take on holes four, five and six.
  Hole No. 4 is a par 4 consisting of 433 yards. The definition bunkers that frame this hole will gobble up any off line tee shots so you have to keep is straight into the landing area which is extremely narrow between the tee and green. Out of bounds left tends to make the golfer look right for a favored angle off the tee but that that route leaves the golfer with an intimidating approach shot over a cavernous front right bunker. A par here is very rewarding and requires accuracy.
  Hole No. 5 is a par 3 with yardage totaling 204 yards. This hole definitely requires accuracy off the tee. One of the most dominating characteristics of Robert Trent Jones Sr. is the use of long, straight tees known as "aircraft carrier" or runway tees. This 64-yard long teeing ground is a theme of the course and allows for many varied distances to an elevated bowl-shaped green. Two bunkers guard the front of the green and any tee shot that misses to the right or left of the green will kick wildly and add to the difficulty of scoring your par. A good tee shot landing on the green almost guarantees a birdie or par. 
  Hole No. 6 is a par 5 and registers 606 yards in length making it the longest hole on the course and is a demanding three shot challenge.The Gully Creek which meanders the full length of this dogleg left hole will swallow up any ball hit left of the fairway. A miss left in the ancient sycamore trees or a miss right into the stand of oaks will leave virtually no shot to the green. If on the green in three shots, the challenge is far from over. The sixth green is so severely sloped from back to front that players have been above the hole and putted off the green. Wow.....this is a great golf hole where discipline must be maintained and accurate putting is mandatory.
  We'll conclude our description of this outstanding nine-hole  course with the final three holes next week.
  Drop over and see Director of Golf Dave Worden, reservations are available at 845-210-3106.

The Golf Tip
By Robert Menges

  Simple Drill To Improve Your Swing Tempo.
  Here's a simple drill to improve our swing tempo.
  Go to the driving range and alternate between hitting shots with your short irons and then your long irons.
  For example, hit one shot with your wedge and the next with your 3 wood. Hit the next shot with your 8 iron and the next shot with your 3 iron.
  Then the next shot with your 9 iron and the hit your driver.
  And when your doing this try to make the swing with the longer club the same as the swing with the shorter clubs.
  The late, great Payne Stewart used to do this all the time and if you remember his was as smooth as silk.
  So do this exercise and do it often so your too can have a smooth, rhythmical swing from one club to the next.
  Robert Menges is the head golf professional at the Swan Lake Golf & Country Club, Mt. Hope Road, Swan Lake. He is available for private lessons and if you have a question or subject you would like covered, he can be reached by phone at 845-292-0323 or via email at 
The Putting Tip
By Joe Bermel

  The miscue of golfers is that on short putts, especially, they decelerate on the forward stroke.
  Golfers need to do the exact opposite, that is accelerate on the forward stroke.
  Short putting is from a tap up to six feet, the "holy grail" of putting.
  Paramount to be proficient here.......your second putt on every hole is between a tap in and up to six feet.
  How many of these 18 you make or do not make will determine your score.
  Joe Bermel is available for private lessons, group, corporate, organization and golf shows/tournaments. His special edition DVD "How to Putt Well" is available by calling 631-589-1384, at his web site or by email at 


  Ed Townsend is a PR consultant to the sport of golf. Ed writes and compiles the information for this column. If you have league and tournament information, shoot a hole-in-one or even shoot your age, let Ed know at 845-439-8177, email at or fax at 845-205-4474. View this column and all of Ed's pictures at  We are also on Facebook.                                                  
 Welcoming these Sullivan County golfers to the Honor's Haven Fallsview Golf Course is Director of Golf David Worden, far right. Enjoying this Robert Trent Jones Sr. course are, l to r, George Korth formerly from Livingston Manor now making his home in Padukah, Ky., Ed Guthrie from Narrowsburg, Jim Sackett from Narrowsburg and Golf Columnist Ed Townsend from Livingston Manor.