Wednesday, September 30, 2015


State USBC Gets Ready For Tournaments

  The New York State United States Bowling Congress (USBC) heads into the 2-15-16 bowling season with a full head of steam and once again is offering an array of championship tournaments for its adult bowlers.
  The 26th NYS Masters Championship is scheduled for March 5, 2016 will be bowled in Oswego at the Lighthouse Lanes.
  This event is the state's premier scratch singles tournament.
  The Masters field wil be limited to 144 bowlers, a maximum of 72 per squad and competitors will be permitted to enter only once.
  Qualifying squad times are 9:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.
  The guaranteed first prize is $2,500 and a paid entry to the 2017 USBC Masters.
  The 80th NYS Women's Championships are set for April 9-May 15, 2016 at both the AMF Dewey Garden Lanes and the Bowl-A-Roll Lanes in Rochester.
  Reservations are being taken through Nov. 1 with payment due by December 1. Entries close on March 18, 2016.
  The 45th NYS Queens Championship is set for April 16, 2016 at the Rochester AMF Empire Lanes.
  The entry fee is $65 and entries close on March 16.
  The 92nd NYS Open (Men's) Championships will be held April 16-May 15, 2016 at the AMF Pin-O-Rama Lanes in Utica.
  There is an entry closing date of April 9.
  Entry forms may be downloaded
  Bowlers with averages of 220 or higher are allowed to compete in scratch brackets only.
  Tournament entry forms are available at
  For more information contact Mike Pettinetta, NYS USBC Association Manager at or call 585-343-3736.

Players Championship
Will Be In Columbus, Ohio

  The 2016 Barbasol PBA Players Championship will be held at Wayne Webb's Columbus Bowl in Columbus, Ohio.
  This is the third major championship of the year and the finals will air live on ESPN on February 21, 2016 at 1 p.m. ET.
  This Players Championship is returning to PBA major title championship and is featuring a 48-game qualifying and match play format and a five-player stepladder final with a $40,000 first prize.
  All the preliminary rounds of Players Championship week will be covered live, exclusively on PBA's Xtra Frame online video-streaming service.   

  Ed's Outlook

  The bowling ball industry continues to come up with great ideas on how to make their products more attractive to bowlers.
  Just recently came up with the idea that pictures of dogs should be included on bowling balls.
  The collection of dogs pictures is called The Dog and Friends and includes the Boston Terrier, the Labrador Retriever, the Chihuahua, the Beagle and the Golden Retriever.
  Also available is ball weights 6 through 16 lbs. are the French Bulldog, German Shepherd, Jack Russell Terrier, Poodle and the Yorkshire Terrier.
  Bowlers interested in one of these bowling  balls can visit to purchase their favorite cuddly creation.

  Ed Townsend, a PR Consultant to the sport of bowling, write and compiles the information for this column. If you have league scores, tournament information, score a 300 game or 800 series or even bowl your age, call Ed at 845-439-8177, 845-866-0333, email at or fax at 845-205-4474. View this column and all of Ed's photos at We are also on Facebook and Twitter.

Bowling Tip
By Mike Luongo

  Not a lot is ever put in print about the radius of gyration or core torque (RG) in bowling balls.
  This week I would like to let you know about RG.
  First to help you understand the RG, a modern weight block in a professional bowling ball is composed of several parts of different densities.
  Each of these densities has two characteristics. It is a certain volume and it occupies a certain location. When fused together, all of the different densities (all the weight in the ball) act as if they are a single unit of a single density that is rotating at a single distance from the center of the ball.
  This is all the RG is. It is a measurement that tells you how far from the center of the ball the weight acts like it is rotating.
  As far as core torque, it is a phase we use in the industry to measure the "flip" in the ball. The higher the number the harder the ball will turn the corner. As with anything else, it is a guide for estimating potential. How flippy a ball really will be is determined by the shape of the core, the bowling style, the surface of the ball and the lane condition it is thrown on.
  A tall skinny core will generally flip harder that a short fat core. Even with all of is important that there is no substitute for a good shot.
  Mike Luongo is a certified IBPSIA Pro-Shop Operator, Master Instructor, USBC Silver Level Coach and an Adviser-Special Events assistant with the Storm and Roto Grip Bowling  Ball Company. Have a question, call him at 435-720-7939 or email at

Local Scores
(compiled by Ed Townsend)

Callicoon Kristal Bowl

Mon. Hortonville Ladies

  Sue Naughton 150, 174, Kelly Gombita 162, Lillian Zieres 187, 212, 192, 591, Chris Burr 160, Pat Peters 162, 151, Rebecca Rhodes 155, 202,  Virginia Connel 166, Judy Mohn 156, 158, Mardette Wilcox 162, 246, 177, 585, Florence Good 165, Joan Fredenburg 175, 154, Heather Puerschner 150.

 Kiamesha Lanes

Monday Men's

  Eddie Lake 246, 664, Rick Lake 245, 672, Rob Sze 265, 617, Dan Ricco 622, Jaryl Scott 264, 700, Donnie Durland 252, 299, 756, Josh Strang 257, 238, 718, Justin Holland 268, 636, Pedro Agapito III a 230, 242, 687, Rudy Belanchia 230, 621, James VanAken 257, 269, 747, Jon Wilhelm 238, 641, Kevin Stackhouse 236, Ronald Totten 243, 630, Arthur Stevens 268, 642, Carl Houghtaling 245, Lloyd Bridges 230, Robert E. Feeney 259, 236, 719, Keith Smith 227, 237, 245, 709, Charlie Tuttle 234, David Graham 603, Vincent DeGraw 617, Bobby Cooper 624, Kenny Atkins 245, Larry Whipple 253, 605.

 Wednesday Mens

  John Lopez 625, Larry Whipple 231, 668, Dave Graham 254, 242, 225, 721, James VanAken 235, 616, Thomas Belgiovene 236, 615, John Fischer 258, Robert Stewart 237, 656, David Garlinghouse 268, 657, Charles Tuttle 257, 626, Kyle Matthews 631, Gene Smith 622, Keith Smith 618, Kevin Stackhouse 227, 226, 632, Pedro Agapito III a 249, 237, 682.

Thursday Ladies

  Ann Sawyer 180, Pat Gibson 206, Debbie Polin 205, Dottie Cox 189, Trasey Barres 186.

Friday Mixed

  Trasey Barres 212, 502, Julie Chen 191, Nicole Dertinger 183, Regina Minena 180, Loretta VanAken 201, Larry Berens 236, 637, Paul Berens 616, David Graham 236, 265, 723, Eddie Lake 237, 640, Ryan Lepke 607, Keith Smith 612, James VanAken 609.



   Mets-Yankees Tailgate Together

  Only in New York can Mets and Yankees tailgate together.
  What I witnessed at the bus parking lots at City Field prior to the September 19 Mets-Yankees subway series game was a display of complete harmony and friendly competition as fans for both teams sat together sharing all kinds of food and drink while playing various games some three hours prior to the start of the 1:05 game.
  As bus after bus arrived in their designated area Yankee and Mets fans poured out of their buses and began setting up tables, grills and games such as beer-pong and cornhole while tables were filled with sandwiches, chips, liquid refreshments, beer kegs, jello shots, salads, cookies and cake and all kinds of favorite recipes.
  Every now and them there were the "Let's Go Mets" chants and these were followed by "Let's Go Yankee" cheering.
 But all in a friendly atmosphere which shows that even tho these two teams want to slap the other team off the field the combination of these two set of fans chose tailgating harmony prior to entering the stadium.
  The day game experience at City Field was certainly enhanced by the tailgating efforts that took place in the bus parking lots, from the simplest grills with hamburgers, hotdogs and brats to the extravagant grills with side burners and steaks along with other fancy meals.
  We saw the whole culinary gambit along with a vast array of team apparel featuring both team logo's and at the game itself a Yankee fan sat to the right of me and a Mets fan to my left and we all enjoyed friendly ribbing without raising our blood pressure.
  It's pretty much you name it and it was all there at the Yankee-Mets tailgating parties.


