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  Golf Season Gearing Up for 2017

  Local Sullivan County golf professionals and golf course managers say their golf courses are open for the 2017 season.
  Some noted minor winter damage but overall courses are in good shape for this time of the year.
  With this column we are starting our 16th season writing about one of our favorite sports.
  We will provide you with a column filled with golf league statistics and standings, golf tournament information, golf trips and golf vacation news, new golf equipment, a golf tip each week from a local golf professional in addition to a putting tip, Ed's Outlook, golf feature stories and reviews of golf courses in and around our area.
  Special attention this week goes out to all golf league secretaries and club professionals, remember to get your weekly league highlights and standings to me at or by fax at 845-205-4474 or call us at 845-439-8177.

  Ed's Outlook
  The Board of Directors of the Roscoe based Twin Village Golf Club and the  management team at the Sullivan County Golf & Country Club in Liberty have announced that the one membership two golf course play agreement will continue in the 2017 season.
  Both clubs are 9-hole golf facilities.
  The agreement simply means that certificate and seasonal members at both clubs will be able to play both golf courses without paying green fees but will have to pay cart rental fees.
  Both clubs will honor each others membership golfers.
  The two club agreement is also looking at joint competition between their leagues and tournament competitions.                                                
  Menges  Joins Us Again

  Swan Lake Golf & Country Club Professional Bob Menges again joins us this year with timely golf tips that will entertain and hopefully educate golfers with his writing of the weekly "Golf Tip."
  He will also be giving private golf lessons and will continue providing Junior Golf Camps during the summer months.

 John Ambrose To
 Provide Putting Tip
 John Ambrose, President and Design Innovator and founder of the L2 putter will be joining up this golf season with his weekly putting tip.
  John has applied the physics of his profession to the performance qualities of the L2 design.
  He is a certified USGTF (United State Golf Teachers Federation) instructor, a former First Tee coach, Director of Instruction at Hemlock Springs G.C. and a certified Vector Green reading instructor.
  He will bring us fresh ideas and innovation to this time honored sport.
  We met John recently at the New Jersey Northcoast Golf Show...a real professional.
  Welcome aboard John.

                                                    Golf Course News

    Swan Lake Golf & CC was scheduled to open last week. Leagues include Tuesday and Wednesday Men's.  Call Bob Menges at 845-292-0323.
  Twin Village Golf Course in Roscoe is open and Monday Men's league starts May 8 and Tuesday Ladies league starts shortly thereafter.
  Tarry Brae and Lochmor are both now open, Tarry Brae has the Wednesday Men's league and the Thursday Travel league. All leagues are in tact at Lochmor.
  Tennanah Lake leagues include the Thursday Men's league...for details call  Joe at 607-498-5000.
  Grossinger's is closed this season for course renovations.
  The Sullivan County Golf & Country Club in Liberty is open and Leagues include Monday Men's, Tuesday Women's, Wednesday Men's and Thursday Mixed Couples Fun league. For information call Michael at 845-292-9584.

  Golf Tip
   By Bob Menges

  To stay Golf.
  In today's day, with modern medicine and advances in science, people are living longer and healthier lives.
  Many senior citizens are exercising and eating right to maintain an active life.
  Research shows that playing golf can add years to our life and help to keep the mind sharp.
  I believe there is no other way to enjoy nature than being our on the course. Seeing the animals and hearing the birds chirp certainly gives a sense of appreciation for life.
  Most golf courses afford gorgeous views, vibrant color and good old fashioned fresh air. There is no better way to spend a few hours with a group of friends while walking, riding, talking and laughing you way around the course.
  Everyone knows what a mental game golf is. One of the best ways to keep the mind sharp is to have one use your mind for the technical side of golf.
  Golf is the perfect sport for this because you are getting mental stimulation, you are counting strokes and analyzing your next shot. 
  In the search for the fountain of youth, let golf help you find your way. By getting exercise, stimulating your mind and having social interaction, you can stay younger and live longer.
  Robert Menges is the head golf professional at the Swan Lake Golf & Country Club, Mt. Hope Road, Swan Lake. He is available for private lessons and if you have a question or subject you would like covered, he can be reached at 845-292-0323 or by email at

