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Where Is The Sport Of Bowling Headed?

  Success sometimes means changing attitudes but what some former bowling centers are doing is adding  new venues with the installation of family entertainment centers which of course includes bowling.
  We have heard, but have not yet personally seen, bowling centers with entirely different looks.
  The new family entertainment centers include bowling, bumper bowling for kids, dining and full bar services, a pizza cafe, TV's located throughout the center to allow visitors to watch what they want, golf driving ranges, horseshoe pits, laser tag, pool and game rooms with arcades.

  There is no doubt that the economy during the past five years certainly has had a big effect on the growth of the sport of bowling.
  We see bowling centers closing and leagues not being filled in other centers.
  The dollar can just go so far and new innovations must be conjured up  by bowling proprietors to get bowlers back to their center.
  One interesting league concept that is becoming more and more popular is the split season whereby bowlers can join a 16-week league and at the end of the league can then determine if they want to join the second 16-week league.
  Bowlers for years have complained that the 32-week league is too long and some don't like starting in early September and finishing in late April or early May.
  Another interesting league feature is the low cost no fringe benefits league which eliminates prize money and league banquets at the end of the season.
  A league we were familiar with several years ago was a straight $8 per person with no prize money (just a fun league with competition) and everyone brought food at the end of the league eliminating the costs of having the banquet catered.
  We always hear mentioned that the competitive landscape in the bowling business is very important and we have seen in the past bowing proprietors just thinking about themselves and not the personal income of bowlers and the many other opportunities bowlers have with their leisure time.
  Superior customer service is so important today and bowling centers that thrive give a lot of attention to bowlers needs.
  Bowling is both a competitive sport and recreational entertainment, as such, bowling has had to learn to compete with other leisure time activities, like sports, hobbies and electronic media.
  Bowling will survive but the family entertainment centers could become an important factor.

 Ed's Outlook

  The PBA is now accepting nominations for the 2016 Tony Reyes Community Service Award, named in honor of the late PBA Tour player in recognition of his service to the bowling community.
  The award recognizes a current PBA member who performs extraordinary community service over the course of a PBA Tour season.
  To be eligible, the nominee must be a PBA member in good standing.
  For a nomination form and additional information click on
  The deadline for submissions is Dec. 19.  

   Bowling Tip    
   By Mike Luongo

  This week we will talk about 10 of the most important bowling tips you should remember.
  Tip # 1 is always buy your own bowling equipment as proper equipment is important to a successful bowling game.
  Tip # 2 is make sure the ball fits your fingers. The holes in bowling balls must fit your fingers and be tight enough to hold the ball while throwing the ball.
  Tip # 3 is always buy a ball that's the correct weight...this is critical to good play.
  Tip # 4 is always wear comfortable clothing that is loose. The shirt sleeves and pant legs should always allow movement,
  Tip# 5 is always care for your equipment, keep is will aired and dry...remove all dirt.
  Tip # 6 is always warm up before bowling. Stretch your entire body before bowling.
  Tip # 7 is always wear bowling shoes that fit...not too loose or tight.
  Tip # 8 is always pick up the ball with two hands....otherwise you are asking for injuries.
  Tip # 9  is dry your bowling hand....sticky fingers interfere with good bowling style.
  Tip # 10 is always make sure the bottoms of your shoes are clean and can easily slide moving up the alley to the foul line.
  Mike Luongo is a certified IBPSIA Pro Shop Operator, Master Instructor, USBC Silver Level Coach and an Advisor-Special Events assistant with the Storm and Roto Grip Bowling Ball Company. Have a question,  email him at

                                             Local Scores

  Beechwood Lanes

  Mon. Villa Roma Ladies

  Beth Schumacher  162, 162, Mary Beth Olsen 162, Julie Yewchuck 176, Nicole Hubert 155, Diane Staves 154.

 Callicoon Kristal Bowl

 Mon. Hortonville Ladies

  Maureen Schlott 150, 151, 157, Opal Hocker 159, Sue Naughton 152, 187, Kelly Gombita 163, Lillian Zieres 181, 166, Eleanor Gassel 155, Robin Luckey 152, Sill Boldiis 163, Pat Peters 156, Rebecca Rhodes 150, Judy Mohn 151, Heidi Bauer 167, Kim Doty 158.