  NYS Open Senior Championships

  The 37th New York State (NYS) Open Senior Championships will be held October 10-11, 17-18 at the Lakeview Lanes in Fulton.
  Sponsored by the New York State United States Bowling Congress (USBC) this event features six age divisions.
  This event has increased in popularity over the past few years with 154 doubles teams participating last year in Cortland.
  So far, entries are coming in at a steady pace, noted NYS USBC Manager Mike Pettinella.
  The divisions include are Super Senior age 75 and up, Class A 70-74, Class B 65-69, Class C 60-64, Class D 55-59 and Class E 50-54.
  Bowlers may bowl with a senior from another age group for the Doubles event.
  Your age as of October 15, 2015 decides what division you bowl in.
  Entries close 1 hour prior to the last squad on October 18.....depending upon availability.
  Doubles, singles, and six-game combine entry fees if $50 for doubles ($25 per person), $25 for singles and $10 for the six-game combine.
  Entrants may bowl doubles only, singles only or both doubles and singles.
  One in five will cash and multiple entries are allowed.
  The handicap is 90% of 220.
  Squad times are October 10-11 at 10:45, 12:30, 2:45 and 4:30. The same squad time are set for October 17-18
  Champions of the Six-Game Combine in each of the six age classifications will have a chance to represent NYS at the 2016 USBC Championships in Las Vegas, Nev.
  Entry forms are available at
  Complete the form and send it and the fees to NYS USBC, 55 Edgewood Drive, Batavia, NY 14020.
  If you need assistance or additional information call 585-343-3736.

  Liz Johnson Defends
  Open Championship

   Cheektowaga New York lady professional Liz Johnson added another huge accomplishment to her legacy recently with a win at the 2015 Bowlmor AMF U.S. Women's Open in North Brunswick, NJ.
  Liz entered this tournament as the defending champion and is already in the United States Bowling Congress Hall of Fame.
  The 41-year-old right-hander defeated her Team USA teammate Shannon O'Keefe  by one pin, 190-189, to claim her fourth U.S. Women's Open title, breaking a tie for second place on the event's all-time win list behind fellow USBC Hall of Fame Marion Ladewig, who won eight times.
  Johnson earned $50,000 and the coveted green jacket for the win while O'Keefe took home $25,000 as the runner-up.

 Ed's Outlook

  * Frames Bowling Lounge at 550 9th Ave. in New York City is teaming up with New York Giants' offensive guard Geoff Schwartz to "Strike Out HD".....a bowling event benefiting the Huntington's Disease Society of America.
  The event is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. October 26 and consists of two hours of bowling, driks, light food and auction prizes.
  The cost is $100 per person (with $40 tax deductible).
  Huntington's Disease is a fatal genetic disorder that causes the progressive breakdown of nerve cells in the brain.
  For more information about this benefit, contact Rebecca Mooney at 212-242-1968, ext. 209.
 *  The Northeast Council of USBC Associations will conduct its fall handicap team tournament at JIB Lanes, 7-19 Parsons Blvd., Flushing on October 4 at 9 a.m.
  Entry fee is $86 per four person team.
  The event is open to officers, directors and associates  of United States Bowling Congress associations of the Northeast Council area.
  The council's luncheon is scheduled for 1 p.m.. at Cascarino's in College Point. The cost is $45 per person for reservations call 718-445-9755.
  To enter the tournament contact the New York City USBC at 718-366-6922.

  Ed Townsend, a PR Consultant to the sport of bowling, writes and compiles the information for this column. If you have league scores, tournament information, scores a 300 game or 800 series or even bowl your age, call Ed at 845-439-8177, 845-866-0333, email at or fax at 845-205-4474. View this column at We are also on Facebook and Twitter.

Bowling Tip
By Mike Luongo

  Bowlers: This week's tip is for any bowler who ends up out of balance at the foul line when delivering a bowling  ball.
  If you find yourself unable to finish your delivery is a strong balanced position, it may be a result of your follow through.
  It is important that when you follow through on your delivery, you do not reach OUT with your arm, but UP with your follow through.
  The reason?
  If your reach out, the weight of the ball will pull your upper body forward and may cause you to lose your balance. If you reach up, you can stay planted in a strong, solid position to deliver your bowling ball with accuracy and leverage.
  Mike Luongo is a certified IBPSIA Pro Shop Operator, Master Instructor, USBC Silver Level Coach and an Advisor-Special Events assistant with the Storm and Roto Brip Bowling Ball Company. Have a question, call him at 434-720-7939 or via email at

Local Scores
(Compiled by Ed Townsend)
 Beechwood Lanes
 Monday Ladies

  Nicole Herbert 161, 163, Pam Wayne 152, 153, Barbara Cady 179, Pat D'Agata 150, Janet Bertholf 158, Beth Schumacher  151, Tracy Puerschner 159, 160.

  Kiamesha Lanes
  Monday Men's

  Pedro Agapito III a 227, 627, Tom Belgiovene 627, Lloyd Bridges 647, Vinnie Collura 227, Vincent DeGraw 627, Donald Durland 233, 255, 709, Walt Edwards 225, Jody Farquhar 225, 648, Robert Feeney 250, 612, John Fischer 226, 615, Kyle Giordino 257, 234, 709, Eddie Lake 236, 649, Rick Lake 228, 646, Tim Minton 230, 623, Dan Ricco 225, Frank Scuderi 230, Vincent Scuderi 225, Keith Smith 640, Kevin Stackhouse 227, 256, 662, Ronald Totten 621, Timothy Totten 267, 611, Charlie Tuttle 619, James VanAken 619, Michael Weiner 236, Jon Wilhelm 602, Larry Whipple 228, 621.

 Tuesday Mixed Firefighters

  Wendy Swan 192, 204, 233, 629, Mary Lee Williams 174, 169, Linda Schaefer 151, Andrea Grossman 168, Joan Lake 182, 158, 155, Pedro Agapito III a 611, Karen Martin 161, Neil Bell 245, 615, Todd Telesky 225, Shane Cunningham 236, 242, 677, Bob Yakin Jr. 230, Pete Nastasi 257, 614, Trasey Barres 191, 161, 172, 524, Heather Dobell 167, 151, Christie Graham 162, 173, Carena Collura 189, 190, 177, 556, George Kelly 252, Cara Nicholson 203, 154, 155, 512, Ailene Washington 172, Leanne Mangabang 160, 174, 181, 515.

Wednesday Men's

  George Baggatta 244, Steve Belgiovene 241, 653, Tom Belgiovene 257, 609, Dave Graham 243, 653, Kyle Matthews 253, 245, 719, Thomas Mitchell 234, 644, Chris Parken 254, 607, Keith Smith 267, 236, 241, 744, Kevin Stackhouse 247, 652, Charles Tuttle 248, 237, 232, 717, James VanAken 246, 641, Larry Whipple 255, 647, Jon Wilhelm 247, 611.

 Thursday Ladies

  Barbara Feller 187, Lisa Cartwright 211, 192, Shirley Bowens 184, Dottie Cox 206, Trasey Barres 201, Audrey Woolard 222, Kelly Shattuck 245, 199, Audrey Sawyer 180, 202, Mary Jane Conklin 188, Joan Lake 198, Cara Nicholson 189, Sara Durland 186, 189, 538.

 Friday Mixed

  Larry Berens 246, 237, 666, Billy Dertinger 258, 628, David Graham 246, 649, Eddie Lake 226, 246, 656, Ryan Lepke 238, 610, Keith Smith 227, 263, 256, 746, Kevin Stackhouse 634, James VanAken 228, 228, 662, Trasey Barres 188, 504, Mary DeGraw 180, Nicole Dertinger 192, 531, MaryAnn Drobysh-Berens 193, 225, 579, Loretta VanAken 202, 514.


Everyone Will Miss Lee Siegel

  Having traveled to North/South Carolina and Tennessee this summer we were stunned upon our arrival back in Sullivan County to learn of the death of former 95-year-old Town of Rockland supervisor Lee Siegel.
  A true friend to everyone, we had the opportunity many years ago to be one of the members of the media that covered the board of supervisors meetings in Monticello where Lee represented not only the Town of Rockland but was a true pubic servant for the county of Sullivan.
  Over the years Lee and I would have many conversations about the present legislative form of government comparing it to the former board of supervisors and adding into our talks the pros and cons of both forms of government.
  Also remembering well the weekly visits to Siegel's Department Store in Livingston Manor where we helped Lee with his advertising requests and had the opportunity to view an outstanding array of merchandise.
  Lee was born on August 24, 1919 on the second floor of the building that would one day become Siegel's Department Store.
  We often saw Lee at the Livingston Manor Post Office and at various public events and he easily fit the category of being a consummate community guy.
  A very popular and very well liked man, Lee had several causes to which he devoted his life including working with the Livingston  Manor Rotary where he was a charter member, restoring the covered bridge in Livingston Manor, his service to Congregation Agudas Achim where he was president for 30 years and while a member of the Sullivan County Board of  Supervisors he initiated the first Sullivan County recycling center that was constructed in the Town of Rockland.
  In summing up the  greatness of Lee Siegel, his son Gary wrote on facebook the following statement about his dad, "is it the truth? is it fair to all concerned? will it build good will and better friendships? will is be beneficial to all concerned? that's the test my dad lived made Livingston Manor, Sullivan County and the world a better place."
  Our numerous conversations also centered around Lee's love for music, the Callicoon Center Band where he played clarinet and where his son Gary is also a member and the graduation of grandson Max from the Ithaca College of Music.
  Our last official photo of Lee was  taken at the Catskill Brewery in November of last year with the Brewery being  located about a block away from Lee's Livingston Manor home. The event was the introduction to the community of a new beer and also featured to Lee's delight the performance and  musical talents of the world renowned Pennsylvania based John Stanky Polka Band........he just loved music and this was a treat everyone was enjoying but Lee made sure to take time visiting with many locals. 
  We, his loving family and all that knew Lee will truly miss this great man.



