Monday, November 21, 2016


Why Were Folks Surprised ?

  Comments made by so many following the large margin of victory that led to the election of Donald Trump included "surprised" and "I don't think anyone had an accurate feel on the pulse of the American voter."
  It is very apparent to this columnist that if folks were surprised with election results then they must have been living in the make-believe world or not facing reality.
  The pundits and the pollsters continue to express disbelief that they didn't see Donald Trump's victory coming. Well before Trump declared he was the amusement of the liberal media and Washington establishment, who didn't stop laughing until Nov. 8...and long before Hillary Clinton dismissed half of Trump's supporters as "deplorables"....Trump supporters had gotten use to being looked down upon.
  The folks on Nov. 8 said they had enough of the smugness and the general attitude of the left which was saying...disagree with us?... you're probably racist, xenophobic, sexist, bigoted or all of the above

  Several weeks prior to election day we made our small telephone poll to folks we know in Florida, Ohio, South and North Carolina and while traveling trough the state of Pennsylvania we noticed Trump signs outnumbering Clinton signs by at least a two to one margin.

  What we heard in our small poll told me Trump would be a big winner and I expressed that fact to many prior to the elections....yes some local folks thought I was wrong.

  What our telephone poll revealed is that folks didn't like race and Trump's alleged racism being pushed by the Democrats and voters didn't support issues like social injustice, race and the environment.

  Those who supported Trump's campaign of  hope and making  America great again responded.
  A political campaign featuring fear mongering tactics was rejected by the folks and voters also rejected corruption and unfair federal policies thus delivering vast power to a maverick political novice who promised to treat working Americans with respect.
  Hillary Clinton's incredible record of ethical deficiencies were hard to overcome by those who felt she distorted and mislead at every turn.
  Trump's victory can also be credited to voters who saw that the establishment media was woefully out of touch with the folks it's supposed to represent and Trump's election exposed it.
  Yes, a lot of people saw it coming ....just not the people who allegedly covered the election. The election was a massive failure for the established media, broadcasters, pollsters, newspapers, consultants and know-nothing TV yakkers who largely live and breathe in New York and Washington.

  Simply said, the folks want repeal of ObamaCare, nullification of President Obama's executive orders and memorandum, they support a wall along the border with Mexico, they want deportation of illegal immigrants convicted of crimes, they want cuts in individual and corporate tax rates, they want a better Iran nuclear deal, they want to deregulate energy production and they support negotiations to rewrite trade treaties.

  The era of the negative ad died in this election and passion and enthusiasm proved more effective in generating the massive turnout in support of President Elect Trump.

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