  The Putting Tip
   By John Ambrose
  The Sweet Spot--A sweet spot is the best place to make contact between two objects. Baseball bats, tennis rackets, (GOLF CLUBS) and many other striking instruments have them.
  What makes the sweet spot on a putter so unique is that an off-center hit will not only lose energy transfer to the ball and effecting distance but will also alter the face direction.
  Another unique aspect to a putter sweet spot is the amount of times it is actually missed when you consider the speed in which we move the club as compared to other equipment.
  Bats and rackets fall under a category that would be closer to the full swing golf clubs.
  But when you look at the slow club head speed and the size of the stroke used when putting, it's amazing that we ever miss it al all especially since the ball is not moving.
  As for the importance of this contact, I'd rank it higher than distance control and direction, because when you miss the sweet spot, the off centered ball contact redirects the face off the aim line as impact energy for distance control is effected as well.
  John M Ambrose is president of Lateral Line L.L.C. manufacturers of the L2 putters, named the "best putters for 2016" by For information about these putters or a putting tip John can be contacted at 440-858-2164 or at his website,
   Tournament Schedule

  May 13.O.B. Outing 10 a.m. start, Swan Lake G&CC, Call Bob at 845-866-5567
  June 2..Jake Hulse Tourney, Swan Lake G&CC, Call Bill at 845-292-0438
  June 3..Mike Schulte Memorial, Swan Lake G&CC,  Call Deanna at 845-985-7136
  June 11..Jeffersonville Lions Club, Swan Lake G&CC, Call Doug at 845-482-4061
  June 17..Liberty Scholarship Fund, Swan Lake G&CC, Call Adam at 845-798-0255
  June 17..Little Pond Sportsman's Club Pull N Putt skeet shoot/golf tournament, Tennanah Lake GC, Call Joe at 607-498-5000
  July 8..Mike Mullen Memorial, Swan Lake G&CC, Call Bob at 845-866-5567
  July 8..Red Dog Youth Football, Tennanah Lake GC, Call Joe at 607-498-5000
  July 9..Callicoon Kiwanis Tourney, Tennanah Lake GC, Call Joe at 607-498-5000
  July 14..Country Store Youth Foundations, Tennanah Lake GC, call Paul Stock
  July 15..Friends Outing, Swan Lake G&CC, call Bob at 845-866-5567
  July 15..Black Bear Invitational, Sull Co G&CC, Call Mike at 845-292-9584
  July 16..The Swan, Swan Lake G&CC, Call Bob at 845-866-5567
  July 22..Hortonville Fire Dept., Tennanah Lake GC, Call Joe at 607-498-5000
  July 23..The Catskill Cup, Villa Roma, Call 845-796-1350 Ext. 1050
  July 23..Swan Lake Fire Company, Swan Lake G&CC, Call Bob at 845-866-5567
  July 29..Billy Moran Scholarship, Tennanah Lake GC, Call Joe at 607-498-5000
  July 30..David Curreri Scholarship, Tennanah Lake GC, Call Joe at 607-498-5000
  Aug. 5...Tursi Tournament, Sull Co G&CC, Call Mike at 845-292-9584
  Aug. 12..Sullivan Basketball, Swan Lake G&CC, Call Dan at 845-741-2206
  Aug. 13--St. Georges Church, Swan Lake G&CC, Call Bill at 845-887-3150
  Aug. 14..Thunder Radio, Swan Lake G&CC, Call Harold Tighe or Bob at 845-866-5567
  Aug. 19..Bowers Benefit Tourney, Tennanah Lake GC, Call Joe at 607-498-5000 
  Aug. 20..The Swanhurst, Swan Lake G&CC, Call Bob at 845-866-5567
  Sept. 9..Trevor Simpson Memorial Scholarship, Tennanah Lake GC, Call Joe at 607-498-5000
  Sept. 9..The Liberty PBA, Sull Co G&CC, Call Mike at 845-292-9584
  Sept. 16..A.O.H., Swan Lake G&CC, Call J.P. Graham at 845-807-7980
  Sept. 23..The Hammer Invitational, Sull Co G&CC, Call Mike at 845-292-9584
  Sept. 24..Sam & Clam, Swan Lake G&CC, Call Bob at 845-866-5567
  Sept. 30..Kathy McMichael Memorial, Tennanah Lake GC, Call Joe at 607-498-5000
  Golf clubs are reminded to send in their tournament schedule to Ed at

 Ed Townsend is a Public Relations Consultant to the sport of golf and brings over 60 years of sports journalism experience in writing and compiling the information for this column. If you have league or tournament information or you shoot a hole-in-one, let Ed know at 845-439-8177, email at or fax at 845-205-4474. View this column and Ed's photos at We are also on Facebook and Twitter.


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