  Local Bowling Leagues Have Started

  Kiamesha Lanes bowling proprietor Alpesh C. (A.C.) Patel gave indications this week that although 2015-16 fall leagues have already started that all leagues still have openings available and bowlers interested are asked to call 845-794-5561.
  Leagues that are bowling at Kiamesha this season include the Monday Men's, Tuesday MIxed (four on a team), Wednesday Men's, Thursday Ladies, Friday Mixed, Saturday Mixed and starting in October will be the Saturday morning youth leagues.
  Patel noted that at his Liberty Bowl the only league that will be starting in December is the ShopRite league.
  Bowlers interested in starting a league in Liberty (all evenings are available) are asked to call the above number.
  At Callicoon Kristal Bowl Kristal Whitmore reports that leagues include the Monday Ladies, Tuesday Men's and Wednesday Men's.
  The Monday and Tuesday leagues started this week and the Wednesday Men's will start soon.
  The Monday Ladies league has 8 teams with four on a team while the Tuesday Men's have 7 teams with five on a team.
  Kristal noted that there are openings for teams, individual bowlers and subs.
  Interested bowlers are asked to call 845-887-6887.

 Stony Point Lady
 Pro Wins First Title

  Stony Point (NY) professional Danielle McEwan just won her first professional title by claiming The Smithfield Professional Women's Bowling Association Tour Championship at Arlington, Texas.
  The Women's Tour Championship is promoted by
  In the Championship match, broadcast live on the CBS  Sports Network, McEwan defeaed Stefanie Johnson 233-205 at the International Training and Research Center.
  An emotional bowler, McEwan noted after her win, "it's been a long year and I'm so grateful to have the opportunity. It's good to see how everything I've worked for has paid off. The win means everything."
  McEwan's win earned her $20,000.

  World Senior

  The World Bowling Senior Championships held in late August at Sam's Town Bowling Center in Las Vagas featured eight of the best Senior bowers in the country on the United States squads.
  The four men and four women bowlers included Lennie Boresch, Bob Learn Jr., Johnny Petraglia, Ron Mohr, Tish Johnson, Lucy Sandelin, Paula Vidad and Robin Romeo.

 Ed"s Outlook

  We had the opportunity to talk to some of the professional bowlers late last year who competed in the the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) league event in Maine which produced some rousing, raucous and outrageously fun competition which is not the case on the regular PBA Tour where silence and no fan  movement is mandatory.  
  The professionals liked this atmosphere so much that some of the same will be repeated this year as team competition returns to Bayside Bowl in Portland for Maine Event 2016.
  At Bayside Bowl last year there was more fan interaction with the pros and cheering and loud music blared even when the bowlers stepped on the lanes and delivered their throw.
  The PBA's return to Portland will include a day of practice and pro-am activity when Maine adult, youth and senior league bowlers will have a chance to bowl with the stars of the PBA.
  Once again bowling fans will have the opportunity to watch this competition and the dates will be announced later this season.

  Ed Townsend, a PR consultant to the sport of bowling, writes and compiles the information for this column. If you have league scores and tournament information, score a 300 game or 800 series or even bowl your age, call Ed at 845-439-8177, 845-866-0333, email at or fax at 845-205-4474. View this column and all of Ed's pictures at We are also on Facebook and Twitter.

Bowling Tip
By Mike Luongo

  Learning the five fundamentals of a good bowling shot.
  So very often we forget the most basic steps that are designed to help us have fun and score a good game.
  These steps include getting ready in the stance position by taking a deep breath, bringing in air into our nose and exhaling through your mouth.
  The next step is getting lined up, before the start of  your match practice a couple of shots to see what the lane conditions are and even take a look at other bowlers and see what they are doing. You should watch your ball reaction and don't force your ball to curve.  (Equipment selection is important here.)
  Want good balance then make sure your first step is a short one.....this adds greatly to ending up with good balance when your release your ball.
  Keeping a loose swing is also important, stay away from using too much muscle. When you are ready to bowl make sure your hand and arm are relaxed before you start your approach.
  As you start the ball moving in your approach, make sure that the ball moves in a straight line toward the target on the lane. This will prevent your swing from going off line.
  Let the rest of your swing be relaxed.
  Mike Luongo is a certified IBPSIA Pro Shop Operator, Master Instructor, USBC Silver Level Coach and an Advisor-Special Events Assistant with the Storm and Roto Grip Bowling Ball Company. Have a question, call him at 435-720-7939 or email at

 Local Scores 

 (compiled by Ed Townsend)

Kiamesha Lanes

Tuesday Mixed Firefighters

  The league this year has two new league officers, Peter Scannell is the new president taking over for long time president Carena Collura and new league secretary Trasey Barres taking over for long time secretary Mary Lee Williams.
  John Hoffmann 235, 235, 242, 712,  Jen Cronk 172, Kat Cronk 161, Sue Sakell 159, Mary Lee Williams 166, 183, 508, Linda Schaefer 182, 167, Andrea Grossman 160, 168, 157, Joan Lake 215, Shane Cunningham 227, Wendy Swan 186, 185, 158, 529, Debra Blackford 161, Cara Nicholson 179, 168, Pete Nastasi 234, 613, Joann Ruggiero 158, Trasey Barres 177, 161, 162, 500, Heather Dobell 166, Laresko Nifa 230, 601, Christie Graham 176, 158,  Carena Collura 191, 151, George Kelly 246, 632, Karen Martin 158, Barbara Rustic 155.

Wednesday Men's

  New league secretary for this season is David Graham replacing John Fischer.
  James VanAken 268, 653, Tom Belgiovene 236, 652, John Fischer 617, Vinnie Collura 225, 642, Jon Wilhelm 233, 649, Carlos Torres 254, Eddie Lake 225, 609, Kyle Matthews 246, Gene Smith 632, Keith Smith 228, 612, Kevin Stackhouse 226, Russell Bivins 611.

  Thursday Ladies

  New league secretary and treasurer this season is Debbie Polin.
  Valerie Fersch 195, Shirley Bowens 191, Dottie Collins 182, Trasey Barres 210, Vera Bernhardt 181, Audrey Woolard 219, Marie Frunzi 182, Sherry Laird 190, Lisa Cartwright 195, Cara Nicholson 182, Sarah Durland 220, Pat Gibson 180, Debbie Polin 191, 225. 

Sunday, September 13, 2015



ARLINGTON, Texas - Danielle McEwan of Stony Point, New York, recorded her first professional victory by claiming The Smithfield Professional Women's Bowling Association Tour Championship promoted by on Sunday.
In the championship match, broadcast live on CBS Sports Network, McEwan defeated Stefanie Johnson of Grand Prairie, Texas, 233-205, at the International Training and Research Center.
McEwan overcame two 7-10 splits in the first six frames of the title match before settling in and delivering the final five strikes to force Johnson to double in the 10th to secure her second title of the season and PWBA Player of the Year honors.
"After the first one, I thought it was just a bad break and that it would be fine," McEwan said. "The second one really bothered me. I threw away the wood on the spare, which was not smart. After that I calmed down and made sure that pin didn't hurt me at the end of the match."
Johnson's first shot in the 10th went through the head pin, leaving a 7-10 split, to give the 24-year-old right-hander the title and $20,000 top prize.
"Everyone saw how emotional I got, and I'm usually not like that," McEwan said. "It's been a long year, and I'm so grateful to have the opportunity. It's good to see how everything I've worked for has paid off. This win means everything."
McEwan made her way into the final by defeating Liz Johnson of Cheektowaga, New York, in the semifinals, 278-224. Stefanie Johnson earned her spot in the championship match by besting PWBA spokesperson Kelly Kulick of Union, New Jersey, 231-224.
The event also finalized the PWBA Player of the Year race with Liz Johnson topping Stefanie Johnson for the honor. Stefanie Johnson claimed PWBA Rookie of the Year.
Liz Johnson, a USBC Hall of Famer, captured three titles, including the United States Bowling Congress Queens and Bowlmor AMF U.S. Women's Open, during the 2015 season and led all competitors in points, earnings and wins to take home the award for the first time in her storied career.
"It has been an incredible 2015 season," Liz Johnson said. "I didn't think at the beginning of the year that something like this would have happened. It's just been an amazing year, and I really worked hard for everything I got. Hopefully there's more to come."
Stefanie Johnson captured her first title at the PWBA Wichita Open in July, and led the tour in cashes and match-play appearances.
"It's a dream come true," Stefanie Johnson said. "Just to have this opportunity to bowl with the best of the best and continue to put myself in position to win was amazing, and to win Rookie of the Year has been the icing on the cake."
PWBA members qualified for the Tour Championship by either winning a title during the 2015 season or earning enough competition points. All 2015 PWBA Tour champions (who were members at the time of their victory) received an automatic invitation to the Tour Championship, and the remainder of the 16-player field was filled out through the PWBA points list.
For more information on the PWBA, visit
About the PWBA
The Professional Women's Bowling Association (PWBA) originally was formed in 1960. The PWBA Tour has events throughout the country, offering high-level competition and top prize money for women bowlers. The PWBA is supported by the Bowling Proprietors' Association of America (BPAA) and the United States Bowling Congress (USBC).
At International Training and Research Center, Arlington, Texas
Sunday's Results

