Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Holidays Seem To Bring Out The Best

  Thanksgiving 2016 will long be remembered in my household as  the first time ever I shared this holiday with three of my children, eight grandchildren and one great grandson.
  Have you ever tried to do this feat of getting your entire family together for the holiday.
  My son David came up with the invitation to all come to his house for Thanksgiving but there were some thoughts of this one won't show up or that one will be sick or just something will botch this whole idea from becoming a reality.
  Now many families are spread out through many states and this of course presents traveling problems and of course one always has to consider the weather at this time of the year.

  Well thank God my family is pretty centrally located with one granddaughter living in Pennsylvania just a short distance from Port Jervis and two of my grandsons live in the Albany area.

  So we crossed our fingers as everyone said they would come but then we started to worry about the weather report of possible snow and ice Thanksgiving day.
  Turkey day arrived, the weather held off and everyone arrived and for the first time ever I had Thanksgiving dinner with my daughter Doreen Heimann, son David Townsend, daughter Dina Jester and eight of my grandchildren, Rodney (Taylor), Jester, Katie Jester, Billy Kinisky, Nick Kinisky, Crystal Kinisky, Heather Kinisky, Joshua Townsend, Nora (named after my mother) Townsend and the fourth generation great grandson Luke Daniel.
  Especially eventful was that fourth generation family picture and of course a photo of everyone together.
 This is what holidays should be all about and these family times revive great memories and the love that all families should have and always enjoy.                                                       

Thanksgiving Day 2016  provided us with the celebration of four generations of the Townsend family which included from the left, Ed Townsend,  daughter Doreen Heimann, her daughter Heather Kinisky and Heather's son (the fourth generation) Luke Daniel.


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