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   A decline In Local League Bowlers

  There are four bowling establishments in Sullivan County, Callicoon Kristal Bowl, Liberty Bowl, Kiamesha Lanes and Beechwood Lanes.
  Two of the four saw a decline in league bowlers for the 2016-17 bowling season.
  Callicoon Kristal Bowl saw the demise of the Tuesday Men's league with several of the teams going over to the  Wednesday Men's league while others seemingly just aren't bowling.

  Kiamesha Lanes saw the Wednesday Men's league fold, several of the teams went to either the Monday Men's or the Tuesday Mixed Firefighters league.

  The Friday Mixed league also saw a decline in bowlers and there are also no Mixed Leagues on Saturday or Sunday.
  Liberty Bowl saw the start of a Wednesday night Fun league with no prize money nor regular league commitment....just show up when ever you want to and bowl....but one can obtain a USBC average if they bowl 21 games.

  What has happened to the days when the former Liberty Lanes and Kiamesha Lanes had double shifts Monday through Thursday and mixed leagues on the weekends.

  I think if you asked bowlers why they bowled leagues, some of their answers would be to win the league and make a profit....and by profit they mean cover their costs of lineage and prize fund paid during the league year.
  Now, as we all know, lineage has probably doubled and tripled over the past 20 years and league fees and prize funds have not.
  So in previous decades, you had a $15 league where $5 went to lineage and $10 went to the prize fund. Well in today's prices, that same league probably pays close to $10 in lineage. So the league fees would need to jump to $20 a week just to be at the same level as they were in the previous decade.
  So maybe you are paying more per week now and getting back the exact same prize fund you did years ago so this tends to be the fact that less bowlers are being profitable....more bowlers are losing money and eventually quitting.

  Money leagues are going away as it is harder to make a profit thus the bowler loses interest.
  In future weeks we will explore other factors that have contributed to bowlers leaving the sport and what bowling establishments must do to attract new bowlers and keep the ones they have.

 Ed's Outlook
  The Professional Bowlers Association has announced a pair of special packages to provide GEICO World Series of Bowling VIII fans with unique experiences when the world’s greatest bowlers return to Reno Nov. 28-Dec. 11.
  The new “Strike” and “300 Game” World Series Fan Experience packages can be booked online by visiting Either package will insure fans have confirmed rooms at Silver Legacy over the Dec. 10-11 weekend, when rooms are expected to be hard-to-find in Reno. Fan Experience packages should be made by no later than Nov. 14.
  The “Strike” package includes two nights’ lodging at Silver Legacy Resort, two VIP tickets for all ESPN finals on Saturday, Dec. 10, and the live PBA World Championship finals on Sunday, Dec. 11; and round-trip transportation from Reno-Tahoe International Airport (for those flying to Reno). Price options per person depend upon the type of room selected. For the “Strike” package, options are: deluxe ($200), luxury ($220), superior ($245) and deluxe spa suite ($420).
  The “300 Game” package includes three nights’ lodging at Silver Legacy Resort, two VIP tickets to all ESPN finals on Saturday and Sunday, Dec. 10-11, a behind-the-scenes tour of the PBA Players Services truck and ESPN production truck; an official autographed PBA Tour bowling pan; an official WSOB t-shirt, and transportation to-and-from Reno Tahoe International Airport for those flying to Reno. Optional prices per person for the “300 Game” package, depending upon type of room selected, are: deluxe ($340), luxury ($370), superior ($410) and deluxe spa suite ($670).
The ESPN television schedule for the World Series includes the finals of the Cheetah, Chameleon, Scorpion and Shark Opens on Saturday, and the PBA World Championship plus a new USA vs. the World special event on Sunday.

Bowling Tip
By Mike Luongo

  Bowling a curve ball or hook is one of he most effective ways to consistently bowl strikes.
  Curve balls can be tricky to learn however and require lots of practice. You should start out with a lighter ball than you would normally use to get the feeling of curving the ball.
  A bowling pro shop can even equip you with a special practice ball for this particular bowling technique.
  Let's get started with the how to's of hook bowling.
  When you start your approach, as usual you want to bring the ball back into swing position and keep your palm somewhat behind the ball. At the bottom of your swing you will want to release the ball and let it roll off your thumb first.
  This allows the ball to roll from the fingers and have more curve power. As the ball rolls from the fingers the hand motion should be upwards to roll rather then glide the ball on the lane.
  For this type of technique you must have a well fit ball that the thumb hole is not too tight.
  Concentrate on getting your thumb out of the ball first and lifting with your fingers up the side of the ball. Do not try to generate a curve with your wrist by coming over top of the ball.
  Lift straight up the sides.....the motions that this requires may feel awkward at first and as long as you use a ball that is not too heavy you can control the amount of curve you get.
  Learning to bowl hook balls can be a large investment time wise in practice, but this investment will be repaid in full when your average score improves greatly.
  Mike Luongo is a certified IBPSIA Pro Shop Operator, Master Instructor, Silver Level Coach and an Advisor-Special Events assistant with the Storm and Roto Grip Bowling Ball Company. Have a question, email Mike at

Local Scores

Kiamesha Lanes

Monday Men's

  Real nice scoring by Vinny Collura of the Monticello Greenhouse team with a 808 series of single games of 296, 244, 268. Vinnie presently maintains a 236 average in this league.
  Other scores in this league.....Pedro Agapito III a 225, Paul Durland 235, 237, 656, Donny Durland 258, 649, Kevin Stackhouse 248, 652, Dave Graham 618, Charley Tuttle 228, Keith  Smith 256, 630, Eddie Lake 246, 258, 709, Rick Lake 236, 661, Gene Smith 235, 660, Michael Scuderi 234, 626, Tom Belgiovene 289, 231, 716, Lloyd Bridges 256, 683, Jon Wilhelm 233, 623, John Lopez 225, Larry Whipple 257, 646, Jody Farquhar 233, 251, 689, John Hoffmann 628, Chris Parken 233, 623, Dennis Matthews 233, 236, Kyle Matthews 245, 631, Dean Shattuck 601.

Tues. Mixed Firefighters

  Pedro Agapito III a 258, 661, Eddie Lake 233, 250, 247, 730, Kyle Vanwolde 229, 614, Trasey Barres 269, 617, Heather Dobell 181, Carena Collura 200, 531, Stanley Gilmore 233, Dustin Graham 240, Charlie Tuttle 255, 232, 687, Joan Lake 199, 537, Rick Lake 622, Liz Stubits 204, Keith Smith 632, Tom Belgiovene 225, Kyle Giordano 249, 266, 695, Jon Wilhelm 244, 663, James VanAken 601, Dave Graham 236, 604.

Thursday Ladies

  Sherri Laird 195, Lisa Cartwright 194, 506, Trasey Barres 236, 218, 602, Loretta VanAken 191, Liz Stubits 180, Christie Graham 200, Joan Lake 190, 191, 546, Valerie Fersch 180, Tabatha Smith 184, Shirley Bowens 208, Audrey Woolard 188.

Friday Mixed

  John Hoffmann 233, 626, Paul Berens 243, 603, Anne Kaplan 182, Kevin Stackhouse 625, Vic Decker 236, Linda Schaefer 186, Larry Whipple 235, 243, 646, Eddie Lake 616, Trasey Barres 231, 250, 653, Doris Castro 198, Aleah Balzano 182, Tito Santiago 242, 664, Loretta VanAken 189, Keith Smith 228, 247, 676, James VanAken 232, 636, Donnie Durland 246, 226, 227, 699, Mary Lee Williams 184, 186, 240, 610.


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