(Losers eliminated, earn $5,000)

Danielle McEwan, Stony Point, N.Y., def. Liz Johnson, Cheektowaga, N.Y., 278-224
Stefanie Johnson, Grand Prairie, Texas, def. Kelly Kulick, Union, N.J., 231-224
(Winner earns $20,000; Loser earns $10,000)

McEwan def. S. Johnson, 233-205



MAYETTA, Kan., September 13, 2015 - Annie Park (Levittown, New York) continued her unbelievable rookie campaign by carding a 7-under 64, which tied the female course record, to win the Prairie Band Casino & Resort Charity Classic on Sunday at Firekeeper Golf Course. She finished at 13-under 203, three shots clear of Margarita Ramos (Mexico City, Mexico), to claim her third Symetra Tour win in just nine starts. 

Park locks up an LPGA Tour card for the 2016 season as she moves to No. 2 on the Volvik Race for the Card money list with just four events left. Park also won the Toyota Danielle Downey Classic and the PHC Classic. She becomes the tenth player in Tour history to win three events in a single-season. 

“It has been a lifelong dream of mine to play on the LPGA since I started golf when I was eight years old,” said Park. “I looked up to Annika Sorenstam and I knew I wanted to be like her when I grew up. I’m speechless and I can’t wait to play on the LPGA next year.”

Park, who trailed by three shots entering the final round, birdied three of her first four holes to quickly erase the deficit. The 20-year-old proceeded to birdie six and eight to make the turn at 31 and grab a two shot lead on the tee box at 10. In the group behind Park, second round leader Sara-Maude Juneau (Quebec, Canada) made a double-bogey on nine to give Park a four shot cushion. 

The 2013 NCAA individual national champion at USC made birdie on 12 to take a commanding five shot lead with six to play. Park didn’t let up with a birdie on 15 and an easy tap in birdie on the drivable par-4 17th to leave no doubt. She made an easy par on 18 and the rest was academic. Ramos charged late with birdies on 14, 15 and 17, but Park had already built an insurmountable lead. 

“My goal coming into the round was just to make a lot of putts because I missed a few in the first two rounds,” said Park, who attempted 31 putts in rounds one and two, but just 28 on Sunday. “I was hitting and putting well so it was a great day.”

Park has now posted 23 consecutive rounds of even par or better. Of the 23 rounds, 21 have been under par. Her last over par round was June 28 at the Island Resort Championship. 

“My first two wins were pretty unexpected and I’d say this one was too,” said Park. “I had a blast on the Symetra Tour with my friends Grace (Na), Jennifer (Yang) and Kimberly (Kim). All the players are so nice on Tour and it didn’t even feel like playing tournament golf sometimes.”

Although Park has secured her LPGA card, she intends to play the rest of the tournaments, although she will focus more on her school work.

“My goal is to finish my 20 units of school for this semester,” said Park, a communications major at USC. “I also want to graduate in May of 2016 so hopefully I can balance both golf and school next year.”

Park’s mom, Ann, has been a popular caddie on Tour because of her bubbly personality and hip dance moves after a birdie.

“On and off the course, my mom keeps me happy and having fun,” said Park. “I love traveling with her. Not only does she caddie, but she cooks and drives. She gets the super mom award. She has been my hero too growing up.”

In just nine starts, Park has now earned $66,125. She has finished inside the top 15 in each of the last seven events. 

ANNIE PARKS WINS 2015 POTAWATOMI CUP: Annie Park also earned 500 points for her victory at the Prairie Band Casino & Resort Charity Classic to win the Potawatomi Cup with 1,068 total points. Park also won the PHC Classic and finished in a tie for 19th in her professional debut at the Four Winds Invitational. 

The Prairie Band Casino & Resort Charity Classic is the final of five Potawatomi Cup events. 

“I’m very thankful to the events sponsored by Potawatomi Nation tribes for organizing the Potawatomi Cup,” said Park. “They were obviously some of my favorite events this year because I was able to play well and they all treated us great.”

Park earns a $6,000 bonus for winning the Potawatomi Cup and also pockets $3,000 to having the highest point total at the end of the Prairie Band Casino & Resort Charity Classic. Park made a total of $10,500 through the Potawatomi Cup. 


Indians Eliminate RailRiders
Indianapolis Overcomes Kyle Davies' Gem

Moosic, Pa. - Right-hander Kyle Davies saved his best for when his team needed it most, but it wasn't enough as the Indianapolis Indians escaped PNC Field with a 4-2 win over the SWB RailRiders (Triple-A/New York Yankees) Friday night. The win completes a three-game sweep of the best-of-five semifinal round for Indianapolis.
Davies limited the Indians to two hits across eight shutout innings. He walked one and struck out five while facing one over the minimum. He never allowed a runner to second base.
While Davies was holding down the Indians, the RailRiders strung together scoring chances in six straight innings. Slade Heathcott opened the first with a single and later scored on a stolen base and throwing error by a catcher. Cole Figueroa made it 2-0 on a single in the fifth that plated Ben Gamel.
Indianapolis scored four runs against Johnny Barbato in the top of the ninth. Dan Gamache opened the frame with a walk and went to second on a single by pinch hitter Steve Lombardozzi. Alen Hanson loaded the bases with a base knock.
An errant pitch struck Gorkys Hernandez in the shoulder to force in Gamache and a Josh Bell sacrifice fly to left tied the score at two. John Bowker struck the final blow with a two-run single that chased Barbato from the game.
SWB loaded the bases in the last of the ninth against closer Blake Wood, but could not capitalize. The team finished 1-for-13 with runners in scoring position and stranded 15 on base. Game finished the night 4-for-4 and reached a fifth time on a walk.
The RailRiders will open the 2016 season on Thursday, April 7, at PNC Field against the Rochester Red Wings. Ticket packages and a promotional schedule will be available at a later date. For more information please call (570) 969-BALL (2255) or visit

Saturday, September 12, 2015


B-Mets Swept as Comeback Bid Sputters, 4-2
READING, PA – The Binghamton Mets fell to the Reading Fightin Phils, 4-2, on Saturday night at FirstEnergy Stadium and were swept in three games in the Eastern Division Championship Series. The B-Mets surrendered four runs early and went 0-for-11 with runners in scoring position in the series-sealing defeat. The Fightins will play the Bowie Baysox in the Eastern League Championship Series.
JP Crawford set the tone for Reading two batters into the first inning. The Fightins shortstop blasted Gabriel Ynoa’s eighth pitch of the night beyond the right-field wall for his first home run of the postseason.
The Fightin Phils offense reached another gear in the second, pushing three more runs across. Following two hits to open the inning, Angelo Mora lifted a sacrifice fly to left. Two batters later, Nick Williams crushed his second home run in as many games, pushing Reading to a four-run lead.
In the third, Reading loaded the bases and chased Ynoa from the game. Beck Wheeler took over and struck out Mora before Ben Lively hit a long fly ball to the right-field alley. Joe Benson caught the drive in stride on the warning track to end the inning and quash the threat.
After keeping Binghamton in the game with his glove, Benson pulled the B-Mets closer with his bat in the fourth. With a runner aboard, Benson lifted a 1-2 pitch from Lively over the right-field wall. His two-out blast cut the deficit in half.
Binghamton threatened against the Reading bullpen, but failed to collect the timely hit. LJ Mazzilli lined out to Ryan O’Sullivan with two on in the seventh. TJ Rivera reached second with none out in the eighth, but was stranded when Jimmy Cordero retired the heart of the B-Mets order. Stephen Shakleford surrendered a double to Benson to start the ninth, but registered three straight outs to punch Reading’s ticket to the Championship series.
Lively (0-1) allowed two runs on four hits over five innings in the win. Ynoa (0-1) was tagged for four runs on six hits over 2-1/3 innings in his first career postseason loss. Four B-Met relievers combined for 5-2/3 innings of scoreless relief.
POSTGAME NOTES: Binghamton finished the series hitless in their final 18 at-bats with runners in scoring position…Binghamton’s three starters combined for a 10.03 ERA and a .483 opponent batting average…it is the second time in franchise history the B-Mets have been swept in a playoff series (2013 EDCS vs Trenton)



