Wednesday, May 10, 2017


 GRAHAMSVILLE--Tri-Valley Central School's ace pitcher and overall outstanding softball player Kacie Allison will be taking her scholastic and athletic accomplishments this fall to Division II American International College in Springfield, Mass. 

  Special ceremonies for her official college signing took place Tuesday afternoon in Tri-Valley's main gymnasium.

  Attending were the varsity softball team, family members including  her mother and father John and Christine Allison, her brothers, Jacob and  David, her grandmother, Eleanor Allison, Athletic Director Jason Closs, softball coach Claire Moore,  Ulster County Community College softball coach and coach of Kacie's travel team the Ulster Phillies Rick Spriggs and former high school coach Mary Feusner.
  Mary Dubek, head softball coach at American International College noted in the letter signed by Kacie that "it is with great pleasure that I extend to you the offer to be part of the American International
College Softball team," and "please note that this offer to play is pursuant to your meeting all pertinent NCAA regulations and AIC admissions procedures."

  "Congratulations on achieving in the classroom and on the athletic field in such a way as to earn you this offer...I am so glad that you have chosen to become a part of the American International College Class of 2021," coach Dubek added.

  Kacie will also be graduating in June as Salutatorian of her class.
  Her full scholarship is for mostly academic with a portion of it being athletic.
  Kacie's started pitching for the Bears varsity softball team as a freshman and coach Mary Feusner noted at Tuesday's ceremony that "Kacie's what I call a softball addict diving into all aspects of the game..she knows the game, she watches the game, she plays the game likes nobody's business."
  "She has worked herself as a pitcher learning all the types of pitches and she has worked herself as a hitter and as a power hitter and she has impressed coaches when she has gone to clinics and camps and that's what players have to do these days to get scholarships," Feusner added.

  Feusner strongly pointed out that Kacie "represents her self well, her family well and she represents her school and community well."
  Kacie when asked about Tuesday's ceremony and what it means to her said, "this definitely has been my dream ever since I was a little girl to play college softball and I'm very excited to play on the next level."
  In describing her new college team Kacie commented "they have a very good program , they hit very well and have a good defense and they are always on top of their conference every year."
  Coach Dudek has told Kacie "she loves my bat and I will be an offensive power in the lineup and I will play first base, third base, the outfield and I will also pitch."
  Kacie's parents, John and Christine Allison,  commented following the ceremony that they have been at the college to watch some games and "that the program is outstanding , the coach is great with the girls and this looks like a close knit family and the thing that was important to us is that we are close enough that we could go watch her play and it's only three and a half hours away."
  Tri-Valley Athletic Director and Secondary School Dean of Students Jason Closs noted that "Kacie does not seek out being the center of attention but it's well deserved and for four months of her career I had the luxury and pleasure of coaching Kacie and I've had none more coach-able than Kacie."
  Coach Moore pointed out that "it is an honor to coach Kacie these past three years and her work ethic is unparalleled pretty much to any athlete I've crossed paths with and your knowledge of the game and your drive to be successful and your leadership it all speak volumes of why you are here today and why you are signing with the college of your dreams. 

  Ulster Phillies travel coach Rick Spriggs told Kacie, "you are one of the few to go in front of hundreds of college coaches in 90 degree heat and always do the right thing, in school, with your family, very proud of you, very proud of where you ended up and I know your going to have a great career....thanks for helping me help you....its been a great round and we've got two more years."


Seated at the table of honor for the American International College signing of Tri-Valley pitcher and outstanding softball player Kacie Allison, seated center, are her parents, left to right Christine and John Allison, two brothers Jacob and David and far right, grandmother Eleanor Allison. Standing back row, l to r, former coach Mary Feusner, Ulster Phillies travel team coach Rick Spriggs and varsity softball coach Claire Moore.


Mom Christine Allison, left, and dad John Allison watch as daughter Kacie Allison signs the official letter of intent to play softball at Division II American International College at Springfield, Mass starting this fall.


Tri-Valley varsity softball pitcher Kacie Allison shows her athletic prowess with this delivery.






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