Friday, February 3, 2017


  LIBERTY--Golfers who have never had the chance to become a golf club member are being given the financial opportunity of a lifetime to join  the Liberty based Sullivan County Golf & Country Club (SCG&CC) with the purchase of a three-year membership for as little as $49 a year (plus a $10 per year administration fee).

  The club last year was taken over by a new management team consisting of Liberty attorney Brian P. Rourke and former Cobblers Restaurant owner Michael Stoddard. The club is still owned by certificate members.
  The new management agreement between Rourke and Stoddard and the unanimous approval of all certificate golf club members provides the new management team with a three-year agreement and an option to purchase the property.

  The management team in a press release this week said, "we have decided to embark on an exciting new program to reach out to the golfers in our area."
  "We recently achieved an important milestone, our 92 year anniversary, and we want to invite golfers to celebrate with us as we look forward to the next 92 years and beyond," the management of the golf course noted.

  Rourke and Stoddard pointed out that "it is important to note that this new program is far different from anything we have offered in the past and that the new Anniversary Membership is not valid for club outings, member events, club tournaments, leagues or can not be used on holidays.

  The Anniversary Membership is valid for open play Monday through Sunday and eliminates golfing fees but cart fees must be paid at $10 per golfer.  

  The SCG&CC Anniversary Membership offer was designed for the club to connect with local players and to get to know them better.

  "We are also sensitive to the needs of individuals and families during this challenging economy and we want to be proactive in delivering an affordable golfing choice," the club management team said.

  The Anniversary Membership press release went on to say that "we hope that families will choose to play more golf together as a way to spend quality time and build lasting memories."

  The management team at SCG&CC said that this membership was "specifically designed with family budgets in mind and offers substantial savings by joining the club today."
  This special membership offer is only available for a short period of time as they will accept only a limited number of additional memberships at this price.

  Golfers interested can secure this membership offer by calling 845-292-9584.

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