 Never Knew About Cornhole Game

  Our trip recently to North/South Caroline brought a new and exciting game into our lives and now you can find us in our backyard playing Cornhole.
  My first impression was that this was something new but many tell us they have played this sport for year.
  While enjoying diner and conversation at Mulligan's in Little River, SC owner Phil asked if we wanted to get into the weekly Thursday night Cornhole tournament. 
  Shirl and I said yes, added grandson Rodney's name and put our names in  the hat as teams are selected by drawing names ...... and this eliminates putting a team of ringers in this event.
  We played in the tournament and Shirley and her partner captured second place.....her success had to be contributed with the way she use to pitch slo-pitch softball for 29-years.
  Well anyway we have become hooked on the game and now have our own boards, cornbags and score board. Next to go up are lights and bug lights so we can play later in the evening and maybe even a big fireplace.
  We found a nice flat surface in the back yard and set the boards directly facing each other 27-feet apart. The pitching boxes (where you thrown the cornbags from) are on each side of the cornhole board. 
  The game can be played with two or four players....much more fun with four.
  In throwing the cornbag you cannot go past the front edge of the board and also a tossed bag may not touch the ground or go from the ground to the board surface.
  Object of the game, put your cornbags (four of them) into the hole of the cornhole board (27-feet away from you), for three points or on the surface of the board for one point each. If you score in the hole and your opponent also scores in the  hole it's a draw and no one gets any points...... the same if you put two bags on the board and your opponent does the same it's a wash and no score.
  Game is 21 points. If you earn the most points your team will throw first in the next inning.
  And guess what folks, this is a serious game with serious competition, official rules and an official American Cornhole Association (ACA) governing body with ACA Sanctioned Tournaments. Cornhole boards can be made from a complete guide online or the boards and supplies can be purchased from various stores and online.
  How about  holding a national Cornhole Tournament in Sullivan County with serious prize money?


  Loyal Fan Get's Team Jacket

  Fan loyalty is the loyalty felt and expressed by a fan towards the object of their fanaticism.
  Fan loyalty, particularly with respect to team sports is different from brand loyalty, in as much as if a consumer bought a product that was of lower quality than expected, they will usually abandon allegiance to that brand.
  However, fan loyalty continues even if the team that the fan supports continues to perform poorly year after year. 
  Psychologists have reported studying fan loyalty, and what causes a person to be a loyal fan, that sticks with a team through adversity, rather than a fair-weather fan, that switches support to whatever teams happen to be successful at the time.
  The entertainment value that a sports fan derives from spectating motivates them to remain a loyal fan and encourages fan bonding which is where a fan bonds with the players, identifying with them as individuals and bonds with the team.
  Team history and tradition is a motivator for fans and these are possibly some of the reasons why 86-year-old Youngsville ladies softball fan Al Picard never misses a Charlie's Angels women's softball league game.
  Al has been coming to every  Angels game for the past three years after being introduced to the team by his barber and Angels first baseman Robyn Gannon.
  Al's comment about the Angels team was "I love my girls."
  A former 37-year resident of White Sulphur Springs Al now makes his home in Youngsville. He served 50 years as a member of the White Sulphur Springs Fire Department.
  Having suffered two heart attacks and having gone through two open heart surgeries and now needing to wear a heart pacemaker  Al Picard has put his health problems aside to  become a faithful loyal fan of the  Charlie's Angels softball team.
  On August 4th the team honored Al with the presentation of a team jacket with his name embroidered on it.


  Is Property Tax Cap Working Out?

  Taxes and government are always favorite topics to discuss with politicians, whether they are Republican, Democrat or  Independent and the topic of the property tax cap gets some interesting discussion.
  Of course when discussing these topics politicians do not want their name mentioned but there are some who  really don't  think too highly of the limit on property tax as one of several ways to stop the ever increasing property taxes.
  We continue to hear from so many of the folks who still feel that everyone in New York State is more then struggling to pay rising property taxes and so many are  in favor of using government consolidation as the mechanism that can reduce numbers of local government units.
   Interesting to note that many in the political circle voiced the opinion that tax control or a limit on how high taxes can be raised just gives government the right to raise property taxes a small percentage each year and does not go to the heart of the problem which is New York property taxes which top the national average.
   The opinion is very strong that many  who live in New York State wants much needed reform on rising property taxes and folks can no longer put up with ever increasing property taxes. Just look at the number of people who have their homes up for sale and are moving out of the state.
   Of course everyone hears  too much lip service on the topic of tax control and politicians everywhere say they are going to keep taxes down but never follow through on their political promises.
   We hear all the time from folks who agree that local government and school districts think they are pulling the wool over our eyes by only announcing small yearly tax increases.
   Many express comments  that the  limit on property tax rates is again nothing more than political BS and serious studies by all municipalities and school districts should focus on consolidation which can lead to expanding the present tax base and a reduction in property taxes.


  The Coal Mines Of National Politics

  Local elections are getting closer and we hear folks asking what proposals candidates for the county legislature  will make.
  The coal mines of national politics is also getting a lot of attentions as veteran politicians are being challenged by challengers  who previously have  been very comfortable in corporate boardrooms.
  Some so called political experts are voicing opinions that candidates have to possess political backgrounds and that these are necessary qualifications to be president.
  Non political candidates are advocating that they possess a lifetime of leadership, an understanding of how the world works, how bureaucracies work, they understand technology, understand leadership and have executive decision-making knowledge.
  We hear comments that the office of president needs leadership of a different kind and that our government was intended to be a citizen government and not one of a professional political class.
  Many statements are being made that our nation is at a pivotal point and that many want something else out of our government  then what they are now getting.
  Over and over again the folks are heard saying that Washington and the federal government is a mess that needs to be cleaned up and that we need a much better system of reaching out to all kinds of people.
  The call for our government to become more realistic and empathetic....not judgmental is expressed by many.
  There is much discussion that we need to talk in common-sense terms not in politically charged sound bites.
  People say they don't like the anger and the vitriol and the arguing in politics and that serious issues need serious conversations about them.
  The fight for the direction of our nation is just beginning and many entrenched politicians don't agree with non-political candidates who advocate big changes in Washington.


A One Stop Golf Complex

  Myrtle Beach is labeled as the  "golf capital" of the world and part of this golf wonderland is the Harborview 18-hole executive par 3 golf course that is also lighted for night play.
  Harborview is located near the picturesque fishing village of Little River, South Carolina and close to many restaurants and shops near the Intercoastal Waterway featuring the quant shops and restaurants of Calabash, North Carolina, just a short drive over the North/South Carolina border.
  This par 3 executive course, managed by Rita Kreutter, has been voted No. 1 in the Carolinas and the course is in a class by itself.
  Holes range from 100 yards to 154 yards and these holes wander through a beautiful tree filled course and with lights the facility is open until 11 p.m.
  With the average distance for holes being between 125 and 130 yards the course is more than just a pitch and putt.
  Club selection plays an important role here plus sharpen up your putting skills if you want to get anywhere near the 18-hole par score of 54.
  This fun-filled 18-hole course can be played in about 2.5 hours and tee times are not required and rental clubs and riding carts are available.
  Golfers looking to sharpen their short game will also appreciate the availability of a qualified instructor.
  Each hole on this beautiful  course has two sets of tees available 7 days a week from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.
  Harbour View also features a driving range which was voted in the top 50 ranges in the U.S. and the Tribal Island Miniature Golf course with play thru caverns and beneath waterfalls and an active volcano.
  The driving range offers practice off turf or mates, has target greens, sand bunkers and a chipping area.
  This golfing complex offers affordable rates, group discounts and winter memberships.
   When visiting the Myrtle Beach area the course is located at 901 Highway 17 N next to the Sleep Inn Motel.
   Sullivan County can learn by the success that the Myrtle Beach offers...... the golf industry should consider offering a par 3 lighted golf facility.

