Sunday, March 26, 2017


AMSVILLE--High school teenagers experience a myriad of benefits from competing in a variety of events offered at schools today.
  With the many benefits, however, teens  competing in high school events must simultaneously balance educational opportunities and athleticism with overly intense focus on the goal of winning.
  Opportunities like spirit week, decoration, lip sync (skits), sportsmanship, food drive challenge, obstacle course, crab soccer, cage ball, relay, tug of war, sportsmanship and brain teaser were all incorporated into school life at Tri-Valley Central School during the week of March 20-24.
  All of  these develop camaraderie and team building which culminated with the 41st Annual Tri-Valley Competition Night March 24 in the high school gym. 
    The annual event filled the gym with a standing-room only crowd and featured all four high school grades 9-12 along with Bill O'Morrissey as Master of Ceremonies and Kathi Smith,  Leslye Stryker and Tyler Ter Bush  as score keepers.
    Referees and judges included Jason Closs, Matt Haynes, Cory Turner,  Angela Mueller, Donna Brooks,  Christie Wright, Joe Manaseri, Eric Marburger, Nick Mancuso and Gary Ter Bush.
    Student Council Adviser in charge of Competition Night was Keicha Kempsey.

    School enrollment figures show The Class of 2020 with 86 members, the Class of 2019 with 79 members, the Class of 2018 with 85 members and the Class of 2017 with 79 members. 

    Points for each class was awarded for spirit week and participation, decoration and lip sync (skits), point for all events, sportsmanship points and the canned food drive challenge.

  Total points in the events include competition points combined with sportsmanship points.  
   In the Obstacle Course event the Seniors won 7 points, Juniors 4, Sophomores 5 and Freshman 3. The Crab Soccer event saw 5 points won by the Seniors, 7 points for the Juniors, 3 for the Sophomores and 3 for the Freshman. In the cage ball event the Seniors won 3 p oints, Juniors 7, and 5 points for the Sophomores and 3 points for the Freshman.

   In the Relay Race  the Junior Class won with 7 points, the Senior Class 4, Sophomore Class 5 points and the Freshman 3 points. The Tug of War event went to the Senior class with 7 points, the Juniors had 5 points, and the Sophomore and Freshman classes  with 3 points each.

   In the Decoration category the Junior class prevailed with 10 points,  Seniors 5, Sophomores 3 and Freshman 1.
  The Junior  Class Class stole the  show in the Lip-Sync (skits) category with 10 points , Seniors 5,  Sophomores 3 and Freshman 1.
  The Seniors and Juniors tied with 3 points each in Spirit Week competition, Sophomores won the event with 4 points and the Freshman won 2 points.
  In the Brain Teaser, the Seniors, Juniors and Sophomores each won 5 points. No points went to the Freshman.
  In the Canned Food event the Seniors won with 4 points, Juniors with 3, Sophomores 1 and Freshman 2. The Seniors brought in 809 cans of canned food.
  In the Participation event the Sophomores won with 4 points, Juniors 3, and the Seniors and Freshman each got 2 points.
  With all  the points totaled the Junior Class were declared the 2017 Competition Night champions  with 64 points followed by the Seniors 50, Sophomores 41 and Freshman 23.


Junior class members Jack Eddings, Kalic Perry and Chase Botsford haul cases of food as part of the Food Drive Challenge competition.
   The 2018 TVCS Junior Class are the 2017 champions of the 41st annual Tri-Valley Competition Night.

Freshman Ethan Shaver competes in the rope climb as part of the TV Competition Night Obstacle Course.

Junior Jaclyn Musa slides under a table and between chairs in the Obstacle Course TV Competition Night.

Freshman Heather Winters tries to hold her ground in the Tug of War competition which her class lost to the Juniors.













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