Saturday, April 8, 2017


   65th Fox Bowling Tourney

  The 65th Annual Fox Bowling Center Handicap tournament, one of the larger well-run local tournaments in the area,  is underway at  Hancock NY and ends on April 30.
  The tournament events include team handicap/scratch, doubles, singles and a special squad team scratch only event (950 average or better).
  First place estimated prize for team handicap is $2,015 and for the scratch event $1,500 guaranteed.
  The tournament also features an optional event (best two out of three games) scratch as part of the team event. Prize money for this events is $250 first place for men and $75 first place for women.
  Total prize money paid out in last year's tournament was over $14,000.00.
  Team and doubles events are for men, women and mixed.
  Tournament 50/50 raffles are available every squad.
  Tournament times are available by calling the Fox Bowling Center at 607-637-4401.
  Entry fee for team events is $75 with $3 additional for the optional event, singles event is $27 per person and doubles is $54 per team.
  The 10-pin rule is in effect for this tournament.
  Lanes will be reconditioned before each squad.
  Checks should be made payable to William Glein, tournament manager.
    The bowling center is located at 24723 State Highway 97.

   Ed's Outlook

  The Professional Bowling Association (PBA) Network, already the sport's most comprehensive communications tool, has expanded with a software update that allows PBA's Regional Managers to post real time game-by-game results on for all regional tournaments.
  The improved Live Scoring feature will enable fans to follow tournaments in the PBA's East, South, Central, Midwest, Southwest, West and Northwest Regions as they happen.
  The new PBA Network addition expands the PBA's reach into mainstream media, social media and digital platforms that provide PBA fans around the world with a wide variety of media outlets to access PBA news, video, interviews and more. 
  Bowling Tip
  By Mike Luongo

  All bowlers like to bowl three strikes in a row.
  When trying to bowl several strikes in a row you must be dedicated to being the best bowler you can be and that involves lots of practice.
  Your ball and other equipment may have to change with your skills so be prepared to evolve  in any way possible.
  Being able to assess your own ball and game is also very important to becoming a better bowler.
  Bowling three strikes in a row is key to maximizing your score.
  You must practice so that you can learn to read the ball and then you can change the pattern of standing in the same spot.
  When thinking about buying a new ball think twice about this as your present ball may be trying to tell you that is is you and and not your ball that needs adjusting.
  Using your ball to your advantage is really the key to learning to bowl strikes and practicing with the lane oil and surface materials.
  Mike Luongo is a certified IBPSIA Pro Shop Operator, Master Instructor , USBC Silver Level Coach and an Advisor/Special Events assistant with the Storm and Roto Grip Bowling Ball Company. Have a question email at

  Local Scores                                       

  Callicoon Kristal Bowl

  Mon. Hortonville Ladies

  Maureen Schlott 194, Darlene Mantzourate 155, Charlene Meola 181, Sue Naughton 157, 156, Linda Millis 162, Kelly Gombita 197, 156, Lillian Zieres 163, 160, Debbie Loughrey 191, Robin Luckey 169, 195, Sill Boldiis 176, 158, 154, Pat Peters 158, Judy Mohn 183, 166, 188, 537, Heidi Bauer 156, Dawn Roemer 152, 158, Mardette Wilcox 169, 195, 512, Kelly Lingle 155.

Kiamesha Lanes

Monday Men's

  Carlos Torres 244, Josh Strang 258, 238, 706, Jaryl Scott 233, 655, Mike Mulligan 615, Eddie Lake 237, 654, Rick Lake 238, 625, Walt Edwards 238, 621, Frank Scuderi 235, 620, Robert Feeney Sr. 233.

Tues. Mixed Firefighter

  Kyle Giordano 233, 643, Jon Wilhelm 254, 674, Dave Graham 628, Pedro Agapito III a 249, 225, 647, Shane Cunningham 254, Trasey Barres 215, 248, 603, Heather Dobell 198, Carena Collura 211, 533, Kat Cronk 188, Ed Guthrie 611, Laresko Niifa 233, John Hoffmann 237, 227, 658, Christie Graham 201, Mary Lee Williams 204, 553, Joan Lake 509, Keith Smith 630.

Thursday Ladies

  Sherri Laird 189, 524, Tricia Tuttle 204, 536, Trasey Barres 198, 550, Liz Burgio 190, Kristy Lopez 206, 180, 510, Loretta VanAken 183, 506, Liz Stubits 199, 183, 554, Sonya Robinson 191, Monica Lane 205, 522.

Friday Mixed

  MaryAnn Drobysh-Berens 233, 238, 645, Aleah Balzano 183, Esther Barber 193, 509, Trasey Barres 244, 540, Lauren Blume 184, 186, 531, Cathy Carpenter 198, Angie Desmond 181, 204, 553, Katie Hacker 185, Joan Lake 197, 511, Donnie Durland 225, 228, 654, Glenn Fraser 233, Dave Graham 247, 236, 257, 740, Eddie Lake 244, 235, 236, 715, Ryan Lepke 263, 630, Bill Schubert 226, 232, 673, Keith Smith 258, 613, Kevin Stackhouse 279, 707, Charlie Tuttle 278, 670, Larry Whipple 606.

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