Ed's Outlook

  What would you do if you were a spectator at a Professional Championship tournament and a professional golfer needed a caddie because  he had just fired his professional caddie?
  Veteran PGA Tour Golfer Robert Allenby is once again making headlines for something other than his golf scores after firing his caddie in the middle of the first round at the RBC Canadian Open.
  Allenby said after the round that he fired his caddie, Mick Middiemo, after he completed nine holes following a verbal confrontation on the course.
  A fan standing nearby heard Allenby talking to a course official and volunteered to carry Allenby's bag and the golfer agreed to go along with it.
  The verbal confrontation allegedly came after Allenby and his caddie disagreed on a club choice on the approach to the par-5 13-th hole, his fourth hold of the day.
  Allenby, not in a very good frame of mind due to an earlier penalty, was already hitting his fourth shot on the hole and the approach, using the club suggested by his caddie, ended up in a creek.
  The fan, identified as Tom Fraser noted that he didn't do much to try and assist Allenby and got a lot of help from the other caddies in the group and where to stand and lay the bag.
  Allerby went on to shoot 81 in the opening round but withdrew afterward.
  Would you as a spectator step up to the plate and volunteer to be a caddie for a professional golfer?

  Ed Townsend, a PR Consultant to the sport of golf, writes and compiles the information for this column. If you have league and tournament information, shoot a hole-in-one or even score your age, let Ed know at 845-439-8177, 845-866-0333, email at or fax at 845-205-4474. View this column and all of Ed's pictures at We are also on Facebook and Twitter.

Golf Tip
By Robert Menges

  The Golf Stance For Chipping
  Is is very important to setup to any shot correctly. This lesson is a golf stance tip to help you setup correctly every time. A good solid setup will help make hitting your short game shots closer to the hole.
  This in turn will give you shorter putts for your next shot.
  The key to any setup is to place your club head behind the ball before you set your body into position. This is the only way to be sure that you are aiming correctly. The chip shot in particular relieve heavily on proper aiming.
  You are trying to get the ball as close to the hole as possible.....and therefore you are aiming at the smallest target there is in golf....the hole.
  When you put your club on the ground keep your feet together. This is a little trick that will allow you to keep your focus on aiming your golf club first.
  Keep your club in it's position and spread your feed so that your heals are no more than 6 inches can be less than 6 inches if that is more comfortable for you, however you should not get wider than that.
  A narrow stance naturally makes your swing a little steeper....this is good for chipping because it helps ensure a downward strike on the golf ball and a downward strike is the only way to make good contact.
  You should have plenty of balance because the swing is so short and you don't need a lot of power.
  With feet spread slide your left foot away from the ball, bend knees slightly, push your butt backwards, keep your shoulders square, lean some of your weight onto your left foot and make sure your hands are slightly ahead of the ball.
  Follow these steps and you will develop a rock solid chipping setup position.
  Robert Menges is the head golf professional at the Swan Lake Golf & Country Club on Mt. Hope Road in Swan Lake. He is available for private lessons and if you have a question or subject you would like covered, he can be reached at 845-292-0323 or by email at

Putting Tip
 By Joseph Bermel Jr.

   This week we are offering several tips on how to improve your putting skills.
   The first tip is to get it within two feet...simply putting the ball within a two-foot radius from the hole.
   Try to leave yourself with an easy uphill second putt. Try to stay away from a downhill putt which includes a break..
   Take the putter back a lesser distance and speed up through the increases control that is gained through acceleration.
  Keep it basic......take the blade of the putter back and hit the ball squarely at impact...the more basic this is the more consistent you may become.
  On lengthier putts concentrate on the target which should be two inches off to the right of the hole anticipating the break of the green being two inches. Other factors that could influence break are speed of the greens, how the grass lies following cutting and powerful wind.
  Joe Bermel Jr. is available for private lessons, group, corporate, organization and golf shows-tournaments. His special edition DVD "How To Putt Well" and his 2015 Golf Tips Calendar are available by calling 631-589-1384, at his Web site or email at


 North-South Carolina Golf

   There is no doubt in this golf columnist's mind that Myrle Beach fits the terminology as being the Golf Capital of the World but just three miles north of the South-North Carolina state line lies the beautiful community of Calabash, North Carolina and within its borders sits the Brunswick Plantation & Golf Resort.
  The Brunswick Golf Resort stood out in this writers mind as one of the most attractive and  professionally run golf facilities in the entire coastal area of these two states.
  Willard Byrd is the designer of this course composed  of  Champion Bermuda grass and the course's architecture requires adept shot placement and strategy.
  The pristine Carolina woodlands are the backdrop of this classic layout with hazards which range from heavy bunkers flanking the landing areas to strategically placed water hazards.
  The scenery is lush with sights and sounds of nature along the way.
  A theatrical flair is seen throughout the course but especially noted on the 15th green which is encircled by oyster shells and accessible by a bridge.
  Play at Brunswick Plantation transcends an average round and the three nine-hole courses are exciting for those of all skill levels.
  The course length of the three nines include 3,395 for Magnolia, 3,450 for Dogwood and 3,322 for Azalea. 
  Following a great round of golf the Brunswick Plantation 19th Hole Entertainment offers a delicious dining and delightful musical  entertainment.
  A beautiful clubhouse and pro-shop offers many opportunities for golfers.
  The outstanding golf and the Calabash, NC, Little River, SC, and North Myrtle Beach, SC areas offer a two state solution for fun in the coastal Carolina section of this country.
  We highly recommend this coastal Carolina area as a perfect location for recreation and relaxation and what many call "a better way of life."

 Ed's Outlook

    Argentine golfer Andres Romero while competing at the Barracuda Championship recently punched a sign and was forced to tee off with his putter.
    It all started when Romero made consecutive bogeys on the 13th and 14th holes at Montreux Golf and Country Club, dropping to just 3 points on the day in the modified Stableford scoring system format.
  At this point in his game  frustration set in and he punched a sign on the 15th tee box which resulted in an injury to his hand.
  Tournament officials checked his injury allowing a group to play through and Romero decided to play on, taking advantage of the scoring format whereby  a player could lose no more than 3 points on a hole...which was the score assigned to a double bogey or worst.
  With the injury Romero then had to putt his ball off of each of the final four tees and then picked up the ball on each hole to take a double bogey.
  In punching the sign Romero went from gaining 3 points to losing 9 points on the day and after the match he withdrew.
  Proves that if the your game leads to frustration its better to walk it off and leave the punching to athletes in the squared ring.

  Ed Townsend is a PR consultant to the sport of golf. Ed writes and compiles the information for this column. If you have league or tournament information, shoot a hole-in-one or even shoot your age, let Ed know at 845-439-8177, 845-866-0333,  email at or fax at 845-205-4474. View this column and all of Ed's Pictures at We are on Facebook and Twitter.

 Golf Tip
 By Robert Menges

  Golf is a great game but it's not the easiest one to learn.
  It's important to remember that everyone started out as a beginner, but some of us pick up on the game faster than others.
  I think a big reason why some people struggle is they get bad advise.
  Our goal is to make sure that someone who is just starting out and wanting to learn the game can do so with the professional information we can provide you with.
  A lot of players get nervous to play with other golfers because they don't want to appear stupid for not knowing everything about the game
  We encourage our golfers to get better and to do so quickly.
  In getting there more quickly first time golfers should learn the basic parts of a golf course....if you aren't familiar with golf at all sit down to study the basic parts of a golf course.
  Another area of importance is to become familiar with common golf terms. This is very beneficial to learning the great game of golf.
  Next it's important to talk with a golf professional about what type of golf equipment you'll need and what is best suited for starting out.
  A golf professional should be able to provide what clubs a beginner should have, can introduce new golfers to golf training aids, can educate golfers about common golf injuries, can teach how to grip a golf club, how to address a golf ball, how to clean your golf clubs, can teach proper golf swings and will be able to teach the etiquette of this game.
  Getting help from a professional includes golf lessons and information as to what to expect from a golf lesson.
  Robert Menges is the head golf professional at the Swan Lake Golf & Country Club on Mt. Hope Road, Swan Lake. He is available for private golf lessons and if you have a question or subject you would like covered, he can be reached at 845-292-0323 or via email at

 Putting Tip
 By Joseph Bermel Jr.

