Tuesday, March 14, 2017


   Networking Breakfast Will Discuss Consolidation

  We compliment Steve Kurlander and Kurlander Strategic Communications (KSC) for putting together a "Networking" breakfast and in promoting  Gov. Andrew Cuomo "Local Government Consolidation Push."
  The governor is pushing to reduce property taxes by empowering voters to approve locally-designed plans that eliminate duplicative services to lower the cost of government by reducing the large burden of property taxes in New York.

  This KSC small business Round Table discussion will take place today at 8 a.m. at the Miss Monticello Diner and will feature a panel of government officials discussing the options and impacts of the initiative by Gov. Cuomo to consolidate local governments in New York State.
  Featured speakers will include County Legislative Chairman Louis A. Alvarez, Town of Fallsburg Supervisor Steven Vegliante, Roscoe-Livingston Manor- Downsville School Superintendent John Evens and Village of Liberty Mayor Ronald Stabak.

 We've supported in the past that we should convert all township, village and school districts into one county government.
  The limited population of Sullivan County has too many governments.

    A formal joining of a county with town, village and school district governments would be called a consolidation and the resulting unified body assumes the responsibilities of all of the above.
  A consolidation could produce cost savings, increase efficiency, improve resource base and enhance planning capacity.
   A consolidation would certainly result in improved accountability and responsibility for services would no longer be in dispute as it is now between separate governments.

  Under one government each existing township, village and school district would become a district (call it any name) and voters in that district would elect representatives to the one single government.

  Sullivan County presently supports a county government, 15 township governments, 6 village governments and 6 school districts all with a population of a little over 77,000 people.
  The fact is we have too much government that is costing us too many tax dollars. 

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