Wednesday Fun

 Brian Brustman 183, 202, Rich Thony 204, Mardette Wilcox 174, 156, Eugene Fulton 199, 183, Tom Gain 202, Johnny Glassel 181, Hopper Hubert 181, Jack Diehl 189, Alby Thony 191, 183, 182, Doug Kautz 188, Troy Parucki 180, Chris Marston 184, Ed Leroy 181, Mike Geiger 188, Rich Leaden 199.

Kiamesha Lanes

Monday Men's

  Dean Shattuck  227, 248, 667, Jason Jones Sr. 228, Pedro Agapito III a 254, 660, Gary North 604, Ryan Lepke 605, Charlie Tuttle 238, 277, 727, Gene Smith 234, 602, Jon Wilhelm 228, 664, James VanAken 244, 245, 236, 725, Robert Stewart 253, 653, Chris Parken 256, 623, Justin Lopez 241, Kyle Matthews 235, 259, 693, Jaryl Scott 249, 641, Vinnie Collura 236, 243, 233, 712, Donny Durland 228, 256, 699, Kevin Stackhouse 231, 226, 652, Ronald Totten 234, 246, 701, Keith Smith 236, 235, 225, 696, Eddie Lake 269, 710, Rick Lake 249, 237, 688, Michael Scuderi 235, 675, Ryan Feeney 267, Robert Feeney Sr. 602, Jody Farquhar 258, 278, 730, John Hoffmann 226, 608, Russell Bivins 640, Richard Bivins 225, 611, Pete Meachum 225.

Tues. Mixed Firefighters

  An outstanding 815 series by Keith Smith off single games of 259, 257 and a big 299. He maintains a 223 average in this league and bowls with the Brothers Mechanical team and team mates MIchelle Dennis, Patty Whipple and Liz Stubits.
  Kevin Stackhouse 259, 618, Pedro Agapito III a 236, 226, 247, 709, Niel Bell 233, 616, Kyle Vanwolde 225, 603, John Hoffmann 225, 267, 714, Trasey Barres 185, 182, 180, 547, Heather Dobell 182, 508, Carena Collura 223, 199, 566, Christie Graham 187, Robert Nicholson 231, 628, Eddie Walsh 243, 227, 234, 704, Charlie Tuttle 244, 236, 694, Mary Lee Williams 186, 180, 184, 550, Linda Schaefer 180, 182, 522, Andrea Grossman 203, 288, 530, Joan Lake 203, 180, 548, Kat Cronk 186, Liz Stubits 182, 501, Jon Wilhelm 237, 637, Dave Graham 259, 276, 705.

Thursday Ladies

  Trasey Barres 212, 199, 196, 607, Loretta Van Aken 215, 187, 534, Joan Lake 202, 202, 565, Tabatha Smith 185, 530, Dottie Cox 185, 188, 520, Audrey Woolard 184.

Friday Mixed

  Paul Berens 225, David Graham 247, 632, John Hoffmann 236, 227, 664, Eddie Lake 288, 248, 726, Ryan Lepke 257, 279, 225, 761, Dan Ricco 225, Tito Santiago 621, Keith Smith a big 299  single for a 716 series, Kevin Stackhouse 247, 643, Charlie Tuttle 253, 639, James VanAken 226, 227, 650, Larry Whipple 258, 233, 701, Trasey Barres 213, 209, 590, Doris Castro 186, 514, MaryAnn Drobysh-Berens 223, 195, 574, Katie Hacker 181, Joan Lake 201, 534.

  Ed Townsend is a Public Relations consultant to the sport of bowling and brings over 60-years of sports journalism experience in writing and compiling the information for this column. If you have league or tournament information, bowl a 300 game or 800 series or even bowl our age, let Ed know at 845-439-8177, email at or fax at 845-205-4474. View this column and Ed's photos at  We are also on Facebook and Twitter.

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