  Learning how to putt is one of the most important skills to have when trying to improve your scores.
  It looks so simple, but any mistake you make on the green does not leave you any chance to recover.
  A tap-in adds one stroke to your score just like a 300+ yard drive does.
  Every hole you play, except for a hole-in-one, will end with you putting the ball into the hole.
  One of the most difficult things about improving your putting is that you have to practice the right technique using the proper drills if you want to make strides in this part of your game.
  We encourage getting a professional who will teach you proper fundamentals like grip, stance and alignment before moving on to the actual stroke, distance control and reading greens so you know the direction and speed in which to putt your ball towards the hole.
  Follow our weekly tips or call us for a private lessons and you will learn how to putt and do it well.
  Joe Bermel is available for private lessons, group, corporate, organization and golf shows/tournaments. His special edition DVD "How To Putt Well" and his 2015 Golf Tips Calendar are available at his web site,


  Winter Golf At The Golf Shop 

  Dave Worden has been in the golf-related business for 35-years and offers opportunities to golfers 12-months of the year. 
  The 56 year-old former outstanding four-letter Middletown Central School athlete opened The Golf Shop in Middletown in 1992 and was the former Director of Golf of the  Honor's Haven Fallsview Golf Course near Ellenville.. 
   Dave has become very well known to Sullivan County golfers with his club repairs and club rebuilding  where he gives golfers his personal attention..... they also enjoy golfing in the winter.
  Taking golf indoors during the late fall, winters and early spring months has become a speciality at Dave's Indoor Golf Center located within The Golf Shop at 316 East Main Street, Middletown where winter indoor golf is played on Deadsolid Golf Simulators.
  The Indoor Golf Center features leagues for single men, two man teams, single ladies, two lady teams and juniors.
  Dave points out that the golf simulators provide realistic computer images, swing speed, swing tempo, face angle, face rotation , impact point and yardage. "This is real golf with amazing feedback," Worden said.
  Clubmaking has been a part of The Golf Shop for over 20-years and Dave is associated with the Golf Clubmakers Association and Professional Clubmakers Society.
  He describes himself as "self-taught" when it comes to clubmaking. 
  His wife Terry works closely with Dave performing all the bookkeeping aspects.  All members of Dave's family play golf.
  Worden lettered in four sports at Middletown High and played football and lacrosse at Hudson Valley Community College before moving on to the University of South Florida.
  He formerly taught International Leadership Training (ILT) at the Honor Haven Clubhouse where he was involved with  students ages 12-14 from mainland Korea who come here to learn English, Math, Money, Budgets and various aspects about the game of golf. 
  Dave Worden breathes, eats and sleeps the game of golf and his  outstanding enthusiasm for the sport and his desire to help others enjoy the sport is a beautiful thing to see. 
  Stop by or call Dave at  845-344-2582 or at his email address, .

Ed's Outlook

  Sullivan County golfers don't have far to go to enjoy what Golf Course Designer Robert Trent Jones Sr. developed near Ellenville.
  Jones built a gem when he put together the plans for the the Fallsview Golf Couse at the Honor's Haven Resort and Spa located just outside the village of Ellenville. 
  On this nine-hole facility there is not a weak hole to be found and some consider holes seven through nine the toughest three finishers in the Tri-State area. 
  This week we will take you through the first three holes and follow up with three holes each for the next two weeks.
  From the blue tees the total yardage is 3,432 and 6,342 for 18 holes.
  Hole No. 1 is a par 4 totaling 401 yards and  is a fairly straight hole with a lake down the left side of the fairway and a bunker down the right side which requires you to drive straight down the middle. A large undulating green has sand traps to the left and front of the green. Keep it straight and you get your par here.
  Hole No. 2 is a 173 yard par 3 and a safe play to the middle of the green is recommended. The pin positions usually tempt golfers to attack on this shortest of the par three holes. An errant tee shot here and your looking at a bogie.
  Hole No. 3 is a 509 yard par 5 with high risk. The Sandburg Creek greet golfers off the tee and runs parallel to the third hole and Gully Creek must be traversed off the tee. A bunker lines the right side of the fairway and is reachable with your tee shot. The green is defended by a pond on the right and a deep face bunker greenside. A five on this hole requires accurate shooting.

  Ed Townsend is a PR Consultant to the sport of golf. Ed writes and compiles the information for this column. If you have league and tournament information, shoot a hole-in-one or even shoot your age, let Ed know at 845-439-8177, 845-866-0333, email at or fax at 845-205-4474. View this column and all of my pictures at  We are also on Facebook and Twitter.
 The Golf Tip
 By Robert Menges

  The Importance of Wedges:
  In today's ever-changing golf game, most players are under the influence if they hit the ball longer they will play better.
  Even though technology has increased now far the ball will travel, the scores are about the same. There is no doubt that if you hit the ball longer you should have less club to the green and be able to get the ball closer to the hole and make more putts.
  I believe this to be true, but you better be able to hit  shots on the green close to the pin. In order to hit the ball close, I feel it is important to carry three wedges in your golf bag. Most people have a pitching wedge that some with their set. This club has 47  to 49 degrees of loft. You have a choice to make for the other two wedges. A gap wedge with about 50 to 55 degrees of loft and a lob wedge is about 60 to 64 degrees of loft. I would choose between these two clubs depending on how far you hit the ball.
  A lob wedge will save you shots around the green and a gap wedge will help you with the in between yardages in the fairway.
  You should always carry a sand wedge that has 54-57 degrees of loft.
  Some touring Professionals will carry 4 wedges in their bag.
  The next time you play a round of golf, count how many shots you take from 100 yards in to the green. I think you will find that this will total about 60 percent of your score.
  When you are trying to improve your score, it is important to lower the number of shots you take close to the green. I think having three wedges in your bag will help you accomplish a lower score.
  Robert Menges is the head golf professional at the Swan Lake Golf & Country Club, Mt. Hope Road, Swan Lake. He is available for private lessons and if you have a question or subject you would like covered, he can be reached at 845-292-0323 or email at 
  Putting Tip
  By Joe Bermel Jr.

  The miscue of golfers is that on short putts, especially, they decelerate on the forward stroke.
  Golfers need to do the exact opposite, that is accelerate on the forward stroke.
  Short putting is from a tap up to six feet, the "holy grail" of putting.
  Paramount to be proficient here.......your second putt on every hole is between a tap in and up to six feet.
  How many of these 18 you make or do not make will determine your score.
  Joe Bermel is available for private lessons, group, corporate, organization and golf shows/tournaments. His special edition DVD "How to Putt Well" is available by calling 631-589-1384, at his web site or by email at 


 Tournaments Popular In County

  It's very evident by the long list of local tournaments we publish weekly  in our column that tournament play is a big part of Sullivan County golf.
  One might wonder why the average golfer would be interested in tournament play......if so we talked to local golf course professionals and managers to see what they had to say about how to prepare for these events and what tournaments are best for golfers.
  The opinion of local golf professionals is that participating in tournaments can be beneficial for several reasons.
  Naturally networking and entertainment can be a determining factor, but it can actually improve your game and make you a more versatile golfer.
  Tournament play is a completely different animal than playing with your regular Sunday golf group.
  First there is the increased pressure. When you play the same course each week with the same group, you generally shoot the same score.
  If you miss a putt it may cost you some "skin" money or a beverage of choice, but you'll get another chance next week.
  Tournament play on the other hand is much different . Instead of three players trying to beat you, there are potentially hundreds of players trying to do the same thing.....WIN.
  Golf is a mental game to some degree, however, the mindset during a tournament changes drastically.
  Tournament golf forces one to stay focused on moving forward and don't let mistakes get the best of you.
  Thinking about your upcoming shot and how to execute it should be your ultimate goal.....not what went wrong with a previous swing.
  Preparation is important in tournament play....... to perform your best get to know the course ahead of time with a practice round .... get plenty of rest and eat correctly before you plat....bring healthy snacks to keep you going and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.
  When deciding which tournaments to play take into consideration the cost, location, format of play and the level of golfer the tournament attracts.....if you are new to tournament play look for fun tournaments.
  It's great to experience the tournament atmosphere and always enjoy the game.

 Ed's Outlook

  Last week we outlined the first three holes of play at the Honor's Haven Fallsview Golf Course.
  This week is my take on holes four, five and six.
  Hole No. 4 is a par 4 consisting of 433 yards. The definition bunkers that frame this hole will gobble up any off line tee shots so you have to keep is straight into the landing area which is extremely narrow between the tee and green. Out of bounds left tends to make the golfer look right for a favored angle off the tee but that that route leaves the golfer with an intimidating approach shot over a cavernous front right bunker. A par here is very rewarding and requires accuracy.
  Hole No. 5 is a par 3 with yardage totaling 204 yards. This hole definitely requires accuracy off the tee. One of the most dominating characteristics of Robert Trent Jones Sr. is the use of long, straight tees known as "aircraft carrier" or runway tees. This 64-yard long teeing ground is a theme of the course and allows for many varied distances to an elevated bowl-shaped green. Two bunkers guard the front of the green and any tee shot that misses to the right or left of the green will kick wildly and add to the difficulty of scoring your par. A good tee shot landing on the green almost guarantees a birdie or par. 
  Hole No. 6 is a par 5 and registers 606 yards in length making it the longest hole on the course and is a demanding three shot challenge.The Gully Creek which meanders the full length of this dogleg left hole will swallow up any ball hit left of the fairway. A miss left in the ancient sycamore trees or a miss right into the stand of oaks will leave virtually no shot to the green. If on the green in three shots, the challenge is far from over. The sixth green is so severely sloped from back to front that players have been above the hole and putted off the green. Wow.....this is a great golf hole where discipline must be maintained and accurate putting is mandatory.
  We'll conclude our description of this outstanding nine-hole  course with the final three holes next week.

