Sunday, April 2, 2017


Politicians Shy Away From Consolidating Governments

  A panel of government officials gathered March 14 for the Kurlander Strategic Communications forum on the topic of "Consolidate Sullivan County" but not a word was mentioned about the question is there too much government and taxing districts in Sullivan  County.
  The forum was set up by Steven Kurlander of Kurlander Strategic Communications.

  Featured speakers including County Legislative Chairman Louis Alverez, Town of Fallsburg Supervisor Steven Vegliante, Roscoe-Downsville-Livingston Manor Superintendent of Schools John Evans and Village of Liberty Mayor Ron Stabak made mention about attempts to eliminating duplicate  services and merging various departments like court systems, roadway, assessor services and highway and road upkeep.

  Not one word, and the sole reason why is politicians don't like to discuss political suicide, was spoken at this meeting to reduce the size of 15 townships, 6 village governments and 6 school districts all with a population of a little over 77,000 people.
  Too much government is costing us too many tax dollars but the Consolidate Sullivan County forum heard Liberty Village Mayor Ron Stabak urging New York State to "tighten is own belt, learn the hard lessons we have had to learn," and to start consolidating its own state agencies."
  The mayor pointed out that "it has been eight years since the village received an increase in state aid, but the price of mandated expenses are increasing."
  Property taxes, exemptions and state mandates are what is effecting the local taxpayer and speakers at the forum offered their criticism of the state government for their inability to address these issues.

  This local panel discussion was actually  part of Gov. Andrew Cuomo's effort to spur municipal consolidation but it not only received no support ( other than the possibility of sharing services) by local politicians and now it appears neither house of the New York legislature has any interest in the governor's effort.  

  State lawmakers say they've heard from angry elected officials who oppose the governor's proposal as heavy-handed.......almost meaning to say they don't want to commit political suicide.

  The only way there is ever going to be consolidation of governments is residents and taxpayers will have to join together and petition their governments forcing them to put the issue to public vote.



Town of Fallsburg Supervisor Steven Vegliante, Deputy NYS Secretary of State for Local Government Mark Pattison and Liberty Village Mayor Ronald Stabak were part of a panel of government officials at the Consolidate Sullivan County seminar March 14 put on by Kurlander Stratigic Communications.




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