Friday, February 3, 2017


              "Blowing Up The White House"

  Here & There's email has been flooded early this past week about the Liberal Media not reporting that Madonna told the Women's March on Washington that "yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House, but I know that this won't change anything."
  Other email comments about the Women's March on Washington that was designed to defend values of Environmental Justice and Human Rights was again directed against the Liberal Media who failed to reveal that billionaire activist George Soros financially supported the March to the tune of millions of dollars so in essence the self-proclaimed "grassroots" march wasn't so grassroots after all and in fact a New York Times writer uncovered evidence that the march was orchestrated by Soros in an effort to undermine President Trump.
  A strong email letter read, "signs of vulgarity and profanity makes it so much a part of that movement and truly shows what type of people were involved in these marches."
  Another email noted that celebrities from the podium used profanity-laced insults and the question was asked if the marchers enjoyed and supported this type of language and if that if marchers opened their hearts to patriotism then there would be no room for prejudice.
  An email from a well known Town of Neversink resident asked "how did you all feel about Madonnas speech." The writer inquired if the marchers supported this woman and what she said and then added "how about the young children brought out to protest and were surrounded by vulgar language."
  Other comments sent along on this subject were why protestors when asked by the media why they were protesting couldn't give a real detailed answer.  
  One email noted we just had an election and the resounding defeat of Hillary Clinton told the real story without Marchers waving flags that read, "Free Birth Control and Palestine."   
  The final email we will add to this list read, "real hope and change is going to be the order of the day and we won't find Trump playing golf while Americans are being beheaded or while one of our active duty marines is being beaten in a Mexican Jail, and you won't find Trump turning his back on Americans calling for help and leaving them to die, not will he trade or release any terrorists for a deserter and you will never see Trump sending billions of our dollars in cash to terrorist countries."
  We  totally support values and human rights but statements that were made like "Blowing Up The White House" and the vulgarity and profanity appear to show a different side of society that does nothing more than divide our nation more than it already is.  

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