  Ed Townsend is a PR Consultant to the sport of golf. Ed writes and compiles the information for this column. If you have league or tournament information, shoot a hole-in-one or even shoot your age, let Ed know at 845-439-8177, 845-866-0333, email at or fax at 845-205-4474. View this column and all my pictures at We are also on Facebook and Twitter.
The Golf Tip
By Robert Menges

  Simple Drill To Improve Your Swing Tempo.
  Here's a simple drill to improve our swing tempo.
  Go to the driving range and alternate between hitting shots with your short irons and then your long irons.
  For example, hit one shot with your wedge and the next with your 3 wood. Hit the next shot with your 8 iron and the next shot with your 3 iron.
  Then the next shot with your 9 iron and the hit your driver.
  And when your doing this try to make the swing with the longer club the same as the swing with the shorter clubs.
  The late, great Payne Stewart used to do this all the time and if you remember his was as smooth as silk.
  So do this exercise and do it often so your too can have a smooth, rhythmical swing from one club to the next.
  Robert Menges is the head golf professional at the Swan Lake Golf & Country Club, Mt. Hope Road, Swan Lake. He is available for private lessons and if you have a question or subject you would like covered, he can be reached by phone at 845-292-0323 or via email at 
 Putting Tip
 By Joe Bermel  Jr.

  The miscue of golfers is that on short putts, especially, they decelerate on the forward stroke.
  Golfers need to do the exact opposite, that is accelerate on the forward stroke.
  Short putting is from a tap up to six feet, the "holy grail" of putting.
  Paramount to be proficient here.......your second putt on every hole is between a tap in and up to six feet.
  How many of these 18 you make or do not make will determine your score.
  Joe Bermel is available for private lessons, group, corporate, organization and golf shows/tournaments. His special edition DVD "How to Putt Well" is available by calling 631-589-1384, at his web site or by email at


   Jeff Becker Knows What's Good For Pain

  You can get all kinds of answers when you talk about a pain in the neck but who ever would have thought that shoulder, elbow and wrist pains that many golfers complain about can be helped with magnetic therapy.
  While visiting the Northeast Golf Show in Somerset, NJ the past several years we had the opportunity to talk in great length with Jeff Becker,Sr. from Rochester, NY.
  Jeff told us about the horrific motorcycle accident he had experienced and after the initial recovery period he sought many types of pain relief with little or no success.
  Becker in doing continual research came upon magnetic therapy and started trying several of the products. 
  The results were that he got the pain relief he needed and formed his own company called Magnetic Connections and began making and selling magnetic jewelry for pain relief. Jeff has become a popular event at golf shows throughout the Northeast.
  We sat down and talked to Jeff and explained about the pain in my right shoulder that was having an effect on my golf swing.
  In a firm and honest explanation Becker explained that the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) prohibits him from claiming therapeutic abilities from his products.
  "However, you do need the FDA to tell you what over 120 million American citizens....including many doctors.....can tell you about wearing magnetic instruments for therapeutic purposes," Becker explains in a written "fine print" section of his web page.
  A disclaimer Jeff publishes says,"magnetic therapy is considered by many experts to be a safe, non-invasive form of pain therapy though no medical claims can be made concerning its benefits."
  Magnetic therapy is being considered today as an ancient tool for modern times and the wearing of magnetic jewelry has proven to be effective in relieving pain from arthritis, tendinitis, headaches, muscle strains, carpel tunnel syndrome as well as in speeding the healing of wounds and injuries.
  The use of magnets as pain therapy goes back to ancient China.
  The magnetic bracelet is popular and while spending a day of golf at your local  course you will find many people wearing these bracelets.....the king himself, Arnold Palmer, wears a magnetic bracelet. 
  Jeff is a living example of what magnetic therapy has done for him and this golf columnist has seen a remarkable decrease in my shoulder pain adding more flexibility to my golf swing and hopefully as we progress with this magnetic therapy an improvement in my golf scores.
  I've been very careful to wear my magnetic bracelets 24 hours a day and take them off when showering or going in the water.....also don't  wear them  on the same wrist your watch is on as the magnets are so strong that there have been reports of watch batteries draining or watches being affected in three day or less.
  My experience with Jeff Becker Sr. has been outstanding....he is truely a friend to golfers with pain. 
  When golfing friends ask me about my magnetic bracelets I always refer them to Jeff and advise them to check out his web page at or call Jeff at 585-426-2777 or email at 

 Ed's Outlook

  The last two weeks we described the first six holes of the Honor's Haven Fallsview Golf Course under the management of General Manager and Superintendent Sean Crawford.
  This nine-hole course designed by Robert Trent Jones Sr. from the blue tees measures 6,864 yards. The Met Golfer Magazine has recognized this course as one of the "Metropolitan area's hidden gems."
  Definitely there is not a weak hole to be found on this course and some consider holes seven through nine the toughest three finishers in the area.
  Hole No. 7 is a par 3 and measures 211 yards. A pin placement right tempts the player to be aggressive when it is cut over the front right bunker, but, a safer play to the fat part of this bowl shaped green may set up a comfortable par. This is the most deceptive green on the course and requires a highly trained eye to accurately read the subtle breaks.
  Hole No. 8 is a par 4 totaling 417 yards. Definitely the most difficult hole on the course. Defended by no bunkers or hazards, this hole demands all the shot making skills a golfer possesses. The tee shot must be played to the left side of the fairway. Any ball to the right will leave the golfer with an approach blocked by the pine trees that frame this slightly uphill par four.   
  Hole No. 9 is a par 4 totaling 478 yards. This is a demanding finishing hole. This dogleg left presents the most difficult tee shot on the course. Trouble right...a large fairway bunker and trouble left...thick trees. When taking the tee  shot around the dogleg golfers are faced with an approach that is rarely from a flat lie and is played to an elevated green. 
  You'll enjoy a round here, call Sean at 845-210-3106 for tee times.
  Ed Townsend is a PR consultant to the sport of golf. Ed writes and compiles the information for this column. If you have league and tournament information, shoot a hole in one or even shoot your age, let Ed know at 845-439-8177, email at or fax at 845-205-4474. View this column and all of Ed's pictures at  We are also on Facebook.

The Golf Tip
By Robert Menges

  Play Golf To Stay Young
  The tip: In today's day in age, with modern medicine and advances in science, people are living longer and healthier lives. So many senior citizens are exercising and eating right to maintain an active life. Research shows that playing golf can add years to your life and keep the mind sharp.
  I believe there is no other way to enjoy nature then being out on the course. Seeing the animals, hearing the birds chirp, certainly gives a sense of appreciation of life.
  Most golf courses afford gorgeous views, vibrant color and good old fashioned fresh air. There is no better way to spend a few hours with a group of friends while walking,talking and laughing you way around the course.
  Everyone knows what a mental game golf is. One of the best ways to keep the mind sharp is to have one use your mind for the technical side of golf.
  Golf is the perfect sport for this because you are getting mental stimulation, you are counting strokes and analyzing your next shot.
  In your search for the fountain of youth, let golf help you find your way. By getting exercise, stimulating your mind and having social interaction, you can stay younger and live longer.
  Robert Menges is the head golf professional at the Swan Lake Golf & Country Club, Mt. Hope Road, Swan Lake. He is available for private lessons and if you have a question or subject you would like covered, he can be reached at 845-292-0323 or via email at 

The Putting Tip
By Joe Bermel

  The faster the putting surface, the more putts will break on any given green.
  Because golfers must roll putts slower on faster greens (to keep them from going to fast, putts take longer to get to the hole.
  This gives gravity  more time to pull ball downhill and make them break more. The  opposite is also true, the slower the greens (due to wetness or longer grass) the less putts will break
  Always remember when the greens are fast, play more break. When they are slow play less break. 
  Joe Bermel is available for private lessons, group, corporate, organization and golf shows-tournaments. His special edition DVD "How To Putt Well" is available by calling 631-589-1384, at his web site,
 or by email at joe@