Sunday, July 31, 2016


  Boys Using Girls' Locker Rooms?

  What do you think about the subject of the federal Department of Education ordering a school district to toe the line on "transgender students" or have their federal funding revoked?
  The short version of this is that if a boy declares himself to be a girl he will now be able to demand to share the locker room and shower with your daughter.
  This has definitely become an increasingly contentious issue.
  What is the general opinion on this and what is the overall feelings of Mr. and Mrs. General Public when the feds threaten sanctions against those who offer opposition.

  Aside from the questions of propriety and privacy, this ruling also seems to codify the idea that "transgender students" can compete on the sports teams designated for the opposite gender rather than their own birth gender.
  We decided to start a poll on this issue and here were some of the comments folks told me.
  * The simple answer to this problem is for the school to start just saying no to federal funding.

   *  Stop sending school tax money to DC.
  * Public education with laws like this will become a form of child abuse.
  * How do they reconcile this with screaming rape culture?
  * Correct me if I'm wrong, but in the past, if a male walked into a girl's locker room/showers naked, wouldn't he be arrested for indecent exposure, then sued by the girls' parents?

   And then this one gentleman boldly told me that if a man follows his wife or daughter into the restroom or locker room he would be right behind him to convince him that it is his best interest to behave like a man unless he wants to lose  the equipment between his legs without anesthesia.
  Is government crossing the line here, a child cannot be left to face this battle alone and if may be time for adults of conscience to step forward.

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